Real Housewives of Orange County: Point Break

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We begin tonight with a double date with Vicki, Brooks, Heather and Terry.  It doesn’t take long for Terry to ask about their trip with Shannon and David. Terry says, “I’m sure you heard what happened with Shannon at our house. ”  Vicki gives a brief run-down of Shannon’s side. Heather immediately comes for Vicki about talking about her behind her back! Are you kidding me? Heather thinks Vicki is taking Shannon’s side. Vicki suggests that Heather be nicer to Shannon. Heather is pissed.

Shannon and David are doing better since their trip to Mexico. Sophia is taking a trip to Italy with her Latin class and David has volunteered to chaperone the trip.

Lizzie and her husband are renovating the family beach house. Lizzie is thinking of having a dinner party at the beach house, I assume after renovations are done. But it’s going to happen on this episode, so. Well, it may not be finished but it looks beautiful for the party. It’s dinner for 12 with an ocean view. On the way to the party in the limo, David and Shannon talk about the fact that several times previously, Tamra has told them that Terry said that he wants to take the Beadors down. RHOOC Not So Silent Night

The place is amazing, you walk in on the upper floor and go down to levels to get to the patio overlooking the ocean. There are fire dancers on the beach to entertain the guests.  Vicki and Brooks are the last to arrive.  At the party, Shannon asks Tamra to confirm that she told her and David that Terry wants to take them down. Tamra can’t remember ever saying anything like that. I’m shocked. Wait, no I am not. Shannon is going to drop it because Tamra is backpedaling. Lizzie’s husband gets a sweet toast that Vicki makes fun of in her talking heads.

It seems that everyone was super hungry and everyone is eating without conversation. So Tamra decides to break the ice by announcing that has a great ass. Yep, out of the clear blue sky this is Tamra’s opening line. Then she asks Vicki what her best body part is and Vicki says she should ask Brooks. Brooks says, “Her brain.”  When pressed for her best physical part, he says “No doubt, it’s her vagina.”  Terry says Heather’s best body part is her face.  Tamra tries to stir the pot by telling Heather and Terry that Shannon just asked her to confirm the whole take down nonsense. I mean who does that even mean?  Terry and Shannon both say, “What?” Heather’s acting “shocked” is superior to Terry’s who just sort of smiles.  Tamra is a cuntsicle. Terry screams across the entire 15 foot dinner table at Shannon asking if she said he wants to take her down. David defends her and points out that this conversation is inappropriate to  have at the dinner table in front of all the guests. Vicki confirms that Tamra really said the Dubrows are trying to “take down” the Beadors  in her talking head and that Tamra also said that to her.

Tamra takes Heather out on the balcony. Heather says that she is mortified that Terry did that at the table. Well, at least we can all agree on that. Tamra is lying to Heather. Tamra throws Shannon under the bus to Heather. Heather is playing the victim, or in her words, the scapegoat. Tamra then calls David out on the background. Eddie goes out to make sure his wife is okay. Now Tamara is throwing Heather under the bus to David.

Shannon tries to get a word in edgewise and Heather talks right over her. Shannon storms out and Tamra keeps screaming at her and grabbing her. Shannon and David both tell Tamra to get away from her. Tamra refuses to get away from her. And idiot can see this is all Tamra’s doing. Next week Heather wants to call an ambulance for Shannon because she is “having a psychotic break.”  It looks like it is going to take awhile for everyone to figure out Tamra is the cause of every relationship problem on this show. UGH.











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  1. Sarepta Brooks

    Heather and Tamara both are verbal bullies. Both are lies and have turned on each other now creating an alliance against Shannon. What adult woman needs an alliance to help in a fight. And, Terry is a wuss fighting with Shannon. He acts like a woman in a spat. I feel sorry for Eddie. He probably regrets marring Tamara. I wouldn’t want any of their lives.

    • If they turned on each other, how are they an alliance? Terry did exactly what a normal person does when given the news that someone thinks you said something crazy. He asked her if she really thought that. He was loud, but not confrontational. He was yelling down the table. For everyone to hear. It was so ridiculous I’m sure he thought it was a joke that they’d laugh about and move along.

      David trying to go up against Terry in a battle of wits is ….well, he’s totally unarmed.

      • I’m amazed that David even tried to do verbal battles with Dr. Dubrow…please David stick with your intellectual equal, stick with Shannon. I wish I knew what Shannon has against Heather. My mind carries me to dark places, especially with Heather’s background, but I refuse to believe that Shannon might really be an anti-semite. I find the person most at fault in all this mess is Tamra.

      • I wondered how many time the “reaction scenes” to Tamra telling Heather and Terry about the “take down” conversation was filmed to get those bizarre reactions. ​

        On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 4:48 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • dallasmom

        You must not attend nice dinner parties often. If you have a problem with another guest you don’t yell it at the dinner party! Take the person aside later and have a civil conversation! But ultimately the blame lies with Tamra…..again another time she should have kept her mouth shut!

      • You should keep your mouth shut. That was not a nice dinner party. There were people popping up and down, shrieking and running to the restroom to pop a pill and out on the terrace to get their stories straight. Dint question where I’VE been, frump.

      • ​It was too a nice dinner party, you freaking moron!!! until TAMRA starting talking first about, and then out of her ass. Even Vicki was using decent table manners for a change.

        You are the wrongest person I have ever met! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

        On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 4:02 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • dallasmom

        Well Lizzie intended it to be a nice dinner party. Opened up her family home, beautifully set table, looked like scruptious food……unfortunately most of the guests acted inappropriate! Still say the blames lies on Tamra.

      • Are you new? It was a set up scene that bravo ordered. The spin i the wheel made it Lizzie’s turn. That’s the extent of Lizzie’s involvement. Although the flower arrangements were beautiful.

        Tamra’s comments last night on wwhl pulled back the curtain and revealed the wizard. She said she was doing WHAT SHE IS THERE TO DO. When they stop lying and screaming done the table, they get fired. It’s as much reality as a third grade play.

        I think I need to get off bravo for a bit again. Or just get off here and enjoy the shows for the freak shows they are without allowing you people to bring me down to your level. It’s for Tamara to recap and make blistering commentary and for us to sit back and laugh. And throw in our own barbs. Jesus Christ I actually LOATHE Heather dubrow. But because Shannon is certifiable, I have been pushed to take heathers side. They are all fucking crazy and you are all fucking crazy. This is NOT reality you drooling Mongolian idiots.

      • ​WE WIN! WE WIN! WE WIN!

        On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 4:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • dallasmom

        Omg @ TC…..I actually agree with the majority of your comment! This isn’t how REAL people act! Tamra was trying to stir the pot/of course to keep her job-no storyline otherwise. As irritating as in is to you we are all just commenting on what we see on the show. And I think it is natural to compare it to real life as oppsed to what it really is….bravoworld.

      • pfffttt

        I usually agree with you teecee, but Terry is weird and a sissy. I think David could kick his ass.

      • Well, I’m not an animal. I think about them battling with words. No physically. David is seriously DUMB. Like retarded dumb.

      • No he is not you bloviating fool! GAWD!

      • On behalf of Drooling Mongolians everywhere, I’m offended.

      • Oh whatever…he is whipped and his wife is a narcissistic b%%^#

    • Cat

      What does Tamara have to do with it? Oh, you mean TAMRA.

    • Lilia

      They are not verbal bullies lmao. They are very intellectal and very well educated women , with good looks and do very well for themselves ( unlike boring Shannon that depends very much on handsome David I will admit) that find these kind of women a big threat to her. Shannon blows things way out of proportion and doesn’t even tell the story how it really happend just for sympathy or attention that she lacks at home. Her insecurities are very pitiful and her pouting make me sick…leave that to the children Shannon.

      • pfffttt

        Tamra is educated and intellectual? Oh hahahahahahahaha! That was a good one. She’s an idiot. Heather isn’t any better. She nabbed a plastic surgeon, married him, and popped out some kids with him. She is a horrible actress, as is her Atlanta counter part Nene Leakes.

    • Greta

      @teecee66- holy wow, your perception of this show is JUST AS WARPED as Heather’s! “shrieking and running to the restroom to pop a pill” and using Tamra’s words on WWHL as part of justifying YOUR argument? SORRY, was I the only one who heard Andy say ” no it’s not part of your job to start shit, your job is to be yourself”. Tamra is a scumbag who is a known liar. And you take her words as gospel? LMAO. Hilarious. And were you in the bathroom with Shannon to see her pop a pill? Do you know David personally to know he is “dumb”? I mean, David was the one who held his cool and said that it was inappopriate to be yelling across the dinner table about a personal subject. and still be able to say what was on his mind without getting all worked up like Terry. David is a self made millionaire businessman who’s net worth is 20 million. Look it up. I doubt that he is “retarted dumb” as you claimed him to be. You’re amusing.

