Leah Remini: It’s All Relative Recap: Earthquakes and Boob Jobs

Its All Relative Family

We start with Angelo in the kitchen. Have we discussed how hot Angelo is? Because, hot. I need Leah to come clean my house. Or anyone with OCD, actually. Leah is worried because there was an earthquake last night. She wants to do a home inspection to look for cracks and things that might be alarming. The maid is having trouble keeping a straight face for this scene. Leah’s mom likes earthquakes and think they are exciting.

The hurricane has Leah ready to become a prepper. She is starting with the government list of things to have on hand during a disaster. I did something similar, but I was preparing for the zombie apocalypse. I still need to get five hundred dollars in ones. I’d do that as soon as I have five hundred dollars for the zombie closet.

Leah has a British nanny named Trish. Trish has a business called Bling Gone Wild. She enjoys picking up treasures off the curb and blinging them to resell. Trish’s house is covered floor to ceiling with stuff she has found in other people’s trash and blinged.

Its All relative LeahAngelo gets George to help him with his disaster prepping. Then Angelo forgets the list. So they buy a shit can. No seriously, they buy a can to use as a toilet. Because shitting in the great outdoors is not possible when hiding from zombies I guess. They bought an inflatable raft. I think I might need one of those things for my zombie closet. And an escape ladder. I think Angelo did a fine job on his first prepping trip. Leah liked the raft too.

The next thirty minutes will be about Shannon’s 30th birthday. First, Shannon and Leah and their spouses will have a double date and Vicki will babysit Sofia and her friend Leela. Leah is going to get Shannon boobs for her birthday. But first, Vicki has to babysit. The girls tie Vicki to a tree and stick I sign on her warning people not to help her get untied. Then Sophia goes about attacking the camera people, apparently because they are witnesses to her torture.

Willie picked the date restaurant, a German beer hall. with brats and kraut. Leah is not amused. Back home Grandma Vicki says the girls can ask her whatever they want. They have great questions. Have you ever kissed a girl? Do you like anyone besides George? Have you ever cheated one of your boyfriends or husbands and who? Vicki backs out of the game.

Leah decides to confront Willie about not wanting Shannon to have a boob job. He basically says she is fine the way she is and doesn’t need boobs, but it’s up to her. Leah’s older sister, Nicole arrives to attend the birthday party. And the boob consultation, because that is a family affair. There was a live woman with boobs to fondle, plus many, many pictures of boobs to choose from.

Shannon has a fun birthday party at her mom’s with a barbecue and a margarita machine. I love how these people are so normal. As, Leah says, they are not a family that does plastic surgery. Then Vicki basically asked for a neck lift. The guys are in charge of getting a cake. Angelo decides on a boob cake. George is fond of the boob cakes. Because, boobs. Shannon’s boob cake was her in blue strapless gown with giant boobs.

I love this show and I will continue to watch it, but I am not sure if I will continue to recap it. It’s hard to capture all the funny in words. What do you think?


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16 responses to “Leah Remini: It’s All Relative Recap: Earthquakes and Boob Jobs

  1. Charri Barnes

    I absolutely love Leah Remini and I think this show is hilarious! Just listening to Vicki laugh tickles me and, like you mentioned, I like how normal they are and it makes me think my family just may be as “normal”. :-)

  2. voodidit

    I was hoping the video at the end was a clip of the show, it was a McDonald’s ad…. Thanks Tamara now I want Chickem McNuggets!

  3. Keep wanting to watch and forget to dvr ! Damn… ! Love Leah tho think she’s brave for outing Scientology !!

  4. I love this show. Their interaction is cute and I will keep watching.

  5. rochelle013

    My daughter and I watch it together. It is awesome. Every once in a while she will say, “God Mom, she is like you.” She meant the OCD type things LOL

  6. MamaKat

    I love this show! I hope it gets another season . This is must see tv.

  7. Tasos826

    You did a fine job, T. You recapped the episode, and humorously so. Sharing practically every joke and funny scene isn’t needed (or desired). Your recap encourages readers to seize an opportunity to watch the subject episode themselves, without distraction through experiencing a sense of deja vus.

    • Thanks. Funny things just keep happening and I really just want a place for us to chat about it here more than a blow by blow accounting. ​

      On Sun, Jul 27, 2014 at 3:29 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  8. loriflack

    ^^^ THAT ^^^

  9. Love this show. Can’t wait to be able to watch it, maybe Monday. I would totally understand if you didn’t recap this and just enjoyed it. It’s a good show with the most “normal” LA people ever. RARE!

  10. thedisher

    Love this show & was inspired to wash my light switches and door knobs…

  11. GCVLMV

    I haven’t been watching. I don’t really have a strong opinion about Leah, it is more of a TV timing issue and I really don’t where to find the WE channel (?). I am enjoying your recaps though. I don’t need to watch everything that is on. Sometimes it is fun to just let you do the heavy lifting. :)

  12. Mina

    Love me some Angelo!! OMG. If there was a hot guy like that where I live, it would be ON, you hear? Lawd.. And he can salsa his ass off too. Ever see him? Sheesh!

    • I just found this show on my On Demand (love FIOS). It was so cute, I love the entire family, especially Vickie, she reminds me so much of my dear, departed Mother. Angelo is like the perfect husband and Leah has great deadpan humor. Does anyone know if that is Angelo singing the opening song – its all Relative? If so, he has a great voice too. I was surprised to see you blog about this little show – pleasantly surprised. I didn’t even know Leah had a reality show until I started looking in On Demand for something to watch. I watched all of the episodes this past Sunday, it was fun. Its nice to watch a reality show without everyone screaming at each other. Thank you Tamara.

  13. olivia

    I love them, BUT too much confessional & not enough show…I also think they’re to play for the camera & not being themselves.. The story lines are stupid.. If they would let Leah take the bull by the horns I think it would be a hit~Having said that, I ADORE her, her mother, etc. Also, her sister needs to be in it more. She’s funny without trying… I wish you the best of luck, I really love your family…

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