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WWHL Shannon

Sorry I am so late with this, things have been super busy, but I am dying to see Shannon Beador on WWHL! And get your take on it.

Um, Okay. Shannon has had work done, yes? She looks good.  Andy asks about her new hair cut and she seems to still be getting used to her new edgier look. Andy immediately makes reference to Tamra comparing Bali to Tijuana.  Shannon sort of sticks up for her saying that she was expecting the Bali from vacation sites and such and unfortunately Bali is a third world country. She says they drove around quite a bit and saw a lot of poverty. I hate the misuse of the outdated term third world country although I am sometimes guilty of it myself.  It is a cold war era political term that has nothing to do with poverty.  I digress, sorry. I was glad to hear they did a lot of driving around. Maybe something sunk in.

Moving on, Shannon is not in the top seat. I hate Andy’s new seating chart rules. Elizabeth Moss is asked to play Marry, Shag, Kill with Eddie, Brooks and Slade. She kills Brooks immediately and marries Eddie. I’m sorry, but I would have to kill Slade. I might even marry Brooks because I’m not sure anal sex with Eddie pretending I’m Tom would be very fulfilling no matter how hot he is. That’s a tough one, what would you do?

Okay, I’m paused on Shannon. I think maybe she had lots of cheek injections and whatever those women do that makes their eyes little slits and some teeth whitening. I hope someone asks. And someone did. Shannon denies it. Given her all holistic everything, I’m not sure she would let a doctor shoot her face up with cow toxins.

Shannon says time will heal her relationship with Heather and Tamra. Shannon says she does not regret being on the show at all. She says that she and David learned a lot about their relationship from being on they show. They just spent 17 days alone together and are closer than ever. They took off to Hawaii after “spending a couple of days filming the reunion.”  Andy said it just felt like a couple of days but it was only one. Interesting… Makes you wonder if they did do a two-day shoot. We will have to pay attention to the reunion and look for signs.

Shannon is asked who the fakest housewife is on her franchise. She says Tamra. Andy shares that in the finale in two weeks from now, David and Terry get into a very heated argument.

Poll Question: Whose side are you on? Tamra’s or Lizzies? Lizzie won with 81% which means that 19% of the votes came from Tamra. Her thumb must be tired.


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82 responses to “WWHL With Shannon Beador

  1. ScrappieONE

    Doesn’t a facelift make the eye’s slanded…

  2. myinfo

    “Lizzie won with 81% which means that 19% of the votes came from Tamra”

    TT – LOL

  3. KB

    For some reason I think that celebs do not consider facial injections as having had “work done”. They seem to think actual surgery is considered work. Do I think that Shannon had something done to her face? SURE! One of her eyes looked smaller than the other. She looked nice but she looked like she had work done.

  4. Angel

    I thought Shannon looked really good, well rested. I think that is what they say a good nip or tuck is supposed to do. The only thing I noticed obvious was the more flattering hair style. I always noticed her perky cheeks from her very first appearance. I think David may be tucked as well. They are not overdone like many their age or even 15 years younger. Could be I am wrong and it is just pretty, well cared for skin and good genes. Sort of like she said she chose her house decor to be timeless. Shannon should have been in first chair. Elizabeth Moss has been on before and is pretty boring. Andy just likes Mad Men and wishes Jon Hamm was gay. I think Shannon always is a good guest and talks sense, unlike Tamra. All the comments I have seen that Tamra is fired, I do not believe. I wish she would get angry enough to quit. I do hope Shannon is back next season, if she so chooses. Lizzie, I can take or leave, if she doesn’t bring Pam around.

  5. Vanessa W

    i dont think there was anything wrong with shannons face before, but i will say she is one of the few HW’s that still look good after getting work done, her doctor did good.

  6. S

    I think Shannon is attractive, however I don’t know why she is always sucking in her cheeks ?

  7. I remember thinking that Shannon’s nose looked extremely contoured with makeup. Like, lines drawn on with dark brown kind of contouring. Overall, I think she looked good though.

    I also think that in still photos, she and Marysol Patton could pass for sisters!

  8. Wallace

    She looked so completely different to me. At the very least, I think she had injectibles in her cheeks, botox that wonked out her eyes and big,new boobs. I loved her look before. She still looks lovely, but just not herself to me.
    I thought Elizabeth Moss was fun and liked the combo. I agree with you, TT, there is no shagging or marrying Slade – ever- in my book.

    • Jae

      I agree about the Botox wonk-eye, but I’m thinking filler in her nasal labial folds. That alone would push her cheeks up.

