What Were the Real Housewives Up to Today?

RHONJ Tre and GIa


Teresa and Gia are having a beach day.

RHOA BiermannsKim and her three eldest are supporting Kroy as he returns to training camp for the Falcons.

RHOBH Kyle is in Spain


Kyle is in Spain without Mauricio.

RHOBH Yolanda in Holland

And Yolanda is in Holland without David.

Who would you rather trade places with?


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138 responses to “What Were the Real Housewives Up to Today?

  1. michelle

    I think Spain without Mauricio sounds lovely.

  2. sequoia

    Just about anywhere without my husband sounds lovely.

    • ​Aw… wanna divorce him for a nice straight chick? How is your health insurance? You seem like a California liberal through I ain’t moving there and I already have a gay finance ( who just married his fucking husband) so, whatevia. I just need health insurance. / le sigh

      On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 10:46 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • What ? Obamacare isn’t working out for you ?!

      • ​No, Miss Welcome committee to the blue state of California. Your fucking president has TAKEN AWAY the healthcare some of us had here in the red states, fucked us up the ass and now we have nothing. Others of us have had our PRIVATE INSURANCE we were paying for taken away and been shoved on Obamacare, like my neice and now only ONE hospital will take her, if she can get there on time.

        So no. NO, OBAMACARE is not working for her, and I would have to pay $700 a month to get it. Check out the news sometime. only 36 states get “subsidies” aka welfarish shit to make it “affordable” while the rest of us now not only do not have health insurance, but will be paying fines because it is cheaper.

        On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 12:40 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • sequoia

        Alas, I am among the ranks of men disabeled by complications brought on by the still insidious HIV virus. lucky for.me thatt the liberal insurance program called medicare comes in handy from time to time…

      • ​lucky indeed. Plenty of us don’t have squat.

        On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 1:39 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • ​While all you tree huggers don’t GET IT, Obama has TAKEN AWAY the healthcare in the red states. My niece who has her LIFE TAKEN AWAY FROM HER by vaccinations that you all think is great. Had the largest out of court settlement EVER against a drug company, which paid for her health care, FORCED over to Obamacare and now when she has seizures that send her into a coma from government required vaccines she can’t go to the nearest hospital because only one take OBAMACARE despite the fact she has a medical fund that USED TO pay for her medical care anywhere.

        But hey, Y’all go on thinking Obamacare is a great thing. My neice almost died TWICE this summer trying to get to a hospital.

        On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 2:08 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:

        > ​lucky indeed. Plenty of us don’t have squat. > > > On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 1:39 AM, Tamara Tattles comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote: > >>

      • HannahKingRose

        sequoia, so sorry about your disability due to that stupid, fucking disease. I too am disabled by an invisible incurable nerve disease called Complex Regional Pain Disease. It makes daily life tough as I’m sure yours at times is no picnic. Sending you positive energy and thoughts. Hope you are having a healthy time now.

      • HannahKingRose

        Oh dear I meant to say Stupid mother fucking disease. Don’t want any misunderstanding.

      • Sorry Sequoia… I just need to rant and I did not mean to overshadow your stuff. I am just so sick of these people being shocked about “Obamacare” I love you to pieces and I refuse to believe you are anything less than whole an perfect. You sure seem that way to me. xoxo

      • Cat

        Ugh. I’m not looking forward to this at all. Technically, I’m still on FMLA and employed, although I am on disability and know I cannot go back to work. I’m lucky, I have doctors who will write letters to extend my FMLA so I can keep my job and my insurance. Sooner or later, the company will simply fire me, and then I will be out of luck. What kind of insurance am I going to get….having just had a serious bout with cancer…and a pacemaker? I know I will probaby be part of Obama’s “depopulation” plan, if I get cancer again in the next year or so. I am not afraid of dying, but I’ll be pissed if it’s because of Obama and his crappy insurance “overhaul”.

      • I have heard that if you have had cancer the Obamacare has you sit out a year (and try not to die) before you can get their insurance, which on one takes anyway. ​

        On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 2:40 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • kk bella

        Ca born and raised. Own 3 businesses. Our insurance has gone up since Mr. Obama. Yet we are healthy, not one need for medication, in out 50’s, go for yearly check ups, that’s it. Yet now we pay another 85 bucks a month, for the same shitty care we had before. It is a sad, messed up state of affairs. So sorry for the rest of you.

      • Frappe

        So I’m guessing you won’t be attending any of Obama’s ten fundraisers a day? When he’s not busy golfing of course….

      • Cat

        TT, I heard cancer was not covered at all. But, yeah, they make you wait. When I got my disability, I was told I had to wait 2 years for insurance.

        Got to weed out the Baby Boomers, I suppose. There are way too many of us.

