WWHL With….Nene Leakes? This Feels Like A Bad Omen

WWHL Andy and Jeff

Last night was one of those Big Brother challenges that do not have a winner when the episode ends. I think someone in the house referred to it as mental endurance. So I was engrossed in a wine fueled evening of  watching the live feeds with the TV on mute. Unfortunately my TV was showing WWHL and I glanced over and noticed, Nene. I am sick to my stomach at the thought of watching this, but I have to know WTF is going on.

Is Andy drinking rosé ?He’s already a pussy. He’s so damned happy! Ugh. Andy and Jeff play the crotch game and he mentions Scott Baio. That is interesting because Scott has become a Jesus Warrior or something and was very offended and pretty much refused to play. This has made Scott Baio Andy’s least favorite guest. Then he says that Nene has been on the show the most. Is that true? A Nene montage of noses follows.  Andy says that Nene has been on a grand total of 20 times and “he loves that lady so much.”  Oh god. He totally spazzes out like Elvis has arrived in the clubhouse to admit that he really isn’t dead. It’s unbearable. He professes his undying love. They double kiss. It’s over the top fangirl time for Andy.

Nene has her usual greasy legs. Nene calls Andy a shady queen. Then she says Jeff is even a bigger shady queen. Nene really likes Apollo. Nene has talked to Phaedra but not about Apollo.  Jeff makes a joke about Apollo stealing his credit card.  Nene wins an award for calling Kim a trashbox. Martha Stewart was also nominated and she comes in to take Nene’s award away from her.  Andy is way less enthused to see Martha and asks for a birthday spanking. She declines.

Jackée gets an award for lifetime agreement for being drunk in the clubhouse. While the clip of her acceptance at some other location played, Jeff asks Nene what she was such a horrible bitch at the reunion. Jeff is the only redeeming quality of this entire fiasco. Nene told Jeff that she didn’t want to go but she had to because she was contractually obligated. If EVERY THING GOES ACCORDING TO THE DAMN PLAN, THAT SHOULD NOT BE AN ISSUE FOR THE UPCOMING SEASON!

I am not even going to ask my source about this. I am terrified of the answer. #FixItJesus!


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64 responses to “WWHL With….Nene Leakes? This Feels Like A Bad Omen

  1. I just watched it myself and couldn’t believe how Andy fawned all over Nene… He was supposed to be surprised at the guests that were there, so maybe this was a mean joke played on him by his staffers? Damn. Nene was and is still a bitch.

  2. I watched this fiasco last night, and I thought Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and a leprechaun had all showed up like the three wise men to celebrate Andy’s five years on WWHL when Andy was speaking about Nene and the doorbell rang to announce the arrival of a mystery guest. Psyche!!! Andy punked me again and left a really bad taste in my mouth because he continued to pucker up to sourpuss Nene throughout the entire show. Jeff made me happy when he mentioned his credit card was missing and he would like Apollo to return it. A rainbow appeared over Jeff’s head when he was able to get Nene to admit she knew there would be fighting at the reunion and she only appeared because Andy held onto her check. Jeff has the balls that Andy needs grow on his own. I hope Lanethia Leakes does not hold a peach in the fall, but she seems to have used black magic to cast a spell on Andy. #SoWishWashy #MakeUpYourMind #StopRidingTheFence

    • Lindy

      The degree to which he was kissing her ass made me physically ill. I thought he was going to pull down her panties and do it for real any minute. And I agree…Jeff was the saving grace for me. He should replace Andy. Andy is……..there are no words to explain what Andy is, and how ridiculously juvenile he was last night, but I love it when people try. His parents cannot be all that proud. No way.

  3. To keep my sanity from missed opportunities for the surprise second guest, I kept my focus on Jeff Lewis and Snoopy.

  4. Urethra Franklin

    I see that Nene dusted off that platinum bath mat to use for a wig again.

  5. Angel

    Andy excited is like an awkward prepubescent girl, what we used to call “teeny boppers”. What guy would find this behavior attractive, one wanting his money maybe. (A few nights ago, his comments sounded like he hoped to be married before long.) Quit acting like Nene Leakes is your high priestess and you are a giddy child foot washer. You are actually the slum lord of TV and you don’t always evict the right trash.

