Wendy Williams Has Upset Nene Leakes

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Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams in Happier Times.

This morning on Wendy Williams,  Wendy discussed Nene’s Birkin abuse in a very similar way that I discussed it here.  Very similar. Okay exactly the same way. She showed the Kim K monstrosity of a handbag and made all the same comparisons. It was almost like someone read my blog and wrote the story. Allegedly. It happens. To add her own unique flair, Wendy compared Nene’s finances to Kim K’s finances. There was an unspoken suggestion that perhaps Nene was trying to be Kim Kardashian. Wendy pointed out that Kim had real money and Nene did not. It’s not nearly as scandalous as I am making it sound. It was shady, but not over the top.

But Nene, who is apparently watching Wendy Williams these days, took to her blog and went on the attack. Which I shall rebut in detail on Wendy’s behalf, because let’s face it, it was my story. POOR NENE RHOANene’s words in italics, mine in purple.

Wendy I am sure people think that I’ve done something to you, maybe we had a beef or I slept with your man but none of that is true!

Chile please. You have been bitching about Wendy for years. Wendy is yet another example of you biting the hand that feeds you. She had enough of your attitude and quit having you on the show. To be fair, there was a long stretch where she had no one from Bravo there. She got tired of Andy sending everyone to Bethenny’s show.

I’ve actually only been nice to you! I gave you a beautiful black $3,200 Celine Phantom Bag to celebrate your 500th show but you haven’t spoken of that!

By not talking about it, you mean it was done on her live show for the entire world to see?  I do seem to recall her saying she had the exact purse in another color. It is very high class of you to remind her again how much the purse, that you likely did not even pay for, costs though.

But what you have chosen to do is constantly speak negative of me and lie on me! What you need to do is stop spewing hate! When it comes to gossip you are the lowest of the low! I know you hate because I turned down the chance to come on your Talk Show and I am sure you’re scared I will take your place (I know you have heard! Ummhmm wink wink) BE SCARED!

Late Night Snack: Is It Time to Put Nene Leakes Out to Pasture?I haven’t heard Wendy say as single lie about you. Not one.  But she does occasionally remark on some of the stupid shit you have done. Today was no exception. You fingerpainted a Birkin bag. Then you put it on Instagram. You kind of have to expect some shade for stupidity.

Oh, and time for the recurring refrain that you fancy yourself the next Oprah. Wendy must be so concerned that someone who cannot pronounce basic words properly be about to git her a talk show wit her brimaids. We are all awaiting that announcement. Is this preparation for your forthcoming excuses for not holding a peach?  You plan to say you quit because you have to work on your new talk show?  Good luck with that. We will wait on that talk show longer than we are currently waiting for Sheree to build her Chateau and come out with her clothing line. We’re very patient.

I have a clothing line on HSN coming out in a few days and I know it must be hard for a black woman to support another black woman but you should try it sometime.

Be prepared for Wendy to run this story tomorrow. I’m just saying.

PS: My Birkin is being turned into a work of art to raise money for a worthy charity something you fail to mention on your show! I don’t have one Birkin I have five now run tell that WIG.

ROFLMAO….LOL….Can’t Breathe…. Work of art?  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Girl, you ain’t got a lick of sense. It’s odd that you have never mentioned this work of art being for a worthy charity? Do tell? What worthy charity? Do you honestly believe that if you manage to find someone willing to take that hunk of trash off of your arm it will be worth anywhere near what it was before you painted it like a two year old?

And what wig should Wendy run tell that to? Do you talk to your wig? Should someone with a small woodland animal glued to her bald head even bring up anyone’s hair ? Girl, please. Fix that hair. And then have a few seats.


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147 responses to “Wendy Williams Has Upset Nene Leakes

  1. O.O

    Lord! The commentary is hysterical . That tongue of yours is sharp and witty! Were you born that way or is it an art you cultivated .

    • icee

      OMGaht!!!! I can not stop giggling. Tamara is a riot. I was taught that if you have to tell people how much you spend then you can not afford to spend. Nene gets personal when she can’t support her argument. Hilarious!

    • Manic Mondays

      Basking in the shade, just lounging in it. Thank you Tamara

      • The.Best.Blog. EVER.

        …”git her a talk show wit her brimaids.” OMG…the shade is PERFECT!

      • tobalinac

        Me too Mondays. It’s a BIG ole tree!

