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Time for a Real Housewives of New Jersey blog round-up! Ratings for this season are dropping like a rock. Personally, I think it is because Caroline is not there. And three new people is at least one too many. I have always said these shows would do better with less housewives. We would be able to get more involved with their lives and get a truer picture. Alas, we are programmed to live for the table flipping scenes which is not what initially drew me to reality TV. Dina promises there is a lot of drama to come, so perhaps the ratings will pick up.  Anyway, let’s see what the pertinent part of the blogs are this week!

DIna on Karma

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From Dina’s blog:

You didn’t see my Christmas, because I had a quiet dinner at home with Lexi, my parents, Tommy, and some close friends. I’m cherishing every last second in my home and with my husband, since I am well aware things may be very different by the time next Christmas rolls around. So there’s that…I’m actually not a Grinch!

 As you can see there’s a bond forming between me and Nicole. There is a quiet understanding between women who have experienced divorce and single motherhood. Well maybe with me and Nicole not so quiet, but we ARE here to share our journey with you! You will see throughout the season I get almost protective of her. She’s got a very sweet soul, and I want to see her married again to an amazing man who deserves her. I don’t know about you, but I would have shoved that plastic shoe right up Bobby’s ass. That was totally a purchase made on the way to her house and I LOVE that her mom Santa called him out on it! SO FUNNY!

Bobby took issue with Dina’s comments. I’m sorry I forgot where I read that, probably Reality Tea or someone sent me a link. Bobby says that was a “stocking stuffer” gift and there were real Christmas gifts off camera. Can someone explain to me why Tommy and Dina are divorcing? I admit to not caring enough to look into it. Dina doesn’t seem to want the divorce and they still live together? If he has someone else, reading about her spending Christmas with him must be painful. Sidenote: Dina’s blog is full of promotion for her site, her mother’s bracelets and all sorts of stuff.

Heather’s Blog Teresa’s Blog:

Did you like our Christmas puppy surprise for our girls? We lost two dogs last year (Crystal and Maximus passed away), and they’ve been asking me for a little puppy for years. I wasn’t sure, but Gia was turning 13 so we thought she could handle the responsibility and she’s done a wonderful job. Bella is a Maltipoo. Her bed is in Gia’s room, but she takes turns sleeping with all of them. The girls have never been so excited for a present. Seeing their faces all lit up was everything to me and Joe.

Teresa’s ghostwriter for her blog (and he NYTs Best Sellers), Heather did not have much to work with this week.

RHONJ  joe tre melissaMelissa’s Blog:

Watching this episode makes me think about two things that I wish I could go back and erase. The first was making that statement about why we wanted to move and the second was not listening to my gut and going through with the sale of our Montville home to the person who bought it. 

There has been a lot of nonsense out there surrounding the status of our Montville home so I want to clear some things up. When we said we sold our home last year, we truly believed we had. We signed a purchase contract and agreed on an extended close. Joe builds and sells houses for a living and a lease-purchase agreement is nothing out of the ordinary. We would have NEVER moved our family into a rental or bought a property in Franklin Lakes if we thought otherwise.

I can’t say too much more as we are currently taking the appropriate legal steps to remove this person from our home. Just know that the ridiculous stories he sends to bloggers are just that. 

And yes, once everything has been sorted out, we plan to move back to Montville while Joe continues to build the house in Franklin Lakes. Why? Because it makes the most financial sense. There is no reason to continue to pay for a rental and leave that big house empty.  

 At this point, we are still building the house in Franklin Lakes and will decide at a later date which house we’ll put on the market. ‎ It will all come down to what is best for our family, but I promise when I know, you’ll know! ‎ ‎ 

But what about the beavers in the walls? I want to know more about the beavers in the walls, dammit!

