Catfish Blake and Kiersten Recap: The Episode “Kiersten” Did Not Want Aired


EDITED: It was confirmed to me today that Kendra did sue about the episode and the result was that it would air one time only and not be available online. So if you missed it, you missed out!

I was informed today on the blog about Bianca and Brogan that I missed a new episode that ran last Tuesday. It never bodes well when a show spits out the last two episodes in the same week. Sound like ratings may not be good this season. Which is odd because my Catfish recaps bring in a ton of traffic from Google searches.  Or maybe my recaps are just super-duper good, if you missed any from the last couple of seasons, you can find them here.  If you are new, my blog  quality varies widely depending on my hormonal fluctuations and my blood alcohol content levels so if you hate one, you may love the next one. #NoQualityControl Oh yeah and Brogan, I mean Tia dropped by today to assure us that she does not have a speech impediment, she just mumbles a lot. #NotARocketScientist.

Okay on with the show, which I am told I will find quite annoying. The guy Blake has been on screen for two seconds and my reaction is douchebag. Kiersten looks like a dime a dozen Dallas pole dancer. Fake platinum hair, fake eyelashes so heavy she can barely open her eyes, and I haven’t seen them yet but likely fake tits. The usual. Chances of this being the real person that numnuts is talking to are nil.

They could never meet due to a variety of catastrophes on her end (probably one of the usual catastrophes like being a man, or 300 lbs, or 68 years old).  So he got suspicious and did a little Internet research. You don’t say, you mean Nev and Max are not the only two people on the planet with access to Google! Who knew?  Blake has managed to figure out that her name is really Kendra and the pictures were all fake!  Wow. I did not see that coming.  But Blake wants to meet her anyway because a relationship built on lies and deceit is always worth giving the good old college try. catfish-the-tv-show-595x446

Blake has tried to meet Kendra many times but she flakes out at the last moment. She says she has a kid. She invited him to meet her at a hotel but left him in the lobby because “she had her kid with him.” Well that is perfectly understandable, don’t give up on stupidity love, Blake.

Sidenote: Nev is on crutches.

I hope Kendra is a man because Blake is in the land of Gay Denial. Blake is telling the boys all the lies that Kendra told her that he still believes. They go to look at her Instagram which is private and despite the obvious unbridled love between these two, he is not included on her friends list. The new girl is a brunette and actually prettier than the other girl.  On her Instagram page there is a link to her Facebook which they click on. Blake is mystified by the technical wizardry of Nev and Max.  He has never seen the Facebook page before. Nev and Max don’t believe the new brunette is who he is talking to either. Blake is confused.

Nev and Max try to contact Sara Grace who is the person in the blonde stripper pictures. Sara seems really nice. They first ask her about Kiersten. Sara says that a girl on Facebook named Kendra asked her to take a picture of herself holding a piece of paper that said “Kiersten” because that is her nieces name and she is a big fan of her and her Facebook pictures.  BUSTED!  Sara jumps on video chat with lips twice the size of Lisa Rinna’s. She give a dramatic story about how upset she is that someone used her picture online. The second brunette is Sarah Ordo whose pictures “Kendra” was also using. The plot thickens. This Catfish is fond of the name Sara. Hah. Nev just said “the plot thickens.” I just said that,  Nev!

Time to share the information with Blake. She’s now lying to him under yet a second fake name. Blake still thinks that “behind it there is a really, really good person.” I’m speechless. No I am not, Blake, you sir, are an idiot.

Time for the scene where Nev convinces a reluctant catfish to meet with her victim. The catfish mentions issues with her son (which is a familiar excuse).  She lives in Idaho and she is ecstatic to meet him. They still don’t know her name, and she went from reluctance to ecstasy in 30 seconds. So off they go to Idaho while Blake stares wistfully into the clouds, hopeful ever still.

Catfish kendra

Once in Iowa, the guys drive to a park to meet Kendra. Blake is still full of hope and the opportunity for new beginnings, no matter who she is.  And it is the 300 pound catfish. She is kind of cute just very large. Kendra is still lying. She says the second name is a friend of hers. She’s not. She says that she was part of a group of girls who make fake profiles so they can give them out when they go out to party so they can five guys that profile if they are a jerk. Um, if they see you at the club, aren’t they going to realize that the person in the profiles is not you? This makes no sense. Plus aren’t you supposed to be a mom with a job where you travel a lot?  When are you doing all of this partying with your posse of female friends? You live in Idaho. There are only 64 other females in Idaho. Bitch, it’s I DA HO!  Why hasn’t anyone asked her for an ID? She says that she was in a posse with Sara Grace and another girl  and when they start asking about that posse she gets defensive and shuts down and wants to talk about her feeling for Blake.

