Watch What Happens Live with Tamra Judge

This picture does not give an accurate account of what Tamra's face looks like.

This picture does not give an accurate account of what Tamra’s face looks like.

Well, Tamra has some splainin’ to do after what we just saw on the Real Housewives of Orange County Tonight. Let’s she how she spins her awful behavior. Andy says in his opening that gossip is spreading through Orange County like chlamydia and a lot of people believe that Tamra is patient zero.  I could not have said it better myself.  Andy says Tamra is getting roasted on Twitter tonight. Also Tamra has done something to her face again and it looks really, really bad. She’s starting to look a lot like Adrienne Maloof.  Both guests are in hot pants. I have no idea who that other girl is in seat one. Tamra takes a jab at Andy during a game for putting her in the second seat.

Andy compliments Vicki for staying out of the fray and Heather scoffs and looks insulted. Next, Andy goes after the white eyeliner in the Talking Heads. Tamra says her regular make-up artist was unavailable that day. It was a two-hour interview and it is just being used a lot.

Tamra says that Terry would never call her and say he wanted to take the Beadors down, it not like he’s in the mafia or anything.  She says that Shannon tends to get things lost in translation, like the whole Heather threw her out of the house thing and she had evil in her eyes. Tamra says Heather just said it was time for Shannon to leave.  And as far as Vicki saying Tamra did say that, Tamra says that Vicki is an ass kisser this year.  Caller questions:

Why are you such a troublemaker? Tamra implies that she is doing it to make the show interesting.
How is your relationship with Heather?  It’s good
How is your relationship with Vicki?  I’m hurt by Vicki right now.(Vicki tweeted in that they are sisters and will be fine.)
What all has Tamra Barney done to her face? Tamra lies and says nothing, no fillers nothing. Then she feels her face were all the weirdness is happening. Then she says she is honest. My first reaction to seeing her face was OMG she is morphing into Adrienne Maloof. Then she again says she doesn’t lie and Andy says OMG you have! She says maybe just a little bit in her cheeks. It’s a god awful mess that you can’t really see in the picture above.
Why did you bring up the drama at the dinner table?  Tamra blames Shannon for bringing it up. She says she has never know Terry to be confrontation and was surprised by his reaction.

The poll question was who do you believe, Shannon or Tamra and Shannon won in a landslide with 84% of the vote.


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  1. Alex

    I wasn’t even going to watch this tonight, and then I got a look at Tamra’s face and nearly fell off my chair! Holy shit, that is some kind of awful. She actually looks scary!

    • I know ! she’s starting to turn into jigsaw from the saw movies

    • Joan

      I hope they get rid of both Tamra and Heather – they are two of the rudest people ever

      • From your lips, to Bravo’s ears, Joan.

      • Patti R.

        I believe Heather and Tamra will be expelled ( thrown off) the RHOC. There aren’t many of the fans, much less the producers, that like all the back stabbing and constant lying that Heather and Tamra does. Seems there hiney’s may be gaslite.

    • peachteachr

      It looks like her eyes are disappearing. The photo you showed looks like a skeleton with a lot of make-up. All she had going for her were her looks and she seems determined to destroy them. She’s just plain nasty.

    • Here face matches her ugly personality. This woman is a horrible example of everything a woman shouldn’t be. If appearing on a show to make everyone fight and be miserable and to disgust the viewers than Tamra has served her purpose. Now, she needs to go. Enough of this disgusting human being. DId I say human being? Sorry, I meant devil in disguise.

    • Janet

      She is looking much more like that Adrianne M, I wonder if part of the reason she is kissing butt with Heather and Terry this season is so she can get cheap or free surgery? Terry did do the tattoo removal of Simon’s name on her finger a few seasons back. She looked awful last night on WWHL.

      • chasesmum

        She kissed up to them right from the very beginning. I’m sure it’s because they’re wealthy and well connected. Normally, Tamara would never hang around someone prissy like Heather. I’m sure Heather normally wouldn’t associate with someone as crude as Tamara either. These shows have become like “Survivor”-it’s all about forming alliances.

