Big Brother Eviction Night!


I was so engrossed in this post, I am ill prepared to quick blog this episode of Big Brother. But I’m going to give it my best alcohol infused shot. Sorry for all the upcoming homophone aphasia but I’ve been going all day with blog stuff and it’s happy hour and I am tired. Just assume I meant to use the right word. Thanks.

And here we go, I hope we pick up right where we left off at the veto ceremony. And we do. Britanny stands up and says she wants to make it clear why she said what she said about Pao. She points out how Pao threw the comp. She didn’t wear her glasses. She knows what it is like to wake up with a knife in her back. And if Pao stays, she is her target. Pao says, “We all know how he is.”  She tells Devin, ” Thank you, I’m  sorry but you are not a good person. I would rather throw my head in a toilet bowl and drown than stay with you another week ”  Then she tells Britanny you are right. He asked me to throw the competition. But she swears she did not throw it. Now this is a smart move on her part because she is too stupid to win anyway so who really knows?

Devin says, “Yes you did because I said I was going to put the veto on your neck.” Devin you fucking moronic piece of shit, just shut up! Everything you say makes it worse. (insert hilarious Donny commentary from the diary room here. He was loving every minute of the veto ceremony and was tickled to death.) BB16 Zach Dance

Devin calls a time-out because he is both head bitch in charge of his team and referee of the whole game in his tiny little Neanderthal (nee ander TALL according to Brendon, husband of BB13? winner Rachel) brain.  Devin starts to defend himself and Pao screams that he is a freaking liar. Frankie covers his delicate and sensitive elfish ears. Jocasta makes a fish face. Amber turn her head to the left to ensure they are shooting her best side because this is most certainly making an episode. Devin tries to take control of the conversation but Pao says “Your daughter is going to look at this and laugh at you!” Audible gasps, Frankie and Jocasta have visible reactions. Frankie looks shocked. Jocasta is amused, Amber is twirling her hair and Victoria is translating all of this into Hebrew in her head and trying to keep up.

So Devin throws Hayden and Nicole under the bus saying he told them that Pao agreed to throw it. Cut to talking head with Nicole saying, “This is the best show ever until my name gets brought up. I don’t want to be associated with this at all!”  Devin said he had a change of heart and that is why he stayed up in his room for a couple days. Pao says and you got what you wanted.

Now it’s Zach’s turn. Here we go, Zach is a loose cannon and he can’t resist poking the bear while it is dying. I hate Zach. I hate Zach’s stupid gator shit. But I have a feeling what he is about to do right now will make me hate him just a little less. Zach starts with, ” I might have to blow up some other people’s game. Frankie, don’t feel threatened (WTF???), Pao you suck at everything.straight up, it’s no big deal. Devin there is not an ounce of truth in your body. So there is no way in hell I am going home. He says one couch is for sure voting to keep him but he is not sure about the couch with Amber, Jocasta, Frankie, Victoria, Caleb and Cody. He calls out Caleb and Frankie specifically.” He says Devin is going home and he hates him. No one would ever vote for him on any jury. His plan for safety is the we hate Devin campaign. And that should work like a charm. He mocks Devin crying like a bitch over his daughter.

Cody says he is pissed at Devin in his talking head. Amber says in her DR that “if Zach keeps this up he has to go home.” Really, Amber? WTF? Pao says that she is thrilled the house sees Zach as a threat and they will send him home. Frankie is PISSED At Zach for putting him on blast.

Wow that was awesome. Caleb in his DR says he is gunning for Devin now. But in real time, he has said he will vote him out but not put him up. Zrankie meeting. Frankie says that Zach made him look untrustworthy in front of anyone. Zach says it just came out. Frankie is all I was your friend, how can you do this to me??!!  Zach is worried. In his DR he says he screwed up with Frankie. They have a lovers quarrel and Frankie leaves mad.

