Here is Why Teresa Won’t Be On WWHL

Joe and Tre RHONJ

Is it me or are we in hot water? Just keep smiling, Joe!

I have been doing some digging with some help of my tweeps and have figured out why Teresa is not going to be on WWHL this Sunday as planned.  Basically, Teresa has been a real trooper doing promos for the premiere despite the added trauma of Joe’s dad dying. Clearly, she has a lot to deal with at the moment.

One of her publicity events was the photoshoot and interview with the New York Post. I devoted an entire post to the NYP story that discussed some diva like behaviors coming from Teresa. In retrospect, Teresa being unprofessional at an event is out of character for her.  It could have just been all the stress she is under, but I am finding out now that Teresa was very upset with the interviewer and the photographer on that shoot. She felt like the interviewer had an agenda, which of course he did. Teresa also expected her Bravo handler to have her back and stick up for her and that did not happen.

rhonjtreputfirstWhen the article came out on June 12th, Teresa was very upset. She was barely on Twitter at all, which is suspect in and of itself because she is always promoting her next appearance all day on Twitter. Instead, she was on the phone to Bravo ranting to the PR team for hanging her out to dry. It remains unclear whether Teresa said something to the effect that she is not doing any more promo work for the show, (which legally she could not do, but…really if she is going to prison, it doesn’t matter)  or if Bravo cancelled her appearance, or if everyone just agreed that between the unpleasant article on the 12th and the RHONJ premiere on the 13th that Teresa had reached her breaking point and needed some down time.

At any rate, the NYP article was the catalyst for the implosion. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Teresa seems shocked that anyone would ask her the hard questions, like whether she had any regrets. If she doesn’t now, I imagine she will soon enough.

As for the sites reporting Andy said something on WWHL about her sentencing, they refer to several different episodes of WWHL, a couple of which I watched again today and never heard Andy mention anything. I think it is her Bravo ladysitter who Teresa is angry with.


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67 responses to “Here is Why Teresa Won’t Be On WWHL

  1. Pam

    There are way too many words on this page for me to respond with some sort of proper etiquette. I got lost. Surely you understand.

  2. Teresa has entitlement issues. She is delusional, arrogant and has no sense of remorse whatsoever. Milania just might be the smartest person in that family.

  3. Micheal

    Thank you for the rundown. The prospect pf impending jail time and a recent death in the family would be enough for the strongest of people to need a break from promotional appearances etc. I seriously doubted it was Tre v Andy fight. Thank you for confirming that story is likely BS.

  4. syd3

    So grateful for some good news; why would I want to see/hear Teresa sputter, block and lie about stuff and hear inane preplanned questions by Andy (am waiting for plumber [weekend rates — aaah!] to arrive for a backed up toilet and tub). Would love to see Dr. Heavenly and her daughter in the clubhouse.

    • syd3

      I honestly have no idea why I wrote that comment about waiting for the plumber (wish s/he would hurry); must have been some sort of Freudian slip.

  5. Sara

    I don’t blame her

    • While my heart goes out to her and her family for the recent passing of Joe Guidice’s father, I have zero sympathy for her legal battles. When you commit crimes, and play fast and loose with the FEDS, you deserve what;s coming to you. It is sad for her children, but maybe these two should have thought of them BEFORE perpetrating a fraud!

  6. Funny, Teresa didn’t seem to have any reservations when she went about town spending all that stolen money. She flaunted her spending in everyone’s face, now suddenly she is so reticent to be seen. Screw her and her family.

  7. Here is the WWHL clip where a caller asked about the sentencing
    Andy did say one or both of them are going to prison. UM DUH. Is he supposed to pretend like no one knows that? I think Teresa just had a really bad day and melted down. It seems most likely that she cancelled and not the other way around.

    • Cat

      I think Teresa is in deep denial. She keeps saying she wants her “normal life” back. But that would mean the scamming would continue. She doesn’t seem to get that it’s wrong. In a way, I feel sorry for her. I shouldn’t. You do the crime, you do the time, and all that jazz. But it sounds like she’s going to have a rough time once she goes to prison.

  8. Sara

    It bothers me that BravoTv did not question Phaedra or Apollo as much as Andy did.
    Granted, what Teresa and Joe did was wrong and against the law, they will pay, however, it’s not fair how Andy constantly badgered Teresa but not Phae, Apollo, Jacqueline and everyone else — it’s wrong IMO.

