Don’t Be Tardy Is Back! Afterbirth: It’s What’s For Dinner!

It's the twins!

It’s the twins!

I really hate half hour shows, they fuck up the schedule for everything. So I am just now getting to the Don’t Be Tardy Season premiere.  We finally get to see Kim and Kroy living in their new house and it is beautiful. It’s time for Kim to head to the hospital and spit out two more babies. That’s a total of 6 with four in diapers and two teenagers. Who does that to themselves voluntarily?

Sweetie is back!!!

The house is decked out to the nines. It’s 17,000 square feet, seven bedroom and ELEVEN BATHROOMS. Who the hell wants eleven bathrooms? There are fifty some odd security cameras in the house. This place is balling!

Kory’s ankle injury is doubly  problematic because he’s basically another human who needs waiting on in that house. Kim gained 50 pounds with her twin pregnancy. Baby B is breech. It really doesn’t matter because I think Kim was going to do a C-section anyway.  Well, I am wrong. Kim has never had a C-section. Kroy says the babies are smaller than the other ones and they didn’t get stuck. It seems like the doctor didn’t make clear the real threat which is that the cord could get wrapped about baby b’s neck and strangle him to death. Kroy says God did not intend for babies to come out of belly buttons. They opt to try delivery the regular way.

Who wants a nice bloody placenta smoothie?!

Who wants a nice bloody placenta smoothie?!

Baby A is down! This means the baby’s blood pressure is dropping. Kim has no idea what anything means. Didn’t she used to be a nurse?  Anyway, the babies eventually get out of her vagina. Kai Rose is baby A and Kane Ren is baby B. Ren is the first name of her doctor. Kroy and Kim seem to be completely in love with each other and the whole passel of kids. The babies are so beautiful.

Kim is going to drink a placenta smoothie. She thinks this will help ward off postpartum depression. She makes Kory drink it too. Gross. The food for the kids is not much better. Mac and cheese and chicken nuggets is the staple. I am convinced this is why the younger generations have so many health issues. With all their nannies and that huge kitchen someone should be cooking real food for these children. /hops off soapbox.

The teen girls have cute talking heads. They are so grown up now!

Kim has all the crew for the show and the photographers for the Life & Style shoot. She will require this for the first 90 days. I’m down with that.

Kim and Kroy are in the Jacuzzi  drinking wine from actual stemware. Are her red solo cup days finally over. Kim wants Kroy to get a vasectomy. Kroy wants to keep his stuff working in case he replaces her with a young model later who wants a kid???

I thought this show was cute! Who is in?


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  1. realityjunkie

    I must say that actually enjoyed it and for the first time I think I’m actually warming up to Kroy.

  2. Trish Stack

    I love this show! I only wish it was an hour. Kim and Kroy seem to really love each other. I wonder what the relationship with her parents is today?? hanks for the great recap!

  3. Thank you for covering this show. I loved it! We all grimaced at the smoothies and laughed at the rest. Their fooling around at the end actually seemed real as opposed to an awkward Teresa and Joe bathtub scene. My girls were all salivating over Kroy in the hot tub. It reminded me of the lady in the diner in “When Harry Met Sally,” and I said “I’ll have what she’s having.” My girls agreed.

  4. I’m usually the cynic and was disappointed in a mere 30 minutes. It wasn’t cool however when KJ stated, “I fucking hate you!” and then grinned. He’s not going to be popular with the adults in pre-school!

  5. vivaladiva831

    In real life, Kim is not someone I would care to know. But I love watching her on tv, and love watching her family too. It is to her credit that she seems to have GOOD kids-you don’t hear about them causing any trouble (outside of the usual teenage stuff-grades, boys, etc). I enjoy this show bc it is so opposite of the tense housewife drama, it is a (big) happy family!

    Random thoughts-at first I was wondering what happened to all of Kim’s sweet talk with Kroy, and her geisha girl act, but then I remembered what small children and a few years can do on a new marriage

  6. vivaladiva831

    One more thing I wondered-while that situation in the labor/delivery room may have happened, on the show Kim was wearing her regular clothes and I KNOW they make you wear a hospital gown even if you are just going in to have a nose hair plucked. So could that have been dramatic?

  7. Sari

    I can’t believe I’ve learned to like this woman. She used to unnerve me to the point of not watching RHOA until she had less screen time.

    TT once mentioned that she was one of the only ones (the only one?) who came out more likeable after her wedding spin off. True story.

