Real Housewives of New Jersey: Oh Christmas Tre!

RHONJ Christmas tre joe


It’s Christmastime in New Jersey! I love a good Christmas episode! YAY!  We start at Tre’s house where Tre and her family are setting up the family tree. Tre says it is great to stay home this year for Christmas and be out of the public eye. Um, Tre, the public doesn’t pay you any attention during Christmas, unless you are putting your entire Christmas drama on TV!  With all of the ornaments breaking, I’ll be shocked if any make it to the tree. Especially because the parents are drinking Fabellini while Teresa tries to make out with a disinterested Joe.  Tre tells Joe that people were talking about her at the “harvest party.”  Joe says until they get their day in court to “prove themselves not guilty,” they can have any opinion they want because they know who they are. By the way, the words “not guilty” were frankenbite edits.

Joe and Melissa are putting up their Christmas tree too. And Melissa is saying crazy things in her talking head just like Tre.  Melissa informs us that they sold their Montville home and are “shacking it up in a rental.” While that last part is true,  after numerous issues with their rent to buy tenant, the deal has fallen through and Joe and Melissa claim they now want to move back to Montville.  Antonia screams she does not like this small disgusting house!  It looks to be at least 4,000 square feet on a couple of snowy acres. Poor things, their tree is too small for their little rental house. How will they cope?

The twins are at their parents to put up their tree. The twins’ mother is named Santa. For real. The twins’ father goes on some wine-fueled speech about Italian tradition as the family decorates their tree. Amber’s kids are making the most disgusting gingerbread house ever. But they seem to be having fun!  In spite of Amber, who is odd. RHONJ

Dina is the only one with real tree, but it is being set up outside and decorated with birdseed ornaments because she has so many odd critters that live with her that will tear up an indoor tree. I suppose this one they can just pee on.  Dina says she is getting a bundle of divorce therapy sessions and hopefully, a couple of Percocets this year.   Lexi got accepted to a college today but is still waiting for other offers. Dina’s sister Fran is there. Is that the one that used to live with Caroline with a pig ? Is that their mother and grandmother there too? Seems like Fran is cool with whoever has a camera filming them.

Dina and Nicole get together to go to lunch to talk about Dina’s divorce.  And of course to rehash Amber’s birthday party. Nicole says Amber is definitely OCD and Dina says, “She’s an Amber alert!”  Flash to Amber and her husband drilling the children like mini marines during a home fire drill.

Melissa and Joe and their youngest son go to an empty lot that apparently will not be the site of  their new house. Melissa does a bit of revisionist history on why they moved out of the Monteville house in the first place. It was not as she said on the reunion to avoid her kids going to school with Teresa’s kids. Joe just wanted to be closer to work. I guess now that Joe’s work is driving a garbage truck, they can go back to Monteville and forget about building an LA chic house. I keep saying no one puts in a recording studio and then just decides to move to be closer to work, or Beverly Hills restaurants. Are you listening David and Yolanda? No one believes you.  While Joe Gorga and the kid walk the empty lot, Melissa suggests that Joe pee on the lot while being filmed for a national TV show. Thankfully,  Dina and Teresa drop by. Dina and Melissa have pleasant conversation despite Dina being a bit leery of Melissa.  Joe tells Tre he is there for her. He’s not going to ask anything but he is there for her. He asks about the girls and Tre says that Gia is the only one that really knows anything is going on. There is that river in Egypt again. Teresa says she is not in denial. She says she has to just keep moving forward for her kids. Joe says Teresa doesn’t speak to him about her problems at all, she’s very private.

TwinTre meets with an interior designer for one of their restaurants. The new restaurant will be for Giovanni, who is graduating from high school. He wants to be a restaurateur like his father rather than going to college. His father will be his mentor.

RHONJ Rosie and Kathy

Melissa and Joe  go out to dinner with their cousins, Kathy and Rich and Rosie and Tre and Joe. Since Tre has a later call time, Melissa has time to catch everyone up on how Teresa is bearing up. Melissa says she is fine. Kathy said she was in Italy when she heard the news. Rich asks Joe Gorga how he is holding up. Actually, Joe Gorga looks like he needs support. Lots of alcohol is consumed. Everyone at the table is very supportive of Joe and Teresa. They exchange gag gifts. Teresa gets a dictionary! Wow, apparently a federal indictment or 41 really brings people together and cuts down on the table flipping!

Time family dinner with the twins. I want to eat Rino’s family dinner! There were several kinds of protein, lobster, steak and all sorts of pastas and side dishes. Nicole is back living at home since her divorce and there is tension in the house because of it. Nicole will be moving out now that she has a Bravo paycheck.

