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It’s time for the weekly blog round up for the Real Housewives of Orange County!  A line has been drawn between Shannon and Tamra & Heather. Let’s see makes up the current alliances. I ‘m starting with Lizzie, who was on WWHL this week, (sorry for not recapping Monday was a busy night with the finale of Ladies of London) and she made it clear that she and Tamra are not speaking and that the reunion will be a doozy. One of the reasons the finale generally does not film until almost all of the shows have aired is so that the housewives can see all the talking heads and scenes they were not involved with. I imagine they also get copies of the shows that have not aired yet. I have a feeling this reunion did not go well for Tamra, at all. I can’t wait to see it!

I’ve selected the important parts from everyone’s blog so you don’t have to sort through it all. You’re welcome in advance. :)RHOOC Tamra Lizzie

From Lizzie’s Blog:

What’s strange to me is that neither Heather nor Terry got upset with Tamra. All of the blame is put on Shannon and she didn’t even bring it up at the table. It seems like a contrived act to stir shit up! So, once again Shannon and Heather are going at it because of something that Tamra said.

I don’t think Shannon needs psychiatric help. What happened was she snapped. It happens to the best of us. Heck, I eventually snap too (but you’ll have to wait to see that!). There is only so much someone can take.

Wow! I would think it would take quite a bit for Lizzie to snap. She’s been trying to get along with everyone all season which is why y’all think she is boring. This should be interesting.

From Shannon’s blog:

As I stormed out of the house, Tamra would not let go of me. She was dragging me and kept holding onto my arms and face. I asked to get away from me and she wouldn’t let go or leave me alone and this only exacerbated my behavior.

You can very clearly see Tamra stirring the pot in this episode. She came outside with me said that she was “sorry” and that she “supported me 100 percent” — and then she went inside to tell Heather that she “tried to restrain me” and that I wasn’t in a sound state of mind. That was an inaccurate account once again. I was flabbergasted when I watched the scene with Heather, Tamra, and Danielle the next day. Tamra told the women that I was “scary.” She states that she doesn’t remember the “last half of the night,” yet she continues to recount the events incorrectly. I remember the whole night. I am also disturbed by Tamra saying that I drink vodka straight. I do not and she knows it. If Tamra isn’t a good drinker and “doesn’t do well when she drinks,” maybe she should be looking at herself. Enough with making up false statements about me.

I am only going to address the next issue one time because it does not deserve any life. Before this show, my husband and I were very low key and not known by many in town. I have never heard a rumor around town that I was crazy and bottom line– I am not crazy. I do not need professional help. The ridiculous accusations have to stop.

I appreciated Lizzie’s support after her party. She understands that I have no reason to make up the statement that Terry wanted to take the Beadors down and she is starting to see how certain things are being fabricated about my character.

RHOOC Heather ArguingFrom Heather’s Blog:

Sorry I’ve been MIA! I had an epidural to relieve the pain from my sciatica (I get one every year or so …), and this time had a little complication. They poked a hole, and I ended up spilling spinal fluid into the epidural space for five days. Anyone that’s ever had this will know it’s a headache of epic proportions. Finally, I went back in, and they fixed it with a blood patch the day before we shot the Reunion! Ugh! I felt like I had been hit by a bus! I kept thinking, “Why couldn’t I get Botox and filler before the Reunion like a normal Housewife?!?”

Anyway, glad to have it behind me. . .and the Reunion behind me for that matter. I think you will all agree it’s a great end to a great season!

I think this season has been…sort of like a train wreck I can’t seem to look away from. Heather says this season was great!?

If Shannon was looking for an apology from me, why at a dinner party? Why start the party with “do the Dubrows want to take us down”? Why not talk to me privately before the party? I ran into Shannon at the hairdresser a couple of hours before the party and we made polite conversation. I was sort of hoping we could have a nice time at Lizzie’s party, put some distance between our troubles and THEN talk.

 Having said that, I did owe her an apology. But that doesn’t mean EVERYTHING is my fault. It seems every time Shannon has a reason to be mad at Tamra, she gets a pass and it gets deflected to me. I did realize that I haven’t been able to let it go with Shannon, because I felt at this time that she was hurting my friendship with Tamra. 

Anyway, next week there are many laughs (thank goodness) and a bit if a twist in relationships. Hope you enjoy it!

