Nene Leakes Continues to be Butt Hurt Over Wendy Williams’ Comments

Rockin my latest #neneism clutch bag today. More info coming on where u can get yours.

Rockin my latest #neneism clutch bag today. More info coming on where u can get yours.

Good Grief! Nene continues to be butt hurt over Wendy Williams throwing some minor shade about Nene Leakes and her financial situation. Nene posted the above picture of a freshly finger-painted clutch with a slur towards Wendy today. BTW, my  DVR did not tape the WW show today. Was it a rerun?

If you would like a clutch shaped like a big black cock and coated with red nail polish, Nene assures you she is looking for a way to make that happen.

In case you missed this post, you really need to check out Nene’s rant against Wendy earlier in the week and my rebuttal. It really got a lot of attention from readers.

In other Nene news today rumors abound about Nene and Sherri Shepard both throwing their weaves in the ring to be the fairy godmother in an upcoming Broadway musical based on Cinderella. Personally, I hope Wendy Williams goes for the part and gets it. Can you imagine Nene’s head exploding then? It would be magnificent.


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94 responses to “Nene Leakes Continues to be Butt Hurt Over Wendy Williams’ Comments

  1. Can’t stop laughing at the site of Ne Ne as anyone’s fairy godmother..poor kid!

    I didn’t watch WWHL. but it listed Kristin Chenowith and Gayle King as guests.

    Hope you are feeling better Tamara

  2. Will someone please give that amazon a gift card to ACMoore sloshed can stop using lipstick and nail polish for arts nd crafts projects?

    PS. If that looks like a penis to you, you must be watching some fucked up porn.

  3. Riley

    MAGNIFICENT. To say the least!!

  4. TC

    This “feud” is going to backfire on Nene. She looks like a fool!!

    • Tasos826

      I anticipate the same, in part because Wendy strikes as someone who could become a relentless foe if she feels threatened, or publicly humiliated. Furthermore, Wendy is quick witted, as evidenced by her daily monolog, which just as well could be considered a current events comic routine. Wendy strikes as better educated, and she subsequently has a far better command of the English language.

    • puppylove

      TC I agree with you she is a fool and she needs to shut her mouth. I hope Windy does go for the fairy god mother part and gets it.

  5. That clutch is just as ugly as the other one and ahe probably got it when she bought that fake Birkin from the ladies that have a home business selling fakes. It seems she’s adding a preschool handbag selection to the other crap she’s peddling.

  6. CityGirl81

    This chick cannot be serious. Well while she is throwing “shade” at “Wendell,” Wendy is closing out her season, taking a summer break and coming back in September. NeNe, what are you doing ma’am besides from trying to sell ugly ass clothes, subbing for drag queens and filming RHOA?! Have several.

  7. vonnie

    Wendy rerun today. NeNe is a buffoon. Can’t imagine anyone casting she or Sherri in the role as Cinderella’s fairy godmother. The transformation would be impossible for makeup and wardrobe.

    • Lindy

      I think Sherri would make a really cute fairy godmother and I hope she gets it. Agree that the transformation would be impossible for NeNe.

      • Nene is to big (6’3) and awkward to play anybody’s Fairy God Mother.

      • Valerie

        Lindy, I think Sherri would definitely be the better pick too. I was watching a rerun of, 30 Rock and she’s very funny on that show IMO. She’d make a very cute fairy godmother. They would be crazy to choose Nene over her. Plus she needs a job right?

      • Nene can’t act. The very idea of her being on Broadway is beyond hilarious. From Vegas porn queen to Broadway. Not likely.

    • Anjannette

      Maybe she could be Cinderella’s fairy Shrek-mother.

      • Lisalisa

        You know on the RHOA she said directors wanted her because she has raw talent. She failed to mention that she’s bat sh*t crazy. Even Oprah went into character to play Harpo’s wife! All NeNe needs is for the public to acknowledge “you is good, you is kind and you is impotent.”

