Watch What Happens Live With Melissa and Joe Gorga

WWHL with Melissa and Joe GorgaOn tonight’s WWHL, we have a rare event with a husband in a guest chair! It seems to be a trend on RHONJ this season for the husbands to get a lot of air time. I sort of like it.

Andy asked Melissa who was at fault regarding the brawl. It was a 30 seconds on the clock sort of thing and Melissa didn’t want to do it. She said that Amber came in very strong , but Nicole was the first to pull hair and Melissa doesn’t think anyone should put their hands on anyone. Andy seemed pissed by her milquetoast  response.

OMG they just showed a talking head of Jim from next week where he says he is trained as an attorney, if you mess with him he is going to sue you, he is going to leverage your house, he is going to drag you through three years of litigation, he is going to bleed you dry, he is going to humiliate you as I depose you for eight hours and make you my bitch. All of this in a tie, sweater vest and spectacles. It was one of the most hysterical things I have ever seen.

Melissa says she chose not to give the RHONJ any music this season. Andy seemed taken aback. Melissa says sometimes you show when I hit he note and sometimes he doesn’t. Also she has been working on her jewelry line. And also there are currently a bunch of beavers using her recoding studio as their personal nesting space. Allegedly. RHONJ  joe tre melissa

Andy asks about Joe shaving his head, and the spray he used to use to fill in the thin spots. Andy asked if he wore pieces in his hair. Andy  is not giving a kind and gentle interview tonight. Geez.

Melissa asks if she regrets telling the twins what Amber said. Melissa says she hates the way it all turned out. Melissa said she had to do what she thought was right.

Kenya Moore tweeted to ask Melissa why she laughed so hard when Kenya fell at the Vegas event. Melissa said it was because she recovered so well. Her recovery was perfection.

What do you think of Amber saying you married for money and not for love? Melissa says she has just graduated from college when she met Joe. So they both went to college and then got married. And Amber has apologized for the comment on her Bravo blog.

Does Melissa think that Amber had a vendetta against her?  Melissa says that Amber knows how to stir things up and get attention. She likes Amber.

Some caller asks Joe what his financial problems are. Joe says when you have a wife for ten years, you always have to tell her you are having financial problems to get her to slow down on the spending.



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34 responses to “Watch What Happens Live With Melissa and Joe Gorga

  1. So once again Andy lets the slow duo get off easy? No hard hitting questions? Nothing about the bullshit she fed us about the house? The MILLIONS for the shredding truck?

  2. I thought Andy Cohen drooling over a photo of Gorga in jr high or high school was uber creepy and pedo-ish. Melissa’s dress was hideous.

  3. Eve

    Andy is uber duber creepy. Someday he will end up being grafittied upon by Nene and found in a dumpster, muttering to himself…..I am gonna take the Beadors down.

  4. Mrs Smith

    Is it possible they are now in the “trash” business because they are trying to get something else going to avoid any similar skeletons as Tre and Juicy????? Maybe they are trying to clean up their act…..

    • Cat

      Or, maybe they are now in the document shredding business to help their relatives cover their crimes? *allegedly* Strange timing, there.

      • Not really strange timing. Strange timing would have been years ago, not now after they’ve already pled guilty and are simply awaiting sentencing.

        However it is a strange occupation to decide to go into.

      • Amber

        With all those federal subsidy dollars out there for municipalities to reduce landfill, it’s a very smart business to invest into. He’ll make quick and good money.

      • sw

        He talking about he going to make millions mashing secret documents. Well I can tell you the government is not going to give some company confidential documents to destroy without allot of vetting and security clearance!! Also what is the price of regular shredding and this mashing process.

  5. Tasos826

    Andy acted as if he was bloated feeling and was suffering due to his tender breasts. He seemed petty at times.

    • Captain eel

      Cohen, on the official creep scale, falls somewhere between creepy and creepiest, between unsettling and skin crawling.