    She’s nutty as hell, but I get this really good vibe from her in the context of being a wife and mother. Comparatively, of course.

    I’m in! The episode was light hearted and warm. I’m just hoping that maintaining this grand lifestyle of hers doesn’t end up as ugly as a Birkin in the hands of NeNe.

  8. Soft Shades

    If America embraces these two God help us all. Kim & Kroy are the most narcissistic, ungrateful & despicable couple in all of reality TV & they have a lot to learn. – lets see how their six children will treat them! You reap what you sow & I predict this show it will not be successful.

    We can all agree to disagree that sometimes parent(s) over-step their boundaries but Kim & Kroy took things to another level during her wedding and I believe it damaged Kim’s brand.

    The way Kim & Kroy disrespected Kim’s mother at their wedding & over using a toilet was ridiculous! And Kroy supported Kim by saying “not even my mother gets to use the toilet in the HOUSE” & they are not allow in the HOUSE during the wedding (but the camera crew are allowed, so much for family) then to ad insult to injury Kim had her mother escorted out … smh.
    Well that’s what happens when you live in a HOUSE and not a HOME (big difference). Kim’s childhood must have been horrible – she has such disdain for her mother and for that reason & a million others, I WILL NOT WATCH!

    I hope their new HOUSE includes a portable toilet for events/guests!

    • Her parents exacted their revenge by selling a story to Radar Online which devastated Brielle. How can you trust grandparents who sell stories about their grandchildren? Did everyone have to use the luxurious portable toilets? Yes. If you listen to the stories from others that were there, most notably Patti Stanger on an episode of WWHL, both of her parents were inebriated, being an embarrassment, and it was time for them to go. Unfortunately we don’t know if it was security, the producers, or who decided to have her escorted out. It’s edited to get the most rise out of the television audience as possible.
      I didn’t like that scene either, but it’s television, and I’m not going to let something that happened 2 seasons ago ruin the enjoyment that my family gets out of one of the few positive things on.

    • You’re nuts. But might I just suggest that you don’t watch the show or read blogs about it?

    • The show is already successful. This is their third season, not the first.

      • Thank you. Ratings have always been good for Kim but half an hour in between M2M shows is not helpful. I don’t watch M2M so… I DVR and watch the next day. They need to do two shows together.

    • momadison

      You just don’t or won’t get it. Kim’s mother is so much like my own it is spooky. The point was whether you agree or not, during the wedding they didn’t want people traipsing all over the house…if one person gets to go in, then another and another til you have no control. They had lovely facilities set up for guests. Her mother and those other drunk ass people were guests and are expected to act like guests. Hospitality goes both ways. Also why make it about you & your wants at your own daughter’s wedding? No matter what you don’t rock the boat during your childs big day. Why? Because then you get attention and TV time and make it about yourself which is what you think you are entitled to…that’s why! It’s not like this was an isolated incident and her mothers behavior before and after only enforces the feeling that Kim & Kroy, while having faults of their own, are right about the way they handled things with that woman! Additionally why are you watching & then reading and commenting on someone you clearly don’t seem to care for…..hmmmmm?

      • Soft Shades

        Clearly you were born yesterday and respect is definitely foreign in your world.

        Her mother may be a piece of work but the apple didn’t fall from the tree!

      • ​Kim has 20K out door toilet facilities specifically so that the drunks, including her mother would not wake the baby.

        It wasn’t an Woodstock port a potty with blue liquid that reeked of shit, I was a lovely trailer with a vanity, and running water and a regular toilet.

        Her parents are scum.

        On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 9:47 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • @Mom, I agree. I thought the way they handled the situation was fine. Her mom is a nut job, add being drunk to that and it’s a recipe for disaster. It is sad that she has no contact with her dad, they seemed so close.

      • Soft Shades

        I saw a repeat of Kim’s wedding Wednesday night (never saw it before) and what I saw was Kim’s mother escorting her sister into Kim’s house after she was told to use the portable toilet. Neither women were drunk however, Kim’s mother was outraged that her sister was sent to use the $5,000 rental.

        Kim also took advantage of her friendship w/Kandi who BTW sang at her wedding. Kandi helped her no singing a$$ with “Tardy for the Party” which generated money! (that’s what friends do) However, Kim didn’t think sharing the profits fairly was necessary which resulted in a lawsuit file by Kandi & a severed friendship. Clearly family & friends means absolutely nothing to Kim who BTW morally corrupt having “0” character.

