Big Brother 16 Wednesday Night Recap: Greedy Beastmode Cowboy Causes Conflict

BB16 cast2I am so not watching the feeds that much and am instead staying up to all hours watching BBAD. I tape that and could just as easily watch it commercial free in the morning zipping through the boring parts, but apparently I am not wise enough to do that. If I am up when it is on, I get sucked in. Sigh. I need a ladysitter.

As you probably read here, Frankie’s grandfather passed away today and according to TMZ the family is not going to tell him. We are discussing that situation in comments here.  Also, everyone seems to be expecting next week to be a double eviction week. That will be fun. Okay the show is starting! I’m going in.

Britanny and Victoria are both whining to a guy about how they are in this game alone. I bet they wish they had listened to that blue haired chick and formed an all girls alliance. Or hell, any alliance. Duh.

BB16Caleb Stalker

It’s time for more stalking by Caleb. He seems to think he can evade the cameras by belly crawling his way to the HOH to surprise Amber and Cody. And he does. Those two are a bit touchy feely but not anymore than say, oh I dunno, Caleb and Frankie. But Caleb is upset that “Homeskillet has his hand all over Amber.” Caleb stomps out of the HOH room. Caleb talks to Zach in the beehive about how Cody and Amber should have more respect for him than that. Zach immediately runs to tell Cody.  Later in the middle of the night, Caleb whines to Britanny about Amber not appreciating all of the sacrifices he has made for her. Britanny says that all the other girls in the house throw themselves at Cody. That would include Amber, this ruffles Caleb’s feathers even further. Britanny should do a much as she could to get Caleb to explode, it is the only shot she has at staying in the house. But, not only does Britanny not have an alliance, she doesn’t have a plan. This is why recruits are so hated by BB fans. They are clueless idiots headed out the door one by one. Caleb says he wants Britanny to stay because he can’t stand Victoria.

At the POV player choosing, Britanny picks Caleb as her houseguest choice. This causes further issues between Cody and Caleb because now Caleb thinks Britanny and Victoria are working together. The POV is a soccer themed game where they kick a ball into a huge field with numbers. The person with the highest score goes last in the prize round and is able to choose whatever prize they would like from the other players. Victoria goes first and gets the highest score possible (50). Sadly there are many rounds of this. Why not just line them up based on the first round scores? Britanny goes out second.  In the end, Victoria manages to win the POV! Cody has a punishment of kicking himself in the butt with a butt kicking machine for 24 hours every time a whistle blows. Nicole takes away  Britanny’s POV over the trip to Germany? What an idiot. So Britanny has to do 2400 soccer goals in 24 hours, which turns out to be a grueling experience for her and was a bit hard to watch at times on the feeds. This garnered her many fans, but she is still out the door tomorrow barring some unforeseeable turn of events. The final two are Caleb and Victoria, and Victoria fucks up and scores a zero. All Caleb has to do is hit the damn target and Victoria is out. Caleb hits a fifty. Victoria’s prize is 5K, she actually offers it to Caleb who tells her to do what is best for her game. She somewhat reluctantly because she is a fucking moron takes to POV from Nicole.  Caleb’s prize is the Germatard.  But instead of doing what he is supposed to do, (take the veto) he takes the $5K from Nicole who is in a unitard for yet another week. His alliance goes nuts.  In his talking head, Donny calls Caleb a dumbo and says he hopes Cody nominates the dumbo in Victoria’s place. We all hope that Donny but it ain’t gonna happen. Nicole got beer in her German mug! I might have chosen that had I know that.

???????????Donny tries to encourage the guys to rally for a Caleb back door. Sadly, that is not going to happen. Derrick and Frankie will see to that. Donny was so sweet to Brittany all through her goal challenges. America will continue to fall in love with Donny every seek. Cody actually hallucinated the whistle once and did ten kicks when he did not have to. Britanny was a real trooper.

Donny gives Cody a great speech about playing his own game. Cody takes it to heart and tells Donny he is not going the block. Cody tells some of the people outside that he is putting Caleb up. Frankie goes to get Derrick, who is sound asleep to talk to Cody. Because, Derrick is the house guest whisperer. I think I may have actually picked a winner before the show for once. It only took me 16 tries.

Victoria loves having the POV and getting to run the ceremony. And… Cody puts up Donny. Cody has a bit of a breakdown and cries after nominating Donny. Donny says that some other people were in Cody’s ear and that he will get to the bottom of that.


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37 responses to “Big Brother 16 Wednesday Night Recap: Greedy Beastmode Cowboy Causes Conflict

  1. Gingersnap

    I so wanted Cody to put up Caleb, but he folded like a cheap suit. Dammit.

  2. dallasmom

    I would jump on Cody in a hot second! But why why why didn’t he put up Caleb!?

    • Gingersnap

      I like Cody even though he is a chicken shit 😉

      • I want a Cody and Donny alliance!