      • Don’t let Wendy Williams fool you, she is highly educated, raised in good schools, college degree… and RICH BITCH. She is like the early model of Oprah back when she would pretend she was one of us. I’m not by any means saying WW is Oprah rich, I am saying she is very good at pretending she is just another housewife like the rest of us shopping at Target.

        I am not a huge fan of her show, because since I have become a blogger, I know all the facts about her hot topics and sometimes, okay a lot of times she is completely wrong. That said I tape her everyday and watch her first thing every “morning” whenever I wake up. :) She’s a savvy business woman, she got a BROADWAY part, and she has parlayed her success into some sweet little acting spots. She’s filming a Lifetime Christmas movie right now, and she is producing a movie about Aliyah for Lifetime as well. Say what you will about her, but she is a savvy business woman who is MILES about Nene. IJS. ​

        On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 9:27 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  2. Urethra Franklin

    What’s that sound?
    It’s TamaraTattles. She just threw & broke every shade covered lamp in Georgia.

  3. Yeah. If Al Sharpton can have a show, I guess nene can too. But like you said, that working everyday thing is not going to go well. I mean…Wendy is not exactly eloquent.

    That blog…dear god. Doesn’t she have she editor? She is such a trashoid. What is the “charity” that the bag is being donated to? The one with no license??

    Love the horse!!!

    • Mable Lean

      Al Sharpton? Holy Lauren “Tone Deaf” Bacall!!!!! Did you seriously just compare Mr. Sharpton to the likes of Nene Leakes?????? Huh????? In addition to being a very smart man, his command of the language is formidable. HUH???????

      • Oh Mable Lean. What’s next, a tribute to Jesse Jackson? Who BTW I voted for for President in the first presidential election where I could vote.

      • Tone deaf? Something tells me you don’t know what that even means.

        Anyhow, google the YouTube videos “Al Sharpton TelePrompTer Fail” vols 1 & 2. The idiot can’t even say words when they are spelled out in front of him. IOW, he can’t read or speak. He is a scumbag to boot.

      • Michelle

        Unfortunately Nene beats Al Sharpton. She isn’t as crooked as he is and she hasn’t framed 6 white men in a rape set up. He is one of the biggest racist hypocrits out there. He has ZERO credibility and is only after a quick, dirty buck by exploiting those he claims to look out for.

      • Cat

        How do you know Nene isn’t crooked?

    • Mable Lean

      What I meant by tone deaf was that Bacall, Tonys notwithstanding, sang consistently flat (below pitch) in Applause, Woman of The Year and The Fan. I wonder if Nene sings. Cheers.

      • Bacall sounded very nice singing in To Have and Have Not. But..I’m not Bacall. And she is not a singer. She is an actress. And you are an idiot to think there is any comparison to that giant amazon.

  4. TareksWife

    You’ve outdone yourself!!! BRAVA TT.

  5. WhyOWhy

    GURRRL… you are AWESOME!

  6. Theresa Benfante

    DAMN that was funny

  7. twiggy

    I do hope all of Wendy’s fawning over a stupid bag get her into HEAVEN on judgement day. All the mess that’s going on in the world, who has time to waste on a stupid bag being personalized. I tend to think it’s a bit of envy here somewhere by Wendy and Tamara both

    • Cat

      Do you expect Wendy and/or Tamera to save the world?

      Tamera, better get out your Wonder Woman suit.

      • Tamara is currently sitting on the couch watching the news. It’s very sad. By doing this, I have done more than most leaders of 1st world to address the crises in Asia. The airport in Israel is basically shut down now except for the Israeli airline. This is just a sad, sad mess that I see no end in sight for. I also found out that American airlines are not allowed even fly over Libyan air space by the FAA. I should probably accept the fact I will never get back there.​

        On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 4:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Theresa Benfante

        I have been glued to the news as well. So very sad and depressing. And scary

      • Cat

        @Tamera: You are a better person than I am. I can’t watch it. I keep up via your tweets on Twitter, along with Anderson Cooper’s.

        I haven’t watched a full news report since 9/11. I can’t. I can’t handle it.

      • I don’t recommend you start. It’s heartbreaking. Just read that there was a suicide bombing at a smaller Libyan airport today. Libyans don’t usually do such things. I’m verklempt ​.

        On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 5:36 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cat

        Oh, crap, I just realized I’m spelling your name wrong. So sorry!

