Leah Remini: It’s All Relative

Its All Relative Family

I am super late with this recap, but I’ve been busy and sick. I’ve felt like crap for days and finally diagnosed myself with Fresh Ripe Cherry Overdose FRCO. Shut up! I looked on the Internet and it’s a thing. I am overly cranky.  I also may have just eaten a dog quesadilla. I feel like I am about to give birth to Rosemary’s baby. So this show better bring the funny, or there will be hell to pay.

On this episode, Leah’s mother wants a tramp stamp. My first reaction was I wonder how much money  Leah offered her mother to get a tramp stamp. Leah’s mom says she has no problem with it being called a tramp stamp because she was a tramp when she was young. You go, Leah’s mom!  It’s going down. The 64-year-old had a vision for her tattoo during one of her hot flashes. Wait, what? This shit is still going to be happening when I am 64? I thought my doctor said the sentence was 8-10 years? Why isn’t this bitch fat? 64 and still having hot flashes? Kill me now.

The tattoo is huge. It is the head of a jaguar with a woman carrying a jug of water on top. Because, she likes jaguars and she was born under the sign of Aquarius. The head of the woman is between the eyes of the jaguar head. it's all relative Vicki

George, who I forget exactly how he fits into the family, is having trouble learning how to use the new POS system at the restaurant. Oh, yeah. He is Leah’s step father. Because Leah’s sister has gone down the street to witness the tattoo debacle, George is left alone in the store. He cannot work the new system. Hilarity ensues.

When the official tattoo day comes, the whole fam damily shows up much to the chagrin of the tattoo artist. Hours later, she finally has a tattoo. It’s god awful. A giant multicolored mess. No shade to the tattoo guy, he did the job he was assigned. But dayum.

The next episode seems like it is going to be all about making fun of the poor woman with FUCKING HOT FLASHES! They are mocking her mustache. I would like to point out that we she really can’t see the damn mustache because she is old and blind and she is menopausal!  The other thing I like about Leah’s mom is that she has a point system that works just like Tamara Tattles Tokens!

Leah and her mother both like to look up words to make sure they are using them correctly, and even when they are they decide they are not. It’s an interesting, and somewhat amusing form of illiteracy. I like that they try though. Leah has decided to change the ambience of Vivian’s Café.  I love the ambience of Vivian’s. If Leah must do something, just let her buy new tables and chairs. I love the funky art and all the plants.

After a bunch of whackadoodle shopping scenes, Leah and her mother only buy one little sign that says, “Please Pay Cashier!”

Okay, that was cute. I really need to wash some dishes now. Or at least a wine glass and a fork.  Am I the only one still watching?


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25 responses to “Leah Remini: It’s All Relative

  1. Hated this show. I am not a fan of Leah’s but this was really boring. Who cares if her mother gets a tattoo. If that is the best they can do, this show will not last long at all. I even thought Leann & Eddie was better than this piece of crap.

  2. Cat

    I keep forgetting to watch this one. I like Leah. And her funny family. It’s refreshing, and entertaining.

  3. I like it.. It’s an easy watch, unlike some of the other shows that have me bawling or throwing shit.

  4. YouCanLeadAHorticulture

    Every time I see this on tv, I watch out of a sense of: “oh thank goodness Leah and her family haven’t been kidnapped by the Scientololoonies” I can go back to vacuuming the house in peace. It’s kind of funny, it’s like my goodwill toward Leah over bravely leaving Scientology and filing the missing persons report on Shelly Miscavige(sp?) will lead me to watch a rather boring show. It’s the diametric opposite to how I feel about Leann and Eddie, I just can’t support anything they put out even if it were entertaining. Just want to add, Leah’s husband is super super silver-haired muscle man sexxxxayy. I’m thinking I have a craving for diner food in Studio City my near future.

    • I like their family dynamic, they appear to be a close knit group. Love watching them and their antics. Thanks for the recap Tamara and I hope you’re feeling better.

    • Cecee

      Agreed – but I do think she and her family are funny. Leah is self-aware and talks to the crew – maybe it’ll become overdone but for now, I’m glad to see her (and the fam) stick it to that horrendous cult.

    • Angel

      I agree that I like her strength to quit that cult. I am curious what family member got her in. Possibly her dad, her mom apparently is not in it. I was never much of a fan previous to her quitting. I was not even aware she was involved with it before. I respect her and support her show, and also that being fired from The Talk, so may be off of all CBS because of who fired her, has not stopped her. I assumed she was let go for being such a loud mouth. I was wrong, they replaced her with a worse one that is less funny. (I have to be desperate to watch that show.) I too like how Leah doesn’t try to act like they are not being filmed and it is all just natural.

  5. O.O

    Nope I’m watching

  6. Din

    A wine glass and a fork, all a girl needs xD

  7. Tampamom

    Warning TT – Pres Zachary Taylor is thought to have died from eating cherries, and drinking iced milk and water on a hot July day!!

    I read all your posts, but this show doesn’t interest me at all. If your DVR acts up, doubt the next episode will be missed.

    • Great. Thanks Tampa mom. Wasn’t he fat too? I swear the cherries are expanded and unable to leave my tummy. ​If I die, don’t have some dumb Dead Tamara Tattles Blog carry on or I will haunt you from my grave.

      On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 9:20 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  8. PlusOneForLuck

    I thoroughly enjoy this show. As I’m watching it I just find myself smiling uncontrollably… It just tickles me. I really enjoy the interplay between Leah and her mom. They are just too cute!

  9. George is Leah’s stepdad. Loved last week’s episodes, just watched them today.

  10. Xan

    The checking the dictionary thing is a holdover from Scientology – its called “word clearing”

  11. ZenJen

    TT, i have been thru menapause. I was full menapausal at age of 48, it lasted til I was 52. I had a very smart Dr who would not prescribe Hormone pills, 1 I was a smoker, 2 it only delays menapause, when you stop taking the pills your body goes into menapause! His words was “You don’t want to be 65 and having hot flashes, best to tough it out now than later”. Now I’m 53, over it and just fine! Only watching BB but keep up on everything else through your excellent blog. Love you

  12. Valerie

    Watched it. Can’t remember it. Will watch again.

  13. I WANT to like it. I watched the first episode, but don’t really feel compelled to play the next one, yet.

  14. Kimberly

    I have to say that I watched the first episode and that along with the incessant commercials is enough for me. It’s just Leah acting shocked to the lines her family is fed. Say the line, look shocked. Over and over. And that makes me over it.

  15. rochelle013

    Love this show.

  16. Jilly

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this show it is Hilarious Her family members are all so funny. My whole family watches it even my 75 year old mother loves it Hope it keeps doing well love to see many more episodes, … Now my mother would like a Mock Funeral … Geezzzz

  17. Gladys

    I love Leah’s reality! It is really entertaining! I see both episodes every week. The mother is really funny and so is the nanny!! Love them! I have always been a fan of Leah Remini since “King of Queens”. Love that show!! I even see the reruns. I think Angelo is handsome and sexxxxy!! Love that man!!! The family loves each other very much. I hope the reality lasts because I love it!

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