RHONJ Blog Round-Up! Nicole Said What????


Why Did I Not Post About Last Night's RHONJ? Let Me Count the Reasons...Okay, I started this blog days ago and then saw something shiny and forgot all about it. Now I am dying for you guys to finish reading it so that you can explain Nicole’s comment to me!

Teresa’s blog focused on her family, and all of the people who were in the pretty picture:

My kids always make things brighter no matter what though. I’m glad you got to see more of them just hanging out, cooking breakfast, doing homework, twerking…you know all the normal things kids do… Gabriella is growing up so fast and is such a good, responsible older sister. I love when she helps Milania with her homework. Milania is Milania. Yes, she is definitely funnier than me! She’s also a little caretaker and such a snuggler! Audriana is almost 5! Can you believe it? She wants to do everything her big sisters are doing, especially go to school. She goes to preschool and loves it, but she can’t wait for kindergarten. And Gia, my oldest, is a teenager now! She is every bit of a teen: taller, beautiful, and super sensitive and emotional. She has such a big heart and so much love for everyone.

Yep! Everything is perfectly normal!  I am gonna take a guess that the reason we rarely see Audriana is she was born into the chaos. By the time she was aware of her surroundings, Tre and Joe were already aware the end was near. Joe was allegedly cheating a lot and the home was anything but happy.

Amber’s Blog ended up needing its own post here. RHOJ Dina

Dina talked about her divorce:

My current status with my husband is completely heart breaking. Tommy was the love of my life and I am still going through all the emotions that come with a separation. You have to understand I have known this man since I was 9 years old. There are so many layers to the pain, and I’m doing the best I can. One thing is for sure, we will always love each other and will remain in each other’s lives forever. He is not Lexi’s biological dad, but he has helped me raise her since she was 4 years old. There is a bond there that can’t be broken, and I am determined to divorce with dignity and grace.

And an upcoming shift in the ladies alliances:

I’m thrilled to see Melissa and Teresa in a healthy place. Melissa has always been supportive of my charity, Project Ladybug, so I didn’t want to come into this with ill feelings toward her. There were times this season when the three of us felt like a fierce team ready to take on the new girls, but as it turns out new friendships were formed. You’ll have to stay tuned to see how that all plays out, but I can tell you there will be MANY surprising twists and turns. You will be on the edge of your seat for sure!

Gifs By RealityTVGifs

Gifs By RealityTVGifs

Melissa’s blog managed not to say much at all:

We’re back! And with some new blood! I know there seem to be a lot of changes going on, and if you’re like me, you’re probably a little leery about it. But don’t be! I promise you’re going to love this new season! It’s fresh, it’s new, and everyone was ready to go with bells on. Trust me! Sometimes too many bells!

Melissa is suspect of Amber’s motives:

So by the end of her party I was trying to figure out why she really wanted to come back into my life. I definitely was questioning how genuine her intentions were.

Nicole’s blog was kind of whatthefuckery… Who is she talking about standing in Tre’s kitchen? Victoria Wakile? Why on earth with she being calling her trash? And is she trash talking Tre here too? Looks like we have a frontrunner for the biggest cuntbag award on her very first blog. That has to be a record, right?

“Seeing Victoria during the season preview at the end of the episode is like seeing a big garbage pail in Teresa G’s kitchen. We know only trash can come from her! She’s yesterday’s newspaper and the only thing you do with yesterday’s newspaper is wrap fish in it. “

Finally, TwinTre takes a couple (well-deserved) jabs at Amber:

Another comment from Amber I found amusing was how Melissa married for money. Reality check — who is Amber to judge when she married a man with a huge home in Colts Neck? Did she forget Bobby (Nicole’s boyfriend) and Jim were best friends for almost 14 years? We all should not throw stones when we live in glass houses.

Okay, I am going to need you guys to explain Nicole’s comment about “Victoria.” Is it really Kathy’s daughter who would be Tre’s ….what? second cousin? or a different Victoria entirely? WTF?


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96 responses to “RHONJ Blog Round-Up! Nicole Said What????

  1. michelle

    Victoria Gotti

  2. Kdawg

    Victoria gotti

  3. Jae

    Perhaps it’s Victoria Gotti?

  4. Pam

    Last time I drank this much I was on the phone with you. Should I call?

  5. Anyone else but me pissed off that Theresa is now into the desserts business? Wasn’t that Kathie Wakile’s business? Theresa’s just a bitch.

    • I actually thought Kathy was more of a bitch to Tre when it came to their dessert cookbooks.I wanted to smack her when she was looking through Tre’s cookbook and so passively agressive comments, “oh, my mother”s cookie recipe” (not verbatim).WTF? What a bitch! She’s the one copying Tre by doing a cookbook if you ask me.