  6. Jaylan D.

    Well it looks like Nene really isn’t going anywhere, don’t worry Tamara I feel your pain (if that’s the case) Nene is on my last nerve.

  7. As a fan of Andy’s in the past (not for a few years) I was appalled at Andy’s behavior. The few A list celebrates he has attracted must have been disgusted. To put Nene on a pedestal it affirmed the direction the HW franchise is going.
    I was pleased that Jeff Lewis was there until it became the Nene show.
    I won’t watch RHOA but my viewership probably won’t matter.

    Something has happened to Andy and his behavior since he left Bravo.
    He is a grown ass man that acts like a preteen.

  8. ps … I was proud of and happy for Andy when WWHL became his show.
    I am sad now with how Andy has chosen behave.

  9. Vanessa

    I don’t know why everyone is so bent out of shape, I tried to tell everyone that NeNe wasn’t going anywhere. She will hold a peach. You heard it from me again.

    • ​God I hope not. Let’s hope Andy had nothing to do with Nene being on WWHL last night and he was just tripping hard on some X.

      On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 5:19 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Patti R.


        I hope Andy was “tripping” on something too. Andy looked like a silly ass fawning all over NeNe.

    • DIana

      1000% agree – As I have been saying all along – Get that Peach Nene and keep the haters hating! LMAO

      • Valerie

        If I was really trying to dig down for some hatred it probably won’t be for Nene. Indifferent is the word I’d use. When I say I’m waiting to see if Tamara tells me if I should hate her not, it’s just a joke. Sometimes my jokes work sometimes, not so much. Anyhoo, indifference is what I feel for Nene. I really couldn’t care less about her anymore. Maybe I’ll care about her once the new season starts IDK. I guess I care enough to gossip about her but that’s because I like to gossip. Now Greg I pity.

    • Manic Mondays

      When I read on this site that she would be returning to the show in a diminished capacity, I was gleeful because I usually fast forward her scenes. On her twitter she address that everything is lies and she will be returning to the show. Her and her legion of followers thinks she is the sole reason people watch. I wish all the ladies on the show well, but I won’t be returning to watch because she is definitely coming back. Andy is in love with Nene and the more she acts up, the more he loves her for it. She could curse him the hell out and she could still get a check.

      • ​We know she is coming back, her twitter didn’t change the facts about anything. My sources say she is coming back p/t after being demoted.

        On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 10:10 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Manic Mondays

        @T.Tattles Well I hope your source is correct but I have already decided I am not giving that show any more ratings. After she was so disrespectful to Andy and non-apologetic about her behavior she seems to be rewarded. I rather just come here and get the recap from you.

  10. Valerie

    I think I would rather drink a placenta smoothie than watch this show with Nene and Andy. I am drafting that stern letter to Andy because Tamera won’t give me his address so I can ring his doorbell and run. If she’s holding a peach I will send you a donation for some therapy (or alcohol).

  11. delaney

    Thought it was fun. My daughter and friend stopped by, ended up staying to watch and we all hooted. Sure Andy acts the fool bt we all know that.

    • Victoria

      I enjoyed it, too. I love an event show. I need more Jeff Lewis in my life. I don’t mind nene — no body shoot me!!!
      I loved snoopy and Andy’s dog playing lol cuteness overload

      • Valerie

        I won’t shoot you, but do you not remember how she acted last season? If she’s holding a peach this season, she better make it into a cobbler because she’s done a lot of unforgivable things to make up for. Plus I ended up giving her my time for DWTS. How can I forgive and forget?

      • Victoria


        I didn’t say I LIKE her, hehe I don’t know if I’m a fan. It’s just that she doesn’t get under my skin.

        Thanks for not shooting :-)

      • Valerie

        I think it was having to watch her dance on DWTS that made me never want to see or hear from her again. But of course I’m watching RHOA. Because, Phaedra. But I also want to see how the Kenya/Cynthia friendship plays out.

  12. Andy has always acted like he has a schoolboy crush on NeNe.. Even after she was so rude to him @ the reunion, he still acted giddy towards her: “Did you just make that word up now? Funkbox?”

    It’s unexplainable.

    I hope she doesn’t hold a peach next year but I will always believe that Andy likes NeNe best of ALL housewives (and it’s not even close…). I just don’t understand her humor or why he thinks every.single.word.that.comes.out.of.her.mouth.is.hilarious. It’s just…NOT!