Zach an Frankie fight in the back yard. Zach calls her a liar. Pao continues to lie about throwing the comp. In the DR Derrick says he wants Zach to stay but he is making it hard on himself. Devin tells Caleb that it is 6 and 6 and he is the deciding vote. In Devin’s delusional DR he says they need to replace Zach on the bomb squad with Hayden. Whither your BFF Donny, bro? Devin has done the math. Devin sends Caleb to get Hayden. Hayden comes up with Frankie. Devin tells Hayden every member of the Bomb Squad. while Caleb and Frankie are in there. Hayden says yes to his face but he plans to blow up the bomb squad. Devin says, “Welcome to the squad!” LOL.

God that was a lot of drama to recap. I am a good 30 minutes behind! In Derrick’s DR he says he wants to keep Zach because he will be going after Devin and Devin (cut to shot of Devin in the HOH listening to music and reading the Bible in the nest) will be going after him. This is why Derrick is my pick to win.

BB16 Derrick Cody Zach

Derrick meets with Team America (him, Donny and Frankie) and says he will vote with them and polls them. Frankie wants to vote out Zach. Donny points out that if Zach stays he is the target and not Donny, Frankie and Derrick.  But Frankie is a lover scorned. Frankie says that Caleb and Devin are better allies than Zach Donny DONNY! tells Frankie, if you think that Devin and Caleb are better allies to you than me and Derrick, you’re wrong. That’s right Donny, get this little pink haired moron in line!  Derrick HAS Donny so Frankie will do whatever Derrick wants a because they are looking at  a potential 5K a week as long as they can stay together.  Money makes for a great alliance.

Derrick talks to Caleb. He convinces Caleb he is with him and it is best to vote out Pao because she can be used as a weapon for either side. Derrick is awesome. Derrick tells Frankie that they have the votes to keep Zach. In Frankie’s DR he says he wants to be the one to tell Devin first to stay on his good side, so he does.  In the process, he throws Caleb under the bus. It backfires. Devin says he is no longer in the Bomb Squad. He is on his own fighting for the daughter he never sees, a lone sad soldier. /single tear. In his DR He says…. he fake cries. He tells Frankie he wants to pick everyone off one by one by one.

Finally time for live TV! She asks Jocasta to describe the week in one week she says ” crazy” Frankie says, “insanity.” Julie asks Devin to describe his week of HOH on a scale of one to ten  and he says, it was a “probably a 4 and a half.” Time for Pao to plead her case. She says she feels like a winner already if she goes or stays she is a positive person. She says Devin has five personalities and he sucks. Devin grins from ear to ear. Pao says Zach has won no comps and neither has she. She says if she walks out that door she will do it like a boss. Donny is her best friend with shout outs to Jocasta and Amber. (um AMBER????) um Julie cuts her off.

Zach gives a shout out to his family says he will do everything in his power to get out Devin. That’s a popular sentiment.

Jocasta votes first. She is a friend to Pao. She votes to evict Zach and violates the rules by shouting out to her three kids by name. She will get a stipend deduction for that, but it is probably worth it to her. Brit votes to evict Pao. Derrick votes to evict Pao which means she is toast. she will go.  Donny votes to evict Zach. Everyone else should vote to evict Pao.  Frankie and Hayden both agreed to give “DJ Paola Shay” a live publicity moment in the diary room Julie is not amused.

Paola is gone Devin is pissed. Pao is fine and happy to be interviewing with Julie. Pao immediately tells Julie that Devin’s game sucked. Julie wants to talk about he role in her eviction. What role, she sucks in comps and is fun. Who would want to evict her?  Pao said during the BOB fifty percent of her was throwing it and 50% was trying to win. Julie asks who she is voting for and she says obviously Donny and Jocasta.  The audience cheers.

Her goodbye messages.  First up is Zach who calls her a hugh liar and he is not sad to see her go. Next is Jocasta who loves her and will miss her presence in the house.  Devin says he is sorry and he “wanted to keep his word” Then Donny, who loved her energy and her spirit. She always made him feel better in the house. She has been his best friend in the house. He loves her and he can’t wait to see her. Oh Donny, America loves you.  Pao Pao cries.

