Big Brother Eviction Night Is Here!

BB16 Bronny on block


It’s time for another hamster to be released from captivity and returned to the wild. Some how, Cody has managed to put two of his most loyal minions on the block. Britanny, “the target,” was closer to him than anyone in the house, and Donny loves him.  He really should have sent Caleb home. Somehow, Derrick, the hamster whisperer, managed to convince him not to.

We start tonight basically with Cody sobbing alone in the bathroom. He says it really upset him to put up someone he didn’t think deserves to be there and someone who he told was not going up. Cody is beating himself for being a pussy and not putting up Caleb. Donny is suspicious of Derrick being the mastermind. He also knows that Cody was influenced by the alliance.

Britanny gets Caleb to talk to the alliance about keeping her. Caleb tries to sell it to the alliance. The alliance appears to be considering it for some reason. Probably just to placate Caleb. Cody Smile

Frankie gets the letter in the diary room telling him his Grandpa has passed. It is all very sad. So please forgive me in advance for admitting I am laughing out loud at the soap opera music and the camera zooming in on….Zach. Zach is taking the death of his imaginary lover’s grandfather very hard.  Everyone is very sad, and several people cried. But Zach…

Caleb has more make-up on than most of the girls. Julie announces that the four have nots are the four laziest players based on their activity trackers. So, Nicole, Caleb, Christine and Derrick. WTF? How are Zach and Victoria not have nots?

OMG! Haycole made out in the house and none of you fucknuts thought to mention that to me? I’m looking at you, Urethra, and you Dallasmom. Gawd. We have a showmance! Finally.

Britanny is voted out in a 10-0 vote. For the first time in I don’t know how many seasons they brought Britanny’s kids to the studio to be with her when she came out. She has two VERY blond boys and an older daughter with brown hair like hers.

It’s a quiz competition. A country song is played and they have to decide if the song is about a BOB, an HOH, or a POV. Frankie and Zach win the HOH slots. Derrick gave the HOH to Frankie so he could see his grandpa. God Lord. This grandpa stuff is going to go on forever. At least Derrick is using it to his benefit.

Team America’s new mission is to play the role of puppet master and get two houseguests to have an argument at either the POV or the Nomination ceremony. After the show, Frankie breaks down sobbing HARD.


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  1. MzKRB

    Who do you think is going to get nominated?? People on the feeds keep saying Caleb/Amber but I don’t think that makes sense because both are strong. You can’t put both up at the same time because its very likely that they would come off then go after the group. You also can’t put Amber up again because if they want to keep her around that would cause problems also if she lost and stayed on the block it is very likely that she will pull herself off or Caleb would take her off. Therefore, I think the target is Caleb and he has to be back doored. How they will do it will be interesting.

  2. I’m glad Brittany is gone. She doesn’t deserve to be there. Her comments twice about Caleb having a big influence on everyone show that she has no game. She’s clueless and lacks perception. Secondly, how could she have left those babies for months???? I think this everytime I see a mother with small children on a show like this. Hell, I thought it about the woman who died in the challenger disaster. I’m sure no one agrees. Don’t waste your breath. I do not care. It’s selfish.

    • Erin

      Lmao @ Hell, I thought it about the woman who died in the challenger disaster.

      • MzKRB

        Unfortunately none of the women have good game. Them trying to throw out Amber shows it.

      • They all really do suck. Nicole tries but she just doesn’t have anyone on her side. Amber wants to make a move, but she is stupidly trusting Christine. Victoria wants nothing to do with anyone without a penis. Christine is just awful and stupidly thinks the boys want her for anything other than someone will vote with them. Jocasta needs more than Jesus and Donny in her alliance…

  3. ChancesR

    Stupid Cody – dang house whisperer Derrick. Now Cody will be talked about being disloyal for questioning/suggesting Caleb be evicted. Have nots – sheesh, Zach must have restless leg syndrome to count as his actvity…

    • GCVLMV

      I disagree. Zach was on board for voting Caleb out too. Also, Caleb is not in the alliance so I don’t think it will be a big deal. I could be wrong but I think all will be forgotten and the targets will once again be the girls.

  4. dallasmom

    Lol @ tt I thought of it more of a flirtmance! Not like Amanda and Mcree (eww) or Rachel and Brandon….more like junior high stuff! I hope Frankie and Zach make good choices! Crazy Caleb needs to go! His mascara was laughable tonight!


      NEGATIVE ten Tamara Tattles Tokens for you, Dallasmom. That was breaking news. And you are the official live feed correspondent because UF is useless this season.