Blake calls her out on her lies. He says she is still lying. She has no remorse. Kendra completely turns the tables and says basically, that if he still thinks she is lying, she doesn’t want anything to do with him and she will go home to her son who is having surgery!  Bitch you ain’t got no baby. You’re a virgin. Kendra says, “If you don’t believe me, why am I even sitting here, I’m going home!”

Commercial.  I fully expect Blake to chase her all the way to her car when the show returns. Nope, if he did that, they didn’t show it. Back at the hotel Blake is embarrassed. FINALLY.  Nev calls Kendra IF THAT IS HER REAL NAME. She shows up saying that she is there (late) despite the fact that her son is barely breathing and the doctor had to come over. Okay, nothing weird about that. If the doctor calls she will have to leave. Her phone rings and she sends the call to voice mail and says, “He’ll call me if he need to be admitted.”  Well, I feel better about that kid now. Apparently, he is still breathing at least.

I should take this opportunity to point out that Kendra has in both meeting gone out of her way to copy Sarah Ordo’s looks, from headband to eyelashes. She is giving an academy award-winning performance. They begin questioning her. She is denying everything. She goes nuts and cries and says that she is not lying she is there to tell the truth while her kid is in the hospital where she should be.  Max tells her that Sara Grace told her that she took her photos. And she yells at Max to shut up! Max leaves. Nev plays good cop. Her phone rings and she has to go to her dying son. Outside the hotel Blake and Kendra argue while both are miked.  She says she can’t take this back now! She should have never done this! Kendra tells Blake he is supposed to be her friend. He says he is her friend.  She says no, friends don’t do this to friends! Blake hugs her and says he will still be in her life. They both say they are glad they did this.

Blake is now friends with Sara Grace!

Kendra does not want anything to do with Blake. She never came clean. What a horrific person. I hope she is exposed to all 14 people in her stupid ass town.

FOOTNOTE:  (See what I did there?)  The reason Nev had an injured foot is because this was as season 3 episode that was never aired. This was one of the best episodes of Catfish ever. So I believe it did not air because Kendra, or whatever her name is, did not want it aired after it was clear she was busted. I would have thought Blake would have been the one to sue but he did  a follow-up and even in her follow-up Kendra looked like a GIANT cunt. (um literally, hot dog in a hallway.)   So forget what I said about the two episode dump meaning poor ratings because this was an EPIC episode they played in the following season after some sort of court battle. Awesome.


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39 responses to “Catfish Blake and Kiersten Recap: The Episode “Kiersten” Did Not Want Aired

  1. heywig

    I was so confused this whole episode , I thought Blake was Gay.

  2. Cat

    I’ll have to look for this one. Sounds interesting.

  3. Keke

    Hmm where can i find this episode? It’s not on the mtv website

  4. Jessica

    Alright, alright Coeur D’alene actually has a population of around 70,000 with small towns out laying within 5 miles it’s slightly over 100,000 .. More then 64 females.. Lol.. Anyways let’s clear up some more of Kendra’s lies! There is absolutely NO sports firms even close to this city.. I don’t even think Spokane WA has a sports firm. Spokane is roughly 40 miles from Coeur D’alene.. I don’t know this girl but I’m pretty sure I’ve met her at my work. Only reason I can remember is the ugly ass eyelashes on a fat girl.. Not to mention she isn’t friendly at all, infact she extremely unfriendly & unsocial in a place were my clients are typical extremely appreciative.. Maybe it was mid way through the lawsuit?? And was trying to be kind & get to know her.. Idk but she’s digusting inside & out

  5. I guess I was wrong on the annoying you bit but it/she annoyed me. She does however remind me of the Olsen Twins (Full House) just older/fatter. And he definitely is in gay denial.

  6. Angel

    I watched this and also thought there was some reason this was in the can 2 years. I remembered Nev on the crutches way back when. I wish they had spilled that info sometime on the wrap-up chat show, what ever they called it, with Selita. I missed the may be gay part. It is crazy that these people let themselves be sucked in because of sex pot looking pictures. I’d be too embarrassed to show myself on tv, and not even being the catfish, just the one that ate the bait, hook line and sinker.

  7. Mina

    There are only 64 other females in Idaho. Bitch, it’s I DA HO! TT, you are hilarious! I just burst out laughing on a conference call. I like to read your blog while they are yammering away in these fricken meetings. Thanks for the laugh!