      • i know a scum sucking bottom feeder who voted for obama so she could have obamacare for herself and her drug addict son. she didnt have insurance before that, she was always a bottom feeder — nothing to do w obama/obamacare — but she says she’s quite happy about how things turned out. sad for anyone who got screwed by it. i think most people i know who work pay more now or get less.

      • dallasmom

        First let me say I HATE Obama….most arrogant man ever! But I am in the minority having good luck with Obamacare! My oldest just had to get off our insurance….she has pre-existing issues to a near fatal car accident: has plates in her head, had a tbi, now has seizures ,and in April she had a stroke. She is a single mother and got obamacare w/subsidies for a $100 a month. Most of the hospitals take her insurance, finding a Dr. Was trickier but we finally figured out how to get a good one. They assigned her an 80 year old Dr that was walk in only! I know we are in the MINORITY with our luck…but thankful.

      • lilkunta

        TT, So Georgia doesnt allow you to get on medicaid ?

      • I’ve never applied to be on Medicaid. I was simply trying to buy insurance…but … oh nevermind. ​

        On Sun, Jul 27, 2014 at 12:00 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        Hmmm, interesting. I’m one of those scum sucking, bottom feeding, tree huggers that voted for President Obama twice. If only he had never been born, then everyone’s problems would magically go away.

  3. puravidacostarica2

    Definitely Spain but without Kyle.

    • I agree, puravidacostarica2 ! Spain is GORGEOUS in every way: scenic, relaxing, great food (nothing like fresh seafood), warm people and the cherry on top: some of the best looking men in the world- dark hair & blue or green eyes; blond hair, honey-coloured complexion & blue or green eyes ; so many lovely combonations :) ! The women are equally beautiful !!

  4. Din

    Kyle’s picture is pretty funny if you think about it.

    • ​I thought it was lovely. I’d definitely pick Spain with Kyle.

      On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 10:57 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        You loooove Kyle. I just hope Yolanda stays in Holland so David can move on to wife number 12 in peace.

      • the dutch people i know are warm & social, so i’m hoping self-absorbed yolanda’s an aberration. love the netherlands & spain, tho.

      • I can assure you that warm and social are not attributes of the Dutch or the Germans. The warm social ones are the exception and not the rule. ​

        On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 4:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • dallasmom

        Wow Yolanda is in Holland? Her daughter Bella (17 year old) just got a DUI 3 days ago! Excellent parenting!

  5. well i WAS on the beach today, it was a gorgeous low humidity day, and thankfully it was without teresa. LOL

  6. Cat

    I’m happy where I am, thanks.

  7. Patti R.

    I would rather be with Yolanda in Holland. 2nd choice would be Kim and Kroy. No way with Teresa even though I love her daughter. And Kyle & Mauricio, def on Mauricio but no Kyle! Haha!

    • peachteachr

      Patti, as soon as I saw the pic of Gia I couldn’t help but think that life is about to sucker punch her in a few months b/c of her parents. I feel so sorry for her especially because of her age. No one is OK at that age and to lose your parents to prison must be a special type of hell. The stats for kids who have parents in prison are horrible. Low graduation rates and high out of marriage births are the norm. Too bad her parents didn’t think of them while they thought they were getting one over on every bank and gov’t authority they came in contact with.

  8. Lordy, why does Kim wear that two ton ugly age adding wig in that heat? She always looks younger and prettier w/her own hair!

  9. kats meow

    does anyone wonder how in the f**k Teresa can even afford those sunglasses shes got on in the pic?? or how is she still portraying this image of wealth??

    • gagirl86

      Things that make u go WTF! Will those go toward restitution?

    • Sara

      They are the ones you see at the kiosk in the mall…you know…designer sunglasses for $10. Let’s just say someone (cough cough) owns several. While at the beach that same someone likes the sparkle, gaudy ones,

  10. I want to be at the beach, any beach!

  11. Nice to see Teresa spending time with Gia.

  12. Jarlath

    These photos look so lovely! I haven’t seen summer since 2013 :(

  13. kk bella

    Spain. Me. Mauricio. David. Joe Guidice if he NEVER EVER opened his mouth. (To speak, that is) And Ken could come along to give “mouth and lingual lessons”…

  14. gagirl86

    Love you tt but I guess im in the minority. I was never able to afford healthcare and I have a debilitating disease as well. “Obamacare” has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

    • I’m glad it’s working out for SOMEONE ! It’s been a huge disaster for the rest of the country.
      TT— my apologies, I was being sarcastic, but I suppose there was no way for you to know that ! Sorry :(
      I didn’t mean for my facetious comment to stir up more discontent here.
      For people who’ve any idea what a national health care program would actually be like, on the face, I can understand how they might want it. But being 1/2 English & having visited my UK family my whole life, I knew it was the worst think that could’ve been done.
      England is tiny relative to the U.S. and they have serious problems administering the NHC, how could any lawmaker not have done their due diligence ? It’s been a mess and has been for decades.
      The “affordable” care act is anything but ! It’s probably the single greatest health crisis our fair country has seen.
      On a sad note, I am so VERY sorry to hear about your niece, words are not adequate
      PS: TT, I know that CA is known as a blue state, but we do have pockets of red- just not many.