      • jelley

        @Greta, ITA. David didn’t seem dumb by not stooping to catty bitch mode like Terry – he seemed mature and above the bullshit, imo. Terry looked guilty and kind of nuts. David didn’t let it phase him.

      • Actually, TC was right. It IS Tamra’s job this season (and other seasons) to start shit. One cast member always has that job. Depending on the show it can change from season to season. That’s just how it is. And of course Andy is going to deny it. He doesn’t want us to remember that this is a tv show, not actual reality.

      • BH Wannabe

        @Greta: Valium. I strongly recommend you try it. Because that comment was pretty much the equivalent of screaming down the dinner table at Teecee. Just a suggestion. It’s reality TV, so breeeeeeeeathe….
        Takes a lot of energy to get so upset at another’s comment on a website.

      • Debbie

        I agree with everything you said Greta. It boggles my mind that there are really people out there who are so easily brainwashed.


      Totally agree. They are both disgusting…can’t believe there are grown women who act like this. Like high school bully mean girls. Grow up

    • Debbie

      OMG. That’s exactly what I believe too Sarepta Brooks. I’m so glad that there are more intelligent people than idiots who don’t see what is so obvious. Also, I will not be watching Botched either because I cannot stand Terry — the Heather butt-kisser. He’s so afraid of her, it’s ridiculous. He is the bread winner because Heather hasn’t worked in years and years, and since joining Housewives, she’s only gotten a couple of gigs. So, why does he put up with her? And, I so love Shannon, and I so love how Vicki is with Shannon. I hope that they stay really good friends.

  2. ricardo

    Lizzie finally made her debut tonight, can’t wait to see her drag Tamra in Bali.
    And omg can we be more excited for this reunion??????? Shit is about to hit the fan!
    And as much as I love Heather, i feel bad for Shannon, that woman needs a therapist, a life guru or something. She couldn’t join RH on a worst time… but well, she makes good TV. Can’t deny that!

  3. pepper

    I’ve given Heather every benefit of the doubt this season but she is out of control. Her intelligence will be her downfall. She believes that if she repeats things into the camera often enough, the audience will ignore all reason and buy it. Hence “you yelled at me’ ** & “is she having a breakdown, should we call someone?” I’m done.

    I get Shannon’s side tonight. It sucks to be new in a group of girls and not click with one of them. It also sucks to know Tamra/Heather are calmly lying in a room of people you barely know.

    In other news, three cheers for Lizzie’s hot husband.

    ** I know I know, incredibly ironic that tonight of all nights, Shannon was yelling.

    • ricardo

      Heather wasn’t lying, Tamra was.

      • delaney

        Yes, Heather lied. Refuses to admit any wrong doing or fault when she blabbed abt Shannon’s marriage to a table full of women. Heather is a nasty piece of work. Terry is such a junior high school girl. lol

      • She never said she didn’t discus it. She said she didn’t start it. Look, it’s not a secret. She said herself that their marriage has been fucked for 13 years. Do you think it’s impossible for other people to have begun a discussion about it?

      • Din

        Heather is too smart to get caught into a blatant lie, she instead twists the truth conveniently without remorse.

    • O.O

      Don’t forget “Vikki is my friend “

      • Shannon has been the one talking about her marriage ON CAMERA from the day she entered the show! Heather talked about it OFF CAMERA but somehow Heathers private conversation is going to be the one that hurts Shannon’s children?!? That’s crazy. Shannon is the problem with her marriage — not Heather.

        P.S. Again, I must be clear that I DO NOT like Heather @ all but just feel like she IS being railroaded by Shannon & Tamra on this specific issue.

      • Heather is not intelligent,she is a snotty uppity bitch!!

    • thedisher

      Totally agree with you about Heather. I remember her blatant lie about telling the guy who ran the electronic bull to turn it up, only to later tell Tamra that she was going to fire him & she had no idea who would ask him to do such a thing. Heather consistently tries to make it seem like Shannon is yelling and angry (.e.g, the chair incident) – when Shannon’s the nicest one on the show. Poor Shannon. You have a nicer house than Heather & she’s pissed.

      • Gabriella

        I agree. I like Shannon and David and hope they can work out their problems. Gone right off Heather and Terry, Heather has been proved a liar re the bull incident and I just wish Vicki had spoken up at the dinner and confirmed that Tamra HAD said the same thing to her about Terry taking down Shannon and David, but I can understand why she didn’t. And yes, I think Heather resents that they are in the same league as them.

      • BH Wannabe

        Ew, Shannon’s house is a monstrosity.

    • Here’s what I don’t get. People are jumping on Heather because she talked to other women about what was going on in Shannon’s marriage. First, they aren’t friends, they can’t stand one another, so there’s no assumption of loyalty. Second, it was okay for Shannon to talk about it ON CAMERA but not okay for someone to gossip about it? Third, this is ALL because Tamra can’t keep her mouth shut. None of this would have happened if she had kept her “friend’s” secret. I would probably have repeated it as well if it were someone I wasn’t particularly fond of and quite frankly, so would 95% of the people commenting here. Can Heather be a witch? Certainly. Is Shannon an overly sensitive nut case? It really looks that way.

      • ​Kelly, for me, I don’t have as much of a problem with Heather repeating what happened at her “fake lunch” at her “real lunch” moments later as the people were probably waiting on her to finish filming and curious.

        What I do have a problem with is the way she treats Shannon in general. She’s vicious, petty and jealous. She should have handled it the same way she handled interfering with Tamra and Eddie’s fake baby line, but simply apologizing for getting involved and dropping it.

        On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 5:21 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Kellywood you are correct.

      • “It wasn’t Heathers story to tell. Shannon or David alone are the ones who can chose to put their personal lives “out there”.”

        So by that remedial logic, it’s not YOUR story to tell either. So practice what you preach and stop talking about it entirely.

      • ​You’re up awfully late, grandma.

        On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 1:35 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • “teecee I am not informing anyone about Shannons marriage. I am discussing how wrong it was to gossip about it.”

        Dear god you’re a fucking dope. Heather was not informing anyone of anything either. Everyone knew Shannon’s marriage with the retard was fucked. And according to Heather, she shut it down. So see?? You and Heather are exactly the same.

      • BH Wannabe

        Whoa, BILLIE, you should add a “You will all see the truth!” to the end of that last comment with the ADHD, grandkids, “I feel like Shannon”, etc.

      • Bevi

        You are 100% right Kellywood.

  4. S

    Ugh… that was difficult to watch … Shannon does seem to be able to lose her marbles in public places very easily for someone who was in cotillion growing up. Even though Heather (plausibly) denied her allegations, SHannon wanted to believe everything and make a scene like that, complete with a semi panic attack at the end. All of this should NOT have taken place at a fancy dinner party at someone else’s house. Any what the heck is Tamra’s deal ????

    • Lawstangel

      Yes. No one is talking about the fact that none of this should have been brought up at Lizzie’s dinner party. Lizzie has not been involved in any of the drama with these women. Lizzie is generally a nice person…this is just awful that all this non sense went down at her first event. Shannon walked into to that party, determined to confront Heather about something, she was not going to let that party go by without getting her pound of flesh. Heather was very gracious to her prior to all this going down she said smiled, said hello and then moved on. Shannon asked liar faced Tamra about that comment and was willing to let it go. BUT Tamra had to be a bitch and stir the pot, bringing it up at dinner. First of all WTF does “take someone down” even mean????? I would have been as shocked as Terry if I had heard that at a dinner table, David did not help matters with his “you can’t take us down” comment either, it was confrontational. One thing has been consistent, Shannon has been like a broken record, since her falling out with Heather, she has repeated that fucking story about getting thrown out over, and over and over again. She will not rest until everyone agrees and buys her version of that story. She has lost her damn mind!

      • Angel

        Heather needs to stop bringing up all the times and places she says Shannon screamed at her. Not one person has said they agreed that she did. At this dinner, she did get to witness Shannon screaming, thanks to rotten imbecile, Tamra. Tamra needed her hands grabbed and twisted behind her back to keep them off Shannon. I am not for violence, but wish Eddie would have decked her, instead of checking out.

    • O.O

      @ Tamara I agree 100% .

      • And that is why you are my favorite, O.O. :)​

        On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 2:24 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • sequoia

        My other use to tell me I was her favorite, then turn around and tell my sister SHE was her favorite.