It is going to take me two hours to get this recap up! But even though I am missing out on live feeds right now, this stupid TWO HOH thing makes it sort of meaningless.

On to HOH comp. Last night we saw the competition and it is a luck of the draw, get a ball in the hole game. Julie admonishes everyone to have their balls in hand a be ready when they are called. It seems the top two will be HOH this week. Nicole got the highest score with 29!  DERRICK GOT A 28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG these are great choices!!!!!  HAPPY DANCE! HAPPY DANCE!  Derrick will get out either Devin or Caleb with no blood on his hands!




















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62 responses to “Big Brother Eviction Night!

  1. Gingersnap

    I was really glad Zach was saved. I don’t know that I was expecting 10-2, but the House vote spoke volumes, and Devin heard it loud and clear. Maybe Jocasta can save him from total loneliness and isolation. Personally, I’m not feeling Jocasta at all. Love me some Derrick too, he plays with his head and pays attention. The only really annoying thing about Derrick is he always sounds like he needs to clear his throat. It’s kinda gross. Caleb jumped ship at the right time. Frankie lost a lot of points with me when he went straightway and ratted out Caleb to Devin. Pissant.

    • PugMama

      Loved the recap TT! I was thrilled to see Derrick and Nicole win. I really like Derrick he is my favorite by far. Loved Frankie at first but he annoys the hell outa me now. I really hope Devin gets put on slop, I cannot wait to see how he reacts to that. I wonder if Amber will ever tell Caleb to back off and let her play her own game. Nicole seems really uncomfortable being HOH. She just said that it makes her feel really uncomfortable and almost looked like she was gonna cry. Devin is already trying to be a nice guy to avoid being put up. I just love these live feeds! I am happy Brit and Derrick are gonna be able to eat regular food here in a little bit. I wonder if Brit is gonna really trust Derrick again or if he will know she doesn’t trust him and end up putting her up on the block. TT thanks for the awesome blogs I am a huge fan of yours!

    • OMG I know. I’m always yelling at the TV ‘DERRICK CLEAR YOUR F’N THROAT FFS!!’ It drives me freaking nuts! I like the guy but that truly gets on my nerves. I don’t know how his wife handles it.

    • Oh and while it did annoy me that Frankie threw Caleb under the bus to Devin, Caleb annoys me even more with the constant Amber talk and his incessant whining about her. She is not into him but he can’t seem to figure that out. HUGE red flags on that guy….stalker alert!!!

  2. Cat

    Hahaa…”Have your balls in hand….”

  3. Where was Devin while everyone gathered at the door to say goodbye to Paola? Did he slink away in embarrassment?
    I think he was actually hiding in embarrassment, shame or fear. Couldn’t even look the girl in the face. Sure, she called him out, told him he has five different personalities and they all suck. (She said on feeds that production told her she couldn’t use the word douchebag. She was disappointed) But he did promise her the veto and that she wouldn’t go home. He wasn’t man enough with all his ‘roids to say goodbye and apologize. Sleazy.
    Also, there was no mention of his adderol usage.100mg daily. I know he’s a big guy, but that’s a lot. It was mentioned by Zack but CBS edited it out.
    That huge phony smile of his freaks me out. Thanks for the blog, TT. I’m tired. Time to hit the sack but I’ll be checking in tomorrow for comments and feed updates. Happy Derrick and Nicole won.

  4. Urethra Franklin

    I can’t take Paola seriously. What did casting see in her besides being a big clown just like Gina Marie. What sounds like PowPow? BOOM

  5. Urethra Franklin

    Devin is rude to Big Brother production. I’m watching the live feeds now and BB said “Devin you are not allowed to talk about your diary sessions.” This egotistical jerk barks back to them and tells them to SHOVE IT.

    • Gingersnap

      He’s a poor loser.

      • Gingersnap

        I think I meant to say he’s a sore loser. Poor loser, sore loser, they both work though.

