It’s All Relative Premiere Recap: It’s a Light-Hearted Funny Show!

Its All Relative Family

It’s time for the premiere of Lisa Remini’s new reality show on TLC.  Leah is married to a very attractive man named Angelo. He runs their family diner. The have a daughter named Sofia. I’m just to the opening montage and I love it already. The Remini’s are having a party to celebrate them leaving Scientology and the friends that still support her. The theme is old Hollywood. I think Leah is very brave to be discussing getting out of the cult. There are many friends and family members who must shun her now because the are still Scientologist’s.

Angelo wants to get rid of the swing set to get room for the party because Sofia is growing up. I don’t think she is too old for a nice swing set, it’s large enough for adults to use. Angelo’s has an ulterior motive though because he wants a basketball court in the back yard.

Leah was raised in the Church of Scientology since birth. There are a lot of their family members still in the Church and they are not allowed to speak to the Reminis who escaped. Its All relative Leah

Leah has a beautiful house. She loves the swing set. It’s way more than a swing set, there are slides and little tree house kind of things. It’s wood and really quite lovely. I hope they keep it. Leah says she will talk to Sofia.

The party is mostly outside and the set up is beautiful. They have white couches and end tables all over the back yard. Tons of chandeliers and drop dead gorgeous flowers. They have a dance floor. It’s just very elegant and lovely. Leah gives a lovely speech thanking their friends who have stuck by them in a difficult time. Leah’s mom gets a little tipsy and she is adorable.

With some prodding by Leah, Sofia decides to keep the play set. Leah wins a bet. Next there is another bet about making a bed, again Angelo loses.

Leah and her sister have a talk about getting boob jobs (they don’t want to) and they discuss never having sex in the day or with the lights on.  There is huge rivalry because Leah thinks Shannon is the favorite daughter. Shannon goes to their mother’s for a birthday party for her dog. Leah skips it . By party I mean the mother and Shannon. Leah shows up at the last-minute to try to stay in favor. Leah’s mom is guilty tripping the girls saying they will regret not going to everything with her when she dies. She wants to have a live funeral for herself to see what everyone is going to say about her.

I love Lisa’s stepdad, George. I love the whole family dynamic. Angelo and George go golfing. They are lousy, so the give up and go to the 19th hole.

The diner is adorable. It’s called Canteen. These people are so cute, I am angry at Julie Chen and Sharon Osborne for kicking her off the The Talk.

George begins the funeral for the undead mother of Leah but saying in front of Sofia that getting together with her was the first time he dated a woman that he had something in common with other than sex or drugs. George actually sort of teared up! I love that Leah keeps acknowledging they are on TV. She says is this TLC’s idea of good family television. Angelo gets teary in his speech too. Shannon’s speech was very funny. She talks about her ugliness and gay ways. She’s not gay but her mother is always accusing her of being gay and said she is the ugly sister. Leah’s is funny too talking about what a PITA her mom is and how critical she is. Then she starts talking about her mom being her best friend and worries that her mother doesn’t realize how much she means to her. More crying. More laughing. Leah’s mom says she now knows her family loves her. Lean says, “That is what it takes for you to get that? You’re sick.”

The preview of the season looks hysterical. I’m all in.  Did anyone else watch?

It’s All Relative airs Thursday nights at 10 on TLC.


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34 responses to “It’s All Relative Premiere Recap: It’s a Light-Hearted Funny Show!

  1. WhyOWhy

    I am not a fan of Leah. I just don’t like her characters. But I might give this a shot.

  2. YouCanLeadAHorticulture

    I think we should give this a go as a way of supporting Leah going public with her break from Scientology. Escaping a mind control cult like that must be one of the most difficult things to go through, especially having been raised in it and not knowing another life. Kudos to her, she is a tough broad!

  3. YouCanLeadAHorticulture

    Forgot to add, Angelo is sexxxayyyyy!

  4. I was hoping you’d blog about this show, yayyyyyyy! Really liked the first 2 episodes.

  5. Mina

    I missed it! It sounds like just what I need right about now, in reality show land. Wonder if it will come on this weekend?