I may be in the minority here, but I don’t think Heather needs to apologize to Shannon for throwing her out of her house. That’s her prerogative. What Shannon deserves an apology for is Heather bad mouthing and gossiping about Shannon all over town both with Tamra and among her personal friends.

RHOOC Vicki voice of reasonVicki’s Blog:

I decided to stay out of the commotion and just be there for Shannon if she needed me. I wasn’t at Heather’s home when Shannon came over, so I really don’t know the WHOLE story of how it all went. I saw it just the way all of you did. I did see Heather firmly ask Shannon to leave, however I did not see Heather ever answer Shannon’s question: “Who told you about the email?” We all know that it was Tamra, but I think Shannon really wanted to hear it from Heather before she confronted her.

Vicki’s blog is the only one to mention Tamra’s farsical meltdown. And she doesn’t even mention Tamra, she just says it’s too soon for Ryan and his new Instagram chick to be getting married. Personally, I have a feeling she is pregnant and that is the rush. She also mentions the therapy session with Brianna and says that it opened her eyes to Brianna’s take on things and she. Is taking steps to not be so controlling. Seriously, who is this sane woman who had taken over Vicki’s body?

Tamra’s Blog: No really, Tamra actually deigned to blog for us this week!

I can say I am sorry until I am blue in the face for telling Heather about the email and people will still rip me apart. I got it. I was wrong for not admitting to Shannon right away that I did tell Heather. I honestly thought because it was going to be out there anyway that it was OK to tell Heather — until I saw the look on Shannon’s face at that moment. I knew immediately that I was wrong and tried to call her in her car on the way home. I continued to call her until she agreed to go to dinner with me. I might have a big mouth, but I know when I am wrong and I have no problem saying I am sorry.

Yes, but doing a crappy thing and then saying that you are sorry doesn’t erase the feelings that came with the crappy thing you did. Also, if you continue to do more crappy things, you really won’t get cut any slack.

Terry saying he was going to “take the Beadors down”: I have no Idea where that came from. I have racked my brain and even thought to myself “Did that somehow come out of my mouth?” But I know those exact words never left my lips. I had a few conversations with Shannon in the beginning of the Season about how the Dubrows and the Beadors do not get along. Could I have said jokingly “Watch out Shannon, the Dubrows are going to take you down”? Terry does not even talk like that! Shannon had said to me that I told her and David, so at dinner that night I point blank asked David if he ever heard me say that and he said “NO!”

Oh please let me help you here, Tamra. It came from you. Shannon did not pull that out of thin air. Shannon says that Vicki heard you say it as well. You can deny it all day long, or until you are blue in your botoxed face, but no one is going to believe you.

It hurts me that Vicki would back up that statement, and if she really believed I said that — then why didn’t she say anything that night at the beach house? Why did she wait until she was in her interview to say that? Why? Because I never said that to her! Vicki seems to be stabbing me in the back in her interviews every chance she can. I have been very careful to not bring Brooks’ name up at all this season out of respect for Vicki. I was asked by Shannon and Lizzie how I felt about Brooks and I spoke the truth “I feel like there is someone better for her and I don’t think he is a good guy.” If you remember, the last time I saw Brooks was at the Reunion last year — when Briana dropped that bomb. I decided that I would give Brooks another chance, and I did. Vicki continues to blame me for Briana not liking Brooks, which is a total joke to me. Briana knew Brooks and made up her mind way before I ever met him. And it doesn’t look like she will be changing her mind any time soon. I guess it is easier for Vicki to blame me then to blame her own family?

Why on earth does Shannon find it necessary to talk about Brooks? It has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Sarah reminds me a lot of myself. She is a very strong girl that has gone through a lot in her life. I admire Sarah and have gotten to know her better in the past few months. The wedding has been put on hold. As you might know God had another plan for Sarah and Ryan before they got married. They are pregnant and expecting a baby on Valentine’s Day. This came as a BIG shock, but I am happy to say that everyone is very excited. I guess I am getting the baby I wanted. I’m going to be a Tam-ma. All I have to do now is convince them to move closer.

Um raise your hand if you are shocked? Young couples rushing into marriage more often than not are expecting. Perhaps that would have been a better question to ask than, “Hey, can you describe your father’s suicide in intimate detail over our first dinner together?”  That said, if the baby is due on Valentine’s Day, she wasn’t pregnant at that dinner.

