Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Fully Loaded

RHOOC Tamra Grabs SHannon

Back at Lizzie’s  lovely beach house dinner,  Tamra is literally grabbing Shannon by the head and pushing her away from Heather. You are the one that lit this fire Tamra, why don’t you just sit back and cackle while it burns?  Tamra goes running through the house after Shannon grabbing her everywhere she can and screeching at her to STOP IT! I would have hauled off and knocked that bitch to the ground. She tells Tamra to let go of her and get away from her. Shannon pleads with Lizzie to get Tamra to let go of her.  David finally comes out and tells Tamra to give her some space and she does. David goes to get her coat and Tamra is right back to grabbing Shannon by the wrists! Why doesn’t Lizzie pull Tamra off of Shannon? Why doesn’t anyone see how much Tamra is pouring gasoline on the fire?

Heather and Tamra go on the balcony to pretend like they care that Shannon is having some sort of breakdown. Tamra lies straight to Heather’s face. She admits to “trying to restrain” Shannon but says that Shannon went nuts and broke her hold.

Vicki goes out to comfort Shannon who is outside with David. David just needs to take Shannon home. Meanwhile, Tamra and Heather have decided to ask Terry if they should call an ambulance because Shannon is having a psychotic break. Christian tells them to simmer down, and that Shannon does not need an ambulance. Thank God there is one sane man at the party. Eddie is thrilled to have everyone occupied so that he can text with his boyfriend. Lizzie looks horrified in the direction of Heather and Tamra. Tamra and Heather are being ginormous cunt bags. Tamra says she is worried Shannon is suicidal. Heather starts making it all about Heather whispering to Tamra that it is her fault that she can’t get past her issues with Shannon. Heather is shaking! Which makes no fucking sense. Tamra is blaming Shannon for her bad behavior toward Heather. The idiots outside “helping” Shannon can not seem to get her in a car with her husband so she is going to do an encore before leaving.

RHOOC Vicki voice of reason


Heather starts right in with Vicki when Vicki comes back inside telling her about how all this is affecting her. Heather says Shannon fanned the flames between Heather and Tamra. Heather is a cuntsack did I mention that? Vicki is the voice of reason and explains to Heather that a bit of human kindness would have gone a long way when interacting with Shannon. Heather isn’t having it. Shannon comes in to properly say goodbye to the host and hostess and give a very short apology speech to everyone. Tamra is screaming SHANNON! SHANNON through the whole thing like the cuntbag that she is. Tamra tries to get her to stay for more abuse but she politely says that David wants to go. Heather and Tamra smile smugly. When Shannon leaves he says everyone can have one fireball shot and then they all need to go. I love Christian. He refuses to do any more toasts, so Terry and Heather elbow each other for the privilege. Heather takes the honors. She gets started and I think that it was Christian who said, “Why are you making a toast about yourself?” BURN! Christian is my new favorite househusband which is great because my love for Ken Todd ended a few months ago.

Heather and Tamra got to lunch with Danielle. They all claim that they were too drunk to remember the dinner party. Tamra says she was shocked that Shannon would go after her, she has never done that before. And she didn’t do it last night either Tamra. She is a really skilled liar, I am starting to think Simon should get the kids.  Heather brings up the whole “Dubrows want to take the Beadors down” and makes sure Danielle knows just how funny that is to her. Because, Danielle who?  Is that Pam? Tamra can’t even admit she started the take down rumor in her talking head. She can’t remember, she’s not sure, Shannon is probably confused.

The two cuntbags and the cuntbag in training start gossiping about David. Again. Which is what got them in this situation. Are you kidding me?  Tamra says she can’t imagine how she treats David and Heather nods and mutters affirmatively, sentient being that she is, how could her heart not break for David’s woes. Tamra adds, oh yes and they have not slept in the same bed for years. “Really?” replies Heather, clearly grief stricken on David’s behalf. Tamra adds, “And she drinks vodka straight.” Yes, she did. The girl who admits she has no recollection of the previous night because she was wasted. The one we saw screaming for a fireball shot, the one who laid on Shannon’s kitchen counter begging her to do shots with her, that one just said Shannon needs help with her drinking. All three harpies so agree that Shannon needs professional help. I swear I just want to slap the false compassion of all of their  stupid botoxed faces.

"I can do crazy, but I can't do mean."

“I can do crazy, but I can’t do mean.”

OMG! Heather says, ” I can do crazy, I just can’t do mean!” Again proving there is no God because once again, lightning does not strike this bitch. Heather, miss crank up and bull and throw the bitch off? Heather, who last night basically tried to get Shannon a 5150 involuntary mental health commitment? Heather, who rather than apologize for gossiping about Shannon threw her out of her house? That bitch can’t do mean? She and Tamra are clearly trying to gaslight this bitch. They had her half way in the ambulance before Christian stopped them. Are these two really this delusional or did they write this script knowing we would all lose our minds? BTW Heather, that is a fugly jacket in your mean mugging photo up there.  Tamra wonders how to help. The cunts decide to take her on a girls trip so that they can hack her into little pieces and bury her in the forrest. Danielle seems interested in David, so she can console the grieving widower. I have no doubt if this happens, Bravo will film it and edit it to look like it was Shannon’s fault.

Brooks and Vicki are at a beautiful beachfront restaurant having cocktails and rehashing the party. Brooks asks who initiated it, Vicki says Heather and Brooks suggests Tamra. Vicki says she wants to stay on Tamra’s good side. Brooks talks about how happy he is with the relationship. Brooks wants to move in with Vicki. Brooks says his lease is up in 9 months. Brianna is still very angry. Vicki and Brianna are going to go to therapy. Because therapy with your mother about her boyfriend is what every woman who is weeks away from giving birth wants to do. In therapy, Brianna has a hormonal meltdown and says she is feeling attacked. Brianna definitely needs to move to Oklahoma and get out from under Vicki’s control. And she needs to get over herself.

Shannon goes to Dr. Moon to get her stress relief treatment. Lizzie calls and is very supportive to Shannon. Lizzie invites Shannon to her birthday and tells her Heather has already declined. Shannon is excited about that.

Rhooc Tamra gets a shock


Tamra is folding towels with Ryan and she brings up that Simon wants custody of the kids. Ryan tells Tamra he is moving at the end of the month to Auburn, California. His new Instagram honey has three kids. Tamra has a meltdown about how she has nobody. Tamra wants to meet the girl. So apparently the girl is in town because she is coming over to meet the family. Sarah is pretty so Tamra thinks she looks like her. Sarah says she comes down to Orange county on business. She is a gun supplier for military and police departments. They ask if she is packing and she shows them her gun.  She has three girls 11,9 and 4. Tamra feels like she is being replaced. She is worried they will get married and not tell her.  Sarah lost both of her parents. Her mom had cancer and her dad passed away a year ago. Tamra cries like it affected her personally. It was obvious that her father killed himself, and yet they had to ask and then follow up asking how exactly he did it. Then they drop the news that they are getting married on September 6th. They have a planner and a location.

Tamra stars slamming shit around in the kitchen. She has a nuclear meltdown slamming the kitchen table. Little Miss Shannon Needs Professional Help is drunk and out of control and freaking out the bride-to-be. She screaming that she should be there to pick out dresses and chose the venue. Because it is all about Tamra! How could they do this to her? “This is not right!” she screams. And the meltdown just goes on and on and on.

Next week is Lizzie’s birthday and everyone seems to be cancelling.  Vicki tries to get Heather and Tamra to apologize.  And it’s Valentine’s day.


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  1. RealChicagoHousewife

    If this whole Heather and Tamra trying to gaslight Shannon was scripted Bravo has lost all sense of what is entertaining while watching a Real Housewives show. If that was real, well, the viciousness and pathology on display tonight was incredible to watch.