        Kroy is a few years younger than Kim lets see how it plays out. Considering the fact that she also dated a woman’s husband publicly having no regard or respect for her own children (John Edwards & his mistress, Rielle Hunter comes to mind); Kim has some dues to pay.

        There’s definitely a pattern with Kim (reality show or not) and I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, you reap what you sow.

    • I was happy when her mom was escorted out, she deserved to be. I personally love this show and think it will do very well.

    • BrianB

      Ok Kim’s mom

    • jrleaguer

      @ Soft Shades~ “If America embraces these two God help us all. Kim & Kroy are the most narcissistic, ungrateful & despicable couple in all of reality TV & they have a lot to learn.”
      I have to disagree with you. I think the Kardashians took that title a long time ago.

      • No joke. Kim and Kroy are the most normal reality family on TV.

      • The kardashions did take that title but kim has her own. BB (big bullshitter). She tricked Kroys dumb ass into getting pregnant. She didn’t get pregnant messing around with Big Papa or any of the other men she was screwing. She was even going with a woman one time. That’s who gave her the Versace dinnerware.

        She wants Kroy to have a vasectomy so when they divorce (not if) he won’t have other children to spend his money on. He gave her for kids in two years. Wtf was he thinking. He is country.

        His football carrier won’t last much longer and she’s already gone through the money he saved playing ball. He is either 28 or 29. He should have listen to his mother or the guys in the locker room.

      • Kim and Kroy seem to be terribly happy for a couple where the husband was duped into marriage and the wife isn’t really that into him. The girls seem pretty damn happy on twitter as well. Well, if she were trying to rope a guy in with a baby, why didn’t she get knocked up with big papa? And what’s the big deal with her brief dip into the lady pond?

        Lighten up Francis.

    • Deb

      I thought there was a toilet downstairs but her mom insisted in going to another bathroom and woke the baby up.

  9. Wow, I watched a different show. There’s something really off putting about a foul mouthed 3 year old. Their medical decisions were stupid. Kroc says they have the best doctor, therefore he feels confident in not following his recommendations? Just retarded.

    Kim’s anxiety about Kroys rehab was funny. She can see all those nice NFL checks floating out the window. The house is overdone, Kim is blowzy, and Kroys is a complete idiot.


    • Well, the party pooper has arrived. ​

      On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 6:35 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • I agree.. I can’t like Kim no matter how hard I try… I see NeNe & Kim as being good friends again – they are cut from the same cloth.. And it’s a pattern I don’t like.

      I can’t “like” someone who threw her mother out of her wedding reception because she dared think she could go inside at her daughters (rented) house to use the bathroom instead of the port-a-potty outside with the other guests…

      I do like Kroy though…

      • Janet

        I feel bad just reading the great TT blog here, but I can’t bring myself to watch one minute of that show. It sounds like Kroy may be ok or even better this year………but there is just nothing about Kim that I can tolerate. She had nannies and helpers last season and still she was like a crazed person, I can’t imagine what she will be like with so many kids.

    • The whole twins, one in breech position….no c-section.I am calling BS. That doctors malpractice insurance would be dropped. OB’s are being sued to the point that they are shaping up snatches. seriously malpractice claims have had a serious impact on OBs. Actually do not know how many have moved on to cosmetic snatch surgery but OBs are jumping ship.

    • fivecatsownme

      She made an informed decision about her delivery. There are risks to vaginal and caesarian section deliveries. C-sections have a higher maternal and infant mortality rate. Kim is a L&D nurse; I am sure she know more than most people of the risks/benefits to both procedures. The placenta smoothie sounds gross, but again, her choice. At least she didn’t paint the twins up to look like NeNe’ s Birkin.

      • If she used to be a L&D nurse how the hell didn’t she understand “Baby a is dropping.” I knew what it meant.

      • S

        I believe she was an LPN, not a labor and delivery nurse which I believe you need an RN for… Big difference… But I think she should reasonably know plenty about labor and delivery from her personal experiences

      • I don’t believe kim ever worked in a hospital. She did not know what baby down meant the blood pressure was low. The same could go mr g is down for example. I want to see a certified certificate from the department of records she got it from.

      • Phaedra, Kim showed you the certified certificate from the department of records she done got it from. GAWD.