It Christmas Day 2013 and the Giudices have yet to plead guilty to their 41 felonies and the giant house is decorated to the nines and there are piles of presents under the tree. It looks like a movie. The girls get lots of a presents and a real live puppy.  Do they allow puppies in orphanages?  It does sort of look like the dog from Annie… and the girls are looking at a hard knock life…

Dina hates Christmas. She and Lexi did some Zen thing while I was looking for a picture of Annie and Sandy that I liked. I didn’t find one. I don’t think we missed much. Nicole shares custody of her sons with her ex and they leave at noon on Christmas for their time with their father. Nicole’s boyfriend Bobby gave her a ceramic wine bottle holder in the shape of a shoe.  Joe and Melissa play outside with the kids.

With all the four girls tucked into one bed Joe and Tre celebrate privately. Joe gives Tre as card that says I can not imagine a life a home or a Christmas without you. Tre cries. There was a whole lot of frankenbiting of Joe’s conversation where he says they have to just keep on making money. But that was totally edited in. Joe says if he has to go on vacation he is worried about leaving her and the girls. Teresa says the family cannot function without him and despite what people say, this is not going to be their last Christmas together.


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150 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Oh Christmas Tre!

  1. JenntheAUfan

    Did I hear Joe correctly at the end? When he was talking about prison did he say “going on vacation or college or whatever”? I really think he added college to the list but like I said I wasn’t paying attention very well because instead of being in alabama ( a normal place) im in north dakota for my husbands job and the sun doesn’t set until 11 so I was hanging black curtains up. Anyway did he say it and does he really think his kids will believe this shit? They know he is too stupid for that!

    • ​Sorry to the person I mocked for explaining this. I had not read this comment. Apparently, someone did need an explanation. Wow.

      On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 9:34 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JenntheAUfan

        I didn’t need an explanation. Im just shocked at how damned stupid he sounded saying it. Because all stupid men go to college in their forties and stay there (how ever many years he will get) them be deported. I was just being a smartass as in did that big back in just say college…..sorry

    • Weirdest comments ever. WTF? What did you people do with TeeCee? I miss her already.​

      On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 10:42 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:

      > ​Sorry to the person I mocked for explaining this. I had not read this > comment. Apparently, someone did need an explanation. Wow. > > > On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 9:34 PM, Tamara Tattles> wrote: > >>

      • Well… Being a native of North Dakota (but thankfully I do not live there anymore), I know I lose a few IQ points just when I cross into the state to visit family. Honestly.. It’s true.

      • ​People are born in North Dakota? That’s one of those Canookian states, right?

        On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 8:58 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • BamaBelle

      I heard college too. Maybe he’s planning on taking the FBOP up on their educational opportunities? BTW, War Eagle!

      • JenntheAUfan

        War Eagle!

      • Morgan LeFay

        Every1becalm — what don’t you like about North Dakota? I’ve never been there — yet. But every photo I see of the state, it looks like beautiful, pristine country.

    • Yes he did. That’s what convicts say when they leave the community for a long period of time and the family is trying to keep it a secret. The only thing about joe is his stealing and ignorant statements are national. Every paper tv news. TMZ, You tube knows about Teresa & Joe. Ain’t no hiding place.

      It’s a shame that her kids are going to hear from there peers……when does your father graduate? Is your mother going to night school so she can speak better English instead of killing the kings language!!

  2. ericzku

    Santa. Whenever I hear of someone named that, I always think of the character Santa Battaglia in the book A Confederacy of Dunces. Never a positive association! I’ll try not to hold it against her though.

  3. Wampascat

    Joe wishes they could get past those little troubles, but if he has to go to college…

  4. I think I’m likin’ the trouble making twins, lol.

  5. O.O

    A few things . Poor children, its going to be very traumatic for them when their parents are gone .
    2- why did the man give the twin that lives at home a wine holder in the form of a shoe ? Surely he could of gotten her a spa day or a Botox shot as a gift .
    3- Melissa and the cancer survivor keep taking shots at each other in their talking heads so they should stop calling each other friends
    4- Im tired of hearing about the Italian way and tradition as if they are the only group with traditions held sacred .I think by now we all get that they’re Italian . No need for the service announcement every 10 minutes .. Just as annoying as the shahs .

    • Jae

      I thought “going away to college” was a fairly common phrase, but I guess there’s no mafia in Alabama or North Dakota – just blackout curtains and a late setting sun.

      • And lots of dumb people. Don’t forget that. (Not YOU Jenn – fan of AU — but probably the others around you….)

      • JenntheAUfan

        @everyone be calm lol im just here a few months then will move again. This is my first time being this far north. It is beautiful but I hope to be back south before the snow hits!

