Southern Charm Recap: BBQs and Bow Ties

Southern Charm Cast

I keep meaning to recap this show and I never really have the time. I still haven’t watched the previous episode. But I know y’all love it so I shall attempt to do a mediocre recap tonight.

Patricia’s House

Okay seeing those two words pop up on the screen, I’m all in. I live for Patricia. She’s everything.  I love that she now has two butlers to um….polish her silver and make her martinis.  Nothing like paying to get your silver polished.  Patricia is obsessed with having a wedding for her only child, who despite the unisex name is indeed a male who professes to be straight. Meanwhile, she lounges about in diamond covered slippers and dreams of grandbabies.

Patricia is preparing to go with Whitney to the fashion show. So she rings down for the butler to bring up a “dressing drink” for her to sip on as she gets ready. Though it seems she already is ready so she regales us with stories of Paris instead.  Whitney asks his mother if she would rather skip the after party at the night club and go to dinner. She says she would love to go to the nightclub.

Whitney whines in his talking head about Kathryn being at the nightclub drunk and how he wants to avoid her. Newsflash. Whitney hates Kathryn because her lineage outranks hers.  Patricia has the same issue with her. Sorry but Kathryn wins that contest all day long and there is no amount of money that can change that.

The butler bringing Patricia her shoes on a silver serving tray was wrong in every possible way. What on earth was Patricia thinking by allowing that production interference?

Cameran Eubanks

Hard at work in her little real estate home office, Cameran gets a call from Thomas to let her know that they found a house with another agent. I do not know why the hell Thomas sold the house he had downtown in the first place. It was perfect. Wasn’t it on Queen Street? Who sells property on Queen? Sigh.  I hate Thomas. Southern Charm Cathryn

Thomas’ Plantation

I may had Thomas but I do love his real estate especially the plantation on Edisto. Things are tense with Thomas and Kathryn after the incident with Whitney the night before.

Thomas is having a Carolina BBQ for campaign fundraiser. It’s a public event. And the crazies are out.  Thomas’ campaign manager dressed Thomas but stupidly left Kathryn to dress herself. I like Kathryn and I am not as down on her matronly look as y’all are but that stupid white YSL t-shirt with an orange bra underneath is a fashion fail. Also you can try to match whites the culottes are beige and black not black and white. Most of the time that is not going to work. Love her, but this outfit was bad. Love the long fishbone braid though. It’s hot y’all that is why she wears her hair up out of the way all the time.

Please note the lack of solo cups. Even at a BBQ.

Thomas gives a thank you speech and forgets to thank Kathryn.

God. Kathryn and Thomas’ baby is gorgeous.  The family packs to move to the new downtown house. Thomas hopes this will get Kathryn all of his back. It won’t. A ring might. But this won’t.


I love Shep. He so reminds me of the one that got away, who was from Charleston so all of these places bring back some memories. Craig shows up to party with Shep. There is always  an endless supply of pretty young girls in Charleston. Despite that, I don’t see how Craig gets any. Aside from the whole drunken mess part, he’s a slimeball and looks like a used car salesman.

The next day, Shep goes over to Craig to have a friendly talk about how Craig is snorting his life away.  I mean to talk about Craig’s plans for the future. Craig looks like shit. He is not even studying for the bar.  Shep says that he and Cameran are worried about him. Craig says that Shep is always out with him. Craig is in the fashion show and getting drunk to “walk better.” How did Craig even get on this show?

The Palmer House

The Palmer House

The Palmer House

Can we all have a moment of silence for the Palmer House on The Battery please? See this is why don’t recap this. I just want to see every glimpse of Charleston. OH my God.  I need another moment. This may be the best house in the world. I die.  How do these people even get to have a fashion show there? I think it is a Bed and Breakfast now which is kind of sad, though it would be nice to stay there, I suppose.  I just picture lots of dumb tourists all up in there and it makes me feel icky.

Craig is hitting the bar at the Palmer House hard before he even gets dressed for the show.

