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RHOOC Tamra Lizzie

The RHOOC blogs are up. Lizzie’s blog was basically a recap with nothing particularly enlightening. She’s in a good place with Vicki now, and very leery of Tamra. Here are the highlights about the dynamics between the ladies as of now.  Both Heather and Tamra are still refusing to accept responsibility for their behavior and deflect blame to others. Shannon seems to be continuously willing to try and move on. Heather and Tamra are somehow blaming Vicki for al of their troubles. Lizzie is still assessing from the sidelines but it appears she may pounce in Bali.

Shannon’s Blog

I have a true friend in Vicki Gunvalson. She understands me and is willing to go above and beyond to defend me. I truly appreciate that she sticks up for me again in her conversation with Tamra. I am not misplacing any emotions about my marriage onto her — I am justifiably upset with her for not being truthful again and again.

I can’t stand to argue, so when I am asked to Bali I am willing to try to once again move forward. I have been incredibly hurt, but am open to see if Tamra, Heather, and I can move past things. I have never been away on a girls’ trip, so it will be quite an adventure for me. Stay tuned next week as we go to Bali!

RHOOC Oklahoma

Vicki’s Blog:

When walking with Tamra, I also encouraged her to apologize to Shannon, as I really think she was rough on her. I have really come to like Shannon, and I just don’t see why Tamra can’t be softer towards her.

When I told Lizzie to be “careful” with Tamra, I didn’t say that to be malicious towards Tamra. It was to just prepare Lizzie to take it slow. Tamra and I have been friends for six years, and she has done some things to me that have been very hurtful. I have chosen to forgive her, because sometimes I just think everyone deserves a second or third chance if they are truly remorseful — it’s the fourth, fifth and sixth chance where I start to draw the line.

Heather’s Blog:

I love Vicki and we have always had a very good relationship. However, I’m pretty tired of the nasty interview bites thrown in my direction.

Newsflash, it’s not ALL my fault and I’m tired of being vilified by this group. Saying that I need a “life event” to rock my world is unconscionable. I have been a supporter of Vicki’s when her other friends were not.

This does not mean she has to agree with everything I do or say, but have the nerve to speak to me in person. It’s very easy to hide behind the veil of the interview chair. No matter how you feel about me, I’m not throwing shade on the side. I speak directly to the person when there is an issue. 


I brought up Hinduism and breaking cycles because I thought it was relevant to what’s been going on in our group, and obviously because Bali is a Hindu country. Why is Vicki making negative comments about this in her interview? I’m trying to make amends and move forward, which is what she wanted me to do! I feel like it doesn’t matter WHAT I say, it’s never going to be right.

RHOOC Not So Silent NightTamra’s Ranty Blog:

And then Vicki gets into the limo and started blasting me saying I could have come, that I just didn’t want too, and that she would never do that Lizzie. ARE YOU KIDDING ME VICKI? You were the one caught calling Lizzie “Dumb and Dumber” and saying how you didn’t want to hang out with her — and you throw me under the bus?

I am just disgusted with Vicki’s constant backstabbing all season long. She is so sweet to my face, but behind my back she is trying to turn everyone against me. It’s like she wants to pay me back for no one liking Brooks.

I did my best to accept Brooks this year to make Vicki happy. I felt like I did a really good job considering what I knew about Brooks, only to watch the episodes and see how much Vicki has bashed me all season. It shows me what kind of friend she is. It was OK for her to get involved in my marriage to Simon and not like him, but I am a horrible person for not being accepting of Brooks in the past and now she is going to try and make me pay for it? To think I was the only person that stuck up for her last year when Lauri was going after her. I thought I was being a good friend? I was a fool.

When Lizzie came up to me a the Valentine’s Dinner to let me know what Vicki said, I was blown away once again. I never had a issue with Lizzie and thought she was a very sweet girl. It was Vicki that had been nasty to Lizzie all season. When I heard what Vicki told Lizzie I wanted to say, “So let me get this straight, Vicki calls me to tell me she does not want to go to your party then calls you names, my daughter is sick, and I am the bad guy?” Wow I am starting to feel like what ever I do, I’m going to be the bad guy.



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62 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Blog Round UP!