      It also looks like she possibly had filler injected into her tear troughs (the under eye area) but it hasn’t settled yet.

  9. SJAllison

    That game isn’t fair.
    Kill Brooks.
    Kill Slade.
    Hire Eddie to be my personal trainer.


      hmmm. maybe bribery would work better…. Eveyone who plays gets a TTT! :)

      On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 9:19 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Nuna

        Ok, I’ll play:
        Marry Eddie.
        Kill Brooks.
        Shag Slade ONLY if I can shut my eyes, pinch my nose, and hold my breath. And some alcohol. Isopropyl, preferably.

      • I’ll play, marry Slade but he is living in a garage apartment and is my bitch…just like he is for Gretchen. Kill Brooks, better to kill him before he beats me because I will get out of line. Now…shag Eddie but with stipulation…No Dolphin.

      • fivecatsownme

        I agree with you momof2 marry Slade, make him my bitch, kill Brooks,and shag Eddie no dolphin.

      • Eve

        Kill Brooks
        OMG my trigger finger slipped and killed Slade and Eddie too.

    • Jae

      None of them have money, so there’s no one to marry. But this is pretend, so:

      I’ll shag Eddie. Or let him shag me if he’s a top.

      Ummmm…marry Brooks but I want him to live in a separate wing of the house.

      And that obviously leaves Slade for the kill.

      TT, in lieu of tokens I’d like to no longer be referred to as Prostate Pam.

      I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna happen.

  10. Nice another blog where I can imagine what I would do to Eddie. The things I would do…

    Shannon looks really good in that photo, I’m loving her new look and have grown to really enjoy her on the HW.

  11. line of the week…i’m not sure about anal with eddie pretending i am tom….lololol

    • does anyone recall that shannon said NO to getting her boobs done? just sayin…

      • Yeah, she didn’t have a boob job. Just a nice push up. Her boobs are fine.​

        On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 10:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jen

        Victorias Secret has wonderfully constructed Bras that push your boobs up without the pain of Underwires. They sell for around 50.00 or so. I had to quit being frugal n purchase some decent Bras and it made a huge difference in my life. I wear a 40 DD. It lifted them up and didn’t bind me. Which makes a wonderful difference as we all want to look n feel beautiful. :)

      • since when does VS carry large sized bras?​

        On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 8:07 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cat

        I hate underwire. Mine broke once at work, and impaled me. Hurt like hell, and ruined a nice shirt. Blood everywhere.

  12. RomaReads

    Slade is such a great a dad so I have to say marry. Eddie is super creepy looking from the neck up so kill. And Brooks seems to love va jay jays so shag! Lol, not really. I want to murder them all..

  13. Espi

    Tamara, can you please elaborate… Have to posted a blog to explain Andy’s new seating rules or is this just a random comment on your behalf that us viewers might not be privy to yet. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  14. peachteachr

    Marry Eddie b/c I’m not his type and there will be no anal. Kill Slade for so many reasons. Shag Brooks because I have no money so he won’t be around for long. So, T about those tokens, I need to store up some before we jump back into the Jodi Arias penalty hoopla. BTW, I hope I don’t still have a negative balance from last year. You did do a forgiveness for the new year, didn’t you? I acquired a few when I was sent to the corner for a time out last year. :)
    Oh, and I like Shannon and Lizzie, and I thought Shannon looked marvelous on WWHL.

    • Jen

      Call Victorias Secret TT. In my city they sell Large Bras. They use to just sell them in the catalog. I wear a Size 11 and I go cycling almost every day. They have many beautiful selections. They’re worth it. They will even measure you so that you have a decent fit. They’ve even started to sell Sports Bras. :)

      • I quit shopping at VS decades ago because they didn’t carry my size. I always wondered if these women who get big old implants realize that the bra sizes they will need are in short supply.

        Maybe VS caught up with the times. ​

        On Sun, Aug 10, 2014 at 5:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  15. Am I the only one waiting for TeeCee to play?

  16. Din

    Shannon tends to wear a ton of makeup for her wwhl appearances, and sometimes on the show. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a permanent makeup person piling it on like Caroline from Ladies of London.

  17. BH Wannabe

    Definitely cheek implants or fillers. Seems like a chin implant is always around with cheek implants, so I think it’s possible. Lips plumped and some botox, but she has always had such deep lines under her eyes. Maybe eye lift because look how they’re pulled up. I thought nose job, but whoever said tons of makeup contouring was right, I believe.
    She looks so different to me, but good. But I probably prefer her old face.