Amber’s Blog:

I wanted to clarify a few things from last week before I get into the details of this episode, especially after reading the twins’ blogs (I can’t help myself). The only thought that comes to mind with them is… chill out! None of us should take ourselves so seriously, especially considering we signed up for a reality show. I really hope everyone can see that I like to cut up and have fun. I am giggling the entire time during my interviews. There will be moments that I tease others and moments that I get teased, nothing more than good-spirited fun. We are not curing cancer, nor am I conducting my oral thesis for a PHD.   

I do have to make one point about my term, “Guidette Book of Etiquettecy.” OK, everyone, if you are going to give me grief every time I make a grammatical error, you are going to have a lot of material. Yes, I did graduate from an Ivy League school, but that was seven years ago and I have been a mother ever since. My brain has officially leaked out of my head. I have traded in my books with subjects that included neurophysiology, physiology, brain adaptation, and neuroplasticity to Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. 

Amber wants us to know she is smart, but child birth has eroded her brain. I can believe that.

Nicole’s blog:

Now moving on to a funnier note! I love all my new Twitter friends who have my back. Wow, it felt great how protective you are of me already, but you can all relax, because the shoe wasn’t the only gift! Yes Mama Santa might have gotten a little nervous with the wine holder. However, Bobby did also give me a beautiful necklace that I love and wear often. I love to laugh, and this episode achieved that. I am sure because of this episode the family will tease Bobby and make sure the shoe will be on the table every time Bobby has dinner with us.

TeRESA’s Blog:

As for the Marcheses, I must apologize for saying “where did that fucking kid put my shawl?” My language was unacceptable and I did not at any time purposely mean to address any insult towards that child. Every child is precious in my eyes, and I sincerely apologize to the Marchese family. On a good note, the children really looked like they had a blast decorating the gingerbread house — every kid needs sugar once and a while! As for Jim, I found it nauseating to hear his typical obnoxious and toady remark during the sneak peek at next week’s episode about how he cannot be in the same room as Joe Giudice since Joe has indictments against him. Who is Jim to look down and judge others when the Giudices are going through such a horrific time?

Other than TeRESA’s apology, there really wasn’t too much of interest in these blogs. It was a fairly light-hearted Christmas show, overshadowed by an impeding prison sentence for the Giudices. There really wasn’t much to say.


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65 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey Blog Round-Up

  1. Lindy

    I agree that 3 new housewives was too many. They’ve lost an anchor or maybe THE anchor and like her or not, Caroline was the anchor. I found the twins to be, well almost repulsive, but probably that’s just me.

    Also I think that while Bravo may have thought this was going to be a banner season because of the jail-birds, I think that backfired. Many people find televising these two in very bad taste. The should not continue to profit from their notoriety and crime. And that’s probably a good thing.

    • Gingersnap

      I totally agree with your second paragraph, and the reason I have no interest in watching. Also, it’s not fun watching kids suffer for their parents transgressions, it’s actually painful for me, so I just come to TT’s and keep updated without seeing it firsthand. Kind of like third party voyeurism 😉

  2. kk bella

    i completely agree that without Caroline, the show lacks wisdom, substance. However, the ratings also dropped IMO because of the simple fact that it was too ugly, and beyond trash. I initially watched some of the franchises because of the glamour, and the interesting places, as I love travel. (Sorry, never really a fan of Atlanta or the OC!) Jersey is a PIT, but I also liked to compare my (preferable) Italian upbringing to the tacky, presented “Jersey” definition of Italian American. I realize I am older and wiser than most viewers, but this show initially had attraction because it was about family. Now, it is shallow, fake, and criminal. Seriously, F’ing criminals.

    • ​kk Bella, I love that you are older and wiser and Italian… but be prepared for some backlash from your people. :)

      On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 6:59 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • You sound like me when I watched Princesses: Long Island.

      My friends and I started watching RHONJ because we heard about a show that centered around a family with a catering hall. We were all working in the wedding industry in New York at the time, and hoped they’d show some of the wackiness involved with the industry. Then, we all got Staubed.

      Sad face.