    • PugMama

      Yeah I noticed that too, last night when he was inside all alone eating they told him to put his mic back on and he ignored them, then snapped “why so you can hear me eat and breathe?” He put his mic on and said real sarcastically “Oh you are so welcome.” He is a jerk. He keeps saying outside of the game he is such a great guy, doubt it.

      • Jacque

        Generally when people put themselves on a pedestal and tell everyone how great they truly are…turn out to be egotistical, arrogant, obnoxious and throw temper tantrums when they don’t get their way. Devin is a prime example of someone who has been told he is special (football, baseball) who doesn’t have to follow the same rules as others. Hence why he was in drug rehab, had a dui, it seriously behind on child support, oh and lets not forget his shoplifting charges too!

      • ALLEDGEDLY. ​

        On Sat, Jul 12, 2014 at 3:12 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  6. I see Amber/Frankie/Caleb/Devin being the biggest targets this week with maybe Brittany tossed in as well.

    I’m hoping Frankie holds out this week, but it could be close… Very happy with Derrick/Nicole winning though.

  7. PugMama

    At 0114 hrs Big Brother time (can’t remember which camera) Cody had been rubbing Amber’s back for about 20 minutes at least and having a whispered conversation and the camera slowly panned to Caleb laying in bed watching them from one of the bed rooms. It was sooooo creepy! He went up to HOH room to talk about it with Derrick and Frankie and was acting a lot calmer about it than I would have thought, said if they are gonna hook up they at least need to tell them.

  8. Sara

    Damn you people. I have resisted this show for years and then last night what is heard in my house? Husband…what the hell are you watching? (He continues to claim my brains will eventually leak out my ears from watching reality TV). Me….Big Brother. I am now sucked in.

    • DianaNC

      LOL, sounds like my husband. I DVR it watch when he goes to bed, but always watch the eviction show Live. He comes in the room, shakes his head and walks away as he says” how can you watch this crap”.
      I resisted for a couple years and only watched off and on but finally caved and have never looked back.
      Rooting for Derrick but that could change.. And, yes I noticed the gurgling in his voice, too. Clear your throat D.
      Are there no smokers this year ? I don’t have the live feeds and keep falling asleep during AD, so if there are I have not seen. That is a first for BB.
      I tried the Live Feeds last year but cancelled after the trial period, I spend to much time as it is reading the LF feed thread at another site.
      Lots of misinformation though. Funny how people see and hear things differently. Others just make up shit to start shit.

      • bravocueen

        To me, the live feeds were only worth it the year of Janelle’s first time, Evel Dick’s first time and the season that crazy short guy had all the women acting as his Manson Family. I can’t remember any of their names but one of the chics was acting like Devin is and she eventually got evicted by the producers. She even threw her mic in the pool once when BB told her to put it back on. It was CLASSIC. She was awful but it was great tv. Since then I just read Tamara’s updates and maybe follow a couple other pages.

      • Nominations are happening now and should be back at any minute. I am expecting Nicole to nominate Amber and Victoria, and Derrick to put up Caleb and Jocasta. The plan is that Caleb will throw it to save Amber leaving Caleb and Jocasta on the block. If anyone but Devin wins Veto, then either Caleb or Jocasta come off and Devin goes up and out.

        BIG PROBLEM if Devin wins he may take off either one but they are hoping to get Caleb if they can’t get Devin. We should know for sure if these are the noms very shortly.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Bravocueen you are talking about Chima. Her crazy was “leegendary”.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Caleb has this psychotic fantasy that going on the block voluntarily will “save his Queen (Amber)”. FOOL.SHE.DON’T.WANT.YOU, and no matter what you do, it AIN’T HAPPENIN’ bro…..Derrick pulled some mind Jedi-tricks on Caleb to make Caleb say “Put me on the block”. Derrick is da man, and Caleb is just sad. He is ruining any of Amber’s chances in this game, as well as his own. He is more focused on winning the gal, than winning the game.

