Heather and Terry Dubrow on WWHL

WWHL Heather and Terry

Heather looks very thin. That was my first reaction. They start off talking about Robin Williams dying.  The vault contained Terry on Bridalplasty and The Swan, he admits they were two of the cheesiest reality shows ever.

Terry says the upcoming scene where he goes off on David Beador was because he was told what happened before he saw what happened and he was amped up basically by someone *cough* production *cough*.  David’s comment was rude, but he was drunk and it wasn’t that bad and nobody really heard it. Except for production. Heather says that a lot of things were conveyed through a game of telephone. Andy looks very nervous as these two tip toe around alluding to production interference. Andy is also very tan. Like Jersey Shore tan. Just thought I would throw that out there.

During a game, Heather says that Terry obsessively watches himself on Botched!

Heather is asked if she can see now that Tamra might have manipulated her for the last three years… Heather says  that she and Tamra are friends. She thinks that things can get twisted but she doesn’t think Tamra lied to her.  I am worried we are going to be set up for a reunion where Lizzie is outed as the liar. Please don’t let that happen.

A caller says that Eddie was the ring leader of the comments about Heather (#Bullgate) and yet Terry is giving Eddie a pass.  That’s odd, I don’t remember Eddie saying anything. Have we talked about this and I just forgot about it?  Terry says once again, he never saw the incident on film until after the finale episode aired. Both Terry and Heather said that when they saw the episode, they were both like, “That’s it?”

A caller asks if they would double date with Paul and whoever he is dating? They said they went on a double date with Paul and Adrienne before they were married. They like the person Paul is dating now. Terry says he is shocked how much women like Paul because he is so chubby and hairy.

Terry is asked if he had to do a plastic surgery procedure on Andy what would it be? Oh great question. Andy immediately asks if it would be his neck. Terry makes fun of the fact that Andy doesn’t wear socks. He declines to point out any of Andy’s flaws. He should have said Botox to the forehead. Though devious as he is, there is not arguing the fact that Andy is hot.

Heather is asked why she apologized to Shannon but then made it all about her asking for another apology? Heather doesn’t ike this question. Heather blames editing saying that Vicki brought it up and we were not shown that part.

Andy says a lot of people were talking about Vicki and Tamra’s tacky behavior in Bali. Heather says these are not the easiest ladies to travel with.

I must say that Heather and Terry seem very into each other tonight.

They have no idea where the Take Down the Beadors! comment came from. Terry actually said, “Tamra is a straight shooter.” Really, Terry?

Terry is asked why he doesn’t wear gloves for the pre-op exams. He says it’s because, he is just touching skin.

POLL QUESTION: Whose side are you on? The Beadors or The Dubrows?  It’s Team Shannon with the win at 72% !


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90 responses to “Heather and Terry Dubrow on WWHL

  1. O.O

    Hahaha did you note Terry’s face when the poll numbers came In? Priceless . Oh and I don’t buy the lovey act with those two it seems forced or planned .

    • Gbell

      I loved his face when the poll results came in. Didn’t go the way he had expected. 😀

    • momoffourkids

      Terry is probably rethinking their kissing up to Tamra tp stay storylines on the show for him and Heather both, figuring Shannon would be booted off before Heather. I hope they keep Shannon and get rid of Tamra or make her just a ‘friend’ which would bust her ego. She looked anorexic on WWHL tonight and Terry was beyond pissed at the poll results. It did seem that Terry actually said a few things without looking at Heather for his answer first. I much prefer Shannon and David over these 2.

      • Cathy

        Yes! Agree with you. Sick of Tamara’s behavior and lies. I could not believe Bravo did not cut her long ago. Believe it says lots about Terry and Heather choosing Tamara over Shannon and David. I watch the show only to see the Beador family. Hope Heather is cut by Bravo soon.

      • TAMRA. Her name is TAMRA.

        My name is Tamara.

    • ​Yes! Heather was able to keep her composure, but Terry was clearly shocked. Usually the person on the show gets a few more votes just because people are watching them. This send the Dubrows a clear message.

