Big Brother Live Eviction Show Recap: Which Beast Goes?

Chop by: @MsDredd41

Chop by: @MsDredd41

Caleb thinks that volunteering to go on the block could be his biggest move in the game. Jocasta is now officially in love with Donny and sobbing and praising Jesus. She wants a final two with Donny. Wouldn’t that be something? I almost wish it were possible.

Caleb and Amber and Hayden are all Have-nots sleeping in the ice room. In the middle of the night after Amber is asleep Caleb puts both of his blankets on Amber. He whispers to Hayden that he thinks by putting himself on the block, and giving up his covers, he will “win a date with her.”  Hayden looks at the camera and mouths “WTF?”  Caleb’s creepy factor is well-known in the house now.  Cody and Donny talk about Caleb’s instability. Cody wants Caleb out because he is freaked out by him staring him down and asking about his friendship with Amber. This is all editing to not make the obvious Devin boot seem so obvious. But, they all really do want Caleb out.

The guys hate Victoria. I think it is unfounded. She was cast as the Jewish American Princess. She is playing the role to a T.  She is pretty ditzy. The boys (and TeeCee!) are really hard on her.

Cody is talking to Amber in the dark while rubbing, scratching her knee. LOOK OUT CODY! Here come Caleb with Amber’s scarf tied all ninja warrior-like on his head! Hide, Cody! Hide!

A little Haycole snuggling! Nicole seems to be coming around to the idea of kissing. And then Victoria comes in the room to go to bed.

Chop by: @UNCdavid

Chop by: @UNCdavid

I feel like I have heard this Devin story about his custody agreement. Because, the dude never shuts the fuck up about it. Cody is nice to Devin. He’s such a sweet boy with a fucking sick body. #ImpureThoughts

There is a WHOLE lot of talking of getting Caleb out. I haven’t been watching the feeds so I have no idea if this could happen. Probably not. They play the scene where Frankie wakes up Derrick to tell him about a plot to get rid of Caleb. It is SOOOO edited. Derrick in real time said absolutely not, Devin is going home. So, I am back to having no hope at all that Caleb is going. This is just some really crazy editing.

BTW, everyone is expecting endurance tonight but they just showed Caleb in jeans. It doesn’t look like anyone is dressed for endurance.

Jeff goes to NC to interview Donny’s parents. They are adorable. They don’t watch Big Brother because it comes on too late (8 p.m.) .Donny’s Daddy sounds just like Donny but a billion years old. He says he ain’t never liked them kind of shows. He likes cowboy pictures and Gunsmoke (Aired from 1955-1975  At least it was a CBS show).  His mom says he dresses different out there. She had never seen him in short til she saw him out thar.  Um, how did she see him out thar if she ain’t been watching that show?  They show them some clips of the show where everyone thinks he is all sorts of things. Jeff asks what they thought, did they like it and his mama said, “No, I don’t.”  When Donny cries about people liking him on the show, then mama and his sisters cry. I somehow missed that Donny has brother who is a one-armed teacher in a wheelchair. He is there! It is true! You can’t make this shit up!  Crap! Donny’s girlfriend is pretty. I’ve actually seen pictures of Donny with a very small beard and he’s not bad looking. He wanted to shave before coming into the house  and Big Brother would not let him. He was going to shave in the house but now that he is winning comps he calls it his lucky beard.  That whole scene was pretty hysterical. Jeff puts on Donny’s work shirt replete with sewn on nametag and eats a pop tart and does Sudoku on the couch with his parents.

FINALLY! Time to talk to the houseguests. They do all have on athletic gear and running shoes so it may well be endurance if so I will live update in comments. I am a bit behind live right now because there was so much to type. Julie tells them there will be no have-nots but they should expect the unexpected.  Julie says what the houseguest don’t know it that the following week the havenots will be chosen based on their activity counter. They have been wearing these bands that I think count their steps. Many have mentioned on the feeds that it might determine have-nots. But I am not sure if they will pick the least active or the most active.