    Work was well done, though. Wonder if Terry did it?


    Kill Brooks (why can’t I kill Ryan?)
    Marry Eddie (I can be his beard and do whatever the hell I like)
    Shag Slade (only because I hear he is well endowed)

  19. Buttercake funkytits

    I thought she looked just fine ‘face-wise’ before all the work.
    It’s her horrendous posture and gaunt, skinny-fat, lack of muscle tone in her legs, arms and torso that make her look so old and unattractive.

    • Angel

      I am imagining what a person named buttercake funkytits looks like… Shannon’s body looks pretty good. She is better than the average for her age.

      • i think shannon’s body looks damn good for her age. you are way too critical. considering how much working out tamra supposedly does, she still looks like a stuffed sausage. not keen on shannon’s chipmunk cheeks, tho. that part doesnt look natural.

    • BH Wannabe

      Ha ha ha ha ha!

  20. BravoCueen

    I’ll marry Tamara, shag Teecee and kill Allison Groden (producer of BB and master of all things manipulating the game).

  21. Jen

    I will play…. Hmmmm Shag Eddie…..he’s got a great body. But he has to wear a double condom and pull out before he does his business. ha! No Anal with anyone. I don’t want to wear depends early. Kill Brooks….he’s weird n Grandpa looking. Marry Slade so he could be my Househusband and fetch n clean stuff for me….like he does Gretchen. Hahahahaha

    • Jae

      Um…anal doesn’t cause people to lose bowel function, but if you use too much lube you will have the squirts.

      What?! He told me he was going to make my prostate feel better!

      • Jen

        Your Anal Spinter doesn’t repair like our Vaginal walls. look it up. Its not the same. I tried it once with a 5 Inch n it hurt like hell. I don’t want to hurt myself. OUR bodies have to last our lifetime. That’s all I meant. It was not pleasurable for me.

    • Jae

      “The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men” states the opposite.

      That said, you take things waaaaayyyy too literally.

  22. Jen

    I’m in the deficit regarding my views on everyone being responsible for themselves re: Crazy ass Jodi. I’m sorry. I think I have to work on my ass kissing skills….or not…haha. I want a Tshirt that says I have acquired TT tokens one day! :)) It will not happen in my lifetime….but one can Dream….can’t they? :))

    • Jen ~ why don’t you just change your name? That’s really the only way most people will “forgive you” for implying (or just stating outright) that Travis Alexander was to blame for his own death…

      • Jen

        My Dad was Murdered Brutally. He was not responsible for his Death like Travis. But, he too should have been more cautious n responsible for himself. I will not change my name or stance. Everyone is resposible for themselves and there actions.

      • Jae


      • Cat

        Ummm…What happened? Did my laptop go crazy and switch threads on me when I wasn’t looking? How weird.

      • Jae

        Nah, Cat. I shouldn’t have stoked the fire.

        What started as good natured ribbing has gone waaayyy south.

  23. Jen

    In my town Its 7 gs to get a breast Augmentation and atleast that much for a Tummy tuck. I think the healing time is about 2 months total for each? My God? At home n without a Nurse? Can you imagine the pain? I will Keep my Normal boobs n Tummy. I would like to be Barbie doll perfect again! Who wouldn’t….I just would hate the pain and what if the stuff you had done was botched and you didn’t have the Money to get it repaired! Woah. I think I will just keep what I have n continue my healthy eatin n exercise regimen.

  24. Jen

    Sorry Jae. I’m not here to frustrate you. My dad was beaten with a Steel pipe. He was out n about Drinking? He was an older man who should have sowed his wild oats early on. Yet, he was out in the elements in a bad place n a bad time. I do not blame him either. But he repeatedly put himself in harms way and I think its bound to happen to anyone if they try their luck repeatedly. I love my Daddy n miss him terribly. The person responsible is unstable n I will never get my Dad back. I just feel like after all this Counseling that I shouldn’t be Co dependent and we should all be responsible for ourselves and our actions. One lead thing leads to another and there is Cause and effect. I feel badly for anyone who’s lost a loved one due to tragic circumstances. I had to arrive at my conclusion so that I could be happy again and not be ruminating about it ad nauseum. It was the only way I could truly heal and let go of the Anger…..was to realize the person responsible was SICK and I had to view their Mental illness like any other debilitating disease. I’m sorry if I’m frustrating you. I don’t mean to, but only to explain my Journey n stance.

