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Real housewives of Atlanta

I have a fresh pot of EXCLUSIVELY SOURCED RHOA in dribs and drabs and the time has come to share it with you. Please use only excerpts and include a clear link to TamaraTattles.com when reporting on this story! Thanks for your professionalism!

In a nutshell, filming has been weird. I am not sure what it all means. Let’s start with Phaedra. Far from the rumored “leave of absence” Phaedra has been filming a good deal.  She’s filmed with Apollo in Chastain Park the day before she arrived late to Cynthia’s Essence party only to leave when she realized Apollo was there. That seems more and more like planned drama because contrary to before Apollo was sentenced and before RHOA filming began when the two love birds were all touring the country separately, they are currently both back in the house, and filmed a scene in the house yesterday. Phaedra has also filmed with Cynthia that I know of. Fun Phaedra fact: Phaedra lives in a Cul de Sac in a nice part of Atlanta proper. It’s not a gated community but it is rather secured and has a low crime rate if you take Apollo out of the equation. Last week,  Phaedra from some reason decided she wanted to fence the front yard and add an electronic keypad entry gate for the driveway. The neighbors were a bit perplexed by that decision. They were even more confused when the work crew failed to locate the water and electric before digging. And they hit the water line. To make matters worse, no one was home when this happened.RHOA Kenya Mexico


Kenya is already in the eye of the storm a little bit. Who is shocked? I told you previously that there are two girls being tested by RHOA for the upcoming season.  Demetira McKinney,  as I mentioned was on House of Payne,  and other a Tyler Perry productions.  Let’s take a little side trip to last season when Peter had his birthday party. After the filming of that party, some of the professional photography sites were implying that Kenya was getting intimate with Roger Bobb.  From Wikipedia, “Roger is the Executive producer and director of the TVOne sitcom The Rickey Smiley Show. The show premiered as the highest rated show in TVOne history. Roger was the Supervising Producer of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne which premiered on TBS as the highest rated first run sitcom in basic cable history.”  I did not report on the Kenya Moore and Roger Bobb  rumors because there was nothing to substantiate it other than a bunch of pictures with the two of them hanging out at a party. However, if you google Roger Bobb, one of the first suggestions is Roger Bobb and Kenya Moore. I personally don’t think the two of them ever dated. Y’all know how flirtatious Kenya is and pictures can be deceiving. However, word on the curb is that Roger Bobb and Demetria McKinney are dating.  According to the streets Roger Bobb is a very eligible bachelor who does a lot of dating and does not have a girlfriend at the moment, but Demetria may see things differently. I don’t know if these two have filmed together yet, but I forsee some clashing  between these two. If nothing else, Roger and Kenya have been in a flirty public situation or two, and with Kenya that seems to be all it takes for the other female to be extremely jealous. I don’t know anything about Demetria.  She seems very well-spoken and has certainly been seen out and about at numerous charities in the Atlanta area. (See Video Below)Real actual charity functions, not some made up for reality TV mess. And she lives in Atlanta, which is refreshing. We will have to see if Bravo is bringing in yet another antagonist for Kenya or if they  will end up as friends this season.

Then there is Claudia Jordan. Claudia is a stunning model from the TV show Deal or No Deal. Last April, she returned to Celebrity Apprentice to help Kenya Moore and Vivica Fox with one of the final challenges. During that challenge there was a mighty clash between Kenya and Vivica. Things went terribly bad and Vivica accused Kenya of swiping her cell phone to make some sort of tweet about Vivica being hormonal. Oh, Kenya, your day will come, girlfriend. That fight is expected to be the biggest showdown of the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice. Claudia has not taken sides and remains friendly with both sides. Claudia has been test shooting with Kenya and will likely be on Team Twirl.   Claudia is also part of the Miss USA family as she is a former Miss Rhode Island.  So Kenya has a friend joining the show in Claudia, but perhaps a new nemesis in Demetria. Claudia is someone who I expect all the housewives to get along with, with the possible exception of Nene.  I hope Claudia tests well and gets a lot of scenes with Kenya and can give her a bit of a buffer from all the drama.

Cynthia and Peter RHOA

And now for the plans for this weekend. RHOA is going to Charlotte! Tomorrow night is the opening of SportsOne in Charlotte, the bar that Peter Thomas is opening with Kordell Stewart.  I am a bit confused about the Charlotte situation because I am hearing that there are TWO bars being opened. Tomorrow night is the opening for SportsOne but BarOne Charlotte is also opening at a second location. There has been a lot of talk on the streets of Charlotte that one of the bars is going to be part of a spinoff Bravo show. I don’t have any confirmation of that. I do know that Bravo cameras will be rolling there this weekend and several RHOA will be there for the filming.