      • HerDaughter

        Are you in a bubble?

      • I’m a big fan off all the HW’s, and also signed up for the “affordable care”,. Yes, it’s true, certain hospitals, like Mayo clinic where I had most of my cancer treatment over the last 8 years does not take my affordable care. But since I’ve spent years in and out of treatment, I know first hand that a lot of these hospitals at one time or another did not take other insurances as well. Before the affordable care came along, I had changes in my policies through my job, and had to change Doctors, and treatment plans. I worked for a large well known Jewelry Company for almost 29 years, full time, provided my family with my benefits, even after I was divorced,I kept my Xhusband on. Well, I had the added excitement of experiencing a mesh implant go bad, I’m still ill, and I still work, but not for the same company. Now I work for Hallmark Cards, low pay, part time, when I lost my ‘sparkle’, I couldn’t keep up with the fast pace retail world of fine jewelry. So I’ll never be what I was, but I’m still here, and my income is much lower, and though I can’t go at this time to the top hospital that saved my life, I’m finding decent places to go. I’ve been on the health care roller coaster of benefits long before these changes, never had it that easy anyway. Yolanda Foster sent me some lovely text messages when she was in Florida receiving her treatments. I thought maybe she was a patient at Mayo when I read her twitter page, so I asked her. She would only say she was in Florida. She wished me well. My name is Holland, so I would be right at home with Yo, and I grow lemons! I was worried about her and David when I heard of the plane crash from the Netherlands. Good luck to all the people having such a ruff time!

    • Your not alone, Covered California by Anthem is working well for me and one son, other two sons their company covered insurance wasn’t affected.
      Most places take our card and we’ve had few problems.
      California began early and was ready with their own insurance but not all people out here are happy either.
      Many are paying to opt out, average cost if $50.00 a month.
      I’ve read where it is bad in the states that insurance company’s were not ready. Sorry TT that has happened to you and your family.

      • I don’t know how it’s constutional for the Federal Government to tax (yes ! It is a tax !) anyone who chooses to opt out.
        I wonder if a Republican is elected in 2016, how long & difficult would it be to kill Obamacare ?
        Won’t, then, people covered by it be without health insurance then ? What would the ramifications of THAT be ?
        It’s a fine mess Obama & Biden made. For the record, I never voted for them. I just felt Obama lacked the ability, perhaps in 10 years at best— and Biden wasn’t for me, and never would be.

    • yeah, I’ve heard it works for some people. I think it mostly depends if you live somewhere that will take it. Glad it is working for you.​

      On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 2:51 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  15. marc

    Holland with Yolonda & a pile of lemons

  16. Holland looks lovely, Yolanda would be a fun vacation buddy, I think. The canals and art gallery’s would be awesome.

    Spain I’ve wanted to visit with the church’s, architecture, food, history, yum, but not with Kyle. I don’t see her walking the paths or doing history tours.

    Has anyone wanted to visit Greenland?

  17. I thought the stupid, fucking disease / stupid fucking disease thing was funny. Sorry about everyone’s illnesses — especially the SFD (although it’s not the instant death sentence it was in 1984, and for that I am grateful). And your relatives’ illnesses. Except Susan. She’s a retarded twat who needs her “!” Shoved up her stupid retarded GREEN AND BLUE EYES GREEN AND BLUE EYES GREEN AND BLUE EYES ass.

    I would not want to be any of these places if it involved a housewife. But solo, I’d pick Spain. But NOT because they have GREEN AND BLUE EYES GREEN AND BLUE EYES GREEN AND BLUE EYES. Because I’m not a shallow idjiot.

    • HannahKingRose

      Yeah teecee it was kinda funny even though I didn’t intend for it to be. Sometimes it just happens. Didn’t know sequoia well enough to know whether or not if he’d understand my meaning.

  18. Deb

    Cat, you need to apply for Medicaid. Disabled people are eligible for it. It will take care of your medical and dental. Or just apply for disability and if it is granted you will be automatically enrolled in Medicaid. I used a service to help me with the paperwork for my son. Took three months to get approved. This is how it works in Texas. You can apply online.

