WWHL With The Twins from RHONJ

WWHL Twins

Oh, Teresa’s husband is the bartender. That should be good. He says business is great at the restaurant and that Vicki Gunvalson is eating there tonight. Right off the bat they play the tape of Amber trash talking the twins saying that Nicole broke up a family and her marriage ended due to cheating.  Sidenote: Amber was incensed with Melissa repeating the gossip to the twins on twitter last night. But, it’s not like they were speaking in private, they were on camera so of course the twins were going to find out!  The twins say there is no truth to any of that and she is making stuff up to get some attention. Next week Amber and Nicole have a hair pulling fight. Kidding not. This season is going to be very trashy.  Andy reads one of Amber’s tweets where she says she can’t wait for the reunion to call the twins out for their lies. Um, honey, you have a long time before the reunion. TeRESSA said that they were not stalking, they just saw the kids up and decided to wait.

A viewer tweeted a question about her constantly referencing the cancer and Nicole says that Amber made it clear she would be using the cancer card.  The girls say it is a sensitive subject, and it’s hard to say anything about it because it could be offensive. This makes me feel so much better about mentioning it on the blog. I did not want to offend the many cancer survivors that read here. It just seems like everything in her life remains to be about the cancer. Like, which dress looks better on me since I survived the cancer? I mean come, on. Enough.

Andy asks about the mortgage commercials. The twins apparently did a mock version of the commercial for taping and they are hoping it gets played. Andy throws shade at TeRESSA’s gold eye shadow and it goes right over her head.

The Twins were asked why the automatically believed Melissa and why do they think that Amber would make something like that up? Nicole says she doesn’t think Melissa made it up, and after seeing tonight’s episode, she was proven right. Nicole says Amber made things up for attention.

Nicole is asked about the Christmas present from Bobby. Nicole says that was just a fun little gift and one of many. He got her a lovely necklace. She gives Andy a shoe wine bottle holder for the clubhouse.

Nicole was asked, “WTF?” about the fugly lavender dress. She said Dolce and Gabbana must have been out late the night before.

A caller named Aphrodite calls in and the twins go nuts. Apparently they know her from twitter. She wants to know if they watched the show before the came on. They lie and say no.

What are the biggest misconceptions about Dina and Teresa? They are who they are. Dina is very zen. Teresa has been through a lot. TeRESSA hints that things do go well between them and Teresa.

They try to play a twin game that goes badly and Andy is frustrated and cancelled it early. Both twins are wasted.

Nicole is still living with her parents. The twins have no regrets about joining the show.


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24 responses to “WWHL With The Twins from RHONJ

  1. For some reason my DVR didn’t save this WWHL, so happy you recapped it TT. Thanks!

  2. Oh! I forgot the most important part. They showed upcoming guests and now Tara Reid is not coming to be on with Joan Rivers. She was probably in fear for her life.

  3. YouCanLeadAHorticulture

    My man and I bailed on this early, the twins were either too dumb to answer simple interview questions/ play simple games or wasted. Combination of both I guess? We kept saying that Rino should have been the interview guest and the twins should have been the bartenders.
    Rino makes me miss NY and especially Brooklyn so much! That guy is really the only thing keeping me watching RHONJ.

    Off topic to Tamara, I just saw that Real housewives of Melbourne is going to get aired on Bravo, can you please please recap that for us! It’s so much more fun to watch than any of the American housewife franchises. Please please please, you will have so much material to work with! Maybe we’ll get some Aussie commenters on here?

    • Your man watches this shit? Is he gay?

      • brillke

        Are you trying to be funny? If so, you failed.

      • YouCanLeadAHorticulture

        Uh yeah, we’re both gay. What’s your excuse? However, he hates watching it and is a testament to how nice he is to me. Who do you watch tv with? A bucket of iced cream and a jug of cheap wine? Thanks for being bigoted, I find it hilarious!

  4. Mina

    You know, I really like the addition of these crazies. They are dumb as rocks, but they are fun. I used to know girls like that back in Jersey when I was younger. Hilarious. And I think Bobby is cute or hot or something. Didn’t like the shoe gift but I like that swagger he has. Have I been in NC too long? lol. My husband says he reminds him of my first husband in a way. What do I know. I love that Sal, he talks like he is imparting fricken pearls of wisdom between cigarette wheezes. I love that shit.

  5. fivecatsownme

    The twins are both a taco short of a combination plate.

  6. kym

    I was yelling at the twins myself because they were over-talking during the game. They love talking to each other – hello? We are playing a game ova here! – Annoying. And yes, I did noticed that Tara Reid will not be on the show with Joan. I don’t like that broad either, I don’t think I could fake being nice to her on the show. I would cancel too…can’t wait to see what she says about it though – LOL.

  7. Andy, I thought, seemed annoyed with these two shit-for-brains girls. I felt no love between they & he.

  8. Ca

    Thanks for the recap. Don’t worry, I don’t think you (or Nicole/TeRESSA) did anything wrong by mentioning that Amber is way overplaying “the cancer card.” I am a cancer survivor and I find it very irritating, self-centered, and self-serving that she leads with that story so often. It seems to be one of the first things that comes out of her mouth when she meets new people. And it usually starts with “I don’t know if (whoever) told you, but…” like the rest of the world has nothing better to do than talk about her medical history. Most people I know that have survived cancer don’t mention it unless someone asks them about an obvious scar or they are talking about it to show empathy for someone else whose life was touched by cancer in one way or another. It’s something to be proud of when you’re past it, not something to brag about or use to guilt/manipulate others.

  9. pdt090

    I love the twins and their family so far. This is the kind of Jersey trash I’ve always wanted from this show.

  10. @tamaratattles “I’m thinking probably a month. Oh, you weren’t talking about me? Nevermind.​” You crack me up!

  11. Twilly

    When hasnt this franchise been trashy? I think I’d rather a little harmless hair pulling over watching real families be destroyed like seasons past.

  12. Carmary

    Sorry everyone ! The new girls on the show are even more embarrassing to watch than the old crew…makes my kids cringe to know they’re Italian…they are a disgrace!

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