  8. Tasos826

    Wendy’s show was on rerun today: “Original Air Date: Jun 5, 2014” per “TV Guide”.

    • ​Thanks. It ruined my whole wake up ritual.

      On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 2:19 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Tasos826

        My pleasure. Today’s rerun messed up my wake up routine, too, because I set my alarm just early enough to catch her show. (Once I’m up, I’m up.)

        I checked tomorrow’s show listing (for Friday), which also will be a rerun.

      • Yeah. I was pissed when the red light didn’t come on my DVR at 10AM :(

      • Robbin

        No rerun here in Pittsburgh. Wendy said the whole cast of Atlanta housewives is returning. She mentioned that she thought Cynthia should have been gone, as well as Underground Railroad girl (can’t think of her name) because neither have interesting story lines. She said RHOA still has the highest ratings — RHONY has low ratings and they’re thinking of adding a black housewife to get viewership.

      • Yep. That was a rerun. The season is ovah until September.

  9. Mandi

    Wendy was not a rerun today. Spoke about NeNe but only to say the whole cast of RHoA would be back. Wendy didn’t say a thing about NeNe’s & her fugly Birkin bag drama

    • Angel

      A June rerun of WW scheduled in the midwest today. Comcast plays it at 11PM here so I often do not watch. Too much going on DVR most evenings.

    • Tasos826

      Check TV Guide, and you will note today’s airing was a rerun, and the reason why WW didn’t speak about the bag was because the original dare date is JUNE 5, 2014.

    • FairPlay

      Saw WW, playing coy, no specific mention of Nene. The worse type of attention is….no attention at all. That’s real shade thrown by WW. Bloop. Your 20 minutes are up Ms. Leakes.

  10. Just goes to show how really unsure of herself she really is. She has nothing better to do with her time. If she had anything of substance to do or think about, this would not have bothered her at all. Nene is really intimidated by Wendy and so stupid. There is such a thing as politically correct. She really should be careful alienating the real Hollywood folk who could help her career and just shut up and don’t take shots at the real players. Guess her career strategy is no strategy, except maybe career suicide. But she is skillfully making her never-was career quickly obsolete because she’s somebody who thinks they’ve made it when in fact they’re just fledgling. Her fall is inevitable. And why do these “D” list lebrities think people want to buy shit with their name on it. A brand is a brand for a reason not just to say you have a brand. With brands like this, I’ll be looking for non-brands.

    • Nene has a very low, low sef-esteem, and she masks it by being shady.

      • Sharnee

        Exactly, mamaline. She’s slowly losing her mind,friends,money and the list goes on. She’s an idiot not to know that we can damage our own designer bags if that’s what people choose to do. She’s grasping at what little straws that she can gather lol

    • Her “brand” makes her look worse specially when it looks like she bought the purse at the Dollar General and painted some words on it with nail polish.

  11. Nene sure does have a fragile ego.

  12. Eve

    I am sure that Hermes is going to pay the Birkin Beast so she will stop using their product. Their brand now has been ghettoed.
    Nene, Andy and the rest of the Bravoleperdies will all end up in prison along with the rest of the uneducated thugs and criminals.
    Miliania will become a serial killer.

    • Yep, i’m sure they don’t appreciate her rebranding their product. They should sue her. I thought Birkin was soooooooooooooo selective of who gets to buy their bags. Something I learned from RHOMiami. Remember when Lea put in a good word for Lisa or something like that. Wasn’t that a Birkin? Nene’s really trashed it. Faux pas bitch.

    • HerDaughter

      Leave Milania out of it!

    • BH Wannabe

      “Miliania will become a serial killer.”

      Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    • Lisalisa

      I think a company did that with one of the Jersey Shore people to get them to stop using their clothing. Wouldn’t it be funny if Hermes gave all the RHOA, except NeNe, a top of the line Birkin. I guess you are right, their brand is ruined now. From Martha Stewart to NeNe. Not a good thing for Hermes. Wonder when NeNe will flash that AMEX Black card and cut it up? There are some things money just can’t buy.