  6. treasureglen

    I am so confused over what the Gorgas say. Once again Melissa says that they have started to build the new house. This is after only a couple of months ago that Joe spent millions on a garbage business and the house would be on hold. (I am still waiting on the evidence that they own a lot to build it on.)

    Andy did question if the garbage truck cost millions and Joe promised
    that we will see a lot more of what he bought on the upcoming episodes.

    And Melissa says he just goes out and buys buildings. One more time
    I ask…if this is true, where is this kid getting this money? He is kinda cute but he is a dolt. The only time he used a sentence with more than four words was when he described spraying his head with black paint.

    Andy asked why there was no album this year. Melissa’s excuse was she
    now has a jewelry line that is keeping her busy. Aren’t there about 8 pieces of base metal made in China junk in the line? I did laugh when she added another reason and that was because sometimes she was shown hitting the notes and other times she did not. She would never admit that Johnny Wright dropped her.

    As a side note…how do these two afford a Bentley? I think they run at least $200,000. Do they own the car or lease it? The scene tonight showed a banged up bumper that is going to cost over $7000 to repair. They were both “upset” because of the cost. If they own the car, they would have insurance. If they lease the car, they would have insurance. So why are they showing a bill for $7000? There is a deductible which is paid out of pocket – the remainder is paid by the insurance company.. Or was this all for the benefit of Joe being able to say, “Oh, look…we have a Bentley. Melissa wrecks it all of the time but she is so damned sexy I don’t mind paying for the repairs. After all, I have millions and millions.”

    There was no mention of Teresa’s and Joe’s situation other than
    platitudes. And there was no mention of Kai Patterson. I wonder if they fudge the phone calls so that there are no tough questions.

    They have to get rid of those twins. Their screechy Minnie Mouse voices make my ears bleed..

    • Cat

      And…since when does the car SALESMAN give an estimate on repairs? I thought that was weird. The salesman usually comes into the waiting room of the shop to try to sell another car…not to fix the damaged one.

      I don’t know. Maybe it’s different for us “poor” folks.

  7. Kiah

    Did anyone notice how Melissa’s left nostril looked super closed in, tiny, and not symmetrical?? Was that bad makeup or a bad nose job?? Kinda reminded me of that episode of Botched…..

  8. Angel

    I found it laughable that Melissa said Amber appeared to come on the show to stir up trouble rather than renew their friendship. That is exactly what Mel and Joe did to Teresa and Joe. They fought to get cast on RHONJ to do battle with and embarrass his sister and BIL and even bring the cousins into it. All because of jealousy about becoming famous and the financial gain. What goes around… I don’t like Amber but if she has any dirt on her old pal, spill it, but only if it’s true.

  9. fivecatsownme

    Honest, I tried to watch this, but I fell asleep in my chair.

  10. Morgan LeFay

    Melissa’s plastic surgery overhaul has made her look like a casino whore.

  11. Mina

    The Gorgas are hilarious. I like the way they don’t tell the truth, just like Tre and Joe. It’s like they make it up as they go. I also think Amber is mad at Melissa for not being there when she had cancer. Hard to think that she never heard of it. The Franklin Lakes area is kinda small.
    Melissa should have kept her mouth shut to her new friends aboiut what her former friend said. Shut up sometimes!

  12. Ingrid

    Some please tell my WHAT college Melissa graduated from and what did she major in? I know for sure it wasnt history, English, Science or math!

  13. Dietrich

    Remember, Don Corleone was in the Olive Oil Business and Tony Soprano was in the Waste Mansgement business.
    Little boy Gorga might have a kindly Godfsther to bankroll his ventures. Just sayin’….

  14. Angel

    Melissa gets more work done on her face every off season. About 2 years ago several people said she was trying to copy JLo. Now I do believe it.

  15. Recapping this must have been torture TT? I’m with Andy’s attitude…hard to make a Show out of the fake & dumb duo.

  16. sw

    We will see another story about them soon because they are idiots why are you riding around in Franklin Lakes in a Bentley and paying 100k in repairs!!! STUPID!!!

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