1. Geez, Rosie …is this how she talks to people at work? holy crap! It is crappy though, I liked Rosie..just lately she eagerly goes bonkers on twitter..wth?

  2. Without knowing all the details it’s hard to form a fully informed opinion on the Dina/Jaq/Caroline drama. However, I don’t see Dina actively engaging her family members to instigate drama; more like Jaq being her crazy twitter/drunken self again.

  3. I would love for the “truth” about Dina come out to the public. Her family seems to always had defended and protected her, and in return I feel she has always felt like she was entitled to their loyalty, but did not need to reciprocate in kind. Caroline is loyal to a fault, and she will never betray Dina or make her look bad. Jacqueline and Ashley can keep a secret for only a short time, and then they blab it all over the place and feel remorse after doing so. Ticky ticky boom only time will tell when the Jacqueline bomb will go off.

    • I would love that to, i think most people like Dina but i always thought her zen schtick was BS. i agree that caroline would never want to make Dina look bad, remember how defensive she was for her at the s1 reunion or everytime they talked about the feud caroline didnt want to talk about it. whats really sad about this whole thing for me is crazy jac. I actually use to like the sweet jac from season 1, who knew she was so crazy. i dont get how chris deals with it lol.

      • @Vanessa W -Personally I feel Jacqueline is in some way at the center of the storm with the feud between Caroline and Dina. If you recall during season 1, Danielle continually poked at Jacqueline about standing up to her in laws (the Manzos). I feel, Jacqueline would tell Danielle negative things about Ashley and the Manzos, and then Danielle would take it upon herself to address the issues with Caroline and Dina. Jacqueline would never admit to discussing family business with Danielle, which helped build the resentment Caroline especially had towards Danielle. Caroline wanted to know who Danielle was and how Danielle knew anything about her and her family when she did not know Danielle as anything more than Jacqueline’s new friend. At best Caroline saw Danielle as an acquaintance and not as her friend, but as someone who was attempting to divide her family. I feel Jacqueline drinks to drown her sorrows rather than face her real issues, like feeling subordinate to Chris’ family. Chris has large family and Jacqueline does not, so I imagine it has been difficult for her to gain her in-laws acceptance and approval. It seems as if her in-laws all have advice for her, but she must stuff down her own opinions and cannot be herself. Chris loves her, but I am sure they could use a break from his huge extended family and their constant scrutiny.

      • Is this the same Caroline who called her daughter an asshole?

        Maybe Chris has a mistress like Al Manzo?

    • Dina doesn’t have anything to hide and has ALWAYS kept mum about the issues with her sisters. Unlike Melissa, Dina respects her family and doesn’t set out to destroy them on national television.

      Let’s not forget….Caroline currently only speaks to TWO of her blood siblings Two out of like what, 9 siblings? That’s not the best record is it? And everyone avoids Jac like the plague. That speaks volumes about the feud between Dina and Caroline/Jac.

      • Might doesn’t make right. You cannot assume that because Caroline is at odds with a majority of her siblings, that this means they are right and she is at fault. If you’ve never experienced what it is like to be a part of
        an extremely dysfunctional family, you should not be so quick to assume you understand the dynamics at work there. The reasons siblings stop speaking to each other while tragic, may be absolutely essential to the mental health of those involved. Some hurts may be forgiven but never forgotten!

      • You’re right Dietrich. I don’t have any idea about the dynamics of such a large group of siblings. What I’m seeing though is that people have automatically “taken sides” in this feud, and if outsiders are going to take a side, it should probably be Dina’s based on all the information we have. lol

      • Where did you get that Caroline only speaks to 2 of her siblings?
        I could swear I remember Caroline saying she spoke to all of her siblings but 2. Big deal, family’s fight. Being on tv can’t make the situation easy.

      • Where do you get that Caroline is only speaking to 2 of her siblings? I could swear she said she spoke to all but 2. Big deal, family’s fight. Being in tv can’t make the situation easy.

      • Teresa threw this in Caroline’s face at a reunion, and Caroline confirmed it. No one is making things up about Caroline. As much as she’s a bully, she’s pretty honest when confronted about stuff. She explained that families fight and it will pass.

        But no, she doesn’t speak to all but two, she ONLY speaks to 2. lol

      • I think you misunderstood Caroline but I’m too lazy to go look up the video to see what was actually said.