Okay peeps! Let’s get to commenting!


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71 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Blog Round-Up

  1. Cat

    I like Lizzie. She reminds me of the Cheshire Cat. She’s smart, doesn’t over react, and simply sits quietly and watches the craziness. Then she thinks about what she saw, and comes to a conclusion. She chooses her battles wisely. I can’t wait for the reunion.

    • Din

      I wouldn’t go as far as to call her smart, but she does come off as reasonable lately. Then again you would have to be a ridiculous person to not see through Tamra’s shit.

      In any case she bores me so much. Omg my life is so hard.. mothering a child without motherly instincts, keeping a business daddy gifted me for my 30th in the positive, boob implants being too big etc.

      • Twilly

        Lizzie was her HS valedictorian. While that doesnt require a genius IQ it does indicate brains and the ability to figure out problems.

      • Din— I think you missed part of an episode way at the beginning of the season where Lizzie addressed how people have commented on her breast size.
        She said that when she was about 14 or 15, someone made a rude comment about “how could a parent allow someone so young to get implants”.
        Lizzie’s breasts are real ! And she frequently wishes they weren’t. Thought I’d LYK

    • fivecatsownme

      Lizzie is also my favorite. I am wondering why Heather said it was a great season. Did she get a big dose of morphine in that epidural? Talk about waterskiing in Egypt.
      I can hardly wait for Tamra to get hers.

    • Patti R.

      I really like Lizzie too! She’s not boring. Boring and nasty are the MEAN girls Heather and Tamra. Their lying and nasty ways are going to turn around and bite them on their ass. OH MY, I think KARMA set in on Heather AND BIT HER ON HER ASS! (Giggle) Here is where the Karma comes into play. Heather went for an epidural for her back problem which she said that she does this every year. Heather went right before the upcoming reunion as she mentioned. The epidural went BAD. ( Read Heathers blog that Tamara Tattles provided for us.) Heather said in her blog it was of EPIC PROPORTION! I’m gagging! Everything with Heather is alway PURE DRAMA! And Heather also had the nerve to throw in some “shade” on the other Housewives while blogging . Heather said in her blog, “Why couldn’t I get Botox and filler before the Reunion like a normal
      Housewife?!?” Would all of you deem Heather’s comment in her blog as “shade” or being “Passive Agressive” or both?!? I think BOTH. Heather thought her comment about the HOUSEWIVES was appropriate. It isn’t appropriate…her comment just made
      her look MORE like an idiot as usual. Basically Heather was letting everybody know that she doesn’t NEED Botox and fillers! If any of the Housewives need it… Well, let’s just say it’s Heather that needs Botox and filler. Maybe the Botox and filler will wipe the demonic look off her face when she opens her lying mouth. She just seems to be a sinister woman. HEATHER has LOT of hate in her and it’s showing in her face! Ugly thoughts and action in Heather is aging her fast!! Just saying…

      • Let me guess, you don’t necessarily care for Heather?? 😉 I actually thought her comment about the botox was snarky and funny, but I dig me some good ole shade.

      • I’m guessing you don’t necessarily care for Heather?? 😉 I actually found her botox comment snarky and funny but then, I dig me some good ole fashioned shade.

      • fivecatsownme

        A post epidural/ spinal leak headache is of epic proportion. Spinal fluid leaks and the brain has lost that spinal fluid cushion. Very painful. Terry did say he injects his wife with botox and fillers once a year. Heather does lay on the drama. She could have just said she had been ill, but maybe she is trying to garner the sympathy points pre reunion. I certainly would not call Heather passive aggressive. She is very much this is what I want, it’s the right thing for everybody, and we are going to do it that way.

      • ​Well, I could have dissuaded Heather from seeking sympathy. I have been whining about my GI issues this week and get daily emails from people who tell me their friend had that and they died, and other similar sorts of things. Which is great for a hypochondriac to start off her day with… :)

        On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 11:11 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • fivecatsownme

        Tamara, I have nothing but sympathy for your GI issues. In fact I have not touched that huge bag of cherries I bought since I read your post. However, do you think it might be the combo of Mexican drive thru and Sean Hannity that might have caused the tummy troubles?( My mama called them the collywobbles) I hope you are on the road to recovery. Don’t pay attention to those crepe hangers. They are the same people who send a get well card saying, “I had it too only worse”.

