Leann & Eddie

Leann and Eddie

Well, I can’t put it off any longer. I actually did some dishes as a better option than watching this show, but I am now out of hot water and my back is sore from bending over the sink, it’s 4:30 and I haven’t done a post all day so views are sucking ass. It must be done.  Thank the baby Jesus it is only a half hour show.

Okay, now my DVR has stopped working entirely. This is special.  After 20 minutes of trying to get the show to play, I’m noticing that the problem is specific to this show. Even my DVR refuses to cooperate with this shit show. It looks like I will have to do the recap based on just reading the description.

Leann goes on a weekend trip with her southern friends. Hmm, Leann has southern friends? Leann has friends? That must have been interesting. It seems that they went four wheeling or something. Perhaps she got injured and had to go to the ER. Perhaps the injury caused to be unable to speak or tweet ever again. My TV is trying really hard to show this recording but the screen looks something like a Picasso. Oh wait, it is playing now.

Twitter Pic circa 2012

Twitter Pic circa 2012

Eddie is in a boxing gym explaining that he has been offered a series regular slot on a show that films in Dallas. The  filming could last up to 7 months. He manages to mention Brandi in a scene that has absolutely nothing to do with her. He says it would be hard to leave the family for seven months. There is no way that Leann would allow him to be on location in Dallas for seven months. He is pretending that this is even a question.

Cut to Leann in a restaurant with her friends. Two seconds in and Leann is talking about Brandi. Something about Joyce telling Brandi she needs to go to rehab. Brandi is god awful. Brandi has no filter. But I can’t recall one time she has said the name Leann or really even Eddie on camera. These two constantly discuss her. She is their whole life. They literally have nothing else to talk about. Leann takes the southern friends to a stupid LA restaurant that serves nonsense like quinoa and bean sprout salads.

There girls did indeed go four wheeling but no one was struck dumb. I missed most of it because I am starving and get some clam sauce going.

Meanwhile, Eddie is doing manly things with his black friend.  He’s macho and has friends from other ethnic backgrounds. His agent just so happens to call at this Kodak moment to tell him that he can have a three day weekend every third weekend and they will pay for his travel back and forth to California on those weekends. My first thought is every third weekend would fuck up the every other weekend schedule, but Eddie continues to play along with the script as if he has the final decision in this job offer.  He sure is good looking.

Next up, the girls want to go line dancing. The problem is the only line dancing bar Leann could find in LA is Oil Can Harry’s, which is a gay bar. It looks like a lot of fun. Blowjob shooters were the specialty of the house it seems.  They also have Karaoke which Leann pretended she didn’t know she would sing for the crowd. She pulled up some leather wearing gay cowboys to sing with her. They did NOT autotune, if you get my meaning. When drunk Leann gets home, she goes straight for the ice cream. Eddie talks to Leann and tells her he has decided all by his lonesome, not to take the job. Leann pretends like she would have been okay if he had taken the job.

They had scripted a romantic moment where Eddie picks her up and whisks her off to the bedroom, but Eddie accidentally (?) smashes her head into a wall. So I guess I got my injury anyway.

You folks better admit to watching this crap. I’m warning you now.


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57 responses to “Leann & Eddie

  1. Riley

    Yeah…I confess. I watched it. And I hated it. Everything ypu said…I thought it.

  2. Damn my stupid brain is showing, I like Leanne and she better not screw me over by becoming dumber.
    Show was ho hum, but I’ll watch again.

  3. Barbara R.

    Sorry, I just can’t watch it. How about ‘Married at First Sight’ or ‘Dating Naked’? Both are fun.

  4. Vanessa W

    I can’t wait when Brandi and eddie’s kids have their own reality show, I mean they don’t stand a chance with Brandi, Leann and Eddie as their parents. I don’t know if I can or should continue watching : ) something about Leann to me screams just needy and desperate. If they thought this show would make them more likable they were wrong, I find that I am still going equally be disgusted by all of them ( BG, Eddie, Leann ). Only redeeming point is that Eddie is hot : )

  5. Married at First Sight is absolutely intriguing!!! You would love that show!!! Catch repeats tomorrow at 3p on FYI channel.

    • Patti R.

      I missed it TT. I had no clue Leann and Eddie had a show. Sounds boring but maybe it’s more interesting once I see them together.

    • Fairplay

      I am loving married at first sight. Eddie and Leann…meh?
      Except Eddie is Hot. But no substance like Kory.

  6. puravidacostarica2

    Eddie is the most un-hot man I’ve ever seen (just my opinion). I am married to a Latino who puts him to shame, and my hubby’s only 4 years younger than Eddie. Eddie once had some semblance of good looks, but they left him as soon as he hooked up with LeAnn. I suspect there’s not much in the brains or the pants departments. All Eddie can offer anyone now is a juicy tabloid story and an HPV on the side.

