WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson

WWHL with Vicki

Vicki looks really pretty in her pink dress. I’m usually no a fan of two toned hair but Vicki’s hair looks great too! Wait, now she says it’s purple. I am not a fan of purple hair on old ladies. If it was brunette it would work. OOOh next week, Lizzie tells Shannon in Bali all the trash talking Tamra has been doing behind her back. Lizzie tells Shannon that Tamra is not her friend. The other guest, Rachel needs to start reading Tamara Tattles if she isn’t already because she is totally down with our theory that the other women on the show are gaslighting Shannon.

The game tonight is for Vicki. There will be two housewives shown and she has to decide which one is dumb and which one is dumber. First up, Tamra and Geena. She says Geena is dumber. (she’s lying). Next is Lydia and Alexis, Vicki says Lydia is dumber.(that is incorrect) Next is Shannon and Gretchen, Vicki says this one is easy, Gretchen is so dumber. (That is correct.) Lyn and Lauri . Vicki says Lauri is dumber. (Duh). Jo and Gretchen Vicki says Gretchen, no one is dumber than Gretchen. (Correct again.)

Should Shannon trust Tamra after Tamra betrayed her? No. What about Heather? No. David and Shannon’s marriage. Is it too broken to fix? No. Dubrows v. Beadors?  Vicki says that she likes them both and she thinks the entire thing was instigated by Tamra and Terry never said that.

Vicki is asked why she bothers being friends with evil Tamra? She says Tamra does have a nice side, and she has to work with her so she wants to get along with her fun side.

Vicki says that she has met Brooks’ son and he is great. She has not met his three other children and his daughter seems to have some issues with her. Vicki says it is hard for girls when it comes to blended relationships. She says this like they are still seeing each other. I get the feeling she is dating both the guy from Florida and Brooks when he is around. Good for her. She has a big love tank to fill.

Vicki says she is sorry for saying the dumb and dumber comment. She had no ill intentions. It was meant to be funny. She didn’t know either of them well at the time.

Mazel: Went to Nene and Melissa for their HSN shows. There was a montage of hysterical footage of Nene saying FABULOUS a million times and Melissa saying AMAZING a million times.

UPDATE: Max from DWTS will be on WWHL tomorrow night with Joan Rivers.


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22 responses to “WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson

  1. beth

    I hadn’t heard that Melissa was selling on HSN too – clothing?

    I don’t understand why Nene’s stuff is selling – it’s all hand wash/dry flat, isn’t it?

  2. sequoia

    “big Love tank to fill”… Is that what we’re calling it these days?

  3. Dracla Dunning

    I did not see WWHL so I cannot tell if Vicki has had more facial surgery or not. This picture of her makes her face seem swollen. Is it fillers? Her eyes look like slits.

    • ​I thought she looked great, and several commenters tweeting the show said the same thing. I’ve never found Vicki physically unattractive, but sometimes her personal crazy makes her ugly.

      On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 11:25 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  4. Ugh Gretchen. Well thank goodness she’s gone. I find the show much more enjoyable. She was too fake to tolerate.

  5. vivaladiva831

    Love Vicki, but she is wrong on Lauri and Lynn. Lynn is definitively dumber-Lauri is the bigger bitch of the two, but not the dumber.

  6. vivaladiva831

    One more thing-I do think Terry made the comment on taking the Badours down-from previews it appears he already has a huge dislike for David, something that could have preceded them coming on the show. But I don’t think he said it in the way that Tamra has made it sound. To hear Tamra tell the story you have thought Dr. Evil is the one who said it.

    • ​Terry’s preview beef with David is the vulgar things David said while drunk about Heather on the mechanical bull I think.

      On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 1:07 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • yevon

        I enjoy botched with terry. He needs to get off rhooc and so does his bitch wife

      • glimmer88

        Exactly—Heather didn’t hear him,I don’t think, but Terry did and since he didn’t know the guy at all yet I guess he let it slide. Can’t wait to see the rest of the episodes to see how it’s gonna go down. Love this blog ! Thank you TT !!

    • Patti R.

      Vivaladiva831- I agree that Terry did not say it in the way that Tamra made it sound. But he did say it. Terry tries to be witty and was just kidding around like he something’s does. And Tamra ran with what Terry said straight to Shannon.

      • Eve

        I do not think Terry said it. Its something Nene would say perhaps or someone of her caliber.
        I dont see Terry or Heather wanting or ever being IRL with people like that. Shannon seems like a drunk and David is just skeevy. He looks skeevy, he acts skeevy.

  7. Also David is blue collar living a similar life style. to Terry. There are a few white collars that find that disturbing, I don’t understand it but have witnessed it.

  8. KB

    Doesn’t almost EVERY celeb that goes on HSN sell out? No biggie.

  9. What was wrong with Rachel Dratch ? She seemed so….”special needs”

  10. Melesa

    Vicki’s eyes looked like “slits” because she wears too much eye makeup! I like her, but seriously, eeew…Enough already!

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