The big question is which housewives will show up. I think Kenya will go because she is filming with Cynthia this season. Nene probably won’t go as she has yet to film with Cynthia.  Phaedra had not yet filmed with Kenya and has a couple of appearances in St. Louis that begin at 5 pm in St. Louis. Claudia will probably be invited as Kenya’s friend. Kandi is good about going where they ask her. Porsha likely can’t go if Kenya goes plus Kordell will be there and that would be awkward. What a production nightmare.

Clearly I am going to need my Charlotte spies to get on it this weekend. Go take some pictures and get some tea and email it to me at Tamaratattles @ Gmail.com.

Oh and one more thing. I am getting a lot of questions about Claudia and Demetria replacing people.  Everyone from last season has a REGULAR full contract for the season except for Nene and Porsha.  Please review THIS POST for all the details of their contracts. If anyone is going to be replaced, it is Porsha, who is literally being retested. Cynthia, Kenya, Phaedra and Kandi are definitely holding peaches and doing a lot of filming. Nene will probably hold a peach but not be on as much as usual (being phased out?) and perhaps one more of the other three. It really won’t be decided until the editing stages for sure.

Okay, my brain hurts now.


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77 responses to “Have a Seat And Sip This RHOA Tea I Have For You

  1. Bye Felicia

    Roger Bobb also dated Lisa Wu post RHOA. Hell of a lot coincidences.

  2. MrT

    I also thought filming has been weird. This season shall be very interesting and I hope bravo adds Claudia and Demetria To add some spice to the show.

    • Paris

      Would LOVE to see claudia on the show. Claudia will bring MUCH drama trust me. Whoever her “nemisis” might end up being, will probably try and throw her “dirt” up in her face at every chance. Claudia is rumored to be a high-price prostitute on low (like a LOT of models are, and several HW’s have rumour to have been). Claudia aint no punk though, she will verbally drag a bitch, especially a dumb one. I think Jocelyn Hernandez learned the hard way lol. Claudia can throw shade & hurt a chicks feelings like a mutha’fukka too, ask Tamar Braxton hahahaha!

  3. J.

    Great update Tamara.

  4. “and has a low crime rate if you take Apollo out of the equation”

    You crack me up. Next time I’m in Atlanta, I show you the Seven Faces of God.


  5. pfffttt

    Claudia would be a good Housewife Tamara! She is actually well spoken and seems like someone that can hold their own and she DOES NOT shy away from drama. She was on Celebrity Apprentice and got into a feud with Omarosa. Tamara, google Claudia Jordan’s appearance on Wendy Williams talking about that, you can see how catty Claudia can get! MAN, I hope they add her.

  6. ClassyLady80

    Ooooh Tam, I’ve been waiting on this tea!! Piping hot and worth the wait! Thanks dear heart!!! I read about the two new gals on another website, but I wouldn’t believe it until I saw it here. I like Claudia Jordan. She seems classy and takes the high road. She got into a twitter beef with someone in the recent past (Tamar Braxton, maybe?) and she came out on top, looking like a lady. Definitely will be refreshing to see her on the show! Don’t know about the other girl, but anyone is better than that loud mouth, airhead Porsha and that moose faced Ne-Ne. Thanks for the update!

  7. Din

    Love this stuff! I hope Kenya doesn’t step on too many new people’s toes, we see her deal with enough toxic drama with the original cast.

  8. buck henry

    I believe that their might be a spin-off, that is probably the only way that Peter was able to get Kordell to invest in this endeavor.

  9. pfffttt

    Can you imagine Peter’s spin off. I bet it is going to be very “hoodlicious” as Phaedra says…

  10. Cat

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the spin off was with the husbands. The special show they did with the guys was kind of entertaining. Different.

    • I have no definite tea that there IS a spinoff. I know Peter would love one. I think the Charlotte chatter is probably just because RHOA is going to film there. There is certainly nothing official about a Bar One spinoff. That said, I would probably watch it.​

      On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 4:19 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  11. Jarlath

    Oh god, no Monique? I’d grown so attached to her and her cowardly husband

  12. Peter must have a side piece in Charlotte.

    • Maybe, but Peter has been “fixin’ to ” open a bar one in Charlotte for years. ​Now that there is all this drama with his landlord if he has to move barOneAtl somewhere, he might just move to Charlotte. It’s a great city and not as hot as ATL.