    • Patti R.

      Andy’s scared of Nene! Jeff isn’t . Jeff thinks she a joke and I do too. Nene shows us all HOW NOT TO ACT!!

      She’s so narcicistic. When Nene dines out I’m sure she doesn’t tip the servers either!

  13. maybe we should flood bravotv’s mailbox w jeff lewis for wwhl host suggestions. (he could get really mean there, tho, if left unchecked. we could suggest jenni as his boss)

  14. Ellis Scarlett

    Maybe since Andy isn’t an executive at Bravo anymore, they will take WWHL away from him and give it to Jeff. I love his evil sarcasm.

  15. Cat

    I changed the channel when I saw Nene on the screen. I don’t know how ratings work, but I hope a lot of people changed the channel, and the network execs saw the drop in viewership. That is my wish.

    I’m also hanging onto the hope that TT’s source was correct. In my mind (maybe it’s denial, we shall see) I am hoping that Andy’s love for Nene was an act, and he is just trying to prevent viewer backlash when Nene’s camera time is cut. “It wasn’t ME….I LOVED Nene!”

    Maybe I’m delusional, but could it be that this was one of her “limited capacity” appearances? Hope springs eternal.

    • ​I’m sitting next to you, Cat.

      On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 7:28 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • I will hold on to this thought, it is all I can bear to think right now. I have it recorded, debating on whether to watch it or not as I hate having to look at her. Well we’ll see soon I guess since they’re taping. It’s getting easier and easier not to watch the Housewives shows anymore.

      • BH Wannabe

        @Katimir: word! It is SO getting much more attractive to skip the Housewives and read Tamara’s recaps.

    • Manic Mondays

      If only ratings did show when we changed the channel, unfortunately they don’t. I (and many others) fastforwarded Nene when possible, but she still thinks she is the sole reason people tune in.

  16. Riley

    I just feel sick…..

  17. Sissy

    I enjoy Andy when he isn’t fawning over certain people, Ramona for instance. When he gushes over guests with *REAL* talent, I can deal, but some of these pseudo – celebrities (most all of the Bravo lineup) do not need any more *puffing up*. I do enjoy Jeff Lewis, when he isn’t being overly snarky, but NeNe has outlived her usefulness on Bravo. I will not watch *RHOA* if she returns, nor will I tune in to anymore *RHONY* because of Ramona. She gives NeNe a run for her money in the obnoxious and pathetic categories.

  18. pfffttt

    Isn’t RHOA currently filming? Maybe Nene was able to do WWHL because she isn’t a big part of RHOA? LOL One can only hope!

    I was looking at the face of Nene and Andy to see their reaction when Jeff says: “Maybe she will apologize next season?” I couldn’t read anything one way or the other.

  19. Din

    I think Andy concluded that the show wouldn’t soar in the ratings without Nene, so he waited for people with morals to simmer down over Nene’s atrocious and homophobic behaviour before welcoming her back with open arms.

  20. puppylove

    I fell asleep and I think I’m glad after reading the recap. I can’t stand Nene and am soooooo glad I missed her. Sorry I missed Jeff though I do like him, and yes wouldn’t it be a hoot if Jeff replaced Andy. I wouldn’t miss that for the world. I think he would be great.

  21. You don't need to know

    Nene will definitely be back. Andy loves her and she isn’t really that bad. You should look into getting some new sources….

    • Maybe it is just a delay on Tamara’s part…but I am awaiting her textually ripping you a new hole…it should be very entertaining.

      • Right now, with the way Andy acted on WWHL with Nene, I’m afraid to quadruple check with my sources. Which makes asshole ripping premature.

      • Cat

        I still don’t think she will be back full time. I’m hoping her stint on WWHL is part of the “limited capacity” TT’s sources mentioned.

        And it doesn’t really matter. I’ll still watch RHOA, but when Nene comes on the screen, I’ll refresh my drink, or go pee, or whatever. I WILL hit the mute button.

    • Valerie

      I have resigned myself to her coming back. I will watch either way. If she’s back, I look to TT’s blog to tell me if we still hate her or not. Weirder things have happened. I am leaning towards the hate side because Nene’s ego has become too large for her to ever contain it again.

