A Fat Chick’s Asessment of Nene’s New Fashion Line

RHOA Nene's Fashion LineFirst of all, go here and take a look. Her line is about twelve items. Whatever. Nene is a big girl. I felt like I might betray you all and want to buy something. Sue me. I am shopping. It’s also very late at night. I am very tired and well leave me alone I am dying of cherries .  As soon as I saw that picture above I was in. I want that top. All fat chicks want that top!   Where can I buy that Nene by Sheree top?

Well not on HLN. Of all her 12 items… the banner ad for her site is not featuring any of that top. Why? Well because they all suck.

Her pleather jacket has a cute design, but crappy pleather fabric. It’s K-Mart. Isn’t that her brand?

RHOA nene dusterThe stand out for me is the gray (comes in other colors) duster. It looks like a great piece to have on a plane. As a frequent (at one point in my life) traveler, a long jacket that works as a duster is a great travel piece. And it is in a great travel material. (as long as the plane doesn’t crash, it’s flammable, but if you are going down, you are going down) and I love she has it in gray. Nene is a fan of gray and I have seen her called an elephant in some of her expensive gray outfits, but I love them and It is much better than wearing purple when you are fat, because then you just look like Barney. Don’t ask me how I know this. I SAID DON’T ASK!

Okay, you thought it was about me, didn’t you. I worked at a Historically Black College for a while in  my teaching career. There were “required faculty meetings” (which I hated) and my school was a religious institution and there were “required church services ” every Tuesday (I think) which I LOVED. Just like with most church services in the south the sinful teens sat in the balcony and the good kids sat downstairs. One day as I was sitting in the balcony ,  a these two very large girls referred to an unfortunately dressed female co-ed as “Barney” for dressing in all purple. A very quiet assault occurred in the balcony resulting in Barney having a seat below with the pious people. That was probably my favorite job ever. I was fresh out of grad school, I was department head, I had lots of friends including Mr. Salley who was younger than me but I always called him that (religious) who I would go to lunch with sometimes in a neighboring town for BBQ. He had the best laugh and found me hilarious and prayed for my very soul often.

Anyway, what were we talking about? I say being a gray elephant is much better than looking like Barney so I am a fan of Nene’s use of gray. It really is one of my favorite colors when I can get it.  I also like the faux leather jeggings. Shut up, I do! unfortunately I am not sure what the back looks like. I would pair them with the top on the header that apparently is not hers.

Overall, it’s just shit you would find on the K-Mart racks from the 90s back when out K-Mart got run out of town by Wal*Mart.  Her sweatpants are $50? really? lol And they are banded at the ankles. WTF?

Tell me what you think? Your mileage may vary.


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122 responses to “A Fat Chick’s Asessment of Nene’s New Fashion Line

  1. thedisher

    I thought you were kidding by saying there were 12 items. There really are 12 fucking items. That’s hilarious. Warning: pleather leggings don’t breath & we all know what that means. I do like the duster. Covers the ass, streamlines the body. The rest I think is hideous.

    • Who said k-mart? K-mart has some A-listers clothes featured in their store. neNe can’t even rate k-mart. Ha!

      That duster will make a short fat person look like Chewbacca from the Star Wars movie! Ha!

      • ​Actually, I think her line was with Kmart… It was something like that, I blogged about it at the time. Perhaps they bowed out?

        On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 8:53 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  2. Gingersnap

    I miss K-Marts. I like a duster too, I think they look cool and hide a multitude of sins 😉 NeNe’s fashions are pretty unfashionable and a couple of the shirts are downright ugly. They look very dated and yes, K-Mart-y-ish. Everything is just so white bread.

  3. CityGirl81

    Since NeNe has ZERO fashion sense I am not surprised by this crap. Who in their right mind would wear this crap with the exception of her hood rat fans that think she can do no wrong. I wish I had four hands because I would give this mess four thumbs down!

  4. Keya

    A distasteful dozen. Why would she have thought it wise to even mention a clothing line that resulted in this? Nene needs to really have a seat. I just can’t understand why she would think its OK to leave creativity absent from her line.

  5. i sorta like the ruched skirt.

    hey, but if you wear something big and purple we could call you Tamara Barney — get it? :)

    • ​UGH.