  3. Cat

    Bravo would probably do better if they didn’t spin the legal issues as some sort of “poor felons” soap opera.

    And if Joe Gorga makes his living by building and selling houses, why the garbage truck? And why will they lose everything if their garbage business is not a success?

    • Lindy

      They’ll probably lose everything because everything is mortgaged to the hilt and credit is maxed & no savings. I think that’s just how these people live.

      • fivecatsownme

        They are not even “so tacky, they’re funny” anymore. On the other hand, the publicity photo of them looks like they bought their evening gowns on the sale rack at David’s Bridal.

      • ​Sorry Lindy, I am reading out of context, but if you are talking about Tre and Joe, there is an alarmingly small amount of equity in their home, about $140,000 if I remember correctly (and that never happens, you can search here “41 counts” is a good choice.) Other than a fire sale of shoes and handbags… I don’t think they will get much. These housewives tend to spend everything they get and then some.

        It reminds me of a recent troll post (that never went through) asking why if I have a graduate degree I live in the ghetto and am poor. The answer I never gave is because I began having medical problem and if I had not chosen to live below my school teacher means, I would not have been able to support myself after quitting my job for medical reason for the last three years. People live “paycheck to paycheck” in MANY (but not all) instances because they want a fancy house and a fancy care more than they want financial stability.

        /drops mike, hops off soapbox, exits comment stage right

        On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 7:21 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jarlath

        I always told myself that I was earning below minimum wage because I went to college in order to cheer myself up. I would argue most people live hand to mouth and must rely on credit cards, etc., because they simply don’t make enough to provide a decent living standards.

      • ​Do you live in the US, Jarlath? Otherwise I can’t relate. First of all you can’t make below minimum wage here unless you try really hard. And roomates and such are very useful.

        On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 11:14 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jarlath

        I live in the US though I’m abroad at the moment. But yes I was making minimum wage but because my workplace was unionized, with the various union fees, I was technically making less than the state minimum wage. I didn’t work the required year to receive benefits, doubt I could afford the healthcare plan with the chicken feed I was taking home

    • ​Reading this comment, all I could think about was (I think it was) Caroline screaming at (I think I was Dina) YOU’RE GARBAGE!

      You may now all correct me because I’m pretty sure this may be one of those rare times I am wrong.

      On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 7:05 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Tarek'sWife

      Cat, I was wondering the same thing about the garbage truck!

    • Mina

      I know, right? I was thinking the same thing! These shows need someone to remind them of what they said the time before. Although, my friends and I love to pick it all apart to be honest with you! lol. It is kinda interesting to watch for the lies now that we know they copped guilty pleas.

      • Cat

        That’s the only reason I still watch, other than being able to join in here. I look at the shows now, and try to pick them apart for scripting and editing, etc. I like the blog recaps here, because you can often see where they slip up.

  4. YouCanLeadAHorticulture

    I wonder if the real story behind Dina’s divorce will come out. It almost seems like she doesn’t want to leave the “parental nest”, that her husband provided and now that Lexi is going to college, she gets the boot too? She seems wistful to just leave with what she came with into the marriage and be on her own, instead of happy or determined to be independent after a bad marriage.

  5. realityjunkie

    Viewers began losing interest last season. It all became too ugly and ridiculous. I don’t believe it has anything to do with Caroline. It’s a coincidence.

    • Angel

      I agree. I think this franchise left many of us so disgusted that it can’t be rescued by any old or new cast members. Recycling them on to new shows or adding new cities for new housewife’s programs has little appeal. They all jumped the shark and it began in Jersey.

  6. Vanessa W

    like most HW’s shows season 1 was my favorite. last season of rhonj comletely turned me off and when i saw the previews for this new season i knew i was going to hate it. they purposely found people who would bring the crazy since Teresa G was toning it down this time, but the problem is that these new people are terrible. im all for melissa being brought down, but not by someone who i equally cant stand. dina has never really done anything for me so could have done without her. i do want caroline back, but only on rhonj ( i will be able to take watching manzo’d with children)

  7. Vanessa

    Sorry, I’m done with NJ, NY and Orange County. There have been too many changes too soon. The shows are boring.