    • Ace

      AGREED. OC has all the trashy and mean “wives.” Entertainment is just an idea on RHOC. Viki with the screaming & vomiting, Tamara with the scary makeup eyes that never actually show a glimmering eyeball, Heather with ass stick… Ladies, quit already

  2. Rita

    Really, Tamra? Can anybody say fake?

    • kawoodford

      What the hell is wrong with her face? It’s frightening watching her try to emote.

    • therealdeb

      all that crying and no tears…

      • Mamecastle

        I thought watching Tamra botox-cry was like watching a blow-up doll fake an orgasm. So vacant & not even a little bit human.

      • ROFLMAO Is this your first post? If so, it’s a spectacular entrance!

      • Totally agree Tamara. LMFAO. That was a good one. I knew I didn’t need to go far in the comments before someone addressed how fake Tamra was. God it was such bull shit. Hope we get to see the difference when Tamra really gets jacked up for something — anything, and that face will form deep fissures. Is it me, or is Tamra aging awfully fast or just awful?

  3. jelley

    Heather and Tamra are cruel. I hope this is scripted and they aren’t actually heartless cunts in real life.

    Tamra’s meltdown at the end was just scary. What a pathetic old hag.

  4. vivaladiva831

    what is up with heather’s face? she permanently looks like she is sucking a lemon. and who knows if this storyline is bravo’s idea? tamra and heather could have come up with this on their own, and that’s why heather was shaking – it got out of hand. as for briana and vicki, briana really does need to move, but i know that’s a little scary when you are used to having your mother control your life. i know because i have one of those. and in briana’s defense, i think she will move on, but it will take some time and proof from brooks. you know they tell you not to talk about your significant others with your parents or with your children, because “you’ll get over it but they won’t?” that’s where briana is right now.

    i really hope ryan’s new gf knew tamra was going to act like that, otherwise she must really love ryan because that was ridiculous.

    • Of course Ryan’s GF knew… it was obviously set up. I can see him silently mouthing “T.V…. T.V…” to her. They were all smiling and gloating during Tamara’s fake meltdown.

      • Ace

        Yeah, Eddie, Ryan, the mom and her boyfriend were all SILENT and staring around the room thinking “let her perform. She’s going for an Emmy.” Speaking of Emmy, what kind of name is that for a girl? People suck

    • ​I had a mother much like Vicki, very well meaning, and a lot controlling. I ended up returning home several times because I felt obligated to and missed out on several things. I was also told I had to go to school in town. I started college at 17 so, it was what it was. I wasn’t nearly as confrontational with my mother about the situation as Brianna was. I do look back and regret some choices I did not make as far as teaching abroad. I made those for decades because of my parents health. There will always be a part of Brianna who will wish she had done the nursing abroad thing. But I regret my IDEA of teaching abroad and not so much the reality of leaving my mother at that time. I was quite attached to her despite our head butting from time to time and miss her like crazy now.

      On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 10:31 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • vivaladiva831

        honestly, i can say that i can appreciate my mother, because i do tell myself any time she criticizes me, or has called me 15 times in one day, or nagged at me – i think to myself “one day you are going to miss this.” i really try not to take it for granted, but at the same time i can imagine it being a little freeing. our relationship has gotten easier with me having children, her first grandchildren, and i hope that can be the bridge for briana and vicki too. i can’t say briana is wrong for moving, i do commend her, i still live within 30-45 min of my parents and won’t move for the simple fact i don’t really trust anyone else with my kids. must be the kim zolciak in me. :)

      • ​I lived five hours away from my mother and the one thing I regret more than anything, she showed up in my apartment parking lot with my father for an overnight visit. I had broken up with my man and we were reconciling that evening. He was a scumbucket but I was so mean to my parents who showed up unannounced on their way to Florida that they left with hurt feelings. And I felt awful. I still feel awful and date night with scumbucket was so not worth it.

        Those are the sort of things I regret. That and when I moved back to the US and Lockheed was not providing our housing anymore, and villas with marble floors were not the norm, I informed my father that he house he provided for me was “crappy.” That was probably the biggest regret. Kids are assholes.

        On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 12:35 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Sorry for your loss TT ! Whatever choices you feel you failed to make, I know I’m not alone when I say that you turned out (we’re always “people in progress”) into an extraordinary woman– talent, sense of humour, etc :) !

      • Skeeter

        My mom passed 6 months after I found my sister in a diabetic coma from which she never came out of. I really miss her :( I did have a voicemail of hers I had saved until my phone blew up and I had to get another one.

      • fivecatsownme

        Amazing the complex relationships we have with our mothers.My mother died In 2009. I miss picking up the phone and sbe’ s not on the other end of it. Never regret your life. Caring for your parents is what a decent person does.

      • T
        What did you teach?

      • Everything from first grade to college. Seriously. Pretty much everything.​

        On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 11:05 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • My mother was a pain in the ass but I miss her so much.
        I have been told that a woman is not totally liberated until she looses her mother. Think this is true when your mother was controlling.

      • O.O

        I think in SOME cases ,when moms are controlling its fear of something terrible happening to their child and that fear is so blinding and deafening that all logic goes through the window. Because if logic prevailed the mom would realize that you can’t protect them from everything and that they’re setting the child up to be in controlling relationship with a significant other . Look at Brianna . That little man she has is very controlling . Hes tame this season after showing his true colors . Poor Brianna .

  5. fivecatsownme

    I lost all respect and liking for Heather. All she had to say was that she is very sorry she wasn’t more supportive and understanding when Shannon came to her house. And then left the scene. Tamra opened her mouth and started this snowstorm, but Heather could of diffused with a sincere (you say you are an actress. Act sincere)apology. And Then Danielle, Heather, and Tamra get together to talk more shot about Shannon and think they should take her on a girl trip. The 3 of them made me think of Mac the knife. Iwould rather swim with a school of great white sharks and no shark cage. Than go on a girl trip with those women. Heather and her I wonder why Shannon doesn’t like me. If Shannon decides to go, she needs to get a gun and a grenade launcher to deal with those women.
    Ryan looks creepy; kinda jazzed his bride to be has guns. I can Tamra getting one to match her shoes. Louboutin sole red. Then she made the whole wedding plans, dead parents all about her. Eddy is ready to dial 911 due to the hysterics, but he put to bed, hopefully with a pillow over her face.
    Heather and Tamra sunk lower than whaleshit on the bottom of the ocean.
    Both ladies are cloacas.

  6. Daisy

    I don’t think I can watch these two vicious d-list actresses continue to gaslight a sweet fragile woman. It is just too uncomfortable to watch. When they convened their coven Tamara tells them the Beadors don’t sleep together and Shannon drinks straight vodka. I think Shannon said she doesn’t go to bed at 8:30 and I have always heard Shannon order her drink with lots of water. Oh and Danielle take a seat, adding your two cents only makes you look like an ass no way are you coming back for another season. I guess we will be seeing Tamara soon on Botched so Dr. Terry can fix those messed up tear ducts.

  7. I don’t care that much about Lizzie, but Yes to Christian being a new fav househusband (I also needed to replace ken). I’m loving Vicki even more, I’m glad she is not a part of team cuntsicle. I mean they seriously wanted to call an ambulance on Shannon, what ! I didn’t think it was possible but some how tamra gets worse every episode and heather just proves to me that I haven’t liked her since she first joined rhoc and I never will. All I can say is I can’t wait for the reunion

  8. Naike

    I have not read the commenting rules so I should not be posting.