      Now that I think about it NEGATIVE ten Tamara Tattles Tokens for UF Too!

      And it looks like the plan is to get either Amber or Caleb out. But Zach is a loose cannon and Frankie wants to lose the HOH.

      On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 10:30 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • But he still flirts shamelessly with every woman in the house. That’s his game strategy. Victoria…poor unfortunate Victoria…eats it up with a spoon smacking her lips as usual. Watch for her to go after Nicole now that Brittany is gone. She hates all the women and loves all the men. Except Donny. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her speak to him. She’s as shallow as a saucer.

  5. dallasmom

    Omg! Caleb and the sock monkey he stole from Cody’s HOH basket…….wtf!!!

  6. Urethra Franklin

    Sorry TT, but I always avoid any cam that Nicole is on.

    I’m getting bored with The Frankie Show.

    I hope Zach is the head HOH after the BOB because he is a straight up lunatic. #TeamChaos #TeamDrama

    • Lol. Yesterday I tweeted something like “That’s what happens when you make out with Victoria. The next morning your grandfather dies” because they had been kissing the night before. Anyhoo, I got a whole bunch of tweets from gormless dramatic children chastising me for being heartless and unfunny. They were half right. So, you may get backlash for saying your bored with Frankie. But I agree. Enough already. Game-wise, no one is going to want to out him up now. I also wondered if it crossed any of the houseguests minds that he was pulling a Johnny FairPlay when he first came out of the DR.

      • Urethra Franklin

        I saw that tweet. It was a hilarious & twisted observation. But seriously the game is just getting stacked in Frankie’s favor especially with the voting & Team America. The unfair advantage I’ve been screaming about since the cast reveal gets bigger every week. And now Grandpa’s death IS getting milked whether intentional or not, by CBS & Frankie.

  7. dallasmom

    Hmmm….frankie is saying he is going to put up Hayden and Donny, Zach JO and vic…..both with a backdoor plan for Caleb. Interesting if they follow through and Caleb doesn’t win pov.

  8. lisalisa

    it’s all over for Donny and Jocasta. (sad face) whenever they have the type of comp, I always wonder why don’t they pick the top 2 to compete against each other? Like Zach and Frankie? Derrick and Hayden? BB should have them pull names out of a hat to make it fair. I can hardly wait to see who makes it to the final two. Knowing BB, it”ll probably be Derrick and Frankie. UGH to both!

  9. Jacque

    Love the shirt Julie had on tonight! I normally make fun of her outfits, but this one I liked…
    Ok, my allergies affected my eyes, while watching Frankie get the news of his grandfathers death. I have lost all four of my grandparents by the time I was in my late 20’s. I lost my brother in march of this year and I was not able to go to his funeral, so I totally get Frankie’s grief. Only time can make it better, and when you are in a games that is about back stabbing, lying and manipulating others. That’s kinda hard to do, when grieving is clouding your vision. But I am sure Frankie can and will do it.
    Haycole is just to adorable! Those two are as cute, as cute gets!
    Brittany’s kids are way to cute.I like how Britt’s daughter also was wearing her mom’s signature top knot! The two blond boys, could have been my son’s, when my son was their age! He was/is that blond, I was that blonde as a kid too, but chemo darkened my hair to strawberry blond and also gave me kinky curls!
    Back on topic, I was thrilled to hear Frankie won hoh again! He has been winning the duel hoh on a regular basis, his game mates better start to think about that soon!
    I thought bob = battery operated boyfriend, so it threw me for a loop until Julie said it was bob = battle of the block…

    • Derrick gave the HOH to Frankie. He didn’t win a thing. Derrick made it look like he did it for Grandpa, but basically he knew he was safe this week at that point and didn’t want blood on his hands.. He is my pony to win and has been before the show started.​

      On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 12:14 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jacque

        Well duh, Derrick stood there with his hands in his pockets, he did not want to win, but did want Frankie to get a basket with pictures of his grandfather. I thought that was really sweet since Derrick was going on slop and easily could have been hoh and gotten off being a have not!
        On the other hand Frankie doesn’t want to win hoh on battle of the block either. He just wants pictures of his grandpa…

      • Angie

        I don’t know if you have been watching the feeds all night, I think I read that you haven’t been keeping up lately?
        If you weren’t watching, it’s well worth your time to go back and watch the last 12 hrs.
        Zack has suggested putting up almost every name in house so far, which has caused everyone to run around like idiots all night while he keeps changing his mind.
        It has been the most entertainment that has happened all season.
        My favorite was Zack practicing his nomination speech;
        “Christine, if you looked up floater in the BB dictionary, there would be a picture of you and JenCity (bb 13), never get called to the DR, basically irrelevant.”
        “Nicole, you call yourself a superfan, well I bet you didn’t see this coming.”
        IMO, Zack winning hoh is exactly what this season needed to stop the predictability.