    • Sara

      Let me rephrase my comment:
      It bothers me Andy Cohen does not question others such as: Jacqueline, Apollo, Phaedra as much as Teresa was questioned.
      Teresa was questioned before she was ever charged.

      • I agree, he does tend to pick on Teresa while giving others such as Jacqueline a pass. Never once has he mentioned Chris and Jacqueline’s legal woes and downright shadiness.

      • loo

        Nor did he questioned Caroline when her husband was accused of defrauding the state and getting benefits that he was not entitled to. That’s the way Andy rolls. I think he can not overcome the ignorant comment that Joe made. . Although Joe seemed genuine when he went to Caroline brothers wedding.

      • Did Caroline or Jacqueline or their immediate family members get brought up on federal charges? No. No they did not. There’s a big difference between rumors & bankruptcy court versus FEDERAL charges… You do understand that, right?

      • Salazar

        Completely different .civil law suits & federal indictments are not even close .Teresa & Joe were on every single news channel how could anyone ignore that ?

  9. Momof2

    What I don’t understand about the NYP thing is her complaining about the dress and wine in front of the reporter. Surely by now she knows that people are looking for the negative. I guess on to flip side if she acted happy & without a care in the world that would have gone against her as well. I think she should hide out until she gets sentanced.

    • Okay, what I am hearing is Victoria Gotti joins forces with Tre against TwinTre by outing all of Jim’s whistleblowing history to Tre and spreading the word all over town. If anyone can take the heat of Tre, it’s that dreadful Gotti woman.​

      On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 12:32 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  10. vivaladiva831

    See, i wanted to point this out to you, but was afraid of being torn a new asshole by you. TeeCee, I could see you with the same opinion (although I do think you would have stated it) but I did state as much as TT on radaronline and was hung out to dry.

  11. Jarlath

    People need to be easier on Teresa, she’s got children’s college fund to worry about FFS!

  12. realityjunkie

    Okay maybe I am in the minority but I believe that Teresa is remorseful. What I see is a woman trying her best to hold it together in front of the cameras and not appear weak. I believe at night she crawls into a ball in her closet and just let’s it all out.
    What she did is wrong and she will pay for it but I can’t rejoice in another’s pain.

    • O.O

      Maybe people Wouldn’t be so happy at her demise if she wasn’t so dumb/ignorant / mean/condescending all at the same time . She’s has become more subdued at the moment because now she’s scared but viewers haven’t forgotten her behavior in the past .

    • loo

      I don’t know about remorseful when she says things like “I don’t know why this is happening to us” She knows why. Joe’s father (may he rest in peace) saying ” we did nothing wrong” Those kinda lines don’t do them any favors

      • Jarlath

        Yep, Teresa doesn’t seem to understand why this is happening to her. So I don’t think she’s remorseful. I doubt that she even knows the meaning of that word.

    • Anjannette

      You know what they say about the sword…if you live by the sword you’ll probably die by the sword. Teresa’s money lifeline is Bravo and social websites – live by the sword…but it’s also what is probably her greatest source of current pain and highlighter of all of her screw-ups – die by the sword.

      Let’s see how this all goes now. (This is a test comment.)

    • Mother Theresa’s in the house!

      • Anjannette


        In case you didn’t realize it, I agreed with your comments yesterday, and I still do.

        Have a lovely Sunday.

      • Anjanette – my comment wasn’t directed @ you. It was directed at RealityJunkie for chastising us for being bad women about “rejoicing in another’s pain..”

    • Yup because remorseful people demand payment in cash for appearances when they know they will have restitution to pay. Not that they want to hide the cash right? Oh no wait, they do.

  13. MicroOp

    It’s hard to say if Teresa is remorseful or not, or has learned her lesson. She hasn’t been sentenced yet and it would be stupid for her to be publically spilling the beans or admitting guilt.

    Let’s for one minute just pretend she is remorseful and horrified by what she and her husband did. On one hand, ethically she should admit all guilt and not take a plea deal and do her time and pay everything back. On the other hand she still has an ethical obligation to her children despite commiting a crime. So thru that lens she should indeed take a certain amount of accountability to demonstrate the lesson of consequences for her children, but she also needs to balance this by creating a circumstance where she is overall available to provide for and be present for her children.

    I think what they did was despicable, and in they both fully deserve jail time, period. That said, the deed is done and they have to navigate the predicament they got themselves into in the best manner of answering to the greater justice of our legal system and the personal justice of their innocent children. In other words I want to see them in jail, but I don’t entirely judge them for fighting it. I just hope the judge does what is right by sentencing them fairly.