      On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 12:05 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  2. sunshinemls

    i actually like the dubrows when they are away from rhooc. i still cannot picture them as good friends with tamra and eddie. so glad that botched was picked up for season 2…..i like both terry AND paul on that show.

    • Tasos826

      I agree with you on all points. I like the Dubrows as individuals and as a couple. I also sensed that their affection was genuine, though they may have felt awkward or a bit uncomfortable about their PDA. Like you, their closeness with Tamra and Eddie frankly mystifies me. Maybe the Dubrows view and treat their relationship with T&E as though it is more ‘utility’ in nature; convenient.

    • Agreed. I cannot see them being real friends with Tamra and Eddie. Actually I can’t see anyone being friends with Tamra and Eddie. I thought the Dubrows looked very cute tonight. Heather sure seems a lot more relaxed with her hubby by her side than the last time she was on the show.

  3. I love Terry an Heather I wish them well an their family !!

  4. fivecatsownme

    Heather was very neutral in her comments tonight. I think she and Terry love each other; they were relaxed, no forced endearments. I think they have RHOC friends and real friends.

  5. Angel

    At the end of the game, I loved that Heather said they now watch the Kardashians to see all the botched problems.

    • Patti R.

      Yep, another “dig” by Heather Dubrow. Mean girl Heather!!

      • Cindy B

        Heather why are you so jealous and show it….try to hide it a little bit…As far as your husband is concerned he is so……unprofessional for SUCH a Professional person . He may want to think twice before retiring. Yes I have watched Botched and he even treats his partner the same way…watch the show..


      She actually said “BOTCHED PREVIEWS”. :)

  6. Sorry to comment out of place but are you planning to review Jersey Belle? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • delaney

      I’m really enjoying JBelles. She’s smart and funny. “monogramed panty liners” … lol. She doesn’t appear to be as materialistic and fake as most other Bravo women.

    • fivecatsownme

      She is funny. She has well behaved kids, a sweet husband, and nice friends. She certainly is not the stereotyped Italian American that one sees on RHONJ. She is funny without putting people down. I like the show, but I wonder how Bravo gave nice, decent people a TV show.

      • Romen

        I loved the scenes in LA where she was doing PR with/for Wayne Brady. I was impressed and I lovelove Wayne.

    • I was… planning to. But it comes on at such a busy time. I have it on my list of things to do when I have time…​

      On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 1:19 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Would love to hear your take on her friends. To me they are the quintessential southern women I went to college with. Very good representation of women of some privilege in Buckhead / Mtn Brook, etc; what is important in their world and what is expected of them to stay in that circle. So far it is a sweet and fun show.

    • SJAllison

      I had no interest in this show (had no idea what it was), but then I watched it and loved it. I assumed that all the southerners were going to hate the woman from New Jersey (“Jersey Belle,” Jaime) and was pleasantly surprised to find out that they love her and think she’s funny. It’s refreshing to see a group of women who get along in a funny way. Great show!

  7. I love produced reality

  8. Micheal

    Why is Heather riding the ‘I love Tamra’ train? The viewer’s have turned on Tamra and Heather and the majority appear to have embraced Shannon. Is Heather ride or die with Tamra?

    • Tasos826

      I sense that Heather is beginning to learn about the realmay be fishing for an appropriate event, opportunity, or cause to begin to put increasing distance between she and Tamra, because if Heather distances from Tamra too rapidly, Tamra may see to it that there would be hell to pay for Heather and Terry.

    • Because Tamra doesn’t lie!

      If you don’t bring the drama, you get axed. Were it for the Tamra-instigated “misunderstandings” that culminated in the ridiculous fights with Shannon, what storyline would Heather have this season?

    • lauren

      because Heather and hubby are jealous of the Beadors. Early in the season when Heather toured Shannon’s house, she was critical. I was team Dubrow, but watching Heather and Terri this season with their superior attitude is a huge turn off. Funny when you watch the footage of the ground breaking party.. you hear Eddie ” ride it like you ride Terri”, and you see Terri laughing. My guess, Heather enraged Terri over it. Maybe, Heather is jealous of Shannon’s hot hubby. Could be… Anyway, Terri’s comment to David ( just a construction guy ) was gross and uncalled for. BTW… Seems like the Beadors have done very well as there house is just as nice as the Dubrows. Get rid of Heather and cancel Terri’s show !!!