  7. vivaladiva831

    Ok I’ll admit it-I watch just to look at Eddie. WOW

  8. I watched. I got distracted. It was boring. Line dancing looks stupid and unfun. I only permed up when she had ice cream. It was Ben and Jerry’s but you could not tell what flavor. I’m betting a gross one like chunky monkey. Now I want ice cream and I’ll have it too, since apparently I’m fat and have no breastesses.

    • I can’t make myself watch but all this talk about ice cream is making me hungry.
      Side note, maybe we can join together and form a fat girl with no breastesses club so we can talk about the judgmental cunts. :)

    • My boobs are large. And I’m not particularly fat. I was bring facetious .

      • I knew you were being facetious, I was making an attempt at snarkenesses. Didn’t work. I will be in my way now.

      • I know. I was talking to Shell there.

      • DECO,


      • TeeCee I am quite disappointed that you were Not talking to me. Thankfully I have not yet been dismissed by our Ruler so I will continue to comment freely although sporadically. (I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy after TT YELLED at me.)

      • I YELLED because you were trying to escape. You are one step away from being chained to the radiator like UF.

        Speaking off, there seems to be a gnawed off leg chained to the radiator. So you won’t have anyone to talk to until he is recaptured. ​

        On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 11:37 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • TT,
        Do you have WiFi down there? You must, right? Otherwise how would UF recap American Horror Story?
        I could do with an escape for awhile from my reality. A dungeon might suffice as my mood is bleak lately. On second thought, nope, it must be hot as hell down there because you keep forgetting to amp up the AC.
        Have you been feeding Banjo? Maybe he took UF?

      • ​I think UF got his feeling hurt when I called him “useless” for not filling me in on the Haycole makeup. Apparently, he thinks working on his wedding planning business or whatever the fuck he does, is more important than his unpaid internship. Sonja Morgan would never put up with such insolence.

        On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 5:07 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  9. vivaladiva831

    Ok I’ll admit it-I watch just to look at Eddie. YUM

  10. Jessica B

    Not going to lie….I’ve seen both episodes. Not the worst or best television.

  11. thedisher

    I refuse to watch this show, but will definitely read your recaps of it. Eddie’s hot, but after you get done objectifying him there’s nothing left.

  12. Angel

    I broke down and watched, just because I felt like bitching at somebody. On screen it said the black guy is Eddie’s assistant. He seemed like a guy to fetch for Eddie. If they left out Brandi and the references to that split, there would be no show. Their story about an acting job away from spouse and kids is no different than probably 80% of actors. That is a big reason for a lot of divorces. You have to suck it up if you need/want work. Le Ann did a reality show looking for a fancy Chicago apartment for his series that flopped. I thought it odd that her southern friends wanted to go to the same kind of bars and hear the same music as they have at home. That is the fun of travel, doing something new. I know, just reality BS all to put Leann on stage. She was not any better sounding than the average karaoke singer.

  13. mark

    I just ate a tub of Hagen Dazs.

    And a Belgian Chocolate Fudge Cake.

    And I used a Galaxy Caramel bar as a spoon for my ice cream.

    The cake also had whipped cream.

    * hangs head in shame*

    I am fat and will be shortly developing breastessess. I’m a boy. :(

    • Jen

      Lmao. Omg. I spit my bing cherries on my phn. Bahahaha ur hilarious. Sometimes wicked mean. Idk whether to like ya or not….haha. You do make me laugh, I do have to admit! :)) I have too much Breasticles. Perhaps, I could fed ex you some? Haha jk. Ok. Eddie is hot. Leanne where the pants….haha. I can’t wait to see what Brady says next. Is she freaking out on Twitter yet? Anyone know?

  14. fivecatsownme

    After having to eat the quinoa and beans sprout salads to impress my friends, I’d hit the Ben & Jerry’ s too.

  15. Ok I admit I watched it!! I actually think their cute together.. Will they last who knows… But Leann should stop w/brainless Brandi talk.. She got the man so what more is there! This must be killing brandi that they have a show and at least Leann isn’t soo drunk she shows her tampon string to the world.. Feel those boys are going to have to live in a cave when their older cuz their gonna get teased about their mom (bio)! Just saying…

  16. Victoria

    I did not watch it. I’m not interested in it. I clicked on this recap with hopes it would end in a patent TamaraTattles “This is my first and last recap of a lame show”
    Now, I’m commenting to lend you my support in the event you decide to spare yourself the torture.

  17. Patti R.

    I missed it TT. I had no clue Leann and Eddie had a show. Sounds boring but maybe it’s more interesting once I see them together.

  18. aw i dont think the show is that bad. i’d rather see more eddie & less leann, tho. admit i only watch coz candidly nicole is the lead in.