Kathryn and Whitney glare at each other from across the room. Their seats are practically knee to knee. Let the bow tie fashion show begin! Love Craig’s black tie with the orange backing.  Wait, whut? Kathryn thinks Craig is hot? Oh Kathryn could you have shittier taste in men? Are you subconsciously trying to kill your parents?

Whitney wants to leave so he and his mommy go to dinner where Whitney made reservations because apparently Patricia was kidding about the after party.

Fun Fact: Shep’s arms are longer than selfie sticks. God he is dreamy.

The after party is at Republic and it looks magnificent. I don’t think it was there during my heyday. Or if it was I don’t remember going. :)  I spent most of my partying time on Isle of Palms. Meanwhile, Craig is shitfaced. In his talking head, Craig makes a good point that Ravenel is not the person he needs life advice from.

Next Week: Shep has a birthday part for himself. Thomas’ campaign manager says the raise the roof ad did not go over well. Um, duh.


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98 responses to “Southern Charm Recap: BBQs and Bow Ties

  1. Xanadude

    I always mix THIS show about a closeted gay white Southern man with Chrisley Knows Best, also about a closeted gay white Southern man.

  2. Pip

    The “Raise the Roof” campaign was the most ridiculous campaign ad I have ever seen. I think Thomas is a nice guy, and I like the fact that he is fiscally conservative and concerned about our sucky deficit. But NO ONE (especially down there, I would think) would take him seriously after seeing that fiasco.
    I get all the Patricia love. She’s outrageous, certainly not someone we see every day on our televisions. But I would be scared shitless of her if I were to meet her in person. That woman’s nose is in the air, man.
    Craig is insane for not having his nose in the books constantly. If he fails the bar, he is going to crash hard.
    And side note: I love Shep. And please don’t hate me… But he reminds me so much of my husband! They look a lot alike, my husband is also very tall and well built, and they have the same out going fun personality.
    I also thought it was brave and bold of him to confront Craig. That’s not easy to do and I am sure Craig will hate on him for this. Addicts and even people on the road to addiction do NOT like being called on it (as we have seen this on Bravo before… Ring a bell?)

    • Well, in Craig’s defense, it’s really hard to keep your nose in the books when it’s busy snorting powders… And you say “if” he fails the bar? I say “when” he fails. Sorry, Craig.

      • Add to it – when he gets fired from “job”… Craig’s super-extreme slacking has to be a made-up story line for the show. There is no way any employer would put up with that! Especially when it gets exposed on TV for all of Charleston to see and laugh at.

      • BH Wannabe

        Yeah… And usually someone hired straight out of law school is expected to take the bar in a timely fashion. Unless every law firm I’ve worked for/with is abnormal.

  3. Glad you’re recapping this TT. The butler…I love the butler, and I found out his name is Michael…Michael the Butler. It was a bit of overkill when I saw Patricia’s shoes on the silver tray, although I could see Michael the Butler actually doing this for her, as sweet and gracious as can be. I like the way she always says ‘thank you’ whenever the help is literally waiting on her hand and foot too. It’s a lot better when you’re spoiled rotten with manners.

  4. Angel(?)

    Oh Shep is so in love with Landon. I wonder if they will ever get together? Btw, Katherine and Thomas’s baby is gorgeous. You just want to stare at her!

    • Pip

      Totally agree… Shep does seem to be smitten with Landon. She seems sweet. He is too much of a playa right now though. I can’t see him settling down.
      And yes, that baby! I am not really a baby person, but she is a doll and I would like to scrunch her cute face!

    • jen

      I would love to see Shep with Danni. Even though they broke up they are so cute togethtogether. I get the feeling she is still into him. The baby is adorable. Katherine is such a pretty girl but the clothes this season and the constant resting bitch face drives me nuts.

  5. Oh I haven’t read the recap or watched the episode yet, but wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I love this dumb show. Love.

  6. Ames

    I actually am a Katherine fan. Shes a spitfire…and she so can find a hunk her own age…geezum! And her baby is so precious omg…gives me baby fever!!

