Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: What A Difference A Plea Deal Makes

RHONJ S6 CastI’m so excited for Real Housewives of New Jersey to be back! It’s clear from the title Bravo chose to exploit the legal woes of Teresa and Joe Giudice as much as possible. And frankly, I could not be happier. White collar felonies committed just for the pretense of social status are particularly vile to me and part of the punishment should be social shunning, in my opinion. If you missed any of the Giudice court proceedings, I’ve covered them all in detail here.

OMG I am mesmerized already. We begin with a montage of the news coverage of federal charges. Melissa and Joe are standing firmly behind Teresa.  Melissa calls Teresea who answers her cell in the kitchen on speakerphone right in front of Gia. Melissa asks Tre if the stories are true. Teresa says, “N-N-No, what came out today is not true.” Gia has bags under her eyes from crying and looks devastated. Gia asks her mom what she is talking about. Teresa evades her questions. Gia says she knows what is going on. She is old enough to understand what is going on. Gia breaks down in sobs. Okay this is going to be bad. I hate seeing Gia cry. Teresa is clearly devastated.

The editing for this season is already over the top fantastic. They have totally spent the money on production this season with aerial views  and such. You can tell they are sparing no expense on this season. And now, we flash back to three months before just like it is all movie!

And it is the hilarious scenes with Tre’s girls. Milania is bawking at doing homework so Tre calls in Gabriella to help. As Gabriella explains capitalization to Milania, Milania rolls her eyes and asks Tre if she can read a book while “she (Gabriella) is doing this.”  Miliana my be an out of control brat, but she is a funny and adorable one.

RHOJ DinaEnter Dina. I can’t remember how I feel about her but I am not overly excited to see her. #TeamCaroline  Dina asks about how Tre is doing and she says she is overcome with attorneys’ fees and she doesn’t have any money to put away for Gia’s college. Gia is 13 whatever will she do? Well Gia will probably get a job and pay her way through college and learn to be responsible with money. You don’t wait until a kid is 13 to set up a college fund. You open a 529 at birth and throw in as much as you can along the way and let it grow. You skip a pair of Louboutins every once in a while. When you steal millions of dollars you toss some of that onto the pile and hope the government can’t touch it. That is what you do, Tre. Clearly, you haven’t worried about Gia’s college for the last 13 years, and this is not the moment to start. Right now, paying your attorney is more important than Gia’s college fund. Get a grip.

Teresa just wants everything back to how it was, back when she was getting away with her felony fraud.

Dina is coping with divorce by collecting misfit pets. Bless her heart those are some fugly animals.

Joe toasts his family next to a giant tit?

Joe toasts his family next to a giant tit?

Melissa and Teresa take Milania and Victoria to gymnastics/cheerleading.  In Melissa’s talking heads you can see various different points in her cosmetic procedures.  But she looks great in every permeation. I thought she was pretty before. Melissa mentions her friend Amber to Teresa because Amber is hosting the first all in party of the season.

Amber is a bitch and Jim is her bitch. I’ve seen 20 seconds and I hate these two already. Amber has four kids. It seems as though the do try to teach their children manners despite being somewhat lacking in that capacity themselves. I shall not mention the dead pig that was just paraded in front of the children an plopped on the kitchen counter. Amber explains that she is an intellectual who graduated from Columbia and has a Masters in Exercise Physiology and Melissa was a whore who wanted to marry money. It seems like things turned out find for both of them.  I’m going to have to be #TeamWhore this season.  Who am I kidding, I am always #TeamWhore

Oh Joy, we are going to get to go to therapy with Dina this season. Dina still has not filed for divorce. She still lives with her husband and sleeping with him.

Milania is making breakfast. She’s actually doing a pretty good job of it. It’s a good thing she is self-sufficient. Let’s all drink every time Teresa complains about her attorney fees.

Teresa and Nicole, aka the twins, are hanging out with Amber having drinks. Teresa pronounces her name wrong. Her husband owns two Italian restaurants in Little Italy. I do not like change and new people. BRING BACK MY CAROLINE!  Nicole is single after a 14 year marriage. Nicole says a woman only needs two things. Dunkin Donuts and oral sex.  Nicole is an idiot. I don’t need either of those things. At all. Okay may once every ten years.  I’ll take crème brulée and missionary with a hint of BDSM. Sorry, this part is boring and I am trying to keep my audience engaged.

I’m seriously bored with the new people scenes.

Dina and Tre are off to the harvest party. Dina asks if Tre is okay going to a party where everyone knows she has committed theft through white collar crimes. Her response is that so many people do it but because everyone knows who she is, she is in the spotlight. Poor Teresa.

Time for Amber’s “Harvest Party” was there an early snow in New Jersey or is it the dead of winter?  Amber is upset with the friends that Nicole invited they seem to be a bit ill-bred. By the time Tre and Dina arrive the party is in full swing. When Tre walks in the tongues start wagging.

Amber is a cancer survivor. I am trying to be respectful, but I must point out that in Amber’s crying head, she said she didn’t know whether she would live to see her six-year old go to kindergarten. She had a six year old and a six month old and she made a mistake. This fabulous production team which is doing such a great job DELIBERATELY put that in the crying head. Shame on them. Her bald head pictures are beautiful. She’s reached the five year mark.

I suppose it is time to talk about Tre’s face. It is hugely bloated and looks awful. Is it crying? Drinking? Has she gained weight? I’m not sure what is happened. but it looks really big and puffy.

