Big Brother Sunday Night Show: These Girls Will Not Be Replacing Vanna White

Photochop by UNC David

Photochop by UNC David

First all, shout out to Dallasmom for her very helpful updates on the Big Brother threads. I really appreciate them. I have so much going on I am not watching as much of the feeds as I would like to!  On to tonight’s show!

We are back at the HOH challenge where teams of two chosen by Big Brother are working to get a dozen eggs worked through a chicken maze to be come this week’s battling heads of household. Lots of eggs dropping. Lots of diary rooms where everyone says they have to win.  Donnie is pissed that Derrick is coaching Frankie and Cody. He feels like Team America should be the most important alliance.  Lots of egg puns about how much Victoria sucks eggs at every challenge. Britanny and Jocasta came in so close which means the boys will be sure to put them up. Amber and Zach move into second behind Frankie and Cody. This means Amber will be a target again. Cody and Frankie win!

Derrick says as far as he is concerned the bomb squad is over, but they will still work together as long as possible to keep their numbers.  Brittany and Donny eat ice cream together in the bee hive and worry that they are both going up. Donny says that Britanny needs to smile and not let them see her upset.

BB16 Amber and Frankie

In the HOH room, Frankie’s pictures of a baby Ariana Grande with skeleton makeup on. They both read their letters. Frankie is dramatic and his is of course from Ari. Later in the HOH the remaining bomb squad members, minus Amber and Caleb announce that they are the actual bomb squad of five members in Frankie’s diary room he says he actually wants it to be those five until the end. Derrick renames the alliance The Detonators. Christine informs us that this is the second time this season she has fallen into an alliance just by being in the right room at the right time.  Shut your piehole, Christine.  Congrats on being fifth in a five person alliance instead of working with Brittany, Jocasta, Nicole, Victoria, Donnie and Hayden, which I might point out would be a bigger majority.

Cody, Frankie and Hayden are discussing their desire to whackoff to Zac Effron. This includes Cody sharing a plot to a fucking Hallmark Channel movie. Cody is worried his parents will see him jerking off, but he’s fine with discussing his man crush and his favorite rom come with one out guy and one possible bisexual man. Does this mean he is out at home?  I just noticed Donny was there. To bad Caleb isn’t there. He really loves The Notebook. No, I’m not kidding.  Hayden’s man crush is Leonardo Dicaprio.  Frankie reads a Team America card he is holding in his glittery fingernail polished  hands.  I’m pretty sure Queer Eye For the Straight Guy had more testosterone per episode. They decide to put up Amber.

Frankie is the reason that Cody put up Brittany! Frankie is really playing this game. He has managed to break up Cody and Britanny in one conversation. Later, Brittany and Cody are up during the wee hours alone. Brittany knows she is going up and is feeling defeated and tells Cody she is just over it. She can’t deal with the lies and the fakeness. Stop laughing, she was recruited, so no, she had not ever seen Big Brother until she was chosen.  Cody confronts her about the comments about the other girls. They are having a very passive aggressive low key lovers quarrel.

Caleb is talking about Cody pushing his buttons. Cody and Amber are talking in a bedroom and Amber closes the door. Cody says he doesn’t want to make Caleb mad, and Amber gets pissy. Frankie works on Caleb to be sure he is cool with Amber going up.

Because there are no HOHs everyone needs to find a bed. No one wants to sleep with Victoria. It’s major drama. Victoria is hurt.

Frankie tells Amber she is going up as a pawn and she is pissed. But no one is pissed enough to realize they are letting four guys control the whole house. Cody puts up Britanny and Victoria.  Frankie nominates Amber and Jocasta. Oh look, it’s a vagicide. Victoria has no idea why she keeps getting nominated. Victoria cries to Cody. Cody tells Victoria she is not a target to go. Derrick and Frankie celebrate their Team America win without including Donnie.

Amber tells Christine she wants to align with her and Nicole. Amber says the boys are playing without them. But Christine takes this information right back to the boys. The girls are all miserable in the bathroom resigned to being picked off one by one each week.

Battle of the Block is played on a chessboard. Caleb is the host. The players have to move like a knight on a chessboard. Based on live feed conversations, the girls had a lot of trouble comprehending how to move and the game took forever. They sure do make elaborate sets for five minutes of TV time.  The key of this game is to move toward the center of the board. Will the girls know this? Once they land on a square, that square is flipped over to red and can no longer be used. Once they are trapped in by red squared they are out of the game.  The last girl standing wins. Victoria cannot figure out how to move. The other girls keep boxing themselves in. Jocasta is out first. As the game ends, and Amber wins. Jocasta begins talking in tongues with no interpreter. Frankie gets tarred and feathered.

Brittany has a good attitude.  I love how they are editing the possibility of Caleb going up even though that is not going to happen.

If you see anything good on the feeds, let me know in comments!


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30 responses to “Big Brother Sunday Night Show: These Girls Will Not Be Replacing Vanna White

  1. Urethra Franklin

    So NO one is gonna talk about Jocasta speaking in tongues when her team won the BOTB? LAWDHAMERCY I can watch that on a loop forever…. TT I found a vine of it, and I will be tweeting it out to you when the sun comes up.

