Marriage Boot Camp’s Tanisha Thomas Lied!

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Instagram via TMZ

Here is a post for my 41 favorite commenters, the ones that read my Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars recaps. You many remember on last Friday’s episode, Tanisha got a all the parts she ever wanted in all the shows there ever were! I told you at the time, “These phone calls with Tanisha give me the distinct impression there is no one on the other end of the phone.  First she says she auditioned for something and they said she is “pretty much hired.”  Then she tells the group she auditioned for a lot of stuff and got it all. Never once did she say what this role, or all of the roles are. It’s all fake.”

Then Kelli (who is apparently a closet Tanisha fan with all the tea) piped up that Tanisha had been cast on season 3 of Orange Is The New Black.  Which is a great show on Netflix that I have never seen because I don’t Netflix. I did listen to the 12 hour book on tape on a recent road trip to Charleston and it’s fantastic. Anyway, it seems the source of this information was Tanisha herself.

Today, Tanisha hit up Instagram and posted the above picture along with some comment, “And guess who just got invited?!!! #blessed #oitnbseason3 look out for your girl.”

TMZ decided to ring up Netflix and ask them if Tanisha will indeed be on the upcoming season and Netflix told TMZ that she is not a cast member.

This makes how many times I’ve been right again? I’m losing count.


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39 responses to “Marriage Boot Camp’s Tanisha Thomas Lied!

  1. WhyOWhy

    *Admittingly, I have not watched and have no interest in watching this show… however, (and here’s where you learn just how deep my bad reality TV obsession once was) isn’t this the same Tanisha who was once on Bad Girls Club? Wasn’t she the one that walked around banging pots and pans and yelling “pop off?”

    *If you’ve already discussed this, my apologies for making you repeat it.

    • Blue Hibiscus

      Yes, she’s of Bad Girl “fame”, as a reality trash tv aficionado myself, I still watch those shows. Tanisha still hosts the reunions, and any reunion from any BGC spin offs.

      • BH Wannabe

        SHE HOSTS THE REUNIONS???!!! Um, I don’t want to shock anybody, but that girl is NUTS!!!

        I read TT’s recaps of Bad Girls, but I gave up watching a while ago. Oh, but you can bet I will be tuning in for the reunions now!!!

      • WhyOWhy

        Thank you! OMG… there are BGC reunions? *I will not get sucked in…I will not get sucked in…*

    • Nuna

      That’s her. “Pop off” and “pimp down” were separate from the pots and pans banging, though. That came after the other girls woke her up when they came home drunk. Tanisha grabbed the cookware and hollered, “I ain’t get no sleep cause of y’all, y’all ain’t gonna get no sleep cause of me”. It was her breakout moment and I enjoyed it.

      I don’t enjoy her so much now. Even if Clive is ok with how he is treated, nobody deserves that kind of humiliation.

      • Nuna

        WTH? I don’t think I’ve ever been “awaiting moderation” before. Eeeek!

      • Manic Mondays

        I have seen YouTube clips of how she behaves on Marriage Boot Camp and I truly feel sorry for Clive. She also had a reality show when she was preparing to get married and I could not believe they even made it down the isle. I would pay money to see her and Nene locked in a suite for one weekend, it would be epic.

  2. The quality of a lie is based off how difficult it is to prove that its a lie. TMZ called up Netflix smh. #GottaDoBetter

  3. Vanessa W

    i dont get the point of lying, wouldnt she know she would be busted. thats so embarrassing lol, i wonder how she is going to spin this. btw i recently binged watched oitnb, that show is so good

  4. Sick of "reality"!

    Sounds like Nene…

  5. Oh, how I wished you netflixed! OITNB and breaking bad ( we never caught on until it was over) are the only shows I watch but I’m impatiently waiting until next year for season 3. I know you could blog some fantastic recaps!!
    Anyhoo, let me give you your props because you did call the phone call a fake. You were spot on and I am much impressed at you catching it.

    • brillke

      House Of Cards is a must watch show. Seriously, do yourself a favor and binge it.

      • BH Wannabe

        OMG, I work with Political Science professors… House of Cards is like their Holy Grail. I never watched, but I hear a mention of it anywhere from 1 to 45,000 times a day!

        I think I need Netflix.

      • Manic Mondays

        Hemlock Grove is good as well.

      • Colleen

        Agree wholeheartedly. Tightly written, rich dialogue and intricate plot line. Watched the first episode after someone insisted I see it, then proceeded to consume the entire season in a House of Cards marathon one weekend. Incredibly compelling—-suspenseful narrative with moody set design and scripts that remind of David Mamet.

  6. fivecatsownme

    That is just plain stupid on Tanisha’ s part. But if she doesn’t quit beating Clive, she might get an orange jump suit for real.

  7. ScrappieONE

    Tanisha is a whole ball of issues… A very big ball at that…

  8. Good grief, I watched the same season of Bad Girls, we are old time reality TV junkies. Maybe that’s why I’m getting burned out.
    TT did see through the lie.
    Breaking Bad was on basic cable out here, last season of Sons of Anarchy also.