    • Sick of "reality"!

      She looks like Chuckie! Freaky.

  2. Cat

    Her day will come. And I can’t wait.

  3. Vanessa

    I didn’t watch the whole segment it was kind of background noise for me but when I looked up and saw tamra’s face I couldn’t stop staring at it. Who ever did her face did a horrible job, she actually looks a lot older now

    P.s I don’t know what else the guest Angela was in but I think she is best known from the show the office, I think her character had the same name, been a while since I watched that show.

  4. Patti

    You’re right, angela Kinney from the office

  5. sunshinemls

    i hope that tamra is GONE after this season……PLEASE?! she is now going to be a grandmother! she didnt become a new mom she will now become a new babysitter. 😉

    • Kellz

      I’m a little confused about the grandmother issue with Tamara. There are reports that Ryan had a daughter, Dakota Vieth, several years ago with an exgirlfriend.

    • that is what i said, she will get her baby now……lolol even tho i love my gbabies, but tamra is fighting the age thing, now she is gonna wanna be a gilf! lol

  6. Her face was scary. When they did the evil eye thing, her face didn’t change a bit. And she won. Lol. She couldn’t make a face if she tried.

  7. Micheal

    Uh oh. My dream that both Heather and Shannon at the reunion joining together calling Tamra out for her manipulative ways is looking unlikely now. How can Heather and Tamra be ‘ok’ but Tamra and Vicki aren’t?

    • GCVLMV

      I am sure that Tamra has convinced Heather that “Shannon made her do it”. Just like she always does. Something along the lines that “I didn’t think you were speaking down to me until Shannon kept bringing it up”. If Heather can forgive Tamra after her God awful treatment of her inviting her on Good Morning LA (?) then I don’t know what it will take.

    • MicroOp

      Heather seems desperate to mend things with everyone. I think she felt alone this season and panicked.

  8. Lindy

    I cannot believe Tamra’s face in that photo! An hour and 20 minute wait til WWHL….surely it’s not going to look worse than that?

  9. Momof2

    I read Tamra is already a grandmother…her son already has a kid. Her face is starting to look like that cat looking lady. Can’t think of her name but a rich lady that had massive amounts of surgery and now looks like a lion/cat.

    • Ellie kacik

      Here is my take on the tamra, heather& Shannon debunkle, tamra is “gaslighting” Shannon which is a form of mental abuse in which false information is presented 2 make the victim (Shannon) doubt her own sanity, perception of events used by ppl that purposely try to manipulate the situation for their own benefit. Sick behavior & Shannon has exhibited all the signs & was an easy target 4 Tamra.

      • ​I agree.

        On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 1:07 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Gingersnap

        Da-yum…that really makes Tamra a diabolical bitch. Makes more sense why Vicki is afraid of her.

      • tlcory

        I agree Ellie, I’ve experienced that by someone and it really is horrible to go through it, Thank God I had enough of my wits about me to record and have witnesses to prove what was happening. Shannon is going through it and Heather is just as bad as Tamra.

      • fivecatsownme

        Tamra did the same type of thing to Gretchen and Alexis.

      • Cat

        Thank you, Ellie! I could see that Tamra was manipulating and playing games with everyone, but I didn’t know what to call it or how to put it into words. You described it perfectly!

    • tobalinac

      Wildenstein…Joyce Wildenstein.

    • Jae

      Jocelyn Wildenstein

    • Quiltmama

      Jocelyn Wildersteen

    • Jaded

      Jocelyn Wildenstein or something like that I think

  10. zxtry

    At one point Tamra said she is just doing her job by causing so much troble. Andy said, “No. You’re supposed to be yourself.
    Surely THIS is enough to get rid of her. It’s not fair to the rest of the cast.

