Bravolebrities Converge on Las Vegas! Wanna Know Why They Are There?

Vicki Rides the high roller overlooking Vegas!

Vicki Rides the high roller overlooking Vegas!

What happened in Vegas, almost stayed in Vegas. Most of it is still a mystery, but I do have some tea.  First of all, Kenya Moore was there with Kyle Richards, Vicki Gunvalson, Melissa Gorga  for an event at Caesar’s Place.  It appears that the housewives competed in several events with a high roller from the casino as a partner.  In one event, “runway walking” Kenya takes an unexpected bobble and makes it all seem like part of the performance. Her impressive recovery won that round for her team. See the video at end of post. But read on for lots of other Vegas tea! RHOOC VIcki's new man

Vicki was escorted by her new man, attorney John Pankauski, who seems to be keeping her love tank full  although the love affair is long distance. Vicki enjoyed dining out at the Rao’s Caesar’s Palace with John, as well as her sister and her sister’s husband. John is a West Palm Beach, FL  estate attorney who Vicki has been seeing for several months. Brooks is history again, for now it seems, or not. She’s probably still keeping him around as her west coast booty call.

Kyle was there with Mauricio (who is quite fond of Vegas). That couple ended up hanging out with Lady Gaga and were joined by Melissa and Joe Gorga. It’s unclear if Kenya and Vicki were there.

It’s also unclear whether Jill Zarin was part of some other event or just happened to be in Vegas and crashed the red carpet. Based on Jill’s timeline she was staying at the Bellagio and The Cromwell and made a point to brag about her suite on her twitter.  However, it seems she did stay at Caesar’s the night before the housewives event and did manage to get photographed on the red carpet with the four current housewives involved in that. Last week, Jill threw a party and Kathy Wakile and Patti Stanger were there. This is all getting very Bravo family incestuous.

Also  Jenni Pulos, and Shannon Beador were in Vegas for Heather McDonald’s Stand-up show, Lipschtick at the Venetian.

It’s hot as balls in Vegas and July and not a time of year anyone with any sense would go there. Which I guess is why so many Bravolebs were in Sin City last weekend.

Okay, Click below for Kenya’s gone with the wind fabulous fall and recovery. If not for this, most of the other tea above would have stayed in Vegas. Now I REALLY need to go find some lunch!

What to you make of so many Bravolebrities being in Vegas at the same time?


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43 responses to “Bravolebrities Converge on Las Vegas! Wanna Know Why They Are There?

  1. pfffttt

    Kenya took that fall like a pro, that was actually kind of cool how she recovered! LOL!

  2. ICassie

    That Kenya had the best recovery ever.
    Great job.

  3. I just gotta say, I love Kenya. She’s so much fun.

  4. Morgan LeFay

    Ugh. Kenya looked like a stupid, drunk whore. Nothing “fabulous” at all about that.

  5. They’re there for

    One size fits all pink slips?

    Making my dreams come true: Kenya falling on her azz?

  6. Now THAT’S how you trip and fall.

  7. myinfo

    Best Recovery EVER! Her Hair looked and moved beautifully.

    What was this event?

  8. Cat

    I don’t know if she was drunk or not. Doesn’t really matter. She handled the fall very well. I am not a “fan” of any housewife, but I DO like Kenya’s sense of humor. She seems to be able to laugh at herself. And that’s what I think she’s doing here. Good for you, Kenya!

  9. myinfo

    Kenya posted the video of her fall on her twitter page. Again that was quick thinking on her part to make the most of a fall.

  10. myinfo

    I have to add that I hope that is Vickie’s new permanent boyfriend. He looks so normal. Vickie had to be embarrassed by Brooks.

  11. Din

    That recovery was hilarious.

  12. Sara

    I like someone who is quick….and like her or hate her…Ms Kenya Mpore is quick. Quick witted and quick on her feet.

  13. Cecee

    Wait – Jill, as in Jill Zarin?! OY – please tell me it’s not her.
    I’m not a fan of Kenya but she was fabulous! And I hope Brooks has been relegated to … Nothingness.

    • Yeah, sorry. This was one of those stories that I had to keep adding info to and deleting info from. I edited to clarify. Sadly, it was Jill Zarin.

      • Cecee

        OY VEY! I’m sorry but she reminds me of every wounded, desperate girl I knew years ago – I went to camp with girls like her and … I can’t!

      • Cecee

        Sorry, I was overcome – thanks for clarifying, Ms. T

      • HerDaughter

        That Jill Zarin has a way to slither into all kinds of things! I get the feeling she wasn’t even in Vegas for this “Event.” Jill comes across to me as someone who has stalker’ish tendencies?! But, on the flip side, I see pic’s of her with other HW’s frequently…so,what do I know

  14. Micheal

    Brooks this season hasn’t annoyed me like he has in the past. However, a lawyer with his act together sounds like a great guy for Vicki. Even the long distance thing probably works for her since she is a bit of a workaholic.

    All this talk of Jill makes me nervous Bravo may try to bring her back for RHNY similar to Dina’s return.

    One thing about Kenya I like is that she appears to be able to be self deprecating which I enjoy in people. Hopefully she had a few laughs about her fall and enjoyed the night.

  15. honesty

    Shannon was there to see her sister Heather McDonald yes they are sisters. Vicki was in vegas because of some invite to the realhousewives. Poor Tamra was stuck with showing all her fans a selfie of her in a 40.00 workout outfit from forever 21. She did not show her new face just her body. Tamra was only looking for compliments in my opinion.

  16. LittleP

    Kenya embraced her fall & had some fun – she looked for humor in her potential embarrassment & showed that she has a sense of humor. If you’re calling her a whore for doing that – something you would have PRAISED had it been one of your favorite housewives – you are the WORST kind of woman – real women don’t call each other whores – and you are probably obese, friendless or a whore yourself. Probably all three. In that order. Grow up.

    • pkati

      Bravo! Standing up and clapping. You nailed it. Some people just need a little bit of self esteem and a healthy life. Calling people whores and other madness says more about their own miserable life than it does about our Kenya. #teamtwirl

  17. cavex2

    Kenya looks like she was having fun. I bet it was staged. Love Kenya. Calling Kenya a whore and a drunk only make you look jealous and miserable.

  18. vivaladiva831

    well the new man is DEFINITELY hotter.

    • Brooks is sort of my type except for the whole shifty loser thing. Wait actually that is apparently my type too.

      Vicki’s new man is quite wealthy. ​

      On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 12:41 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  19. fivecatsownme

    Glad Vicki has a nice guy. The only thing this event was missing is Kristen singing Viva Las Vegas with an Elvis impersonator. As for Jill, get a new life way away from Bravo.

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