      • JenntheAUfan

        I guess where your from you dont understand sarcastic comments.

      • JenntheAUfan

        Every1- did you understand in my comments that I do understand that Joe isnt going to college and that is his way of saying prison? And how its even funnier because he will serve so many years and that’s probably how long it really would take him to finish college for real? I think you understood how funny I found this but everyone else is worried that im so stupid that i really think hes enrolled in college. Ive only been in north dakota a week and i guess I’ve already gone stupid!

      • Patti R.

        I was born and bred in North Carolina and I never heard the words ” going to college” unless you really WERE going into a real college for a degree. If anyone was going to prison than
        families didn’t cover it up with the wording “going to college.” They would admit their son, daughter or husband or even wife was serving time in prison. Besides, the felons would be written about in newspapers , etc. Don’t they (Teresa and Joe) just WISH they WERE going to college!!!! To me Joe and Teresa denigrates the word “college.”

      • Patti R.

        Haha! Purrrrfect Jae!! Well said!

    • Morgan LeFay

      I agree with your number four point. I live in NJ, and we have a thriving Indian community. Their traditions and culture is really amazing, and we can see it during their very colorful and festive Diwali festival in the fall. That’s just one amazing ethnic community example here.

  6. sequoia

    I loved your reference to Annie. I ran and put on the Original Broadway Cast Album, although the TV version , directed by Rob Marshall starring Tony winning living legend Audra McDonald…is outstanding in it’s own right.

  7. Colleen

    ‘Away at college’ is an old school phrase used by mob families to denote serving a stretch in prison. (e.g. “When my father was away at college . . . “) It’s all about not discussing the reality of incarceration . . .

  8. Chrissy

    The Giudice children did not seem to receive the money load of gifts as in Christmas’ past. No electronics… no ipods etc. The Giudice’s are living lean. Did you notice the prelit fake Christmas tree. So not fabulous!

    • They likeky pulled out the expensive gifts after the bravo cameras left

    • I have a prelit fake tree. It’s Christmas. Time to be tacky. Mine is red. They used that tree every year they have been on.

      I agree about the gifts. And I swear the kids seemed happier. I thought milania was going to be squealing about an iPad. I was SO happy when she said easy bake. They definitely toned this Christmas down. It still pisses me off to see them posting photos on the beach all summer. But whatever.

      • Cat

        My pre-lit Christmas tree is black. I love it. Others hate it.

      • vivaladiva831

        Scene of the night went to the Guidice girls with their new puppy. I am really wanting one of those black feather Christmas trees-it would look good in their gothic home. Whether they told Joe to be kinder towards Teresa, or it is all on his own merit, maybe something positive can come out of this. After their punishment, I hope Teresa and Joe change their ways and it makes them stronger as a family and really appreciate what is in important.

    • Donna

      My tree is in the garbage.

    • Jojo

      Oh my that Melania needs a beating. I stopped watching for 6 months and just caught the last episode. That little brat is worse than ever. They should bury that one in a deep hole.

    • Patti R.

      You can be assured that many more presents for the kids were kept hidden by Teresa and Joe and were placed around the Christmas tree once cameras weren’t filming. The film crew left and I can bet’cha that the huge amount of presents came out of hiding. I KNOW IF this is their last Christmas together, than Teresa AND Joe went on a HUGE buying spree. Those kids got triple the amount of presents they normally would get them. And even back during the first time on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa was alway shopping for herself and the girls and not during Christmas. She ALWAYS paid cash. You could see the currency practically falling out of her purse. At Christmas it was completely unreal how much Teresa bought. So be assured, her children got more than you and I can imagine. Also, if the kids didn’t get all they wanted ( especially Milania) than we would have heard Milania shrieking and bringing the house down with her fits. So the kids knew ahead of time that there were more presents to come OR they got their other presents BEFORE the camera crew came in. Gabriella isn’t a demanding child it seems. She probably got less presents because she doesn’t show her ass and demand attention all the time. Gia and Milania has always been Teresa’s favorites. By the way, what happened to Gia’s “modeling” career that Teresa was pushing her into doing? I DO feel pain for the children. It’s sad their Mom and Dad didn’t think ahead about what would happen if they got caught. AND it’s ALL TERESA AND JOES FAULT THIS IS HAPPENING TO THE CHILDREN! THEY HAVE NO ONE TO BLAME BUT THEMSELVES. They did the 41 count DIRTY DEEDS and they need to pay for it. The children will be better off with family that aren’t criminals and raised correctly and surrounded with love. Teresa isn’t a fit mother to raise them. There are a huge amount of women in prison that have committed lesser crimes than Teresa and they sit in prison and other family members are raising thie kids. Why don’t these women get a break? I say I would not want a convicted felon (Teresa) raising kids. Teresa and Joe have set a BAD example for their kids.
      A VERY BAD EXAMPLE INDEED. Teresa and Joe need to be in prison and HATE it so they won’t commit other crimes when they get out. They need to FEEL AND SEE that they don’t want to commit any more crimes. If Teresa is at home than she will feel like crimes o.k. No biggie! I’m still home ! Easy peasy!