  9. Lindy

    If the reunion turns out to be a “Let’s get Lizzie-Lizzie lies” fest, I’m not going to be happy. It’s time for karma to catch up with Tamra and return to her the same hateful disgusting behavior she gave Alexis. I really hope that’s what goes down. I’m a bit disappointed in Lizzie’s behavior but if it gets everyone hating on Tamra, I guess I’m OK with it. It’s just time for Tamra to get a nice dose of how she treats others.

    • Dracla Dunning

      Be prepared to be unhappy. I have this gut feeling that Lizzie will get roasted by Tamra. Not that I’m all for it because I can’t stomach Tamra. I don’t think what she does to people is an act. RHOC just gave her a platform to get away with gnarly behavior and be paid for it. Tamra is damaged goods.

  10. Valerie

    Andy is indeed hot.

    • captain eel

      Fuck, you cunt Val
      Fuck you, fuck you, and again fuck you, you fuckstick

      • Well aren’t you speshal….

      • beth

        captain eel, don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel .. :-0

      • peachteachr

        OMGosh, did I miss something? Why the animosity?

      • Valerie

        No clue. Calling me a cunt that fucks a fucking fucker (or some such) is maybe the good Captains way of being charming. I do love a word that can be a verb, adjective and noun all in the same sentence. Fun stuff. The fact that I was agreeing with Tamara about Andy being hot might have pushed a button? I tend to do that to certain people. Calling me a cunt and all those fucks did make me horny so there’s that. My husband thanks you Captain.

      • I think I should deduct 5 TTT from the captain. Andy is indeed hot. It not a comment that warrants five fucks and a cunt. Although, I am fond of fuckstick and feel it doesn’t get enough usage. Also, since the captain professes to be one of the few straight males on the board, I find his overreaction to Andy’s hotness to be highly suspect,.

      • Valerie

        Can’t you moderate these Fucksticks? KIDDING!

  11. Patti R.

    I’m on the Beador’s side. Heather and Terry seem way too slimy for me. I wouldn’t want to associate with them at all. Terry and Heather AND Tamra start trouble all the time and then act all innocent. All of us can see what they do. They are soooo narcissistic and kind of scary creepy. All three have plans to get Shannon, David, Lizzie and Christian off Bravo TV. I hope it turns around and bites the sneaks in their a*s!
    Just my opinion!! 😉

    • Miss Truth

      I agree, This would be great cast; keep Vicki, Bring back Lauri, Alexis, keep Shannon, Lizzie and keep Tamra just for entertainment. But kick Heather to the curb.

  12. The fact that Heather is still friends with Tamra says A LOT about Heather and none of it is good.

    I want someone to knock Heather off of her high horse. The results of the poll might have been the first blow.

    • Soft Shades

      I have to agree with you. I think the poll was a wake up call for the Dubrow’s especially for Terry – his ego was deflated & his expression was priceless!

      David & Shannon’s wealth is equal if not more than the Dubrow’s who need to be “the big fish in the little pond” & Tamara & Eddie feed that need by being less accomplished financially whether they know it or not!

    • Patti R.

      To: everyonebecalm,

      I think Heather is loaded with insecurities and jealousy. When a person is always putting others down and trying to turn everybody against each other than it speaks volumes to me. As to her “high horse,” you’re absolutely right. But consider her delusional. She’s no better than anyone else. Ony SHE thinks she is. WE know better! 😉


    I like Botched. I do. But after 7 shows Terry constantly making fun of some part of Paul is starting to pluck my nerves. Dr. Dubow you are no panty jumper yourself and if it were not for your profession and money the women would not be fawing over you.


      Oh and the stories they show of women who go to other countries to get work done are sooo true. My friend went to Costa Rica. For $5500 she got a tummy tuck and a 2 week stay at the attached resort with a private nurse. However, a week after returning she had a massive pocket of blood form because her drain was taken out too soon, No plastic surgeon here would touch her.. Luckily, she worked for a non profit hospital and the vascular surgeon there drained it for her and it looks good now.

