Watch What Happens Live! With Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri

WWHL Kathy and Rosie


First of all, Andy tweeted tonight that we should be patient for Teresa’s WWHL appearance, so hopefully everyone has cooled down.  With Rosie on, there is always the possibility she will say something inappropriate!  As usual, I will ignore most everything the non-Bravolebrity has to say because no one cares.

First off, they discuss the ceramic shoe wine bottle holder gift that Nicole got for Christmas. No Bueno. OH, I just realized this person is not from Game of Thrones, but from that pageant show on Bravo, Game of Crowns that I have already forgotten about. Now I have my 9-10 time slot on Sunday to watch Unforgettable on CBS and Reckless right after at 10. Even though I DVR them to watch whenever I can after I recap Big Brother.  Anyway. I don’t care about her either.

Also, Andy has begun to implement the whole, “first timers to the show get the first chair” rule. I think this is utterly ridiculous and he just started it because we were all on to the original seating method of who is the biggest deal to Bravo, or whoever likes best. That will still be in effect on nights with no virgins. RHONJ Rosie and Kathy

Theresa was offended by the dictionary gag gift from Kathy.  Kathy says it was not bought with anyone in mind, it was a grab bag.

A caller asks Kathy what she thinks about Teresa opening a dessert line after Kathy opened hers? Kathy says she thinks it was a little hypocritical, but competition is great and Teresa’s  parent companies are all about to drop her like a rock so who cares?  Okay, I added everything after the word great but I am sure Kathy was thinking it in her head.

A caller asks if Rosie has used her Christmas Gag gift yet (I think it was a vibrator) and if so, does she recommend it? Rosie stammers and says no she put it on her forehead because that is where it belongs. I now have a visual image in my mind that quickly needs to be replaced. By anything. Immediately.

A viewer says Rosie is giving Liza Minnelli tonight. And she is but that is not a compliment.

A caller asks what work she has had done. Kathy says nothing, she’s put on a few pounds. I suppose a dessert line would do that to you.  Kathy looks great by the way. Oh wait, during the pageant game, you can see Kathy has really packed on the weight. Her dessert line must be good.

Someone asks what Rosie’s tagline would be. Rosie says, “I don’t start fights, I end them.”

The beauty queen lost the Clubhouse Pageant and the poll for favorite by a mile. She is displeased.


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35 responses to “Watch What Happens Live! With Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri

  1. Bravo is pushing game of clowns hard. Next week they will probably bill it ad pt 2 of a special 2 hour RHONJ like they did with stupid Kandi’s wedding.

    • Bravo is losing it. Their shows are getting low ratings because no one likes or cares about the cast members. The Pagaent show is AWFUL, vapid and just beyond desperation. The NJ Housewives are so shallow and stupid that I can’t stand to watch them anymore. That goes for NYC and BH as well. I hate Atlanta because the women are terrible examples of both all women everywhere and especially black women. Who admires a group like Phaedra, Kandi, Nene, Cynthia and the awful Kenya? They don’t represent anything even resembling real life and the Mama Joyce crap really turned me off. Who watches that crap and why? Bravo needs to first, get rid of Queen Andy and then try to come up with some people who have fresh, intelligent ideas for new shows. What was once the pnetultimate reality network is now stale and offensive.

  2. Cat

    The change in the first chair rule must be very new. Wasn’t Nene in first chair just a couple of days ago?

    • ​On that show, Jeff moved over for the new person coming on like one does on a real talk show.

      On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 11:57 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • cc101

      When Andy was just explaining the chair protocol (whether you believe what he was saying or not) he was saying that if he has a male and a female guest that he always puts the female guest between him and the other male guest.

      • which, I never heard him say, and if he did, it is not true.​

        On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 12:27 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Does anyone still like Andy. At first I thought he was cute, charming and witty? Now I find him to just be tolerable.

        I think I’m still mad at the way he let NeNe walk all over him with those Manolo Blahnik shoes that he bought her!!

  3. Joan

    I don’t know how much longer I can watch WWHL. I often watch a few minutes in, then change the channel. Andy is getting on my nerves lately and it’s his silly comments to women, or maybe a snarky remark about one of the HW. In any case, not watching anymore.

  4. zxtry

    I stopped watching because he is arrogant, asks questions a teenage girl
    would about sex and thinks he is the sweetest thing in the world.

  5. jrleaguer

    I always enjoyed Rosie and Kathy, so I was glad to see the episode. I watched half an episode of “Game of Crones” tonight…yuck. That show is a one and done for me. HDTV is not their friend. Gretchen from OC has better skin than those women.

  6. It was nice seeing Kathy and Rosie, pleasant, kind and funny. Andy is over the top with his middle school behavior.
    I don’t understand the Crowns show attraction. Possibly I am not intelligent enough.

  7. Lying POFS! Andy: Glad to see you guys getting along. Kathy: That was the whole goal all along.
    Dammit for your dam rules that won’t let me call Kathy names!!!

    • Why would you want to call Kathy a name? What’s she ever done to ANYONE?

    • There is no rule saying you can’t call Kathy the passive agressive cunt names. The dictionary thing, that she LIED about (they purposefully put the dictionary in front of Teresa and nudged each other and giggled exchanging glances when she started to open it), was a scummy thing to do. Which is not surprising. That is why I’m glad that she and her literally retarded sister were fired.

    • ​Did you see Rosie’s face when he said that? Everybody knows everyone is not really getting along. Kathy’s response was more of a sticking with the script sort of response, but Rosie’s face told all.

      On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 2:23 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  8. Belinda

    All in all …..pretty boring show. Andy seemed a little off..bored, depressed.
    tired, sick ? Just not himself.

  9. On accident, I re-watched WWHL — omg, I thought Andy was going to sniff the crotch of the jump suit — he was a little over excited.

  10. Angel

    About the grab bag, I could be mistaken, but wasn’t it Theresa that said something like “I will just take the one that Kathy put in front of me”, when the instructions were given to take one not from your household?

    • tlcory

      Yes she did Angel so for Kathy to say that on WWHL was a lie. I also want to say I do not nor have ever cared for Rosie, she just irks me I just had to get that out! Lol

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