      • Agreed, Kathy is very sneaky with her snide comments. Then she acts all innocent, it’s sickening.

      • Anjannette

        Wow Meredo!

        You actually bought that crap that Tereeesah said about Kathy’s comment.

        There was ZERO about Kathy’s off the cuff light reaction that was even remotely “passive/aggressive”. Nothing…No Thing in that comment was p/a.

        You’ve got to step back and see if you can get your head out of Tereesah’s rear section. I’m embarrassed for YOU, that you had the audacity to even think about repeating that comment by Tereeesah.

        Get a grip…Oh, and I have an extra box of tissues I can send to you if you need them. I mean seriously, it appears that you will definitely need the box, when the sentencing judge makes a decision on your Convicted Felon idols sentencing day.


      • I’m certainly not going to miss Kathy or her perv husband.

      • ​Of course you won’t. She will be on this season, and you can see Kathy and Rosie on WWHL tomorrow night! YAY!

        On Sat, Jul 19, 2014 at 10:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Sara

        Clearly you did not see how the thread was started, everyonebecalm asked if she was the one only pissed about Teresa’s cook book, then meredo explained Kathy’s snootiness re: Teresa’s book – which by the way was NOT Kathy’s recipe, it was a recipe for pizzels with ice cream as sandwich, Kathy automatically assumed it her mothers dessert – it wasn’t a desert, it was a suggestion in the book.
        Can’t people have their favorites and not be accused of being up someone’s “rear” and then schooled about what they should or should not do?
        What right do you have to tell anyone what to do.

    • Micheal

      The same could be said for Kathy coming onto ‘Tre’s reality show’. This argument is two seasons too old. There is enough room for all of them to flog their dodgy cookbooks/food/music/booze etc.

      • O.O

        Now micheal surely you know that it’s the producers who sought out Theresa’s family to come on the show because they knew she would be incensed and exactly how she would react . The producers earned their keep with that move . Why would her brother and cousins turn down a check that they didn’t even have to work for ? Who turns down free legal money ?

    • Anjannette

      Yeah and “every1becalm”,

      I wouldn’t doubt that Teresa will be trying to think (I know it’s pretty hard for her to get the synapses to let the impulses cross over in her brain cells) about starting a “wig” business too. And maybe she’ll come up with another product line that addresses all of those people who need some kind of costume jewelry that has a sound factor so you can hear her ever so lovely voice saying something like “Done…Done Done Done” or “Yer a Copy Cat” or maybe even the line that she probably feels she should be able to copyright “Love, Love, Love”.

      ONLY Teresa would be ignorant enough to think she could copyright something that is said every day by probably tens of millions of people.

      Yeah, I know…that would be after somebody actually explains to her exactly what a “copyright” is.

    • MicroOp

      I don’t think it’s a big deal. Neither of them invented dessert or the cookbook. And moms recipe, or grandmas are usually slight variations on the same thing. Certainly these variations can impact the quality of a product, but many people who cook or bake regularly at home use recipes as frameworks to their own variations. I say if they both want to do it, they should! And if they do it with genuine passion, interest, and love then they can’t lose even of their outsold by the other.

      • I would love to have dinner at the Manzos or Wakiles. Caroline actually cooks food other than Italian. Kathy is quite handy with utensils in a kitchen and she cooks middle eastern, in addition to Italian. I suspect Joe is a better cook than Tre. Just a hunch, he truly seems to enjoy the process. (making the wine and sausage, I just don’t see Teresa or Melissa putting the love into it. Oh yeah and sign me up for dinner with Kathy’s mom!

  6. I just realized: Teresa should be doing everything humanly possible to get pregnant.

    Her blog reads like that Christmas letter in David Sedaris’ book. Anyone read/remember that? With the Vietnamese daughter showing up out of nowhere?

    • Micheal

      Good point. I have no idea how her pregnancy would affect sentencing, but she did always say she wanted to give Joe a son. Maybe it is something they are working on but hasn’t happened.

      • Anjannette

        Well, think about it this way…

        If Teresa was able to get herself pregnant again, without the help of a fertility clinic (because I doubt that any clinic would do that again since the Giudice’s stiffed the last one for at least $12 grand), picture this….

        If she gets an actual sentence that includes time IN prison, she’d likely be having a baby IN prison. Now, that’s great idea, isn’t it?!? Not only that, it would be a major high risk pregnancy since she’s now pretty much in her mid 40’s. Exactly what kind of medical care do you think she will get while incarcerated?

        I know she’s your basic queen of ignorant, but having a baby in prison is really exceptionally STUPID.

        Seriously, you tree huggerz need to read a few books that aren’t comic books or Teresa’s highly intelligent cook books. It would be nice if you actually thought about what you want to suggest BEFORE you write it.