    • O.O

      @thereal … You’ve got that Right . He’s not good looking at all. If we were allowed to call names I’d say what I think he looks like

    • Patti R.

      To: theREALHWOFNJ,

      I’m expecting a lot more of Terry being nasty concerning Paul. When I heard about BOTCHED and Terry and Paul working together, I could visualize nasty antics and back stabbing from Terry. There we go again, more jealousy from Terry.

  14. delaney

    Gag. The Dubrows are such assh*les. Heather is incapable of being a decent person, so condescending. Her apology to Shannon wasn’t an apology at all.. She IS slimy. Terry is an egomaniac bt a total douche with his mean girl personality. He drools and pants every time there is the slightest sigb of conflict btwn the women. His posturing and chest thumping towards David is is comical.
    I suspect the Dubrows protect Tamra because they’ve revealed too much of their ugly elves to her. Such as the “take the Beadors down” remark. They are very aware of how trashy T is bt now concerned she might reaveal too much. I can totally see Mean Girl Terry saying it.

    • Rita

      Terry is a prick who thinks he is better than David because he’s a surgeon and David is a construction guy. What was that remark he made in he clip for next week’s episode where he says something about David working construction and then Lizzie’s husband says “I work construction too”? Terry and Heather were made for each other snobs extraordinaire.

      • Patti R.

        Hey Rita, I thought Terry was was way out of line on his remark about David’s profession. Seems Terry, shall we say, is a shade jealous that David’s kept his family up so very well and has a huge fantastic home! Terry and Heather are always in a jealousy mode. I love to watch Terry’s face contort into a hugely ugly expression when he’s mad! Oh My Gosh (OMG), he looks ghastly!!! Haha! Terry could well do with some surgery on his mug!! On another note…ahem …. why haven’t we seen any progress on Terry and Heather’s home that should well be underway? We all saw the MODEL of their dream home on their table what seemed like eon’s ago. REMEMBER,Terry wants to get out of the rental house because it’s too small. So what’s up? All we have seen thus far is dirt and “the party” they held on the land with Tamra getting thrown off the mechanical bull!! We all know that Heather and Terry would be giving us TOURS by now of every brick laid and every piece of framework being done,etc. Maybe Heather and Terry needs to consult with David and Christian (the construction gurus) instead of alienating them! So… just what IS the status on Terry’s and Heather’s new home?

    • O.O

      @delany … Hmmmmmm that makes all the sense in the world . I withdraw my previous question about tamra.

  15. I spit when Terry said that Paul is chubby and hairy. Terry sounded like the plastic surgeons who have appeared on Millionaire Matchmaker. They’re constantly commenting and looking for perfection.

    • Patti R.

      To: S Ross,

      Shall we say that Terry is a wee bit jealous of Paul ALREADY? I KNEW that was coming!! Terry’s always putting somebody down. A subliminal message to put in our brains. Well, it won’t work. Paul looks a zillion times better than Terry. And, I know Paul’s a fantastic surgeon. So, there you go Terry! You can’t turn us against Paul. Terry’s always bad mouthing ! Geeezzz!

  16. Sarah Glazer

    I feel like the Dubrow have been trying to become celebs of some sort for a while now. Look how many shows Terry has been on! I had no idea I thought it was just Heather at first then they showed all the old reality shows Terry has been on. They both are fake as hell because they are always playing a role.

    • they looked like they wanted to high five each other when heather gave her “diplomatic” answer that it was hard to travel with the other women & it seemed to come off well w andy. guessing from that that they’d planned their answers. so fake. i really can’t stand them. at first i felt sorry for terry, having to live w a woman like heather, but based on the last 3-4 episodes i think he’s as much of a self-centered jerk as she is. they’re d-list wanna-bes at best.

      • Patti R.

        Chris, just another dig out of Heather’s mouth. Nothing ever positive comes out of her mouth. I’m sure somewhere along the trip she had fun. But, of course, we won’t hear anything good about the trip. And IF she seems nice… BEWARE!