Amber asks why Melissa disappeared from her life. Amber said she had cancer and Melissa is all, “What cancer?” as if she didn’t hear in the last five years that one of her bridesmaids had cancer.

OMG DO NOT MISS THE :40 scene while zipping through the commercials it’s Tre, Milania and Dina. Miliania schools Tre on why she is the better housewife as she carefully serves Dina some food. She says “That’s just how I roll.” and “I am funnier than you.” and “I can do whatever I want and you can’t.”  God get this kid her own show!

Back to Melissa not knowing about the breast cancer. Amber says Melissa sent her a Facebook message saying “If there is anything you can do for you let me know.”  Sidenote: Amber walks like a man in a dress. Teresa’s husband is funny and out of place with all these boring people. I love him. And TwinTeresa says on the way out with him, “Where is my shawl, oh yeah, that little fucking kid took my shawl.” Um, TwinT, you are supposed to be BFF’s with Amber quit screwing up your lines!

Melissa tells Tre and Gina that she doesn’t like Amber implying that she knew she had cancer.

More Miliania! I need T.Kyle gifs ASAP!  It’s time for the Giudice family portrait which will be sad because Joe’s dad is dead now.  Milania is ranting, “I’ve got a big butt just like my mom!” “You are the worst hairdresser I’ve ever met!” (and people didn’t believe Tre was being a diva at the photo shoot for this interview. Kids mimic what they see. ) “I’m checking myself out!” #gangsigns #MileyCyrustongue  This kid is stealing the show once again. She needs to be paid. It’s Joe’s grandmother’s 80th birthday. Oh, It’s dead Frank. #creepy. The family portrait is beautiful and sad. Joe is on the balcony making a toast. He is the first grandson. He’s teary-eyed. He sucking me in…there is dead Frank… oh my… Gia is sobbing. Gia is so pretty. Teresa just smile, smile, smiles.  Emotional talking head by Joe Gorga. Jesus, my cold black heart is beating. Gia goes to her Daddy to tell him he did a great job with the toast. She breaks down crying. She tells him she “loves him so much.”  Juicy cries. I have allergies. Gia cries. Everyone except Teresa is crying. Dead Frank, Gia, Tre and Juicy hug. And there it is. In Memoriam Frank Giudice 1950-2014.  My allergies are really bad tonight. Dayum.

This season is going to be a rocky ride.


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164 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: What A Difference A Plea Deal Makes

  1. ricardo

    Caroline??? Seriously Tamara? Do you miss that sour face old hag??? Ew, she and her failed for life kids are the worst thing to be ever shown by Bravo. Give people the illusion that a mom that tells you it’s ok to be a failure is a good mom.

    • I’m with you, Ricardo! That lisping liarface, sourpuss got on my last nerve! PLUS those disgusting loser kids……………….eeeeewwww


        On Sun, Jul 13, 2014 at 10:26 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cat

        “Cuntsicle”. Haaaaaaaa!

        I like Caroline, too. Any word on her spin-off show?

      • ​Done filming except for the voice overs and such and soon to be a full series!

        On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 1:21 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

      Amen! I thought it was just me.

    • Victoria

      Ricardo– I second your opinion. I’ve had enough of Caroline. I also had enough of Jacqueline. I’ve never been interested in Melissa… But to be fair I don’t care about Teresa either. I’m in this for Joe when he drinks, Miliana all the time, and desperate dreams of the return of undiagnosed (to my knowledge) Danielle Staub.

    • ​ricardo, You suck. WTF?

      On Sun, Jul 13, 2014 at 9:34 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • ricardo

        Girl calm down, it’s just reality TV, not that serious.

        love you and your posts, but will never stand for Don Caro.

      • realityjunkie

        Sorry TT… but I too am glad Caroline is gone. I hated her “I’m better than the rest and never wrong” attitude.

    • Janet

      What is the other daughter of Teresa’s name? It is making me nuts to try to think of it……I know Gia, Milania, Gabriella, but what is the other ones name? It seems she isn’t on much. Thanks whoever can help save my sanity.

    • Cat

      There is nothing wrong with “failure”. It’s what you do with it that determines your “worth”. Perfection is overrated.

    • CocoTalks

      I think Dina is smart and funny and does great things like her charity and rescues fugly animals but deep down she is just a selfish and bad person.

    • CocoTalks

      When did she say its okay to be a failure exactly??

  2. heywig

    I love the whispers when Teresa G walks in hilarious! !!!! Juicy Joe seems really human while his wife is a emotionally retarded stepford wife with that giify hyena smile

  3. ricardo

    I like Amber, she is going to bring the drama this Season. MeHo is still the same, Dina is pretty to look, the Twins i don’t know who is who, they needle name cards always.

    • CB

      I have to say every time Melissa opens her mouth.. I see a liar… seriously? she never knew her bridesmaid had cancer and goes on face book to reach out to her?? This is her MO lie.. lie.. and lie… i’d never trust her! Her acting is bad also geeshhh…

    • Who is Meho? Remember, NICKNAMES aren’t allowed here. They are stupid.

  4. Vivi

    I cant believe I actually got teary eyed watching this show! That last scene was heartbreaking. Thank God we have Milania for commit relief.

    • PugMama

      Im just watching it now and haven’t watched it since season 4. I was shocked at my own reaction to just the first few moments with Teresa, especially the scene with Gia. I actually teared up, I am catching myself feeling really badly for Teresa and her family.

      • Micheal

        Join us on the dark side! In all seriousness whether you Love or hate Tre I don’t see how people are not moved by Gia’s emotions and her struggle.