Chop By: @UNCDavid

Chop By: @UNCDavid

I’m expecting everyone to vote for Devin to go, but Nicole and Christine have discussed throwing a couple hinky votes. Caleb gives a speech in cowboy boots, jeans and a completely unbuttoned shirt. He shouts out to God, says he has not been a backstabber, a liar, a cheater, someone who will throw you under the bus, He says that at the end of the day (puke) we all know what Devin has done. He’s a great guy and if that is the guy you want in the house vote to keep him. But if you want “Beastmode Cowboy” (BTW, he is playing to print shirts and sell them that say that, get your order in now) pick him.

Devin says he has had some highs and lows in the game and if he could go back and change some things he would. He says we all know that Caleb has a final two pact with Amber and has proven he will do whatever it takes to protect her including nominating himself for eviction. Would you rather have someone like that or someone who is willing to right his wrongs including removing someone from the block he has nominated. Devin says if they keep him, while Caleb is a competition beast in physical challenges, he is a competition monster in both mental and physical challenges. He promises to stay out of the storage room eating up all the food and tells Nicole she is the best looking frog all with a somewhat genuine looking smile. It was absolutely the best speech he could have given. And Donny nodded through the whole thing.  I suddenly want them to all hinky vote Caleb!  Devin is psycho, but smart!  Caleb is just psycho!

Everyone votes out Devin. Devin does not get booed. He was really afraid of that. The houseguests inside are all over celebrating. I think that is mean. I’m not a Devin fan but still, his family is watching. His goodbye messages were edited to be decent.

Time for the HOH. They drew numbers before the show. They will be competing in pairs based on those numbers, #1 partnered with #2 and so forth.  Team are: Victoria and Christine.  Caleb and Nicole. Brittany and Jocasta. Amber and Zach. Donny and Hayden (YAY!) and Cody and Frankie.  Nicole needs to THROW THIS COMP! I’m rooting for Donny and Hayden two non bomb squadders!

The setting seems to be in HELL. It’s called deviled eggs. They are in cages with chicken wire. They have to reach through the wire and maneuver a dozen eggs into their slots. First pair to get 12 eggs wins.  Victoria sucks. Donny is doing well.  Oh they are in separate coops so their partner has to wait for the egg to get to them. Frankie is doing well. Nicole needs to drop her damn egg.

Amber and Zach and Cody and Frankie each have one egg in when the show ends. I am going to post and stay with this forsaking all other recapping until HOH is crowned. I promise to get to Don’t Be Tardy, It’s All Relative, Leann and Eddie and whatever else I am forgetting tomorrow.

Woohoo! Eggy endurance!

































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36 responses to “Big Brother Live Eviction Show Recap: Which Beast Goes?

  1. Cody and Frankie won. They both want Caleb out!

  2. Derrick apparently told Frankie and Cody Brittany and Jocasta’s system for moving two eggs at once. Britanny is bummed because she knows she is going up. Caleb is stunned he is not HOH. ROFLMAO

  3. Does Frankie have the nads to put up Caleb? Caleb is whining about food. He just compared himself to a Holocaust survivor.

  4. Cat

    I love the pics you posted with this blog. And, wow, I thought this challenge was going to take FOREVER! Thanks for posting the updates!

  5. Caleb talking about how great he was in the competition…

  6. Derrick is hell bent on jocasta and britanny being up on separate teams. He is subtly trying to keep Victoria. I think derrick wants to drag Victoria to the end as his goat.

    Amber and Victoria are the other two so winning HOH gets amber and whoever and the other HOH gets the other with Victoria.

  7. Between BBAD, ppl’s live feed updates, you, Tamara, and UF, I get all the BB feels I need without having to watch the edited show. I’ll watch the episodes once we get to the end. But here (specifically) have made this season better just because of the recaps. #andithankyou

    Hmmmm….I wonder if Donny will figure out Derrick. I think he’s smart enough to do it, but wants to hold onto America’s players as a great alliance. When it’s time to get rid of Frankie — if Donny’s still there — he’s gone. But Donny and Jocasta as a final two. I wouldn’t mind it. Jocasta would just need to float as best as she can.