  9. Riley

    I’m still laughing at Slade’s fake crying.
    And I’m still horrified over Jenny’s face. It looks like a doll’s face. She is obviously unable to show any emotion. The face is frozen with the same look. Creeps me out. Doesn’t look natural at all.
    Then there is Tanisha…well you called that one…didn’t you wise one?

  10. Valley Girl

    You surely called it Tamara Tattles.

    Tanksha didn’t have a heart attack, but as loud and angry as she is, she just might one day.

    I often take offense to black women being incorrectly labeled as angry, but in Tanisha ‘s case the label applies. Nobody should be that doggone angry. She makes my head hurt.

  11. Wampascat

    OMG! If you haven’t seen Orange Is the New Black, you are missing out. They put the entire season on Netflix at once. I watched season two in one day. It’s much too good to have the likes of this “so and so” on there.

    • nancy

      I totally agree,its a Gooood show!!! Has you going in every direction. Can’t wait for season 3. My daughter told me “Sons of Arnachy” is even better!! Not sure if I spelled that right.

  12. I read the book too Tamara, and although it was really good, the show is actually even better. It is not exactly the same as the book of course, and they focus a lot on the individual characters, and the humanity behind their roles in prison. I do recommend finding a way to see it if you can.

    • SnookumsLynn

      I thought that was really cool how the tv show writers transformed the book….the show is soooo good! I can’t recommend it enough, I think season 2 was better than the first…Women’s stories are soooo compelling…
      Tamara, try the free trial of Netflix, if you have a smart TV u can watch it through the TV instead of the computer and you can watch both seasons during the trial…it’s HIGHLY recommended!!!

    • Manic Mondays

      They sell the first season at Target and Walmart

  13. Kelli

    I am not a Tanisha fan. I saw it on the internet before TMZ posted it today. I forget what site. I think she is vile and abusive. I was merely commenting on what she had stated and today she looks like the fool she is.

    • LOL Was that a thanks for the shoutout. Tamara? I was teasing you. I am not up on Tanisha stuff. It doesn’t surprise me that it was on a site before TMZ, she probably leaked it herself. You would be surprise the crap that gets “leaked” to me.

      The entire reason this blog blew up is that “someone” leaked to me that Nene “Leakes” was on Glee. I was the first to report it, and now, Ms. Leakes. Is displeased with me and has blocked me on twitter. lol. It seems she only enjoys the favorable things being “leaked.” ​

      On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 10:48 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Kelli

        I’m famous! Yes, I showed my mom. I finally made it at almost 37 years old. I’m just super excited you took the time to spell my name correct. Bravo! And Nene is just an egotistical Bravolebrity and I used to be fan.

  14. Lurker

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first season and root for the underdog. I really thought she was going to be cast. I’m very turned off that she lied about it all. No bueno. :-(

    Is it just me or did the second season of OITNB turn into a lesbian centered dramatic comedy??

    I really hope they don’t jump the shark the next season.

    • SnookumsLynn

      I thought the second season was better than the first…the stories way more comepelling and in depth, the turmoil within the system, less Piper…I loved season 2 better…I guess I tuned out the sex stuff, it’s alot, but I’m realizing that all of TV is a way sex fest…just started watching Power on Starz…their sex is pretty hardcore on that one too…

  15. Barbara

    The picture looks photeshopped as hell. LOVE reading your posts Tamara.

  16. HannahKingRose

    All I can say for Tanisha is Bless her heart which translates in southern this time to mean what a big old, loud mouthed, pain in the ass she is who had to do anything to get the attention back on her. She has tried her best to make this the Tanisha show the whole time and so far it’s worked. Now she’s painted herself into a corner with this Orange is the New Black announcement. Maybe that was the first thing that came to her mind because she was thinking about all the physical abuse she had heaped on Clive during the show. Freudian slip maybe?

  17. I have watched probably all the reality shows Tanisha has been on “Celebrity Bootcamp” was hilarious!

  18. O.O

    Yeah you were right … Again.. Maybe that’s why she breezed pass Clive .

  19. Cat

    You are so cute when you gloat. :)

    To me, Tanisha is a character. She was funny on “Bad Girl’s Club”, and I guess she became so popular that being an angry bitch became her “brand”.

    But I thought she was pretty stupid asking Slade for marriage advice. Maybe that was production, and not her. Who knows? Who cares?

    I just love when their self-promoting backfires.

  20. MicroOp

    I once worked with a guy that one day decided to just start introducing himself as the manager. He was so incompetent at his job already, pretending he was the manager was laughable. But he got promoted to the positionin about a month. I think it had to do w the fact that clients were lead to believe he was manager it was just easier for them to give in. Maybe tanisha is trying sometging similar.

    … Or she is delusional.

  21. Ozzy-Mate

    IMO, Tanisha is a woman with self-insecurities and has no-control of her own life and putting on a major front with loud-talking and over-bearing demands. She’s an emotional little girl that has never sorted out the pain and feelings.

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