  9. Riley

    Devin sees that his bomb squad turned on him. The only two people that voted against Zach were not even in his alliance. Happy, happy, joy, joy. And with Derrick and Nicole being heads of House….makes it a red letter day.

  10. Devin is absolutely crazy!! Two fries short of a happy meal. He thought he’d have complete control of the house. Wrong. He is definitely not a clear thinker. His thoughts are muddled and he is always going off the cuff. He should be the next one voted out of the house but with Big Brother anything is possible. I am not liking Frankie. He really has no strategy. The only strategy he has is to flirt with the suspect guys, flaunt himself around, kiss ass, and tattle tale. America’s alliance huh? He’s a backstabber. I hope Devin tells Caleb that Frankie told on him.

  11. Nola Lady

    Team America has to get three people to believe that someone in the house is related to a past houseguest. I think this is stupid,however, I think it might be true. My first thought was Devin related to Howard or Victoria (yes there is a houseguest named Victoria) related to someone because I just do not see her applying nor recruited because she is so blah . She is such an odd duck. She states that outside the house she is very strong and never cries. I think in the house she is a weak crybaby because she does not have mommy and daddy’s money and clout to lean on.
    Shoot what was my point? Oh Team America’s missions. I was hoping the missions were going to be us telling them who we wanted to be voted out.

    I do not understand America’s love for Zach. Also, CBS’ edit left out the fact that Frankie is the one who pushed Devin to put Zach up to begin with.

    Derrick is brilliant the way he makes the other houseguest think something is their idea when in fact he put it in their head. Does that make sense?

    I am not a fan of Nicole. She is so jealous of Amber and wants her out bad as a result. I think Amber is a sweet girl from what I have seen. Caleb is so lucky that Devin is creeper than he is. I guess the psych exam was just one question. Are you crazy? Because no way in hell would these two have passed a real psych exam.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Regarding Team America’s task:
      Just based on looks alone it would be easy way is to say Christine is related to Wil, ain’t nobody got time for 2 LL’s.

      Since Zach has ragged on GM a few times on the feeds, causing GM to have a twitter meltdown, I would love for them to say Zach is related to GM just for my own entertainment.

      Wasn’t Chef Joe from season 14 from Kentucky? Maybe they can say he’s related to Amber or Caleb?

      • I think they are going to say Zach is related to Amanda.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Yeah that is ultimately what they decided. But all it does is contribute to the “Frankie is ruining Zach’s game” uproar on social media.

        It would have been fun if they said Victoria was related to Amanda. Both are Jewish girls in South Florida, and that way it wouldn’t affect Frankie. Victoria needs the air time anyway. She is dead weight in the context of the show.

      • Urethra Franklin

        I meant to say that way it wouldn’t affect Zach. I don’t give a shit about Frankie. I watched that clip again where he mocked Mama Elsa, and I’m back to hating him again.

  12. dallasmom

    @TT do you think Devin or Caleb is the primary target for eviction?

    • Urethra Franklin

      Devin is the primary target to get back doored.

      If Caleb does not win BOB, and he is up for nom, and Devin is not on the block due to him winning POV, Caleb will prob get evicted.

    • ​Devin, but if he winds veto, then Caleb. If things go according to plan, Caleb and Jocasta will be on the block. and that leaves the opportunity for Devin to win and take off either Jocasta or Caleb.

      BREAKING NEWS Derrick did put up Caleb and Jocasta but Nicole put up Amber and Donny. She feels terrible but she had to put up someone. The plan remains to backdoor Devin. Devin is now talking with talking with Nicole. He is straight up asking if she wants to back door him.

      Jocasta has been crying in the bathroom for awhile. Nicole says if she is HOH she will pull Donny. Devin is pressing Nicole over putting up Donny. Nicole says to Devin that he is their target.

      On Fri, Jul 11, 2014 at 3:07 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • SaraK7272

        You said “plan is to back door Devin”…hahahaha. I don’t think we mean the same thing.