      • Why would you say “well duh” to TT after she corrects your error? If “well duh”, why did t you state it correctly?

  10. Jacque

    Watching Caleb put on mascara and properly using a lash curler, just sent chills down my spine…
    Shades of, “it puts the lotion on”…

  11. loriflack

    teecee – did you get a whole bunch of tweets from gormless, dramatic children?
    Or just one…

  12. Derrick throwing the competition is exactly why they shouldn’t have told Frankie. I get that it’s a pretty rigged game and Frankie is one of the chosen ones but I’d like the show to retain at least a sense of fairness.

  13. Hello everyone!

    OK! I am very disappointed in the way this season is going. Only one or two people are making the right moves for HIS game. Not enough floaters are out of the house!

    Cody made the wrong move for his game by picking by picking Donny; that was for Derrick & Frankie’s game TBH. Cody only bought himself a little more time in the house; major target on his back. He made the wrong move out of fear of the house turning on him. Cody sent home, Brittany, when he should have made a power move back dooring Caleb! I’m disappointed in him.

    (Side note: Frankie took that death so well. I wouldn’t have left, but I’d be a hot mess. HA…… I actually cried a little.)

  14. Belinda

    I don’t know how long Haycole will last….Brittany complained that the shower always smells of urine and Hayden said he always pees in the shower..Nicole looked like she wanted to die. I want to go in as a hamster next year and make arrangements ahead of time to have a “death” in the family…Frankie should have been told but no one else. As of right now, I am thinking I want a Derrick, Caleb or Cody win. I think I also heard that Brittany’s kids are from 2 different men (the two youngest being with the
    almost ex-husband).

  15. loo

    Zack said he bawled after Frankie told the story of his coming out. I think Zack has a not so secret, secret. I dislike Evel Ed but he had a pic of Zack after his cuddle session with Frankie and it looks like he had an oppsie in his shorts. The next shot (excuse the pun) Zack was in a different pair of shorts.

  16. dallasmom

    Frankie put up Jocasta and Victoria. Zach put up Nicole and Christine and gave a wild ass crazy speech.

    • ​Thanks Dallasmom. I wonder if TA was able to cause a fight!

      On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 3:16 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • BTW I am so glad Christine is on the block. I hope they somehow manage to lose. Maybe it will be weave installation challenge. I thing Victoria would be good at that. Or maybe the challenge could be in Hebrew.​

      On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 3:19 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:

      > ​Thanks Dallasmom. I wonder if TA was able to cause a fight! > > > On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 3:16 PM, Tamara Tattles> wrote: > >>

      • Zacks nomination speech:
        I have nominated you Christine and you Nicole. Christine, if you looked up the word floater in the Big Brother dictionary, it would be you. You’re irrelevant and never called to the Diary Room, like Jenn City.

        Nicole, you look cute in that germitard. Bet you didn’t see this coming, superfan. Fruitloop dingus.

        I think Zack will keep things interesting this week. He wanted to start a fight a t nom ceremony. This I encouraged by Derreck (in is misty kind of way) per Team Americas assignment to cause a fight at one of the ceremonies. He’s trying to let Nicole know that Christine has formed two other alliances without her knowledge

      • dallasmom

        Caleb and Frankie are telling Zach he is the Evil Dick of this season. House is kinda in chaos right now, but Amber is the primary target to get bd’d.IF pov goes their way.

      • I thought Zach was hell bent on getting Caleb out BEFORE Amber. That fucker is going to slip through again.

      • dallasmom

        Don’t worry TT Zach changes his mind every 5 minutes! But seriously it is pretty much who Derrick wants out at this point! But I loved the chaos Zach created :)

      • How can he call christine a floater when she is in his alliance and has reported back any conversation she has heard?

      • dallasmom

        BOB time! I hope Jocasta and Victoria win!

      • I really want them to win too. I would LOVE for Christine to go home. Does anyone know her husband’s twitter? She has been dry humping everything in the house with a penis.​

        On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 5:40 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • dallasmom

        @TT Tim Bresht@timstinks

      • thanks.​

        On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 6:26 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  17. Christine is apparently already sick from not eating already. YAY! I need her to suffer. She is playing a horrible game.