  1. None of these women are loyal or nice to each other. Maybe for a few seconds when they need an ally…but usually there is backstabbing. I find that Tamra is a lost cause and will NEVER learn to control her mean girl attitude. She thrives on controversy and she loves to make people feel badly. I don’t want to give her an excuse, but maybe it’s because she is a horribly unhappy person? As for Lizzie…she seems to enjoy repeating what she is told and then watching the sh*t fly. Heather is the one that I dislike the most because I have known people like her and they always manage to hurt someone’s feelings by making them feel inferior. I haven’t decided about Shannon yet, but so far I find her to be truthful and upfront. I want to thank YOU, Tamara for doing this recap because I can’t stand going to the Bravo site. It jumps around, doesn’t allow for comments and sugar coats everything. I missed the show last night because I watched the Bachelorette finale so I appreciate your blog morre than ever.

  2. Valley View

    Maybe the reason Vicki doesn’t speak to Heather is Heather is so bloody defensive. I always notice how Heather has to preface her comments about what a good person she is to whomever she has an issue with. Heather is vilified because she is a villain. She and her milquetoast husband, who can’t wait to get his licks in, are so incredibly transparent with their berating of the Beadors.

    Tamra is just a waste. For someone who seems to like to talk about how often she gets drunk and blacks out maybe she should STFU about Shannon or anyone else’s drinking.

    I think Lizzie likes attention and I think men are attracted to her. Something Tamra cannot stand. It should be interesting to see what transpires in Bali.

    As to Tamra and Heather quit trying to sell some lame ass excuse for a trip-it is part of your contract. Heather has to be a better actress than she portrays on Bravo.

    • Lawstangel

      This whole season has been the Tamra show….As far as the lame ass excuse for a trip, there is always a lame as excuse in every single franchise. They go on one every season and a different person hosts it every season, same with Atlanta, New York and Beverly Hills. I mean they cannot really say “we are going on a trip that Bravo is paying for /arranging as part of our contract?” can they?

    • Beth

      Have you noticed how Tamra has been stating she is NOT a drinker (cough, cough, cough) since she has been attempting to get into Heather’s pants, opps meant to type good graces. Tamra should be on a more fitting reality show… It is called Myrtle Mannor… The trailor park one.

      Also who did anyone else noticed that Eddy went to kiss Tamra on the cheek first and not the lips for the floral arrangement ‘he’ had delivered durring Heather’s party. I suspect Tamra bought it and had it delivered, the reason why is that she did not go for the card. Very telling.

    • momoffourkids

      I so agree about Heather always prefacing things when she talks. Even about getting a dog, she had to bring up how they donated plenty to rescue dogs but THEY had to have pedigree dogs because of allergies. Then her rude comment about letting a dog have accidents because they are renting. Sounds like they are above a puppy accident in their mcmansions.

    • i love you, valley view. well said!

  3. Heather isn’t as smart as she claims to be if she thinks Bali is a country.

    • bravocueen

      THANK YOU! Indeed. SMDH.

      The biggest problem with these shows is that nobody is really friends anymore. They are all picking up the paycheck. Creating drama for airtime and following a loose (sometimes not so loose) script. It’s not “real” at all.

      I miss the old days. So. Much. If I’m going to watch scripted shows, I’m watching stuff like Tyrant and The Last Ship. At least those have interesting storylines.

    • Lawstangel

      Really? What should she have said “Bali, an island that is part of Indonesia?” I think the point was it is outside of this country.

      • Jaded

        nope Indonesia is the country and Bali is an island province of said country…its like calling Hawaii a country

      • She should have written, “Hinduism is practiced in Bali.” Honestly, if someone made that mistake in conversation with me I would write them off as a moron. World travel is a prerequisite for being in my social environment. I would still probably rather meet and spend time with Heather and Terry than any of the HW’s, just surprised that she would make the kind of mistake that would make her go crazy if she heard(and recognized) it.

      • ​Seriously? You think Heather could find any non European country on a map? 98.7% of Americans couldn’t locate fucking Italy on a map.

        On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 12:50 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Beth

      So true, and all she has is a BFA, not a BS, BA, BE, or pre med… Nor does she hold an MA, MS, MD… she is… well just sad! But her tag line this season says something like “you thought I had it all, and now I’m just getting started” what assfuck says this type of stuff?? She must have a very very empty life. I have NEVER thought to myself hmmmm i think Heather has it all. ROFL….

    • S

      I thibk what Heather was pointing out was that unlike the rest of the country that Bali is a part of, which practices Islam in the majority, the island of Bali mostly practices Hinduism.

  4. Lisa Yappel

    Does anyone know why no longer allows comments from viewers to be posted?