    • pfffttt

      Shut the fuck up.

    • O.O

      Why would anyone be envious of nene ? She’s a bafoon . Why would Wendy ? She’s had a long career can speak English , and can probably spell as well .
      What would lead you to believe that Tamara would be envious ?
      Are you serous ? Nene . She’s such a vile shell of a human . She’s also very proud to be ignorant which adds to how disgusting she is .
      Oh my goodness, what a inaccurate statement .

    • You have the temerity to judge others (blasting Tamara and accusing her of envy?) for seeking light-hearted mindless entertainment? Every news station on every channel broadcasts terrible news every minute of every hour of every day…it is no wonder people are desensitized, it is enough to cause one to suffer PTSD just watching the (morning, midmorning, afternoon, evening and nightly) news.

      I don’t need to watch the news to know there are horrible people in this world doing horrible things, they show themselves throughout our neighborhoods everyday in one way or another…be it the Telemarketing scam artist skimming your Grandma’s bank account, the juvenille delinquent attempting to steal your piano teacher’s car, that business executive neighbor of yours that stabbed his wife and children for the insurance, to the soccer mom having a melt down and leaving her baby locked in the car in 100 degree temperatures. For every bad horrible news story, there are hundreds of thousands of positive news stories that never see the light of day…if they are lucky, one of them will get a 10 sec hyper-speed video clip before a commercial break, with god-awful music playing that has nothing to do with the story.

      Nene is an infamous woman with the intelligence of a dead fish wrapped in newspaper yet all her ghetto behavior is preferred over watching Americans terrorizing and spewing racist taunts at children on buses… people having a light-hearted moment to save their sanity should not be judged for seeking an escape from the nonsense of the world.

      There I put my soapbox right next to yours..even if in a wordy manner.

    • I tend to think this person “twiggy” is in the Nene (WIG) camp. Not just a stan. I detect a personal interest. They sound like they’re taking it a little too hard to me.

  8. ab

    Charity….like SOS

  9. Tasos826

    Dayum, that was good.

  10. Tasos826

    Maybe Neigh-Neigh will use the proceeds to pay that $5K donation dare that she made with Kenya (which Kenya agreed to match upon Neigh-Neigh’s paymennt

  11. Cat

    “Save Nene’s Sorry Ass Fund”?

    Great blog. As usual.

    By the way, didn’t Nene used to slam Kim for her wigs?

  12. tlcory

    Hahahaha! Tamara I think I just found my new best friend here in Ga. (You not Nene just clarifying lol) I live on Lake Lanier, come have Margaritas with me on the dock! Great Commentary, I got a good chuckle!

  13. bravogirl24/7

    Wendy aint losing one minute of sleep worried about what NeNe is ranting about on her BLOG. She has a talk show to run, and by the way NeNe her talk show is aired in 56 countries, and your blog is read by how many minions?

    How VERY TACKY it is to broadcast how much you paid for a gift. Im very sure Wendy THANKED you for your gift, but I guess you want her to gravel on the air daily about your generosity? Im almost POSITIVE WENDY CAN AFFORD TO PURCHASE A BIRKIN BAG IF SHE WANTS ANOTHER ONE. She might think the one you gave her is sufficient. I don’t even like those big ugly purses anyway. And yes girl I can afford to buy one.

    • bravogirl24/7

      If Bill O’Reilly can have a talk show. Why not NeNe?
      What happened to Kris Kardasians talk show and bethanny Frankel? Hint hint NeNe!!

      • ​Yes Because Bill O’Reilly is an intelligent man with an opinion you don’t like, while Nene is… illiterate and talks only about herself.

        On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 4:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Oops. That was supposed to nest under TT’s O’Reilly comment.

      • ​Thanks for the kind words y’all. It means a lot to me, especially now, as I like here on my death bed. I guess it’s a hangover but I really didn’t drink that much, or else, the cherries are winning to war.

        Imma need a donate button for Banjo’s college fund. Thanks in advance.

        On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 4:32 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:

        > ​Yes Because Bill O’Reilly is an intelligent man with an opinion you don’t > like, while Nene is… illiterate and talks only about herself. > > > On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 4:29 PM, Tamara Tattles comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote: > >>

      • Cat

        Did I really see that? Someone actually compared Nene to Bill O’Reilly?

      • ​Yes, yes you did.

        On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 5:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Ha if Shawn Hannity can have a talk show why not TT?