        I just don’t understand how Teresa keeps attracting people who are just so clueless, like herself.

      • Micheal

        I have two degrees thank you very much. Furthermore, I believe the point Teecee may be making is that Tre may get house arrest due to her responsibility as a mother (which would be magnified if she is pregnant). Thank you for being a giant douche though, considering you accuse us of stupidity wouldn’t it make better sense to use correct spelling and grammar etc, in your annoying response.

        I’m not a ‘tree huggerz’.

      • CocoTalks

        Yes let’s encourage her to continue to beat the system that will teach her.

    • Valerie

      One of his stories in Holidays On Ice. Hilarious.

      • vivaladiva831

        Yes the Vietnamese girl who ends up with the dad or brother? That was hilarious!

      • Valerie

        I downloaded, Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls, but haven’t been able to get to it yet. Saw him on John Stewart and they are so funny together.

  7. @Anjannette, first of all, fuck off with your bitchy ass comment. Next, I didn’t buy anything from Teresa, that was my own assessment of Kathy when that clip aired. I don’t see how anyone could watch that and not think Kathy was being passive aggressive. Oh well, to each their own, I guess. Also, I don’t consider myself a “Trehugger” (my heart breaks for her family though) so you can keep your box of tissues to wipe your butt you big asshole! I don’t like to talk so crass on here, but YOU have some audacity lady! Hmpf!

    • Micheal

      Lol. Nice response.

    • Anjannette

      Touched a nerve, ay.

      My mistake on the assumption that YOU came up with the P/A comment. I mean, it wasn’t obvious or anything, except for the little fact that there was a full race “talking head” vignette where Teresa actually says exactly that.

      Tell me, are Teecee66 and Michael commenters that you share strong agreement with??

      Oh, and it’s pretty obvious, that YOU do like to talk crass, oh purveyor of the “…, f-off with your b*tchy ass comment.”

      Actually, it didn’t take audacity to respond to you. It was just a degree of logic that you took issue with.

      Get over it, cupcake. Walk it off. You don’t need to sniffle, yet.

    • Anjannette

      No Meredo,
      I am not an ignorant fool. Ignorant by definition is not at all how I write, how I speak or how I think. A simple spelling error, doesn’t not make one ignorant.

      But, I can see how you need to say that, in order to bolster your self image.

      Enjoy yourself.

      • Cat

        Anjannette needs to lighten up. I really don’t see any comments from anyone that deserved that attack. It’s out of place. And weird.

      • Ccma398

        Jeeeez.. TT’s blog is actually one that doesn’t have all the arguing in the comments.
        Soooo, STFU.. unless you know the people on the show personally, you are way too invested. Different opinions exist. Fact-O-Life.

  8. I like Kathy, a lot and adore Rosie, hope they would both make appearances this season.

    Of course the recipes would be Kathy’s mothers also, that was Teresa’s mothers sister.

  9. Anjannette

    Oh Michael,

    Thanks for your thoughtful response.

    The phrase “tree huggerz” is pretty much, now a common descriptor for people who align themselves with Teresa Giudice. I just happened to modify it a bit, with a “z” and another “e” on the “Tre” by design. That’s in order to describe the density of wood some people employ for brain power. Wow, aren’t you a wizard.

    Yes, Teresa may get “house arrest” and she just may also get “time” in prison. That’s pretty much a foregone conclusion, yes? What’s your point with that declaration?

    The point of Teresa getting “pregnant” is really quite obviously not properly thought out, from either of you, is it? The Giudice’s have pleaded guilty here. They are Convicted Felons. To be pregnant and incarcerated is not a good combination. Did you not get that?

    I made no such accusation of YOU two that you are stupid (albeit it seems to be a correct assumption). But, I fully accept responsibility for and furthermore reiterate that I think whomever would say something that ridiculous, that Teresa should get pregnant, is pretty “clueless”. Give “clueless” any definition you like.

    As long as you want to share resume’s… I’ve earned 2 AA’s, 1 BA and 1 MA. I carry 5 teaching credentials and I am still currently a teacher. I, particularly, prefer to work with students who have Severe Handicaps and have for over 25 years.

    Come on back Michael, or Teecee66 or Meredo. I welcome the back and forth.

  10. Anjannette


    I have to say, this back and forth exchange between myself with Meredo, Micheal, and I will presume that perhaps teecee66 will jump in as well, has degraded to a level of name calling that is vulgar, mean and rude on their part.

    I’m not going to continue in the same vein of middle school and adolescent argumentative style which has thus far been in play by my debate mates.

    Thanks for the forum on which to speak.

    I’ll see you next time.

    • Teacher, oh I mean Tamara, “she started it!” Lol

      • Micheal

        Weird that we are the aggressors when she/he replied to our comments first. Interesting how a well educated man/woman takes their dislike for Tre out on mere blog commentators.