      On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 6:21 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • The Jam

      I like the ruched skirt also. That’s the only thing I would wear. ( I might cop one of the sweat suit pieces to wear on a plane if i’m feeling hip hopish….but I wouldn’t pay for it.) There are 2-4 other items that are pretty much what you would find at lane bryant’s simpler pieces ( duster, cardigan, tank), so their not bad. The rest looks like some Peggy Bundy-esque crap. speaking from someone who worked in fashion ( graphics). The only reason there is 12 pieces with none of it really seeming to go together is there was problem with sourcing ( pricing the clothes to be created in china vs what the want to sell it for). Even the piece that she had on the show isn’t in the line. There is some kind of problem in-house.

      This line is garbage. I’m not saying it wont sell, I’m saying it’s garbage and it SHOULDn’t sell…We’ll see how it goes.

  6. Sara

    The Ver Very best part of this post is the Zappos add that appears right over the picture of the duster. Hahahahahaha

  7. Joan

    The duster is the only thing worth buying. Ick, talk about a ‘nothing’ style line.

  8. fivecatsownme

    The duster is nice, but that whole collection is missing a certain lavender ruffled blouse.

  9. AMTraveler

    Totally with you on the duster, as well as the blanket cardigan, rushed skirt, and I don’t hate the dolman sweater either. But she needs more angle shots of these items! I want to know what is going on in the back of the blanket cardigan. Also the option of just “regular” or “plus” is a bit limiting for fit.

    No one has the right to be charging that much for pleather. But I have a sinking feeling I will actually continue to like pieces in this line….

    • Sheree Harhay

      If you click on one of the 12 choices, it will take you to a page describing the item, and have multiple pictures of the front, back, and perhaps a model or two wearing the pants for an idea of how it looks. Almost all clothing on tv shopping networks has a range from XS to 3X. HSN believes in equal opportunity shopping for all sizes and of course, it allows anyone or any size to shop for the items on their site and on TV. There is also a short video on almost every item where you will hear the host and NeNe describing the clothing, ideas of how to wear them and what other items in the line look good with those sweats or skirts. You will also get to see modes in the clothing walking around in the various colors and various sizes. Although, most models are in XS and S, there is always a plus-size model showing the clothing, and sometimes a model who is a L or XL.

  10. I like the duster and the cardigan… But the models are all skinny, not Nene sized. If she is offering something in plus sizes, I’d like to see it on a plus sizes model. Pretty sure there’s a reason for this and it’s because TT is right- that fugly purple shirt will instantly make a plus sized girl into Barney.
    Isn’t that pleather skirt that same one she wore in her tag line intro on RHoA? The one that was way too little for her?

  11. The funniest is when an Amazon ad floats on top of a nene pic. It’s like a caption “Amazon”. No glam.

  12. fivecatsownme

    If these clothes are for fat chicks, why is she using skinny models?

  13. DJ

    Ahhh, TT… I have nothing to add here, but was thoroughly entertained by this article. I love your writing style and your humor…. brilliant.

    BTW.. I love the duster too.

  14. Sheree Harhay

    Well, as a once QVC junkie who bought everything in her home from the Q as it is now called (and an occasional buyer of HSN), any new clothing line starts with a limited presentation of clothing. Ergo, that is why there are only 12 pieces. There are a few skirts and two pants (leggings, sweats, jeggings), with a variety of tops, jackets, dusters, etc. to mix and match. So many housewives have started a ‘line’ here on HSN and occasionally on QVC, but few have any longevity. Guiliana Rancia, not a housewife, but an annoying insects who appears as one of the hosts of E TV, has a line on HSN and it has made been selling well for several years now.
    They will have NeNe on to sell the clothes because after all, that is the real attraction for most people buying the clothes she is selling. Buyers want a piece of Nene so they buy her clothing. She could potentially last for years or be off the air on three months. Decisions are made swiftly on these TV shopping shows.

  15. Tera Fab

    The pleather pants are ponte in the back. I don’t mind the collection. But I do wish there was more. I’m sure she will keep adding to it.

    • fivecatsownme

      Polyester Ponte and pleather: always a winning combination.

      • had to laugh. just saw the HSN show at 2am and the faux leather and ponte pants sold out.

      • Oooh thanks for the update’s Chris. Sounds like people agreed with my choices. :)

        On Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 5:49 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • fivecatsownme

        I can just see how those side seams are going to show the strain. I thought nothing could be worse than the 70’s polyester double knit stretch pants, but I think NeNe invented it.