  8. Msnick77

    Wow. From CDA huh? It’s actually a decent part of Idaho. Nice lake, a mixed bag of ritzy & regular people. The “Govenator” & plenty of stars own homes & tool around CDA. It has a seedy past, I prefer not go there. I was transplanted to Spokane for a very unhappy 3 years… weekends in CDA, renting a boat, visiting the lake,etc. were highlights. Back to the point, she DOES NOT fit the profile of the skinny, cute white chics of that area. The cute ones find difficulty find good guys, often several of them fight over banging the one black guy.., yes, literally the one black guy. So, seems like she indulged in some escapism behavior to dull the boredom & rejection. Eastern Wa/Idaho will indeed do that to you! Do not take a job there! They overpay for a reason!

    • Hey, genius, maybe she “DOES NOT fit the profile of the skinny, cute white chics [sic] of the area” because she is not skinny or cute?

    • Ashley

      umm I live in north Idaho and im white, and no, we don’t fight over banging any black guys! That’s freaking gross. Most of us prefer white guys

      • tamaratattles

        Who knew Idaho women were racist? Let alone had the right to be picky. And your IP says you live in North Carolina.

  9. I am DYINNGGG to watch this episode. I was out of town and couldn’t. :( does anyone have any leads on where i can watch this?

  10. Angel

    I assumed they had to get the participants to sign off before they ever filmed or no one would agree to it after the fact. I figured a lot of fishing going on to find the ones to take the bait of being showed up on TV as a scammer.

  11. Cat

    I did some searching (yes, I have a lot of free time), and found a link where you supposedly can see it online. But you have to jump through several hoops to get there. I found you can bypass the survey they want you to take, but then you have to register to the site in order to view the video. I didn’t want to do that. I have enough junk email. If you want the link, TT, let me know, and I will email it to you.

  12. How did I just find your blog? This is hilarrrrrrrrrrrious. Love it.

  13. Liddy

    MTV UK is airing this episode today at 12:00 and again at 20:00

  14. I’ve found some alleged information about the catfish, Kendra Gutierrez Radja, but haven’t been able to find anything on the suit or the truth of the back story. Has anyone else been able to find the documents related to the suit? I’d like to use them in my entertainment and contract law course. I’m interested in what the Catfish contractual agreement actually states and on what grounds Ms. Gutierrez-Radja was able to (semi)successfully challenge that contract.

    • No offense, but you have a very similar nose and slight gap in front teeth to the chick in the picture above! Are you doing some crazy catfish mindfuck?

      And why wouldn’t you ask the Catfish show producers for contract info, etc? Especially since you’ve been able to find out other information on your own. Maybe your school offers legal research and legal investigations courses?

  15. John Boy

    How does tho person even have a KID!!!!

  16. CHAY

    I doubt there is A KID! She makes up everything!

    • Sara

      Oh she def has a kid. I don’t know much about her but we have mutual friends she has a kid and he was having some sort of surgery when the show was filmed so that was true.

  17. Gabriellia

    I would just like to say that I live in IDAHO, not IOWA, and you saying that there are only 64 females is obviously something that would be said by someone who has never been there. Also, if I remember correctly, this was filmed in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, probably something you can’t even pronounce. There are more than 14 people in this town. So how about you do some research on a town before you start going around on the internet and making up fake statistics about the town.

    • So there are like, 16 people in your town? Do they have schools there that teach writing techniques and explain words like sarcasm and hyperbole to you? Did you have to drop out of school in the seventh grade to drive cattle?

      • Gabriellia

        I actually graduated from a high school that has a higher status than your high school did. It is so sad to see someone bash on a place that they have never even been to. If you were to come to Coeur d’ Alene, you would see that we have close to 70,000 people who live here. Just in Coeur d’ Alene, we have three high schools, four middle schools, and ten elementary schools. You would also see that there are not many farms, in order to find a farm, you have to travel outside of the city limits. We are a city based on tourism, not farming.

      • “Kendra” or whatever your name is… You should probably concentrate your efforts on dropping a couple hundred pounds rather than Googling the few sites that mentioned your ridiculous appearance on Catfish two years ago.

        Only the three hundred pound fool that humiliated herself on national TV spends her nights softly weeping and commenting on two year old episodes of a TV show everyone has long forgotten to suggest that the town has a good school system and the women are not all losers.

        You are kind of proving my point. ​

        On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 12:59 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  18. Rita

    Hey. This episode air yesterday in Portugal

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