  18. Almost forgot;
    Frankie: I wish I could say I was making this decision out of strength, but I can’t. It’s actually kind of cowardly. You two have shown that ou do very well on the block, and i don’t get any additional blood on my hands. It’s been a very emotional week for me. I didn’t feel like taking on any more burdens, so both of you have been there already, and.. you’re staying there.

    Victoria is really upset. Thinks Frankie’s being selfish as he wants to remain HOH. he’s hoping Vic and Jocasta lose and will be rooting for Chris and Nicole . Nicole thinks Zach is the Sabateur this year and wondering if America chose his noms. Christine says her husband is so pisses now and he’ll probably beat Zachs ass when he sees him. I hope Chris and Nic lose and Zach keeps his crown.

  19. Urethra Franklin

    TT give me a fricking break calling me useless. Gurl I got issues.

    It was one of the craziest nights/mornings on live feeds and I missed EVERYTHING for the last 12 hours. My internet was out because my modem has reached “end of life” status according to Comcast.

    And by the way COMCAST fucking sucks ass. Why do I have to argue with someone in Bangladesh to get info on updating my modem? I just spent 8 hours total dealing with this on the phone with customer service, tech support, and then forcced to drive (with an injured foot) to a Comcast service to get new modem, which is not installed yet. My service is unstable just like my temperament.

    And all of this had to happen during the most hilarious crazy reign of Zach. I have so much to catch up on.

    • ​I meant useless in the most affectionate way! :) and My sympathies for dealing with Comcast. My day started similarly. Charter only set up the ability to watch DVRed programing on one TV so I can’t wake up in the morning watching BBAD. I also have ONE remote for two TVs so even if I want to watch TV in the morning in bed, I have to be sure to carry the remote with me to bed. AND my DVR sucks and when I asked about getting a new one, or about the cloud where I was promised I could store DVRed programming I kept getting put on hold and was eventually told that they have no control over who gets what DVR, you just randomly get them and they are of varying qualities. I was so pissed I just hung up on one of the many times I was told to “bear with her.” And got NOTHING accomplished.

      On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 3:49 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  20. I’m so thick with this shit. If someone is nominated and wins the hoh comp, they can’t be re nominated or backdoored?

  21. dallasmom

    Christine and Nicole won bob. Frankie remains HOH.

    • sigh.​

      On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 7:38 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I agree. I wanted Christine to lose, badly. Now she’s bitching about being on the block for two whole hours. This after she maligned Brittany every time she was on the block for three weeks. Poor soul. 2 hours or trepidation.

      • Belinda

        I wonder if I would like Christine more if she wasn’t so FUCKING UGLY !

      • I am not big on making fun of someone’s appearance. I did not find Christine particularly attractive when she arrived in the house. But she is literally getting uglier by the day with her BEHAVIOR. I am watching last night’s BBAD and eating lunch and I literally had to FF because she turns my stomach.​

        On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 2:31 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  22. I think Frankie might be keeping his options open. Zach asked him if he could play for veto if Frankie got house guests choice. Frankie kind of brushed him off saying he might ask Donnie to play because he’s won before and will use it on Jocasta. Frankie doesn’t want him to win veto because he wouldn’t be able to nominate/back door Zach if he won.

  23. Cat

    I’m with Frankie’s grandfather. I don’t understand this show. Must be that “old person” thing. :)

  24. Wait…Deco, how do you know the speeches?

    • ​I meant to ask that too. They must have rehearsed them. The frootloop dingus comment was definitely made to Nicole because everyone is talking about it.

      On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 8:48 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • dallasmom

        Yes they both rehearsed their speeches last night. So bummed that Christine and Nicole won and Frankie is still HOH.

      • I read them on a live feed comment blog. Zach rehearsed thEm last night and I was ( as were Frankie and Derrick) impressed that he remembered them today. He really wants to stir up the house. You know of course that Frankie and Derrick are egging him on. He made it easy for them to accomplish the Team America challenge this week, to get an argument started at the nomination ceremony or veto ceremony. The needed to do nothing, it fell right Into their hands, along with another five grand a piece.

      • Gingersnap

        Boy, did Zach EVER rehearse his speech, he said it many, many times, each time perfecting a little more, until he managed to sound like the biggest douche ever. I hate to admit it, but it was pretty funny the first 20 times :)

  25. Gingersnap

    More sad news: Derrick’s grandpa died. It’s all over the live feeds. Sorry, that’s all I know for sure, but it sounds like he is going to stay in the game.

