Bravo Announces Three New Shows And Greenlights Two More For Another Season

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Here is Bravo’s latest press release regarding their upcoming shows. Is it me are they really pumping out new programming like crazy these days?  It seems like I read somewhere they are now in the number three slot among cable stations with advertising.  That’s huge! It seems like they are throwing everything out there to see what sticks.  The good news is all the boys from Million Dollar Listing New York will be back for another season.  That’s not much of a surprise considering the episode with Fredrik’s wedding got an Emmy nomination recently.  The franchise will increase with the addition of Million Dollar Listing San Francisco.  I think San Fran is a great choice with some beautiful real estate for us to drool over.

A bit more surprising is the return of Southern Charm. I might even watch that series now that Thomas Ravenel is off the show. Ravenel is a former politician who already disgraced the fine state of South Carolina once when he was convicted of drug trafficking while holding a state office. Ravenel officially filed to run for U.S. Senate as an independent against two-term Republican incumbent Lindsay Graham. Good luck with that. #eyeroll

Once again the new shows look very promising. But we have learned not to get our hopes up. Game of Crowns anyone?  Click through for all the details.

Does this shirt make me look sleazy?

Does this shirt make me look sleazy?



“Million Dollar Listing San Francisco”

Produced by World of Wonder with Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, Tom Campbell and Danielle King serving as Executive Producers.

The fourth addition to the successful franchise follows the lives of three ambitious, hot shot real estate agents as they strive to outsell one another, listing some of the most expensive and architecturally diverse properties in America.  These brokers-by-the-bay are pushed to the limit by demanding clients, intense competition and complicated personal lives.

“There Goes The Motherhood”

Produced by Magical Elves with Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz as Executive Producers.

Following a high end “mommy and me” group in Los Angeles that is comprised of mothers with distinct and often conflicting parenting styles.  Each woman comes to the group, led by parenting expert Jill Spivack, for a different reason and while some admittedly need help, others want to share their parenting knowledge thinking they’ve figured it all out. 

“Secrets & Wives”

Produced by Haymaker and Mike TV with Aaron Rothman, Irad Eyal, Michaline Babich, Omid Kahangi, and Michael Call serving as Executive Producers.

Everyone has secrets— except this tight-knit, ultra-wealthy group of friends and rivals who know everything about each other.  But that’s just the beginning of the drama for this tangled group as they negotiate life-altering transitions from marriage failures to launching rival businesses to the ongoing hunt for love all under the judgmental eye of lifelong friends who should have their backs. 


“Million Dollar Listing New York” Season 4

Produced by World of Wonder with Randy Barbato, Fenton Bailey, Tom Campbell and Danielle King serving as Executive Producers.

Three of Manhattan’s most relentless real estate agents, Fredrik Eklund, Luis D. Ortiz and Ryan Serhant, return for another season as they compete for their share of the market and battle to be the top broker, selling the most desired and expensive real estate in New York. Season three was the highest rated of the series among all key demos with the season finale (6/11/14) delivering 1.7 million total viewers, making it the highest rated episode of the season among all key demos. 

“Southern Charm” Season Two

Produced by Haymaker Productions with Aaron Rothman, Irad Eyal, Whitney Sudler-Smith, Brian Kestner, Jason Weinberg, Jessica Chesler and Megan Estrada serving as Executive Producers.

The notoriously closed society of Charleston, South Carolina unlocks the gates to reveal a unique and insular culture filled with exclusivity, money and scandal that goes back generations. Bound by tradition and ostentation, these modern day aristocrats struggle to preserve their family name while dealing with the constraints of this tight-knit, posh world. Season one averaged nearly 1.3 million total viewers with the season finale (4/21/14) earning a series high 1.6 million total viewers. 

Will you be watching any of these? Why or Why not?


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46 responses to “Bravo Announces Three New Shows And Greenlights Two More For Another Season

  1. Belinda

    None of them really appeal to me based on description. My current must see, other than BB, is Married At First Sight…..loving it so far.

    • Jacque

      Me too! Love at first sight, has been a nice addition to my DVR

      • i agree, havent liked the MDL shows. i live in a million plus home tho in SF so of course i’m curious. wondering whether i’ll know the agents.
        southern charm i couldnt stand either. watched a few but stopped.
        the one i’m still conflicted about is below deck. dont really want to watch coz they dropped adrienne but it was the only new show last season i actually looked forward to. bravo just cant seem to stop ruining some potentially good things.