        Just sayin… ( and for a certain unnamed (TeeCee) poster who never understands my posts, I’m teasing Tamara)

      • ​LOL, you’re too smart for me, Sequoia. My second graders fell for it all year. :)

        On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 3:02 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Garden girl

      She’s trying to keep her job and be relevant. Looks like that doesn’t work with this group. They’re not buying her bullcrap.

  5. If ever anyone deserved to be called a cuntsicle – it’s Tamra.

    I strongly dislike Heather but it speaks to her character (specifically loyalty) that she can’t fathom that “her friend of many years” (the cuntsicle, Tamra) has thrown her under the bus despite the evidence staring her straight in the face!

    Tamra is looking more like her bug-faced mother everyday… (Yes that is mean but I REALLY dislike Tamra & will resort to name-calling & mentioning age..).

    Yuck. And then there’s Andy Cohen, having Tamra on WWHL tonight & kissing her ass, I’m sure! Why does he love the extremely devious housewives, I.e. Tamra, NeNe (well.. He DID love her once), etc?

    Shannon is definitely NOT strong enough to be a housewife… She’s crazy but in a sad sort of way… Not narcissistic or psychopathic like the other crazy housewives from other franchises… But the kind that needs to stay away from cameras & reality TV.

    This show sucks on so many levels..

  6. ericzku

    So Tamra is playing the “let’s you and her fight” game…(putting misinformation into the ears of two people so that they’ll fight with each other – and she can sit back and watch). What an adolescent, mean-girl move. I didn’t think my opinion of Tamra could go any lower but she’s managed to do it.

    How stupid is she to do it on TV, where the ploy can be exposed so easily? It should be an interesting reunion. That is, if Shannon isn’t too stupid to understand what is being spelled out directly for her – which is iffy.

    I keep liking Lizzie more and more. She was rigjt when she said something like “why can’t this just be discussed at the table out in the open” (I can’t remember the exact quote). Tamra’s deception would have been revealed right then and there. Of course, we wouldn’t have had the ensuing 20 minutes of screaming – probably – just a dinner party at a fabulous beach house.

    How funny/pathetic was Shannon’s screaming, “It’s MY turn!” “It’s MY turn!” like a 5-year-old? I’m surprised she wasn’t stomping her feet and shaking her fists at the same time!

  7. Kate

    Is anyone else feeling badly for Eddie? He seemed really checked out tonight

  8. MicroOp

    Heather has been annoying this season, but Shannon also has ridiculously thin skin.

  9. Kira

    I think Heather delights in tormenting Shannon and knows she can push her buttons. Heather and Tamra are so 6 the grade ganging up on her like that. Hate Heather. Hate her.

    • ITA with this, heather likes picking with Shannon because she knows Shannon is fragile. I have never liked heather and she continues to show me that I probably never will. When it comes to tamra there are no words to describe how terrible she is, it’s like she gets worse every season. I’m so happy they added Shannon however as much as I’m team Shannon she does need to toughen up a bit. I also should say that usually I’m not a fan of Vicki but lately I have been loving the OG from the oc, except when it comes to brook he totally grosses me out

      • Greta

        I believe that Heather likes to pick on those who she perceives as weaker than her. Alexis, Shannon, and that lady who ate the little piece of ribbon on her cake. She woud never go against Vickie or Tamra no matter how they insult her or stab her in the back or lie to her because she knows they’re merciless.

  10. GoBlazerrs9095

    Heather likes to play the victim because it paints her target in a negative light, then she gets the sympathy while looking like she’s the innocent little angel. I used to do that…. when I was a freakin’ child. “Mommy, mommy she hit me!” while rubbing my pain-free arm, knowing my sister barely even touched me and if my sister DID hit me, I probably deserved it. That’s Heather. “She yelled at me! Look, she’s yelling at me again! Look at all these mean, scary people yelling. But not me, I’m a good girl and I’m innocent.” Uggh. So pedestrian. I really, REALLY dislike Heather this season.
    Poor Shannon unraveled tonight. I feel so bad for her. But I laughed my ample hiney off when Terry said Heather’s best part was her face and Shannon (in her talking head) said “The one he created?” HAHA! Best line of the night!!

  11. therealdeb

    tamra is a cunt, shannon is twacked, heather needs to just not talk in circles and spit it out. vivkie needs to not be afraid of tamra. what a fucked up bunch. tamra is a liar and everyone knows it. wwhl is tamra throwing vivkie under the bus

  12. Cat

    Tamra needs to STFU. This storyline of “I have no storyline of my own, so I’ll screw with everyone else and create chaos and drama, and that will be my storyline” is getting old.

  13. fivecatsownme

    Why are you calling Tammy Sue a cuntsicle? That is an insult to cuntsicles everywhere. Tammy is far lower on the food chain. She is a cloaca.
    Lizzie looked mad enough to spit ice, and Shannon lookef ripe for the rubber room. And I thought “naked wasted” was low.

  14. Tamra is even MORE annoying on WWHL, and her face looks terrible. Didn’t like Heather in the beginning of this season, and I think I like her even less now.

  15. “Cuntsicle” is now officially my favorite word!

  16. If Heather was truly as pretentious as everyone likes to believe, she would have corrected Shannon for saying “acting so condescending” not once, but TWICE. Honestly, with this bunch of idiots, it would be difficult not to condescend. Shannon is misguided- her issue is with Tamra, not Heather.

  17. I would like the Heather haters to put yourself in her shoes. What would you have done differently? Shannon is not her friend. The woman was an ass to her at her Xmas party. Tamra told her some shit. Never said it was secret. Btw, it was NOT secret since she talked about it on camera. So Heather is at lunch and other people bring it up. She shuts it down. Crazy pants storms into her house ranting about it. If it were me, just telling her to leave would have taken great restraint.

    So then Shannon tells Vicki and Tamra the story in a very slanted way. You saw what happened and heard how Shannon described it. She is obvs deluded and believes her own exaggeration. And then this woman gets in her face again ranting about the same shit. After accusing your husband of saying something completely ridiculous. I would have tossed her crazy ass off that balcony.

    • Micheal

      Goodluck. You speak way too much reason for the Heather haters to comprehend.

    • StopLying

      How do you know that Heather “shut it down?” From the beginning of this season, she has always had her own perception of how things happened. Remember the chairgate? And the mechanical bull incident? Or the fact that she singled Shannon out at her hoe down party for being late? I thought she was being an ass to Shannon then. AND Shannon didn’t accuse Heather or Terry of anything. She asked Tamra to confirm in front of the camera about the “taking the Beadors down” comment. Tamra dened it and that was that. TAMRA was the one who brought it to Terry and Heather and TERRY was the one who started “yelling” at Shannon across the dinner table about it. Heather did tell Shannon to leave her home. The phrase “thrown out” is a pretty common phrase when you’re being told to leave someone’s home. Rarely does someone literally throws someone out of their home.

      • You’re completely wrong.
        And I think heather shut it down because she said she did and I’ve never seen her engage in malicious gossip. And I don’t think she is a liar. Why do you think she didn’t? What does your vivid imagination tell you happened that day at that lunch you did not attend?

      • therealdeb

        how much footage do you think is on the cutting room floor? we are getting the slant the producers wnat us to get on most of this. i really think shannon is crazy, as in padded room and srtaight jacket crazy but i think they are editing heather really poorly on purpose. tamra has a history of lying and being the shit stirring and shit talker and she is at the center of all of this mess.

      • StopLying

        @ teecee66- ok so… did you attended the lunch for you to know that Heather shut it down…? And Heather never engage in malicious gossip? Did you not see the clip where she is having lunch or dinner with Tamra and Danielle and oh what was the topic again? Oh right, Shannon’s marriage. LOL. Ok. I am going by Heathers track record. She also said that Shannon was crazy angry and yelling at the restaurant all because Fancy pants wanted to sit in the middle and Vicky told her to move. She blamed the mechanical bull operator for speeding up the bull when it was really her all along. She said that Shannon “yelled” at her at the xmas party and that David “yelled” at her at the dinner table at Lizzie’s party when it was Terry and Heather talking loudly to Shannon. David just defended his wife but he certainly wasn’t yelling. Heather is a spinner. And it has nothing to do with my imagination. But thanks for the compliment :)

      • Kathy

        Oh, I beg to differ. Being politely asked to leave and being ‘thrown out’ are most definitely two different statements.