    • I always wonder about people who enjoy causing strife & pain for other people by their actions and words… What do they get out of it ? It’s really sick to rejoice in another person’s pain :(
      Even if they’re not doing it to me, it makes me sad.

    • Lindy

      Last year when Tamra had that revolting hysterical fit throwing Alexis out of her party, she was then asked about it on WWHL and she said “that’s what they pay me to do” and then looked at Andy as if to say, “right?” He made no comment, so I don’t think this will get rid of her. Can’t stand her, I think she’s evil.

    • Katie

      Not a Tamra fan, but Andy’s lying through his teeth.

  11. Patti R.

    Heather Dubrow is “a piece of work.” As in she’s a bad seed for sure. And her husband condones it because he’s afraid of her I really do believe! Stuck on herself isn’t she? Her husband Terry is such a mamby-pamby kind of guy. He wouldn’t DARE disagree with her! Heather Dubrow THINKS she’s ALWAYS right! HAH!
    Wish Heather would think of ONE EPISODE where she can play it nice. It would be SO REFRESHING! And Heather is ruining her reputation. This fighting between Heather and Tamra; then Heather and Shannon; then Heather and Vicky is getting quite mundane. How about some fun with all of you together????? HOPE ANDY CAN GRAB THIS CONCEPT! I love Andy!! I figure Lizzie will be Heather’s next target eventually. I’m not sure if I’m going to waste my time like this anymore watching Heather. It ruins everything. :(

  12. Ladies and Gentleman! Eddie has left the building!!!!!

    • peachteachr

      I half-watched last night and it looked to me as if Eddie is just not that into Tamra anymore. He just kept cleaning his office.

  13. syd3

    Am really bothered by Vicki’s failure to call out Tamra … Vicki failed Shannon because of her fear that Tamra would cause problems for … wait for it … BROOKS!!?? I have never witnessed a greater moral failure on Vicki’s part than what occurred at that beach dinner party. Vicki admitted in the ‘sidebar’ that Tamra had indeed stated to her that: “Terry said that he was going to take the Beadors down.” If Brooks had not been there perhaps Vicki would have displayed some character . The dinner party only served to confirm Vicki’s daughter Briana’s repeated assertions that Brooks has an insidious corrupting impact on Vicki. (And what’s with his insisting that Vicki repeatedly return his insistent kisses while they were in the process of eating!) Interesting that two women who appear ‘strong’ (Vicki and Brianna) subordinate themselves to their men in a similar manner.

    Luckily for Heather, the moral lapses evinced by both Tamra and Vicki played right into her ‘lap,’ allowing her to continue her own more sophisticated game of ‘class over character’ (BTW, I think that Shannon possessing a home ~equal to the one being built by the DuBrows secretly rankled Heather). Using (many times sexist) code words such as “screaming/yelling” and “kooky/crazy/breakdown” are particularly offensive when cunningly used against a fragile, vulnerable yet exactingly honest individual such as Shannon. As an actress, Heather is very much honed as to how to play out a Housewife scene to her advantage. What’s interesting is that now that the DuBrows know that Tamra is an out-and-out liar post watching everybody’s individual ‘sidebars,’ they choose to remain fast friends with her.

    Nene can’t hold a candle to Tamra’s brand of ugliness (OK, she can hold a 3/4th’s one). Like the Picture of Dorian Gray, Tamra’s external appearance has become a parallel reflection of her internal moral degradation. Note that Eddie refused to back Tamra when asked to confirm her statements while they were on the beach house balcony.

    • syd3

      Actually, in The Picture of Dorian Gray, Gray’s external appearance failed to reflect his debauched state internally. I miswrote.

      • Susie

        Honest and right on point, syd3! Used to think that Heather was a good, caring woman…but she is not! Evil is a good word to describe her, at least the side we see. Someone that constantly has to tell everyone what a good mother and a great friend she is, is neither of those things. As for Tamra, holy moly, what a mean, dishonest piece of…work…she is! I,too, was let down with Vicki for not confirming the truth. That was a very weak and crappy excuse, she is just not worthy friend material. On the other hand, love Lizzie and Shannon! Start RHOC over with those two. Please!