    • Cat

      Thanks, Deb. But my disability was approved 2 months ago. With my health conditions, it was approved immediately, without a service, and without a lawyer. BUT–Once approved, I was told to try to keep my work insurance as long as possible, since I had to wait 2 years to be eligible for Medicaid. Since my disability technically began last November, I’m already almost a year in. So I only have to wait a little over a year now. I don’t know if it’s different now because of Obama, or if it’s a state thing. Doesn’t really matter. I’m in Kansas City, Kansas, but since they were backlogged here, Missouri took care of my claim. So, I’m not sure who’s responsible for the delay. Doesn’t matter. I have to wait.

  19. Thanks4Sharin

    Kyle can stay in Spain, and I will stay at home with Mauricio.

  20. 2canplay

    Tamara,it is NOT Obama who has taken away your healthcare it is the GOVERNOR of your state who has REFUSED the expansion money. If the GOVERNOR accepts the money – you and others get your health insurance back at REASONABLE rates Interesting that you call the subsidies welfarish….. but the fact it is boils down to using tax dollars collected to help people afford health insurance. funny … how most people don’t considers the mortgage deduction as welfarish….or any of the other things which help the middle class like GRANTS for going to college as welfarish….or spending tax dollars on the military as welfarish .just saying…..

    • So it is the governors fault that we can no longer by healthcare that isn’t from the government as individuals? It is the governor’s fault that NO ONE TAKES the Government plans? It is the Governors fault that a lot of people can’t get the medications they have been taking for years for chronic illnesses because OBAMAcare doesn’t cover it? It is the governor’s fault that that OBAMACare is way more expensive than even the COBRA that we have been paying for but can no longer have because of OBAMACARE?

      Is that other federal medical program that is running so smoothly headed by my Governor as well? Because he isn’t doing to well with the Veterans health care either.

      Thanks for the information. Clearly I need a new governor.

      It really is opposite day today.

      • ericzku

        Uh, the VA has always been a clusterfuck; at least for the 3-plus decades that I’ve had awareness of it. Should it be? Absolutely not. Let’s not pretend though, that a previously well-run organization has all-of-a-sudden run off the rails under the current administration.

      • ​Oh, that was not my point. My point was the we can’t expect a government (not referring to any particular administration, I mean all of them) to be able to administrate government healthcare for all any better than they have taken care of the veterans. #deathpanels :)

        On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 2:40 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • This is such a happy little thread. I’m not sure how I got off on the healthcare tangent. I blame the wine.

        Sowwy. ​

        On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 3:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:

        > ​Oh, that was not my point. My point was the we can’t expect a government > (not referring to any particular administration, I mean all of them) to be > able to administrate government healthcare for all any better than they > have taken care of the veterans. #deathpanels :) > > > On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 2:40 PM, Tamara Tattles comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote: > >>

      • tamara dont you think the insurance companies & red states purposely fucked it up to make people hate obama/obamacare? i think anyone who has spent time in hospital & itemized the bill knows how much waste is built into our system. it’s disgraceful.

      • I was paying $562/mo for Cobra HMO and then applied for ACA in CA. Low income (retired, no assets) qualified me for assistance and I got $800 +/mo PPO for $332/mo, kept my PCP, found specialty docs and hospitals who took my insurance. I believe it’s up to states to make it a good thing or not. So sorry for those of you that had bad experiences but mine was good. Now on Medicare and pay $150 for PPO medigap supplement. How can you not get coverage for pre-existing conditions? Wasn’t that out-lawed by the ACA?

      • So…I should have to pay more so you an get free stuff after living a life and having nothing to show for it except an outstretched hand? SO GREAT that it’s working out well for you. Let that be a lesson to everyone. Don’t save and don’t buy property and “retire” so the rest of the country can support you. Oh and then spend your time posting troll shit on reality show blog comment sections.

    • MamaKat

      We are middle class and our 2 Daughters get NO govt grants for college. We make too much money,less than $80,000. a year to support 6 of us. 2 in college and 2 still at home. Don’t be fooled that middle income get any kind of aid or grants. It’s not true.

      • 2canplay

        FYI MamaKat- Middle income in the USA starts at about 50k and they get grants for college …hence my point about middle income folks getting grants…understood that NOT all middle income folks get grants….However at any income….you are free to avail yourself of writeoffs related to your mortgage ..
        FYI MixedUpChile- you are correct denying coverage for a preexisitng condition[which includes cancer] is NOT PERMITTED under ACA/Obamacare. I think the confusion stems from the following(taken from the American Cancer Society website – from an article entitled “Six Ways the Affordable Care Act is Helping Cancer patients”) the relevant paragraph reads as follows below;
        “More cancer survivors can now get care – High-risk pools have been established in every state to provide coverage for the uninsured. The program launched on July 1st and is providing immediate access to coverage for people in every state who have been uninsured for six months or more and have cancer or another pre-existing condition”.