  7. tobaccorhoda

    Did you miss the episode where Craig announced at the dinner table that Catherine had slept with three of the men at the table? That alone was worth the price of his admission. I love this show.

    • Pip

      And all in the course of three weeks. I saw it. Who’d she sleep with again? Thomas, Craig, and Whitney.
      I’m not judging… God knows I went through a slutty phase in my twenties. But come on girl! They are all friends! It was bound to come out.

    • Gingersnap

      I did…awkward! Lets see, who all partook of Kathryn’s charms? Whitney, Thomas and Shep? I definitely remember Whitney and Thomas, but the third is kinda blurry. I wonder if that’s another part of the reason Whitney dislikes her so much. Maybe he thinks she is a skeevy ho and beneath Thomas somehow?

      • Pip

        The third was Craig. She “partook” with Craig, Whitney, and T-Rav.
        I seem to remember she flirted with Shep, but he stayed away.
        And yeah, I think this exactly why Whitney dislikes Katherine so strongly.

      • Mari

        It was Shep, and tho probably not smart of her, what does it say that these idiots partook of her “charms” knowing the others did. I think Whitney is a jealous baby and still bitter she wasn’t charmed enough to have seconds, seriously who would.

      • MariAnne

        I think Whitney’s pissed, because Katherine is not ‘beneath’ HIM!

    • jelley

      I don’t buy that she really slept with Whitney. I think he made that up but I obviously could be very wrong. I just can’t see her (or any heterosexual woman) banging Whitney.

  8. tobaccorhoda

    Oh, and Thomas’s house he sold was on Church St and was to die for.

  9. tobaccorhoda

    It was Thomas, Shep and Whitney. Craig was dating her and found out she slept with Shep. After he squealed and Katherine turned up pregnant, Thomas went to Shep and said they were going to have to do a paternity test.

    • Pip

      I’m sure you got it right. I thought Craig was the third. My bad.

      • I would love to spoil Patricia for you all (and Whitney as well) but I’ll just let you go along with your misguided beliefs. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. That, and it would probably not be important to you guys anyway. ​

        On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 12:45 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Pip

        Well come on! Spill it! Curious minds want to know!

  10. hannahkingrose

    YAY TT! Can’t believe you recapped Southern Charm. Lord have mercy, will wonders never cease lmao. Really though, thanks so much for doing it for us. Even though you haven’t watched the other episode, you quickly got a grasp of the cast of characters. You’re spot on. You made mention of Shep’s rather long arms. In last week’s episode, he was asked to model but was unable to do so because his arms were about 5 inches too long for the jackets but he told them they would be. Kathryn has gone from one extreme to the other with her clothes buying 16 blazers. It’s obvious that Thomas is in love…with the baby lol. Cameron tries her best to keep the man-boys in line to no avail but they love her. Patricia is by far my favorite. She will always have a drink in her hand or be ordering one and dishing out some “Bless Their Heart” comment about somebody. Again, thank you for the recap.

  11. tobaccorhoda

    Didn’t you post in your recap that Patricia is everything and you live for her, TT? Unless she’s murdered someone she going to be the Southern Auntie Mame to me, lying abed eating quiche in a feather boa.

    • I enjoy her scenes but they are cringe worthy in other respects. It’s a reality show. Which means nothing you see is real.

      I am sure you know who Patricia is so it won’t matter to you. Let’s just say much like Nene she is not accepted into society in the city she lives in.​ Though unlike Nene she actually does have old (man) money.

      On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 1:02 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • hannahkingrose

        Come on TT. Please tell us about Patricia being like Nene. It sounds juicy. I figured she was a piece of work looking down that makeup covered red drinker’s nose of hers.

      • Zoemonster2

        Patricia is an outsider to the blue blood Charleston society. Similarly so is her son. Those 2 will never be accepted in Charleston- but neither seems to be losing sleep over the rejection;)

        Katherine has an interesting dating history. She dated a (former) R SC State Rep. That boyfriend has more felony charges than her current baby daddy, T-Rav. That relationship (with T-Rav) is on and off. Crazy!
        She must like men with felonies, politicians and starring in reality TV. She was cast in another Southern show that never aired– about Southern gulls (girls)

        I’ll stop rambling. Thanks for the recap.