  17. Melesa

    Looks like to me that David is doing quite well for himself. There is money in construction too. Terry is having a mansion built; surely he recognizes the expertise and cost of construction??? I bet Terry’s poop might just stink too!

  18. No one asked her why she broke Tamra’s arm by telling the carny to set the horse to “Blend” speed?

    • Angel

      I think she already denied doing that speed up the bull thing, at some time or place. Could have been in a TT blog recap. Heather is very good at bullshitting and denial. She just has more finesse than Tamra. You know us ordinary people just dream up that we saw and heard her say it on the show.

    • Patti R.

      To: teecee66

      What’s your thoughts on Heather setting this up with the carny. My mindset is Heather wanted to see Tamra get hurt in her subconscience. I don’t believe for a minute Heather likes anything about Tamra. It’s all an act pretending she cares two -hoots-in- hell about Tamra. They both are too peas in a pod when it comes to discrediting their Bravo “friends.”

      • Heather was jealous that Tamra was better at something. So she have her the business. I’d take heather over tamra any day. Tamra is trash with no redeeming qualities. At least Heather knows how to behave in public.

  19. I’m beginning to think Terry did say it to Tamra but it was at the ugly sweater party. Since he won’t own up to, I still find him to be untrustworthy.

  20. Regarding the comments Eddie made, I’m pretty sure he said something like ‘ride it hard. Ride it like it’s Terry’. He was glassy eyed drunk and it was not the shit you want to say about anyone who isn’t getting bills tucked in their thong.

  21. Eve

    I like the Dubrows. They are at least educated and seem decent. Sure, there is the flaw that drives them to appear on these shows, but you have to realize where they live. i lived in that area and its nothingness land. Its just a lot of people who all look alike with no culture and real class. Its the reason i hated it there and left asap.

  22. Jen

    Loved the comment about Terry bei.g a mean girl. That made me chortle !! He does get i.to the girly business. Why do the men do this? I get it if he’s defending his wife. I just think hea jealous that they are no longer the richest on the Housewivea show. Terry Dubrow stop. You will be fine by not getting involved. Your wife can handle it. TAMRA IS WACKY. Me thinks they don’t wanna cross her bc they’ve shared stuff with her and she will blab it?

  23. Jen

    Btw I love this blog! Thanks Tamara Tattles n Teecee. Altho we all don’t agree…..I still love the comical blogging n honesty. Its needed. Thanks again! I come here n laugh n laugh and sometimes get new insight that I enjoy. 😀 The commenters too….can be tough n insightful. Thanks to yall too. I enjoy the levity n sharing.

  24. The Dubrows are Team Tamra because Terry (and Heather) probably really did say “Let’s take the Beadors down” – probably in some pre-Season plotting? It worked so well when they all plotted against Alexis, right?

    • Jen

      Yep. I agree. Remember when Tamra was introduced? She self proclaimed to be the hottest housewife. Then when the Glamorous Gretchen arrived her n the other Older Woman wanted to take her out….Vicki? Then when Alexis arrived n had a Fabu Body!… and Tamra called her Jesus jugs…was around the time Tamra had to get het jugs taken out. Its always someone else’s fault when she bullies. She’s bullied all her friends. I’m glad they bullied her back n called her out on it. She’s a mean girl who’s too damned old to behaving this way. The judge sees her as unfit…..that speaks volumes. You can’t even raise your own children? She’s a mess!

  25. Dracla Dunning

    After seeing Heather on WWHL I am believing Tamra’s comment about her being anorexic. Tamra has an eating disorder but it shows more with Heather.

    • I agree DD- if you notice when Lizzie and Shannon were attempting to let Heather know that Tamra gossips about her too – the one comment that brought tears to her eyes was – tamra says you’re anorexic…..I replayed it and it is obvious that it hit a nerve, maybe something she confessed to Tamra . As Lizzie says Tamra will use anything said to her in confidence against you if you cross her.

  26. loo

    There are/were many things I liked about Heather and still do. But the longer you stay engrossed with this HW shows….you start to compromise yourself in some way and I think that’s what were seeing.

