Bravo Garners Four Primetime Emmy Nominations

Top ChefBelow please find the Bravo Press release concerning their Emmy nominations.  If you aren’t interested in the press release, skip to the end for a little tea from me about Top Chef.

NEW YORK July 10, 2014 Bravo Media, part of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, continues to be recognized for its high quality, original content as the network received four Primetime Emmy® Nominations from the Academy of Television Arts & Science for the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Bravo’s Emmy-Award winning series “Top Chef” earned its eighth consecutive nomination in the “Outstanding Reality-Competition Program” category. “Million Dollar Listing New York” and “Flipping Out” received their first Emmy nominations in the new category of “Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program.” In addition, the Emmy-Award winning series “Inside the Actors Studio,” hosted by James Lipton, was nominated for its 17th Primetime Emmy, this year for “Outstanding Informational Series or Special” category.

Flipping out“Being recognized by the Television Academy in all of these unscripted categories is truly rewarding and reinforces the network’s commitment to creating high-quality and engaging content,” said Frances Berwick, President, Bravo and Oxygen Media.  “These nominations build on Bravo’s momentum as we recently earned our most-watched second quarter ever in total viewers, and ranked as the #7 ad-supported cable entertainment network among adults 18-49.”

In 2010, Bravo’s “Top Chef” became the first and only series on cable to win in the “Outstanding Reality-Competition Program” category and this year’s nomination extends Bravo’s record as the only cable network with nominations in this category for ten consecutive years.

Fun Fact: A season or so ago, Bravo was begging every blogger in the universe to recap and promote Top Chef.  I was a TEENY TINY board back then and the would not give up on their requests. They kept offering better and better incentives, starting with pots and pans and a cooking lesson with the possible win of a luxury cruise, then when that didn’t work they kept upping the ante with cash. I continued to refuse because Hugh Acheson was big on that season (Seattle) and Tom Colicchio voted off the Atlanta chef before the competition even started. This was back when I really didn’t understand my hormonal situation and I had a meltdown of epic proportions while writing the recap entitled TOP CHEF SEATTLE CAN EAT A BIG SACK OF DICKS. It’s sort of a must read as an inside look into the mind of an insane hormonal lady watching a cooking show. I’m passionate.


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18 responses to “Bravo Garners Four Primetime Emmy Nominations

  1. Cat

    Hahaa….love your input, TT. You make my day. :)

  2. Eve

    I had no idea that Bravo gives bloggers cash or stuff.

    • ​They don’t usually. But Top Chef is their Emmy winning baby. That season sucked. They were desperate for ratings.

      I’ve never been paid for any of my blogs. Not to say I would never take payment, I would. But I clearly had a negative reaction to that season along with lots of other people.

      There was also a lot of bad press locally in Texas and New Orleans about Bravo not helping out the community and essentially choosing their location towns according to the highest bidder. Allegedly. I thought I blogged about that but I can’t find it.

      On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 5:28 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  3. Angel

    Emmy awards are BS, Tatiana Maslany doesn’t even get a best actress nomination for a drama. Makes me disregard others that do get them. More political crap. #ORPHANBLACK

    Heidi Klum does nothing to compare in a hosting category.

  4. First and only season I watched completely of TC was Texas. Saw a few promos and got hooked. Tried to watch Seattle but missed episodes here and there. That season was meh. Something about Hugh just annoys the crap out of me. I don’t know what or why, it just does.

    • Oh and Fredrik posted on Facebook that the scene/episode nominated from their show is his wedding.

      • ​Aw YAY!

        On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 5:51 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Angel

        I thought the wedding was prior to this nominating season, what do I know?

        What I can remember of the wedding, I thought the marriage was a mistake. I know that part has zero to do with an award nomination. I have thought about it with the drama re having a child. These 2 are not a match, IMO, they have 2 things in common: good looking and same sexual preference. In hetero couples, that doesn’t make a marriage work.

      • I think it’s hard to judge their relationship especially since until this season we really only saw Derek for five minutes (prenup episode) other than the wedding. Even if they have some compatibility issues I am hopeful they’ll work it out. I never want anyone’s relationship to fail.

    • Because Hugh is a giant douchebag. When I made that post, either in comments or on twitter, or by email, “his rep” tried to convince me that I was misjudging him and his famewhorey ways. I was not buying it. ​

      On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 5:50 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  5. Sequoia

    Re your dick link. Wow… Just Wow. Very funny.

  6. Angel

    Andy adores Hugh, he was on WWHL last night. Thankfully, he did not talk.

    Some famous chefs seem to be the biggest a holes, next to political dictators. Gordon Ramsay is talented in his field, but a poor excuse for a man, and I do not mean because of his caustic mouth.

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