      • Michael, it would be great if her parents were moved enough to take this off camera and get their family some help.

  5. RealChicagoHousewife

    I really don’t like that they are showing Gia so sad so often. It feels exploitive. I fast forwarded through those scenes. It looks like the new ladies ( and I use the term loosely) are starting out slowly but will rev up the drama later.

  6. Linda

    Great recap of tonight’s show! I’m feeling the same way. Poor Gia… sad for her. ps Your sense of humor is right on!
    Hate this beauty pageant show. Can’t wait to read your take on this mess.

  7. I love Malania. I want to bring her to live with me while her parents do time. If your not following the faux Malania twitter account, look for it. It’s hysterical.

    Anyway, it’s obvious in the first scene that gia is smarter and emotionally older than Teresa already. I feel bad for the kid. But she will be stronger for having gone through this.

    I dislike the new people. It’s like bravo went out of their way to find dumb, obnoxious people to make the rest of them seem more normal. In it sly, it’s neither Treesa nor terEssssa. It’s TerAza. So, they’re all retarded.

    Loved the bald husband basically outing the whole event as a scripted farce. And not a party. I might like him too. But then, he’s married to an idiot, so…

    The scene with everyone having trouble eating the chewy, tough Italian ham (proshute) and having a hard time with it against the twin complaining that the guests were guidettes was funny. Like the Clampetts calling honey boo boo a hillbilly.

    • dallasmom

      I feel so bad for Gia, she knows about everything that is going on. I just wish Teresa would show the slightest remorse for her felonies. She makes it impossible to feel sympathy for her! But those kids (even though they are bratty) didn’t ask to have Teresa and Joe for parents!

    • dallasmom

      Ok ……maybe mainly Milania is bratty! The things that come out of her mouth..*smh* I would be washing my kids’ mouth with soap! We will have to agree to disagree…….I have NEVER seen Teresa show remorse for her felonies.

      • meredo

        It seems as though only Milania is the bratty one of the kids. I do think it”s funny (I probably wouldn’t if it were one of my own kids acting like that) but I also think she”s probably been encouraged to do so because of all the attention her behavior has garnered.
        My heart breaks for Gia and I hope she is able to survive all of this without it having too much of a negative impact on her. Hopefully there is a family member who will nurture her through this ordeal. Although I do believe Teresa and Joe have done wrong, I hate to see their family torn apart like this! It was emotionally exhausting watching this episode.
        Oh, and I dislike the new people thus far. Did anyone notice that Amber looked orange in her first scene? Ewwww, not liking her at all. I miss Caroline, it’s just not Jersey without her!
        P.S. Thanks Jillian for you post, although you were quite the wench, I was unaware of the donate button until you mentioned it. I will certainly be visiting it soon, it is well deserved!

      • You’re a cunt if you actually would put soap in a kid’s mouth. You see snippets of a kid being encouraged to be funny. And she is. Does she eat her broccoli and go to bed when she is told? I don’t know. You do t know. You should not call her a brat. Beside the fact that picking on a child is wrong, you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • And the show is not about the felonies. You see what bravo wants you to see. You have NO idea what she has or has not shown.

      • You dint remember Gia acting like milania during the first season or two? You people must be the worst learnt fun parents ever. And again you only see milania as she is edited.

      • Calm your ass down PeePee.. Some English ed for you today…
        don’t NOT dint
        Milania is a name which should start with a capital “M”

      • Valerie

        Would you stop calling her Peepee for god’s sake? It’s not as clever as you think.

  8. Rach

    Tamara you are a lifesaver! I’m all the way in the UK so I can’t watch tonight’s episode until someone posts it online. I’m glad they have new ladies. They should’ve never allowed Kathy and Melissa to join the show. The last 3 seasons have all been the same, glad for something new. I personally won’t be missing Caroline or Drunken Jacqueline. Glad Dinas back but would LOVE Danielle to come back.

  9. So happy to have Teresa and Dina back on my screen! Teresa/Joe’s criminal activities are sad to go through. I don’t know if I can handle Gia crying every episode. It’s hard to watch.

    I’m glad Dina is taking the high road and keeping her horrible sisters out of the spot light. Caroline and Jac were awful, and I will NOT miss them. Caroline was the DEFINITION of a housewife bully, and Jac was mentally unstable the majority of her tenure. Dina is super bitchy but in a fun way. She’s so authentic.

    I actually like Amber, and I’m happy she threw shade at Melissa. Despite Melissa standing by Teresa for once, I still will never be #TeamMelissa. Her not realizing one of her bridesmaids had cancer… No words. We need a show just of Melissa’s “friends” coming onto the show to bad mouth her. I miss Jan!

    • I think Tre was right on the mark about the Twins. They are very similar to Tre in that they are very loud, very fun and doesn’t think about what comes out of their mouth. It was funny that Teresa tried to say she wasn’t like this anymore. lol It’s different when you HAVE to stay tight lipped as a judge watches your every move…

      I like the twins, and I like the bald husband. He’s going to be outrageous.

    • Have you been checked for brain damage? I’m just asking… because you are fucked up. Pretty, but mentally ill.

    • Deb

      J.D., I agree I don’t miss Caroline or Jac! Great post about everything else! The last scene was a tear jerker. Rest in Peace Frank Guidice.

      • I liked Caroline, and I thought Jac was a nice person, althouth a little whiny. I was glad to see her step up last season. Caroline might be bossy, but she is smart – after all ,she is not facing years in a federal prison. I think Theresa is sad because she got caught – actually I am not even sure she is sharp enough to understand why what they did was a federal crime.


