Jacqueline Laurita, Her Daughter Ashlee and Rosie Pierri All Losing it on Twitter.


Jacqueline Laurita is back to her crazy tweeting. Or she may have been doing it all along, I haven’t been paying her any attention.

It seems to have all started last night when Ashlee posted the above picture on Instagram directed toward her Aunt Dina.

A blogger pointed it out to Dina who responded ,” just a hint of why I stay away”  Which was just enough to instigate the crazy. Rosie’s crazy was the result of someone tweeting her that she got fired.

Jacqueline LauritaVerified account‏@JacLaurita 20m

I advise you not to imply any more “hints” if you don’t want the truth to come out. Enough!

Jacqueline LauritaVerified account‏@JacLaurita

My patience is wearing thin. I need to find my center.

: LOL..   oh is THAT why? Okay.

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