  6. Very cute and will definitely watch again!

  7. This show is really funny. Rings true to life. Love her asides to the camera men?

  8. I love Leah Remini and the show. It really took a lot of guts for her to leave that whackadoo “religion” that forces family members to shun their own…I have no respect for any religion or belief system that would enforce such nonsense~whatever happened to religious freedom? It’s the ONLY reason we left England in the first place!!!

  9. Loriflack

    I have taped it but will definitely watch it, now…my feeling of her after so many years, is that she rubs ( men especially ) the wrong way.

    She IS the real deal in my opinion.


  10. Cat

    So far, I like this show. In comparison to the “Housewives”, this family seems “normal”….and by that I mean they are happy and quirky and just seem to love each other. Although I know some of the situations (like the fake wake) were probably planned, it didn’t seem scripted and fake. Their interactions seemed to be natural. I didn’t come away with the tension and frustration I feel now when watching the “Housewives”. Finally a “rich” family that doesn’t flaunt their wealth….or whine about it.

    As for Bravo, they’d better watch out. I’m only staying with their shows so Nene won’t think I left because of her. Bravo is now background noise. I get more entertainment from TT’s recaps than from watching those train wrecks. And personally, I would rather watch a crappy movie on Syfy than Bravo.

  11. Haven’t watched yet but it’s waiting on the dvr for me. I love Leah. She had another show a few years ago that I watched off and on. She’s funny and her husband really loves her. Good stuff. Can’t wait to watch.

  12. Cecee

    I am SO happy you decided to recap this! I adore your work – I’ve lurked for a while. I like Leah remini and was bummed she was part of this cult. I LOVE that she addressed leaving Scientology! I would not have watched but am watching it now! Leah and her family should be given major props – this group does not like negative press! It needs to be demystified and shown for the f’ed up cult it is! Thanks, Tamara! (And Leah) Again I love your work!

  13. Cecee

    Have I been banned

    • Cecee

      I am SO happy you decided to recap this! I adore your work – I’ve lurked for a while. I like Leah remini and was bummed she was part of this cult. I LOVE that she addressed leaving Scientology! I would not have watched but am watching it now! Leah and her family should be given major props – this group does not like negative press! It needs to be demystified and shown for the f’ed up cult it is! Thanks, Tamara! (And Leah) Again I love your work!

    • ​Not yet….

      On Fri, Jul 11, 2014 at 7:38 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  14. Sari

    Thrilled to see this recap.

    I’m in, as well.

  15. I liked it, but I just can’t dismiss that these people actually believed the whole Scientology schtick, which makes them none too bright, as proven by step daddy’s chemtrail conspiracy theory. Seems they’ll believe pretty much anything.

  16. RealChicagoHousewife

    I really liked this show. It doesn’t seem terribly scripted or fake unlike most of the reality shows. I was surprised that Leah talked so openly about Scientology and their practice of disconnection. That’s a really intimidating group. She’s definitely bringing the real in this reality show.

  17. Deana

    Love Leah! Good for her….and a lesson to all of us, don’t ever let anyone tell you how to live your life. Do you.

  18. ClassyLady80

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for recapping this Tamara!!! I absolutely love Leah Remini and I’ve missed seeing her on TV. Glad she’s back. I will definitely be watching right along with you. But speaking of Scientology, I just discovered that one of my favorite artists is in this cult…Beck. Sigh. You wouldn’t expect a creative genius to be so simple minded. Sad. At least Leah made it out and will shed some light on this fascinating “religion.”

    • She was evidently born into this religion so I cut her some major slack. Remember we tell our kids about Santa, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy and they buy it. Why not aliens?

  19. O.O

    She’s funny I’ll watch

  20. a little birdie

    I watched it today. It a really cute show. I remember when she had her show when her and Angelo got married. Was a fan of them then. They’re a cute couple

  21. Valerie

    I was able to watch both episodes tonight. Thanks Tamara, they really were fun. I also read up on old Xenu to see what he’s been up to in the last 75,000,000,000 years. Good stuff, thanks again for the suggestion.

  22. I really enjoyed the show too – her mother is hysterical, but I think Leah should lay off the botox – she is the only one on the show whose face doesn’t move :(

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