      • MariAnne

        Thank you for the confirmation. As in RHONY, etc., there’s no American ‘royalty’ worth a damn who would put themselves on these shows.

      • @TT~ Thank you! I cringe when Patrica comes on the screen. Her greatest accomplishment is that she married well….a few times and that her son is a producer on the show.
        As for T-Rav, his “Aw, shucks” act on the show is just that….an act. Before his fall from grace he was known as a huge jerk (to be polite). My son stopped by one day while I was watching it, saw him on the screen and started laughing. Turns out that he had dealt with him when he was managing a campaign down in SC. That beautiful baby has two hot messes for parents….but that could be said for any of the kids with parents on a Bravo show. :)

      • Pip

        @jr leaguer
        I guess I have kind of a soft spot for Thomas. He’s a bit pathetic and underdog-ish. I actually pity him a bit. Watching him campaign is painful. And I would also imagine that being from his family has got to come with loads of pressure, comparisons. and expectations. However, I have never been to Charleston so I have no former knowledge of him other than what I have seen on the show.

      • Twilly

        She’s so over the top that it’s not believable but are they as wealthy as they appear?

      • Angel(?)

        @Twilly, I don’t know much about Patricia but her late husband was a partner at Goldman-Sachs amount other things so I think she does have money.

      • ​SIGH.

        On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 12:43 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • She’s a Yankee! But she has certainly taken to the ways of an eccentric Southern Lady :)
        So glad you’re recapping Southern Charm. This show tickles me .

  12. Angel

    I am glad you are recapping this show. I thought you did not even watch it because you had good memories you didn’t want to see distorted.

    I like Patricia but wouldn’t care to be in her company. I like her wit. The butler should have at least put a doilie or something under her shoes. Whitney is the biggest immature asshole. He shouldn’t be doing anything related to Thomas campaign, when he says he has no faith he can win. Whitney always looks rumpled and like he needs his hair washed. Money must make unattractive bores think they are a real catch. I’d prefer Craig over Whitney as an acquaintance.

    Katherine said they have moved 9 times since she became pregnant. I don’t know how that would even be possible. I followed Thomas on twitter and his political principles were great, IMO. He would probably walk the line in office, knowing people would really be scrutinizing him. I know he lost terribly, but I was so happy to see in this episode he had advisors other than Patricia’s brat and his other pals.

    Landon looks very familiar, I wonder who she was married to in Cali, (LOL).

    Pip, yeah, I’m jealous of you having your own Shep! Lucky girl, that “good life” you described, and a Adonis too!

  13. S

    If I’m not mistaken Katherine slept with mostly all of T-rav’s friends even Whitney…Please Please do tell about Patricia not being accepted into Charleston”s elite society I’m curious as heck now TT!

  14. Kristen

    Is it just me, or does Landon look exactly like Katie from Dave Chappelle’s “Mad Real World” sketch?

  15. Kristen

    Oh, and please (!) pour some delicious tea on Patricia! Count me among those dying to know.

  16. Angel(?)

    I thought the best line of the night was: Thomas “I forgot where this piggy went”; The Nanny “This little piggy went to Nieman-Marcus”.

  17. BH Wannabe

    I would like to hang out with Shep as a good good platonic friend. Seems fun and loyal. But what I really keep noticing about him is that he seems to be very smart behind that (I don’t know, all I can think if is surfer) facade. I know he’s college educated, maybe it’s that ritzy upbringing, I’m guessing he read a lot growing up.

    Example: He has a great vocabulary and references pop culture, historical events, and classic literature/art naturally and very correctly, in ways that enhance what he is saying, even when joking around, rather than trying to show off and cram words/references in just to “list” what he (barely) knows. (Unlike Phaedra, who throws in big words that just barely work, or are completely misused, etc.)