    My “allergies” were bad too this episode & I was thinking — have I ever in the past 5 years of housewives been allergenic?!? I don’t think I’ve cried over a RH episode ever. Oops.., I mean had allergy problems…

    But I love, love Joe Guidice… I dislike Tre. I am a walking contradiction. My vote would be that SHE go to jail & be deported & HE stay here with the kids! He seems more nurturing to the kids than she does!

    I think I am the only person on the earth that loves Juicy Joe but hates his wife..

    I also love their kiddos..

    Good recap!

    I feel like I am going to be disliking Melissa Gorga this season even though I’ve always liked her in the past. I feel like she is lying about not knowing her friend had cancer to explain why she did nothing to help. #badfriend

    Oh the roller coaster ride that is RH!

    • ​I’ve always had that “Joe is a bad guy but I love him” thing happening. but I need him to do the time. And dumbass Tre too.

      On Sun, Jul 13, 2014 at 11:34 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Mina

        Me too, TT. I have always liked Joe Guidice. I love his laugh, and other than the crimes he committed (LOL) he reminds me of my dad, kinda. Loves his family, stocky, likes to cook, likes a good time, will kick your ass if anyone upsets or hurst his family, has his faults, stepped out here and there over the years (not right, but true), great laugh. My allergies kicked in hard core when he made that toast, and when I realized that the old guy telling him he will be there for him was his father, God rest him, now deceased. Jeez, and yes, creepy too. . Sad for Gia. This is awful for her to have to go thru. Yeah they need to do the time. We would have to. So do they. I watched last season again yesterday, and to see Tre just denying with a straight face – made me know she did the things she was accused of last year too. When she was maligning Melissa then came sorta clean. Same with the crimes they committed, acted like they were being picked on and denying, to pleading guilty. It’s her pattern. Off with her head. But I still like Joe..

      • Eve

        Love your Dead Frank recap. Joe’s toast reminded me of when Tootsie (Dustin Hoffman) is on the top of the staircase and ready to rip.
        Teresa has remorse, but only that she was caught. I would rather see her go to prison and Joe stay with the kids. Any Bravo money should be put in trust for the kids
        There will be a new breed of criminal in a few years, children who had no choice but to be exploited and abused on reality tv.
        Hate those 2 new fish lipped sisters, Dina is boring, she used to be kinda funny. Now she thinks she is famous and thinks she is fabulicious. Not.

    • GCVLMV

      My take on Joe is that in the beginning he seemed like a good guy and everyone seemed to like him and his sausages and his homemade wine. The turning point coincides with the same time that the rest of the cast and some viewers, including myself began to dispise Teresa. When she started to believe her own hype and got a big head about her “fans”. Even Joe couldn’t stand her as witnessed by the infamous “C” word calling and his total distain for her. He also seemed to be drinking more, distancing from the family, and then there are the “other women” allegedly. I also wouldn’t put it past her to throw it in his face that she was was the bread winner. He is a criminal and needs to do time, but I would agree that he loves his family.

      • Bravo is heavily editing this to make them likeable.. they could have edited them horribly the other way…. but lawyers would not allow it. #SHEEEPLE

  11. I was very happy to see the entire Giudice family gathered together to celebrate Joe’s grandmother’s 80th birthday. Gabriella looks just like Joe’s mother, and Joe has a great resemblance to his father. It was lovely to see the tender moment between Joe, his father Frank, and Gia. Frank will definitely be missed by everyone and it was good to see the warm relationship with his son and grandchildren on aire.

    On another note, we see why Tre never makes a big deal about Joe’s family like she does about her own family. With Joe’s large family she is just another member of the tribe or apple off the tree, but within her own family she is a big fish in a small pond. I’m over Tre and Joe, and want them to hurry up and go to jail. I’m with TT on this one, they should have been sentenced during the summer in order to not further interrupt the girls’ life once school begins in the fall. I am not really feeling Melissa’s long lost friend who had cancer and wants to create a sympathy play or hang guilt on Melissa for not being there for her. The jury is out regarding the twins, they need more substance than being wild and crazy. Superficial Dina, the mannequin with a stick up her ass, can be put back in mothballs with Danielle Stubbs. She will not add anything to the show, just like she did not add anything during seasons 1 and 2. I kinda miss Caroline, but I am willing to give this season a chance without her. Please bring Rosie back for her realness and humor. RIP Frank Giudice….

    • Whatever. I’m not sure how you could ever call Dina superficial. She’s anything but. Obviously you have your opinions and no one can change what you think. But explain how the word superficial applies to Dina? Or choose a different word.

      • TeeCee- I’m not gonna argue with you but DeeNah is absolutely superficial. She lacks depth of character, and never shared the real truth about her life with Tommy, who really didn’t want to marry her, but did so because he felt obligated due to the pressure from his big brother Albert and sister-in-law Caroline. I first came to know the Manzo clan on My Big Fat Wedding around 2005(?) I found the family dynamics very interesting then because two brothers would have been married to two sisters, and they all worked together in the family business, the Brownstone. DeeNah was always crying like a baby because she was afraid she would not get what she wanted; Caroline was there soothing, encouraging,and supporting DeeNah; Albert was shown occasionally as Caroline’s husband and the groom’s older brother; and Tommy the groom was rarely filmed and refused to allow his face to be shown. The few times Tommy and DeeNah were filmed together were tense and he treated her like a groupie instead of a girlfriend. The tie the knot, but rumors have persisted all of this time (before and after the wedding) about him being unfaithful to her.