    The only floaters I like winning this or Survivor, however, are those who appear to their fellow players as floaters, but the audience knows that they were gaming everyone the whole time. Seems like Derrick’s filling that role for the moment. He’s smart. He deserves the win.

  8. Urethra Franklin

    These HG are such wimpy ass players. I HATE this voting w/ the house mentality. Just imagine if there were 2 or 3 jinky votes against Caleb last night? The house would have been poppin’. I know it’s different when your living in the BB house and don’t want to poke the crazy, but as viewers we want shit stirred up, and I’m sure production editors would love it too.

    Late last night I was checking out Caleb’s official twitter @BBTEAMCALEB. It is being run by his brother/family. WOW they’re posting the creepiest pics of Caleb standing over dead deer with a hunters bow; and sexy pics that look more like serial killer chic than anything else.

    Most of the tweet replies are very defensive telling people off and such. I know they are trying to protect his image, but they seem to have the same personality flaws as Caleb. Their intentions & thoughts just don’t translate well outside of their own minds.

    • I just clicked over to the feeds and they are at the battle of the block. The chat room I clicked on was full of morons so it is hard to know for sure but it looked like someone (probably Cody) put up Amber and Jocasta and someone else (Frankie?) put up Brittany and Victoria. ​I dunno. I can’t see Cody putting up Amber or Brittany…. So maybe just ignore everthing I said. Does anyone know? I am still lazily plodding through my emails. I have so much to post today and Friday’s are usually slow enough to watch feeds but Not today…

      On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 12:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Urethra Franklin

        They woke up this morning and feeds went to fish. We have not seen any confirmation on who was nominated. But it is likely it will be Brit, Amber, Victoria, & Amber.

      • dallasmom

        Cody put up Brittany and Victoria. Frankie put up Amber and Jocasta.

      • Who is the target? I cannot believe that Cody put up Amber. I thought he was practically in love with her? Was there an arrangement made in advance?

  9. I sadly put this in the wrong blog… so here it is again..

    Vain Caleb really sadly thinks this song, ahem, show it about him… I mean really with that open shirt last night? I was half hoping Julie would call him out and say, “Button up yo CHIT!!!” HAHAHA… God there’s nothing about him I can take any more…. Sorry TT…

    BTW I love me some Cody. So glad… So very glad to have a Cody week!!! Ah life is nice… and I’m going on holiday… totally bringing Tamara with me…!!!!!

    I’d love for them to shave Donny… Sad they will be getting rid of him… He’s a nice guy… and dragging VicotiaPrincess to the end is a good idea… but the $M ? is do WE want to have to watch her azz for the rest of the summer?

    AH HELL NAW!!!!

  10. Victoria, Amber, Britt and Jocasta are on the block. Amber volunteered to be a pawn for Frankie. This was Frankie completing the TA challenge by putting up a physical threat.

    Frankie just came of DR and said it’s time to pick a host for the BOB comp.

    EVERYFUCKING YEAR the girls just sit there and let the boys pick them off. EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

    • dallasmom

      Wow tt! I didn’t know Amber volunteered?! Now she is pouting about it! I am still hoping Caleb gets backdoored! Can’t stand him, and his family on twitter are as odd as he is! And he keeps going on and on about wearing a tux and riding in a limo and the paps will be after him after the show! He is delusional!

      • Frankie asked her if she would be willing to be a pawn. She reluctantly agreed. Caleb knew nothing about it and he says he is furious with her for not discussing it with him. Calebe says when he wins POV he is not using it even if she is up there. LOLOLOLOL. That would be GREAT for Amber, she could finally be free of him.

  11. dallasmom

    Amber and Jocasta won! Cody remains hoh!

  12. dallasmom

    Seems like I am the only one posting on this thread, but if anyone is interested Victoria won POV. Caleb won 5K, Zach a trip to Germany, Nicole a unitard! Not looking good for Brittany!

  13. dallasmom

    Lol Brittany has to kick a soccer ball 2400 times in 24 hours as a punishment……soccer themed competition (obviously lol)

    • Poor Britanny. She’s on punishment and going home… Thanks for all the updates Dallas Mom. I was trying to get caught up on hard news today… so many sad stories happening in the world.