        Actually I want Donny to ally with anyone even if he wants to take Derrick down (which he does) and Caleb (which he does) he is the only one with a read on the game.​

        On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 10:01 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  3. dallasmom

    Wow bb told Frankie about his grandfather

  4. Time for Caleb to go. As for Frankie, I would be mad at my family for not telling me. I remember when my granfather passed. don’t care about the game, I wouldn’t want anything more than to be with my family

    • One of my tweeps says that the family sent Frankie a letter and he will give a eulogy on BBAD tonight. I asked for source but so far have not heard back.

      • He is going to the Adar to record it. Bb is going to send the recording to his family to play at the funeral or just to watch for themselves.

      • GRAMMS

        All of the Big Brother Blogs are reporting that Frankie received the letter and will stay in the game per his family’s request

  5. Some idiot, Probably one of Caleb’s family members just left me a threatening comment (which I did not put through)


    Submitted on 2014/07/23 at 10:12 pm

    It doesn’t matter how animals are killed? As long as you can keep sitting on your lazy and most likely, fat ass all day shoveling bacon down your throat while you hide behind your computer and criticize and judge other people all day, bc it makes you feel better about yourself, right? You’re pathetic. You and every other blogger, tabloid writer and papparazzi. I hope someone beats you with a stick and breaks your fingers so you can’t post this garbage anymore. Tootles.

    • dallasmom

      Wow Tamara!!!! That’s slightly offensive!!! Caleb is “off” to say the least”! His family running his twitter account are” off “too! I am thinking there is some serious inbreeding in this family!

      • What is the family’s twitter name??

      • ​I dunno but they have posted her a few times before with their “real names” The threat came from an anon nic. UF would know… let me see if I can find him. He has been super busy lately.

        On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 10:49 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Well the email box will be getting plenty of offers for penis enlarging paraphernalia. And incontinence products. Oh and dating services for “special” people.

    • Gingersnap

      IDK, but it doesn’t make sense that it would be Caleb’s family, since he’s the one that beat the pig to death with a stick to begin with?

      • ​Um that is why it makes sense, they were responding to the post about Caleb beating a pig to death with a stick and they began with What diff does it make how an animal is killed? Such a compassionate family.

        On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 11:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • I’m sure you looked into the IP address. It does not seem to be from his area. Not that that matters.

    • Cat

      Wow. This wasn’t my fault, was it? I mean, could it be from Nene because of the tweet I sent? I will feel horrible if it was.

      • ​No sweetie. and stop worrying about the tweet. I just told you I’d prefer not to be included in Bravolebrity tweets. This has nothing to do with you.

        Now, come let me clutch you to my bosoms, and seriously stop. Everyone loves you. You are fine.

        On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 11:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cat

        Whew! That’s a relief! As your onliest friend, I would never do anything to cause you pain or stress.

    • Urethra Franklin

      TT the name of commenter that claimed to be a relative of Caleb’s is PAUL… He left comments in our very first “Meet the Guys of BB16” post.

      Then in a the “Controversial HG” blog about Caleb another “maybe” family member left a comment using the name—>Natasha Swindle/Family

    • Momof2boys

      I love bacon. What’s wrong with that?

  6. Sounds like his hick family is as stupid as he is. People who are to dumb to defend themselves with words resort to violence.

  7. It was just reported that producers told Frankie

  8. Frankie says he is going to do a eulogy in DR that that production will send in case the family wants to use it at the funeral.

  9. siohban

    Did anyone notice the snot ball hanging from Hayden’s nose when he was talking to Victoria? I know I’m going to hell for pointing it out.

  10. GRAMMS

    I don’t understand why Cody and everyone else is so mad at Caleb for not picking the POV. Zach was the very 1st person that could have taken the POV from Brittany and he chose the trip to Germany instead. But, no one is mad at him. Caleb did the exact.same thing as Zach and took a luxury prize but everyone is mad at him (Caleb). If Cody and everyone else wants to be mad, I feel as though they should at least call Zach out also for taking a luxury gift

    • GCVLMV

      I guess the thinking is that Zach got out before Victoria which means she would have taken the POV from him and possibly left him with something bad. Caleb was in the last position where he could have taken the veto and not received a “penalty” prize. Bad luck of the draw….. I don’t know why it mattered if Brittany was truly the target.

  11. loo

    Dislike Caleb but I have to agree with you Gramm.. If he did take that Veto , they was a good possibility he would of used it on Brit if Amber asked him to.

  12. dallasmom

    Anyone else see Caleb putting on mascara and curling his lashes for tonight’s live show? So pretty :)

  13. Erin

    I am glad Caleb did not take the veto. Why should he help out Cody when Cody and the others are planning on getting rid of him? Chalet will at least leave with something. I hope Donny, Caleb, Lacosta and possibly Amber and Nicole team up with each other so they can have a leg to stNd on against Cody and the rest. I also wish Zach would have been sent home when Devin put him up, he’s very rude.

  14. Tommy H

    Caleb sucks, he’s the furthest thing from a cowboy I’ve ever seen, and to call yourself beastmode shows this guy is a TOOL!

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