    Does that make any sense? Just want h him and tell me if I’m wrong.

    • Pip

      I agree. I think Shep is very intelligent. But I love it that he is still playful, goofy, and a surfer boy at heart.

      • Urethra Franklin

        ….and he’s rich. When Shep was talking about his concern for Craig, he said that Craig doesn’t have the same “family situation” as him to be able to sustain his party lifestyle without a career. Obviously Shep is a trust fund baby or is set to inherit a massive estate of old southern money.

      • Pip

        Got that right. Last year at the reunion he said that checks just kind of show up in his bank accounts a few times a year. He’s a trust fund kid.

  18. Nancy

    I would last about 15 minutes with that uber-bitch, nouveau riche Patricia. Two of us would go to the wood shed, but only one would return. Patricia likes to flaunt her wealth but the only reason she is doing the show in the first place is to rub it in to the actual blue-bloods that she has some money. No one of true Charlestonian lineage in her age bracket would be caught dead on that show. Same with that sickening Barnabas Collins lookalike, AKA Whitney. I picture him folding up into a coffin at night or hanging upside down from the rafters in the attic.

    I also do not care for phony Miss Landon. Who does she think she is?

    I feel kind of sorry for Craig, trying to compete with these wealthy stiffs and being so confused about what his career choice. Needs to quit trying to be a social climber and go out and find out who he is and what he wants.

    You can’t help but smile when Shep is on because he just looks like he loves his life. I guess I would too if I had parents with money and investments to sustain me for life, like what he said Craig was lacking. He said it would be one thing for Craig to goof off if he had money to fall back on from family. However, one statement that he made was very telling. When he said that “in the South everyone is either a doctor or lawyer (or something else-can’t remember)”….of course he meant “if you’re socially connected or wish to be”. Gee, I guess I was in the WRONG Charleston because I hung out with people who actually WORKED hard for a living. Sometimes we’d hit a little bar on Isle of Palms called Malibu East but ostly we hung out at Folly Beach and went downtown to go dancing, etc.

    There’s just something about that Thomas Ravenel, I don’t know what it is. He is just a scoundrel with his drinking and womanizing, but I guess what made me like him was the scene in a previous season when he cried and told Katherine he was just an “old man”. He showed his humility. Where did it go since then? But I don’t really blame him for not taking the plunge with her. I do like her but it is an improbable match, and once you hurt and disappoint a woman like that, she never really forgets it.

    My big question though, for Thomas and others of his ilk, is if you’re going to keep saying how a woman isn’t right for you because of her age and immaturity, is why do you keep seeking them out? Why not seek out a woman your own age to begin with? Oh, that’s right, they’re not as hot and exciting. I forgot.

    • Paul-A

      Good day! I’m a newbie to this site, but not to the SOB’s on this show. I am a child of Charleston, and a woman of a certain age that coincides with Thomas’. I dated him briefly during our SR year of high school. I recall him to be lots of fun, but a total snob. I actually had to work for my ” going out” money, a totally alien concept to young Thomas. We parted ways, and I grew up, married and left my home city many years ago. I say all this to say; he was fun to party with at 18, had his pick of girls to choose from and knew it. The man I see now on this show looks remarkably the same, but sadly he clearly hasn’t grown up. I liked him then, and were I to run into him today, would be very cordial. He’s led a colorful life, has all the assets in the world to share with his beautiful baby and no doubt wisdom to impart. It’s clear that is not his priority. I’m sad that he’s missing this opportunity to truly make a difference in someone’s life, his child’s.

  19. I feel robbed! When the decision maker up there was handing out lives, why couldn’t I be one who had someone delivering me a “dressing drink” on a silver tray…. I did however wonder if it was the same tray used to deliver her shoes?? If so, I think I can live without that..