    • ​Shannon’s retelling of what went down has been quite accurate. It is Heather’s retelling that are full of hyperbole. Nothing Heather said about Chairgate was accurate. What Heather should have done differently was stop being so insanely jealous of Shannon. From the minute she walked in Shannon house she was critical. Heather really wants to pretend her house is nicer than Shannon’s and her husband is richer than David. Neither of those things are true and Shannon is old money whose father could by and sell the Dubrows 20 times over. Heather can’t handle that.

      On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 12:04 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Gingersnap

        @StopLying ~ 100% agree!

      • O.O

        @ Tamara Finally ! The voice of reason! I thought my head was going to pop off with all of this blind justification for heather and her husband . Why don’t people have the ability to put their like or dislike for a person and state the obvious ? Oy!

      • G.

        Hi Tamara, Do you know the source of Shannon’s family’s wealth? I’d seen the I. Magnin rumor debunked elsewhere and was then curious. Thanks!

      • I forget how he first acquired his wealth but he is a major investor in many businesses, including “David’s” construction company now. ​

        On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 12:17 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Greenwood

        Exactly, Tamara! Heather began to vibrate green the second she met Shannon, and as Heather walked thru Shannon’s house, the snakes started to come out of her head. Shannon is gorgeous, and Heather…isn’t. Heather wants to skin Shannon and wear her like last year’s Versace (I stole that from somewhere – haha)
        The funniest character, I think, is Eddy. Man, is he miserable. Imagine the epic fights he and Tamra must have. Wow.

      • BeenThereDoneThat2

        Shannon’s father couldn’t buy himself out of a paper bag. He filed bankruptcy when Shannon was young and was sued for fraud on a business dealing. Her maternal grandfather was an employee of I. Magnin department store and was president during his last four years before retiring in 1972. Shannon was eight at the time. You must be confused and thought Shannon was “related” to the wealth of Isaac Magnin – she (nor any part of her family) is NOT related whatsoever!

    • TT you did not put yourself in heathers shoes. You put yourself in Shannon’s shoes. I meant, every one of them is probably lying. But the parts we DID see? Heather is truthier. Shannon acted like a loon in heathers house. And told Vicki that she wasn’t even allowed in?

      I didn’t pay attention to chair gate really. It was too stupid to care about. Again, Shannon making something huge out if nothing. Did you SEE her at the table during dinner at Lizzie’s throwing faces at EVERYTHING Heather said? They were on totally unrelated topics and the loon just kept rolling her eyes and making it seem like she couldn’t believe Heather would say such a thing? Cukoo cukoo.

      • Brianna

        No .. Vicky misunderstood shannon. Shannon told her exactly what she told Lizzie that she was kicked out.. How can you kicked out of a house you didn’t get in!? Once again it was heather that made a big deal about “chairgate”. Heather always lies about things so you can best believe she said it. Heather and tamra know what is going to be put on camera, so outside on the balcony that whole scene was code for “let’s pretend we didn’t say that to make us both look like we are on the same page now, so everyone else is lying”.

      • I’ve not seen Heather lie. I’ve seen Tamra lie. I’ve seen Shannon lie.

      • ​So you close your eyes in all of the Heather scenes?

        On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 12:41 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • ​Um, do you know me at all? Of course I stand up for the crazy person that loses her mind, drinks to much and acts inappropriately in social settings! She’s like my soul sister with money!

        On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 11:47 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Greta

        @ Teecee66 hahaha so say you never see Heather lie and then say. “I didn’t pay attention to chair gate really. It was too stupid to care about.” in the same sentence say that Shannon made a huge deal out of nothing. You weren’t paying attention so you missed the fact that it was HEATHER and not Shannon who acted like a five year old and then turned it around on Shannon to deflect the negative attention from her childish behavior. So no, it wasn’t Shannon who made a big deal and you cannnot rebuttal on that fact since you weren’t paying attention. You must not have been paying attention to the mechanical bull scene either. And since you weren’t “paying attention” to the chairgate scene, then you also can’t possibly know that Heather’s version of the incident as she described it to her husband was a ridiculous lie. You are ignorant when it come’s to Heather’s dishonesty, so just go with that. If you don’t have all the facts, then you can’t possibly know what you’re talking about. And the comment about “taking the Beadors down” it was Terry and Heather who made a huge deal out of it, Shannon was not going to bring it up. Shannon was amazed that Heather is not only spiteful, ( brought up the xmas party and how she was “yelled at ” which never happened- and the fact that she said she would let it go since Shannon already apologized, yet continued to bring it up and then she used it as an excuse for Terry’s behavior), she’s also a hypocrite and she also made a ridiculous statement saying Tamra never lies. But what’s more amazing is that you have resorted to name calling and insults because you cannot do a “battle of wits”.

      • I didn’t read most of that. You seem stupid and over invested.

      • BeenThereDoneThat2

        We didn’t get to see everything that went down at chair gate. I think we will at some future time! It moving Heather from her rightful seat was a production set-up, as was Shannon excusing herself to the ladies room. Notice how she looks back toward the ladies room (as if looking for someone for a cue) and that she IS “talking” at Heather about taking her seat. For some extra reading pleasure about Shannon, read up on people who refer to themselves in the third person! I KNEW she was a narcissist!

      • BH Wannabe

        Ha ha I’m with Teecee- talk about overinvested!

  18. Momof2

    I thought it was strange that Shannon had to check with Tamra to confirm she said the take down comment several times. Did Shannon have a lot of her weak vodkas the night Tamra told her this info and wanted to make sure it wasn’t a drunken imagined slight?

    I giggled along with Andy on WWHL when Tamra said she doesn’t follow what people say about her on twitter. Riiight.

    • Micheal

      I assumed Shannon quizzed Tamra over the comments so that Tamra would admit it on camera so Shannon could then feel comfortable confronting Heather.

    • StopLying

      I think Shannon just wanted it to be confirmed on camera because Tamra is a proven liar. So if Tamra admits it on camera then she can’t deny she said it. Too bad that Tamra is a pro at this gig so she knew better than to be trapped. Poor Shannon…..

  19. StopLying

    Tamra is such a LIAR. And for Heather to say that “Tamra never lies” is a big fat lie. I understand why Shannon is looking crazy. I would lose it too if I was surrounded by women like Heather and Tamra. Heather’s perception of events are so warped and Tamra’s many many versions of stories when she speaks from one person to another is ridiculous. I see Shannon’s frustration because all she wants is to be vindicated. I feel sorry for her. By the way, Heather’s definition of yelling or screaming is so off. Serously, Heather, google the definition. Shannon didn’t yell at you and David did not yel at you. And if you don’t want people to “yell” at you maybe you need to stfu and let someone else speak.

  20. Micheal

    If they dont crucify Tamra at the reunion then I’ve lost all hope. It’s so clear that she is the cause of all the fights and twists everyones private conversations into horrible accusations and judgments. She is the new queen of thowing everyone under the bus.

    • I thought Brandi from rhobh was the worst person ever, nope after this it’s definitely tamra who takes that title.

      • Micheal

        Brandi is bad, but she just says everything in her head out loud innapropriately. I feel that Tamra is much more manipulative and twists everyones words. Brandi is just a drunk with no filter or tact.

  21. I need Heather to realize who Tamra is — a cloaca. Also I like Heather a lot. And I love in her talking head when she says “If you think I’m talking down to you, I probably am. Because you’re acting like a moron.” I think that sums up a lot of these ladies.

    Shannon needs a hug and a big ol’ mug of self-esteem.

  22. Momof2

    Just finished watching, I think Shannon needs to go get more jewels in her teeth. She totally lost it, I was waiting for her to start screaming, “No more wire hangers!”

  23. Truthseeker

    I never liked Shannon or David and I could not understand what Vickie and Tamra saw in them. You can look at Shannon and see that she is not “wrapped too tight”.
    She’s extra skinny, she’s always drinking, and quick to fly off the handle.

  24. Just curious is there anyone who actually likes tamra, does she have fans? If so please explain

  25. Valley View

    I had a hard time with the sheer number of times Tamra touched Shannon against her will. It became quite obvious Tamra was hoping for some type of physical combativeness from Shannon. When that didn’t work she wanted to call an ambulance? Just ridiculous the Dubrows and Tamra, time for the gaslighting to stop. Never thought I would think Eddie, Vicki and Brooks were the brains of the evening.

    • Greta

      I was flabbergasted when I saw that!! Shannon was trying to make her point and between Heather refusing to shut her mouth so that Shannon could speak and Tamra grabbing her face telling her to calm down, I was like, really?! It was ridiculous! How many times did Shannon tell Tamra to get away from her and not to touch her? Jeez I have to give Shannon credit for not smacking Tamra across the face for violationg her space, lying to her, throwing her under the bus and creating that whole clusterf*ck.