  9. Jarlath

    How middle class of the Giudices, they’re all about “college” this season.

    • Tasos826

      It seems that they all may be taking an Independent Study course in preparation for Joe’s extended studies at Federal University’s School of Hard Knocks. (o;

    • Tasos826

      Maybe they’re all taking an Independent Study course in preparation for, or in support of Joe’s upcoming extended studies at Federal University’s School of Hard Knocks? (o;

  10. realityjunkie

    Great recap TT. I spit out my drink laughing when Milania said ” I broke your favorite Christmas ornament”. I love that kid!

  11. JenntheAUfan

    I know he isnt going to college and I know its another meaning for prison… just sounds so much more ridiculous than him saying vacation. I guess my funny/smartass comment of the night was just funny to me 😉

  12. Kreality

    Pleading guilty has really turned joe into a better husband. Two years ago he called her a cunt. Today she’s a beautiful wife

  13. mrsgsp

    Growing up without parents is a horrible thing, and although Teresa and Joe lied for money fraud, its not cool to poke jabs at the kids being orphans like Annie and her scruffy dog. Its amazing to me how many people jump all over Teresa and Joe for lying to get more loans but phony ass phadrae and her felon douchebag stole thousands upon thousands from actual people not just big ass banks and very little is said . If anyone watches this show and doesn’t feel for them as they are obviously in pain then I hope Santa brings you a fucking heart for Christmas .

    • Cat

      You might want to take a look at the Apollo posts. There were a LOT of comments about him, AND Phaedra.

      I have no sympathy for Teresa and Joe. Or Apollo and Phaedra. And the kids will be fine. They all come from big families, and will be taken care of. They are not going to be left in the snow wearing tattered clothing. And neither is the puppy, I’m sure.

      • O.O

        @ cat I agree with everything you said except the kids will be fine . The kids will be taken care of but will not be fine . They will be traumatized .

      • Cat

        It all depends on the kids. Just because a child is traumatized, does not mean they will not be ok. As they grow into adults, they will hopefully (with therapy, if needed) realize that they now have choices: they can choose to be victims, or choose to be survivors. They, as adults, will be able to decide for themselves if this will control their futures, or if it will make them stronger as adults. Children do not have a choice…adults do.

        Gia has already said she wants to be a criminal lawyer. This is her showing strength. She is already making adult choices. She is choosing to take this negative experience, and turn it into a positive. Being the oldest, she will be a role model for her sisters.

        They will be ok. My opinion, of course. But I know this via experience.

      • Gia wants to be a lawyer because she thinks her parents are blameless. ​

        On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 3:26 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Thanks4Sharin

      I agree with some of your comments, but here’s the thing: How can anyone have sympathy for Joe Guidice? He is a stereotypical obnoxious, macho, condescending Italian man. I have more disparaging adjectives, but too long to list. And I am a full-blooded Italian American female, so you can trust me on this. He is so disrespectful to Teresa. I can totally see him sticking loan applications in front if her and saying “Sign this and keep your mouth shut.”

    • ​My feeling for them is they did the crime, they need to do the time. And as for Phaedra, she hasn’t been implicated in any criminal activity whatsoever.

      On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 11:24 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cat

        I never did like Phaedra. The whole “Southern Belle” and/or “First Family” act she puts on is way overdone. She bores me.

      • mark

        I like to think that this comment has a sarcastic tone and a comedy wink at the end of it… LOL!

      • vivaladiva831

        Yeah, when I first saw Phaedra on RHOA I thought “mule in horse harness.”

    • fivecatsownme

      Stealing from the bank is stealing from people. You think the banks just have a money tree? A bank uses the money that people have in savings accounts, cds, and other investments to loan out to other people. That’s why they pay interest and that’s why they charge interest on loans. When a bank is defrauded they write it off their taxes. Who pays the taxes? Certainly not Joe and Teresa. What they did is as despicable as Apollo. Look at Bernie Madoff ; churches, synagogues, and very ordinary people lost their money. B of A, Citibank, and Wells Fargo may be big banks, but ordinary people invest in them.
      Those kids will get their parents back. It’s not like Joe and Teresa will be locked up for life or do hard time in maximum security. The kids have loving relatives, and I am sure they will see their parents.