  20. I love this show! Shep is adorable and Katherine has really grown up since last season. The baby…so, so cute. I adore Patricia’s tongue in cheek attitude and why not two butlers…I’d have three! I also agree that Whitney is not straight. He is obviously in love with Thomas and that’s why he hates Katherine and is trying to sabotage their relationship. Thomas…what a disappointment. He was my favorite last season but fell several notches after watching him behave like an idiot this time around. The scenery is amazing and even tho I’ve never really been to the South, I would love to see Charleston. After living in both California and Arizona, the history seems so rich (not money rich, but historic rich). I don’t think that Thomas has any intention of marrying Katherine but maybe after he loses the election he’ll change his mind. She could do better. Craig is a mess and I wonder what’s going on with him? The Bar Exam is no breeze and he doesn’t seem to get that. My favorite part of the show is the theme song. I never heard it before but it seems so Old South and perfect. Great recap…as usual. P.S. I want some diamond shoes!!

    • bluerobin6

      The south as a whole is rich with history. Savannah is another amazingly beautiful historic city. I’m in Missouri, and I always vacation south. It doesn’t get any prettier. Although I suppose one day I will venture west, since I want to see the Grand Canyon and the red woods. But the south will always be “it” for me.

  21. I thought Whitney threw some of the best shade I’ve seen on a Bravo show when he and Kathryn argued over the campaign ad on that dock. This show is extremely entertaining.

    • tobaccorhoda

      Yeah, Whitney is Mack the Knife. He smiles while slipping the shiv to you.

      One refreshing thing is that the younger people don’t seem as snobbish as the Old Guard. They happily include people like Cameran and Craig, who have no money to speak of, although Cameran recently married a doctor and lives in an absolutely beautiful house.

      Patricia apparently doesn’t have the pedigree required for Charleston society, but she is a southern woman who seems to have married very well, three times. That’s old money she’s got, but it’s Yankee money, which is déclassé to the Ravenel, Calhoun, Dennis types. Her money didn’t come from landowners and statesmen, but from banking and commerce. Southern society has the same standards they had 150 years ago. It’s quite fascinating.

      Have I mentioned I love this show?

      • ​Okay. I can’t stand it anymore. PATRICIA IS A YANKEE POSER. With an incredibly shady past. Please do not refer to her as Southern. It turns my stomach. Thank you.

        On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 12:16 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Pip

        Hehe. Oh girlfriend! You got that right!

      • WHAT?! A Yankee poser? Patricia? Hot damn, it’s even worse than I imagined. I’m not even sure how to process this information.


    • Angel(?)

      Oh my Tamara? She didn’t come from the south?

  22. Twilly

    Omg TT thank you for recapping this show!! I just started watching it and I’m totally hooked! I wish I could find last season On Demand.

  23. Tara

    TT – Isle of Palm is one of my old stomping grounds as well. I am sure I am older than you though.

    I think Whitney is a little obsessed with with Kathryn, I thought he probably just wanted her but I am sure you are correct. Some of us Southerners can’t get over the lineage issue.

    P.S. I thought Craig was a a hottie until the “used car salesman ” statement. Totally ruined it for me. I know he will be devastated that a 41 yo lady/ cougar is no longer picturing him pulling my hair. I mean walking around the Battery while sipping sweet Tea.

  24. breelee

    Love this show, glad its being recapped. Craig was a decent hardworking guy last season, the fame must have messed him up. I believe he was offered one too many “perks” from his fans. Patricia could have her own show. Loved her judging Whitney’s loft, with its “on sale at Home Depot” furniture. lol
    For being the EP of the show, Whitney doesn’t do himself any favors. He rarely comes off looking good, except for his guitar playing. (Boner band, lol) Cameron’s mom is stunning! Lucky girl has some great genes. Pre-views make it appear that Craig finally gets Kathryn. Shep did do him a bit dirty, sleeping with her when he knew Craig had dibs. lol