      • fivecatsownme

        I would have punched Tamra. I gotta admire David for having his wife’s back. The Beadors may have a troubled marriage, but it is obvious that they love each other. I noticed Eddie was staying out of it, and looked disgusted with his wife. I also agree that this is the beginning of the end for Mr. and Mrs. Judge.
        Who’d of thought Vicki would stay out of a catfight? Is this a kinder, gentler Vicki? She does have her hands full at keeping Brooks in line. The vagina comment caused me to spit out my scotch. He should have stopped at brains. That man has no filter.
        Poor Lizzie was appalled at what happened at her lovely dinner. I hope she can grow some claws. However, she was raised in the south with manners, and knows better than to bring up nasty issues at a dinner party. I really like her, but I hope she leaves the show because those women will chew her up and spit her out.

    • Patti R.

      Yes, Shannon and David just wanted to go home after all the craziness at Lizzie’s & Chris’s beach party. But, of course, Tamra was using both of her hands to hold on tightly to Shannon’s wrists and screaming in Shannon and David’s face’s once they were outside WANTING TO HEAD HOME! So Shannon couldn’t get down the steps to the car. And, of course David couldn’t even try to get Tamra’s hands off his wife. Tamra would be suing David if he had tried. David had his hands around Shannon’s waist when they went outside and Tamra grabbed Shannon’s hands and wrists and wouldn’t let Shannon go. Tamra KNEW that David was with Shannon. And Tamra knew everything would be fine once David and Shannon were outside. But, Tamra wasn’t having any of that !!! She just runs and and physically is STOPPING Shannon and David from leaving. DAVID HAD EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL UNTIL TAMRA COMES OUT OF THE HOUSE. Who does Tamra think she is?. If a man and wife are leaving the premises than WHO IS TAMRA TO TRY TO STOP THEM FROM GOING HOME! WTF!!! If I had been David ,I would have stepped back and called the Police on Tamra. David couldn’t touch Tamra to get her off Shannon. Because he’s a man and knew better.
      Tamra thinks she has THE RIGHT to detain anybody she wants too. Tamra was WRONG on so MANY LEVELS. She could have been arrested.

  26. Gingersnap

    Shannon showed admirable restraint in not putting her hands on Tamra. That bitch was all up in her face, pushing herself in front of her, and shrieking at her, making a bad situation even worse. Shannon kept trying to get away from her, and Tamra wouldn’t fucking stop. A lesser person would have decked her.

  27. If you think paranoia and low self-esteem are components of a manic episode and you ARE diagnosed bipolar, you need a new doctor because that is completely false. Not simply false but the polar opposite of a manic episode.​

    On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 1:49 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  28. Gingersnap

    Wow, Terry got pissed and red in the face when David said he couldn’t bring him down. Terry said it was a passive aggressive comment and it caused him to be aggressive. I didn’t think it was passive aggressive at all, just a statement of fact. I think Terry got pissed cause he would probably like to. David was looking at him like WTF? I think I’m starting to like David a lot.

    • Brianna

      Right!! I have the biggest crush on David! The way he stook up for Shannon… And then tried to excuse the terry outside… So chivalrous! Terry is soooo annoying…

    • Maisey

      I thought Terry was pure comedy gold tonight. It was fun watching him make a complete ass of himself—sputtering and yelling at David “Oh your so tough!?” And you’re right, poor David was sitting there looking at him like he was a lunatic. David actually tried to bring some calm reason and manners into the situation before it really ran amok. I thought any minute Terry might pass him a note that read “meet me after school, behind the bleachers, I’m going to kick your butt.” I guess Heather went into that bejeweled box on her vanity table where she keeps Terry’s balls. “Here, dear. I’ll allow you to wear them tonight”
      I don’t think the dude knows what it feels like to have them on anymore. But that is what happens after being married to that boney, finger wagging, ping pong ball eyed squirrel woman Heather.

    • initially i felt sorry for terry, being married to heather. but the more i see of him (incl in other shows) the more negative he comes across. when someone says he will bring you down and you say he can’t do it, that is not passive aggressive or challenging the other person. it’s self assured and true. his taking offense at david’s response is a big clue that terry actually did say what he’s accused of saying re bringing the beadors down. starting to see terry as just as petty and jealous as heather. they both fight ugly and like to rewrite what really happened. that “you might think i have it all, but i’m just getting started” tagline shows pure greed. a little sorry for that pathetic duo. heather can try her superiority act on other people to try to make herself feel better, but more people are beginning to see her for what she really is: a very full of herself stick in the mud. david and shannon have a lot more than heather and terry will ever have, including a clear ability to have fun without needing to impress others.
      what a coward vicki was being, not confirming what shannon was saying because she was afraid of what tamra would do to brooks (ridiculous).

    • David has obviously learned how to handle crazy attacks because he’s had to deal with his wife for the past 13+ years.. I’m guessing Terry Dubrow yelling @ him was NOTHING compared to the yelling & aggressive attacks Shannon has put him through.. Ha.

      (But I love David’s calmness & easy-going attitude too. Plus he’s pretty!)

    • Lilia durazo

      I think you’re full of BS…

    • Gingersnap

      Terry has obviously learned how to be pussy whipped since he married the sanctimonious and anal retentive Heather. She was even concerned to take his name lest someone pronounce it Du-Brow, as in eye-brow. Oh, the horror. She is as plastic as her face.

  29. i agree shannon is being gaslighted…tamra had no right to keep harrassing her when asked to get away….and this business with heather trying to convince her doctor ,pussywhipped husband to commit shannon is downright scary.She really is evil and should pay for that.

    • Patti R.

      Heather and Terry are just EAT UP with jealousy because Vicki and Brook invited David and Shannon on their trip with them. Fun and sun and the jealous Heather and Terry couldn’t handle the fact that Vicki didn’t invite them! And jealous over the fact that Vicki and Shannon AND the husbands had a great time and LOTS OF filming of them. HEATHER AND TERRY’S jealousy makes both of you even MORE physically ugly!! It’s going to kill both of you early in life.

  30. they’re so rich and protected in their gated communities,they have no idea apparantly. Try pulling your crap in our our world and see what happens…and this bs from tamra admiting she stirs things up for ratings and laughing it off? good excuse but so doesnt fly

  31. pepper


    “Shannon may be just a tad bit bipolar. The “every one is out to get me” and I don’t matter” attitudes are classic signs of a manic episode.
    I know because I am bipolar and have felt this. Plus it is stated in the studies.”

    “Ok I misspoke.Make that a depressive episode. It is in some of the literature I have read. And they are my warning signs to get a med adjustment.”

    I’m gonna go ahead and call bs on both your comments. Maybe you are bipolar – your truth is your own, I don’t care.

    I have not met anyone who actually suffers from the imbalance and yet references “literature” and “studies” they read on the topic when talking on the personal subject. I mean, you did it twice in six sentences.

    I mean, plus you did make the following faux pas:

    “Ok I misspoke.Make that a depressive episode. It is in some of the literature I have read.”

    Wouldn’t you know what a depressive episode is without reading? Otherwise, you would’ve been diagnosed as bi-polar without ever exhibiting any depressive symptoms, solely the manic ones? That’s extremely rare and you should consider yourself very lucky if so.

    Bipolar people are usually extremely paranoid that someone will catch on to their illness and thus refrain from diagnosing others (esp. based on some reality show segments.) We should all follow their example of don’t do onto others…

    • Angel

      Pepper- Is that you, Heather?

    • Cat

      Angel, that is so funny! I find it fascinating that you suggest that Pepper is Heather….since TC posted that she thinks Billie might be Shannon. It just fits perfectly that the two would go at each other in comments under different names. Try reading just their comments, and you will see what I mean. Pretty interesting.

    • pepper

      Angel – I don’t get it?

      My post defending Shannon against Billie’s armchair psychology makes me heather?

      Surely you jest.

      Unless you thought I was talking down to Billie and that’s what gave you the Heather vibe? 😉

    • pepper


      “Pepper you say you don’t care if I am bipolar or not. Then you probably shouldn’t waste your time calling me out on the subject.”

      As a bipolar person, you should know how serious the illness is and shouldn’t try to diagnose Shannon based on your “experience.” —- that’s my point.

      You really don’t get how wrong that this? Okay.

    • Billie, you don’t seem to be making any friends here.

      And yes, you most certainly can do things to cause yourself to be mentally ill. You really should do homework on your pretend diseases before you talk about them.