  16. Such an unbiased review….and the show hasn’t even aired yet. What a joke.

  17. crazy in nc

    A lot of loose flowing garments. In my experience those tend to make bigger girls look bigger. It is better to wear clothes that are fitted to accentuate the good curves.
    I also love wearing gray. I have several gray tops for work. It is a very forgiving color.
    I disagree about the banner ad top. To me it looks like someone cut some holes in a sheet and threw it over her head.

    • vivaladiva831

      You are correct. If you are dressing to slim down, you want fitted ((not skin tight) well tailored clothing. Then maybe throw the duster on over that. Also the top TT likes, the poncho, can slim you if paired with black stretch pants or something similar. Layers and floating or baggy clothes just make you look bigger-ironically the only people who look skinny dressed like that are super skinny models.

    • that’s partly why i like the ruched skirt. it’s relatively fitted. done well, ruching can create a smoother appearance/hide unsightly bulges. not super keen on mostly manmade fabrics, tho.

  18. myinfo

    None of her fashions are anything new.
    Fake designers who add their name to someone’s designs is getting old.
    But if they sell she will make some money without doing much.
    Nene is not know for her fashion sense so who knows how this crappy will sell.
    Looks like Sear or Kmart fashions.

  19. Jarlath

    It’s all so ho-hum. Not much creativity or design. I was expecting Nene’s line to look more lady of the night instead of 1990s frumpy

  20. vivaladiva831

    Just say no to banded leg sweatpants!!!!

  21. Snarkoholic

    Whoa! This made my morning. I’d love to see those relaxed pull-on pants with the ankle bands on a 3X. Five inch heels are a requirement. I so hope she does a lingerie line next.

  22. Belinda

    I liked the pleather flared “school-girl ” skirt but ,since I don’t do faux leather and I think the price is ridiculous, I’m gonna pass….sorry Nene.

  23. Now U See Me

    When are we gonna catch Nene wearing her own “creations”?

  24. TC

    The duster is actually nice.

  25. Patti R.

    I think this Duster is awesome! I have had a Duster before and loved it! And, you can wear different colors with it. Gives the body an elongated look and makes the body appear “skinnier.”

  26. Bware

    TT, the duster LQQS nice but I bet all her fashions are lacking Quality.
    Just say no.

  27. That’s not a real collection…12 items !

    In my opinion, the clothes look very out-dated. They remind me of my 70-year old mother’s clothes that she would wear to church… There was only one skirt that was nice and seemed more up-to-date.

    If she really wanted to do a collection, she should have one item for each group (evening gown, jeans, jacket, dress, etc.)…The items that she is introducing as her ‘line’ are boring. Nice try though!

  28. Alexander

    LOL at all the comments. I don’t like Nene, but even I am giving props where they are due. Chick is a hustler. Celebrities make MAJOR coin off these HSN deals because they sell like hot cakes to the masses.

    Tamara-Do you have a personal thing against NeNe? Just curious…..cause she is def a full-time cast member for the next season.

    Where’s Kenya’s acting gigs and clothing lines? Bloop

  29. sequoia

    This is the kind of stuff Bea Arthur would have been comfortable wearing back in the 80s. It doesn’t appear fashion forward, but then I’m not her target demographic so what do I know,.. Oh wait, I’m gay so I know all things fashion. I grade it a solid C – C+.

  30. ChicaSeksi

    she’s making Reco Chapple look classy

  31. Some notes-

    I like the duster. As a short person, it would be a personal safety hazard for me. Wearing such a garment would mean I’d have to stay seated, and avoid large machinery.

    She has a short sleeved sequined sweatshirt. It’s an unflattering t-shirt, really. It does nothing to enhance the good or camouflage the bad. Same with the dolman top.

    The sweatpants with the banded ankle are not slimming. Paired with a heel? I’d probably raise an eyebrow if I saw that combo in real life.

    The skirts look nice.

    I would hope those leggings have some give to them.

  32. Angel

    If the show has not aired yet, they may still add an item or two. Sometimes they are slow getting them posted to their site. The item in the header may appear in a future show. This is not the first time they do bait and switch. Many of their promo ads feature items you never get opportunity to buy. I have called them to ask about them and been told as much. If a cute item is in a promo that they are actually selling, it is often sold out before the air date. That is why I was trying to get the jump on it.

