Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Finale Recap


When last we left, we were hopeful that Tanisha had passed on to the great beyond so that Clive could escape her abuse. I think that we will be disappointed because there are shots of her getting the lie detector test and making her final decision. Sorry, Clive. We were all pulling for you. Tanisha and Clive return home that same night.  Sounds like a fake panic attack.

The final challenge is a lie detector test! YAY! The spouses get to choose the questions. Roger is the most excited about this exercise. If the questions are not tough enough, the counselors will ask some of their own.

Traci and Kevin are up first.

Traci goes first. Are you really able to believe in me? Will you really be faithful to me? Do you still resent me for cheating? She answered yes to all three.

Kevin was asked, ” Did you ever want to leave me?” (no) Have you been faithful in recent months? NO!!!  Traci walks out.

Kevine says he didn’t understand the question. lol.

RESULTS: They were truthful but Kevin admitted to cheating recently. He still says he did not get the question.Marriage Boot camp Jenni and Roger

Roger and Jenni

Jenni is asked is she would marry Roger in a private, non publicized ceremony? (Yes) Only they are not, they will be on David Tutera’s Celebrations for their wedding. Will you respect Roger’s opinion to keep certain things in our relationship private? (Yes) Are you holding any secrets from Roger? (No) When you have kids are you planning on broadcasting their lives on TV? (Yes)

Roger is asked if he really wants to get married. (Yes) Do you want Jenni to quit TV? (No)  Are you ever going to 100% trust Jenni? (Yes) Do you currently trust Jenni? (No)

RESULTS: Jenni lied about having secrets. She says it’s just work stuff that she doesn’t feel is necessary to bring to the table.

Gretchen and Slade

Slade is asked if he really wants to start a family with Gretchen. (Yes) Are you determined to find a job outside of our business together? (Yes) Are you okay with being a stay at home dad? (Yes)  Wait does she want him to get a job or be a stay at home dad?

Gretchen is asked if Gretchen trusts him to be the leader in the relationship? (Yes) Are you resentful that Slade is not actively working on his career? (Yes) If Slade refuses to have children with you, will you still marry  him? (No) Wait why is Slade asking that if he just said he is okay with being a stay at home dad?

RESULTS: Slade lied about agreeing to be a stay at home dad.  Gretchen lied about trusting Slade to be the leader.

Trista and Ryan.

Trista is asked if she wants more kids. (No) Is Ryan the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? (Yes) Do you wish Ryan had chosen another profession? (No)

Ryan is asked if he can truly say that he will not hold Trista accountable for his ex’s betrayal any longer? (Yes) Have you ever wished you had married someone else? (No) Do you have any secrets that you are hiding from Trista? ( He stammers and says he doesn’t think so, No)

RESULTS: They both told the truth.

Marriage boot camp ring of fireClive and Tanisha

Tanisha is asked if she will be with Clive after he works on himself? (Yes) Are you still sleeping with your ex? (No) Did you cheat on me in 2011 (Yes). She denied the hell of that on the first episode with the press conference. They got married in 2011.

Clive is asked if he has ever cheated. (No) Are you seeing someone else. (No.) Are you talking to someone else right now? (Yes)  Tanisha explains to Jim that black people call it talking to not seeing.

Tanisha and Clive argue. Shocker.

RESULTS: Tanisha lied about still sleeping with her ex. Clive was truthful, but he was truthful about being in another relationship.

Next, it’s Time for a Hall Pass. Men and women will be divided into two rooms for the night. Generally they all sneak out for a massive girls/guys night out for this night. It’s like dueling Bachelor, Bachelorette parties before the decision day the next day.

So much fake shit. A Tanisha scene where she tells Clive not to come home sick, clearly filmed after he did. Gretchen claiming she needs this night to clear her head. Clive gets wasted, and Kevin gets wasted and all of the other guys behaved well. All of the girls got wasted. Clive is puking out of the limo and passing out. Clive has to be carried in. Clive is puking off the side o f the bed.  Clive is near death the next morning.

Gretchen and Slade

Gretchen and Slade are both great at crying for the camera. Gretchen is TINY. I never noticed how tiny until this dress and the side shot.  Slade does NOT give Gretchen a ring, but she does. I bet he wants to pawn it now that it is in his possession. LOL. Slade says the man that she proposed to, is dead. Then he gets down on one knee and proposes to her, for the first time. He says he wants her to have his babies. She was thrilled.

Trista and Ryan

Um, duh. I actually took a pee break because there was no doubt.

Traci and Kevin

Holy shit, Kevin’s box is empty. Then he proposes again. With a new ring with lots of bling! I love this couple. Best ending ever. I believe these two.