      • lol I loved the emails (attention) from all who sent them. They were being supportive. I think the problem is the HUGE BAGS of cherries we are all buying because they were on sale. I recommend WASHING them first (I didn’t) and not eating the whole bag. :)

      • Cat

        Oh, ow. I did that once. I bought a 5 pound bag of cherries from a co-worker, and ate like there was no tomorrow. A couple of days later, I hurt so badly, I went to the doctor. He asked if I had recently changed my diet. When I told him about the cherries, he rolled his eyes and gave his diagnosis: “Duh!” :)

      • ​Did he give you anything for it? I finally made it out of the house to get some Kombucha. Seems to be helping.

        On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 6:19 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cat

        No. Just to drink lots of water to break it all down and flush it all out. And hold off on cherries for awhile.

  2. YouCanLeadAHorticulture

    Sometimes during this season it seems like Vicki is taking fist-fulls of xanax or klonopin because of how calm and non-reactive she is being. Other times she genuinely seems like counseling (remember when Nene Leakes pronounced Counseling, Cancelling?) has made her self-aware, insightful, and dare I say it even-keeled. Watching this, after a few glasses of rose I like to think, Vicki might be the one and only housewife to come out of this show a better/happier person than when she came into it. Also maybe the Beadors will be the only real housewife couple to see their marriage and themselves in the harsh light of reality television and try to change course before it’s too late. Poor Shannon, she really is not mentally strong or stable enough to be in the environment of this tv show. She would have been so much better off if she made exercising, sexing her husband at 8:00 pm every night, and I know this will be unpopular, getting the boob lift/augmentation that her husband wants her to get, her hobbies instead of embarrassing herself and her whole family on television. Who can blame the man for wanting to have sex with a hot body when he’s home? He’s kept up his physique very nicely I think. I feel so bad for David, commuting from Newport beach to Corona every day, only to feel so unwelcome in his own gigantic mansion that his hard work provides for his family. If Shannon doesn’t want to please him, there are many many others who would. But deep down I think Shannon does want to please him, and hopefully she can let go of her feelings of hurt and rejection and they can start over again as a couple. Hopefully they’ll get some sense and get off of reality tv. It feels better to snark on legitimately awful people who deserve it.

  3. marc

    Liar liar pants on fire HEATHER DUBROW is just as mean spirited as Tamra ; I like Shannon always have always will…

    • delaney

      As for the “take the Beadors down” remark I can easily picture Heather’s mean girl husband Terry saying that. in the rare moment that he’s allowed to complete a sentence.

      • ​So can I. Think Heather and Terry have a two pronged mission statement. 1) Get on TV as much as humanly possible (2) Discredit anyone else in town with more money.

        On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 9:34 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Gingersnap

        Me too. Remember how enviously excited he was because he was going to have a motor court and the Beadors didn’t?

      • fivecatsownme

        Terry is a fame whore, but don’t you think Bravo would have bent over backwards to get that comment on camera?

      • ​Hmmm good point.

        On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 10:20 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • getreal2014

      Agree. Heather is a pariah.

  4. Here we go again, I don’t give a crap what the subject…Heather DeBowls, will always make it about her…that lady got some serious me me issues!!

  5. Captain eel

    Shannon is a lovely lady. I have nothing good to say about the rest of the cast.

  6. Xan

    I agree – you don’t go to someone house and start a disagreement/argument. Heather was right to ask her to leave. heather was NOT right in repeating Tamras stories about the Beadors.

    • i disagree w you & TT on this. heather & shannon had agreed to discuss problems as they came up. shannon spoke privately with tamra first regarding her betrayal of trust, then went to heather to accord her the same courtesy. that was an adult approach. heather had no defense to her meanspirited actions & didnt want to admit to them so she acted affronted and threw shannon out. a putsy thing to do. i borderline liked heather and terry before this season. now i thoroughly detest them. i hope shannon stays. she comes across as the most genuine in this cast, & she & david actually seem to be learning & growing from watching the show along with us.
      agree if vickie hadnt been such a coward some of this could have been nipped in the bud.

      • Agreeing to bring things up as they occur doesn’t mean descending on my house unannounced (yes I get she knew and the cameras were there and it was a scheduled scene, but apparently we are having this argument as if it were a normal situation) an confronting me in front of my husband with my kids in the house. I would have likely thrown Shannon out too UNLESS we were good friends, which they are not.