    • loo

      Because there was soooooo much drama between the viewers internally.looking up ppl real addresses etc.. Real personal stuff. Bravo did not have a mod and then they appointed one but things we so far gone . It got ugly

    • ​Because moderating comments is a pain in the ass? :)

      On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 4:20 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cat

        They don’t like negative comments, either. Mine kept getting deleted, then wouldn’t post at all. I was so hurt. 😉 Bravo, dah-ling, it’s not YOU…it’s ME. No, wait. It’s YOU, it’s ALL YOU. :)

      • ​I speak from experience when I say, it’s hard to decide what to put through and not. I recently loosened the moderations filters a bit because SO MANY PEOPLE were getting caught up in there and it was taking hours out of my day to deal. Now I have “I don’t know how I found this fabulous blog, you are the best ever on the subject for which you expound on…” by CheapChineseKnockoffs and an link to some shit.

        And illiterates. some of the previous blocked illiterates are climbing through the holes in the fence.

        On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 11:09 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • loo

        : ) I imagine it’s a tough job. It was vicious and too far gone by the time the mods stepped in.

      • @loo, so it was like here, then? :)​

        On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 6:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  5. I want to see a cross over where Jeff Lewis takes the OC women to his scary desert therapy place.

  6. delaney

    Heather complaining when she’s the queen of nasty is assinine. Maybe what pisses me off so much abt her is that she thinks we’re all stupid.. She’s the absolute worst HW of all.

  7. Tamra my love, with regard to backstabbing Vicki … takes one to know one :)

  8. Cat

    Suggestion to Tamra and Heather: Try a little cheese with that whine.

  9. Shannon is a true NUTCASE. Can’t stand her. And she will definitely go off the deep end and “around the bend” soon. I don’t blame Heather asking Shannon to leave her home. Shannon was totally out of line there. Tamara needs to check her mouth. Vickie – never could stand her. Lizzie – I like her – she gives people a chance.

  10. “Whatever I do, I’m going to be the bad guy.” -T
    Newsflash Tamara, you’ve ALWAYS been the bad guy, and you take joy in hurting other people. Vicki has steered clear of most of the drama this season. She’s telling the truth in her talking heads. Heather and Tamara can’t take the heat it seems from the OG of the OC.

  11. Deb

    Tamra saying that she was Shannon a few years ago. Bwa ha ha! No Tamra , you were never ever Shannon. Your marriage to Simon was never the same as Shannon and David. No real comparison here. I really like Shannon and David. Shannon needs to toughen up , get smart , stop being so emotional and learn how to play the game if she’s gonna stay on the show. Stop trusting any of these girls as far as you can throw them. She opened up to the wrong person with Tamra. I think Shannon is really beautiful and David is very easy on the eyes too. I like how calm he is and supportive of his wife.

  12. GCVLMV

    I feel bad for Shannon and I am not on the Shannon is crazy train, but that scene with her and the two girls in the limo after dropping David and Sophia(?) off at the airport was kind of creepy. She had a strange look on her face and seemed to be petting the girls. It just seemed kind of weird.

    • Really? “petting the girls” what does that even mean? Y’all find the weirdest things creepy.

    • i thought they were adorable. they were like a mother duck & her ducklings. you’re really reaching if you have to criticise them for being a close family.

      • GCVLMV

        You are probably right. I guess I expected her to be more verbally comforting with the girls, but she could have been trying hard to keep it together after seeing her daughter off.

    • Espi

      I felt the same way about the eary look on her face but it was clearly because she was trying not to cry when her girls said they were already missing their dad.

  13. @tamaratattles “Seriously? You think Heather could find any non European country on a map? 98.7% of Americans couldn’t locate fucking Italy on a map.” That’s depressing! To have all that money and be so ignorant! The average person I mix with is a world traveler, I’m just going to be extra grateful for being in my bubble of the international elite.

      • Haha, I’ve been asked several times to be on reality tv in the last 10 years and I have always declined because I knew I would come off really badly and super out of touch with normal people. I should probably just keep my comments to myself, but I read everyone’s witty and insightful comments and snippets of their lives and I want to join in. I love your comments Cat! Tamara’s website has to me the most interesting and hilarious commenting community, so thanks everyone for all the escapist enjoyment!

      • And all this time we thought Leona Helmsley was dead…​

        On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 3:35 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • @tamaratattles “And all this time we thought Leona Helmsley was dead…​” You are so fucking funny! I wish we could get drunk together and you could just make fun of me for being an out of touch, elitist bitch!! That would be way more entertaining than any reality show.

      • Cat

        You remind me of what’s-her-name on rhobh, who kept pointing at her sunglasses, saying “$10,000.”