Tanisha and Clive

Clive says he loves her. He says she cheated on him the same year he got married. Tanisha says she knows what she needs to do but she knows what she wants to do. Both boxes are empty. Clive says he wishes he could keep being around her and be friends and lovers, but he needs to work on himself. Tanisha says she has not respected him in a long time. Tanisha says this is the first decision of his she has respected in a long time and he finally stepped up to the plate. She says she loves him but she is done. They walk off in separate directions.  Tanisha seems shocked that Clive’s box was empty. It seems he finally stood up to her, which is what she always wanted, but he did it by walking out the door. I checked her twitter and she says they are really done. But she also says she is going to be on Orange Is The New Black, and that is some bullshit there. So her fifteen minutes of fame may be gone, and so is her man. Oh wait. I kept thinking I saw Tanisha on the David Tutera’s Celebrations commercials but I was fast forwarding. It seems she wants a divorce party and will be on the show. WHY OH WHY do these people giver her TV time?  The Tanisha’s and Nene’s of this world are only fun to make fun of for so long.

Jenni and Roger

Jenni tries to bow out of the ceremony. She claims she is doing it to shield him from the cameras. Oh Roger, RUN dude, RUN! This is just another attention seeking ploy by Jenni for camera time. Roger gets that entirely. Jim thinks this is a selfless act. Jim is an idiot. Roger is an idiot. Jenni is a mediawhore of EPIC, EPIC proportions. Jenni is spewing happy horseshit. These entire seem is some happy horseshit. I think Roger knows this, but the bitch is knocked up, so.. he went with it.

Packing it in time. Tanisha is pissed because Clive didn’t put a ring in the box. She wants to get violent with him as usual. The postscript says Tanisha has fallen in love with a new man but she is still legally married to Clive. It’s complicated. No it is not. The only thing that is complicated is that Tanisha can find a man at all. Clive will be fine if he actually moves on, in fact, isn’t he supposed to be “talking to” someone else anyway? Tanisha is just mad that Clive had a side piece all along.

Trista and Ryan did a vow renewal after the show. (Kiss of marital death, mark my words might as well both get each others names tattooed).

Gretchen and Slade are not on the upcoming season of and celebrity marriage shows, so what’s the point of getting married anyway. Slade is “trying” to wear the pants. Good luck with that Slade.

LOL in the toast Jenni says she came in thinking their relationship was perfect, but she realized it was far from perfect but they are “building up new walls.” God I hate idiots. Jenni and Roger gave birth to Meilani Alexandra on July 13th.  No word if it was filmed for TV or not.

Traci and Kevin are in a good place. They credit Marriage Boot Camp, and vodka.


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19 responses to “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Finale Recap

  1. Thank God this mess is over. I hated myself for watching!

    • Marilyn

      LOL!! I don’t watch whatever housewife show that Slade and Gretchen were on but I liked them -I thought they were a pretty cool couple. Am I crazy?

      • Janet

        Why were Trista and Ryan a part of this show even. They were too cute acting to fit in. It was sickening to always see them get a perfect score or be so lovey dovey above everyone else. Not to say they have no real problems, they probably do, but to me they were on for screen time/fame and not because they were afraid they would break up.

      • Yes, I know. Meanwhile, the other couples were so down to earth and there to seriously seek martial counseling. That Trista and Ryan they are a couple of good for nothing media whores.

        Did I do that right? I haven’t seen an opposite day in since elementary school.

      • Lucy94

        Yes, with all due respect. A little history on Slade. Gretchen is the third “housewife” he’s been with from the SAME show. First, it was Jo, then Laurie and now Gretchen. He hasn’t had a job in years and supposedly doesn’t pay his child support. When Slade was with Jo, Gretchen was hooked up with this older man who later died. Clearly a gold digger/sugar daddy situation. Supposedly, Jeff (older man) left Gretchen some money in the will.

    • I didn’t watch it but this recap was so good that I didn’t need to watch it. Is threre no end to the lengths people will go too to acheive 15 minutes of fame. Says a bunch for our culture and how we have deteriorated as people. I have watched Gretchen, Slade and Trista and Ryan because I watch all of the Housewife and Bachelor shows. I can’t stand Trista and feel sorry for Ryan who seems like a gentle soul compared to his famewhore wife. Gretchen and Slade will keep trying for some kind of spin-off show and as long as there’s hope for that they will stay together. Your recaps are really thorough and I appreciate them. Saves me a lot of wasted time watching certain shows.