  13. Lisa

    Ne Ne needs to grow up. She is making a fool of herself!

  14. Judy McKenzie

    Any news…good or bad…is good for the Neens.
    Let’s give her NO ATTENTION!! Say “GIRL, talk to the hand (or your empty wig).” To Nene with love. I say this in the spirit of love….WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU? ruoc? She and her lousy promoters can GFT.

  15. RVA

    perhaps someone, anyone, one of the bridemaid, should tell Nene that it is in very poor taste to tell someone, as well as the world, how much a gift you gave them costs!
    i’m sure even Marlo knew that.

  16. Judy McKenzie

    ripNew bravo show! “NENE’s QUEST FOR RELEVANCE!”
    The trashed handbags…fits scripted stereotype…allegedly and IMO.
    The “rip” at the front end of this post did not come from me!!! Android cut out and my post reappeared… with RIP added.
    See how easy it is to allow her into your head. Anyone out there do deliverence ministries.

  17. myinfo

    Sherri can actually act. Loved her on Everyone Loves Raymond. She played Roberts partner (cop). 1 of their funniest show.
    Nene is an ass.

  18. Normalg

    Nene just wants some attention to her cheap clothing line. wendy stays promoting Burlington and other lines

  19. Note to self, teach the dog the Heimlich maneuver or don’t read this blog during lunch….that description of the clutch Ha Ha Ha

  20. Valerie

    Let’s talk black cock. I’ll take two, but not if Nene’s been there first.

  21. vonnie

    Dear faux Rich Bitch,

    We request that you not only NEVER purchase another product from our line, we also request that you refuse to accept any of our products as a gift.

    We highly recommend something from the Kardashian collection for you. Maybe they will appreciate your support. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.

    Hermes, Paris

  22. Cat

    I could see Nene cast as an ugly stepsister. She’s always best at acting as herself.

  23. Josie

    Is there a foul mouth nasty witch? She could play that no method acting involved!

  24. Cat

    Wow, looks like everyone on Twitter is starting to turn on her. Only 2 fan comments that I saw. The rest were very negative. One called her “Bullwinkle”. “If Wendy is Wendell, then you must be Bullwinkle.”

  25. Will someone Nene trusts (Greg is probably the only one) get this woman into therapy. Her skin is about as thick as a Kleenex tissue. She has profoundly deep insecurities to be in the public eye and they arise from her self-loathing and insecurities. She can’t stand to be disagreed with or criticized and when someone does either of those to her she unfriend’s them or goes on the attack. She is downright pitiful but not the kind of pitiful I feel sorry for. She is uneducated even though she said she spent a year at Morris Brown College whereas Wendy majored in mass communications and graduated from Northeastern University and has had a thirty year career in radio and television. She is never at a loss for words, is quick on her feet, has a broad knowledge base and can hold her own in a fight with Nene. Nene needs to find a chair behind a dark curtain and sit her butt down. She is going to be embarrassed beyond repair if she keeps this crap up because she looks like a stark naked fool (as my grandmother would say).

    • lisalisa

      All these years I thought Morris Brown College was the MEN’S college and Spelman was the FEMALE college. Dr. M.L. King graduated from Morris Brown. With that being said, I wondered how long will it be before NeNe checks herself into some “treatment center” for …something because she is just all over the place and fighting WHAT??? Is there really a future in Birkin bags? Silly me I thought real estate was the way to go but she ‘s pissing money away that she’ll never see again. Since she loves her grandbaby so very much, why not set up a college fund for the child instead of blowing it all away? Her son’s college??? Set up the NeNe Leakes Foundation for something since you “went” to Morris Brown.

      I don’t know or really care what she does with her money, I just think she’s trying to stay in the spot light until RHOA starts again and to get people tuned in to HSN to buy her wears because I don’t think many people were planning on tuning in to watch her futher ruin the English language!!!