        I think there is CONFUSION about the 6th month wait – that is for ANY person who IS CURRENTLY UNINSURED AND has a pre-exisiting condition- i.e. if you have ANY preexisiting condition(i.e. NOT just Cancer- you must have been without insurance for 6 months BEFORE getting a plan. If you have been without insurance for 6 months or MORE (i.e. this includes time PRIOR to the ACA/Obamacare – thn the 6 month wait DOES NOT IMPACT you/prevent you from getting insurance NOW). They are NOT singling out cancer patients – it is as simple as if you have a preexisiting condition and have been without insurance for at least 6 months – you are free to enroll. if you have a preexisting condition and have been UNINSURED for LESS THAN 6 months – you must wait the full 6 months to get covered – just keep in mind these are people who were ALREADY UNINSURED and had a PREEXISTING CONDITION- under the OLD system MOST of these people could NOT get a plan because of the preexisting condition.

      • Cat

        6 months is a long time if you have cancer. It doesn’t get better on it’s own, you know. I had to live with this breast cancer for FOUR YEARS before I could see a doctor. I didn’t qualify for any “handouts”. And once I got a job that offered insurance, I had to wait a YEAR before I could use it. I’m so sick of waiting to use insurance that I have paid for already. This cancer almost killed me, because I had to wait so long. And now I can’t work at all. Is it my fault? Probably. Not much I can do about it now. But to say there is ONLY a 6 month wait might as well be a lifetime for someone with cancer. These wait periods are ridiculous. If you pay for something, you should have the right to use it.

    • Frappe

      So you’ve beat the “it’s Bush’s fault” drum to death and now are blaming governors. Please tell me which governor serves in Congress where the Obamacare “go die” Bill was

    • Frappe

      So you’ve beat the “it’s Bush’s fault” drum to death and now are blaming governors. Please tell me which governor serves in Congress where the Obamacare “go die” Bill was passed. What Dems won’t do or say to gloss over an incompetent president!

  21. Angel

    Yolanda needs to have her daughter, Bella, with her on a bicycle, instead of DUI in LA at 17 years old.

  22. Holy shit. So sad to see this blog switch to political bullshit. I thought this was about light-hearted reality stuff. Thanks a fucking lot to whoever took it there.

    There is nothing that will ruin a blog (if the number of people commenting & reading matter, that is) than bringing up politics & ESPECIALLY healthcare.

    Granted, as someone who is affected daily by healthcare, I REALIZE & know it’s importance. But if I wanted to talk about that I wouldn’t come to Tamara Tattles!

    I’m out.

    • are you even a regular poster here? agree political talk can kill a thread. sometimes we bring our real lives into threads, thi. sorry you could care less.

  23. Geez?!? WTF happened in these comments?! No better way to kill commaraderie & unity than bringing up something like Obamacare & politics…

    If I wanna hear about politics, I sure the fuck wouldn’t click on a story about what the housewives were up to.

    I realize it’s important and deal with it everyday.., But it’s not “tea worthy!”

    BTW… some of you are clearly ignorant as fuck.

  24. Belinda

    Would Obamacare pay for nose jobs for the Guidice ” Girls ” ?

    • Your a cunt. Does Obamacare pay for cuntinessectomies?

      • Belinda

        What’s a matter , Titless ? Talk of nose jobs, hand jobs, blow jobs or, in your case, ANY kind of J-O-B hurt your wittle feelings ?

      • Titless? Really? What does that mean?

        Nothing hurst my feelings. You talking about a child in such a way shows that you are a gormless twat. Funny that you think it’s ok to say that about a kid, but you flip the fuck out when I say it about you to you. Loser.

      • Belinda

        You think that my response was a “flip the fuck out ” ? Well obviously you are as astute as you are literate……know how to spleen much ? Titless means YOU…..didn’t I read somewhere that you are one of those fatties with AA cups ? Sorry…my mistake !

      • No. You did jot read that anywhere. I’m wondering what you look like. I’m sure you must be gorgeous since you need to pick on a child’s nose and make wildly incorrect accusations about me.

      • Tamara has referred to herself as fat from time to time. Perhaps you have us confused and your insults were meant for her?

      • Holy shitballs! Why are YOU allowed to insult posters? I know TT can do whatever the hell she wants but I find it hard to believe she just lets you slide. SMH.

  25. Since you asked “Which would you rather trade places with” and not “Who would you rather spend the day with” – I’d trade places/location with Teresa or Kyle. Love the beach and never been to Spain.