        Kim was an LPN. I think she worked in a nursing home for five minutes. She was not an RN. Somewhere on the site I pointed this out and incurred the wrath of nurses everywhere for somehow insulting LPNs.

        Welcome to 2012.​

        On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 8:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • vivaladiva831

      I’m convinced that “c-section” scene was contrived drama. The first thing they make you do, before they touch one part of your body, is put on a hospital gown. Kim was wearing her regular clothes. They even went to the extreme of taping an IV tube to her arm. But if a doctor seriously thinks a baby could be in distress, he is going to make that decision for you, not ask you, what you are going to do.

      • Yeah. You might be on to something. One minute she had an iv in. The next, it was a big splint looking mess. Then back to just an iv in her arm.

  10. GCVLMV

    I am not in. For some reason these two annoy the hell out of me. Cute kids though!

  11. Cat

    Damn! I changed the channel, not because I don’t like Kim–I think she’s funny. I changed it because there were too many babies, and babies are just not my thing. Guess I should have stuck with it. Oh well, there’s always next week.

    • Cat

      Oh goodie. Since I was up all night (insomnia), I managed to catch one of the many late night reruns. It wasn’t as bad as I originally thought (the wine probably helped).

      I’m not a fan of any housewife, but of all of them, I think Kim is the most entertaining. She’s funny. As for the debate about her mom getting kicked out of the house, I understand Kim’s position. My place is my sanctuary, and I don’t like that privacy invaded. If Kim and Kroy didn’t want people in the house and waking up the baby, the guests (even relatives) should respect that. After all, it’s THEIR house.

  12. Sissy

    I would rather watch Kim, Kroy and their family than the monstrous mess called NeNe. She is beyond obnoxious, thinking that she and she alone built Bravo TV to what it is today. She is so conceited and arrogant, she is no longer tolerable or relateable. Kim has her moments, but with Kroy, she has built a family and seems happy. I will keep watching *Don’t Be Tardy* and I have already dropped *RHOA* from my DVR.

  13. From my corner: love the show. Will watch (sans husband. Apparently he draws the line here). Love the family and the chaos.

    What I do NOT love is sweatie. They need to keep her and her foul mouth away from those kids. Her work ethic is nothing for the teens to be exposed to. And she’s just too nasty and crass for the babies. She stood in front of the boys at the beginning of the show and used dorm off color phrase. I can’t recall what. I thought, that’s not kiddie talk. And then later when KJ spit out his expletive, after I laughed, I thought, that’s sweatie’s influence.

    What’s with The younger teen? She seemed pregnant. And they barely showed her beyond just her face. Weird. Her face didn’t seem fat. But she has a big potbelly. This is not a criticism necessarily. But pointing out an anomaly.

    I love the house. I would not want a house that big, but then again, I swore after growing up in a house of nine people, that I would never be part of a family that large. I guess they do need 7 bedrooms. Each bedroom gets a bathroom. The pool gets a bathroom. The gym needs a bathroom. The common areas need a few powder rooms (they didnt say 11 FULL baths, did they?). They probably have a bedroom set up for a nanny while the twins are small enough to still be sharing a room. She needs a shitter too right? 11 isn’t that many when there are 7 bedrooms.

    Totally agree about the food. Nothing wrong with tenders or mac. As long as there are some green beans or broccoli and some fruit. I don’t really expect kim to know these things. She grew up kinda white trashy. But as an athlete, I’d expect that Kroy would have an education in nutrition and that he’d demand that his kids are well balanced and well rested. So many kids with problems would be much better off, if not totally normal, if they got 12 hours of sleep plus naps and plenty of fruit and green vegetables. I don’t buy into the breastmilk thing. Especially for poor people who have poor nutrition themselves. Garbage in garbage out. I think formula is fine if not better and you really shape their psyches and their brains with food and rest, along with a balanced schedule (they don’t need to be stimulated all the time. In fact, being bored makes for an amazing capacity for imagination, without which we’d have no entrepreneurs or innovation).

    • Soft Shades

      “What I do NOT love is sweatie. They need to keep her and her foul mouth away from those kids.” If they need to keep Sweatie and her foul mouth away from those kids, what do you suggest they do with their mother – stone her to death! Are you crazy or just stupid geezzzzzzzz … lol

      • Please quote me anything kim has said on camera in front of her children recently that is off color?

        I’ll wait.

      • vivaladiva831

        We see Kim cuss like a sailor around the girls, but I have never seen Kim cuss on front of the babies.