        DeeNah said herself in her first talking head that she , “was a spoiled little girl twelve or thirteen years ago”, and I personally feel nothing about that has changed. DeeNah is supposedly Zen, but she always looks down on people, talks shit behind someone’s back, and run and hides like chicken shit when confronted by someone about her behavior. However, scary cat DeeNah always has had her big sister Caroline or her loud mouth friend Tre to defend her or fight her battles for her, thus the entire finale for season 1.

        She loves the spotlight, and this is another attempt to become famous. DeeNah is not Zen, she is shallow and insecure, and use to her older siblings giving her whatever she wants.Caroline has always been her loyal protector, even when it was to Caroline’s own detriment. DeeNah comes off as the princess with a perfectly fake fairly tale life or a damsel who is always in distress although she does not need to be rescued from anyone other than herself and her foolish self-centered thinking. DeeNah and Tre are thick as thieves, and their relationship is definitely a case of birds of a feather stick together. I want DeeNah out post has, and Caroline in immediately, but that will not happen because the original premise for RHONJ was the relationship between the bffs DeeNah and Tre, and their puppet Jacqueline. The producers saw Caroline’s realness and added her to the show, and we all know Danielle Stubb was included to add drama to the show. My own feeling is that Danielle had been rumored to have been one of the many women Tommy had been involved with, which is why DeeNah had a dismissive superior attitude towards her. DeeNah has done a good thing with her charity Project Lady Bug, and raising her daughter Lexi, but she has nothing to offer beyond that. We will get smart assed comments in the talking heads and smiles in the other cast members faces. Someone is going to eventually pull the mask off the big phoney DeeNah, and this time she will have to fight her battles by herself like a big girl. Bye Felicia!!!

      • PLease learn to spell the cast mates names and use them. See also commenting rules. Particularly #4

      • Um…you need to read the rules here. Her name is Dina. I didn’t read past the first sentence or two. But what you are citing is in no way superficial. I think you night want to look up the meaning of the word. Perhaps Lauren Manzo has a sign for you.

      • Cat

        I’ve never been a Dina fan, but I wouldn’t describe her as superficial. Compared to all the other crazies on the show, I would describe Dina as reserved. And I think that’s a good thing. We’ve seen enough crazy…Or at least I have.

  12. Micheal

    I have to wait a week for this episode in Australia. Had some stupid 30 minute premiere on. I’m glad Milania is still her same brash adorable self. By the sounds of it I may soften to Melissa with the way Amber seems to get crazier as the season progresses, and focuses it against Melissa unnecessarily.

  13. GCVLMV

    I am with you on Dina! Never found her very interesting. Not excited to have her back and I too prefer Caroline. I didn’t hear Melissa say that Amber was a bridesmaid, just at her wedding. But still they were friends. I have a question, does Bravo no longer allow comments on their blogs? I haven’t been over there for awhile, but I kind of like to poke the Tre Hugger bears from time to time.

  14. Lindy

    OMG, it is a tear-jerker. Sh*t! This is the first time Joe Giudice has seemed human to me. (Teresa still doesn’t.) Some great very touching moments with the large family and Joe’s father. Goldenindigo nailed it about Teresa and the Giudice family.

    I kinda like Amber and am not feeling the twins at all. Melissa was a very pretty woman. Still is, but looks a bit odd to me…..why oh why do women do these things to themselves???

    The four girls are precious and heartbreaking.

    I had just rewatched the last season reunion before this and it was harder to take this time around, listening to Teresa and Joe saying they don’t know why this is happening yada yada….just wanted to slap them. BUT the new episode was still a tear-jerker. Go figure.

  15. Deb

    I just wanted to put my arms around Gia and tell her everything will be okay. I really hope Teresa and Joe sit down with her and prepare her for the worst and reassure her that she will be okay and that they will all get thru this. She deserves that much from them.

    • ​but everything will NOT be okay.

      Her parents are SHIT PEOPLE who have embarrassed her in her MIDDLE YEARS on national television.

      Jesus, middle school was hard enough in the prehistoric era without THIS.

      Gia is smart and beautiful and trying tell her mother she want to be included as an equal and she is being shut out by her parents and hearing everything from her friends and the media. She must be so lost and confused.

      On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 12:45 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Micheal

        Seeing this will make me tear up a bit. I hate when children suffer for their parents bad decisions. Although, some of the most well adjusted people I have met had crappy childhoods.

      • Cythere

        I watched this with my boyfriend and told him, “And *we* thought junior high was awful. She must hate going to school.”
        He used to tell me the season one Gia was a brat, but I’ve always maintained she was acting out in hopes of having someone help her.
        The craziness in that family surely has been going on for years.
        I was heartened to see the Giudice family is huge: I hope there is someone there who will raise the girls and give them the stability they need.

      • Still have mouth open and feeling nauseous that there are no college funds set aside somewhere for those girls…but…wait, that would have cut into shopping$$, traveling$$, make-up and hair $$ and throwing lavish parties$$ to impress all their fans over the entire world.
        M u s t t h i n k o f f a n s !!!
        The kids will get their own shows then they won’t even NEED college. SMDH

      • Kate

        You said it TT. That is exactly how I feel watching this. My heart breaks for Gia.

      • theREALHWOFNJ

        Agreed TT. Let’s all not forget that Theresa also would have inappropriate conversations with Gia about adult issues (Zio Joe/Controlling Melissa) since she was 10. Gia is probably getting razzed at school about her parents. NOW Theresa wants to play responsible Mom and shut her out. Too late.