  8. Pablo Noir

    This is the first season I won’t watch Real Housewives of New Jersey I took it off my DVR. I agree with above comments, I don’t want to support criminals, criminals who pled guilty. No Ma’am.

    • Cecee

      I kind of agree – Caroline, who I have always found insufferable, might be the reason ratings have dropped. However, watching two people who flaunted their spending, refuse to take responsibility for their actions and seem SO stupid is enough to make many tune out. They broke the law and while I feel deeply for their kids, they are still criminals! I saw a preview where Tre is saying “why is this happening?” And it makes me want to shake her – YOU BROKE THE LAW! Sigh – I teach in a tough city and see this denial daily from my students and their guardian who isn’t in jail and it makes me nuts. Accept you/they f’ed up, work to rectify the situation and become a better person.

      • ​If Caroline would have been on this season, as opposed to Dina who really brings nothing that interesting, CAROLINE would have pointed out that Teresa and Joe had this coming and are reaping what they sowed. These namby pambys who are still there are full of unnecessary compassion. The only compassion Caroline would have provided would have been for the kids.

        On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 9:18 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  9. rochelle013

    I just can’t watch this season. Every time I see a commercial of Tre crying and saying, “Why is this happening to me.” I want to throw something at my TV and I like it way to much to hurt it.

  10. Tasos826

    I miss Caroline, because I usualy could appreciate or at least respect her POV. Though she may not have expressed it very well at times, her motives always seemed to prove honorable.

    I have dificulty with BRAVO and it’s decision to film the Giudice girls, which ultimately will help ensure that they will pay for their parents’ alleged crimes. I also resent that viewing the aforementioned also may inspire our sympathy for the girls’ parents, who, according to Federal Prosecutors, are criminal. Joe and Teresa evidently did not care enough about their children to refrain from any and all actions, which might shame them, or cause their separation from them.

    • BINGO I have no empathy for Ter and Joe. They broke not one, but many many laws, flaunted it, and now cry “Why is this happening to me?”. Give me a break. They both have screwed up not only their own lives due to greed and stupidity, but the lives of their kids also. SHAME and I hope both go to prison. They deserve it. Much sympathy for the kids, and it’s a shame they also will have to pay the price for their greedy parents.

  11. I think they should turn focus on the beavers in the walls at the Gorgas old home.I too would like to know more about the beavers. I mean they are rather large, the thud of a beaver against a wall in the middle of the night must be rather unsettling.They could create a story line with Caroline’s sister the animal rescue lady. She could track the beavers, maybe capture their antics on video.Ultimately she would rescue them and we could see them romping around Dina’s home befriending that hairless cat.Does Dina have a pool or a creek? Those videos would go viral.Hairless cat snuggles with beaver family.Just my two cents on how to up those ratings.

    • BH Wannabe

      OMG I would totally watch that!!!

    • HILARIOUS! I too, would so watch that. I’m so tired of crying every time I watch now, it’s exhausting.

      • Well, the beaver story could take a dark turn. Bravo does like this approach. What if Melissa had already sold the pelts of the beavers to a fur buyer at Neiman Marcus?It seems Melissa’s music producer introduced her to Dr. Dre who has a new line of head phones coming out in association with Apple.The new luxury headphones have ear pieces lined in beaver.Melissa and Joe are set to make a mint but now what? The bad P.R. from killing the hottest internet sensation since Grumpy cat will be a disaster! What will happen? Tons of intrigue awaits…beavernapping under the cloak of darkness…Who done it???????? Endless possibilities

    • ​OMG, I love your comments so very much, Checkered Apron.