        Just my opinion…thanks for sharing yours. ​

        On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 7:04 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  7. peachteachr

    I like what I have seen of Lizzie, and her husband appears to be handsome, kind, and sensible (I’m old, not dead). I never liked Heather from the days that the housewives called her “prissy” during her first season. I’m like you, TT. Who is this in Vickie’s body? Whomever it is, Vickie should strive to keep her b/c it has been easy to like Vickie this season. Brooks seems to be a very good used car salesman (as was my brother). If he suits Vickie, then even Brianna needs to back off; she’s going to be living all over the world and should wish her mother happiness. Ole Tambo is a she-devil kind of like Gretchen said a few years ago. She was PWT (poor white trash) as we say in the south, but she was pretty and used it to move up in life. It appears that Eddie has already checked out and I don’t think she’s his type anyway. Whatever she has done with her face, and it’s a LOT, has ruined the one thing she had going for her…her looks. She will have to find a much older man after Eddie leaves because her outside now matches her inside. Do y’all think she can see out of those 2 dark holes where her eyes are suppose to be? Shannon, well bless her heart. I don’t believe she is vindictive. She just appears to be one of those touchy-feely California people who are continuously searching for the hidden meaning of life. You did ask us to comment didn’t you, TT? Sorry I wrote a dissertation instead of a comment. I can’t wait to read what y’all think. :)

  8. Angel

    Tamra and Heather are such dirty pieces of crap, I wouldn’t even mop my floors with them, but I wish someone would. Then, throw the dirty floor water in Terry’s gaping mouth. Danielle and, or more likely just Lizzie, are going to stoke up the drama in risk of being fired. Vicki, turns out she can act civilized. I have real hope for her, now that I read she may have found a better man than Brooks. That should have been easy. Eddie needs to just ride his bike somewhere over the rainbow and forget he ever knew Tamra. I like Shannon and David most of all. They seem too nice for reality tv. I think if they continue exposing their marriage publicly as under stress, it will be to their ruin. Please do not come back for another season. I hope they get everything together. They are the only sincerely honest couple about their relationship. I guess Lizzie and Christian may be. I hope they have potty training completed now.

    • i am so tired of people’s tellling the good cast members they should leave. we can use some balance rather than being left with morons, selfish people, & troublemakers.

      • Latina2014

        I agree with Angel on ALMOST everything too!! I want the Beadors to stay!! They come across REAL and he stands up for her no matter what In front of others!! Glad she took the time to thank him for that n to let him know it meant a lot to her he did that!!! Jaja loved how Christian blew Hater, I mean Heather off abt calling ambulance. AND he called her out when she made toast about her!!! U tell er’ Christian!!
        Ugh Tamras scene with scene was a. Horror movie clip!!! Nooooo years just ugly frozen face!!! Wow!!!

  9. Heather is all about the money every time she’s on air she has to let us know about her money and her new house and it’s next to Shannon’s I’d like to push that bitch off the cliff she thinks she’s better than anyone we’ll let me tell you something Your not Really your just a true money hungry bitch. Yes really

  10. Yes, Heather should have apologized for her gossip. That was stupid, Shannon became angry because she wouldn’t point the finger at Tamra. She WAS yelling or OK, speaking loudly in her home in a very harsh manner. I would have asked her to leave. Shannon honey, yes you do yell a lot. Tamra is a shit stirrer from way back and now Heather is realizing it. I am a lot like Heather in a confrontation, I make sure I keep my cool, and do not raise my voice. I will not lower myself to that level. “No Shannon, you ,may not yell at me again.” Was perfect. As she was yelling yet again! She is just unstable. No wonder her hubby is distant, you cannot tell me that she is not like that all of the time. She is lying. What husband wants to come home to a woman who talks to her husband and orders him around like he is her child? Mine wouldn’t. There is a reason they supposedly are sleeping apart. That happened way before the show. Lizzie is cute, but I get tired of the poor me rich girl crap. Many of we mothers single or not have worked our butts off and got somewhere w/o Daddys money. Without help. Grow up Chika. All of that being said, I can’t wait for the Reunion! I will have my bottle of nice, cool Pinot Grigio ready. . No, no not Ramona….ugh… 😀

  11. myinfo

    Heather-I still like her. If I would have to deal with Shannon I would have told her crazy ass off. I believe Bravo gave her a bad edit.
    Tamra-I never liked her, but I think she was evil encouraged by Production since all they had was the Shannon drama.
    I like Lizzy in general. I like that she stood her ground with Vickie early on.
    Shannon is a nut. David should run for the hills.
    YUCK- Vickie and creepy Brooks.