      • I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree then. Teresa called Caroline a hypocrite for getting involved in her family drama when she only talks to two of her siblings. Instead of denying it, Caroline simply explained that family goes through issues and just because they’re apart doesn’t mean there’s ill-will and discontent…**insert more bs** Of course it was edited as some grand wisdom from the matriarch.

  4. Dina, Dina, Dina. You will never win this battle. Does anyone remember Dina and Tommy’s Big Fat Wedding which was her television debut? (I think) I wonder if all this bickering helped ruin her marriage or if it was JUST her insecurities? In any case, Dina is clearly out numbered and should quietly find a way to live her life sans her family, at least for now.

    • @RomaReads- I remember Dina, Tommy, Albert, and Caroline from My Big Fat Wedding. I felt Dina and Tommy were doomed from the start, and they got married to save face instead of cancelling the wedding.I did not like Dina then because she whined about everything, and Tommy seemed over it. I liked Caroline and Albert because they came off as a typical hard working couple that built a business together. I was surprised to see the Manzos on RHONJ season one, and wanted to know more of their back story with their children and family. Tommy was missing in action and Dina truly felt she had it going on. For the life of me, I could never understand why Dina thought she was hotter than a fried egg in the Sahara Dessert when her ex-husband was generous with her and other than that, all of her siblings had helped her as the baby in the family attain what she had in life. Go figure?

      • Yey, thanks for the reply. And yes I whole heartedly agree with you! Remember too that Dina met Tommy while recovering from divorce #1 and living at Caroline’s home in her spare room with her then young daughter. Thanks for the e chatting!! Take care.

      • I had completely forgotten they were on that episode Dina seems like a spoiled brat I didn’t like her then and I don’t like her now

  5. I must be in the monority because I can’t seem to figure out how to read twitter messages. Someone please translate all this hashtag stuff! I admit that I’m tech challenged . Hehehe

    • MamaKat, I’m still struggling to figure out how twitter strings/threads work, too. I don’t get it yet. And I don’t understand what “word” Ashley was talking about. Can someone please explain?

    • I just found out what the “word” was, I think. Apparently Ashley was saying that Dina keeps using the word “zen”, but doesn’t really know what it means. Good grief. That is one miserable kid.

  6. Although Rosie is good comedic entertainment, she has always said foul, sadistic threats. IMO, all of the relations between Gorgas, Lauritas, and extended family are strained due to money. Not saying most do not have it, but they get rabid about who or how some get any on tv. The only reason we ever heard of Tre and Joe, Caro, Al, Dina, Jac, Rosie etc tv. Look at who is back on tv and who is not. Or, their new show is not ready yet. Grade school yard mentality, all of them. And they all throw around the word “family”. I’ve never seen so anti family people. If they were animals, they’d be the kind that eat their young to remain dominant.

    • So true. They are always harping about how important their families are and yet they treat them this way??

      • Really? It won’t led you just embed the code from the time stamp? Try and see if that works. And if you’ve tried that and are annoyed at my suggestion, I’m sorry. People in one of my classes had this issue and for some of them we have to keep wordpress blogs.

    • The post is about Jacqueline, Ashlee and Rosie going ape-shit. I was confused at first, then re-read it. Rosie is only mentioned in the sentence before the tweets are posted.

  7. Jac spills malicious lies/gossip as often as she exploits her son’s autism: AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. If there were any secrets about Dina, we would have known about them years ago.

    Furthermore, Dina has been nothing but respectful towards her siblings. Even in the highly edited scene where Bravo made it seem like Dina was trashing them… She keeps them out the spot light as much as possible. Let’s not forget, Caroline and Jac speaks to only 2 out of like 8 Manzo siblings. That speaks volumes to me…

    No one came to their brother’s gay wedding because they all hate Caroline/Jac and didn’t want it to be televised. Additionally, that wedding was supposed to be for Dina’s HGTV show… it all goes back to money.

    • No one came to their brother’s gay wedding because they all hate Caroline/Jac and didn’t want it to be televised.

      How do you know why people/family members did or did not attend the family wedding???

      • Because I’m pretty sure it came from a combination of Caroline/Jaime themselves. I think I have his name right?? Caroline was asked about her feud with Dina and why so many of the siblings were absent. It was then explained that it was televised for Bravo and the siblings didn’t want their drama out there. This was either said in a Bravo blog of Carolines or an interview. I don’t remember.