      • Heather fighting with Shannon on a TV shoe does not make her evil, or have anything to do with her parenting skills. I think she is making herself look bad this season, which is probably her “storyline.” Remember, Heather, and Terry and Shannon were all miked and camera crews were present when Shannon “unexpectedly dropped by.” The scene was probably filmed ten times. And Heather was never friends with Shannon and was filmed insulting her home décor before she even met Shannon.

        Shannon on the other hand is not being coached by production and is being thrown to the wolves. It’s kind of cruel. But it is the way they do the new people. It’s eat or be eaten. You know, kind of like here.

  14. Jarlath

    Like everyone else, I am aghast with Tamra’s face. What happened?

  15. Tamra, you finally have the face you deserve.

  16. Karen

    Remember when Ryan got “Nugget” tattooed inside his lip because his girlfriend was pregnant? Assuming she did have the baby, Tamra is already a grandmother. The mother of that child must be pissed at all this glowing about Tamra becoming a grandmother!

  17. khintx

    I could not take my eyes off that face either! Horrifying. If she did not have those 2 inch fake eyelashes on her eyes would just be little slits. Unsettling for sure. kh

  18. Dietrich Buxtehude

    One thing is crystal clear: when it comes to playing the “reality show” game, Heather plays Chess while these other thirsty broads struggle with Checkers! Also, why is Shannon getting so much support on this board? She is a neurotic, passive aggressive bag of crazy who can let a moron, like Tamra, manipulate her. I can only hope that her behavior is more scripted than real. Her poor daughters must be beyond mortified by her hysterics. The first day of school will be hell.

    • I agree. I am not a Shannon fan either… She is not strong enough mentally to handle this type of “reality” show. She’s a different kind of crazy than any of the other housewives on any of the other shows… I feel so sorry for her husband.

      • Shannon reminds me of Kelly Bensimone on the real house wives of NY. I like both of them.

      • Cat

        I like Shannon, too. I think it’s unfortunate that she came on the show (as she said on WWHL) with the hopes of getting insight into her own life, but couldn’t handle the pressure of the other women. She entered the season as fresh meat, and vulnerable, and Tamra and Heather pounced on it. I don’t blame Heather that much after last night’s episode. It’s obvious now that Tamra is playing everyone.

    • illinigirl

      I agree too. I don’t have a problem with Heather. I think she pretty much puts it out there and owns what she says, although it’s very dramatic, i haven’t seen her run too far from what she does. I’ve never cared much for Tamara or Vicki but I have been able to stomach Vicki this season, even though Brooks is there. I don’t know when Tamara will get her’s, she’s seems to get a pass every time. We’ll see I guess.

      • illinigirl

        I’m not sure what you mean Billie, that she didn’t own how she treated Shannon at her house. She didn’t yell at Shannon. She asked her to leave. Was she pleasant when she did it, No. She was pissed and I think taken about. They all have their issues but I think Heather has taken quite the brunt of the BS.

    • zxtry

      I agree as well. Shannon’s nagging at a man she says she loves doesn’t match with how much she says she needs him. More than that, I think she needs counseling or medication for her hysteria. Who acts like that?

  19. Anoneemouse

    Tamra is a shit-stirring liar and I can’t wait until they all call her out on it,

    Shannon needs to be introduced to Xanax. She just cannot control herself. I would have kicked her out of my house too if my kids had been there. I also suspect Shannon does have a drinking problem, which leads to her loss of self-control.

    Poor David. RUN!

  20. Eve

    Tamara’s face = Tupperware

  21. myinfo

    WTH was Tamra thinking with Brown legs and a white face. She looked crazy.