    • I’m pretty sure what you have is senility. ​

      On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 11:44 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • No one knows what causes bipolar disorder. Btw, when you continually refer to it as simply bipolar, you sound like and idiot.

      No one knows what causes the disorder. Therefore and ergo, you simply can not truthfully state that you have done nothing to cause the disorder. Further there are behaviors which can eliminate symptoms and behaviors which can cause symptoms to be worse.

    • BH Wannabe

      @Billie: I’m gonna repeat my earlier suggestion: Valium. Tell the docs you need that added to the mix. It’s a REALITY show, not genocide.

  32. I’m team Heather/Shannon. Heather is condescending and has trouble empathizing with people, but she’s not malicious. Same with Shannon. She gets nervous and exhausted quickly when it comes to confrontation.

    How many seasons do we have to witness Tamra backstabbing ALL of her friends? When will people realize they shouldn’t trust her? Why is Tamra mad at Vicki? Because she’s telling the truth for once? This show is ridiculous. All of Shannon’s anger is misdirected at Heather. Lizzie is correct to be placing all the blame on Tamra.

    • gerly1

      I agree, why would anyone trust anything coming out of Tamara’s mouth??? She’s been the evil witch of the OC for years now, have these people never seen the show?

      I would think Tamara is mad at Vicki for outing her about actually saying that about Terry and Heather. I just can’t imagine Terry saying something like that. I would think he’s a pretty busy guy and “taking down” a highway engineer and his crazy wife wouldn’t be on his radar of things to get done in a day. Plus, since the beginning of the season Vicki has been trashing Tamara in her talking heads and to the other wives.

      Shannon really made herself look like a total nut job last night. That lady really needs to not be on reality television. I feel sorry for her kind of, but I think Heather has every right in the world to defend herself over these accusations that Shannon keeps making. Shannon’s anger is completely misguided and she should just lay off Heather and deal with the real root of the problem, Tamara and her husband.

      Anyone notice how Eddie is completely checked out? I’m wondering how much longer he’ll be in the picture?

  33. G.

    Did Shannon learn grammar like “talk condescending” “at Cotillion”?

    • Sari

      The “talk condescending” thing bothers me. Greatly. I’m hoping Heather corrects this at the reunion. I’m a little evil like that.

      I read everyone’s thoughts. I put myself in both Heather and Shannon’s shoes. I don’t believe Shannon is of sound mind- and, she should not be on television. She has a “frantic” quality about her that’s troubling. While there is certainly an element of being “real” that comes with sharing marital issues on television, I believe she’s way off base with what causes her such distress. I can’t relate to that complete absence of self-awareness, no matter how hard I try.

      TeeCee brings up incredibly valid points.

      Tamra is absurd, yes. But, she’s always been. If you watch enough of these shows, you should be able to see right through the bad/good edits. This season, we all agree that Tamra is the catalyst for the majority of the drama… But we, too, see Heather in a different light. Perhaps we shouldn’t be so easily swayed by Tamra’s failed attempt to turn Heather into a villain this season. It blew up in Tamra’s face, not Heather’s.

      Sadly, Heather only knows Tamra as the ass kisser from seasons prior. She’s a victim of a game she’s not dirty enough to play, but her intellect and wit will get her through. Shannon should just throw in the towel and work on herself. Off camera.

  34. Laurie

    Tamara is a POS. She is the one causing all of the problems. She is an ugly person on the inside. If I was Tamara’s daughter I wouldn’t want to see her either. I would be embarrassed that my Mom was a self centered, manipulating liar. Eddie seems like a decent person. I’m sure he will be done with her within 5 years and Then they can all start hurtful rumors about her.

  35. jrleaguer

    This was probably my favorite episode over the past couple of seasons. Shannon cannot whore her marriage issues on TV and act surprised when people discuss it #putdownthevodka.
    Brooks was creepy as usual. Who says that at a dinner?!? Then he is so overcome with the smell of salmon that he proceeds to try to go down on Vicky’s mouth at the table.
    Eddie appeared as though he was consuming his last meal and was afraid that someone was going to take it from him.
    I have a feeling that if David was not so financially tied to Shannon’s family that he would bail. He is an idiot to try to confront Terry. #teamheatherandterry

    • Amen.
      However.. I WILL agree with all of the others who are on Shannon’s side jump the fence if Heather remains friends with Tamra after realizing from the footage that Tamra was the shit stirrer… To me THAT will be “telling” as to whether or not Heather is being dishonest or not.

      Oh.. But I do ❤️ David Beador. He can’t help it he married a mentally-unstable woman who is too insecure for reality TV. He probably didn’t know how crazy she would become.

      • jrleaguer

        @every1becalm~ My take with Heather is that she approaches this for what it is….a role on a show. Everyone else has things “come out” during the seasons (on the other franchises too)…marital discord, financial messes, the list goes on…but not Heather and Terry. They have their real life and their “Real Housewives” life and so far they have not muddled the two together. :)

    • “​Eddie appeared as though he was consuming his last meal and was afraid that someone was going to take it from him.”

      LOL I noticed that too. The guy looked like he had not eaten real food in months. I think he might have stabbed anyone who took his plate. As you recall there is never any food in their house.

      On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 12:19 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • jrleaguer

        @TT~ Being a Georgia girl, the term, “Hunker down” came to mind when watching that scene.

      • Eddie would rather be at Cut Fitness ( if it is still in business) fixing that stupid floor rather than listen to these tools arguing like preteen girls

  36. MicroOp

    Even if terry did say it, who cares? Obviously he’s not going to “take them down”. I say “I’m going to kill myself” everytime I’m swamped with work but I’m not suicidal. This argument bw the beadors and dubrows is just ridiculous.

    • vivaladiva831

      i agree, and i notice every time we have situations like this – these petty arguments – that behind them is usually something bigger. david and terry seem have a huge mutual dislike for each other that probably goes back before they were ever on this show. hell it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the whole reason they were cast. heather has had it too good the past two seasons, this year is her year to cat fight.

  37. Greg

    I love your blogs but you should re-read them because you have so many mistakes that it makes it hard to read, trying to guess what you are trying to say.

    • Sari

      She writes them as the episode is airing so that we can enjoy her commentary immediately after the episode- which is extremely difficult to do. It would be nearly impossible for her to NOT have typos when working so quickly.

      I’ve never had an issue understand her writing.

    • gerly1

      Aww Greg…. That wasn’t very nice. She does a great job on her blogs, and typos are not that big of a deal, I love that she has her blogs up immediately following one of the shows. If you find them hard to read maybe this isn’t the spot for you?

    • ​Greg, you should probably ride the fuck on out of here then. I don’t want to over tax your pea sized brain.

      On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 12:42 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • jrleaguer

      @Greg~ Same could be said for your poor punctuation.

    • Cat

      *Sigh* When will people learn? I love TT’s blogs, and never really notice typos…I’m reading for content. The other blogs are boring, and often very inaccurate, in my opinion. Maybe they take the time to run their blogs by proofreaders, but their content is often crap. Not here.

      • ​Thanks Cat. I don’t see any other blogs throwing up a recap complete with links, photos, tags and categories within five minutes of the show ending. I learned long ago, you guys want a place to react as soon as the show ends much more than you want the perfectly worded blog with no typos and proper punctuation. Let the others find a place with an editor and a staff and they read it the next day.

        On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 7:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Thanks4Sharin

        Tamara, if ever you need or want a proofreader, I would be there in a minute. But I actually think it adds rather than detracts…shows how real you are…and absolutely hysterical.

    • Valerie

      Everyone’s a critic. Just enjoy for god’s sake. You’re harshing my buzz I tell you! Cut it the hell out!

    • Morgan LeFay

      Greg, who the fuck are you, the NY Times editor? Get the fuck over yourself. I absolutely despise posters who chastise a blogger about grammar, spelling, punctuation. A blog is for personal expression and observation; it is a community of sharing and often, arguing.

  38. SB

    Terry loves the cameras!

    • ​Terry loves the cameras even more than heather. He’s been on reality TV since a billion times. He’s Peter Thomas’s idol, I would bet.

      On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 1:39 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  39. I actually like Heather. Shannon is a raving lunatic and were it not for her obsession with Heather causing her to lose her mind, her husband would already be out the door. Tamra is so, so, so pitiful in her sad quest for the fountain of youth, her face is completely paralyzed. I think Brooks actually has a calming affect on Vicki, even if it was a little gross that he was siphoning food from her mouth disguised as a kiss.

    • vivaladiva831

      you know i thought the same thing about brooks and vicki. i still think he is gross, but he also is one that vicki can’t quite 100% control (like don). i think that has tamed her and maybe humbled a little bit of the big balls business wonder woman “I do it all with NO MAN’S help!” brooks has no problem taking her money but refuses to be bought.