      • If Sweetie has a foul mouth what are you going to do with Kim. She cusses like a sailor. These kids came out cursing, she did not read books to them or play soothing music, so heat do you expect. It’s not Sweeties fault.

      • Soft Shades

        Considering the moral fiber of today’s society I’m not surprise by the values we hold or endorse, in fact, its more sad than entertaining.

        I do enjoy Reality TV, however, exploiting your children, having more when you don’t spend time w/the ones you have, cursing like a sailor & not cooking a decent meal or have someone prepare one for your children is just not entertaining (to each his own).

        Money can’t buy back time w/your children and it certainly can’t buy respect, class or character which is not in Kim’s DNA … sad.

        Kim’s mother may have some issues which may explain why Kim has issues – like mother, like daughter; they’re both one in the same.

      • PS. What does Kim’s language have to do with the low rent help? Whatever Kim does she does. They can’t fire her. I was speaking about the low life that they pay to be lazy. And again, I don’t think kim was even bleeped on this episode. She has changed her ways a bit from first impression. Like TT said, maybe her red solo cup days are over.

    • therealdeb

      i agree about the diet for sure. all the additives and dyes make stuff not so great. sweetie is a nasty piece, she is lazy and not a good role model for those kids. as for the younger teen daughter, she has always been on the heavier side and has always sports an almost oddly large tummy. i have noticed it for years and wondered if it was dietary or she inherited it form someone in the family. i am not a huge kin fan, i think she is rather crass but i do believe her kids and kroy are her world and she would move heaven and earth for them. i really adore kroy, for him to take her and her girls on and do it happily shows he is a good man.

      • Soft Shades

        Kim is a narcissist and had those children for reality TV “The Octopus Mom”, “Kate plus 8” need I say more … some people will do anything for money, fame and/or attention. Kim is not interested in her children’s diet or anything else. Both of her daughters are over weight no doubt due to poor eating habits as well as diet. The only thing Kim relates to is money, glitz & glam which will soon fade.

        Trust me, it’s all about Kim which is why she has an army of people around her catering to her needs not the needs of her family (May God bless those children).

    • dallasmom

      I have a 3 year old…..terrible eater!!!! We sneek the fruit and veggie’s with fruit snacks (with veggies) and V-8. The little munkin refuses to eat veggies! But on the other hand he doesn’t cuss

      • Really? Your three year old dictates what he eats? Why does he have bad options?​

        On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 10:20 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • vivaladiva831

        Dallas I have one of those too. My daughter will eat any fruits and veggies, salads, grilled chicken, etc. My son will not. And he does not “dictate” what he eats. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles. I have refused to feed him unless he wants to eat the healthy options available for him, so what does he do? Fast for a day, then he can’t sleep at night bc he is hungry, which means I don’t sleep, and when you have to be up for a job and other children during the day, you have to find alternatives. Children grow out of that-KJ will be just fine, this doesn’t mean his eating habits are screwed for life.

      • Soft Shades

        @teecee66 …What does Kim’s language have to do with the low rent help? I’ll tell you, we attract that which way are … enough said? …lol

      • Oh god. Are you still here? No. No you don’t. And even if you did, what does that have to do with tsking out the trash, dipshit? You think you are clever and come up with some saying that no one has EVER said. But you’re a dipshit.

    • Children should not live on a diet of “nuggets” and boxed processed pasta. You are old so you may not know this but there are a LARGE number of parents whose kids only eat nuggets, fries, or mac and cheese. Like that is their entire diet. Kids need food. Not nuggets. ​

      On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 9:37 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I’m pretty sure I said that. It’s unrealistic to think they aren’t going to get nuggets (there are some chicken nuggets that are not bad) or mac (my mac and cheese is fairly healthy). But yeah. Tons of parents are like “he’ll only eat hot dogs”. And then you have pediasure marketing sugary milkshakes as the “solution”. Not sure how they get away with that shit.

      • fivecatsownme

        I agree with you TT. The problem is most parents can’t cook or unlike Heather have no staff to do it for them. After work it’s easy to nuke nuggets or stop at the drive thru. I was lucky enough to go back to work part time when kiddo went to misery school, and had flex hours when he went to grammar school. I worked 6 am to 2 pm, so could do dinner, baths, and supervise homework. Survival classes need to be taught in schools. How to balance a check book, make an inlet, grill a chicken breast, steam broccoli, bake a potato,etc. Little brains need nutrition. Ranch dressing helps most vegetables become edible. Cut up the fruit serve with vanilla yogurt as a dip. Fast food was an occasional treat. Milk not soda as the beverage.