        P.s. I knew you and tee cee would bite. lol

      • ​I’M furious with Sean Hannity atm. I listen to talk radio when I am in the car, which is rarely. I agree with Sean regarding finances and not much more. His broadcast about the Gaza crisis that was playing while I was stuck in the Mexican drive thru line yesterday was appalling and completely factually incorrect.

        On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 6:57 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        I love you TT, but I HATE that you love O’Reilly. Hate it! I won’t even discuss Hannity. I forgive you, whether you want my forgiveness or not.

      • And Nene had the nerve to say that she went to Morris Brown College but didn’t finish. Did she shut down Morris Brown (for those unfamiliar with Morris Brown College, they’re closed and their assets are being sold) because the faculty all quit because they were incapable of teaching someone so ignorant? Just joking, but it does say a lot about her attempt to legitimize herself as an “intelligent” person, “brimaids” notwithstanding.

      • soncee

        You’re actually questioning the fact that Bill O’Reilly has a talk show? Bill freakin O’Reilly? On a fan of NeNe’s chile..only a fan of NeNe’s

    • I don’t like then either, and is wouldn’t buy one if Hermes came to me and gave it to me for free. Nene is missing being in the spotlight. Bshe wanted a spinoff like Kim. She should have had 4 more children to get one and keep it going.

  14. Frappe

    While I have no time for Nene, Wendy could use some smarts herself. I had her on my DirectTV auto record until she threw her last insult at me. Wendy: don’t talk crap about your viewers and expect to keep your viewer numbers. Keep your political/religious views to yourself. I’m not listening anymore.

  15. Latina2014

    omg!!! Tamara you are HI-larious!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t (CAN seeing how classless she is) believe she would choose to battle with Wendy! She really drank her own koolaid and thinks she is at Wendy’s level, or the next Oprah…….. almost speechless!!!! Only reason I think she said that it’s “art” and for “charity” is because her BIG venture to sell those bags backfired tremendously. Now she has to back pedal. Thanks for this Post, reading it brought shocking laughs, jaja, I almost predicted what you would say after her responses!!! U r soooo entertaining! btw I heard about you through the Wendy Williams show somehow :)

  16. PlusOneForLuck

    Nicely done, miss. Nicely done :)

  17. fivecatsownme

    Well done. I like the horse’s head allusion, but I think another side of him
    would be more descriptive of Ne Ne.

  18. That is hilarious! That pony styled like Nene, too funny

  19. Wow. Just wow.
    Another hilarious entry, TT.

  20. Angel

    I’d rather read Tamara blogs or listen to a Tamara radio talk show than anything connected with Nene. Nene showed her usual lack of class. Just because a person is black is Wendy bound to support them being an idiot? I guess all white women should lift me up, shame on them. I hope besides Wendy or her moles, that Nene reads this blog, if she can read in the true sense of the word.

  21. YouCanLeadAHorticulture

    You read her!!!! Nene sure seems to have a lot of time on her hands these days. My favorite outlandish claim of her is that she only became a stripper to send her oldest son to private school. Now just think about that from all angles, that she was a private school mom, that her oldest son who can barely grunt much less form a sentence was a private school student, and that had he gone to public school she would not have become a stripper at all. Oh my god I’m laughing so hard my wig is askew! You crack me up Tamara.

  22. SilkyMay

    Everybody and their MAMA was talking about that ugly thang looong before Wendy.. WTF did Hehe/Nene expect? (no disrespect TT, but Nene calling folks names sooo I had too… What’s good for the goose is good for the moose) Like TT, it’s Wendy’s job to report on what’s trending.. @Nene you need to STFU because Wendy’s doing comedy now… You don’t want it with her with your clapping ass.. GET HER @WENDY!!! I know you be up in TT’s secret squirreling chile..

  23. Mary

    My goodness… someone sure doesn’t like Nene… LOL Just a note… If Nene can’t pronounce words, Wendy is no better that’s for sure and you can tell her “hard working” staff I said so.

    • TotallyMeowable

      Wendy just got a street named after her “Wendy William Way”. Not bad. What does Nene have? Hmmmmmmm. Nothing.

    • Simone

      Mary, you must be deaf, Wendy and Nene do not have the same dialect, accent, or pronounciation. Are you going by what you see or hear?

    • KB

      Uhh….say whatever you want about Wendy, she does manage to speak the Queens English so that already puts her 2 steps ahead.