  26. Jen

    I would want to be in Spain with Mauricio. Haha. Idk why but Kyle is okay, but can be a Mean girl x10. I guess that could be said of all Womankind at one time or another. We don’t have cameras following us all the time. I try to be nicer. But, I too have occasional slips.

  27. HerDaughter

    Any of these places would be nice…As long as it’s a kick back sort of day. I have never been to any of them, I’m just not sure how Yolanda is off camera! ☺

  28. Which one would I trade places with was the question I missed.

    Still taking Holland with its cooler weather, that could be because it’s been so hot here with no rain.
    Holland has great hiking/biking trails too. The trails are signed with free huts to sleep in if you choose. Many of their trails are boarded to keep a hiker dry.
    There are many guided week long back country hikes. To me, that sounds lovely. I don’t understand why dirt and trees have become my hearts desire. Stupid.

  29. Wampascat

    My son invited me to Spain with his teaching group next Summer. I’ve never been abroad before. Very exciting.

  30. lori

    To answer the question, I’d trade places with Kim. Of course she won’t be there. It will just be me, hot troy and the kids. Looks like a fun day.

  31. Lindy

    Most of you are poorly educated about the ACA/Obamacare as well about what’s happening in your own state. But guess what? The fact you are not educated about it is partially your fault, partially your governor’s fault and wait for it > > > > > >partially> > >you guessed it > >> say it all together now O B A M A ‘S fault.. The ACA is really not all that complicated. However the information provided to citizens by the Obama administration was inadequate & poorly executed.

    The Obama Administration also sorely underestimated the lengths to which the insurance companies could and would go, to maintain as much of the profits they have been reaping for decades. In other words, when the insurance companies came to the table they lied or rather did not tell all that they would do in order to mitigate any potential losses caused by taking on sicker patients. Had everyone played fairly and participated in the implementation, it would have been good – not perfect, nothing this large ever is on the initial rollout, but good. Would everyone have affordable health insurance? Absolutely not. That was never the plan.

    Insurance companies cancel or change products and services offered and pricing every year. Everyone knows that. Some products are modified and others are completely removed from the market. That is nothing new. HOWEVER, they took the all the liberty they could to not only drop products that would not meet ACA requirements (which was required) but also to change products in order to maintain profits margins. As a former senior executive of the leading health care insurer it was obvious in preparation for the implementation a certain amount of this was going to happen. The Obama Administration was naive about how this would/could play out.

    Ah yes….the implementation. All well planned and well thought-out. Even in many red states. (I’m in a red state.) Lots of organizing and preparation years before and and also dollars spent – but red state legislators voted against the segments necessary to be approved for each state for the different provisions. So governors ordered it all be abandoned in the red states and to trash what ever progress had been already accomplished. They would refuse money to build the state agency build the system to handle the enrollment and hire people in your state to educate and do face-to-face education and assistance with new customers. And of course they would also refuse the government money for the state to expand Medicaid in order to bridge the gap between Medicare and the Affordable Care Act and ensure tens of thousands more people would be covered. WHY? SO. IT. WOULD. FAIL. It would also cause the administration to take over for every state that refused to accept the funding for any of the services. You only have to look to California to see how it could have been and how smoothly it could have operated. BUT THE GOAL WAS TO FAIL, by yes, YOUR GOVERNOR and legislature. Oh, but you don’t want a government subsidized healthcare solution. OK.

    So complain all you want, you have no idea what really went down with all of this. Or how it would have worked if all parties would have cooperated in an honest fashion. Partly because you don’t want to know and partly because you’ve been lied to. Partly because the information wasn’t provided. Many people were involved at different levels of course to different degrees. Many people were intimately involved as I was. Sad. and Disgusting. I tried to ignore all that was written here today. Fought trying to counter each with info, but mostly all it did was raise my blood pressure and send my poor old heart racing. Oh, and Dallasmom? you really should be thankful but I don’t think you truly know what that word means.

    By not accepting the money to expand Medicare and build the other parts of the program included in the ACA, many providers felt emboldened to refuse to accept ACA offered by Blue Cross, Aethna, United Healthcare, etc. So the red states really had a lot to do with failure to launch or experience anything other than random successes. SURPRISE (not)

    There was money to expand every community health program. That would have meant that the current community run health center could expand to accept more patients. There was also money for more nurses, physicians and other healthcare practitioners. Even to educate more practitioners to fulfill needs in more rural areas and to expand some practices with physician extenders such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners. It was a comprehensive and well thought out plan. OH WELL.

    The silly stuff about “Obamacare makes you sit out a year if you have cancer”…….wow, where does this garbage come from? It’s such a travesty.

    OK Done. Buh bye.

    • Frappe

      Hi Nancy Pelosi. With this long diatribe your botoxed face must be exhausted trying to form a frown. Take a rest girl.