        They know how the game was played, and weren’t stupid enough to attend. I think even Teresa threw in some snark about how no one was at the wedding and of course Bravo played that up.

  8. I believe there are 11 Laurita siblings. That’s a lot of siblings to get along with. Sometimes it’s impossible to get along with even one sibling. Just because somebody is “blood” doesn’t mean you have to tolerate them (that’s my opinion). Dina says that she is fine with everyone except Caroline and Chris/Jacqueline. They happened to have all been on the show together at one time. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Being on one of these reality shows polarizes and destroys families. If there were already problems, the show is a guaranteed killer. Dina and Jacqueline already had problems before the show started, so they were bound to go downhill. I don’t blame Dina for staying away from Caroline and Chris/Jacqueline. I do blame her for defending Teresa, though.

    • I agree with your assessment. I feel it is very disrespectful for Dina to defend Tre and it is a slap in the face to her family to act as if Tre is her sister more than Caroline. Family dynamics are very tough, and I feel loyalty is a two way street that should always run in both directions, not one way to benefit one person and a dead end to help the other.

      • I agree Goldenindigo. Dina just looks bad siding with Tre against her sister. She made a cameo on rhonj last year. Tre asked her something about why Caroline was upset at her (meaning at Tre). Dina agreed and said that Caroline had nothing to be upset about.
        I understand families, esp large ones, can have a lot of conflict, but showing it on national tv is inexcusable in my eyes. At least Caroline refuses to comment.
        I find it disgusting that Dina hasn’t reached out to her brother Chris (forget Jacq) since little Nick’s diagnosis. As a matter of fact, I doubt Nick has ever seen his aunt Dina. She disgusts me ! She wants family support, what about her brother or nephew ? I bet CJ remembers his aunt Dina & wonders where she’s gone ? Little kids often blame themselves for things.
        She’s pretty ‘zen’ isn’t she ? Don’t want to get started on her wedding to Tommy. Anyone who saw that show knew the wedding was just a party for Tommy— there was no connection between them during the planning. And “The Kiss”, Dina went for the lips, Tommy went for the cheek.

    • Great assessment. I’m just saying that, Dina talks to all of them except Jac/Caroline. Caroline/Jac ONLY speak to two other siblings. That speaks volumes. When EVERYONE has a problem with you, maybe it’s you?

      What is wrong with Dina standing by Teresa? She has been a better sister than Caroline has been. Teresa isn’t the one who took business opportunities from her or didn’t support her HGTV show.

      Like you both mention, it’s tough to get along with family. You don’t choose your family, but you DO choose your friends, and Teresa/Dina have been strong friends for a long time.

      • @J.D(@JaMailMail) I respect your point of view regarding you choose your friends and not your family.I also appreciate the fact that Dina and Tre are long time friends, but Dina should not turn a blind eye to the Giudices legal issue as if it were business as usual. This could also be why the siblings do not interact with Caroline and Jacqueline. The Manzos clan Caroline, Chris, and Jacqueline) have continued to support the Giudices despite they appearant guilt, and the siblings may have a hard time with that.

        Furthermore, I have heard rumors that Caroline took money out of Dina’s pocket, but I have never heard how that came about. I do know Caroline put a lot of money in Dina’s pocket by allowing her to work at the Brownstone as an event planner, which she did not have to do at all. I am also unclear about the division among Caroline/Jacqueline with their siblings. I think that part of the reason Dina and Caroline stay mum is because of their parents. I also believe some of this riff between the sisters has to do with the production of My Big Fat Gay Wedding, which their gay brother was an instrumental part of. It appears that Caroline is still close with him, but Dina may not be as close to him as she was before the play came out. My other speculation is that Dina believes Caroline may have known something about Tommy’s cheating and did share whatever she knew with Dina as a faithful sister should. Caroline is caught in the middle if there is any truth to that because Tommy is her husband’s brother, and Albert probably told her to stay out of their marital issues.

        Family members can be territorial in their relationships with one another, and this could be an example of what we are seeing play out. Dina may speak to the other siblings, but that does not in any way mean she is close to her family, I believe the opposite is true. Speaking is the courteous thing to do, but family members should not just be polite to one another to tolerate being in each others presence. The truth about the discord among the siblings may finally be revealed and the real Dina may actually show up. Making pizza out of broken pieces.