    • O.O

      Ummm Mary you should let dislike cloud the truth . I’m not a Wendy fan and rarely watch her show but she has full command of the English language .

  24. Dracla Dunning

    I needed that laugh. I’m still laughing. What great pictures. The horse says it all and I love the one of her with the crocodile tears and nose she sported before the last four rhinoplasty surgeries.

  25. Jdub

    She was calling Wendy, “Wig” TT….

  26. Josie

    That was hilarious! Love that horse picture…

    I think she is auctioning it off for Apollo’s “Who Will Ride With Me” penitentiary fund. She said she felt sorry for him!

  27. chocolatestarr

    LMAO/ damn, Nene did Tamara just drag you for bone and blood??? are you okay?? #fix that hair! dead dead dead

  28. Kat

    OMG the picture of the horse has me rotflmao!!

  29. myinfo

    Did this fool really call Wendy “wig”?
    Let’s see, Wendy has beautiful wigs. Nene is wearing the worst wig on TV hands down.
    Does Nene think Wendy cares what she thinks?
    If Nene gets a talk show we can all get drunk by drinking every time she mispronounces a word.
    Real rich people don’t the cost of gifts.
    I bet that bag was a tacky gift from someone in her Vegas show. Did Andy by it :)

  30. Eve

    A few years from now we will see Nene pushing a shopping cart along the street with that stupid bag hanging off it.
    Bye bye bri-maid

  31. PattyMac

    Excellent, perfect, funnier-than-hell “rebuttal”!! Hope Wendy reads it – she owes you big-time!!

  32. The horse, LMFAO. That shit was funny, and so are you. I laughed through this whole thing TT. How can she talk about somebody, anybody wearing a wig as if her beaver locks grow out of her head. Go Wendy, Go Wendy.

    • ​OMG at beaver locks. /giggle

      On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 7:13 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Dracla Dunning

      OMG. Beaver locks!! All I could picture was a head of pubic hair. So sorry for sharing but the way things are going for the styles Nene wears on her head, I wouldn’t put it past her to sport that look.

  33. Papa Smurf

    I just about lost it when the horse gif appeared, love it.
    Nene, a talk show host? That woman’s wig adhesive is affecting what little brain cells she might have left. And if her birkin bag “design” is any indication of her upcoming line for HSN, it will be coming to a big lots nearest you…

  34. Sheree Harhay

    Laughing uncontrollably reading your rebuke of Nene’s hysterical tweets. Specifically, I loved and laughed at loud at your comment, “Wendy must be so concerned that someone who cannot pronounce basic words properly be about to git her a talk show wit her brimaids.” It is amazing that so many stupid women working on Atlanta have either no class, no education, can’t speak the English language correctly, and generally live way above their means. They will leave the show with nothing, nada. When their 15 minutes, so to speak, is over these women will leave with their tail between their legs and a dwindling back account that will probably only last them through another years of their life.

  35. Tamara was that you who said Peter has file bankruptcy and bar one is losing money?

  36. ny state of mind

    Ok. I usually don’t comment on such foolishness but when she ended her “commentary” with the word WIG. Like she was giving such a strong read. I mean…what? Everybody knows (sorry I had to bring Phraudulent Phae Phae into this) that NeNe has the absolute worst wig in history Ever. As in E.V.E.R. ya’ll. And even that B.S about her taking Wendy’s place is nothing short of Delusional. In fact the whole “essay” she wrote proves for the umpteenth time that she is a bona fide idiot. Anyway.I love me some Wendy and there is NO WAY in H-E-Double Hockey sticks that she would ever take Wendy’s job. Let She Ne Ne take One Thousand Seats for this tom foolery.

  37. DJ

    Oh T, I had such a bad day. I am so glad I came here! this….was…GREAT! I had such a great laugh! Thank you, I needed that… and the NeNe horse… OMG! I almost destroyed my keyboard by laughing with soda in my mouth!

  38. Rosey

    Too. Damn. Hysterical!!!!! PREACH sister!!

  39. lisalisa

    Lord have mercy!!! I’m going to go back and read that blog again. It was so f..king funny. NeNe done lost her mine. I bet Gregg’s running and hiding right now because she doesn’t have any friends to run to and rant. What charity is she donating this bag to? for? What happened to the charity she was playing for on the apprentice? Didn’t she once say she had a charity for young girls or abused women?? If she stripped to send her first son to private school why won’t she use a couple of those Birkin bags to send the second one? I’m not judging her life, her choices, but I hope someone, besides Andy, is whispering in her ear that money doesn’t always last but stupid is forever.