    • zxtry

      Your last sentence says it all about your comment.

    • You can not possibly say that the children will be traumatized. Lots have people have lived through worse and come out of it fine. The girls door will realize that this was beyond their control. It sucks. But it’s not the end if the world.

      People lose parents in horrible ways or watch very angry, hurtful divorces where they are pawns and come though those things fine sometimes.

      And sometimes kids are born to the Cleavers and given all the love and material things that they could want and they still turn out fucked up.

      • Oops. I put this in the wrong place. Sorry.

      • Cat

        Oops. Sorry, I didn’t see this comment before posting my own. I totally agree with you. This excuse of childhood trauma is just that…an excuse. Too many use it as a crutch, to excuse bad behavior, to gain sympathy. Rising above the trauma takes work, but it can be done. And as you said, some kids are traumatized much worse than this, and rise above it.

      • I did not say that. I simply said there is no way to know these girls will be traumatized.

      • I think the point is they will be damaged by this. Pointing out the Oprah Syndrome of children who endure childhood drama and come out on the other side rich and successful, does not make a good argument for “the kids will be fine.” The kids will not be fine. The kids will be devastated. Whether are not they are able to recover depends on what plans are in place for their care. I think tre’s plan is Hope and Change. She’s hoping she the judge changes his mind and doesn’t sentence her. We’ve all seen that hope and change is not a plan for anything. ​

        On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 1:35 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I don’t believe that it’s an absolute. In the world they come from, dad going away for awhile is not uncommon. Gia, bless her heart, wants to be a criminal defense lawyer. She believes her parents when they say it’s unfair and unjust. And…maybe that’s ok. She will get it when she grows up.

      • brillke

        The difference is these kids are going through all this drama on tv for millions to see.

      • Really? Thank god you told me that because I didn’t know. To a kid, millions are watching whether they are on TV or not. That’s how kids think. They don’t know they are not the center of the world.

      • brillke

        Thinking you’re the center of the world and actually having millions watching you are not the same thing. These kids lives were put out there for everyone to see by their parents, their criminal parents.

      • We’ll p, keep on wishing the worst for the kids everyone. I know that people love through a lot worse without the benefit of being a ” TV star”, which is actually a pretty fucking cool thing for a kid, and come out just great. That’s what I’m hoping for these girls.

      • ​TeeCee, you is a maroon.

        On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 9:41 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • And you are a burnt Siena.

      • ​Is that a racist comment? Really?

        On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 12:10 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • vivaladiva831

        i see milania as one of those kids teecee. and possibly audriana. i think gia and gabrielle will be more sensitive to it, just based on what i have seen of their personalities on the show.

      • brillke

        TeeCee, I can agree with hoping for the positive for these girls. I really do hope they are surrounded by enough positive, grounded people that they are able to get through all this drama and reach their full potential as adults.

    • Miss Truth

      For me I guess I never expected this type of behavior from Joe nor Teresa. Joe came off to me as a hard working blue collar worker. As for Apollo I expected it out of him he had already done time before due to the same thing.

  14. Lindy

    Watching it and reading these comments at the same time….I feel like I’ve lost touch with reality. Are we sure the people on this show are real people? Are they from another planet or are we?????

    • O.O

      @ TT thank you .. That was my point exactly . But until I have a vacation I’ll be too tired to argue . Whether they’ll be fine later or no has nothing To do with how they will feel right now . Gia can’t even keep it together to tape .The poor child is always in tears .She’s scared at the prospect of her parents going to jail for any length of time , the younger ones will be just as upset when the time comes .It’s a shame that Theresa didnt have the foresight to protect her children from this sort of pain . Joe and Theresa are creeps and in my opinion not great parents ( no parent is perfect and we all make mistakes .we all come from different up bringings but SOME of the behavior of their children is appalling and joe and theresa seem to be either amused or helpless )but their children don’t think so they love them and will miss them terribly .

  15. PlusOneForLuck

    Could these episodes be any more depressing?!?! Can we all just move on & start taking shit about one another please??? If I see one more person start tearing up I might lose what little I have left of my mind!! (sorry – rant over — as you were…..)

  16. I didn’t watch yet. Did they show the positive pregnancy test?

  17. Momof2

    Why does the brunette keep calling it “the cancer”?

    • JenntheAUfan

      My mother in law and sister in law call a headache the headache. They say ” i dont feel so good because i have the headache” they also say that they have “the sinuses” its so weird

    • Morgan LeFay

      Just a thought — she doesn’t want to be personally associated with her bout of cancer. By purposefully not saying “my” cancer, she’s distancing herself from it.