  9. Gingersnap

    Heather looked sick when Shannon came back in and apologized like the classy lady Heather isn’t. After all, wasn’t she having a break with reality and needed to be put in a strait jacket? So, in an attempt to make herself not look like the classless slug that she really is, she wanted to make a toast and apologize too. LOVED that Christian only reinforced that sick look on Heather’s face. Beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone, and Heather is jealous ugly.

  10. brillke

    I’ve been a Heather fan from day one but wrong is wrong. She is carrying this grudge she has against Shannon too far. I’m not a Shannon fan at all and even I’m starting to feel sorry for her.

    • O.O

      @tamara I racked up last night :)

    • Angel

      I was wondering where all the Heather fans that are usually here were hiding. Glad one admitted she is not perfect. If this show is real, Heather is a jealous, self-centered liar. Tamra is a dried up, classless, self-centered liar and gossip. It is about time Ryan grew up and got away from that witch. I can’t see why the girlfriend wants him though, and any possible involvement with that thing for a MIL. On the surface, she seems to have it more together than anyone in the room, except for the Instagram connection is irresponsible sounding. I wish Vicki had not choose to stick to her zen persona that night. Christian was the man. Danielle is looking at David as the one she wishes she had. Shannon is the sane one of Heather, Tamra, and her. The other two are idiots to be that way or act that way in what is supposed to be real. Shannon was not let in on the story, she seems understandably frustrated into the edge of tolerance and reason. She, at least, remained gracious to her hosts. I liked what Lizzie had to say on WWHL. She has now got the right perception of the group. I think Brianna has been spoiled and has the control gene from her mother. I think she has the faulty man picker as well.

      • If anything proves, at least to me, that Shannon’s not actually bat crap crazy it’s the fact that she didn’t knock Tamra out when she kept grabbing her and yelling in her face. I would have.

  11. Deb

    Laughing at Tamra losing Ryan. Probably the best thing to ever happen to him is this woman he will marry and get him away from his mom. She so deserves to be unhappy. The kids probably are better off with Simon. Hate the way tamra and Heather were treating Shannon.

  12. O.O

    Tamara you’re so naughty and funny all at the same time . I’m speaking of your so he can text with his boyfriend comment . Omg! I can’t wait till it comes out that he’s gay on camera . It will be epic. He’ll get a spin off .
    I’m so glad Christian shut heather down , twice ! And she said nothing ! Finally !

  13. All I could think about during this episode is what exactly has Tamra told these two women behind the scenes to poison them against one another to this extent? As for the “yelling”, I think Heather is reacting to the aggression that Shannon exhibits when she talks to Heather, rather than volume. Not that, at this point, I can blame Shannon for feeling aggressive. Whether you like Heather or not, I don’t think she would have come up with this level of dislike just because of the interactions they’ve had. There has to be something else at work here. I suspect that “something else” is Tamra. She can’t remember if she told Shannon that the DuBrows want to “take her down”. Seriously, the fact that she doesn’t know speaks volumes.

    • I agree with the above. Tamra is so afraid that Shannon will take away her only so-called classy friend that she has probably told Heather all osrts of crap about Shannon. That does not excuse Heather for her horrid behavior andf her ugly personality. She sucks as an actress too.

    • O.O

      @kelly . She knows

      • I know you’re right about her knowing but for her to sit there and debate whether she said it or not? WTF? Clearly, she’s a liar and she’s too deluded to realize she’s announcing that fact to the world.

  14. “Eddie is thrilled to have everyone occupied so that he can text with his boyfriend. “. BWAHAHAH.

    I don’t want to talk about the Shannon shit. They are all nutbars. I still think Shannon is the nuttiest and most annoying. But not by much.

    Can we talk about how ugly Tamras giant wine glasses are instead?

  15. JenntheAUfan

    I can’t wait for this reunion

    • therealdeb

      me either, one of my dear friends watch this together and should be on peoples couch. we kept looking at each other and being stunned with each new comment or look or pretend crying. cray cray

      • Cat

        Did you catch WWHL tonight? Lizzie was on, and mentioned the reunion. Andy got that sick little glint in his eyes. He loves this crap.

    • ​I hope someone leaves the reunion in a wambulance. Not because someone hit them (but you know if it happens it happens) but just because someone loses their mind and ends up in rehab *cough Tamra cough*

      On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 11:27 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • therealdeb

        oh wouldn’t that be something, i would love it. tamra is twisted, so damn twisted i don’t know how she managed to find a somewhat decent guy like simon. he should have those kids full time.

  16. Greta

    Best Blog ever. I too hate those cuntbags. I wonder why Heather didn’t “shut it down” and once again started gossiping about Shannon. She is such a lying sack of crap. Tamra is a pathological liar.Seriously, I do not condone bitchslapping a bitch but in Tamra’s case, I can understand it. Tamra looks like a cro magnon. And spot on about Eddie. I died after reading that bit. Also about Danielle wanting David. Danielle is trying to get with the mean girls. Sad and pathetic. OMG I was so annoyed and amused at the same time seeing Tamra over act with her fake emotional break down because her son is getting married. I didn’t know she could get any uglier but then she made that ugly crying face. Gross.

  17. Colleen

    Loved your ‘sentient being’ reference———–too rich! It’s alarming to watch Tamra diagnose Shannon as having a psychotic break, given her pronounced inability to be conversant in the English language. Perhaps it’s best for her to stay away from terms from the DSM 5. Just a thought . . .

  18. Well, poo, going to have to watch to see the wine glasses.

  19. Every time i see the intro and how tamra pathetically has only eddie and ryan there i think “Serves you right.” She should be embarrassed every time that comes on. Guess when Ryan moves to Auburn it’ll be just Eddie in the intro
    i LOVED that christian told Heather: how do you make the toast about yourself? WTG, christian. well, he and david are both looking good to me now…
    i LOVE That shannon thanked david for having her back. that was so true & matters so much
    shannon has NOTHING to feel bad about. she bent over backward to be kind to heather and heather just took advantage and kept trying to screw shannon over. she is a horrible person. that smug expression on heather and terry’s faces. utter crap. Lizzie & Christian both acted so wonderfully in this episode. really glad to see that side of them.
    TT this blog post was GREAT! still snickering over it.

    I think the fiancee sorta looked like katherine heigl

    • Gingersnap

      She looked a WHOLE lot more like Katherine Heigl than she did Tamra, that’s for sure!

      • jrleaguer

        @Chris and Gingersnap~ Thank you. I could not figure out who she looks like, but you are correct….Katherine Heigl. I give her points for removing the bullets before showing her firearm to that crowd…but then, I have to deduct the points for her thinking that marrying that Ryan is a good idea.

    • kallen253

      She didn’t come in there bending over backward to be nice to Heather. She came in hoping to pounce on the DuBrows about the whole ‘take down the Beadors’ thing.

      • kallen253

        And by the way…i am apparently too stupid to figure out the avatar business because i went from Kathy/with a pic thats 5 years old, at least, to kallen253 /with a sideways picture. I give up. More recent picture though so if its important enough for anyone to see, turn yer ipad sideways!

      • your comments are all going to moderation. If I live through my too many cherries issues, and hangover, I’ll try to figure out why.

  20. Momof2

    Tamra has no redeeming qualities and I again I hate the white eyeliner. I actually had flashbacks of RHOA reunion with Nene covering Porsha’s mouth when Tamra was screeching and grabbing Shannon. I think she was scared Shannon might say something that would implicate Tamra as the shit stirrer she is. Although it seems like everyone at the party already knew everything leads back to Tamra except Heather. At least Heather is acting like she doesn’t know Tamra is a liar. I actually was okay with Heather last season now I just can’t.