  12. Brianna

    I think that Vicki just really hated Gretchen. Now that the Gretchen is gone Vicki is the lady we would’ve seen before. I knew she had good in her.. It was just hard to see! I love Vicki I think she is HILARIOUS .. That scene of her at Lizzie’s walking down the driveway to see shannon was HILARIOUS! I can’t wait for Lizzie to confront Tamra.. I think this season is getting exciting!!!

  13. Twilly

    If she’s due V-Day she would be 10 1/2 weeks pregnant right now so she def wasnt pregnant at the dinner.

    • ​You is so smart. I wish I had figured that out in my post. Thanks so much for doing math better than any of us could!

      On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 11:52 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Skeeter

        My ‘leave a comment’ section is all effed up so I’m replying to you TT. I have a question. I may have fallen asleep when it happened but did Bravo air the scene where Tamra goes screaming like a banshee out of a restaurant saying “You’ll never see my face again”?? Was I sleeping every time that scene was played because I don’t remember it! I think I missed one episode and if that’s the one where it was aired, my bad!

      • Skeeter

        geeeeez awaiting moderation 2 days in a row!

      • Patti R.

        Hahah! U r soooo cool TT!

      • AMTraveler

        And Tamra announced it last week – so that seems… early? 9 weeks pregnant and your reality tv star future mother in law is posting pics of the ultrasound? Yikes…

      • Cat

        @Skeeter: I do believe that scene is coming up. Lizzie on WWHL said she has her own little melt down coming up, and she and Tamra are not “friends” right now. I suspect since in her TH comments she defends Shannon and blames Tamra, her melt down will consist of putting Tamra in her place. At least, I hope so.

  14. I agree that Heather does now owe Shannon an apology for asking her to leave her home. Shannon was a broken women the night, but:

    A) She came there to ask Heather to betray Tamra. While Tamra is a despicable woman, Heather exhibited loyalty unbeknownst to most when she avoided throwing Tamra under the bus- despite her own recent misgivings with her.

    B) Shannon had just used Tamra’s confrontation of Heather at the Christmas party to jump on the bandwagon and attack Heather for “talking so condescending all the time.” Yeah, puta, por favor get the fuck out and go fix your family.

    Heather, in her blog, reminded viewers that she was not privy to what was going on once Shannon left Lizzie’s party to go outside. Her perspective of how Shannon was acting was based on a highly inaccurate and dramatized account from Tamra. Based on that, Heather felt the need for a medical intervention.

    Heather DOES owe Shannon an apology for believing Tamra’s shit, and for being a gossip. But, as a WISE woman once pointed out, perhaps we shouldn’t judge her for what which we are all guilty of doing… Gossiping. She didn’t feel an emotional investment towards Shannon, so for her, it was low stakes gossip. Wrong? Sure. But not nearly as much as anything Tamra has done to gaslight a wackadoodle who should NOT be on reality tv.

    Lastly, there is an unfounded assumption that Heather is jealous of Shannon’s money. That’s ridiculous. While Terry and Heather are certainly enjoying their opportunities to be on camera, they don’t strike me as jealous people. Yet. I’ll keep my eye out for that, though. Until then, maybe those who are buying into the jealousy theory are just projecting?

    • Brianna

      I agree with all you said. Except, Shannon asked Heather right away if what tamra said (at the Xmas party) was true (she didn’t believe it because they had just sat down and agreed to be friends). Heather kept deflecting it and didn’t want to acknowledge Shannon at all. So, Heather’s response and whining that Shannon was “yelling and screaming” at her was what Shannon had an issue with.

  15. This sucks. I liked Heather last season now I want to try to like Lizzie but it pisses me off that she was like I worked hard to have daddy give me money to start my string bikini line. Plus she kind of looks like a Picasso with her lips and boobs and I keep wondering if she’s pregnant. I want to like the new Vicki but I’m pissed that she is with Brooks. Ugh, I just want to have someone I can legit pull for in these shows but I find that I am hating everyone. The most redeeming thing about the reality shows is Tamara’s blogs. I find that on several shows I only read the blog and don’t watch anymore.