      • Lol. Ranch dressing?? Oh ok. Let’s coat a veg in fat, chemicals and sugar to get a kid to eat it.

        Thank god my kid always loved the way I cook vegetables. And the fact that we ALL ate the same thing most of the time. You people who can’t get your children to eat right, do YOU love fresh veg and fresh fruit?

      • S

        Often the most judgmental are the folks without kids. Parents often do the best they can, especially the moms who are working, busy and exhausted. I grew up on spaghetti os and fruit, fried chicken and kix cereal, my mom rarely gave me soda and I played putside a lot. I be never been overweight. Some moms buy only pure organic everything and keep their kids in a bubble but I disagree w this, even if one is wealthy and can afford to be a stay at home mom. Between working to put food on the table, commutes, taking care of the home and family, no mom out there can be perfect, but do the best we can. My friend is a babysitter and complained how the other leaves “junk” for her small children like spaghetti os and Mac n cheese, and that if she would have kids they would only eat fresh foods everyday. I laughed to myself bc she doesn’t have children and has no idea what she’d be in for !! Balance is key, mix of good food and sometimes “easy” food… Sooner or later they WILL be exposed to junk food,trust me.and for babies breast milk is always considered the best option unless mom is smoking or something like that.

      • Wow. What a selfish comment. Awwww. I’m soooo busy. All I can do is open a can. I need ME time!!! But you’re wrong. Your mother was a shitty parent. She may not have known better. You’re just a selfish hunk. You can make nutritious meals as quickly as you can make spaghetti os. Or you can plan out your meals for the week and prep them early. Or just don’t have kids. Having a kid does not give you a license to tell someone who doesn’t have a kid that they are wrong about nutrition facts. It just means you dot know what you’re doing.

      • And your small way of thinking and making an excuse for bad behaviors shows that growing up on spaghetttios is bad for the brain. Kids are smarter when they are raised the correct way.

      • S

        Geeeeeeeez TeeCee…… why are you so nasty ???? Seriously, you have a chip on your shoulder judging on how easily you get nasty when someone diplomatically has a slightly different opinion than you. I meant ONCE IN A WHILE it is fine to open a can of spaggetios … addition to a balanced diet… and not keep kids in a bubble of expensive organic food all the time… I think you just have a LOT of time on your hands !!!! I am a busy physical therapist and cook several nights a week for my family, how about you ?? Wowwwwww….. I happen to be a great parent and so is my mom… how do you feel calling people “shitty”parents, personally attacking them ? Does it make you feel good ? I dont value your opinion so it doesnt bother me.. And from someone who doesn’t even believe in breastmilk either. I refuse to discuss any further.

      • Bout time you shut up.

      • fivecatsownme

        TeeCee, I am sure you child said thank you Mommy Dearest after finishing those vegetables. You need to change your Bacall to Crawford.

    • I think I love you Teecee! Just kidding of course but your comments are spot on with my take, on every single thing! I also noticrd what you did about Ariana (?), not to be callimg her names either but her stomach did look big. She was chubby before though so maybe it’s just baby fat. Btw I come from a family of eight, perhaps that has somrthing to do with thinkimg like you do? You say it better although sometimes a little sassy! Lol.

    • I agree- not a fan of sweetie either.
      I think the younger of the girls (arianna) is just a little chubby- I think she always has been. My peds once told me that preteens will often bulk up before they hit a growth spurt/puberty. Maybe this is the case with her.
      I have 3 boys and nuggets and Mac n cheese are a staple around here. Throw in some green beans and fruit and I’ve at least tried to cover all good groups. On days where I’m exhausted and it’s late, it may be a pb&j.

    • Ariana has always had a slightly puffy shape. Kim posts plenty of pics on her Facebook so I can safely say Ariana isn’t pregnant. Maybe going through puberty is making her even puffier.

      • ​Are we really going to talk about the body shape of a 12 year old girl? Seriously? Is this in some way important to the show discussion?

        On Sat, Jul 19, 2014 at 1:31 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Lindy

        Tamara, TeeCee made the initial comment about Ariana. All of the rest of us are only commenting to try to negate that. I wished I hadn’t mentioned it afterward when I noticed so many others trying to do the same. TeeCee’s comment asking if she was pregnant wasn’t necessary. I would be pleased if you removed all the comments referring to the poor child’s body.