  33. O.O

    The only thing I’d wear is the duster And the tank .The top that’s not for sale does my fat deposits no favors. If you’re fat with the hips that look like wings those type of tops make the wings look wider. Also no leggings for me . No need to draw attention to the baby doll type thighs

  34. charmaine howell

    All of Nene clothing are copies of Joan Rivers Kadasians other designers if you look very closely. They are not design by Nene she has no talents. She fringed at her fans and now turn around and expect to someone to purchase her garbage? Soon she will be saying she made a lot of money watch and listen, HSN require a high percentage of her sale which I know she will not sale much off. On the whole as I said on twitter her line of clothing are for burial homes give them to Phadra.

    • Crap. There appears to be a whole in the fence.​

      On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 4:25 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • There are similarities to many lines of HSN (I’ve never been to the site before, but Tamara sent me down the rabbit hole). So, I don’t think NeNe should take so much credit.

      For example, most lines, including the one belonging to the very thin Giuliana Rancic, have a soft pant banded at the ankle.

      My theory is that HSN creates the designs, invites these people to a meeting or two, then brands their designs with the celebs name.

    • Valerie

      Sometimes when there’s a whole in the fence, something adorable gets through, like a bunny or a duckbilled platypus. Hello Charmaine.

      • ​Don’t worry Charmaine does not read other peoples comments. She has no idea she is not supposed to be inside the gate.

        I’m a bit surprised y’all caught that comment. lol. And yes I know it is a hole…

        On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 12:23 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        I think you just called us stupid! Sometimes we catch on!

  35. tlcory

    $34.95 for a TANK TOP? Seriously? Ugh

  36. Vanessa W

    i dont know if this was mentioned, but does hsn have a deal with the housewives. kyle, nene, melissa, im sure there are others (was grecthens crap on there as well) its seems they keep selling these cheap housewives products, why?

    • Angel

      Oddly, there is a shopping channel out of Minneapolis that was called “Shop NBC” until this winter. Now called “Shop HQ”. They announced it was only a name change. Bravo is a part of NBC, only Luann, I believe, has appeared on Shop HQ. I know HSN has a larger audience so more potential to earn more hucking your stuff there.

      • Diva

        I’m a ShopHQ-aholic and I recall seeing Gretchen on, ONCE, selling her plastic handbags–a loooong time ago.

  37. Cat

    I think it’s boring. Barney aside, why is it plus size women are restricted to black, brown, gray, and navy? I like a nice black pant, but a pop of color on top is nice, too.

    I’m going to watch her first show at midnight on the 28th (11pm my time). Just for laughs. I won’t buy anything, though. You can buy similar items at a Goodwill store for $1.

    Just watch out for reviews of the line. Not sure about HSN, but I know QVC will delete negative comments, especially if you try to return something defective. Or if you pay a high price for something that turns out to be cheaply made. Buyer beware.

  38. Dracla Dunning

    Marlo appeared in a short skirt that Nene immediately copied and wore. The skirt she offers is a rendition of that look. The duster is OK. I am not tall enough to do it justice. Overall there is nothing else I would purchase. Why would I want a pair of pleather pants that are half pleather and half fabric? To each their own but I cannot imagine Nene wearing much of anything introduced.
    I envisioned Nene’s line having sheer, flowing pieces of multicolored fabric made into caftans, loose tops and shawls. I know the fall line is being introduced but there are fabrics that would suffice. She dropped the ball.
    When I worked it was a male dominated environment. The men hated the color purple. There was a woman who loved that color and wore it frequently. Her nickname was “Barney”. The men told me old women and serious nut cases wore purple. To this day I avoid that color.

  39. Josie

    I was hooked by that picture too because I thought it was pretty then I click the link and not so much. I likes the leather items and long coat. Rest is blah. Hate that sweatpant!

    I don’t think the items seem worth it for the prices. Then again I live in NY so it seems like I’ve seen these pieces everywhere and cheaper. Also, most women aren’t that tall. I think a lot of those pieces will overwhelm a petite person regardless of size. Then again they are selling her name so let’s see if her fan base bites.