    • fivecatsownme

      I enjoy your comments YouCanLeadAHorticulture, but I sure feel provincial around you. The housewives are the epitome of Ugly American sans the white tennies and cargo shorts.I have friends that just returned from China and all they would eat was KFC and McDonald’s. The food in China wasn’t authentic. No General Tso’ s or sweet and sour.

      • ​I don’t like much Mexican food in Mexico. It’s all covered with mole. I don’t think I would like authentic Chinese food either. That said, Of all the countries I have yet to visit, the Asian ones are on the bottom of the list.

        I also have lots of European cities confused with their countries because as a kid I would be dragged to a dozen countries in a week so it all seem like one big place to me. :)

        On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 5:25 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • fivecatsownme

        Depends where you eat in Mexico. Mole is definitely an acquired taste. I grew up in a family that ate everything. Can you see Shannon telling David only gluten free pasta for Sophie. No Gnocchi; it has potatoes in it…
        I am sure Atlanta has a better variety of food than El Paso, but we do have great Mexican and surprisingly Middle Eastern.

      • @Tamaratattles. I would all love to read lengthy post about your childhood, living in LIbya, and past/current/future world travels. They sound fascinating, as do you!

        @Fivecatsownme I should be on my knees thanking the heavens for my life because it doesn’t come to me by my natural abilities, just luck of the genetic lottery and meeting the right man. I’m pretty much undeserving of my good fortune so I shouldn’t take it for granted haha!

    • fivecatsownme

      @YouCanLeadAHorticulture you may have met the right man, but I am sure you read a book now and then, know fine art is not Thomas Kincaid, read newspapers,and can locate Italy on the map. Your man must like brains and good conversation. If a person speaks 3 languages, they are a polyglot, 2, bilingual, and 1, an American.

  14. Siohban

    I think if Shannon started sharing a bed with her husband it would make all the difference in the world to her husband. Med don’t want to hear that we love them they want to feel it.

  15. minnesotafamily5

    This show has become a show “Who Do You Dislike The Least…” What a group of self-centered and ugly women… It’s sort of like picking your favorite goose out of a gaggle of ten geese… All just as ugly as the next and equally as full of shit.

    I think the RHOC should be scrapped all together. Yuck.

  16. These assclowns don’t make up their own taglines, Bravo tells them what to say. Sometimes they don’t even know what their tagline is until the final cut.

  17. Angel

    The “Heatherism” that drives me crazy and everyone that has this habit, is prefacing every statement of your opinion with ” I’m sorry but”. This is annoying and you are not sorry.

    I do remember someone saying to Tamra, ” don’t you want to see the card”? Obviously, she assumed the flowers were from her husband or forgot to act surprised.

  18. I think heather thinks she’s above everyone Shannon and Heather live right beside one another. We’ll after Heather gets her new house build. we will have to go thr that I’m sure I look for 911 to be called when the witch heather get her new house it’s all about Heather and her money

  19. Katherine

    Haven’t posted in awhile, been traveling for work. Ugh. Just to weigh in here, this season is infuriating. Tamra is a total double wide douchebag. Heather I cannot even tolerate listening to her. I have to mute her voice when she appears. Where does the elitist attitude come from? Because good ole whipping boy terry is a dr??? Big deal. She simply has no class. Zero. Futrtmore, a note to @youcanlead….what the hell? Seriously lady lay down the crack pipe and walk away. Come back to us when not high. Would absolutely love to have you enthrall us with a list of those 10 reality shows clamoring for your appearance. Hee hee. Don’t buy what you are selling. Do we seem as stupid as Tamra RHOC or better yet Apollo RHOA? To self identify as an elitist who only associates with world travelers is awfully small minded. Didn’t your mother ever teach you, if you have it you don’t actually discuss it? Happy to send you an Emily Post book. Thanks for. A great recap TT!

    • What’s the fun of posting when I’m not high haha? I kept making the wrong point before, just that I thought Heather was a worldly, sophisticated person despite her unpleasant personality. Her comment about Bali being a country really blew her cover. It struck me as odd in the sense that the average person I mix with who doesn’t live in a 16 million dollar mansion wouldn’t have made that mistake. The drugs really make it hard for me to keep on topic! I’m just kidding, I drift from topic to topic in the harsh light of sobriety too. Oh I should add, I’m a gay man in my 20s so everything I say is pretty tongue in cheek. If you take everything I write as a joke maybe it will give you a chuckle!

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