  18. Cat

    I don’t have a lot to say about this episode…Other than the scenes with Teresa and Joe made me want to puke. I never did like soap operas. And this “Poor US” storyline is way overdone. It just makes me hate them more.

    I’ll take that new heart now. And Merry Christmas.

  19. Amy

    That lavender off-the-shoulder frilly shirt is hideous.

    • ​I agree and I kept meaning to discuss it but it would have required looking directly at it so I could describe it. Sadly, we will be seeing it again.

      On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 12:08 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • brillke

      Pairing that hideous shirt with that even more hideous necklace should punishable by law.

    • My roommate hates these kind of shows, but I usually force her into seeing it cos we share a lot of tv time. I always make it a point to shout out the hideous fashions in them cos that really irks her. She about damn died when she saw that lavender frilly nonsense and that Seussian necklace.

    • It looks like a powder room curtain in one of those Thomas Kinkade paintings

      • ​5 Tamara Tokens for Checkered Apron whose clever comment made me look to see who posted it, and for the cute user name.

        On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 11:13 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  20. Momof2

    Reading as I watch. In Nicole’s talking head I can’t help but zone out and focus on the lavender 80’s ruffle prom top. WWHL made me miss boring sweet Kathy. I can’t find one housewife I can like/root for on this season. The only thing I’m enjoying this episode is that hubby is out of town and I can watch without the grumbling about reality shows and enjoy my wine.

    • fivecatsownme

      Mine gives me the look when I watch the Bravo network. He’d rather watch WWII on the military channel. I keep asking him if he has figured out who one the war yet? This stuff is my guilty pleasure even though it’s rather like rubber necking at a bad traffic accident.

      • Momof2

        My husband hates all reality tv and reads or works while I watch. He knows a little about each show. One day he came home after spotting Gretchen & Slade in town (Seattle). We had to play 20 questions for me to figure out who it was. Hubby – you know, the blonde one you don’t like…..uh, that doesn’t drill it down for me. Try again, the blonde one that says she’s young but looks old….at that point I knew it was probably Kim or Gretchen. Finally, he tells me the guy she was with was holding the luggage and her purse – that nailed it for me. Slade all the way.

  21. adrienne

    First post. Hi all!
    Love the Christmas episodes! Loved Dina’s outdoor bird feeder tree. What a cute idea.

    I was appalled when Antonia said “I don’t like this small disgusting house”. I am sure that she was just repeating what she has heard from the adults, but good grief. I think the Gorgas rental is lovely. It disturbed me to think that such a young child considers her house disgusting when it is really an above-average home for most Americans. I have a feeling they are going to be in their “small disgusting” house, or another like it, for the foreseeable future. I will be very surprised if the new LA Chic house is built any time soon.

    That’s also kind of an indication of what the Giudice daughters are in for in the future, too. These kids have all been raised in Fantasyland. The Gorga and Guidice parents have done their kids no favors in preparing them for the financial realities of life. What a mess.

    • vivaladiva831

      Actually, they may be prepared quite well-seeing your parents go to jail for bank fraud is a pretty good lesson.

  22. TT, really great recap, thank you!
    It’s not on here yet and now I won’t be watching. I agree with who said it’s depressing. When Tre’s pregnancy starts showing I will watch.

    • puppylove

      Wow what Tre will do for a story line. They never are at a loss for something they don’t need. They have four rotten spoiled kids ( which Is really no fault of the kinds, it’s the parents) and now they are adding another. Does Tre think that will keep her from jail. They take pregnant women too. That might be a shock to her. Or she might be playing the sympathy card, but who knows, with her mentality ( smarts) it’s anyone’s guess what she is thinking. I feel sorry for that little puppy. When the girls get tired of taking care of it then what. Will Milania just kick it to the curb like she did the toys she didn’t like. What a brat. Those kids aren’t thank full for anything.
      I fell asleep and didn’t see the whole show, and I think I’m glad. Thanks for the recap TT I don’t think I could have stomached the balance of it.

  23. fivecatsownme

    Orange is the new fabulicious.

  24. Thanks4Sharin

    Melissa looks gorgeous this season in her talking heads. Love the one where she has the side part. Stunningly hot.

  25. Maisey

    I know they did wrong and deserve to be punished. And that will happen. But it is still sad to me to watch them as a family go through this. Yes, I know they brought it on themselves. Still, it will be sad when Joe Guidice goes to beauty school, the summer Olympics, the UN, Jupiter, Andy Cohens house, the national guard, the red carpet, a Tibeten Monestary, becomes a Catholic Nun, takes the lead in Cats, has a sex change, becomes Bruce Jenner, runs for President, becomes David Fosters 5th wife or where ever the hell he is going.

  26. GCVLMV

    It was nice that Joe got up for Christmas this year without being yelled out a million times.