  40. Holly Goodhead

    Tee Hee. So this is Ne Ne’s crowning achievement eh? Yeah, I’m sure Wendy is just green with envy. Think I’ll pass for now. I’ll wait till next year and go to Goodwill. By then most of her “fashions” will have been dumped there. I might grab a few off the $2 rack.

  41. sequoia

    It says “No more then 9.95 on any CRAFT order”. And check out the “Departments” on the left. Tops (6), Sweaters (1) Jackets and Outerwear (1) etc. Too funny. It’s some generic internet store template with her name slapped on it. That is too funny.

  42. beth

    All 12 items are “Hand wash, dry flat” – that alone would turn me off. That aside, I agree that none are new designs, most seem dated, and most styles, if not all, could be found at a K-Mart or Sears, probably at a cheaper price. I would love to know what HSN’s cut is.

  43. Jae

    I actually like some of her crap, but that’s expensive as shit.

    I’d rather hit boutique shops when they’re having sales.

  44. One

    Now you ladies know, you are not on the level of this rich bitch :)
    Don’t forget the chic Hermes? Birkin? by Nene to complete your outfit…

    Marlo it’s me and you… Hey! Who’s throwing water!!?

  45. Angela

    WOW!! No wonder she always called Atlanta”haterville”. Seems this poor girl can’t catch a break in her adopted home. Anybody in pop culture you do actually like??? Doesn’t matter. At least she’s been thought about.

    • Hey, if your gonna put out negative energy, don’t expect sun flowers to follow

    • Cat

      I don’t live in Atlanta. I got lost there once, though.

      • ​I get lost here all the time. Every road is Peachtree something or Roswell something or Atlanta something or Marietta something, or Northside something. LOL. I don’t get out much. Oh and every road inside the perimeter is ONE WAY. I quit a program for artists/writers that could have gotten me decent health insurance because I could get THERE but I could not get BACK HOME. kidding not.

        On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 7:24 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  46. wordonthestreetis...

    I don’t really care about Nene’s fashion sense…can you call it that? But I LOVE your synopsis! Very entertaining. I’m surprised that Nene put out something that is so distasteful… She thinks so highly of herself, I think she would be embarrassed!!

  47. I don’t like her line of cloths, really think the pleather is horrible. Those sweat pants are awful with that band at ankle.
    I understand the duster but it appears to be cut shorter in the back and I don’t like that look.
    Faux anything is still fake. Perfect match for Nene.

  48. mrsgsp

    Bahaha. I bought the sequined sleeved shirt at old navy 6 years ago for a backyard football game. I paid $6. Definitely not $60. I think the glue holding on her dollar tree wig , has sunken into her brain. Can her 10 minutes of fame be up already.

  49. Like Dwight (is that spelled correctly? I find myself realizing that I’ve never had to spell that name before, anywho) said about about Shit by Sheree “…a fashion show with no fashions”. That’s what Nene’s line feels like. Where’s the fashions? Everything here looks like it came from a Lane Bryant/Ashley Stuart catalogue — esp with these swaddling garments being adorned on skinny women. Where’s a plus size model? Even one of those plus-sized-in-the-fashion-world-but-just-average-in-the-real-world kind of plus size model?

    SMH…..and Nene fanatics are gonna call this a triumph too? “She on her hustle” Bah Humbug! Just cos someone hustling (badly) doesn’t make them laudable.

  50. Bombshell

    Why pay $100 for false leather? Why pay more than $15 for any of that stuff? She can’t be serious! Then again why go online to buy this basic stuff if you are even interested at all? Go to a Ross, Marshall’s or Burlington!

  51. vonnie

    Mama Joyce will probably call in to give her testimonials since she is a big HSN shopper AND she thinks it solidifies her imagined status as a Bravo celebrity. NeNe is delusional if she thinks this will make her a rich bitch. She’ll be lucky to get pocket change from this boring overpriced batch of misfit pieces. HSN is not ride or die. She will be sent to the basement with her tacky clothes.

  52. She really could have hit a home run had she focused her designs on women with curves…that market is just begging to be broadened…instead, as we’ve all seen, nothing extraordinary, nothing special, just same shit different designer and the prices are just too much, really NeNe??? Good luck but I definitely wouldn’t give up my Bravo job!!

    • vonnie

      Based on those ratchet clothes, she needs to work harder to KEEP that Bravo job cause nobody is checking for NeNe as an actress or designer!

    • One

      I believe this is the end of an era.