      I am also a little worried about poor Greg, so if she’s back I can keep an eye on him. And of course there’s Phaedra…my favorite. Seriously.

      • Which ever way the tide turns regarding Nene (for or against), she has used up her usefulness in entertaining me on RHOA. There is an insecurity in her that nurtures a mean streak and she gets too turned up, it isn’t at all interesting, it is an over-used storyline. Nene has proven she has a problem with every single person she has filmed with in one way or another. Curious if in her limited capacity is she going to be the new voice of reason building bridges, I mean she does keep it real after all…fake hair and faux philanthropy aside. Bravo has helped blow major steam up her ass (scripted or not), so much so her head has expanded into delusions of Hollywood royalty with theatrical award wining acclaim turning down million dollar offers. Sadly she is too ratchet to be embarrassed by her own gross display of ignorance, which was once funny to witness, but no longer.

        However, if she does come back full or part time, I am sure she would be making enough money to help Greg fix his dried up texturizer/scurl, she is after all…very rich. Not sure I would appreciate seeing his paycheck (I meant wife) toss a condescending word along with a treat or two his way for good concierge service and throwing it down in the bedroom like a good employee.

        On the other hand, those little old lady HSN shoppers won’t know what to make of her, hopefully she has spent significant time in the lye-berry studying and learnt to speak good for Teebee. No matter how I feel about her on RHOA or in general, I have a feeling HSN will be rather entertaining, those show hosts love to be the center of attention, they talk over guests and its live/unscripted, the eloquence and diction Nene displays will be deliciously bountiful.

  22. Michelle

    I thought the episode was funny

  23. DIana

    Yeah! Baby – you go Nene! I can’t wait to see the next season of RHOA –

    • Lindy

      “You never can win when you play dirty”, NeNe. You left that one off your “pocket-book”, hunny. 😉

    • Valerie

      She is one hell of a conversation piece. Her constant humiliating actions give Tamara a lot of good fodder. I can’t wait for next season either, should be entertaining, it better be entertaining.

      • lisalisa

        How will it work next season when NeNe won’t film with Kenya, Cynthia, Kandi (because of mama Joyce ghetto comment), probably not Porscha and Phedra talking about Apollo 24/7. Who will she talk to??? She dismisses Greg when he starts mumbling about something and she cuts him off before he says something that would humiliate her. Pecks him on the lips, pets him on his little head and sends him on his way.

  24. Valerie

    Lisalisa, I hope not well. She may actually have to pretend that Greg is more important to her as a partner and not just as a servant. She says she’s a thespian so she should give that a try.

    • Lisalisa, She could talk to her kids, I guess.. Kinda like the way Danielle Staub did in RHONJ for the two seasons she was on… Danielle told those two daughters of hers everything — & they always looked like they could care less!

    • Manic Mondays

      Well she was really playing Greg up on her dancing stint, so maybe she will focus more on Greg this season. Other than Porscha and Phaedra, I don’t think any of the other ladies will film with her. Phaedra could say she is too busy with her many ventures and small children. Porscha has been branching out into many things but she is dumb enough to keep filming with Nene.

      • Porsha is surprisingly very good on Dish Nation. Maybe that will be part of her limited storyline. Frankly that would be her biggest storyline every and might make her full time material again.

      • Manic Mondays

        @T.Tattles she also is promoting a hair care line and doing modeling for a swimsuit line. I am not sure if the swimsuit line is her line but she is the face of the company.

  25. TT’s sources have been pretty solid in the past in these matters, so hopefully this remains the case even in light of Andy’s behavior, which isn’t really all that new. Besides if I understand correctly he is no longer a decision making Exec in that capacity, so Nene is dealing with a different set of people that probably won’t tolerate her ego the way weak-ass AC does, so I hope anyway.

    Tamara, I thought there was a smell of blood in the air from that Nene stan telling you to check on getting new sources. Wishful thinking on my part, I was hoping to read a smack down, a good comeuppance is a nice way to end the weekend. I’ll go back to lurking in the shadows for now…keeping a watchful eye on the Nene standom, no doubt they’re Apollo fans too (birds of a feather and all that nonsense). However uninteresting Nene is to me now, eventually her fans can be counted on for a laugh or two at their own expense (as Nene herself has proven).

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