    • ​OMG Momof2. I could not figure out if Tamra was just drunk or what. She was on Shannon like white on rice. Your post makes it all make sense. That has to be it. She was worried Shannon would say something to implicate her even further. Totally makes sense.

      (note: This is not one of my sarcastic bitchy comments, I think I may be late on the getting what Tamra was physically attacking Shannon for train. When I am blogging a recap live, I am just trying to get things up ASAP for you guys to comment on. Thanks Momof2)

      On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 12:15 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  21. somehow wordpress seems to have lost my post so reposting. hope it doesn’t appear later. wordpress is so strange these days.

    Every time i see the intro and how tamra pathetically has only eddie and ryan there i think “Serves you right.” She should be embarrassed every time that comes on. Guess when Ryan moves to Auburn it’ll be just Eddie in the intro
    i LOVED that christian told Heather: how do you make the toast about yourself? WTG, christian. he and david are both looking good to me now…
    i LOVE That shannon thanked david for having her back. that was so true & matters so much
    shannon has NOTHING to feel bad about. she bent over backward to be kind to heather and heather just took advantage and kept trying to screw shannon over. she is a horrible person. that smug expression on heather and terry’s faces, utter crap.

    Lizzie & Christian both acted so wonderfully in this episode. really glad to see that side of them.

    I think the fiancee sorta looked like katherine heigl. no way she looks like tamra. loved seeing tamra’s 5150 moment here. bitch deserves a buttload of what she dishes out.

    TT this blog post was GREAT! still snickering over it.

  22. jjunie

    My post never posted so I’ll make it short.Tamara no matter how much exterior work you have and the way you behave your are still trailer trash, liar and mean rotten. Those are your good points.
    Heather from the Bronx is as plastic and phone. The saddest mean girl. Heartless ,classless and phony.
    Shannon is real and the best addition to the show!!!!

    • O.O

      @jjunie I don’t think she’ll be back . I hope they bring someone else on that will rattle heathers cage just as much but not as fragile as Shannon . I’m not even sure if Shannon is so fragile or if this is just a bad time in her life and the wrong time to film.

  23. Wait just a minute how is it that Tamra thinks Ryan’s girlfriend looks like her????

  24. bridgett

    Dying over Eddie texting his boyfriend! Christian was amazing, Lizzie was solid.

    Why is Tamra so freaked about guns? Simon went to gun range in one episode, so she had to be familiar with them.

    And that over the top fake crying is too much…I just can’t!

    Reunion is going to be satchels of gold

  25. Sari

    I would’ve wanted to call an ambulance for Shannon, too.

    Or, hit her in the neck with a tranquilizer dart.

    Dr. Moon just isn’t cutting it.

    • I’d agree that Shannon was overwrought, but an ambulance? Heather knew that was manure when she said it. A for Christ’s sake “psychotic break”? That was probably the most fake and malicious thing I’ve seen/heard from Heather. She ought to be ashamed of that. Even Terry looked at her like “WTF”? Christian treated it as the bs it was, good for him.

  26. This episode was so upsetting, I’m practically sick to my stomach the way Heather & Tamra are gas lighting Shannon.

    One should never grab or try to restrain a person who is so emotional. Shannon was already feeling attacked and helpless— restraining them only makes the feel more so. I’m so not buying that Tamra cares one iota about Shannon, especially suggesting she’s having a psychotic break or suicidal. If Tamra truly thought that Shannon was suicidal, why start up, and WHY continue to throw gas on the fire ? If in fact she thought it were even a possibility, she’s the biggest POS for inciting all the drama & knowing it’d be filmed ?!

    That snotty lemon-sucking expression Heather always makes requires a LOT of facial muscles to make. It causes terrible sags in the area around the mouth. None of which are repairable, no matter how skilled the plastic surgeon !!

    Vicki is showing what a horrid & cowardly person she is by not speaking up that she knew that it was Tamra who started the “let’s take the Beadors down. Shannon would’ve fared a bit better, and perhaps it would’ve allowed David to address & confront Terry (man to pussy) instead of Shannon bearing the brunt. Coward Vicki is ! She wants to stay on Tamra’s good side, news flash- there isn’t one !

    I think Tamra’s getting what she deserves: Ryan’s moving to Auburn, CA (way north and very rural!) I don’t understand what Tamra means by saying “no she has no one”, what about Eddie, you know— her husband ? Guess he’s a “no-show” in that marriage.

    Back to Vicki. From personal experience, trying to get a loved one to see what you (think) see someone they love in a bad light just doesn’t work. I had a similar experience with my best friend (may she rest in peace!). Other friends & family were really aggressive about the guy she was with, it only made her more determined. Unfortunately, I was the only one who sensed that she’d be more adamant. In that situation, it’s best to keep your mouth shut. They’re going to need you when they realize what everyone already knew and if you’ve alienated them, they won’t reach out for support when they do. As a matter-of-fact, they stay in the bad relationship longer because they feel the need to “save face”. You don’t want them to do that! I just wish the therapist would explain that to Brianna, privately.

    Finally, thank you to those who are adding to my vocabulary, tonight:

    • Cloacas – part of animal anatomy that excretes fecal matter & urine. (Courtesy of fivecatsownme)

    • auburn is not very rural. maybe you’re thinking of another city or of how it was yrs ago. it’s pretty with a nice art scene.

      • Thank you Chris, perhaps I am thinking of another place . Yes, Aburn is very beautiful :) and wide-open, lots of space.
        I think I was thinking of it being less populated and over-built, by O.C. and L.A. standards. In that way, it seems pretty rural to me at least.

        PS: I meant no offense, I hope none was taken :) !

      • HerDaughter

        Sorry, I have to laugh at Auburn having an “Art” scene. Hahahahaha!
        Ok…now I have to kick myself because. I have moved to a ridiculous farming community that the “Art” scene only includes of watching Rice grow! Auburn.

    • fivecatsownme

      I haven.t been to Auburn in years. Gold rush country. I love Santa Barbara. I miss living on the coast, but when you marry a military man you move a lot, and retire where you never think you would live.

      • Where do you live now fivecatsownme (if its ok to ask)? Thank you, your husband & family for your service to our country :) ! It’s a great sacrifice. I know personally many families with school-aged children. We lived in Camarillo for a couple of years before moving back to my hometown Santa Barbara. You may be familiar (based on what branch your husband is in) that Pt. Mugu and Port Hueneme house families in Camarillo. My daughter attended public school for 1 1/2 years. It’s terribly unfair to the children to be uprooted & moved so darn often. The curriculum was all over the place, some children were ahead and others were behind in most subjects than the non-military students. TT, as a former educator, may have had to “teach to the middle”. So all the students were frustrated :( . It’s simply so unfair to everyone. I can’t even imagine what it was like for the teachers trying to coordinate lesson plans. You didn’t mention if you ever actually lived in my fair city. Hope you’re able to visit again soon. S.B. natives are mixed on the feeling, but my family & I love hosting visitors— especially military visitors. They stopped hosting Fleet Week, too bad, the sailors in their “Cracker Jacks” we so cute enjoying Cabrillo Beach in the daytime and night spots such as “Rocky Galenti’s” .
        If anyone plans a visit, feel free to ask, I can give you the 4-1-1 on the best places to stay, visit and dine :) . TIP — it’s nicest in Sept/Oct/Nov : tourist season is over, prices are down, it’s less crowded and those three months happen to be the warmest & clearest :) :) :)
        Come see us !!