    • I agree. Poor Gia, none of this was her doing. I feel sorry for all the Giudice girls but especially for Gia. She’s 13 now and in middle school, those kids can be brutal. Watched tonight with my daughter, it hasn’t been long since she was in middle school herself (she graduated HS last year). She couldn’t imagine being in Jr. High and having to face all this!

      • This is not about you. Why do you try to make every fucking comment section about you? You’re not that interesting. Actually, you’re not at all interesting.

      • iverge

        @santabarbarasusie I too felt sad for Gia. She is trying to be strong but there’s only so much a 13 year old can take. I’m also certain life away from home at school isn’t easy either.

  16. sunshinemls

    i am sticking with tamara on this one…..i will be missing caroline also! not a huge fan of dinas and the only reason she came back is probably because her other show failed. how does her charity do? i will also be missing kathy and rosie! tonights show was emotional, but i still dont feel sorry for joe. he did the crime and CONTINUED to do the crime. i was kind of shocked when his dad says “we did nothing wrong and everyone is out to get us…”

    • Her other show did not fail. Upon what do you make that claim???

    • Angel

      I thought Frank’s comment shows how their minds work. It seems like an Italian thing, we are better and should get to do everything our way. We are never wrong. It seemed to me they were saying Joe is third generation in America. There must have been a lot of back and forth for him to be illegal. It had some sad parts, no crying here. It has new characters to dislike once Tre and Joe are “away”. Rhino or whatever he is called has an ego the size of New Jersey. Anyone agreeing to be on HW shows, now that we all know how they work, has to be a very flawed person willing to trade reputation and respect for money and infamy.

      • Well yrs. that’s true. If they are italian they should get everything their way. It’s well documented and the way of the world.

        And first generation is the first gen born here. Technically Joe’s kids are first generation.

      • CocoTalks

        That’s discrimination and prejudice.

  17. How devastating for Gia that her grandpa was promising to take care of her is now gone so suddenly. That little girl is heartbreaking.

    I’ve always been a Juicy Joe fan, he may be a crook, but he’s real, and he loves his kids. I’m a sucker men who aren’t good for you, what can I say?

    As for Tamara screaming at people who can’t stand Caroline, form a line and we’ll rush her while she’s distracted.

  18. tim

    #teamwhore lol I’m always on team whore too tt!

  19. I, too, saw nothing wrong with the Manzo kidlets ! They’ve never been in any kind of trouble with the law, they are not only respectful to their parents— they’re very loving to them :) !
    This generation is having a tough time in the job market, give them a break! If their parents and relatives can help them get started, I think it’s great. What are parents for ?

    • lauraannb

      I know, right?

      • js

        Why is it that no one mentions the Lauritas 3x larger bankruptcy of 55 million & chris lauritas destruction of evidence or the Gorgas construction loan fraud to build their mansion or al manzo stealing money from nj?
        most people dont get prosecuted upon withdrawing from a bankruptcy.
        the feds threw the books at them… truly ridiculous amount of time and resources. they never went after Angelo Mozilo CEO of countrywide mortgage for all his lying & manipulation of the mortgage scams. …he left with 50 million in his golden parachute. see the academy award winning documentary ” inside job.”for all the other CEO’s who the feds never touched but should have.
        All the people wanting severe jail time have never worked in the criminal justice system. 5 years or less is what a normal person would get.
        Put down your pitchforks!

    • There you go TT. You have santabarbarazombie on your side. That should make you happy.

  20. karen

    I am glad Caroline – Jackie and glad they took that boring cousin with them.I am so happy to see Dina back I always liked her and the friendship she and Tre had. I never liked Melissa and Joe and I never will. I am going to give the new ladies a few more episodes before I cast judgement. Gia had me crying and the scene at the end with Joe his dad and Gia really had be crying know that his dad has passed away. Joe has such a large family and the photo was a beautiful thing to do. I think I am going to need tissues every week because I can not stand to see Gia cry. I enjoyed the episode.

  21. Gingersnap

    The first season I hated Caroline, but my hatred for the others finally outgrew my hatred for Caroline, and then I liked her. I’ve never liked Dina though.

  22. Jen

    I, too, am bored with the new characters. They have no personality.

    I think the reason behind the big change in cast is that they see the feds are watching and are hoping to fade from public memory.

  23. Justobserving

    TT, great recap! I didn’t get to watch the show yet, but I always love your rendition and you have not disappointed! Now I know why Bravo has put the Guidices front and center this season, aside from the incredible entertainment value of their particular shade of illicit drama. This is clearly help in grooming the way for Teresa’s sentencing by developing sympathy for her ( and the girls) so that she will get house arrest/parole in September. They will perhaps be more reluctant to send her away. By the way, I miss Caroline too. Thanks for the laughter and tears!!!


    I think Amber is painful to watch but the twins at least seem fun and interesting and just a little bit scary which I kinda like. Amber seems clear on her intent to get back at Melissa which I didn’t like. Theresa is still the same, shocked that all this is happening to her. It’s all lies and she’s the poor victim who can’t put her kids through college. REALLY? What about all the money you stole Theresa? PLEASE! I wish she would stop the constant plugging of her wares too. It’s like an infomercial with bad hair and bad english. BRAVO please pull the plug on Theresa exploiting her family for money while pretending she didn’t do anything wrong.

    • Kate

      I just opened my electric bill and ouch it is crazy expensive this month with the AC running all the time. Made me wonder what the utility bills are in the Guidice household? Maybe a smaller more energy efficient home would work out better?