    • Angel

      Nene ran out/quit the apprentice. The charity, whatever she played for was then quit on. She set up her own in first season of RHOA, I think it may not of ever had official status. She has not met the challenge from Kenya of giving 20k to the Detroit school system. She does seem to have many fans. If Nene auctioned off some of her expensive freebies, she should be able to raise that, but not if she completely defaces them.

  40. vonnie

    Both of these women have a checkered past. Wendy doesn’t throw shade to NeNe’s past, just to her present day antics. Neither of this women can act IMO, but Wendy gets better opportunities to try. Neither of these women will get accolades for their design skills but I’m going to go out on a limb and predict more people bought Wendy fashion accessories than will buy NeNe’s fashion line. I am an HSN shopper at times when I’m bored and HSN gadgets can be interesting (aside-Mama Joyce called in last weekend for DG JEANS-hysterical) and NeNe’s clothing is just what you would expect cheap looking and overpriced, which actually makes HSN a perfect home for her as a lot of their clothing fits that bill. 5 Birkin bags at her financial level is just plain stupid. Charity begins at home for her so essentially she is donating it to herself. Hopefully her 15 mins are almost up. Buh-bye

  41. Nene is a complete idiot~you don’t start a war of words with a woman who has a one hour talk show EVERY SINGLE DAY….I hope Wendy makes an even bigger fool out of that fool tomorrow

    • vonnie

      Wendy doesn’t usually go in for twitter/blog/Facebook back and forth responses on the show. She doesn’t have to since she has the TV show renewed for a few more seasons. Why wrestle and give your adversary air time for their response to you when you have the advantage of millions of viewers worldwide listening ONLY to your comments? I bet she will never mention NeNe’s blog post

  42. Victoria


  43. Eve

    I happen to think Nene will get Wendys job. Flipping burgers or mopping the floor

  44. Wallace

    Oh, Nene. Talk show host? Really? All season I felt she was essentially trying to make herself look like one. The ridiculous pajama party where she ‘invented’ the silly game and took center stage prancing around. Then when she was in the WWHL clubhouse and Andy let her turn the tables and interview him. It has all been a calculated way to build a reel for auditions. If she was her season one crazy ass self it could work, but not the fake fancy voice attempt that she uses when she is trying to be ‘klassy with a k’.

    • lisalisa

      they should show earlier tapes of her interviewing that Dupree guy that was married to Janet Jackson. She actually brought one of her sons to the interview and the whole thing was rather unsettling to say the least. I think it was WXIA in Atlanta that did that. Can you imagine a guest disagreeing with NeNe and her going off on them right there? I wouldn’t think too many others would want to be on her show.

  45. redhotmama

    NeNe, Bless your heart, honey, calling somebody out for wearing a wig. We have already seen you rocking that wig that you sent Gregg to steal from George Washington’s Tomb. #Fixthathair

    Everything, and I do mean everything, about this woman is Tacky.

  46. TT… you – as always – are PERFECTION! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!

  47. Greta

    The horse…. I’m dead. I can’t. looooool

  48. mrsgsp

    Tamara jealous of Nene?? Puh-leese!! Tamara is articulate, educated, witty, doesn’t glue animal ass to her head, and doesn’t act like a boss when clearly an intern like Nene. Nene’s bag is not only a waste of money but pretty sure her dog could have walked in finger paintand stepped on it, and it would have looked better. Hopefully her “charity” is a step program on how to give your husband’s his balls back from your ugly ass purse. In the meantime, she should work on her language skills. I suggest starting with “would you like fries with that” to give her a head start on her upcoming career

  49. Lololol…this one had me cracking up. Thanks for the sunshine at 3am :)

  50. Still laughing at that picture of the horse and the comments,,,,Your the best TT! Great blog! I would love to see Nene’s wig on a dolphin for some reason. TT, my favorite is when you said “You fingerpainted a Birkin bag. Then you put it on Instagram. You kind of have to expect some shade for stupidity. ” Too funny. I just cannot believe she mentioned the a gift and the cost. Andy has got to realize how stupid Nene is starting to make him and RHOA look at some point and try to distance himself you think?