  40. Angel

    I have to wonder what Eddie’s family thinks of Tamra. She may have been able to put out a false facade for months. Now that the ring is on it she is back to her roots of lying and knifing. They must be embarrassed for him. She did find her perfect match in Heather. They are the high and low of liars, manipulators, and self righteous bitches.

  41. Brianna

    Are you crazy!? Shannon could be Jewish herself .. She never hated heather, she thought they were friends Heather keeps messing it up!

  42. khintx

    What a shitfest. I loved it! kh

    • Cythere

      “What a shitfest. I loved it!”
      Me, too! And then at the end, Tamra shrieking and grabbing at Shannon, and Heather wanting to call an ambulance?
      Which one of these women is the most bizarre?!
      I loved Lizzie’s comment, ‘Thank God there is a balcony for people to work their crap out on.’
      And then it’s all followed up by WWHL with Tamra’s new face.

      Did anyone see the last episode of Botched? Terry said his wife fakes orgasms!

    • fivecatsownme

      The only thing that dinner party needed was Teresa Guidice flipping the table and yelling, “Prostitution Who’re”.

      • S

        HAHAHAAA that was so funny !! I just thought that they should make one special episode featuring the craziest one Fromm each franchise…Brandi g from BH, Teresa from NJ, Kenya Moore, tamra, and Adriana from Miami. Who would get the most attention do you think ??

      • fivecatsownme

        They would kill each other in the stampede to be the first one to get in front of the camera. Tamra and Ramona would simultaneously drown from tossing the drinks in each other’s faces.

      • BH Wannabe

        OMG “simultaneously drown from throwing drinks in each other’s faces”!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!
        Then end the night with “you will all see the truth!!!”

  43. You’re bipolar? Huh.

  44. BubALub

    I think Heather and Shannon just rub each other the wrong way in general. They started off on a bad foot, and they kept walking on it. Neither one of these two women are really to blame in this situation.

    • Josie

      I think Heather was a little threatened in the beginning because vicki and Tamra seemed to really like Shannon. Heather likes to be the queen bee. Remember the comment she made about her furniture at the beginning of the show. Also she didn’t look happy when vicki said she had a good time with David and Shannon in Mexico.

      Wow. I saw a side of Terry that I really didn’t like. Can we say hair trigger temper. Geez…

  45. jelley

    David is the only rational person with air time.

  46. Lolo

    Wow, I wish (for once) Vicky spoke up! Tamara totally started this mess. How can someone not know they are a wack-a-doo even after being caught in so many lies?!

    I really like Shannon (so far). I think she is going through some sad, tough things. I loved how her hubby is trying. Shannon seems to read people well. I think she can totally see through heather. I want to like heather but if someone has to say (almost every episode) it doesn’t matter what someone has or what they do or what color they are, then one has to wonder. Heather seems to always play the victim. Her hubby does act like one of the girls. Why can’t he do what Eddie does & huddle in the shadows? He seems afraid of his own wife! He can mean both Eddie and terry!

    I’m totally team Shannon…for now.

  47. Why does everyone constantly remark on how smart heather is. Sure her grammar is impeccable and she knows how to string a sentence together but she is not rocket scientist (she would have told the camera several times if she was). Terry and Heather enjoyed a few years of slumming it with the less moneyed cast members and being the voice of good taste, excess money and sarcastic quips. Then the Beadora show up and it all went to hell. Suddenly they had competition and at first assumed it would be an easy task to put them in their place. When that didn’t work out as they hoped they started circling the wagons. They did not sign up to have to OWN up to any of THESE people.Terry iS funny but he likes to be the ones long the jokes. Yeah Shannon is a little wacky but we all know the production staff saw her quirky interest in homeopathic a and decided that would be her role for the whole season …until something better came along. Turned out Shannon had a backbone and taking on Heather was not something they saw coming. He’ll by the time that party came along she was only beginning to realize the whole reality shtick and that people do not really have her best interests at heart. Good for her for losing her shit. She no doubt figured screw it, if they want me to scream then I may as well give it to them.

  48. janet

    The Dubrows are despicable people. No wondee they choose to hang with Tamra. They can roll around in the mud together. I totallt think it was normal what David said dismissing as absurd that the Dubrows would take them down. Terry is a disgrace as a doctor showing a total lack of ethics and a resolve to do no harm as a doctor is supposed to. And Tamra refusing to let go of Shannon luje she’s driving her to implode her little fe like some sinister old movie. Tamra will become a bitter old hag with her relationships b ruin. Simon should thank his lucky stars Eddie took her off his hands. A narcissist like her should never have had any children. And by the way Shannon looked really gorgeous atthe party. Really stunning.

    • Lawstangel

      That is a statement that is misinformed and frankly insane. If you want to be a card carrying member of the Dubrow hatefest, fine….but keep your facts straight. The Hyppocratic Oath DOES NOT mean that no one can ever harm anyone ever, it is an ancient (I believe greek?) statement taken by doctors and other healthcare professionals swearing to practice medicine honestly and to “do no harm”…. this does not extend to anyone’s personal life. Terry mouthed off, but he did not harm anyone. I do not believe for a second that either Heather or Terry said what they were accused of (they were as shocked to hear it as everyone else) and even if they did…sticks and stones. Personally, I think Shannon is a fucking nut case who really needs to get some help. It has nothing to do with any love or loyalty for Heather and Terry… I say this based on her behavior. She is too fragile to do reality TV. As far as your statement about the Dubrows “hanging” with Tamra and Eddie, Shannon and David were the ones doing all the hanging prior to this incident. Goggle it, there are multiple pictures of the four of them (Tamra, Eddie, David & Shannon) on the internet at various sporting events.

  49. Sarah

    Okay, I normally cannot stand watxhing Heather, from the way how every single aspect of her life appears to be taken care of and comfortable(literally, everything) to the way she speaks down to peopl, starting with yes, Alexis, and the way she is so smug about “doing it all”, like last season when she listed off all the things to Terry that she does as a wife/mom and is not appreciated for – cook, laundry, clean, take care of kids…. pshhh she does not do ANY of that i am sure, and as we have seen, except tell the staff what to do and play with the kids until they get screamish. And work in a few bit parts received after appearing on RHOC. Terry seemss nice but he seems like gives all his pride down and submits to Heather.

    HOWEVER, I am starting to like her a little bit this season becasue she is soooo different from that Shannon, who I completely dislike. I don’t know why she is so thin skinned – remember how she nastily snapped at Danielle for her innocent remark about how she (Danielle) had a hard time swigging back a vodka shot ? And the constant whining to her husband about … everything ? At least Heather is assured. Shannon’s constant need to bring issues up and inability to stop talking and drop it is annoying. And she really seemed to enjoy putting on that show at the end of Lizzie’s dinner party, with the panic attack too,,, gosh, I thought she grew up going to cotillion !! And all over a completely bogus , very obviously made up statement fabricated by Tamra. Tamra even admitted on WWHL that she never exactly said those words to Shannon, that Shannon has a tendency to mishear/overexaggerate.

    • ​I think that Heather worked hard to fit in with the girls last season. Shannon came in this season and they seemed to not jump her into the group as hard as they did Heather. I think Heather’s biggest problem is that she feels like the other girls like Shannon best. And that Shannon has more money. Shannon and Heather are both a lot alike. I imagine in the end they will make up.

      On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 11:18 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Lindy

      I don’t mean to burst your bubble, Billie, ’cause I agree with some of what you said, but Shannon said she had a chin implant and nose job right out of high school. Even showed some before and after photos. So it’s not all that natural, but I agree it looks good. She’s so insecure she’ll probably botch it up real soon.

    • oh jeez tamara i can’t believe you said that. the beadors & dubrows have money but couldnt be more different. heather & terry both have no problem lying to cover up for shit they pull & so far shannon & david have been straightforward & honest. notice how shannon posts her blogs right away but heather waits for the other blogs & tweets to come in first so she can come up with excuses for what she’s done? how could anyone who knew the dubrows stand to look at them? that whole me me me thing gets so tiresome.
      lol re heather faking orgasms. how could you even tell she was having one? she looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy

    • fivecatsownme

      I think Shannon’s ripe for the rubber room meltdown was really triggered by the fact that Tamra, whom Shannon believed was a real friend, betrayed her yet again. Tamra is acting like the Gulag prison guard. One day it’s “I am your friend, comrade”, while passing out the cigarettes. The next thing you know; you’re getting bashed in the head by the guard’s AK -47. At least Heather is consistent with her dislike of Shannon. I hope Shannon and Heather realize Tamra is the one pouring poison in everbody’ s ears. Look what she did with Vicki and Brianna.