      • ​See that is the thing. I always wonder about shows like extreme home makeover where they build these house fancy houses. If someone was to give me one, I doubt I could keep up with the house bills. It would all end in a very Grey Gardens way.

        On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 1:59 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • dallasmom

        @tt I have read about some of the people from Extreme Makeovers can’t afford the increased property taxes on their homes!

  25. Allison

    Never liked Dina so blah she’s back. Hate Amber, hate the rwins. My heart breaks for Gia-she knows what’s going on even though they treat her like she doesn’t.

  26. I noticed that the new cast members have the same habit of prefacing statements with “Italians…” that the cast of Jersey Shore had. As in, “Italians like to party and have a good time.” Why do Italians from New Jersey feel the need to explain that their motivations to do things is based on their ethnicity. RHONJ is not a documentary about Italian subculture. They aren’t Mormons. It’d be like if I prefaced every statement with “In the Jewish community, we like to have a good time.” as if that was culturally exclusive.

    The twins are morons, but they are going to be good TV. They aren’t doing that Sklar Brother thing that drives me up a wall.

    It’s also clear that the production is going to do all they can to help Tre’s crisis management effort. Watch how the editing is going to treat their court case like a natural disaster. Also watch how Tre pushes her family angle. It’s a good thing that a judge is going to rule on sentencing. Otherwise it could contaminate a jury.

  27. Middle Child

    Great recap Tamara I do enjoy your sense of humour and sarcastic wit, but I’m with Teecee66 all the way (on this one) We are in a minority but I do look forward to the banter and if it gets too dark and nasty, I take a break to return at a later date for more Tamara tattles.

  28. meredo

    @Teecee, are you talking to me? I can’t tell. I never said I would put soap in a kids mouth and I’m sorry but Milania does act like a brat. Come on, yelling out “buttholes” and such is bratty. The rest of your post makes no sense if you’re referencing me, especially since I’m being sympathetic to their ordeal!

  29. delaney

    Teresa and Joe need to go to jail. So those poor kids are no longer hurt and exploited by their lowdown dirty thieving parents.

  30. My comment makes no sense right here, but there was no reply button touch so here it is. Sorry!

  31. Oh,cancel my last 2 posts, I don’t think she was talking to me …yet! Lol

  32. jrleaguer

    Great recap.Gia showed a lot of poise for such a young lady. Family drama is never easy at that age. Family drama at that age with a camera would be especially tough. I adore and fear Milania at the same time. Milania and Gia may end up being my two favorite things about this season. #ImissCaroline.

  33. tobalinac

    I understand the Dunkin Donuts comment. It’s a Northeast thing. It’s a food group up here and people are rabid about their D&D fixes. The lines in the mornings would amaze you.

  34. vivaladiva831

    No taglines this season?

    I BAWLED at the end. Yes I did. I don’t think Gia has it as hard at school as we think, I believe she is pretty popular And probably has tons of support. I understand they need to be punished, and call it a sickness but I like Teresa And Joe and hate seeing this. I am glad Caroline is gone, she was BORING and brought the show down, lol in all actuality I just don’t think she was meant to be with this group the last 3 seasons and these are not people she would associate with and didn’t like doing it on tv. I wish her well in her new show, her kids used to be extremely funny, and maybe on their own they will be “more fun” to watch. Anyway, I am still wondering about taglines.

  35. Michael Williams

    I love how Joe Guidice brags on his family: “We’ve had doctors and hygeinests come out of this family.”. HYGEINESTS????

  36. Skeeter

    I guess hearing the mouth on my neighbor’s kid ruined the ‘humor’ in Milania for me. I don’t think she’s funny at all. Sorry, not sorry.

  37. I know that Joe and Tre broke the law fifty ways to Sunday and that they have to be punished. I know that Tre looks and sounds like an automaton. I know that this is a fake show like all of the reality shows…but…I too developed a bunch of sudden allergies while watching Gia and her father. I was seized up with allergic angst when I watched Gia cry for her lost youth without parents and with parents who broke the law and embarrassed her. I watched as Joe’s family came together and was reminded of my youth surrounded by Jewish/Italian family members fighting, screaming, loving and above all else…giving support where it was needed. I saw Joe’s dad who is now deceased and those damn allergies kicked in big time. Than there was Amber and the hideous twins and their hideous husband/boyfriend. There was Melissa being shown for the POS that she really is and her incredibly stupid husband who obviously inherited the Gorga gene for utter stupidity like his sister. All of this and more made me wipe my red eyes and blow my red nose until it mercifully came to an end and I could move on to Sister Wives and their whining, and utterly fake journey to meet a family with zero personality…just like them. I didn’t watch the Crowns and the Pagaents because the women just made me feel bad about being female so thanks for the recap. Happily, my allergies seemed to have cleared up in time to watch The Bachelorette screw around in the Fantasy Suite.

  38. CocoTalks

    I think Dina is smart and funny and does great things like her charity and rescues fugly animals but deep down she is just a selfish and bad person.

  39. MicroOp

    I really can’t stand Melissa. I believe she knew about the cancer. I do not like tre but I’ve always despised how Melissa came on the show immediately complaining about cookies and other nonsense. And I found Ambers dig about going to college to fulfill her dreams vs gold digging funny.

  40. RomaReads

    My favorite part of this show was the preview for costume party brawl which probably won’t come until the last episode! I seriously think the Amber is certified crazy. That dig she threw Melissa about going different routes to money was such a tell; “I went to college and Melissa married for money” not verbatim but you get the point. Look out Melissa. I’ll be watching the flying tables and fists full of hair weaves fosho!