    • I’m not quite sure how what you say makes what others have said wrong. I don’t think anyone denied it was their state’s governor’s fault. Quite frankly, it does not matter whose fault it is when someone is denied the care they are used to for a pre-existing condition. The rest…well, the fact that Obama, who has no real business or management experience before he took office, thought that any business was going to sit by and watch their margins shrink just because he asked them to is just ridiculous, and shamefully naive. The governors played hardball….but the administration knew they would (or again, underestimated) yet plowed ahead with this plan. The people trained to be educators and trouble shooters are by and large morons. Not sure what they are paid, but the ones I saw (in reports holding them up as viable resources) could barely speak English and certainly were not what I’d consider a professional workforce. So in the end, he will historically be known for obamacare. But time will tell if that has the connotation of watergate or the new deal. A lot depends on who gets elected. The whole thing could be repealed, leaving people in even WORSE shape because the insurance companies will take that opportunity to widen their margins. Or someone could patch it up and fill in the holes that Lindy has pointed out, making them or their party look like the hero. The thing that I don’t get is the halfway/halfassedness of it all. Either everyone deserves the same level of healthcare or they do not. As it is now, as has been for quite awhile, people with no job and no property get better care than those who work their asses off. I know tons of middle class people who are fairly healthy who do not go to the doctor or the ER when they probably should because it’s going to end up being a big bill for them as copay. Meanwhile a big chunk if their paycheck goes to insurance. Go spend some time in an ER on a weekend. You will see that it’s always packed with illegals and poor people who have sniffles or a headache and are using the ER as their doctor. They can’t be turned away and they know it. It’s all very fucked up. I don’t have any answers. Maybe insurance companies should not be publicly traded. Maybe healthcare providers need better regulation (because the charges they bill are ridiculous). But leaving this to be a partisan issue is a huge mistake. Nothing will ever be solved this way.

      • Wow, I should have read ahead and just did a “what TeeCee said” sort of thing​.

        On Sun, Jul 27, 2014 at 12:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.

      • Can you edit some “fucks” and “cunts” into our posts? We wouldn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea.

      • fivecatsownme

        Partisan is the magic word. Former Pres. Nixon wanted to put in a National Health plan and Teddy Kennedy got it killed in the Senate because it came from a republican president. Sen. Kennedy later said he regretted his actions.

      • That’s what happens when you let Fredo in the Senate as a member instead of appearing before a committee.

      • Cat

        I agree, TT. TeeCee’s comment needs to be moved to the top of the comments thread. It is by far, the smartest comment here. Thank you, TC.

    • ​Lindy,

      Take a breath. :) I read your very well thought and accurate post and was with you right until you get to the cancer part. Actually I was the one that heard you had to wait out a year regarding cancer. I heard that information on a radio news program, which is not the best source or information. That said, cancer patients have been hit particularly hard (in general) by Obama care.

      The public was informed that if you want to keep your doctor, you can. That was not true. Many people were forced out of their insurance plan they were happy with an paying for without the government’s assistance. Then the government arrived “to help.” And they were forced into plans that most of the best cancer hospitals will not take. And plans that do not cover their very expensive medications.

      Whether are not they have to wait out a year, or two as Cat (who I believe is a cancer patient) says may or may not be accurate.

      The entire rest of your post I already understood to a degree but your explanation made things clearer. So thank you for taking the time to spell it out for us.

      The bottom line is we are left with a clusterfuck which was caused by our government who cannot work together to do any damn thing. So even if the plans were as well thought out as your post indicated, they still had to go through the clusterfuck that is government as partners with an even bigger clusterfuck of Medicial insurance companies. There were plenty of people who thought that would not go well before all of this began.

      So here we the people are in very unfortunate situations, on a message board pointing fingers. I don’t understand why we are all arguing with each other, when we are all crowded on the same government issue life raft.

      Can’t we all just die from our untreated illnesses in peace?


      On Sun, Jul 27, 2014 at 5:53 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • 2canplay

        Tamara- housekeeping note – you clearly blamed OBAMA in your original post/rant…you never mentioned YOUR GOVERNOR……. as far as policies being cancelled it happened BEFORE Obamacare…. as far as NOT being able to keep your Doctor it happened BEFORE Obamacare – i.e. the insurance company DECIDES each year which Doctors will be in-network for the coming plan year … and the company you work for decides WHICH insurance plans they will offer for the coming year…so a change on the Insurance company front or the Employer front resulted in one not being able to keep their doctor . Btw – did you know that EMPLOYER sponsored healthcare plans (i.e. BEFORE Obamacare – are ALSO welfarish(your term).- the companies get a Government subside – to offer the health care – and that savings is passed on to you for your employee rate. just saying…..