      • fivecatsownme

        I actually live in El Paso. I am a native Californian. Met my husband when we were both active duty; gave him a shot in each cheek, and two years later we were married. We used to go to Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo for weekends. We both loved Monterey too. Luckily our son was born 5 years before my husband retired so no problems with school. When my husband retired we moved to Austin so he could go to school, and when he graduated, he got a job offer in El Paso. We have lots of Sand, but no water. Thanks for you kind reply. When I was little we would drive up to Santa Barbara and Dad would take us to the Biltmore for lunch as a very special treat.


    • fivecatsownme

      Heather’ s face has either been botoxed into that sour lemon sucking expression or maybe it’s like all our mothers have warned us, “Keep making that face and it will that.” She can’t botox her way out of it.

    • BH Wannabe

      Holy shit I love Teecee!!! Ha ha ha!

  27. I forgot to compliment TT— the pics of Heather & Tamra show them for who they are exactly : both bitter, ugly hags !

    • You probably should not call anyone ugly.

      • Mari Anne Souza

        Wow, you are such an asshole.

      • Angel

        I was wondering where all the Heather fans that are usually here were hiding. Glad one admitted she is not perfect. If this show is real, Heather is a jealous, self-centered liar. Tamra is a dried up, classless, self-centered liar and gossip. It is about time Ryan grew up and got away from that witch. I can’t see why the girlfriend wants him though, and any possible involvement with that thing for a MIL. On the surface, she seems to have it more together than anyone in the room, except for the Instagram connection is irresponsible sounding. I wish Vicki had not choose to stick to her zen persona that night. Christian was the man. Danielle is looking at David as the one she wishes she had. Shannon is the sane one of Heather, Tamra, and her. The other two are idiots to be that way or act that way in what is supposed to be real. Shannon was not let in on the story, she seems understandably frustrated into the edge of tolerance and reason. She, at least, remained gracious to her hosts. I liked what Lizzie had to say on WWHL. She has now got the right perception of the group. I think Brianna has been spoiled and has the control gene from her mother. I think she has the faulty man picker as well.

      • You seem insane and over invested.

    • Sari

      Susan- may I call you Susan? YOU seem bitter. Why?

      And, TeeCee’s not so much an asshole as much as she’s just being observant. Calling someone “ugly” leaves you wide open for the same treatment. She probably should change her user pic to a scenic sunset, or some shit. That way Susan can be as horrible as she wants about people’s physical appearance without fear of having to endure the same.

      • Sari, I don’t EVER reply to that person. I did, some time ago, but I haven’t in quite some time. Also, I don’t use profanity or other vulgar language. No judgement, I was just brought up that way. It’s actually an assault on my sensibilities.
        Additionally, as a general rule, when it comes to making observations on people’s appearances:
        (1) it’s NEVER, EVER directed at anyone posting on this blog. It’s always and only an observation of an individual on one of the shows. I think they’re “fair game”.
        (2) when commenting on my observations of the aforementioned, my opinion follows the “pretty is as pretty DOES”, so I feel justified in my observation.
        (3) Those opinions are never expressed as a$$h0les or “see you next Tuesday”… I find those particularly offensive. Again, it’s not passing judgement on those who do use those pejoratives.
        (4) I think you MAY have me confused with another person who goes by the name “Susan”
        (5) Please, call me “Susie”. You may want to call me something else [based on your comment], but that wouldn’t be productive because I will not respond then or any other time. But, if that’s your goal, I certainly respect that. But, I hope you don’t. I think that we could have some interesting and RESPECTFUL dialogue. It’d be a shame to have it come to that.

        Thank you in advance for your consideration :)

      • Sarah

        LOVE your comments, Susie ! You speak very intelligently without resorting to personally insulting other posters – something that is a problem with several posters from this blog comments. I stopped commenting because if one of those ppl disagree with an opinion you have with the show, they will personally attack you. Ugh

      • Susan you are a drippy cunt. Your long assed blathering posts are unfunny, boring and hypocritical.

        The fact that you think it’s ok to poor mouth someone as long as they are not here, makes you a moronic coward.

      • @Santa Barbara Susie- please continue to post here. I appreciate your comments and like how you express yourself. :)

        Did you notice that Tamra did not cry one tear when she became upset that Ryan intended to marry his fiance?She became extremely upset about not being in control of planning the wedding. If she wants to plan another wedding, she can plan her mother’s nuptials if she ever marries her boyfriend. Who really seems to be having a mental break and needs some psychological treatment? IJS

        I feel the fiance is trying to compensate for the loss of her parents by nurturing Ryan during his illness, and Ryan is looking for another mommie to take care of him. I hope she realizes sooner than later that he is not marriage material and moves on with her life.

      • Greta

        haha teecee is a hypocrite. She always gets so worked up and resort to name calling when she’s beaten. Where’s the “battle of wits” that you preach so much about? LOL pure comedy. Susie, kudos to you for speaking so eloquently. teecee, here’s some butt hurt cream. Apply liberally.

      • actually she IS an asshole. and quite proud of it, i’m guessing. the ugly thing hit home, that’s all. don’t pay her any mind.
        i love the picture choice as well. perfect fit.

  28. “Eddie is thrilled to have everyone occupied so that he can text with his boyfriend.” Still laughing, thanks TT for a great recap. I actually broke my promise to myself and watched the last half of the show. For the record, I did not see one tear fall from Tamra’s effed up face at the dinner. My only question is why would a successful, pretty gun seller hook up with a scrawny little loser like Ryan?

    • Greenwood

      Lisa, I wondered about that, too. Why would anyone be interested in that dim-witted sloth (Ryan)? I think the answer is this: No One. She’s not interested in Ryan. She just met the moron at some smelly bar and saw an opportunity to get on TV. She has no intention of moving to Auburn. She intends to load up her yunguns and become a TV star. Because she really is like Tamra. That’s why she sent Tamra into a spiral. She’ll get pregnant, if she has to…she probably already has. She’s got plans.

    • kallen253

      My thoughts exactly. Something is fishy there. Maybe like Kendra and DAMN! I cant think of his name! From RHOA. HAROLD? Anyway, maybe Ryan and her are fake.

    • Thank You goldenindigo :) , I appreciate your generous words. I watched with my 19 year-old daughter, we were both shocked. I guess rude runs in Tamra’s family. Both she and her mother insisting they “couldn’t do this” or “had to do that” was outrageous.
      It was unspeakably rude to inquire how Sarah’s father passed away. Sarah was clearly not comfortable sharing that although she was fine disclosing the cause of her mother’s death. What kind of heathen would insist knowing & continue to press. I always thought when meeting future in-laws, one would be on their very best behaviour ?
      The scene Tamra made at the end surpassed her hissy-fit she threw about not being involved in the planning.
      Poor, sweet Sarah. Her future MIL broke down in stuttering sobs upon the news that her son was engaged. If Sarah was a friend of mine, I’d tell her to run, FAST !
      Clearly, she has no idea what she’s in for with that screwed up family, MIL to GMIL… I see tragedy :( :( :(
      POOR Sarah

      • @Santa Barbara Susie- You are most welcome!!! Cheer up and keep your chin up.

        Tamra’s mother is along for the ride with her baby aka 50 Shades of Shade. Who knows, maybe grandma will get run over by a reign deer because the daughter threw her under the sled to stay on RHOC, and then said daughter could not remember if she had really done it or not.

  29. Cat

    I watched this late, because I decided to watch “Hotel Hell” (with Gordon Ramsay) instead. It was hilarious.

    I did watch it after WWHL, but don’t really have much to say about it. Other than it seemed overly scripted.

    Looks like I’m slowly getting away from the Bravo crap. Same with E! channel shows like “Botched”. They are just too weird and too scripted. If this is “reality”, then we have all gone into the “Twilight Zone”.

    • fivecatsownme

      Love Gordon Ramsey, I think teecee is his evil twin. The resort I about 40 miles from where I live. Sorry I missed it. I saw the owner on the local news , she was s little unusual.