    • So many of her fans begged her to do that, and she thinks she did, bug she didn’t. Just making clothes in larger sizes is not the same thing as doing a line that is designed for fat chicks.

      By the way, I love asking for directions to the fat department in department stores. It totally flusters the salesperson…First they must assure me that they don’t have a fat department but the “WOAHman’s” dept is…

      Clearly, I have no shame.​

      On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 12:18 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  53. Dee

    OMG, I’m not fat but I love the sweatpants. The matching top is not that bad either. I love workout clothes so i would dress those pants up with a crop and keep it moving! Sorry ladies…. don’t hit me….LOL!

  54. One

    Damn! Nene managed throw shade at herself, and she doesn’t even know it.

  55. Oh,My!

    Wouldn’t put those attire, on my blind mother.

  56. i no someone who has seen miss nene out and about in atlanta and he says she is not fat, just very very tall! i asked him if she was big…he said no..just tall..and tv adds 20pds lol still don’t care for her or her clothes………bloop


    LOL She by Ne TT? LMFBO

  58. army wife

    i love everything except the two printed blouses, they seem dated. The brown leggings and blue skirt are everything. So is that rouch front black skirt.

  59. channel surfing at 2am & saw the line on HSN. the faux leather and ponte pants all sold out. only watched the cold shoulder tunic (the white one almost sold out). had to laugh when they took a call from felicia. neither nene nor “amy” said “bye, felicia,” tho nene mistakenly called the next caller “felicia,” too. the decent posing the models were doing wasn’t good enuf for nene. she made them bounce around a bit and look ridiculous.

  60. niks808

    I’m a newcomer to your blog and have been enjoying it. I couldn’t help it–had to check out link of Nene’s line. I found the top in the photo–it’s under “tunics” and is on special right now. LOL! Have to say, I liked the high/low tank top in that royal color, too.

  61. You are hysterical!! Great review. Hey if here clothing line works for your body type, why not ?

  62. Juvial Physicality

    I guess, I must have somehow, not noticed this hilariously cheeky post of yours. Noticing the date, you posted it, makes sense, why it slipped my attention. I was running in & out of the hospital.
    TT, whatever happened to your bowl of cherries? Please do tell.
    I wish so much, you could write more abt yourself, TT. :) I am curious to know whatever became of Mr. Salley. I love to read your stories. I know I am breaking rule # number something something….
    Anyways, u take care.

    • OMG I told a Mr. Salley story here. I am the queen of overshare while drinking. I love Mr. Salley and I am sure he is very happy in life somewhere, probably at the same HBCU swaying for Jesus and wistfully thinking about me dragging him to lunch at all the fabulous BBQ places and flirting with him shamelessly. He is probably still repenting. Bless his adorable heart. He was one of the best people I ever got to spend time with in this lifetime. He has a huge heart filled with nothing but goodness. I think I boggled his mind a little bit and he got …me. ​

      On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 9:42 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Juvial Physicality

        Well, then, we all need Steve, to invite you over more, to drink that rum of his/hers. So we can read more of all these kinds of drop dead funny stories.
        Don’t forget to keep that porch light on, more often, Steve. :)
        Don’t worry, TT. I too over share, and talk a lot of crap. Difference is yours are funny and interesting.
        Poor Mr. Salley, must not have known what hit him, while you were busy flirting with him…those must have been hilarious scenes…if only I were a fly on the wall.

  63. steve

    i read thru this because i saw your post and you said to roll all the way through to help so..as i read this i rememberd you trip last year through miami airport :)

    • I appreciate your support of the blog steve. xoxo​

      On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 10:58 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I’d support you too if they ever stopped fucking moderating me. I have done something the Moderation Police do not approve of. Dammit MP I apologize for whatever the hell I said. You’d think I’d murdered their mother or something. Double sigh. Woe is me. Etc…

  64. Katie

    I hate to inform you but she did sell the top!! It sold out the first night it aired! I had to return them because they were a very large 1X but they do exist and if not for the sizing I would still have them!

  65. Norma

    I am so disappointed with NeNe Leakes clothing line. when you make an order it states it takes 10 business days, and you will recieve your purchase. It is well over 10 days ( 20 business days) and I have not heard anything There’s no contact information on how you can track your order, never… never… never again…will I order again from NeNe Leakes clothing. NeNe can I have my money back

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