    • Jae

      You’ve taken this way off topic and out of context.

      My banging my head against the wall was not in response to your father’s murder. That you blame your father is really disconcerting given how much you love him and you obviously have not come to terms with his death. I’m really sorry for your pain – believe me, I understand (what that pain feels like) in more ways than you could possibly imagine.

      Have you thought about psychotherapy, specifically EMDR? It saved my life. It took me 10 years before I was able to truly deal with my husband’s death and about 36 to deal with other issues that were deep seeded. It took me 12 weeks of intense EMDR to work through everything.

      I think it would be in your best interest – for your mental well being – to look into it. If not EMDR, then perhaps some other psychotherapy.

      • Jen

        Thanks I’m fine. You don’t know me. I appreciate your concern. When other people do not agree with your viewpoint its fine. Its normal and acceptable. We all have to be an adult and not be too concerned with how others feel or think. This is a free Country and we are ALL entitled to our own opinions and viewpoints. Again I appreciate your concern. :)

      • Jae

        Wow. You know the smiley face doesn’t negate the nasty overtones in your response.

        When I was in my deepest, darkest moments in my life I was lucky enough to have gotten help from everywhere – families, friends, and even Internet strangers.

        Sorry to have tried to help a stranger. Get help, don’t get help, I don’t particularly care.

        Stay closed minded. It’s gonna get you far in life.

  25. marry eddie, shag brooks, kill slade. eddie is the only one w money & he’s cute. shag brooks coz i can shag anyone & i just have to kill slade, public service and all…

  26. Jen

    Oh and to stick to the topic at hand. I’m on Lizzies side. There always seems to be a Shit stirrer with each Housewife location. Tamara n the others are being paid to fulfill a role. She’s the trash we love to hate upon. She makes it so easy, because she’s nasty n delights in stirring it up. She seems desperate though. I know she’s had too much work done….and its not flattering at all. When your face looks like your Asian and you’re. not….it means your skin has been stretched n tucked too much. It will only get more hideous with age. She should have left her face alone. Skin care n staying out of Tanning beds will keep your skin healthy n supple for a long time. LOTS of water too. Our skin is the Largest organ on our bodies n it needs to be hydrated. :)

  27. Josie

    Shannon was attractive before. I hope she doesnt get anymore cheek fillers or she is going to start looking like the Madame puppet. Her cheeks were already pronounced!

    Glad to hear that her and David are doing well…

  28. Ok I’ve been trying to get some TT tokens for a while and if this is the only way then here goes.
    Kill Brooks – because if he ever put his hands on me it would be a knee jerk
    reaction and that little .22 bullet would be pinging around his
    brain like a pinball machine.
    Marry Eddie – because as someone else said I would play his beard and he
    could do what and who he wanted and so could I.
    Shag Slade – EWWW YUCK but I know I could get drunk enough not to
    remember it. Either that or do like some insects and kill him
    after mating.
    I feel so dirty now. I think I need a shower.

    • Everyone who plays got token, BUT ONLY if they actually followed the rules, used Brooks, Eddie and Slade and only made each choice one time. ​

      On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 11:25 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Aww Tamara, I did make one choice. What I do while I’m that drunk can’t be held against me. Haven’t you done things when you were knee walking drunk that you might not normally do if you weren’t quite that snookered? I worked hard for this one. PULLEEAASSSE!

      • Oh never mind. I don’t want no stinking Tamara Tattles Tokens anyway unless I deserve them. So there!

      • And besides it didn’t stipulate that in the original rules of your game. You just said anyone who played. So there again. Lmao

      • My whole entire life has been a series of bad drunken choices. I empathy, truly. However, you don’t get trophies or TTT for drunken mistakes. You usually just get an STD. So be glad that didn’t happen.

  29. O.O

    Ha ! “Her thumb must be tired ” so naughty

  30. O.O

    I thought she had fillers put In as well. But if she didn’t maybe she gained 5 pounds . She looks great .

  31. dsstella

    I want TT tokens, but goodness, I really have to roll in the manure for them. :-O

    Kill Slade, of course. Marry creepy Brooks (can I divorce before consummation tho??) and shag Eddie. His body is nice to look at, but he won’t be allowed to open his mouth.

    My real choice might be to overdose on Zanax, if’n I was really held to it.

  32. HerDaughter

    Ah shit, why not!
    MARRY Brooks. He will run off. Fast. Promise.
    SHAG Slade. Paper bags are Amazeballs!
    KILL poor Eddie and put him out of his misery.


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