  51. Fairplay

    Nail…please meet head. Wow. Tamara you nailed it, because I would not even know where to respond to Nene’s bloated, self infatuiated, the emperor has no clothes response.
    The one phrase I did not see on the Birkin bag was—trash with a little bit of money. Congratulations Nene you have five Birkin Bags. Too bad you did not use that money for something invaluable like an education. Clearly, Nene— you are a better person than me because you have five Birkin bags. I guess Luann was right, money can’t by you class. Real class is not reminding people how many Birkin Bags you have or that you are “Rich Botch” or how much a gift cost. But then again Nene you lack class, humility, kindness and a working knowledge of the English language. The thought of Nene having a talk show boggles my mind. I would rather watch the Kris Jenner show or Bethany show than endure Nene’s talk show. And to compare yourself to Wendy Williams is outright laughable. First WW is an educated woman who has been honing in her craft for years!! WW just makes it look easy and has more class in her pinky toe than Nene….That us why she did not bring up the gift. Also I don’t think Nene could buy off WW with a bag. Wendy does not go around reporting she is rich and giving updates on how many expensive bags she has. Now that is classy. I also find it interesting that Wendy mentioned her disgust with adult industry workers the other day, i. e. Strippers. Wonder if she was thinking of Nene….miss former stripper herself. But please keep comparing yourself to Wendy. LMAO.

  52. OK, I am done because i know I dont see a layered sideburn and purple eyeshadow on the horse? Im sorry but the horse’s hair and make-up looks much better then Nene’s yall. The horse actually has what is called the 27 piece style which requires a layered cut on the side. Nene had the planet ape eddie munster lace front toupee half wig style so the horse actually is rocking a better and more updated style then Nene had all season and that is so sad. Wendy rocks her wigs how foolish for Nene to comment Wendy, she has her look together absolutely.

  53. TT your commentary was amazing! And Wendy….um…uses info from ur blog all the time. I mean usually tho she hedges it with “sources say”. Cos (I’m an avid Wendy watcher) I know there’s been many a time I’ve gone, “Her ppl read this on TT’s blog.”

    Nene’s such an idiot.

  54. TT you are on fire in this post, witty and spot on. Great GIF horse pic.
    I saw this Wendy show and yes Wendy did the same comparison as you did. I did not hear Wendy lie or throw that much shade on Nene. Wendy could have been much harsher.
    Thats one ugly defamed bag.

  55. BH Wannabe

    Holy shit I don’t even know what I laughed at the hardest! TT, for someone who writes some of the funniest things I have ever read, you’ve really outdone yourself this time!

  56. These forced public feuds are boring.

  57. Atl hater

    She needs to go sit down somewhere and shut her mouth. She should be grateful ANYONE still brings her name up on these talk shows considering she has nothing going on. Nene is the most hateful black woman I’ve ever seen on tv and I’m tired of Bravo allowing her to have any kind of platform.

  58. Vlowe08

    You have given me EVERYTHING I needed this morning!!!!! I am

  59. SueB

    The Horse! OMG The Horse!! I. Can’t. Breathe!!!

  60. kym

    Co-sign! Gurl, to the white meat….”And what wig should Wendy run tell that to? Do you talk to your wig? Should someone with a small woodland animal glued to her bald head even bring up anyone’s hair ? Girl, please. Fix that hair. And then have a few seats.”

  61. BKSweetheart

    “…..be about to git her a talk show wit her brimaids”

    OMG I’m in tears over here!!!!!

  62. Lindy

    This blog entry and the comments should be preserved/bronzed/or something. Maybe put in a time capsule, too. This is some kind of hilarious stuff. :)

  63. soncee

    Tamara, you’re on fiyah!
    Honey you read her, wrote her, and erased that horse!
    Oh..and speaking of horses…
    A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
    And that one’ll talk ’til her voice is hoarse! LOL!!
    Neigh Neigh!..Neigh Neigh!