  27. zxtry

    The NJ “wives” have become unwatchable for me. I just can’t empathize with the two crooks who were willing to put 4 girls in such a horrible position
    by stealing from others and lying about it, then wish it would all go away because “That’s really what I want”. I can’t identify with the 3 new stereotypes and am tired of Melissa and Joe’s lies. I never liked Dina’s holier than though attitude. So, thanks, BRAVO, for choosing such pillars
    of society to glamorize and make wealthy. But now they have been rewarded WAY too much, too long!

    • I agree with you, these first two episodes have left me feeling a little blue. Like Teresa, I just want their life to be normal again. I was so happy when she was at war with Melissa, her brother , cousins and friends. That I could handle, what they are going through now is heartwrenching,(whether they deserve it or not). So far I don”t like any of the new people so I’m just not sure I will continue to keep watching. I’m totally bummed.

    • Sylvie

      We’ll said !!

    • Sylvie

      Tre says to Joe “this family cannot function without you”. Are you kidding me? Tre has been the breadwinner of that family for quite some time. When’s the last time he went to work on a regular basis or worked for a paycheck? All that scene needed was some sad violin music playing in the background. We’re not buying it.

    • Kathy

      @zxtry, if you were to ask Joe and Tre how they could put their kids in such a horrible position they would probably look at you like you were crazy because they are probably like most criminals. They never thought they’d get caught.

  28. Someone please tell Dina that you are not in the middle of a divorce if you are still living with and schtupping the guy.

  29. brillke

    I don’t know if I’m going to make it through this season. I’m so sick and tired of hearing everyone say how bad they feel for Teresa and Joe. Fuck both of them, they don’t deserve anyone’s pity. Those four girls are the ones I feel bad for and Teresa and Joe are the reason those girls, especially Gia, are having such a hard time.

    I was kinda-sorta a Melissa fan but she’s on my last damn nerve this season. Her every scene is fake. That scene with her, Joe and the kids Christmas presents was ridiculous. Her hitting him, giggle-giggle, smile for the camera almost made me turn the tv off. Then they go out to play in the snow and once again, there’s Melissa putting in a show.

    Amber is gonna regret being so controlling of her kids done day. We’ve all known a kid who had similar parents and the minute they get some freedom they go crazy. The fire-drill scene was stupid.

    The new chick whose kid wants to be in the restaurant business isn’t helping him by opening a restaurant for him. Take him to one of his dads places and put him on bussing and dishes, let him earn his way up to cooking. You can’t run a BOH with some mommy’s boy who has no clue how to even garnish a plate.

    I liked the cousins lunch. I like Rosie and Kathy and was glad to see them. I could have done without Rich.

    I couldn’t care less about Dina “I’ve never had a good Christmas in my life” but it was good to see Lexi. She’s grown up to be a beautiful young woman.

    I hate everybody on this show. I miss Caroline.

  30. Sylvie

    Are we suppose to feel sorry for Theresa an Joe?? The Feds have them on so many offenses, somebody’s going to “college”. They’re just trying to gain public sympathy before the sentencing. My sympathy is for their children for having such stupid parents and having their family humiliation played out on tv.

  31. JBaldwin

    I’m not a fan of Melissa’s anymore after hearing her daughter make the comment “I hate this disgusting small house”. Her only reply was “Don’t say that” The child is obviously repeating what her mother probably says ten times a day. And rather than teaching her to be grateful, she’s teaching her how to not say how she really feels in front of the cameras and be phony.

  32. Wampascat

    That puppy will be lucky to make it to Valentine’s Day. It will have the fur wallowed off of it. I agree with Milania. Joe and Teresa are both big Buttholes.

  33. fivecatsownme

    Can’t get into this show anymore. Milania is the only redeeming person in the show. Give me the drink tossing and ruined dinner parties of RHOC and RHNYC. I’d rather hear Kristen whine than Joe and Teresa. Also no-one from those shows would be caught dead in the lavender ruffle mess. (Shannon, Heather, Heather, Kristen, and LuAnn wear the best clothes.)

  34. What’s up with wearing Laboutin shoes while drinking wine out of a Lolita wine glass? Really?

  35. So, we are ignoring Melissa saying she was going to decorate her imaginary “all the bells and whistles” house “la chic”, and immediately saying she doesn’t know what that means but she thinks it sounds good?? B

  36. vivaladiva831

    I can’t stand Melissa. Not because of anything she has done, but just by her personality. She definitely wants to be Teresa. What she wears, how she interacts with her husband, the way she laughs. I always did believe Tre when she said Melissa copies off of everything she does, but it’s really becoming obvious.