      • NEGATE WHAT??? Wtf are you talking about?

    • Jesus Christ. For you morons with the reading comprehension and deductive skills of a turnip, I was NOT in any way implying that a little kid is pregnant!! Jesus Christ. If I said she look like a mouse, would you really think I was implying that she is an actual rodent???

      • Lindy

        No, I would not think she looked like a mouse, I would think you are a cruel heartless ugly person…..among other things….and feel sorry for your children, and….I could go on…..but you’re just not worth my time, honey. You’re just…..well, kinda pitiful.

      • Oh it’s the tattletale. Did you think you were performing a public service?

        Ps: cruel heartless and ugly are compliments to me.

  14. Soft Shades

    @momadison I meant the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

    • Soft Shades

      I agree w/TT, mac & cheese, nuggets, fries, box pasta is a poor diet which are nothing but carbs which turns into sugar … a consistently diet such as this can and will lead to juvenile diabetes which involves weight gain … to think that Kim has a degree in nursing … smh. She needs to be careful both of her older daughters are overweight.

      • sorry, for not vetting the idiot before letting her in…​

        On Sat, Jul 19, 2014 at 12:00 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Kim states she was a nurse……..She would have never made it in nursing school! LPN….maybe?

      • I feel like this subject has been beaten to death, but for the sake of discussion of the future episodes Lana posted a picture of KJ’s breakfast on her instagram. It’s fresh blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, a tangerine, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and sausage. It’s more than I would eat in an entire day. They also have Chef Tracey Bloom come in and cook for them at times. I guess it’s funnier to show burnt chicken nuggets and mac and cheese.

  15. Lindy

    I will watch. They are kind of endearing and as much as I disliked Kim in the beginning (when I initially watched on RHOA), she grew on me.

    If I’m not mistaken Kim is Licensed Practical Nurse, not an RN. Even so, she is an incredibly dumb one. She’s made many comments over the years that made me wonder how she could ever have passed the boards as an LPN, let alone an RN. She didn’t even know how an IUD prevents conception. You may be correct that she worked in labor and delivery, but I don’t see how that’s possible based on the various dumb things she has said.

    Unfortunately, I fear her unbridled spending is bound to catch up with them and that will be sad. I have no idea what possessed her to have all those kids. However I do remember an episode where she said that once she realized she could afford help that she thought she would go ahead and have a bunch of them. *eyeroll* At lease Kroy seems to have had a solid upbringing and has been a good influence on her, and I see him as a godsend for the kids. I agree to though, that he is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

    The younger girl has always had a tummy and I think that’s just the way God made her, although I haven’t seen last night’s episode. (’cause I forgot) She’s adorable though. I’m afraid she’s going to feel forgotten or be neglected with 4 babies in the house. It was so sad last year when Brielle felt as though she had no time with her mom with the two babies there and now there are four. :(

  16. Fairplay

    I am all in.

    Love watching them handle all the kids. Waiting to see a breakdown. Lol!!!
    Also nice to see a husband who seems genuinely interested in his family and caring. Now that is sexy.

  17. TT, Soft Shades didn’t even get that you were throwing her shade for her uneducated comment.

  18. Cali

    I love the show. Kim and Kory are so funny. The old girl’s are beautiful. They have grown so much. Kim has beautiful children. She has a husband who love her and they all seem to be very happy. The ratings were over a million. Can’t wait until next week.

  19. Soft Shades

    @teecee66 I meant we attract that which we are … we can agree to disagree. Hve a great day!

  20. Can we agree to leave her girls out of our comments?
    There’s plenty to discuss without them. Enjoyed the show.
    Love that house but Sweetie needs to go.

    • Oh, is this your blog? So sorry to have posted about something you didn’t want discussed on YOUR blog, LINDA.

      • Teehee,
        Why do you find it necessary to attack everyone that doesn’t agree with you?
        Get your own fucken blog lady! And leave the kids alone!

      • Oh. So this IS your blog ?

        I do not “attack” anyone. I simple have a low tolerance for stupid. You’re the one still talking about children, btw.

  21. i actually liked the show, can see kroy really loves her and the kids…and can i say omgggggggggggg about that house!! but the bloody placenta bag made me puke……i sure can’t and won’t eat something that was inside me ….yukkkkkkkkkkk

  22. I hope the majority of you bitches commenting on this site get drunk tonight (or if you are in CO or WA, stumble over to the nearest pot bar & partake in some legal marijuana)… You ladies are wound too tightly today. Far too tightly.