      • @2canplay Why are you still blathering nonsense. It’s called OBAMACARE for a reason, you dipshit.​

        On Sun, Jul 27, 2014 at 3:02 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Um…that’s not a housekeeping note.

      • so instead of saying you admire TT for being open enuf to get it you choose to criticise her? take a few next time instead of just spewing.
        lol some of us are real housewives, too. guess the blog title said it all…

      • @2canplay… Housekeeping note: the decision whether or not a doctor in in network or not, is not based on the insurance company. The DOCTORS decide which insurance plans they wish to be a part of. The review the benefits and pay scale of said insurance company and decide whether to contract with them. Yes, insurance companies can also pull from doctors that they feel are not benefitting them, but that is a 2 way street.
        Many healthcare providers – mine included- say that ACA is a pile of horseshit.

      • Cat

        Yes, I am a cancer patient. And before I am once again called “uneducated”, “uninformed”, “mistaken”, “unintelligent”, or any of the other names used in this thread, I will say, I HAVE BEEN TOLD I HAVE TO WAIT 2 YEARS FOR MEDICAID. And if you still don’t believe me, I can send you the letter from SSDI that proves it. None of the insurance companies I have looked at will even accept me, and if they do, I have to pay more than I can afford, and STILL cannot be covered for cancer.

        Oh, and by the way, disability is NOT a handout. I worked my butt off all my life for that money. It’s MINE.

      • fivecatsownme

        You are correct, Cat. After 2 years on SSDI you qualify for Medicare. If you qualify for SSI, supplemental security income, you might qualify for Medicaid depending on your state. SSI is dependent on income and it is pretty hard to get. I got Medicare after 2 years on SSDI, due to pulmonary hypertension. When I went on oxygen, I had to quit working. I tried going back, got really sick and went into kidney failure. But every day I pass the mirror test is a hood day. I am sorry you have been so Ill. I hope your company can keep stretching the FMLA. I agree about the disability, I worked for 20 years and was in the military. (I was an ICU nurse and also got a degree in health information management) You are one my favorite posters. You always make sense. Now, let’s discuss other taboo subjects, like sex,money, and religion. Seems like we killed politics and health. Just remember,opinions are like ass holes. We all have one and we don’t necessarily want to share it.

    • fivecatsownme

      Thanks for the post Lindy.

      • 2canplay

        Cat having to wait 2 years for MEDICAID is NOT THE SAME as having to wait 2 years for/because of OBAMACARE – btw what state are you in Cat?

      • 2canplay

        Shellbelle – you statement is contradictory ..i.e. you say it is NOT a decision of the insurance company….then you go on to say that it partially is (just saying :-)..). I concur with your view that the Dr also has a choice and ALWAYS had a choice PRIOR 2 Obamacare …. I did inadvertently leave that part out…….My point was/and remains: that there was NEVER a guarantee that you could keep you doctor even BEFORE Obamacare/ACA —

      • I left out solely- it’s not based solely on the insurance company. Better? JFC

      • Cat

        If you are so interested in where I live, I suggest you scan up and read my other posts. I never said medicaid was obamacare. I’m tired of being called a liar. I am many things, but a liar, I am not. I’m with Valerie. I’m done with this thread.

        And I suggest you and others drop the high and mighty attitude. You are not the all seeing all knowing person you think you are. For you and others to claim someone’s situation is not what they experienced is WRONG. It invalidates that person’s existence. I refuse to allow you to do that to me. I am a person. I am real. I am HERE. You have not been through what I have been through. You are not here. You are not ME. So you and others need to shut the fuck up. You should be glad you are safely hiding behind a computer….otherwise, you may find you really NEED insurance.

        Keep talking. I will no longer contribute to this argument. I’m done.

      • Belinda


      • Standing up and applauding you, Cat! If I had some TT tokens, I would gift them to you! :)

      • 2canplay

        Shellbelle – you posted the following: ” the decision whether or not a doctor in in network or not, is not based on the insurance company.”. That is NOT true …if the insurance company decides NOT to accept a doctor……guess what ….the DR DOES NOT GET IN ..so it CAn be based on the insurance company (get it now :-) ) . If the insurance company is large enough …the DR will think twice about opting out, AFTER the insurance company approves the DR for in-network privileges …trust and believe that…..

        Cat – I am not calling you a liar….nor am I high and mighty…. it was just a question in ref to the state you live in ….and you chose not to answer it…no worries…that is fine with me……no need for me to scroll to find out…. as it was just small talk…so to speak

      • If you had bothered to read on, I corrected what I said and said its not based SOLELY on the insurance company. So, fuck off and go troll somewhere else.

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