      • Why is turning a blind eye to her legal situation a bad thing? More importantly, why is her friendship with Teresa a huge deal again? Are you suggesting Dina drop her as a friend? Dina is the godmother to one of her children. Now is the time when Teresa should have supportive friends despite her being a huge dirty criminal.

        And considering that several Manzos and Lauritas have had huge criminal charges against them as well, I find it hypocritical for them to judge Teresa and her woes with the law. This last sentence is in reply to you assuming that the other siblings take huge issue with the legal woes of others and their connections to Teresa…

    • Kind of sad because when Ashlee made an appearance on the show last year she had seemed like she really grew up. Guess not.

      • Not based on her behavior today. And all of her hair brained friends on Instagram are totally defending her. On another note, Jacqueline posted to Twitter that she had an AMAZING yoga session. Coo coo for cocoa puffs.

  9. This is why I avoid this show on twitter and don’t follow Laurita’s Manzos or Rosie the retard. They are toxic and fray. Their “followers” think they are actually part of the family. Even here in this comment section, a bunch of wackadoodles are making huge leaps and speculating on things they could not POSSIBLY understand. But you’ll not let that stop you from making up lies and awful bullshit. Dina has consistently said that she wants her family relationship ignored. She would not appear on the show when they were on it. They left and she came back. Now the reality of being fired has set in on Jacqueline and she went from tweeting best wishes to full nutbar in 30 minutes. I hope they make straight jackets in her size.

    • Hey teecee66

      So far I am not pro/con Dina..for me she seems delusional…she responds to a tweet about if she is a victim…did Dina not know that when she cashed that cheque from Bravo..she knew that she will get a healthy dose of her Reality aka family?

      Dina is not “zen” or “organic”..Dina is like all the RH -she “saiys/tweets” one thing then creates a video with her therapyst to explain – what she really meant…as we viewers are NOT zen or we need it to be explained to us.

      Dina responded..that makes her human…Asslee instagramed her thoughts on zen Dina..that makes her human…Jac’s responded to all of this as a parentl…again human..the only difference is

      Diina is now being paid for “zen/organic” behavior …when only 5 months ago she was giving interviews and crapping all over RHNJ…NOT her family members.

      What a bonehead…Dina..right NO ONE is ever ever gonna mention your family issues…yup she is a RH..

    • Ummm thank you TC. All of Dina’s ACTIONS have proved that she’s the mature one out of the three. She continues to turn down commenting on their relationship. The agitators continue to be Jac, the media and die hard fans of Caroline.

  10. Shut the fuck up. You don’t understand anything and talking down to me about it makes you a gyNORMOUS asshole. Did you NOT read what I wrote??

  11. I think Dina has skeletons in her closet but I don’t think it’s any worse then what’s rumored. Her husband might be gay. She might be a gold digger. She might’ve put Lexi on the show without consulting her. None of that stuff seems that bad to me and I simply can’t imagine anything much worse associated with her. Jacquline is a grown woman and needs to not threaten people anytime they defend themselves against her brat daughter.

  12. I read that Chris Laurita was engaged to Dinas best friend, he went to Vegas and met Jac and dina has never forgotten that hence why her and Jac don’t get on. If Jac spent less time engaging in useless twitter drama she wouldn’t of ended up with a spoilt daughter like Ashley. It’s embarrassing when a grown woman has “twitter beef”

    • Not speaking to your brother for years because he didn’t marry your “best friend” is extremely mature and understandable. I wonder if she’s still friends with the “best friend”? I had four siblings. I speak to two of them (one passed). I think if you have 11 siblings some deciding to cut a couple others out of their life is pretty much expected.

  13. I wholeheartedly agree with TeeCee’s 8:44-timed post above, which I find to be the most accurate and in my view, inarguable, assessment of this situation.

  14. It is my fault that Jac. went crazy. I cleaned out my Twitter account a few days ago and she was one of the casualties.

  15. so for some reason danielle staub tweets are being retweeted on my twitter timeline, but jac’s crazy must have brought out danielle’s because she is also tweeting about exposing Dina. I am actually embarrassed for the both of them

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