      • Cat

        My favorite part was when the owner was singing, and Ramsay went from table to table asking for opinions. At one table, he asked “Which is worse, the food or the singing?” One customer said something like “I think it’s a tie.” He tried to move to a room where there was no singing, and the owner followed him, singing the same song. His facial expressions were priceless.

      • what are you talking about?​

        On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 7:34 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  30. Cat

    Oh, I forgot. If for some reason it WASN’T scripted, I have just one thing for Tamra:

    You might want to watch a bit of the Jodi Arias trial…particularly the testimony where she claims she was in a “fog”, then slipped and gave a few details about the murder.

    If you want people to believe you blacked out and don’t remember anything, don’t follow that claim with details of the event. Just sayin’.

  31. This “made-for-tv reality” has gotten really raunchy.

    I guess one of the pre-requisites to being a “real housewife” is being totally self-absorbed. Unfortunately for Tamra and Vicki, they’ll pay dearly when their kids quit coming around once they get going in their own families.

    Apparently Bravo has changed one of their common theme (storylines) in their shows from “getting married” to “having marital problems.”

    Since Heather didn’t want to expose her bitchiness and problems even more and Tamra didn’t want to go there either, I think Heather recruited Shannon…who apparently really is having marital problems. So real, in fact, that Heather and Tamra are jealous of all the face time Shannon and David got and they felt the need “to take them down.” Just my opinion.

    Vicki’s seasoned enough to know to stay the hell out of their way.

  32. illinigirl

    Come on! Does Bravo expect us to believe half of the crap that was in this episode. I was disgusted when watching Tamara pretend to have a breakdown(be relevant) in her scenes. This may be my new diet plan because I want to puke every time I watch an episode now!

  33. janet

    I think Tamra is only thinking about herself and that’s it as far as her son moving and getting married. I felt this was a great thing for Ryan and I was impressed with his fiance. To want him to stick around and flounder just to hang with her is sick. Tamra, Heather and dumb ass Danielle are revolting snakes in the grass and playing like they want to help Shannon!! Please!!! I’ve been gas lighted by people before and it is a terrible feeling and is allways targeted t words someone who isisensitive and vulnerable and going through a bad time. Its also done so others wont believe what that person has to say. Tamra doesn’t want anyone to believe anything Shannon has to say about what a lying duplicitous fake piece of shit Tamra is. Vickie is no better if she stands to the side because she’s a coward. So much for being a strong independent woman. Eddie should run and find a decent woman Im begaining to think this is a made for tv marriage.

    • O.O

      If he just met the girl I don’t see how it could be a good idea for him to be moving in with her and her 3 children with one on the way . Clearly something is very wrong with this young woman. Who moves a
      Man they just met in with their kids??? (Tamra does) It’s disgusting . If she were childless? More power to her and If Rayan was moving on to become a man then that would be great but it looks as if he’s moving into the exact same position he’s in now another woman housing him , there was no mention of him having a job so I’m guessing his wife to be will be giving him one in her gun business . Loser!

  34. Lindy

    Oh my TT….you may get your wish! On WWHL someone asked Lizzie about her relationship with Tamra. Lizzie responded, “Aahhh…Tamra and I are not on good terms. We just shot the reunion and it didn’t end well.” Through clinched teeth, Andy affirmed, “It didn’t”. You know that means he loved it. I did not watch the housewives tonight and probably won’t. He did show a clip of the Tamra meltdown which looked so incredibly fake.

    I totally loved your recap! So much better than the real thing, I’m sure, so why watch.

  35. Maisey

    Wow they don’t make family’s like they used to. Way to meet the new in laws with 3 generations of nutballs. First Tamara’s mother seems like a blousey, blown out alike just watching the trashy show her crazy spawn puts on. Ryan always looks like he parked his mule outside and is going to go panning for gold up in them thar hills. My favorite part? Hey let’s pour plenty of alcohol for everyone then bring out a gun and pass it around. That always makes for a safe and responsible party.
    And it’s obvious that Dr Dubrow surgically removed Tamara’s tear ducts.

  36. janet

    I noticed the chin thing with Heather too and bet her husband will be working on that soon. But oh darn cant be fixed too bad! What she needs to work on is the nastiness that recides within her. I’ve allways disliked her because she has all ways participated in Tamras cruel behaviour and targeted people to please Tamra. Not c lassey not nice. Her husband is a sissy that goes along with this crap in fact he revels in it.

    • So, are calling someone out for nastiness in a comment wherein you call a married man whom you do not know a “sissy”?? Glass house much, nasty bitch?

      • Angie

        Wtf is wrong with you? How fat and ugly does one havevto be in order to be such a bitch to complete strangers, all of the time?
        Go see a shrink and get some help, you are obviously a very miserable person.

      • So…,you’re calling me fat and ugly…and chastising me as you diagnose me using your vast medical knowledge? Physician, fuck thyself.

      • A degree in criminology or psychology is not required to define someone as a sissy or pussy whipped bitch; more likely an obviously intelligent man wants the spotlight. Haha …..I have a minor in psych,(which qualifies me for nothing) but; if we want to speculate……. his brother was drowning in pussy and recognition and Terry was the good boy. He is extending his moment in the sun. (Pure BS speculation on my part. He is acting like a little bitch.) That is a fact ; doesn’t necessarily make him a sissy but he acts like a mean girl this season. Christian comes across as a horrified real man. I like David, marriage is hard ,

      • Wow. No, I was talking to the tardcicle up there who told me to see a shrunk.

  37. thedisher

    My favorite recap ever….too many funny lines to even recount. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a worse case of gas lighting… Christian was awesome tonight! Heather’s reaction when he shut her down on the toast was priceless!

  38. Micheal

    I’m done with Heather. I tried. When Vicki is the voice of reason for the season then it really is crazy. Tamra, Heather and Shannon all deserve each other. The day when karma finally bites Tamra in the ass will be a great day.

  39. BH Wannabe

    Anyone notice this little demonstration of class courtesy of Tamra:

    Right after forcing Ryan’s fiance to spell out how her father shot himself, Tamra goes storming around the kitchen and murmurs, “Shoot me!”

    Self-absorbed? Insensitive? Well, what would you expect from her?

    • Angel

      I missed that “shoot me”. Too bad the girlfriend didn’t dare to pull her gun and do it. A lot of lives would be less miserable without Tamra in them.

    • Sarah is an impressively composed young woman, BH Wannabe. I think a lesser woman would’ve cried about that time. I’ve got to say, she’s made of some pretty strong stuff.
      Time will only tell how she’ll handle Tamra and granny. They actually have something scary in their eyes… I think it’s lack of self-awareness and empathy. Scary stuff indeed !

      • fivecatsownme

        Tamra needs to remember that Ryan and Sarah will someday pick out her nursing home. I like Sarah too. She is very self posessed. I would have strangled Tamra.

  40. fivecatsownme

    We all think of Shannon as fragile, but it took guts to confront her tormenters, apologize to Lizzie for leaving early, and walk out with her head high. I hope she and David can get it together.

  41. Micheal

    Seeing David be so supportive of Shannon was nice. Hopefully Shannon watching this season back takes that away from this experience. He was a trooper in this episode.

    • fivecatsownme

      I am so done with Heather. When she listened to Tamra spewing that nastiness about Shannon’ s marriage, she had the same look on her face that Andy gets when he gets juicy gossip. Heather tries to do her best Lady Macbeth imitation: “Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it.” I have never cared for Tamra, and it looks like Danielle is going to join the list. Micheal is so right about Vicki being the voice of reason. Did we fall through the rabbit hole?