    How about when CBS put up a banner ad for their new show titled “Stalker” under Caleb when he was on the screen? Intentional or unfortunate coincidence?

    Where the heck is everyone tonight?

    • Cat

      My cat used to make a chatter noise like that when she saw a bird.

      But to hear it coming from Jocasta was rather disturbing.

      • Gingersnap

        I agree with you, it was disturbing. At first it kinda scared me, I didn’t know if she was having a major melt down or what. I hope she doesn’t do that anymore.

    • Riley

      I’m with you…where in the heck is everybody at. I haven’t been able to watch anything but the regular shows so I was hoping all the comments might contribute to the cause and I could pick up some good gossip.
      And Jocasta freaked me out….for sure!

  2. gerly1

    This season started with so much potential. Now it’s turned into the Derrick show. If that guy doesn’t win the entire thing I will be shocked. Everyone seems to trust him, and he’s telling everyone what moves to make. Zach was really pushing for Caleb to go up, which really makes great sense in my opinion but Derrick was not having it. Unless someone figures out that Derrick is the head of the snake this is going to only get more boring as the season goes on. We know the day they play HOH who’s going to be nominated and who’s going home. There is no guessing or wondering, they make a plan and stick to it.

    What’s the deal with Team America anyway? If Donny goes do Derrick and Frankie get to keep playing for Team America or is it over?

  3. I felt like Team America didn’t accomplish their goal, how is Amber a physical threat? One of the guys should have been on the block. I’ve watched this show for years and I don’t understand why the women will never team up and work to get the men out. How is Derrick any different from Devin all of them are still being told what to do.

  4. What is the history of Victoria and sleeping. In the beginning did she say that because of her religion she could not sleep in the same room as men? Or was that just the same bed? And how has that faded away? Does she not count Frankie as a man?? Was the whole thing a bunch of bullshit to get her attention like when I was in third grade and thought going to school with ashes on my forehead made me interesting and way cool?

    (I’ve grown out of that, but will admit that in my 20s in several occasions I overslept after mardi gras partying and reached into my car’s ashtray and used it to make a crossing my forehead before arriving late for work and sating I had been at church.)

  5. I just wrote a whole bunch of good stuff only for word press to tell Me the comment could not be posted. Not writing all that again. Forget it. lol.

    But I will repeat this: Jacosta is scary crazy!! Ridiculous.

  6. Caleb is rambling on about how he has put so many tourniquets on people in combat. Except in his interviews prior to the show he said he was begging to be in combat and got stuck working as a prison guard and missing everything. But in the house he has given several speeches and demonstrations on first aid, hand to hand combat, etc.

    During POV Cody put up Donny to replace Victoria because he is a pussy.

    Everyone hates Caleb except Frankie it seems. Nicole and fucking Christine are getting in tight with the boys, especially Cody.

    Christine, who is married, cannot stop humping and petting and having sex with the clothes on with Cody OR Frankie. He husband should divorce her while she is in the house.
    It looks like Britanny is going home.

  7. dallasmom

    @TT thank you for the shout out :)! Really getting disgusted with these people! Cody was going to vote out Caleb…..but Derrick talked him out of it….with out Cody knowing lol! Poor Donny….not fair,

  8. myinfo

    BB was my favorite show. For some reason I am not feeling it this season.
    Devin was interesting because he was nuts.
    There isn’t anyone now that is holding my attention.
    I HATE the 2 HOH deal the most.
    They needed a better mixture of people.

  9. MzKRB

    Nicole and Christine’s game irritate the shit out of me. Also their hatred of Amber. Its like they are the only ones that want to be the boys “pet projects.” Why Christine would go and rat out Amber is beyond me. I can see if she was apprehensive of pulling the trigger on getting out the boys now, but she will have to do it later and by then she will be picked off, because let’s face it she’s not the most athletic person. I guess she’s trying to ride the train like Brittnay did with the Brigade but just like her that will cut her ass loose. I think Nicole is slowing starting to peep Christine’s ways and is figuring out there are some things that she isn’t sharing with her. I love how the underestimate Donny and Jocasta but to me they have the most accurate read on the house.

  10. Gingersnap

    Derrick is such a skilled manipulator and liar, and I REALLY admire him for it. It’s great, he’s like the invisible man, walking around planting thoughts in their heads, and they never even see him.

  11. Derrick totally plans to drag Victoria to final two.

    Calling it now Derrick and Victoria.

    • No way Victoria makes it for more than toe more weeks. She will go because she is easy and no one will disagree, so the HOH will have no blood on his/her hands.

      And you stayed up WAY too late watching this shit. Now you’re going to sleep all goddamn day. I’ll just be here. Taking all the abuse these mean spirited twatwaffles heap at me.

  12. Stop yelling! I have a hangover. And I hate it when grandma and grandpa fight.

  13. dallasmom

    We are going to have to wait until they get down to the original alliance group (minus Devon plus Hayden and Nicole) for this BB to be interesting. Can’t wait! Oh and a double eviction this week would be fun :)

  14. How has no one pointed out the best part of the Jocasta tongues thing? The fact that NO ONE else in the house even reacted to it. Didn’t even look twice at her.

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