    • Sorry for his loss if this is true. Now he can be HOH next week when someone hands it to him. He made sure everyone knew he was being selfless this week during HOH ceremony when he let Frankie have it. “Frankie, you want pictures of your grandfather?” Steps away from podium and waits for Frankie to hit his buzzer. So magnanimous . Derrick didn’t want HOH this week. I don’t know why people can’t see that. It was selfish more than anything,

  26. Tonight Caleb talks about a missed opportunity (to Frankie and Zach)…His friend back home has a boyfriend who is Johnny Depp’s stunt double. “He was gonna get me in the next Pirate’s of the Carribean, like a major line, like in a role, like rockin’ with Jonny Depp and his crew, and it was gonna be over a million that I was gonna get paid. But [his friend/connection] got had an accidental pregnancy and messed everything up.”
    This kid has so many opportunities. He claims he turned down the Bachelor, Survivor,, amazing Race. I think he’s applied for Naked and Afraid as well.. He such a braggart and such a douche.
    When CBS put the banner ad for their new show Stalker under his photo last week it’s was perfection. I really wonder if it was done purposely.

  27. BB just told Derrick he can send a message from the HOH room at 9pm pst. TVGN / After Dark will broadcast it also. It seems that he will stay but they are giving him the opportunity to speak to family. Grandfathers name was Norman nd he was not ill when he entered the house.

    • WAIT WHAT? Did Derrick’s grandpa die too? Is this a Johnny Fairplay moment?

      • Gingersnap

        Was Johnny Fairplay on Survivor? I know I know that name from somewhere…he was the one that lied about his grandmother dying, right? If I remember correctly, that was pretty epic, he snowed everybody. (HaHa, good memories!)

        Anyway, I believe that Derrick’s grandpa really died, although I can see reason for doubt. I just so happened to be on the feeds when a lot of it went down. If it’s a FUCKING LIE, then it’s strictly between production and Derrick, I don’t believe anybody else had a clue. Also, if it’s a FUCKING LIE, then production and Derrick have sold there souls to the devil and I hope he loses. HOWEVER, I don’t think he’s lying because he doesn’t seem the kind of guy to lie about his grandfather’s death to make money. Would he? God, I hope I’m not naive as hell about Derrick, but I’m gonna trust him on this one, until proven, that he has made a fool out of me!

      • Yes,TT, Grandfather died. He was offered camera time, like Frankie to address his family but unlike Frankie, he chose to do it privately from Diary Room. He recorded a message to send to family.

  28. Urethra Franklin

    TT here are instructions on how to use Flashback feature for live feeds:

    To the left of the orange box that says GO LIVE is calendar icon. Click on it.
    Then click on the date ( the 25th)
    Then click the time/hour and then click time/minute.
    Then click GO. It will show you all the cams for that time period.

    For some reason CBS has the days/dates off by one day. It shows the 25th as Sat, but really it was a Fri. Just go by the numeric dates always.

  29. I’d love it if next week’s have nots were the ones who were MOST active.

    • Caleb is SOFA KING delusional. Almost every time I turn on the feeds or watch BBAD he is going on and on about either all of his opportunities once he is out (He will have a recording contract, a modeling contract and numerous acting roles among other things) or about how he is too good for Amber and she doesn’t deserve him, because she is an ungrateful bitch.​

      On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 3:07 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • He is asking for estrogen blocker now. From last nights bbad. He also said he doesn’t want to look stupid on the teevee

      • Yeah the estrogen blocker is for some lump in his breast. WTF? ​

        On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 4:18 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Doesn’t sound like anything to be played around with. And he is dumb as a stump. So self medicating is not a good idea.

      • Urethra Franklin

        TT Caleb’s gives so much material for a worthy post about his life’s delusions just like you did with Danielle Murphree.

      • I started a post like that weeks ago and forgot all about it. I’ll revisit it, maybe tomorrow. I’ve had too much pasta today and can barely keep my eyes open. ​

        On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 5:54 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Caleb claims the slop or the gluten in the slop gives him swollen breastesses . It causes an estrogen build up that clogs his glands. Some,thing like that. He’s certifiable.
        He’s truly offended that he was the laziest person in the house. The fit it’s must be broken. He’s a personal trainer, y’all ! Impossible!!
        Zach said he was told in DR that one of the possible reasons his was high is he moves his wrists a lot when talking. He really does sleep all day.
        I’d love to see them all try shaking their wrists all week to try to get their readings up and then end up on slop like TeeCee said.

  30. Urethra Franklin

    Caleb’s tracking device indicated he was one of the laziest in the house because it is true. He sulked in bed for hours & hours over a 2 day period about guess who. AMBER.

  31. How is someone who at first glance is attractive so insecure and desperate? It’s like he’s never been around a woman before. I bet he is not well endowed.

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