      • Anjannette

        Ahhh…I stand bested by you two Rhodes Scholars, the ever erudite meredo and Micheal.
        You will pardon me, if I snicker just a little.

    • Sara

      And look who the one that started the name calling and fighting: YOU
      TeeCee isn’t as bad as you on a good day.
      At least with TeeCee; you can fight with her in one thread then talk to her in the next – TeeCee is like able, you are not.
      Bye Bye Troll. Start a fight elsewhere.

      • Anjannette

        Pardon me, Sara,

        Is your comment directed to me… Anjannette?

        If so, I guess you wanted a paddle as well. It was a lovely game of ping pong. Would you like to set up for the next volley, since you obviously won the last point with your poignant and well placed serve.

        Frankly, I personally don’t know any of you folks other than the type of gamemanship you have played out here. Clearly I am speaking in a different way than the rest of you. Please forgive me my mistakes. I thought I was conversing with adults.

        I’m glad that you enjoy your friendships. I’m equally glad that you find it fun and funny to choose me as your common target for all of you to take your shots at simply because I think that it’s an incredibly stupid comment to make that someone should think that Teresa should hurry up and get pregnant.

        Most adults know that there is no making sense when you try to use adult reasoning with a child.

  11. Sara

    And look who the one that started the name calling and fighting: YOU
    TeeCee isn’t as bad as you on a good day.
    At least with TeeCee; you can fight with her in one thread then talk to her in the next – TeeCee is like able, you are not.
    Bye Bye Troll. Start a fight elsewhere.

  12. mark

    *gets popcorn and a glass of ‘Fabellini’*

  13. So.. I just had a thought. Teresa should get PREGNANT. That would solve everything.

    • SB

      She probably would if she could, but didn’t she have to have fertility treatments for audriana? The pregnancy ship has sailed…

    • loo

      lolololol I am dying over here.

      • Good morning, tattles! Whut I miss?​

        On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 11:41 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • sequoia

        TeeCee66 is a Star! I sometimes laugh with her, sometimes laugh at her and rarely agree with her. Besides Tamara, TeeCee gets more mentions on this site then a Real Housewife. She is a star.

        Anjannette if you simply stop responding to posts which you find offensive, the redoubtable posters, with whom you are locked in a flame war , will have no other option then to stop responding to you.

        Or not. It is wildly entertaining for the rest of us.

      • ​ain’t it though? We need a side pool at times for how many times a commenter will say they are going to ignore someone and/or not respond before they actually do. Put me down for five dollars for “infinity.”

        On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 1:13 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        Same old, same old.

    • Teecee, you are such a stinker, shit stirrer etc…etc…etc… Does that make up for the “nice” comment? I didn’t think so.

  14. Cat

    @Anjannette: Billie…is that you? :)

    • Billie was a grandmama with munchausen and Anjennette, if she’s telling the truth, is a teacher. Poor students right?

      • Cat

        Maybe, but who posts their resume on a reality tv show blog? Unless she’s looking for work. But I don’t think TT is hiring.

        Oh, wait. TT DID tweet that she needs someone to clean.

      • I once had a commenter (deemed illiterate) send me a copy of her college diploma from Lousiana Farm and Ag school of Chicken Keeping.

        I am only kidding about the name, the rest is all true. The name was something similar…​

        On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 7:44 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        The most unforgivable thing about the two of them, is that both of them are, UNFUN. They just suck the fun out of the room. Not allegedly.

  15. myinfo

    My guess if she talking bad about V. Gotti she must not fear her. Hum- I wonder why? :)
    Is she connected?

  16. fivecatsownme

    Teresa’s blog shows she is really waterskiing in Egypt. She is lucky that she has friends and family who will take her children if she goes to prison, and not have them put in the foster care system. I have no sympathy for her. I do feel sad for those children, but I feel sad for all children when their parents choose to go on reality TV.

  17. Sara

    I am not trying to be you hon, lol, I barely comment on blogs because I have to get up early and usually fall asleep from working all day.
    Our photos our different, mine looks maroon and yours is blue.
    My name is Sara. I read Tamara’s blog from her blogger days.

    Anjenate, I am out of troll food!

  18. Sara

    I read the comments occasionally, at least when you fight with people you’re funny TeeCee. Just an observation.
    That other person is .. Order up, darn, I can’t finish my comment. Shucks. Hate when that happens.!

  19. Angel

    That biotch gave me a headache and angina attack. Glad I was only an innocent bystander. I’m feeling sorry for the special ed students having to deal with that.

  20. I wonder if Teresa will have this baby while she’s in jail or out? For the poor sweet infant’s sake I hope it’s an easy delivery.

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