  16. Micheal

    Ok who is this new relatable, enjoyable Vicki? I mean at this rate I may actually ‘like’ her. What a scary notion.

    Anyone else think Shannon in her second season will be like Camille 2.0 in RHBH? First season is a bit of a train wreck but by their second season they wisen up to how not to come across as television ‘crazy’.

    On Tamra’s awkward dinner scenes with her son I assumed with the fake crocodile tears it was 100% scripted and no wedding date was set. I bet now she is pissed their fake engagement is a reality with the baby on the way. Karma.

    I really am excited to see Shannon take Tamra on at the reunion with the support of at least Lizzie and Vicki. It’s been frustrating to see Tamra throwing gasoline on the fire all season with little recourse.

  17. beverly

    I haven’t read everyone’s comment yet so don’t know if my comment will be a repeat. Although Heather says she owes Shannon an apology,I can’t find in her blog what she specifically needs to apologize to Shannon about and I read her blog several times. I definitely think she has several things she could apologize for but her statement “I need to apologize to Shannon” is an insincere statement.

  18. Patti R.

    I’ve heard that Terry has done bad plastic surgery on quite a few people that came to him. Has anybody heard this rumor?

    • fivecatsownme

      Terry Dubrow has no malpractice claims or state sanctions filed against him. That is a nasty rumor.

      • Patti R.

        Thanks to ” Fivecatsownme” – I looked and looked on the Internet AND could not find anything either about Terry. Thanks for letting me know. 😉

  19. eastjames

    I think Vicki was just starting to go through menopause when RHOC very first started. How unfortunate that her whole roller coaster ride has been filmed! Its even more sad that her marriage to Don didn’t survive it either. It seems like her hormones are balancing back out though.

    • ​I was going to say that too, eastjames, but I find myself saying it about a lot of people (Abby Lee Miller) these days and I may just be projecting. If that was Vicki’s issue, it’s nice to see that it ends at some point…

      On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 8:31 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • fivecatsownme

      Menopausal hormone fluctuations can cause some emotional disturbances, but the whole crazy/evil personality change is a bunch of crap probably invented by men who wanted to trade their aging wife in for a newer, younger model. Just like they say their wife has PMS as an excuse for their jerky behaviour. Maybe Vicki took a hard look at herself and didn’t like what she saw. Maybe Bravo is making her the nice person this season. They have certainly made Heather out to be the evil person.
      I do think Abby Lee Miller has been nasty her whole life. Mean old ladies were mean young ladies.

  20. I believe that menopause does fuck with your emotional well-being (been through it), but If you’re a mean, nasty, back-stabbing bitch, you’ll be an even bigger one during menopause. Maybe Vicki has evened out. Bravo’s giving Vicki the “nice, calm” rehab edit this year and I find myself not despising her all the time. But there’s no way they can rehab Tamra…she’s unfixable. I predicted Heather, who I liked then, would bring the drama to stay relevant (TT you commented on my post). Shannon needs to stay after she irons out her marriage issues – doable. Bye Heather. Bye Tamra. Vicki – meh. The rest need to get more interesting but please, not downright lying and back-stabbing! No amount of money is worth looking like a complete ass hat on tv.

  21. GCVLMV

    I don’t want to hurt my arm from patting myself on the back…but, I so called it last week when I said that Tamra would turn her disagreements with Heather onto Shannon! She did the whole “I didn’t think of you that way until Shannon kept bringing it up”. Nailed it! I know this is truly obnoxious of me to toot my own horn, so carry on people. Nothing to see here! :)

  22. MicroOp

    I think if heather was kinder with Shannon in the first place she wouldn’t have had to ask her to leave. The reason she owes Shannon an apology for talking about her is bc they made a truce.

  23. Why is Danielle in every scene yet not a housewife? Like did she really have zero to contribute? It might have been nice to have one more story line outside of the stupid drama.

    • ​Danielle is in every scene? I never notice her.

      On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 4:11 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Every scene is an exaggeration but she has to be the most included FOH ever. She’s been invited to every party w the whole cast and is even in several 3 person scenes. How was she so boring they cut her out?

      • ​Because aside from the fact that she is a brunette, I can’t tell you another thing about her? She did seem to have her eye on David. That’s it. She’s invisible.

        On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 6:11 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


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