  2. honestly do not care for the million dollar listing fake and phoney….still love rh series tho……

  3. momadison

    I wanted Southern Charm to be better…a guy from Delaware for G Golly’s sake!…at least Thomas Ravenel is a true Southern cad, with all the requisite skeletons in the closet! Million Dollar Listing San Fran…yes please! Although I hope we don’t learn that like L.A. and esp New York, all that real estate is being bought by foreign investors.

    • in LA originally i think the saudis were the ones causing huge increases in real estate prices. here in SF it was hong kong investors and greedy realtors. someone would overbid to get a house (the chinese do not care about comps), & the winning bid (highest) price would be the asking price on the next similar home that went up for sale. our place went up $100,000 in value a month after we bought it. absolutely insane.
      but here $1 mill is the median price & often buys a fixer upper. some cool expensive props are available now, tho, including a baseball player’s luxury pad.
      it’s ashbury, btw.

  4. Not amused…..NY is the only thing worth watching .

  5. O.O

    I enjoyed southern charm. I’m not sure what drama they can come up with next season . The child/ old man / child slept with the entire circle was pretty good .
    I think I’ll watch everything except the parents abusing their children .

    • Pam

      I can’t wait for Southern Charm. I hope Thomas changes his mind and is on the show. I loved the way the guys ..and girls..could disagree but they worked it out. It says a lot that all of Thomas’s friends stood by him when he was discraced. That is a group of real friends.

      • Gingersnap

        I agree with you guys. LOVED Southern Charm, but I will miss Thomas. For some odd reason, I really liked him. I even started liking that minor child (jk) he hooked up with, and even them together, and that is WEIRD :(

      • dallasmom

        I liked Southern Charm too! Wonder how they will live up to last season’s scandals?!

  6. Love MDL-NY and LA, Miami isn’t too bad so far but SF? Ugh. Tired of SF being the new “it” place. Mostly because I have an ex that lives there and I don’t need the reminder, tyvm. LOL Seriously though, I’ll watch it. Love the Painted Lady buildings and the other old victorians.

    However, I hope they stop expanding to new cities soon. I feel it becoming the next RH series. Too much of the same regardless of city.

    The other new shows will depend on my mood and if the promos look interesting. Doubtful but maybe.

    • One of my favorite people lives in San Fran! I’ve seen pictures of her house and it is breathtaking! I’d love to see more. I don’t think I would ever fly into that airport though I am a seasoned traveler, but that airport scares me. the runway is like six feet long. lol.

      • Flew there. The runway wasn’t bad actually. The airport itself is horrible. The locals hate it.

      • bravogirl24/7

        Well I m happy to say I’ve lived in SF also. My pl as ce was not to far from UCSF hospital where I worked. The haight ashberry district. Love, love, loved it. And yes it is the new “it” place. New York is a distant second.

      • Sosueme

        TT – better idea: fly into the other city by the Bay – the wild & happening Oakland. I’ll happily be your chauffeur to SF (after a couple of stops at local joints of course ;). An Oaklandish fan

      • the one you dont want to fly into is vegas. good bud’s hubby was an air traffic controller there. TONS of near misses. i’ve never experienced anything skeevy landing into or taking off from SFO.

      • Cat

        I lived in the bay area for awhile, too, and loved San Francisco. Except for my inlaws.

  7. Will for sure watch Million $ San Fran..cha ching..when I think of San Fran I think of Mrs.Doubtfire movie.

    So is this confirmation that RHOM is cancelled?

  8. Greta

    The Southern Charm…. At first it was just background noise but slowly it started beckoning me, with their southern drawls, sleeping with eachother, or was it just the red head girl who slept with 3 guys at the same dinner table (I’m not judging). The next thing I knew, I was captivated and couldn’t get enough.

    • Patti R.

      Me too! I love Southern Charm and all of the other shows Tamara has listed.
      All are very entertaining.

      I also really like coming here to catch Tamara’s information and all the commenter’s comments.