    Normally, I like the witty & biting banter back & forth but today it wasn’t much fun. /cracking open a bottle of Summer Shandy/

  23. Wampascat

    Kim and Kroy make gorgeous babies, but Kim is one lazy ass mother.

  24. Kim’s family TV show proves that rating and fans will come without the fights.
    Kim needs to hire a cook or a meal planner. Children will eat what the family eats and if you don’t eat a balanced diet neither will your child.

    • Angel

      I think that about the cook or chef also. Those two older girls are old enough and start learning to cook as well.The chef will also make good nutritious meals for all ages and freeze for when they are not there. It makes more sense than all the jewelry, wig, and make up people, if a spending choice is necessary.

    • But it’s much more entertaining to make the world believe your family eats only nuggets and mac n cheese!

  25. Autumn

    Yeah it’s campy and whatnot…but they really do seem to love each other as opposed to every other show on Kroy adopted the girls…he is a pretty stand up guy in my eyes….and well even though he did a reality show he seems like a pretty stand up guy.

  26. What the Fox Said...

    Found the show rather entertaining, 30 minutes was sufficient to capture the theme “modern day Brady bunch” with wealthy, narcissistic parents and spoiled yet cute and entertaining kids.

    If you follow Brielle or Kim on Instagram you will notice they eat out a lot -Panera, Chick fi la etc…you know where us regular working class folk eat on occasion.

    TT quick question: if I click on ur link thru twitter do you still get paid?? Just checking because I mostly access ur site thru twitter and want to make sure u get every penny from my clicks as I visit your blog daily.

    Next question: is teecee66 on ur payroll? Does she get paid by the # of times commenters disagree with her? Is she paid to moderate the comments or facilitate discussion among us?? I just ask because she is in the comments more than you TT.

    • I like TeeCee’s observations in here.
      She has a distinct way with words.

      • What the Fox said ...

        I never said I didn’t like her. I just noticed that she comments daily on almost every post. Made me wonder if she was on the payroll, a good friend of TT or an aspiring blogger herself.
        Typically you don’t go to someone’s “home” and insult their “guest/customers” without consequence. TT is quick to throw illiterate commenters off her blog , so it surprises me that teecee is allowed to run readers away when TT is often lobbying to get more page views. But this could be a part of the master plan allow “controversial” commenter to post daily = more traffic to the site!

      • I’m not always around to run people of the site. Sometimes TeeCee is. /shrugs

  27. I’ll give Kim and Kroy a pass on the food for now. 2 teenagers, two toddlers, and infant twins with a recovering mom. Plus dad’s recovering from surgery. I’ve been there (not as many kids, of course) and “get the kids fed” is whatever is easiest. Plus, who knows how long it was hard for Kim to get around before the babies were born. The girls are funny and they seem happy. As crazy as their life is, this shows Kim and Kroy are doing something right.

    Thanks for doing all you do, Tamara! I live for this blog!

  28. jrleaguer

    Finally got to see the whole episode. Loved it. As for the food choices, when there are that many kids, mom and dad not at full capacity physically, then you adapt the motto of “By any means necessary.” They love their kids and they love each other and that is what is most important.
    Kroy….time to join the “V” club. We had 3 in less than three years. I had my tubal scheduled and paid for, but my husband said, “After seeing you go through that three times, it is the least that I can do.” Plus, I think that every man should hear the phrase, “Put your feet in the stirrups and scoot to the end of the table” at least once in their life.

  29. Amy

    I kinda think SoftShades is Kim’s Mom…

  30. GCVLMV

    I would be willing to wager that there will be cussing by Kim and the solo cups will make a return, You can lead a horse to water, but can’t change its stripes, and for God’s sake never look it in the mouth! Or something like that…..

  31. I cannot STAND this b*tch! She is the trashiest white trash broad EVER. Those poor kids :(

  32. Josie

    They are a really cute couple. Love their chemistry and back and forth banter. Kroy is adorable. Love the little ones.

    Kim’s natural hair is pretty…I am so sick of those wigs. They are like another character. Do they get a contract too?

    The house is gorgeous but 17,000 square feet is overkill. Needing a walkie talkie to talk to each other looks a silly however the house is beautiful and she did a great job.

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