      I really appreciate you sharing! ​

      On Sat, Jul 19, 2014 at 7:21 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • dallasmom

        Thanks tt! I know so much sad stuff in the real news! I always appreciate your recaps!!!!

  14. I’m still confused over the winning team’s hoh losing. Or does the winning team’s hoh win?

    So, what is Frankie’s punishment? They sure did pack a lot into today.

    • ​If your nominees win, then they take themselves off the block and that HOH no longer has anyone to be in charge of so they are not HOH anymore.

      On Sat, Jul 19, 2014 at 8:20 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • It’s just so counter intuitive. It will come into play more when there are fewer people. I mean…you pick weak people to evict? And hope they lose. What happens when there are no weak people. I’m sure everyone is rolling their eyes at me because this has all been thought through. But for the first few weeks it was like algebra to me. It just gave me a headache when I tried to figure it out.

      • It’s another reason they keep nomination females every week. Someone agrees to let the other guy have it by putting Amber up. It’s going to be a house full of 8 or 9 guys soon, and frankly, (heh) I think they are all looking forward to the sausage fest?

        What is going on now. I’m in Lifetime movie mode…​

        On Sat, Jul 19, 2014 at 9:36 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  15. Britanny will be kicking soccer goals all night! Cody also has to get kicked in the ass by a butt kicking machine 10 times every hour. Everyone is just sitting on their asses watching Brit kick the ball rather than rolling the ball back to her.

    Nicole is in another costume this week, but it’s cute. It fake lederhosen and a hat and she has to carry a frankfurter and a beer stein.

    Clearly the challenge was celebrating the Germany win of the World Cup. They probably got to watch the final match. Caleb is gloating about his cash win. I’d rather have the trip to Germany.

    Cody is supposed to put up Donny in Victoria’s place. But Cody is pissed at a lot of people tonight. Haven’t been watching long enough to figure out who. Also I think Cody and maybe even Britanny have permission to sleep on a cot in the back yard tonight because they will be waking them up every hour.

    • Gingersnap

      I heard Derrick say nobody was allowed to touch the ball except Brittany. Poor girl, I would wind up in traction.

  16. Whoever is HOH Caleb steals their HOH robe. He tried it with Derrick and Derrick got out of it by saying he couldn’t because he is a have not. Now he is wandering around in Cody’s HOH robe.

    Cody is mad a Frankie because of something he said to Amber about putting her up. He somehow blamed Cody for the fact he nominated Amber. There are a lot of people lying about Amber’s nomination. She agreed to be a pawn, she didn’t agree to be a pawn… I think the lying has to do with not wanting to piss of Caleb.

    • dallasmom

      Omgd Cody is seriously thinking of putting Caleb on the block!!! I hope he does! But Derrick will probably talk him out of it because he is afraid of Brittany! I HOPE caleb goes on the block… times!

      • I wish! This punishment of Brittany’s should have melted more hearts but these people are assholes. ​

        On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 6:40 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  17. Angel

    Caleb wears that (should be) illegal HOH robe and bragged he is the richest person in the house because of the 5k win. America’s team has secretly won 10k each, I think. Caleb wanted to trade Zach 5k for trip to Germany with 10k value, so he could take Amber on the trip. This guy is delusional. He was informed in DR trades are not allowed. I so hope Cody gets rid of him. Derrick can fight off a girl another day. This guys vs girls mentality of the guys makes me angry. Chicks need to get backbone and rise up. Men going to pick you off anyway. Quit making it easy playing girlish and working against each other to favor the guys.

    • Gingersnap

      I wish Cody would put up Caleb too, I’m tired of his bragging and inability to get it through his fat head that he ain’t all that. From what I’ve seen, Cody seems to have a softer heart toward the females than the rest of the guys. Maybe (and I know that’s a big maybe) after seeing Brittany SUFFER through that grueling punishment, it earned her enough respect for him to go with what he really wants, and that’s watching Caleb’s swagger as he walks out the door. Adios lunatic!

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