Don’t Be Tardy Recap: Making The Cut


What is Sweetie’s job exactly? Nanny? Chef? Personal assistant? Kim is going to the doctor because she is having cramps. In white pants. I’m just saying. Why does Kroy have dip in his mouth at the doctor’s office?  The Dr. says she is fine.

Arianna is in love with the pool boy. He has a cute accent. She’s 12. I just noticed the kitchen wallpaper y’all don’t like. I like it. The Christmas trees are still up. Kim’s friend Jennifer is pregnant. Kim requests her wine in a solo cup. So much for thinking she was past that stage. She claims her wine glasses stink inside. I still say they do this because of editing. You can’t tell how wine has been drunk in a solo cup. I’ll spare you the childbirthing stories.

Kroy has agreed to get a vasectomy. He is dipping on the way to his vasectomy. I’m not thrilled with this episode. I don’t need to know vasectomy details either. Kim has horrible cramps on the day of his surgery. Lana is taking care of both of them. Lana decides Kroy needs some raw onion on his balls. Kroy opts for just ice.

That was a fast half an hour!  Was that even a whole half an hour?


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49 responses to “Don’t Be Tardy Recap: Making The Cut

  1. It was really bad. I take back my defense of Kim. Hearing her talk about her “pussy” just made me sick. I didn’t even know you could use that word for that on TV.

    The doctor thing was retarded. Just a scripted moment so they could show her getting the ultrasound and make you think she might be pregnant again. Sadly, I think that would be the only thing that would make this show interesting.

    • vivaladiva831

      I didn’t either and I hate that word. How can they bleep out words like “shit” but allow “goddam” and “pussy.”

    • i liked the first show, and i cuss like a sailor but even i was offended by the use of the p word, which i find sooo demeaning to women and not even funny repeatedly being used, it was gross…scratch this show off my viewing list…once for shock value but over and over!? and just a side note, i seriously wonder how they treat lana? like a servant? so over this show

      • It’s not demeaning to any woman except the one who says it. It’s not demeaning. It’s just super low rent. It’s like saying titties instead of boobs. It’s just cringy.

      • ​”boobs” is fine but “titties” is low rent? Who knew?

        On Fri, Aug 1, 2014 at 8:25 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  2. Sara

    Kim was wearing white pants on the way to the doctor in the SUV but had black pants walking into the doctors office.

  3. Cat

    I actually watched the show this time! Why did I do that?

  4. GirlFromKY

    I can’t say I’ve ever been a big fan of Kim’s but damn, she did a beautiful job on that house! You can tell that took a LOT of work! Between the pool, workout room, bedrooms, etc., it looks like she has around 1.2 million dollars in furniture and accessories alone. I wonder if she was able to trade out for promotion credit or something like that for all the stuff?

    It’s true I say fuck too much with my close friends and husband, but that public pussy talking on national TV is just way too much for me too.

    • And her young daughter

      • Yeah, I think I was surprised it was over so fast because of all of the vulgar conversations I chose not to recap. When it was over, I was still waiting for the actual storyline.

        And I kinda like this show. But not this episode.​

        On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 8:36 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • vivaladiva831

      I love her house too, surely she had a professional to advise her along the way!

      • Eve

        I like the house too, the house itself, not a lot of the furnishings.
        Its NOT wallpaper in the kitchen. Its tiles.

  5. heather

    This show should have a warning designating it for mature audiences. The adults sound like uneducated people who came into lots of money. I can’t watch it but trust Tamara’s recaps :)

  6. Twilly

    I feel sorry for him that he agreed to this. Such a permanent solution for a young guy. Why couldnt Kim get a less permanent form of birth control?

  7. Wampascat

    Kim is shrewd. She wants to make sure Kroy never has any babies to pay for except hers.

  8. This must have been an episode for the male audience. My husband wants to start watching it if all of the episodes are this funny. It was a little too much information for the girls. We spent a lot of time cringing.
    I didn’t mind the Jen part because that’s what they are always like. I’m only going to breastfeed in public. lol
    Hopefully it goes back to more family oriented next week.

  9. beverly

    I was wondering who Queenie is. Do you think Tamara meant Sweetie. I’m not sure. Good recap as usual!!

  10. Teerii

    Did anyone take note of how the Nanny “accidentally” fractured Kim’s son’s leg while in the closet? The only place in the house where there are no camera’s. And this happened after Kim made a remark about not hiring good looking Nanny’s. And then turned and apologized to her son’s Nanny for making such a statement even though she said she meant it?

  11. Sorry, I was confused about why you guys were talking about Queenie. I may have made a typo that was auto corrected or I do have a relative we call Queenie.. so maybe I was thinking about my family in the back of my head? Or as fear, my brain just doesn’t work right anymore.

    I meant Sweetie. Sorry.

  12. Cat

    I don’t understand the outrage over the vastectomy. Why MUST people procreate, if they don’t want to? It shouldn’t matter if they have 6 kids, or 600, or ZERO. If they don’t want kids, it should be their choice.

    • HerDaughter

      I agree with your statement. I also felt (and could be wrong), that the a few meant that Kroy, may some day move on? As if implying this marriage won’t work out? So he shouldn’t make permanent decisions in regards to birth control on his end? LoL…I think these two might actually just be happy together!

  13. Hot, sweaty balls with raw onion marinating them is beyond putrid.

    Reminds me of a snippet I read once about some performers who have a clause written into their contracts for there to be NO onions backstage, at anytime ( because of the body odor similarities )!
    Just gag me now, gross!

  14. minnesotafamily5

    I find it completely offensive that Kim talks the way she does in front of her kids. Furthermore, she is a money-hungry bitch. When Kroy’s money runs out (and it will), she will be leave him in a heartbeat. I believe they are in love now and it is kinda sweet — but it will only last as long as the money is flowing. Kim does not have it in her DNA to love a man who isn’t wealthy. It’s her only requirement.

    • Kroy will do well. He is very well spoken and food looking and smart. ESPN has a spot for him. Or he could get a coaching/training job at any number of universities and work his way up to the NFL. His career is not over when his spot on the team is gone.

      The rest of your post is just nasty, mean speculation for which you have no cause or proof. You seem jealous. So, I’ll pity you.

    • therealdeb

      i am not a huge kim fan, she can be funny as hell though. i had my doubts, and i still do from time to time but i do think they are really very much in love. he is a good old boy, mid west raised and she has given him 4 beautiful children and if for no other reason he will love her forever. he was raised to be a man and be there for his kids, and he adopted her girls. now kim, she loves money, and she loves him. i do think she loves him more than money. he also puts up with her craziness and foul mouth, she may not be our cup of tea, but they sure are each others

  15. That was the first real close-up I’ve seen of Kash, he’s freaking adorable. And that phone call from KJ, “Do you wanna see my boogers?” Kim’s laugh was just so genuine, I thought it was a sweet scene.
    Where is Lana from that they use onions as pain relief? She must go to the same natural healers as Shannon.

  16. Josie

    I was reading that Kim and Sweetie once said that Kandi’s house was in a bad part of town. Is that true?

  17. landasarn

    This will be the last season. Too well orchestrated, and still boring.

  18. Kellye Pearson-baker

    Has anyone noticed that when they supp show kim at the end of the show it looks just like Taylor from RHOC? Is it just me?

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