  19. Sorry, TT. Can’t watch it, but I’ll happily read your blog. <3<3<3

  20. mrsgsp

    Sounds horrible but I refuse to give them the ratings or make my head hurt watching their cheating asses whine about how his ex is oh so mean to them. But I read your recap because I want to know what happens. Thank you for taking one for the team and keeping us informed.

  21. Twilly

    Just cant do it, Tamara. Entertaining recap though!!

  22. I didn’t watch and won’t watch! You said it T, it’s a shit show! Hate adulters and would never support them.
    Thanks for the recap but this is one that I won’t be reading.
    Hope you’re having a good night!

  23. Yeah, not watching. I do read the recaps. Why I do that I don’t know.

  24. Din

    I can’t watch it. I can barely bring myself to watch NY housewives. This crap just looks scripted as fuck. Ok I might just have binge watched 5 rhonyc episodes, but I have a point still.

  25. josie

    Everybody’s hand is dirty in this triangle mess. To be fair, Brandi made a living about discussing them every chance she gets. They are all just as bad as the other. Brandi dragged both of them through the mud… now that the shoe is on the other foot her fans are upset. She did talked about them on the real housewives of beverly hills. I don’t have a dog in this fight but I think it’s a cute show;it is less toxic than the housewives shows. The show isn’t that bad and he seems to be more settled and grounded with Leann . I don’t mind them at all and I hope they are genuinely happy.

  26. I watched the first episode, then asked myself, “Is my life really so boring that I need to waste my time on this crap?” I decided playing with my dogs is much more fun, so I definitely won’t watch it again,

  27. Jacque

    Instead of watching this, I made chocolate chip cheesecake

  28. As I wrote earlier, show was ho hum but I will watch, I like Leanne.
    My marriage is ending after 40 years because he had an affair with a woman 25 years younger. I am ticked off, depressed, the emotions run the gamut. I DO NOT OWN him, period.
    We have three grown sons who are upset by this, by him. I told them to get over it.
    Had my husband “done it” the right way … Same ending. So … ?
    Eddies marriage was over before Leanne.
    I find it funny how people will give second chances to thieves, druggies, most crimes except adultery. It’s sex, really people. You don’t own your spouse.

    • josie

      @Calipatti So sorry about your marriage. I wish all women would be as positive and mature as you are especially going through such tough time. Wishing you all the best!! I never understand how some people can view Brandi as a victim when it’s clearly that she and Eddie had an open marriage with 3somes plus multiple affairs. If it was not Leanne it would have been someone else.

    • I went through the same situation, but ended up with a great second husband who actually loves me back. Through experience I’ve learned that, when you cheat, what you get is exactly what you deserved (in his case a lazy woman who makes him cook, clean house and do laundry – something I did for him all those years.) I sometimes smile and remember how lucky and happy I got to be after a rat cheated on me. I pray your life turns out the same way.

  29. HerDaughter

    Love it or hate it, people ARE watching. Maybe not many..lol…but still. You know we love to hate them or hate to love them. Whichever. Don’t stop with the recaps on this one :) it’s entertaining in a not so deeply harsh way. Where some of “our” shows have got so rough and deep. Not that this show will last much longer anyways…I’m sure this is one of the brain numbing ones though! “HappyPill” fund donation!

  30. Jen

    Leann is an insecure mess. She cannot compete in the looks department. She’s very homely with those slitty eyes. She’s going to forever be insecure about Gorgeous Brandi…because she’s tall and has legs that are long and its one of her best assets. She was a model. S Brandi has a gutter mouth tho and should chill on the verbal diarrhea . She acts like she can do no wrong. sShe needs a man. She’s not doing herself any favors by acting out in public. What man wohld want to wife up a trainwreck?! She needs to just put a lid on it. Reinvent herself ala Madonna. She also needs to jist forget him. Maybe just speak to him thru a Mediator. That way their is no interaction between them. She better chill out. They will take her kids and that would destroy her. Brandi, baby if you’re reading this….go on Vacation and chill and then come back with new resolve to do better for yourself and your precious kids.

  31. Sequoia

    I do enough shit in my life to be embarressed about wihout having to admit i watch this piece of trash… And I can be pretty shallow,

  32. Sequoia

    OH crap. It just came on TV and there’s nothing else on…. I’m pathetic.

  33. I watched it and enjoyed it. I met Leann when she was a teenager at a concert and she was sooooooooo good. This was before she became famous and her voice was perfect. Her voice was better then than now. I think Leann and Eddie make a great couple. Yes, the circumstances on how they met was wrong but shyt happens. I do wish the show was longer than 30 minutes. I wish them nothing but the best.

  34. vonnie

    BTW – could care less about LeAnn and Eddie just based on the recap

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