    I think we have to wait until after sentencing to see if they can be honest, genuinely remorseful, and humble.

  14. fivecatsownme

    Oh why did you have to show Joe and Teresa in the tub? Not enough liquor or eye bleach will erase that memory.

  15. puppylove

    Teresa fusses and fumes about dresses and wants her life to be normal again. Well, I know builders make good money but holy smokes the money they were throwing around is crazy. Then to defraud the bank and any lenders you can, I mean, it’s scary to think there are people as stupid as Joe and Teresa in the world. What do they think , maybe that they can walk on water.. They do what the heck they want and no one can touch them. Oh yay they are “celebrities” with no talent. This reality TV has really created some doozies. They seem to be OK people and then they get on a reality show and they think they are Oscar material. They brag about all the money they have ON TV they pay little to no taxes and wonder why the government might look into their background to see what is going on; They almost scream look at me look at me, and really don’t seem to see how stupid they are. They just don’t know any better I think. That’s probably what led to the death of Joe’s father. God rest his sole. These reality people are like little children who do wrong, think they won’t get caught and then cry because they did get caught. Some people have to learn the hard way. Bet neither one serves much time though. They will wiggle out of it some way.

  16. Eve

    I am so bummed. I had visions of Miliania crashing the clubhouse with an AK-47

  17. Belinda

    Where is the money coming from ? Their life style must cost them thousands of dollars a week just for incidentals. Where is the fountain of bucks ? Real estate taxes, mortgage ,homeowners and auto insurance , car leases and utilities would take most of their after tax income…

  18. TartLemon

    Teresa is the one who puts her business out for public consumption doing interviews and cover stories with any tabs that will have her. Teresa signed the reality tv contracts, took the HUGE payout knowing exactly what to expect since she’s been doing it for YEARS. To enhance the checks from the gig, Teresa has sold for broadcast her own children’s very real pain.

    I have no sympathy for her.

  19. Linda

    If Teresa does not get any time, then it proves the justice system is rigged. If I or any other normal person had done any of the things that she alledgedly suppose to have done, we’d be “under” the jail.

  20. Wampascat

    Remember, you can’t say jail or prison in front of Teresa. It’s “going away”. They’re old school. 😉

  21. pdt090

    I was confused by Nicole slamming Victoria Gotti at first, but if you watch the part of the preview she appears in it looks like she shows up to talk shit about Teresa & Rino’s marriage, so it’s probably related to that.

  22. Josie

    Anyone who feels sorry for either one of them should take a TT refresher course by reading the charges against them in her previous post.

    Teresa got an interviewer who saw right thru her and didn’t write a puff piece and had to wear a dress she didn’t like. Cry me a river.

  23. when the banks take responsibility for handing out money to people with shady collateral, then and only then will I think what happened to Tre and Joe is fair. I am sure that the list is LONG of builders who put up homes on spec and expected to sell them quickly enough to cover their over-extensions. The banks handing out the money probably should have vetted the people they were loaning to a little more carefully, and really don’t have the moral high ground to now call those that took their money criminals. Putting Tre and Joe in jail will do NOTHING for anyone.

    Bring it on TT.

    • ​I spent yesterday debating with someone online about whether killing babies in land of refugees while occupying their homeland was “defending one’s country.” Eventually I realized, that some people are not capable of comprehending simple facts.

      If you need someone to explain that 41 felon charges deserves jail time. I can’t be bothered with you.

      On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 10:55 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • when the feds start punishing the liars in government, I will start supporting their jailing of people like Joe Giudice.

        Both sides are killing babies by the way. Only one side is giving warning and trying to minimize the civilian casualites. That’s a simple fact I hope you can be bothered with.

      • ​I don’t think the word “fact” means what you think it does.

        On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 1:18 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Morgan LeFay

      Jesus Jumping Christ, Cammiewhatever, why is your head so far up Teresa’s ass? Do you know how retarded you sound?

    • Cat

      I can’t get credit now because someone stole my identity. Does that mean I should chuck my morals out the window, and do the same to someone else? I don’t think so.

  24. deeswyt

    I have no remorse for Teresa. Didn’t respect her the first time I saw her flaunt $160000 cash to pay for her new furniture for that ugly house.
    Funny thing… Teresa blocked me from her Instagram account. Guess she didn’t like me referring to her as a convicted felon.

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