  42. Every time that Brooks is on screen, Kandi’s song, “No Scrubs” pops into my head.

  43. I thought it was Terry who cut off Heather’s toast. Are you sure it was Christian?

    • pepper

      it was Christian and it was epic

    • Terry was jockeying to do the toast and heather won the tussle. Terry was shown when someone not shown said that heather was making a toast about herself. Terry and Heather looked in the direction of Christian. Christian was the only male in the room who would have said a word. ​

      On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 8:37 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  44. mark

    Good lord, am I the only one who thinks its not all Heathers fault? Sure, she may be a bitch. Newsflash: People are bitchy to people they dislike. I don’t think she’s unwarranted. If a crazy work colleague came to your home after work and started behaving like that while your kids were in the house, would YOU entertain them? No, you’d ask them to leave. These people aren’t friends!!

    Yes, she may “spin things” but here’s another newsflash: People in general often want to portray themselves in the most favorable light, and will be “malleable with the truth” on occasion. It’s human nature.

    That said and done, surely someone else must be with me in realising that Shannon is a complete fruit loop??? She’s a crazy person, she’s a cunt-sack to her husband, and all around nightmare. Enough with this “poor Shannon” crap.

    Tamra is just a twat.

    • delaney

      Heather was shitty gossiping abt Shannon’s marriage, got caught and again was shitty. If the situation was reversed you can bet Heather would act worse than Shannon did.,,

    • Cat

      If these housewife shows are examples of people “portraying themselves in the most favorable light”, then they should all be ashamed and hiding somewhere.

    • fivecatsownme

      Tamra started the shitstorm at the party. Heather has been defensive all season. Mostly upset that Tamra and Vicki were her friends, and now they like Shannon more. Heather and Shannon are super sensitive and hypercritical towards each other. You were late to my party on purpose, you are so condescending you threw me out of your house you yell at me. However they are lacking in empathy for each other. Shannon has apologized, and it was sincere. Heather says things like I’m sorry you feel that way. Heather should really say she is sorry as in I am sorry I asked you to leave when you were so distressed about the email and the gossip. I should have shut up and let you talk. I’m sorry I was a jerk to you at the hoedown. I understand kids sports with dad a pretty big commitment. I just wanted you and the rest of my friends to all be here to share my happiness with the groundbreaking.

    • I’ve defended Heather before but that malarkey about “calling an ambulance” and a “psychotic break” was just malicious. She’s smart enough to know better than that and she was just trying to make Shannon look bad. I can’t defend her on that. I will agree with the fact that it’s not really unthinkable that someone who doesn’t like another person is going to be critical and going to gossip about them. We’ve all done it. Heather doesn’t “owe” Shannon loyaly, they aren’t friends. However, it’s gone over the edge into just making crap up to make Shannon look bad. Shannon’s a PITA, no doubt, but if she were really unbalanced, she would have knocked Tamra out for grabbing her and screaming in her face. Credit where it’s due, she didn’t lose control of herself.

    • BH Wannabe

      I’m with you, Mark!

  45. I know you liked Siberia, the writer and creator is Matthew Arnold aka Lizzie (Arnold) Rosvek’s brother. He has a new series Emerald City that was picked up by NBC. Perhaps he recommended her for this crazy to torment her. Brothers will be brothers.

  46. myinfo

    Shannon is over the top bat shit crazy. She needs to get off the show since she can’t handle people spreading rumors about her marriage. All the HW’s do is spread rumors about each other. It is almost a requirement.

  47. Melesa

    I think they are all OVER THE TOP nuts! And Tamara, there is definitely a GOD! Ryan’s fiance would have to be in love with him to even consider spending a lifetime with this family. I hear she’s pregnant now…Yikes!

  48. fivecatsownme

    I only wish I could have heard the conversation in the car repair Ryan and his fiancée on their way home.

  49. Ok. This has nothing to do with the post but i just wanted to say that TT was nice enough to tell me how to get an avatar established when i emailed her and evidently i’m too stupid to figure it out because forevermore i guess i’ll just be SidewaysKathy.

  50. khintx

    Vicki was so drunk that she could not walk outside to talk to Shannon without hugging the wall. And yet she still seemed to be the voice of reason. kh

  51. It is getting harder for me to watch Tamra try to act! The dinner with her soon to be daughter in-law was painful. She is not a good actress and there were NO tears! I may have to start pausing and fast forwarding through her “emotional” scenes.
    I also think she was lying about having too much to drink that she could remember everything that happened at the party because she certainly remembered it in her talking head,

  52. TWIRL

    Tamra lost baby Astro, she’s losing her son Ryan, she’s losing her mom, she’s losing her kids, eddies checking out… I hope she and heather are happy together! They’re both terrible people. Shannon is a much better person than me, I would’ve thrown tamra over the balcony if she grabbed/chased me like that…

  53. I have never liked Tamra, she hasn’t changed and never will. If they are going to call an ambulance for anyone it should be for Tamra and Heather

  54. Beth

    Heather is NOT friends with Tamra. Heather is Tamra’s puppet master. I wish Terry D., would have tried to diagnose Shannon, all he is, is a plastic, He knows NOTHING about that genre of medicine… And that would have meant malpractice and possible revocation of his license, and a beautiful lawsuit against him. And from what i have read he is NOT the best plastic to go to…

  55. fivecatsownme

    Tamra’ s picture makes her look like she has been rode hard and put up wet.

  56. StrungoutOnBravo

    Tamara – I was taking a sip of my drink and spit it out clear across the room when I read this in your blog ” Eddie is thrilled to have everyone occupied so that he can text with his boyfriend.” lol lol lol lol lol That’s a good one! Also very true! Trampa needs help stat and it’s been my opinion for a long time now that Simon should definitely get full custody of the kids. The woman is not stable, insecure and I think evil to her core! I was not falling for her fake tears my gosh she is a horrible actress. lol I wish Bravo would kick this beeotch to the curb.

  57. Twilly

    I have arrived at the inevitable point in the season where I cant even watch this show anymore. Every season it gets to be too much watching Tamra brow beat her latest target. And this time she is being beyond despicable IMO. Shannon and her real life issues are no match for Tamra’s desperate need for camera time. I like Shannon, flaws and all. But even when it was Alexis or even Gretchen it just becomes unwatchable. She is such a wretched woman season after season. And Heather is just as bad now. I’ll keep reading the recaps of course but I cant stomach the lying and bullshit.

  58. jelley

    I seriously love reading the comments here. Thanks for blogging, TT. I know it’s gotta be super time consuming. I thoroughly enjoy your recaps.You’re the best :)

  59. 1. Ryan is marrying his mother – creepy weird. That chick looks like Tamra, has a bunch of kids like Tamra, and has obviously been married more than once, like Tamra. Ryan … get some therapy and some meds. DO NOT GET MARRIED. Jeez what an idiot. And shave that hairy mess off your face.

    2. Heather needs to get the stick out of her ass.

    3. Brianna, the only one with any sense, needs to move to Oklahoma and stay away from that controlling, narcissistic mother of hers.

    4. Vicki and Brooks need to move in together, get married, whatever, because then, and only then, will Vicki realize he’s a FRAUD.

    5. Tamra … get a grip. Maybe your son is leaving you because you are an embarrassment and impossible. Her other kids very well may end up with Simon and all you’ll have is Eddie. And Eddie is a homo.

    6. Shannon – I love you. You are the ONLY ONE who has any sense of right/wrong and a conscience. STAY AWAY FROM ALL THOSE EVIL B*TCHES.

  60. Din

    Tamra really is a raging sociopath, and for her sake I hope that she is mostly motivated to make good reality TV instead of genuinely enjoying the chaos and drama she causes.