  27. Wallace, so Eddie gets a pass, but David has to endure Terry’s scolding at a dinner party? Again?

  28. Jen

    Hmmm could it be that Lizzie is sex starved and finds Eddie attractive? Is Tamra jealous because Eddie said he wanted to shag Lizzie? Is Tamra threatened that Eddie finds her attractive? She is younger and thinner. These attributes are all the things that Tamra still wishes she had….the blush is off of your Rose darling. You would think that it would make her nicer or be more pleasant to others? I could be wrong. Lizzie declared to the World that her man doesn’t. get a hard on more then once a week…..Cue Men….entering to help Lizzie with her lil Marital problem. If you don’t want the World to know your problems then do NOT go on TV or on Social media. I hope Lizzie can recover from this mess. Tamra is like the devil…..she doesn’t go away and only sticks around to deceive and create havoc.

  29. Shannah

    Something I have noticed about Heather and Terry is that they seem very well rehearsed in social settings. Almost as if before leaving home Heather drills him on certain scenarios that may come up in the course of the evening and how he should respond to them. Such as the Christmas party, where in a tense moment, Heather “receives” the phone call from her son saying he is ill and Heather hands the phone to Terry, who immediately plays along with the prearranged story line that permits them to take an immediate exit from the party. Same thing in their denial about the “Take the Beadors down” comment. I really can imagine Terry saying that if the context were Tamra talking with them about the status of the new housewife and her husband being in the same social strata as the Dubrows, and Terry being the Smart Alec that he is, says “well, we can take them down”. Nothing sinister, just his usual arrogance.

  30. Imani

    Eddie’s comment about Heather on the bull was wsy more offensive than David’s comment. Tamra is such a liar. Actually I think Eddie is going to get tired of her bullshit and leave her. I can’t stand Heather and Terry. I really disliked Gerry’s comment about David being a ” construction” guy. Classist statement. I love Lizzie. Lizzie knows how to speak up for herself, and she is not intimidated by Tamra or Vicky. I like Vicky this year.

  31. juliesl stow

    Terry is a snob…the worst kind…who does he think he is making a blanket comment about construction workers…He is the ignorant one….

  32. Deb

    All you need to know about Heather is in her tag line. She is all about what she has. That pointy naggy finger is rude! She is the main pot stirrer, but then tries to act like she is perfect and everyone else has bad behavior. WE SEE YOU HEATHER!

  33. Tamara and I have such different taste in men. David is fairly attractive for a slightly older gentleman but he ain’t “hot” and neither is Andy. Andy is cute in a “gay friend you did stuff with once when you were drunk and have never spoken about it since” way.

  34. Mean girl

    Heather is a total mean girl, takes one to know one. She is really the lunatic here and is trying to flip it on Shannon. This reminds me of Tom and jerry. Terry you are just straight up mean and condescending. Maybe that is why you and heather make a good couple.

    • Cythere

      To Mean girl: “Heather … is really the lunatic here….” Yes! She and Tamra both have something wrong in the head. It was obvious at Lizzie’s dinner. Tamra’s raspy, shrill screaming, “Stop it!” and her grabbing at Shannon over and over; Heather’s ambulance remark and sham concern (ick); her continued lying b.s. re Shannon’s supposed yelling (and that yelling business was one of the most disingenuous things on RHOC ever.) Heather must be nuts to have thought her season-long routine of ‘I’m a Shannon Beador victim’ would work out for her.

      Sorry, Heather, the audience isn’t dumb. But you are! Trashy camera whore, fuck off — take Tamra and Terry with you!

  35. Lala

    I wish they would remove Heather from the show. All she does is belittle her friends and thinks she is better than others . Besides she is so boring on the show. Please remove her .

  36. Luvmesumrealitygal

    I hate Heather and her husband. They are typically rich assholes that think they are better than everyone else…they like Tamra and Eddie because they have less money than them so they are less threatened. Terry is jealous of David, because when he was in high school he couldnt get the girls…but guys like David did lol! Heather is ugly both inside and out. Good luck with staying relevant.

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