      On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 5:31 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Yes. But wouldn’t NY have made more sense? Cynthia goes there often and you’d have to be really a loser failure to not be able to generate traffic there, being on a HW show.

      • J.

        Not true. New York City is very competitive especially in the borough of Manhattan. You can find a bar/restaurant on every other block. You have to be at the top of your game to survive there. There’s a huge turnover rate and many don’t make it and the critics are brutal. Atlanta and Charlotte are small cities. I think Peter has a better chance in those cities.

      • What the fuck do you MEAN “not true”??? I never said manhattan. And he’d get a TON of traffic either way. All the trash people who think they are part of these shows would go there.

      • ​TEECEE you were wrong the first time, why insist on being WRONGER.

        On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 8:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I’m not wrong. But whatever. Charlotte is dullsville. Seriously, nothing going in there. Except a horrifying basketball tourney each march. So, spend a little money to make none instead of a lot of money to make a lot. No skin off my ass.

      • ​Are you asking me why someone would rather open a business in Charlotte than NYC? Because they can’t afford to live in NYC!

        On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 7:09 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Manic Mondays

        Peter overpriced food and horrible service would not go well in NYC. Critics would ruin him. Most of the shows core fans are not going to travel into Manhattan just to get some overpriced Oxtail soup when you can get it for half the price in your own borough. Also most of his core fans are eating at Kenndy Fried Chicken, $1 Pizza and the local chinese restaurant. ATL social circle is tiny compared to NYC. His bar gets lots of press because various reality shows film there and host events there, such LHHATL.

    • I just love Claudia on this show. She puts Nene in her place and she can’t handle it. Not any of the other ladies can do it. They act like they’re scared, especially Porsha and if she talked about me like she talked about Phaedra, she would have gotten drop kicked. Now Phaedra’s on national TV looking like a damn fool kissing Nene’s ass and for WHAT? Instead of getting a law degree, the girl should have gotten a degree in COMMUNICATIONS! Kandi tried to explain some situations about Nene to Phaedra but I don’t think it sunk into that SOUTHERN BELLE BRAIN she’s stuck with. SMH

  13. Jasmine

    To be honest, NeNe is no longer entertaining as she once was. That could be more of a positive attribute if anything. She no longer brings the drama, like she used to. You can tell she’s over the process, but girlfriend hasn’t had any luck in the acting department. Therefore, I don’t see her leaving anytime soon. The only gig that is stable and brings in money for her!

  14. SEFYH

    Thanks for that piping hot tea, pretty lady! Now get some rest!

  15. Isa

    I’m excited for mainly two things this season. One of them being how Phaedra will twist the marriage/sentence story to her favor and come out as a victim single mother while everyone grabs tissues to wipe their tears. The other being which housewife (possibly new one) Bravo will pit against Kenya this season.

    I always thought the Porsha and Kenya issue was funny at first but Porsha’s big mouth led to the Anguilla fight and things were never right. Point is, if there is going to a new anti-Kenya housewife at least have a legit reason besides being stupid and having a big mouth. I’m not going to mention a ‘good edit’ because Bravo already gave her that last season but viewers just don’t want to stop hating on her unless someone new that’s truly evil comes along and Kenya is shown to be a lesser of two evils.

    • ​I’m drinking and watching BB so, you didn’t hear this from me… but DEMETRIA is the Anti Team Twirl. But we don’t even know if she will make the show.

      On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 6:49 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  16. Teerii

    This thing with Kenya and Vivica Fox smells like something Donald Trump and Vivica might have cooked -up. Both of these characters will do anything for attention. Donald Trump is a loser, egomaniac and mean-spirited. Don’t forget Vivica is also friends with Nene.We don’t know where this cartoon of a script came from. If Kenya took her phone and was trying to be mean, don’t you think she would have text something really damaging, instead of some nonsense statement about menopause?

    I am done with this, lets use Kenya Moore, to get attention or to increase our ratings at her expense. And I’ve said it before and will say it again, for donald trump to call anyone evil is like Satan handing out a compliment.

    I won’t be watching this mess. Will not count me in helping Donald Trump raise his ratings. He’s just using the African American community to boost his rating and he has ZERO respect for this community of people. Ask the President.