  22. Not a Tamara fan, but we all do know her for who she is. I actually started liking her last season but she cannot help but drift downward as a bottom feeder. Shannon on the other hand comes across as unstable and almost delusional and appears to constantly and consistently use poor judgement. Each episode seems to show more and more of the fragile, unstable, insecure woman. If she is concerned about her children, her marriage and the portrayal of her and her marriage she should probably excuse herself from national TV. Being “kicked out” and being asked to leave are different and she does embellish practically everything she says. David seems like a nice enough guy, hats off to him for sticking with her if real life is like this show portrays it. Heather just needs to stay above the fray. She has her shortcomings but they do seem to be targeting her this season. I don’t think she is different then the Heather everyone loved last season. We know that the show controls who we like, who we don’t like by the tidbits they share. It is all for entertainment and that it certainly is.

    • Cat

      Shannon never should have confronted Heather in her own home. It was rude. She should have picked a neutral location. If someone came into my place and verbally attacked me, I’d kick them out, too. And would probably have done much worse than that.

    • Greta

      Shannon wasn’t asked to leave. She was TOLD to leave. If a person was told to leave someone’s home, telling them to get out while pointing at the door- the phrases “thrown out” or “kicked out” are both acceptable to use to describe the incident. I mean, I have never seen someone literally/physically get thrown out or kicked out of someone’s home, it’s a figure of speech. But more importantly, Tamra looks horrible. She always looks like she is smelling shit. Must be all the crap that comes out of her mouth.

    • Valerie

      My mother always taught me that if you’re going to say something mean about another person, you do it properly, behind their back, never to their face. And my mother was never wrong. Not once.

  23. RomaReads

    Like the first comment here I wasn’t going to watch but after seeing Tamra’s face I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV. What a mess. That can’t be Terry’s work can it? Tamra is making excuses for her behavior by stating the show needs her nonsense to remain interesting. Perhaps, but I don’t think that is at the root of her motivation. I loved it when David stood up to Terry during dinner. Terry and Heather always appear stunned when someone doesn’t succumb to their intimidation. Shannon those crystals in your teeth aren’t working because you need serious grounding. Lizzie seemed so shocked that the group ruined her dinner party. Why she was so surprised baffles me. It’s like putting a bunch of rabid dogs in cage and asking them to play nice. It’s actually not fun to watch and I’m growing tired of the arguments about whether Shannon yelled at Heather or how Heather threw Shannon out of her rental house. Do they forget it’s all on tape? My prediction; the Beadors and Dubrows marriage will survive, the Judges will not.

    • fivecatsownme

      Lizzie is just too sweet for the show. She invites people to a lovely dinner and is shocked that they ruin it. The Dubrows and Beadors would have been chilly but civil if Tamra had kept her big mouth shut. She is playing both ends against the middle, and I hope Heather and Shannon realize the problem is not each other, but Tamra.
      Why is Tamra destroying her face?

  24. Shirley

    Omg TT Tamara looked so crazy!! Her eyes kept getting lost in her face!! She could barely see I swear!!!

  25. illinigirl

    Has anyone else noticed that when she squints or looks intently, sometimes it looks like she has soul-less eyes? Her eyes look like two black holes? I can’t tell if its her makeup or if she just has eyes like that. Her makeup doesn’t help but she nearly looks demonic when she’s pissed.

  26. jrleaguer

    Her face looked downright painful. I think that she was upset by some of Andy’s comments, but since her face does not move, I could not tell. Maybe next time, she can pay full price and have her legs sprayed on the backside too.

  27. zxtry

    It’s very obvious that only half of her leg (the front) was sprayed. UGH.

  28. Linda

    Mama Elsa before her face fell!

  29. I swear if I didn’t know better, I’d think Billie were Shannon.

    • Cat

      @ Billie: Damn, you DO sound like Shannon.

    • Josie

      Agreed. I like Shannon. I do think she’s depressed though and needs antidepressants and she picked too vulnerable a time to join this show. Ouch.