  13. Nola Lady

    Wow Derrick is loosing his mind. He is throwing Donny under the bus big time. He is repeating the same thing over and over approx-. 2:18 BBT
    cam 2

    • Donny got his ass put on the block when it was going to be Victoria. Because Donny told everyone that Caleb was throwing the comp. Donny is pissed off because he feels like Nicole planned to put him up all along.

      Donny is not going to get special accommodations for his piss poor game play He talks too much.​ Donny has become a loose cannon.

      On Fri, Jul 11, 2014 at 5:23 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  14. All of them claim to be BB fans, but I wonder have they ever watched a show? I like Donny and Jacosta, hopefully they want be evicted. Thanks for the recap!

  15. I was watching bbad and Victoria was whispering with Nicole and christine about how much they all hate Amber. Victoria is insanely selfish and greedy. She’s super nice and lets people have stuff and then bitches about them having it. Psycho.

    And Hayden looks just like The late Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon.

  16. Jessica

    Great recap!! I hope Devin goes home next. He is very controlling & a loose cannon. Jocasta might be a little boring for me. I really love Donny. At this point, I don’t mind Zack as much as I thought I would.

  17. Banana Bug

    Amazing strategy. Derrick could win. Caleb will lay down and profess his love/lust to save Amber. Any one of the two targets could be done! Hope this all works out.

  18. Erin

    I find Devin to be hilarious and I hope get he does not get evicted next week. Devin should have saved Pao as he promised her though. That was wrong on his part. Zach is going to blow up again but of course when Zach blows up it’s ok, but when Devin blows up it’s a problem. Hence: the responses on here. I also find it hilarious how Dacosta had been targeted on an Earlier episode by Derrick. His excuse was that Dacosta is not in an alliance but neither is Victoria. Oh wait I just noticed a pattern but never mind. I guess Dacosta and Devin will be the two up for eviction next week. Again the pattern.

  19. dallasmom

    Omfg Donny won Pov!!! I have no clue what he will do, but I hope Caleb goes home!

    • OMG HOLY SHIT! I was going to give my liver another break tonight. I just got undressed and threw on a muumuu but now I must go. I’m going to be up all night on feeds. And I might as well be drinking.

      This is ridiculous. I hope CALEB GOES HOME! ​

      On Sat, Jul 12, 2014 at 7:47 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  20. POV is was some sort of a one on one competition. It involved some sort of equation that was needed to find something in the dark It went like this,

    Christine challenged Devin, and lost.
    Derrick challenged Devin, and lost.
    Donny challenged Devin, and won.
    Caleb challenged Donny (only one left), and lost.

    Donny wins.
    Caleb, Devin, Hayden and Christine I think are have nots. Caleb is for sure. Pretty sure about the rest. I can’t pay attention because either some asshole had fireworks left or there is a drive-by shooting in progress.

    Haven’t heard any sirens yets, so probably fireworks but Banjo thinks barking will make it all stop.

    • Gingersnap

      It’s not Christine, but Amber that has the unique pleasure of being a have not with Devin, Hayden and Caleb. No doubt Caleb is in hog heaven hoping he will be keeping his queen warm in bed. Haha.

  21. Urethra Franklin

    I am amused by this seasons gender swap and sexual ambiguity of the guys. Instead of the girls, the guys are all about the DRAMA this season: the bromances; the hugging; the cuddling; the bed mates; applying makeup; Hayden, Cody, & Frankie wearing silver high heel shoes; and I’ve seen every grown man in the cast cry tears except Hayden.

  22. Erin

    Once again Derrick showing his true colors. Again he wants to put Jacosta (why out of all the people) along with Amber and two others only because they have to select four people. I see a pattern with this MF. It’s only three blacks in the house and he selected tow of them although they want Devin out.

  23. Jacque

    Urethra Franklin, Did you happen to catch Codi’s Chippendale Dancer strip routine? Bowtie, vest and all!
    7-12 4:18am BBT

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