    • I didn’t..Tre always say people (other women) are jealous of her when she cannot fathom being disliked by them.

      • I’ve never seen her do that. Can you give examples ?

      • vivaladiva831

        trying to think of examples off of the top of my head – i know Teresa had a hair/makeup person, that when Melissa first came on the show she started booking up when they were filming so Teresa couldn’t use them. Using the same photographer for her Christmas Cards as Teresa – not saying that’s a bad thing, but she did it.
        There was also a scene where Teresa’s stylist was at Melissa’s house and she told Melissa not to tell Teresa that she helps style her, bc it would make Teresa mad.
        And then my own personal opinion, was watching last night’s show, she is trying to be funny tv-kind of like Teresa was in her first couple of seasons.

      • vivaladiva831

        Tried to edit my comment but can’t – where Melissa was stealing Teresa’s hair/makeup person is the episode when she had her Christmas party and had to ask the Monica lawyer to leave.

    • I always believed Teresa too. Teresa’s family and friends seem/ed to have a genuine love for her. Something that Melissa envies perhaps?

    • brillke

      I don’t think Melissa wants to be Teresa. They’re from Jersey, isn’t there a signature style all these housewives seem to love?

      • Morgan LeFay

        Huh? I don’t get your comment. What does “from Jersey” and a “signature style” have to do with one another? Have you watched anything at all other than these BS reality shows about New Jersey? There is no “signature style” in NJ. There’s only really bad drivers because everyone is f-ing pissed off that they have to share the road so they can all go to the damn malls and strip centers (no, not THAT kind) to get their shit! And don’t EVER get in their f-ing way! That’s New F-ing Jersey, dammit. TRAFFIC!


      • brillke

        Really? Id say there’s definatly a Jersery style and each NJ housewife seems to love it.

  37. I haven’t watched it yet, so not going to comment too much about the episode.

    I am wondering if Melissa had any say about her old friend/s coming onto the show? Or is this a way to bring out any dirt on her that might be out there considering her she devil behavior towards Teresa the entire time she’s been on the show.

    I still think that Teresa and Joe should have their own show as soon as they clear up these legal issues. I would like to see more of them interacting with their family and friends outside of the people on the housewives.

    • Morgan LeFay

      Yo, so if you’re clairvoyant — meaning you can see shit that hasn’t happened yet — why don’t you just tell us what the fuck happens with these idiots so we can move on?

      Do all born clairvoyants just love these two assholes like you do? Just wondering.

      • Morgan LeFay

        Also, just thinking: anyone who actually believes in a “born clairvoyant” is probably a seer-sucker.

      • ​Hold up, Morgan LeFay! I’m from Georgia and we do not disrespect the seersucker here. Nothing like a man in a powder blue seer sucker suit and not much else on a hot July day…

        On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 8:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Yes, I can see past, present, and future. No, I do not walk around “tuned in” to everything. I have to “look” in order to “see” and I am not “looking” all the time.

        Morgan, you like who you like and I like who I like. No, not all like Me love those “two assholes” as you put it. We all don’t beat to the same drum. Clairvoyant or not.

      • Also your hostility is unnecessary. It’s only a television show.

      • AND I am REAL and not fake! I am also a female and not a male. If you do not believe then that is your business and your prerogative but it is not necessary to be disrespectful to Me because of who I am and what I do. Do not attack Me because of who I am. I really can never understand that about people. If you are on a blog commenting about what you are watching why are you attacking people?

        With that being said, I have no time for such juvenile bullshit and will not be posting on this blog anymore. I will post will the mature adults post and express their opinion respectfully.

      • ​PENALTY FLAG!

        Rule 7 violation!

        On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 2:50 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I will accept the penalty flag Tamara and not even have to look at it. I just do not appreciate being called fake, etc due to who I am and what I do. With that being said, I am going to cease commenting on this blog because I respect the fact that you went through some legal issues and I apologize if I said things that may have given you the side eye. Click My link and send Me a email one day and I’ll give you a reading for free and it will be absolutely confidential. On My website is also real client reviews. What I see and say when I do see comes to pass. On that note. I wish you great success with your blog and I will even tell you how I see you generating a money flow but you’ll have to email Me privately to find out. Discretion assured and guaranteed. Blessings to you My sister! Thank you for your hospitality all the same. :)

      • ​When you get to your site, there is no place to ask for a reading. Am I confused?

        On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 11:02 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • The penalty flag had nothing to do with you being clairvoyant. Rule seven is not to declare never posting here ever again on your way out. I’d love the free reading, Just not sure how to get there.

  38. Michelle

    Please, enough about the orphanage. Not funny!

  39. dean

    Does anyone know anything about the reasutrant designer Antonio? Wow

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