  64. I watch Wendy and I enjoy her “Tea”. I also enjoy this blog. It is honest which is so much more real than the “fan” blogs elsewhere. I have to say this…I struggles to pay for medicine for a husband who has Alzheimers Disease (it costs about $800 per month for two drugs because they are not generic). I got deep in debt as a result of the cost and the desire to keep him cognizant for as long as possible (we are going on 12 years and he is still here and very present). Reading about people (sub-humans?) like Kim K. and Nene Leakes and their silly Birkins that were ruined and defaced for attention is so disgusting that I don’t even have the words for it. Thank God that Tamara did. Nene is delusional. Instead of worrying about expensive props how about she worries about learning to speak English? How about she stops inflicting herself on people who don’t find her of any valuer whatsoever? She had her fake wedding and her moment in the “The New Normal” of life and now that it’s over…she simply won’t go away. She continues to threaten and “wink, wink” at everyone who already knows the truth about her…once a low class ho…always a low class ho. No scribbled Birkin will change that. I am greatful for Tamara and Wendy for calling her out because she has fooled enough people for long enough and no one is buying what she has to sell anymore. No one wants to watch Nene on a talk show or listenn to her rant and rave about how rich she is or how talented. She is none of the above and she’s the only one (with the acception of her P-whipped husband) who thinks that she has anything more to offer. STFU, Nene and be glad that people are even speaking your name. Sorry this is a little confusing and a whole lot whiny, but; I’ve had enough of self-entitled idiots who just don’t know when to quit. When it comes to decency and being humbl , Nene…you are VERY poor.

    • Sorry about the typos…I need new glasses!! (and a spell check).

    • Merilyn I’m so sorry to hear about your medical troubles. I am sure you know this, but just in case, sometimes the pharmaceutical company will provide coupons or even free meds if you contact them. Sometimes they have a place on their website to sign up for the discounts. Again, you probably no this, but I am erring on the side of trying to help.

      • Cat

        It’s always worth the try. Also, sometimes, insurance companies have a contract with drug companies. They will often split the costs. And if there is a hospital involved, the hospital often will cover some costs, too. If you are going through a hospital at all, set an appointment with the financial advisor. They have access to all of this, and all sorts of charities, too. It’s well worth it. I had no idea they did this, and I saved over half a million on chemo drugs. Didn’t have to pay a penny of it. Good luck to you and your husband!

        You should also have access to a social worker. They have tricks up their sleeve, too. My thoughts and prayers to both of you!

    • Valerie

      Marilyn, I hope for you and your husband the very best. Pharmaceutical companies are not about anything but making profit IMO. I doubt I’ll ever see them as caring and compassionate. I realize businesses need to make a profit, but pharmaceutical companies make an obscene amount and it is never enough in their minds. $800.00 per month is more than a lot of people’s rent. I hope you’re able to find help. Please know that there are many on this blog that are sending you our best thoughts.

  65. Snarkoholic

    I have officially been laughing for over a day now. Thank you TT. I cannot get the image of the NeNe pony, the term “beaver locks” and the ankle banded sweatpants out of my head. No blog compares to this one.

  66. Linda

    That what Tamara said was not “shade.” That was definitely a “read.”

  67. The last people you want as enemies NeNe is TT and Wendy…good luck child, ya gonna need it!!

  68. rochelle013

    OMg how good was this post? I laughed so hard it scared my sleeping dogs. Then reading these comments had me going also. Good Times, Good Times.

  69. CityGirl81

    I finally watched Wendy’s segment and NeNe needs to shut up. Wendy was tame compared to how she usually is. The bottom line is that purse is ugly with all the things she added to it. And after looking up real Birkin bags, I don’t believe this purse is real.

  70. I remember when Nathan (I mean NeNe) barked at Kenya during the RHOA reunion about “acting a fool on TV FOR $2.50″…well, look how the tables have turned….

    I can’t believe you “all on the blogs acting like a d@m fool for ‘no money'”….Wendy gets paid to comment on her Hot Topics…How much money did you get for your blog…heheheheheheh…

    #Team Kenya
    #Team Wendy

  71. I have been in the hospital for a week (lung collapsed) and come home to this hilarious shit and you blow Nene out of the water. I am laughing so hard I will have to have my chest re-inflated from laughing so freaking hard. I adore you and your smart ass comments. Thank you so much for making up for my miserable week. I am shaking so hard from laughing but not sure if it is my damn blood sugar. LOVE YOU!!

  72. I have been in the hospital for a week (lung collapsed) and come home to this hilarious shit and you blow Nene out of the water. I am laughing so hard I will have to have my chest re-inflated from laughing so freaking hard. I adore you and your smart ass comments. Thank you so much for making up for my miserable week. I am shaking so hard from laughing but not sure if it is my damn blood sugar. LOVE YOU!!

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