    • Mina

      Me too! I always felt like I needed to wash my eyeballs after. But I never missed it. lol

  2. HannahKingRose

    Well we all knew Jennie and Roger were going to stay together because of the pregnancy info that has been circulated for forever. Plus the wedding show and finding the perfect dress show that is about to begin. Krista and Ryan had to have been a replacement couple for some couple much more screwed up than them who cancelled at the last moment. They couldn’t even come up with a convincing enough complaint about each other. Gretchen complains about Slade not being the leader in the relationship but if he did he’d be on the curb faster than you could say Real Housewives. Traci and Kevin are kind of a normal couple who happened to cheat and have breakfast vodkas but who really do love each other and I think will actually make it. Through not fault of the counselors, they may have figured out what they need to do to improve their relationship. And last but not least Tanisha and Clive, this couple should be awarded the loudest, most obnoxious couple of the group. Tanisha is so loud she makes all dogs ears bleed that are within a 5 block radius of her voice. When the ring ceremony happened and both boxes were empty, I was so happy. For once, Clive stood up to the Tanisha tornado. She claimed to be proud of him. All I believe is how pissed off she was that he didn’t put her ring in the box. She wanted to be the only one who didn’t put the ring in the box. She wanted to break up with him but he did it right back to her and she would have loved to knock his head off just one more time. In her mind how could that slug of a man not want her lmao. Best part of the ending for me.

  3. CottonCandy

    I wonder if there will be a reunion like previous seasons of marriage bootcamp? The reunion is usually where the couples say what they thought about the others. I really hope so!

    Oh, and jwoww just needs to stop putting shit in her face. It looks terrible.

  4. Cat

    Tanisha, wtf? You want Clive to stand up for himself, and when he does, you get all pissy.

    The upcoming divorce party is stupid. I hope Tutera puts you in your place. I used to think you were funny, but now, you are just another Nene wanna be. Ugh.

    What’s next? Designer bags with knife holes and blood stains?

    Clive, I hope you run, man. Don’t look back.

  5. Excellent recap. Somehow I am not buying that Gretchen and Slade are really in love. He is such a loser. Gretchen should have been called out on her superficiality when she said she has to forgive “herself.” Unacceptable. Clive was being mentally and physically abused, it is comical that the so called expert counselors never mentioned that. If a man was beating on a woman and screaming in his face 24/7 he would be in jail.

    • O.O

      Tanisha isnt as bad as nene yet . She is loud, immature , has an explosive temper, is mentally and physically abusive to her husband and damaged but .At least she admitted fault a few times and had a few moments of truth.
      For some reason I don’t find her as abrasive as nene perhaps because she’s not trying to pretend to have class.and isn’t always mentioning how much things costs and naming her designer bags ( she can’t fit designer clothes , neither can nene but TT says they sew 2 size tens together for nene and Oprah , Maybe 10 is the limit ) tanisha is pleasant and very entertaining on her hosting jobs , I guess that’s why they keep giving her more .
      Nene would never come off her high broken horse of lies and admit fault in anything and she’s very abrasive loud wrong and proud .
      Tanisha probably only went through with the marriage to Clive because the network gave her a show.
      It was clear she didn’t want to marry him ,and she neither loved or respected him . Them splitting a month after the marriage confirmed my thoughts on the matter .
      During their wedding show clive did come off as lazy and very comfortable being a stock guy in the supermarket but because of her new found connections she could of encouraged him to do more with his life instead of degrading him it’s not as if she was a rocket scientist before the reality gods smiled on her .

  6. Angel

    I never got past the first half of episode one, due to Tanisha’s loud antics. I just could not tolerate her mess to grab attention. I have read all of your blogs, you always put some humor where there isn’t any. I think you would give better council to these couples than the so called pros that agree to appear on reality tv. I am irritated at David Tutera if he agreed to do a divorce celebration for Tanisha. She doesn’t deserve any kind of spotlight anyplace other than the bright light of interrogation before a deserved incarceration for abuse.

  7. fivecatsownme

    Is the WE channel part of the Bravo franchise. Wonder if Spade buys Gretchen a big, shiny cubic zirconia? What’s the bet that she has it appraised the next morning, and dumps him for giving her a fake? Thanks for the recap ’cause I fell asleep during the show.

  8. How did I miss checking out the cast photo this long? Gretchen is in a freaking tutu. She needs a tiara or sparkly wand to complete her 5 yr old dress up outfit.

  9. Your recaps are spot on!!! Gretchen and Slade seem so fake to me, it’s hard to stomach. Tanisha.. never heard of her before this show and she is extremely aggravating to me. I am glad her husband left her. She is so abusive and arrogant, not sure who could put up with that crap. I am glad most of them were successful in improving their marriage. xoxo

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