  41. Amy

    I want Dina’s husband to but me a pocketbook and Dina can still sleep with him. I’m youngish with big boobs…

    • Morgan LeFay

      Uh, yeah, Amy. Big boobs will make you happy and save your world especially if random guys buy you purses and shoes. Eyeroll.

  42. nancy

    I hope Teresa doesn’t get anymore sympathy than a woman with children who stole credits cards or embezzled at work because she didn’t have enough money to feed her kids. In fact, she deserves worse than those examples as her crimes were to live in her gilded mansion and buy designer shoes and bags.

  43. Din

    I never noticed how extremely beautiful Gia is in previous seasons. Those eyes are steel!

    The new ladies are already boring me. More of the petty same. The whole Melissa didn’t know about cancer poorly acted out storyline was very contrived. I hope the whole season isn’t like this.

    Loved seeing Dina back. I used to not care much for her because she was so cruel to Daniel, but she is kind of a badass.

    I thought T actually looked pretty damn amazing in some scenes. She definitely did not gain weight, unless she was super skinny before and I didn’t know.

    Now Tamara about the your Caroline comment.. I am all for people having different opinions about people but Caroline was a clear cut bully that most people picked up on. At one point she was standing in a closet with her daughter breaking down into tears telling her daughter that she CAN lose the weight and feel worthy. She is not only a heinous hag, she is a psychotic excuse for a mother. Believe me I know one when I see one since I endured one. Not to mention the manipulative ways she had with people less intelligent than her. It takes a special kind of asshole to ruthlessly manipulate stupid people without remorse.

    I am honestly curious what single quality or personality trait makes Caroline even remotely endearing to you Tamara, I’d like to respect your opinion!

    • I disagree. Caroline wasn’t/isn’t a bully and don’t think she’s a psychotic mother. I too had one. it doesn’t make either of us an expert on the subject.

      • It’s amazing out of all the lunatics on this show, there is so much hate for Caroline, whose biggest crime is being an overprotective, perhaps even helicopter mom.

        And by amazing, I mean sick and twisted.​

        On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 9:44 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  44. Dietrich Buxtehude

    Wow, I was born in 1950 and Frank looked like he could’ve been my father . I guess black really don’t crack! #Team Milania

  45. GCVLMV

    I don’t think Teresa should be worrying about Gia’s college fund. After all Gia is 13, which is when one should get a job according to Teresa.

  46. G.

    Like mixedupchile and others commented, I too was utterly horrified by the revelation that this family ran through all of that money, some stolen + some Bravo-earned, and didn’t bother to set up even adequate college funds for the kids. And then to complain about the attorneys’ fees in that context. Beyond shameless!

    Thank you, Tamara, for your comments and rightful indignation on this issue. I’d read a few other roundups as well (when I couldn’t immediately watch the episode) and some didn’t even mention this failure. (I hope that’s not a violation of the posting rules, pointing to the failure of other bloggers.)

    “Other people are probably going through the same thing, but because people know who I am, I’m being judged.” (!!!)

  47. G.

    I’m not a fan of Melissa’s but Amber’s comment about her taking her choosing education for success seems a little off. I mean, how much of her current home and wealth comes from her own labor and Vici Fitness? Her money doesn’t come from marriage?

  48. Belinda

    Did Dina leave her personality some where ? She is D-U-L-L. But more importantly…where do the Guidice’s get the money for hair and make-up coming to the house for the family pic, gymnastic lessons, home upkeep
    (my house is about 4000 sq ft and my electric bill was $873 last month), car with driver, etc. does Bravo pay for everything ?

  49. Momof2

    I don’t get the car scene with Dina and Tre – everybody’s going through the same thing but mines public…..Uhm, I don’t know anyone going through the same thing. I mean are there really loads of people committing fraud? I mean aside from people that always say at the end of the day.

    The twins don’t look alike, one looks way older than 2 minutes but I still can’t get a grip on who’s who.

  50. Epiphanie

    This is the first time I have ever seen this iteration of the Real Housewives and I am hooked! Please excuse my ignorance (I am currently googling everyone’s backstory and trying to find earlier seasons) but I want to join the discussion!

    First impressions – I like Dina, she seems real and is quite witty and sassy? Melissa seemed shady to me – how do you not know that such a dear friend has cancer? My, she’s pretty though!

    The Teresa and Joe scenes were compelling viewing. My heart ached for their poor daughter, how painful to have this played out on TV for the world to see. I had the impression that she actually really GETS that her parents are going to jail, whereas Teresa and Joe almost seemed in denial?

    I disliked the twins, who seemed crass. And I didn’t really like Amber either but she does seem like she will be interesting to watch – very highly strung.

  51. Diana

    I feel sooo bad for Gia especially! Her stupid dad is now seeing what he has done to his children. It wouldn’t suprise me to hear that Gia has hurt herself in some way to cope. My allergies also get really bad seeing her so upset. Milania is turning out to be a bigger brat ( great parenting teresa!) and no it’s not cute at all! How is her speaking to adults in a disrespective way “ok” or “good tv”? I’d say she needs a spanking but the kids r going through enough. Miss Caroline and her old school ways. Wish more of us were out there. Glad Jacueline is off only because she should focus on taking care of Nicolaus and helping reverse what she can of his austim. I will miss me some Rosie though!! She and Juicy Joe were/are hilarious together!!

  52. Tatiana

    And Ambers husband forgot the old school ways someone should give him a shovel to bury the bullshit that comes out of his mouth!!!

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