    I mean she confirmed to me that she was a raging sociopath when I saw her gym party last year where among other things screamed at a 40yo woman to leave her party and then proceeded to giggle and eavesdrop on her in her car.

    Heather really outdid herself with the ambulance comment. I honestly do not understand why or how people IRL tolerate that woman.

  61. Dear Sarah (with the yellow square), thank you for your kind comment :) !
    I couldn’t find a way to reply to you within the thread, so I hope you find this comment.
    I’m asking you to PLEASE continue to comment and share your opinions. It’d be a pity if a certain someone ran you or anyone else off :(
    I’m sure that I’m not alone in saying that no one person should have any ability to hijack TT’s Blog.
    If we allowed nasty comments & personal attacks to dictate whether or not we share our thoughts, it would just turn into a one-woman “show” . What a waste it’d be if TT’s efforts were in vain.
    Its obvious TT works very hard on her Blog & everyone can agree that she does an OUTSTANDING job ! I can’t begin to imagine all the hard work and time she devotes to it– I think she deserves everyone’s respect. And we ALL deserve to be treated similarly.
    It’s my opinion that if said person is successful in her effort to alienate person after person, there won’t be any more “regulars”— it’d devolve into a rotation of newbies who ultimately leave after being subjected to the same treatment.
    There are so many clever & humorous readers who make such interesting contributions :) !
    So, if people don’t mind, I’m going to share advice I was given—ignore, then ignore again ! Don’t reply… That way, the offensive attacks just sit there all by their lonesome looking exactly what they are–unwarranted excrement which have nothing to do with anything, just the rantings of a malcontent who has nothing but time to think of newer & uglier ways to vent her spleen. It takes a strong & confident individual to refuse to be baited.
    We all deserve to be treated respectfully, and if we dislike someone’s comment or observation, we can express it more creatively. I hope to read more comments from you, tonight’s RHONY finale promises to be quite the show !

    • Good job ignoring, dumbass. I’m so glad you laid down the law about how it’s going to be here in your blog where you try to make every conversation about you.

      I wonder if you’ve shared your decisions about how this. Log will be run with TT.

    • actually, the more you fight with said nutcase the more hits TT gets. i dont normally feed trolls but for a worthy cause (this blog) i will.
      the fighting and mutual admiration society stuff can get out of hand sometimes but i think it’s important to step in and defend someone occasionally.

      whoever you are who keeps saying we all think shannon is fragile can count me out. i think she has a right to be frustrated, and contrasting her blowup with tamra’s ridiculous meltdown gives some perspective.

    • BH Wannabe

      Okay, Susan, move on! This is not Real Housewives of Santa Barbara.

  62. So T,
    Do your blog readers take the place of your past dysfunctional
    Have to say that reading your stuff is great entertainment for me……and addictive!
    You must have been great in the classroom.

  63. Jen

    I agree that we should write books with our comments that are all about ourselves. Can we please keep the the comments to the topic at hand. This is not my blog. I’m not trying to be offensive. I agree we should ignore personal Vulgar attacks. It only reflects poorly on them. We don’t come here to fight. We come here to enjoy TTs fun insightful blog. I think someone is unhappy in their life….if they need to constantly put commenters down or call them Cunty. The person should probably up their meds or stop imbibing to the point of embarrassing themselves. Imho.

  64. Jen

    Lolololol! LOVE IT! I know and I try very hard at my C-skills too! 😉 lol jk. :))

  65. Missy Kinchen

    Is Heather doing all this evil stuff to ensure that she gets maximum air time? How can Bravo air this? It reminds me of the Jill and Bethany season on RHONY. It was not pleasant to watch Jill being so rotten, and it is not fun to not see Heather get hers. Rather, it is infuriating to watch her. Tamara is ridiculous, and she wears tacky clothing and too much makeup.

  66. Marysol

    I completely agree with everything written in this post. Heather seems like a smart person (smart is relative here) and Tamra Judge is a complete idiot/pathological liar and I just don’t understand how Heather doesn’t recognize that. Also, why didn’t anyone at the dinner party point out the irony of Tamra screeching, “Stop it! Stop it!” at the top of her lungs in Shannon’s face? No, Tamra, you stop it. You really need to stop it. Just stop. This whole episode was infuriating.

  67. jeez just looked again at your last 2 photos. heather’s face looks like those rippling boob implants terry keeps replacing, & tamra’s shows those lines filler addicts get when they need maintenance. ew.

  68. Rhubarb

    I’m still waiting in Tamra’s crocodile tears to drop…..right along with Eddie’s balls. What a witch.

  69. HerDaughter

    TT and anyone else, do you all remember before the Season started and they kept showing the “Teaser”??????

    I have waited FOREVER for the part where Shannon says something along the lines “I saved a universe in my past life!” And “You just wait and see!” The second part happened. But it as if they removed that universe part!? It was during the dinner party. I was (sadly) looking forward to it as much as some “leg” throwing… 😉

  70. MicroOp

    I don’t even want to bother w the heather/Tamara/Shannon circle of love. Let’s talk about Ryan. Was that fake? Doesn’t he work for his mom and see her everyday? Why didn’t he mention marriage before? I mean her reaction was rude. But it’s also very strange behavior on his part.

  71. Josie

    I love how heather tells danielle she was “forced to kick shannon” out of her house then when vicki starts talking to heather about being nice to shannon and how shannon said she told her to get out of her house she immediately says i did not tell her to get out i told her please leave. Busted! That is how heather is very sneaky…playing semantics.

    Also, she was grinning like a cheshire cat when shannon came back to the party to apologize and say she was leaving. Also, loved Tamras talking head “did i say it” she says “oh whatever” really?!

  72. Charlene

    All Heather had to do was apologize to Shannon for gossiping about her marriage and Shannon would have put it all to bed. Oh no, Heather is one of these pretentious people who can’t ever admit she’s wrong. She’s not necessarily a bad person, she’s just a perfectionist. She has to always be right.
    Now Tamra, not so sure about her. She thrives on gossip and drama. She is one of these people who need to fuel things for a little action or she becomes bored. It’s because her life is empty and she needs to fill it. Gossip and petty problems and cat fighting is how she fulfills her dull life. She needs to volunteer at a charity or something, or spend more time with her real children, not a plastic baby! Lol. Shannon is insecure and fragile, so she’s a perfect target for Tamra’s drama stirring. A strong woman like Lizzie, with a business, an education, intelligence, beauty and a family is too secure and grounded for her cunning plans so she leaves Lizzie alone.
    Shannon needs to ignore the gossip stirring. She should have just said, “the Dubrow’s want to take us down? Who are they? The Sporanos?” And laughed it off. But her hyper-sensitive reaction was just the match Tamra was looking for to start the fire. Of course Tamra told Shannon that “taking down nonsense.” She sat up late at night with Astro thinking, “Astro. How can mommy tick off Shannon again?”

  73. Bonnie

    Love this blog. You nailed it right on the head against popular opinion. I think by the end of the season we’ll see Shannon is a solid girl.

  74. Rosie

    That is the funniest fucking thing i have ever
    heard!!! Catch Eddie in bed with another man!!! LMAO!!!

  75. Ace

    Anyone surprised by the clowns ? ? T’s face lift and Botox have left her ugly crying and her aging mind and body must be the reason for the immature behavior with her “friends.” She’s looking for attention and a reason for Bravo to keep her.

    She had to downsize her house when she got remarried & they’re not too busy at Cut Fut-ness to honeymoon, they can’t afford it. She divorced Simon for ratings and now she’s waiting for the best time to uncover Eddie’s in the closet to go a season further on RHOC. Her age is showing and so are her fears.

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