    • tlcory

      “Will not count me in helping Donald Trump raise his ratings. He’s just using the African American community to boost his rating and he has ZERO respect for this community of people”

      I literally spit out my coffee! You can’t be serious with this statement! I respect the fact you don’t care for Donald Trump, but really?

    • ​How did I miss that this was all a big conspiracy to make black women look bad? Because neither Vivica or Kenya has made a spectacle of themselves before. Or Nene, or Omarosa. Starr. None of them would have looked like fools if it were not for Donald who they all begged to be on the show.

      Thanks for clearing that up.

      On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 7:14 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • HerDaughter

      Wow! What about Dennis Rodman? He was completely on it before “The Donald.”
      I just can’t with your statement. Although entertaining teerii

    • Yes. Kenya would never, on her own, do anything to get attention. ::fans fan and bops your silly little head with scepter::

  17. Cat

    I didn’t understand the friction between Kenya and Vivica Fox (since Apprentice hasn’t aired yet). But if Vivica is Nene’s friend, it all starts to make sense.

    Did you see Vivica’s performance in “Sharknado 2”? I just thought the bad acting was part of the fun of the film…But maybe in her case, the bad acting was not an act?

  18. AROB

    Peter posted on IG about hiring wait staff for his Charlotte bar. The post stated that the venue would be used for a new reality show so wait staff should apply with that in mind.

  19. Colleen

    Great research and investigative efforts Tamara! Love that you’ve developed sources sprouting from every nook and cranny of this milieu to provide the details. Any news about Phaedra’s deposition in the Angela Stanton case?

    • ​I’m working it. You know how the legal system goes….

      On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 10:37 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • crazy in nc

        This is what I want to know as well, since she missed the court deadline.
        I like Phaedra but she should have just let it go after Vibe retracted the story.
        Thank you yet again for the delicious tea!

  20. Colleen

    Absolutely. . . Can we say obfuscation? Thoughts are that there will be judicial sanction given that Phaedra initiated said case against Angela Stanton and yet has wasted the Court’s time by not allowing herself to be deposed . . . This may prove to have been a fatal miscalculation on her part. There are always consequences of litigation, intended and otherwise . . .

    • Obsfu…obscuf….obfuck…no. No we can not.

      • Captain eel

        Ma’am, may I call you Dollface as a term of endearment? Ok Dollface, I just want to say I admire your talent for writing. Damn near everything you write is a gem. I like your style. Bet you have great gams. Classy broads like you always do.

  21. LoveJoy02

    Ctfu @”rather secured and has a low crime rate if you take Apollo out of the equation.”


    Wish you could have been @ dinner with me Tamara as a whole kenya hater campaign was being thrown…

    You woulda shut all their shit down!

  22. Raven Beauty

    What about the possible issue between Porsha and Claudia?

    • Manic Mondays

      Do you mean the radio hosting gig? I don’t think they have a problem because they were added to two different radio shows. If not the radio gig, what issue are you referring to?

  23. Kenya and Cynthia instagrammed a road trip together all day, I suppose they’re heading the Charlotte.

  24. J.

    teecee66, I did not mean to anger you. The fact that you had to resort to profanity says a lot. However, Manhattan is a borough of New York City where Cynthia once lived and worked. It’s the borough where all the action is. Manhattan/NewYork City are the same thing.

    I am a fan of this site as are you. I was simply responding to something you wrote as many of us do. God bless you and I wish you well.

  25. Buck1906

    Tamara Tattles stop lying Nene will always hold a peach except you. Only thing you will be hold is keyboard and cup begging for cash.

  26. I’m looking forward to the addition of Claudia Jordan.

  27. Manic Mondays

    I don’t plan to watch the upcoming season. I just like reading your recaps on the show , I find them be very entertaining. The comments section is also full of interesting comments. Some just petty and childish.

  28. I know I’m stuck up…..but the black men that are left for us colored girls, just ain’t all that good lookin…..if the male to female ratio wasn’t so bad, guys like this wouldn’t have a chance unless he’s rich!!

  29. Josie

    Who on earth is Phaedra barricading herself from…Apollo or the Police?

    Noooooooo…i cant bear another season of “Kenya wants my man”. Roger Bobb isnt even hot. Dear God, please let Kenya have a boyfriend this season so I dont have suffer thru this storyline. I find the fighting for a man storylines so stupid & demeaning.

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