      On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 9:36 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cecee

        Agree totally! The beavers, the rescue sister and Dina taking them on – fabulous! I’d watch that!
        And TT, you are absolutely correct that Caroline would have called Tre and Joe out. I may not like her but she was straightforward about most things.

    • The “Real McMansion Beavers of New Jersey”? I’m liking that.

    • BB357

      Too funny!!

    • Angel

      Me too! If, during capture, one beaver did not survive the trauma of leaving the Gorga mansion, mail it to Nene. She will wear it proudly on her head.

  12. Let’s face it….all the housewives are imploding. It was fun watching when we believed these people lived these lives but their true colors are out and it’s just crap! We are watching people who have no talent or redeeming
    factors. Most of these people couldn’t even afford a trip if Bravo wasn’t
    paying! Fake business, rental homes, purses, fraud, fighting…..back stabbing, ridiculous drama when a child goes off to college, or at 28 and moving away from mommy…..really?
    And we watch? That’s the sickest part!

  13. O.O

    I’d like to say that I dont care if amber is smart and find it really annoying when people announce how smart they are ( rolling my eyes)
    Dina is also annoying . Why is she acting as if this is her first divorce ? How is she a single parent if her ex is active in Lexy’s life . How are her and Tommy broken up of she’s still enjoying his enormous house ? OhPlease ! Give me a break her life is so hard .Cry me a river !
    The rumor in nj is that tommy is gay . I’ll see what else I can dig up.

  14. GCVLMV

    Does anyone remember when the only crime Joe Giudice commented was wearing those tight Ed Hardy shirts? Oh, I can see why Teresa longs for a simplier time! :)

  15. Heartland

    I just can’t stand this new season because it’s torturous to listen to Dina talk! It sounds like she has mayo stuck in the back of her throat, it makes me gag!
    I’m petty….and judgey.
    Sorry not sorry.

  16. Micheal

    Isn’t the Tommy Dina marriage one of mere convenience? I thought he was a huge cheater throughout their marriage and she stayed due to a chunky prenuptial agreement. I don’t care enough to research it but the fact he won’t film I think is telling that he is hiding something or is the most intelligent house husband ever (as most crave the spotlight to their own detriment). :)

  17. I found people’s (Dina and Nicole’s mum, Santa) reactions to the little gift Bobby gave Nicole to be pretty offensive.
    Who are they to comment, much less judge ? Also, Dina’s blog comment that she’d “shove that plastic shoe up his a$$… WHAT ?? So, according to Dina, if someone gives her a gift that expensive, she should react like that? How rude & self important. Remember, Dina, Pretty Is as Pretty Does: and you’ve always been ugly in my eyes. Shame in her, who taught her manners ?

  18. Tommy won’t film because he came off as such a huge douche on their “My big fat fabulous I’m marrying this guy cause I need a sugar daddy, and my sister told me to hook up with her brother in law who I’ve known since I’m 9 years old to get on reality tv wedding” Dina is a stuck up bore who returned because she needs the money if Tommy does decide he doesn’t want to meet up in the bedroom with her anymore.
    He must be spectacular in the bedroom, he sure isn’t much to look at. Or it could be he gifts really nice purses…lol isn’t that her excuse for divorcing? Girls bat their eye’s at him, he buys them a purse, and they take it the wrong way and fall in love with him? God, his dick must talk or something.

  19. Caroline suuuuuucked and I’m glad she’s gone. I think the twins were a shit addition and they should have brought in someone else who was a stronger character. Of course, the ultimate perfect addition would be my goddess Danielle Staub but Andy isn’t good enough at his job to do that.

  20. Can we poke her with a stick, like a bear at the zoo?

  21. kym

    The show is boring, Dina thinks she is adding something, but she isn’t. So far her life is sad. We are waiting for Dina’s makeup with Caroline and Jacqueline.Thats what we want to see. I want to visit with the Wakilie’s &Rosies and see what they are doing..otherwise…we are snoring with this show..

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