    • fivecatsownme

      I am sure all of those women have “help”. Maybe not the live in nannies, but somebody comes in and does the housework. I don’t see any ruined manicures from cleaning bathrooms. The closest thing to housework was Tamra washing towels at cut fitness while she was notching to Ryan that he needed to do it.

  50. TWIRL

    Taking Shannon’s side, she feels misunderstood and every time she tries to talk about it with heather she cuts her out or talks over her. I’d go crazy too! Did not like the way terry spoke to Shannon at all, he was giving me Peter Thomas vibes. Gotta give it to Shannon for making it worth watching, this season is riding on her…

  51. Why did you leave this information out of your WebMD report? There is also growing evidence that environment and lifestyle issues have an effect on the disorder’s severity.
    You have DEMENTIA. Or Munchhausen’s.

    • Cat

      Billie, you are an attention seeker. You are a self proclaimed “expert” on things you know nothing about…like cancer. Since you live in the KC area, I suggest you drop by the cancer center at KUMed. Go to the 3rd floor treatment area, and tell everyone in the waiting room how THEY are responsible for THEIR cancer. Obviously, it’s not enough that they are facing possible death. They need someone like YOU to also give them the gift of guilt. Shame on you.

    • BH Wannabe

      OMG Billie! Dr. Who? Do you think Dr. Dubrow will fax us? (Not sure what the doctors are supposed to be faxing. This is just a hilarious exchange!)

      • I regret to inform you that Billie is no longer with us. Okay, I don’t regret it. Billie has her nose pressed up to the glass unable to respond, flailing about ever so.

  52. Din

    What really shocked me this episode is how eager Terry was to get involved in the drama initiating the fight across the table with Shannon. All this time I thought it was Heather’s insecurities and feeling threatened by the new rich bitch on the block but apparently Terry is just as invested as his wife.

  53. billie give it up. you dont have to prove anything to anyone. we all have a right to our own opinions. tamara’s pet troll just enjoys fucking w people. ignore her.

    i dont think shannon is crazy at all. she’s just earnest & a little quirky & a ton frustrated between heather & tamra’s crap & her totally normal marriage issues. heather is getting a lot of pleasure out of trying to take her down, & a bunch of moronic viewers believe anything she says because for some reason they mistakenly think she has class.

  54. Josie

    Lets not lose sight of the fact that according to Shannon AND Tamra’s blogs, they had the conversation about the email the day BEFORE they filmed. It was a personal conversation and Shannon was crying. I don’t think she planned on divulging as much on camera the next day when they filmed or she wouldn’t have been so upset.

    In their talking heads, filmed AFTER the show wrapped, Shannon talked about the email because she had to. Also, Bravo has the clip of Heather and Shannon’s conversation in Heather’s blog and you can clearly see that Heather was lying and nasty. Heather and Tamra both acted like Cuntsicles…I can’t blame shannon for any of this…

    • How do you know when that talking head was filmed?

      • ​Because talking heads are usually filmed after production decides what is going to make the show.

        On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 10:52 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Josie

        Hi TeeCee,

        As TT said, they tape after. Also, Tamra is wearing the same talking head outfit that she wore for multiple episodes.

        I like Heather overall. I like her self confidence and I think she can be a loyal friend if she likes you…but heaven help you if she doesn’t.

        I like Shannon and don’t see her the way you do. Shannon is raw and emotional because her marriage was imploding. I can’t fault her for that…

      • They do not tape all the talking heads after. They do them as they go. Then they tape some at the end to go with their edits.

  55. fivecatsownme

    Terry likes being in reality TV. Tamra and Vicki frequently made fun of Heather (and still do). I do think Heather feels like she got dumped for Shannon. She is also the “evil housewife this season”, but Tamra may soon win that prize. I am still surprised at a world where Vicki is acting rational and staying out of catfight.

  56. Maisey

    My favorite on this show is Tamra. She is fun, classy, very elegant and always a good friend to everyone.

    Oh for God’s—of course I’m kidding. Just wanted to make sure everyone is awake.

  57. Catu13

    I completely agree. I could not believe how immature Terry acted at that dinner. He was worse than a pubescent boy.


    I am going to stop watching this wretched program with verbal bullies Heather and Tamara who are both verbal bullies and have seemingly personality disorders. They are malicious, have deep seated challenges i.e. issues that need the help of a professional psychiatrist….. I’m done. Who would even want to be friends with them. Who would want to stay married to them? Both husbands are robots that listen to whatever their wife says and are henpecked. I’m done wasting my time watching wealthy people who have no lives…

  59. asia

    I don’t understand why ppl like Shannon so much. She started with Heather, snapping at her over something Tamara said because Tamara was mad heather didn’t promote her gym. Then she went to heathers house, although they weren’t getting along, to ask her to rat out Tamara. I would have told her to leave too. She doesn’t get a pass cause her marriage is failing or because she’s sad. Who cares? Certainly not heather. And they all talk about each other. She should quit talking about her marriage if she doesnt want her business out. I can’t stand ppl who try to make everything about them…woe is me….woe is me…I’m sad… nice to me. Reality- no one has to care about you. Esp someone you snap at that’s done nothing to you. Heathers personality isn’t the best, but she did nothing wrong. You can’t betray someone who’s not a friend.

    • Brianna

      Duhhhh you would be mad too.. If you think that someone is your friend but really they are just jealous because everyone likes you more than the other girl because (you) the other girl is really boring! Heather and tamra weren’t getting along before shannon came along
      … Remember nobody liked heather bc she was boring and kept correcting everyone. Then comes quirky shannon who is nice, and funny, and doesn’t mind to laugh at herself. Tamra and Vicki took a liking to her and heather got jealous! Also, shannon can talk about whatever wants. She wasn’t mad at heather for telling people.. She just wanted to confirm her suspicions. There’s nothing wrong with that. Shannon didn’t ask for sympathy from heather… Tamra did. Tamra told heather to take it easy on shannon and since heather is already jealous of the fact that shannon just managed to fit in easily .. She was a giant bitch to her for no reason.

  60. jjunie

    TamaraJudge and Heather Dubrow are two of the most evil housewives on this show. No matter how Tamara fixes her exterior her behavior and who she is.Is still trailor trash.
    Heather Dubrow needs to get off her fake high horse. For Pete’s sake Heather you grew up in the Bronx. Be real. Your as plastic as your husbands profession.
    You are as cold as ice. I realize the show needs drama. Not to the extent you and Tamara’s cruelty hurt Shannon’s state of mind. You ladies gave no heart!!!!

  61. BravoGirl33

    Heather Dubrow’s behavior is disgusting. Yes, she may be falling into a Tamra’s trap…but she could handle herself with a bit more class. She has quite a talent for lying. In each episode I see her doing something noxious: turning the speed up on the bull leading to Tamra’s injury; telling Eddie that Tamra wanted to have a baby; falsy and repetively accusing Shannon of ‘yelling’; kicking Shannon out of her home. Of all the despicable things she’s doing, the most infuriating is that she takes ZERO responsibility for her own words or actions. If you insist on being a jerk, Heather Dubrow, own it! #HeatherDubrow #Gag #Disgusting #Mean #Abhorrent

  62. BravoGirl33

    Moderator, please delete erronous repost

  63. Patti R.

    David knew that Terry was egging him on at the Lizzie’s and Chris’s dinner party. If they had not been filming I think David would have beaten the s*#t out of Terry. Terry KNEW he could say anything to David and David wouldn’t pounce. David has class and Terry has NONE! Terry is a weak ass. He acts like he is a housewife and wants to have his face in all the filming. THROW TERRY AND HEATHER OFF THE SHOW! I’m sick of looking at them. But will still watch because of Vicki, Lizzie, Chris and Shannon and David!

  64. Debra

    Heather is extremely condescending, ostentatious and grandiloquent. To me she is all show and fake. Tamara is simply a lying, back-stabbing, trouble-making bitch.
    I feel sorry for Shannon and David having to deal with these two immoral children.
    Tamra begged for compassion after going through her ordeal with Simon and was even heartbroken after Heather had revealed something extremely personal that she shared with her to Eddie, and yet, she turns the tables on Shannon and does exactly what she was angry at Heather for doing to her. Heather freaked out and became upset and embarrassed when Terry shared with the women about him bringing up divorce to Heather, and yet, she has shares all of Shannon’s private matters.

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