  25. Kim from SC

    Do we all have old dreams of Charleston? Wow we Must have lived a life of crossing paths never meeting. I too resided on the IOP once upon a time, right after Hugo left it in shambles but left it quiet enough to be able to enjoy. My father in law was the life of the party and responsible for a lot of the rebuilding of that area. But as Charleston does prove to do, it sucked him in spit him out and we all now reside in the upstate of SC. All expect him, he passed away a couple of weeks ago.
    Only.. I now find a frequent visit to Charleston because of my visits to MUSC. So my Lady I hope to meet you one day in passing. You share a lot of my views. I fell in love with this show due to being able to see the world and what was going on outside the doors at MUSC during the first summer. It was a MUCH different world for me. this go round. I now visit IOP on my way out of Charleston. The Island is quite different these days. I will always have fond memories of Hootie and the Blow fish playing at the windjammer spending days at a beach that wasn’t overrun by tourists. Its nice to know someone I have ran across in life may have some of the same or similar memories.

    • Last I was there, the WindJammer was still there. I stayed in the hotel right next door. I preferred Wind of Change because that is the place I met the one that got away and where we spent a lot of time.

      When Hugo hit I was DEVASTED like sobbing for days. It still breaks my heart. I was working for Eastern Airline at that time and got on the first plane I could once things began to calm down. As we approached Charleston I began to cry again. I was not the only one on that plane crying. I love that town like no other.

      On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 12:15 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  26. tobaccorhoda

    One amusing thing is how Charleston looks down on every other place. To Charleston, Atlanta is a money grubbing upstart. I can’t imagine what they think of it these days. And to Charleston, lovely Savannah is a backwater.

    Also noted was how, in the restaurant scene where Thomas and Katherine were arguing, he stood up when she flounced from the table even though she had just thrown her napkin in his face. He then apologized to the waitress for the scene they caused. When was the last time you saw any of the Housewife heifers apologize for the crap they pull in public places.

    Thomas is a roué. An undisciplined rogue and a drunk, but his manners are impeccable. Lol

    • Angel(?)

      Thomas is, what I like to call, a lovable asshole. He is an asshole, he knows it, he really doesn’t mean harm, he apologizes for it, but he can’t help it, and he has a sense of humor about it. Plus he has great southern manners.

    • ​Charleston has the right to look down on every other city. It is miles above every other city anywhere. Period. End of story. Savannah is lovely, but it is no Charleston. Atlanta has been overrun with Yankees and barely has any good southern families with lineage left.

      On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 12:48 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  27. Angel(?)

    The thing with this show and Ladies of London as compared to RH and Shaws is even though it might be somewhat directed, it is more true to how these people actually live. Most RH shows lists their charm when everyone started using the show to hawk something or when everyone had to have a story line or drama to stay relevant. This show and LOL seem more organic.

  28. Kathryn is so angry and bitter this season, I don’t tnink even “the ring” will make her happy. She royally screwed up and deep down inside probably knows it. As hard as it will be, she will be happier getting in control of her own life and moving on from T-Rav. The sooner, the better.

  29. Drinkthediamondwater

    When this show first came on, I couldn’t get into the privileged preppyiness of it all, but now I love it. I just started seriously watching this season, so don’t know all the backgroun of who shagged who. I didn’t know Katherine’s lineage was all that . . . someone please explain. I love Patricia, her house and her “dressing drink.” I need to make that a habit in my house. Of course, I will have to prepare and serve it to myself, but I do have trays, so no problem.
    I don’t see Katherine and Thomas staying together long-term. If she wants a ring and marriage, she needs to stop bitching about every little thing and trying to change the leopard’s spots. She’s making it too obvious he will have to change too much to ever please her.
    I’m in love with the Plantation House and that beach house . . . OMG!
    Yes, I am now officially hooked on this show.

  30. Urethra Franklin

    Thomas’s voice, mannerisms, style, and professional & douchey disposition are exactly like my ex, and it drives me crazy with lust. Other than that I want to throat punch him.

  31. jen

    Is there tea on whitney’s “famous” german girlfriend?? I am very suspicious.

  32. FormerLurker

    ERMAHGERD! My favorite blog is now recapping my favorite show!!

  33. clare

    whitney sudler-smith is a certifiable a*hole. period.

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