  9. Bummed that Madison won’t be back on MDLLA. And bummed about Thomas leaving Southern Charm. He was refreshingly honest about his past indiscretions and I like his Libertarian political leanings.

  10. I have high hopes for San Francisco, and since Fredrik is now my favorite Bravo husband, he’s in and Ken is out (well actually Fredrik is out, but that’s entirely different). I’ll still be watching HWBH mind you, just not with the blinders on regarding Ken and Lisa. I’m still holding on to my hate for Yolanda though, so I’m looking forward to that.

  11. Tasos826

    I’m disappointed that Thomas Ravenel, his red haired child bride to be, and their beautiful baby won’t be there to be Thomas’s monied, vaguely hetero best buddy frenemy’s, and his boozy momma’s barb targets. I also am concerned about what the others will do since their gossip target pass times, Tom Ravenel, et al, won’t be present. What ever will these slow talking narcissists do to amuse us?

    • gerly1

      LOL I agree! I loved Southern Charm, and don’t think it will be nearly as interesting without the twisted love triangle that was was Thomas, Catherine and well… Just about everyone else!

      OFF TOPIC: Tamra did you see Danielle Staub on Twitter last night threatening to take Dina Manzo down? She was all over Twitter it was a little crazy! Got the tea on that?

  12. I like million dollar listing if this posts twice sorry

  13. Kishmish

    San Francisco!!!!! HOME!!! Where I was raised and where my family lived (off and on—we scooted across the bay after the big earthquake and fire of 1906) but DAYUM!!!! SOOOOOOOO thrilled!

  14. Cat

    I will probably watch them, at least one episode, just to see what’s up. It really depends on what else is on. I’m trying to limit the number of reality shows I watch. And the Bravo shows are just too fake these days.

  15. Eve

    Never watched Southern Charm, but Ravenel was quoted on the 15th as saying he changed his mind and will return for the 2nd season according to one of the local tv stations.

    • gerly1

      Yay! Now that’s some good news!

    • Bama Belle

      It’s also on the Post and Courier website and Charleston City paper website that he has changed his mind and will be appearing.
      From the Charleston City Paper– “I struggled with this decision in light of the political campaign I am undertaking,” Ravenel writes in the email. “Ultimately it came down to this: It doesn’t make sense to turn down a platform that enables you to spread your ideas to a bigger, more diverse audience. If America is ever going to turn things around, we’ve got to get rid of this notion that cookie cutter politicians with their blemish-free backgrounds are the way to go. The truth is those are the very politicians who are driving this country into a ditch. That’s never been who Thomas Ravenel is — and so owning a part of my life that doesn’t fit the typical political mold is fine by me.”

      • Gingersnap

        This IS good news. I couldn’t see myself half as interested if Thomas wasn’t there. Since I am extremely jaded to the whole political process, and think it’s corrupt through and through, his stay in the big house doesn’t faze me. He got caught, “they” haven’t. Yet. JMHO.

    • Angel

      I do hope he comes back. I was beguiled by Thomas. I even liked his political conversations, while assuming he was actually stumping for office.

  16. TT, fly into Oakland, good airport, faster service.

    Yes to MDL – SF, great homes there.
    I have not clicked with MDL – Miami, maybe next season.
    Enjoyed Married at First Sight, interesting hiw the people thought process worked. The tall blond man was fugly.
    Thinking I’ll skip on the rest,

    • Belinda

      I kinda thought all three of them were sorta fugly but mole face definitely the fugliest. I am sooooo shallow because ,unless I were getting paid really big bucks, my first look at him would have been a deal breaker. I don’t care how sensitive he is….besides I have decided at this stage of my life I would rather have a sexy,POS bad boy.

  17. Daphne Thompson

    Glad to see that one of these shows is coming to San Fran – and it ain’t a HOUSEWIVES FRANCHISE! All the new shows with wealth as the core is boring, though. Tiring and now just predictable. Millie Jackson said something a long time ago that still rings true: “The writers are out to lunch!”

  18. I love T Rav, too! Nothing like a great loser (along w/Shep).

  19. Cat

    Please tell me that Nene is not in any of these shows. Please!

  20. You made mine and my husband’s day with the announcement of MDLSF. I grew up in the Bay Area and my husband was born and raised in the City (SF). When does this series start? Can”t wait!

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