      She’s been vindicated by this episode. Heather and Tamra were thoroughly exposed. Heather can’t spin or point her way out of this one. Also, since when is telling someone to get OUT of your house not throwing them out? Seriously.

      I read Tamra’s blog about email-gate and she seemed to be saying that Shannon told her about the email the day before and was crying which to me means the day BEFORE they camera. My reading of it seemed to be that it was a private conversation. Surprised Tamra owned up to it.

    • Greta

      …and teecee is probably Heather. And Cat is probably Terry. SMH. Ridiculous. It just goes to show that Billie already won this debate because you couldn’t stay on topic and rebuttal intelligently.

  30. These people need to realize that plastic surgery makes them look older not younger. Soon as they get that “plastic surgery look” it screams I’m afraid I’m getting old. Fear causes them to lose all good judgment and Tamra is a perfect example that she’s scared to death, which makes her look like death, which, frankly is going to kill her marriage. They really can’t see how they really look which explains why they keep getting more and more surgery. This isn’t Tamra’s first trip to the PS. The only good thing is it’s a preventative for onlookers.

  31. Ms BananaHammock

    Watching The Office right now lol Its so weird that I was uncomfortable seeing “Angela” in short shorts. I know its just a TV show but even when I see her in commercials I can only see her as Mrs Dwight Schrute.

  32. ScrappieONE

    I’m counting down the days Eddie finally dumps Tamra. This show can’t be helping their business and it seems Eddie is all about the business and Tamra is just along for the ride. In tow, her loser, creepy son.

  33. Jen

    Perhaps from all the fillers and botox…its poisoned her Brain? I’m trying to find a plausible reason why she’s so damned mean spirited. I know its for ratings. But, sometimes, theres no rhyme or reason as to why she’s so wicked. Can she really be that toxic and shallow?

  34. Jen

    Also, how can one have defined muscles n have cottage cheese thighs. That’s airbrushing? She needs to get her Money back or stop wearing clothes befitting teenagers? I’m all for working out. But, if it does not look good on you and youre on Tv, perhaps you should not wear it. It makes her look desperate, like she’s clawing at her youth?

  35. Annette Taylor

    Tamra is a liar..see it on tape for yourself.She is a despicable person and I wish she was gone. She lies, then lies about lying, then more lies. Eve Eddie wouldn’t back her up out on the balcony. Is Karma souring her own marriage? Eddie is not stupid. As to Heather, I think she lies too. I agree with Shannon, Heather is condescending and also a liar. I have respect for Shannon. She is clearly hurting and Tamra and Heather are enjoying her pain.

  36. Patti R.

    OFF TOPIC (and very odd) comment deleted.

    I am not sure you are going to work out here if you cannot stick to the topic.

    Please read the commenting rules. ALL OF THEM. Like three times. I don’t think you get it.

  37. tamara’s reaction to her son moving was disturbing. she was way out there no one knew what to say or do. they were frozen wondering what was coming next. i really felt for her sons fiance. tamara do you not see what you have become? it’s always everyone elses fault and you are always the victum. please go away so that you can get the help that you need. your children deserve a stable mother who isn’t always having to be the center of attention. i can’t bear to even look at you anymore. you’ve done and said some horrible things. fix yourself.

  38. Tamra is in no condition to be taking care of any children when it is painfully clear that she cannot take care of herself anymore. I feel bad for her family as she has gone psycho and is clearly morphing into cat lady in fear of getting older as her new husband is younger. To bad he will eventually leave her not for the cat look that she is turning into but for her CRAZY unhealthy personality, if you ask me Simon is very lucky to be free from her and her children will grow up and realize that she is crazy……so sad as she used to be a nice person before.

  39. gerry

    Tamra has lost the plot aiding and abetting the demon Heather. She’s scared of her and is abandoning truth in favour of joining heather in her ruthless unconscionable attack on Shannon and others.. last time Ive seen such psychopathy was during hitters reign of terror on the innocent.. heather should never work again and Tamra DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE? Poor Eddie!

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