      • Morehouse is the men’s college and Spelman is the women’s college. Dr. Martin Luther King graduated from Morehouse. Morris Brown College closed a few years ago and the land is up for sale to build the new Atlanta Falcons Stadium on, BTW, I don’t think she will ever check into a treatment center because her defenses are too strong.

  26. HerDaughter

    How many of NeNe’s followers have started to “Art-ify” their own bag’s? SMH

    Total side note…Wendy will be back in September to eat crow tho! Yea!

  27. Nenes head would need to have something inside in order to blow up.
    It would be a great sight to see though.
    TT, great post.

  28. queen

    Nene would be either a good evil wicked stepmother, or one of tbe horses that carry Cindy to the ball in the

  29. Valerie

    First, all you NENE HATERS out there, Nene’s purse aka; “The Birkin Art Refined Fresco” or B.A.R.F., to us elitists, was all done for charity. Her charities name? “Money Offerings & Obligations to Secret Endowments”, or M.O.O.S.E. Nene is the “Assistant Administrator Spokesperson,” or the A.S.S. of the M.O.O.S.E. Very prestigious. So as you haters should now understand, the ASS of the MOOSE is giving away BARF for said charity. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for attacking this magical ASS and her BARF. ALLEGEDLY, ALLEGEDLY AND ONE MORE ALLEGEDLY.

    Sorry, I had a procedure today and have had all kinds of good drugs.

    • Dracla Dunning

      You have one hell of an imagination with or without drugs. My oh my, Valerie tonight you are my heroine. Love your comments and vivid imagination. Nene, the buffoon, has no idea what fodder she is for hilarity and how she sets herself up for verbal ass kickings.

      • Valerie

        Thank you for the recognition Dracla. My comment took about 14 and a half hours to write so I appreciate someone reading and appreciating it. You and I both love making fun of Nene. But I swear she makes it too easy. You should have seen me giggling as I came up with different words for my acronyms. My husband was a little worried. I also think Nene never looked so lovely then when she was portrayed as a horse. Give the horse a peach please. Not Nene.

    • BH Wannabe

      Those drugs sure = hilarious posts from you!

      • fivecatsownme

        Okay, Valerie, I just spit out my coffee, ruined a white shirt, and almost choked to death laughing. I cry when I think about all those unborn naugas that were killed for the naugahyde to make that clutch and her fashion? line. Please God, don’t let her find out about Melissa Gorga’ s beavers. She’ll kidnap them for her wig line.

    • peachteachr

      WOW, Valerie, that was divine. So dang funny. Go take your meds and come back with some more acronyms.

    • Eve

      OMG ! One of the best posts of all time anywhere on the internet.

  30. I just peaked out the window and there are no pigs flying so I don’t think Nene is getting cast in a show on Broadway. Now, I’m off to Kmart to see about a Wendell bag.

  31. Truthseeker

    Does anyone know where I can get that big, black cock clutch?

  32. MicroOp

    Is it Rogers and Hammersteins Cinderella? Impossible isn’t that difficult of a song but they still both need to be able to sing first.

  33. Valley Girl

    Alright Lennethia – I actually like you – not some of your ways, but I like you. With that being said, it is time to move on Martha move on!


  34. I think Ne Ne is trying to stir up controversy to keep her big mouth (and salary) on RHOA. Wendy’s shade over the Birkin Bag was nothing compared to what she throws at the Kardashians, Ne Ne needs to get over herself.

  35. I dont care that she’s drawing on birkins or whatever that clutch is. Just because they are expensive doesn’t mean they are holy items. I just think for a woman who doesn’t own property instead of buying something you don’t think is perfect as is for crazy prices you can get a high quality custom handbag made for a fraction of the price and incorporate your paint drawing in the design and support an artisan.

  36. Nene obviously got her feelings hurt by Wendy’s comments. Let it go (in my Frozen…movie voice)…hahahaha.

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