Vicki Gunvalson is a Grandma Again!

RHOOC It's a boy!Vicki shared in her Bravo blog this week that she was in Oklahoma awaiting the birth of her second grandson. Vicki said, “I’m in Oklahoma right now counting down the days for my second grandson to be born. I flew my mother out here from Chicago to experience the birth of Briana’s new baby boy. He is expected to arrive in this world on Wednesday by C-section assuming she doesn’t go into labor prior to that. Let’s just say Briana is counting down the hours as she is READY to get this baby out of her. I’ll keep everyone posted on the name and weight once he’s born. Thank you all for keeping Briana is your prayers for a healthy delivery.”

So that is four generations of her family in Oklahoma for the birth! Apparently Vicki wrote that blog post before July 4th because on the 4th Briana was sure the baby was coming and Vicki had to suddenly dash to the airport and fly out early As it turns out, it was a false alarm and the baby was born today as previously scheduled.

The boy weighed in at 7lbs. 8oz and so far no name has been announce. Donn is a good name. I suppose Brooks is not and option.

Vicki told Bravo’s The Dish, “Being a Mother is one of life’s greatest joy. “I never knew there was a love out there greater than the love I have for my own children. Being a Grandmother, now twice, teaches me that love is never-ending and life is full of divine surprises. We are so grateful to all the fans for your love and support. This is a for real Woo Hoo moment.”



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12 responses to “Vicki Gunvalson is a Grandma Again!

  1. Jacque


  2. Cat

    How nice! Congrats to the family.

  3. ZenJen

    WooHoo! I like Vicki ,for the most part. I miss Jeanna wished she would make an occasional appearance since Kara has married. Congrats Brianna

  4. Deb

    Congrats to Brianna, Vicki and Ryan. So happy for them.

  5. iverge

    Congrats Brianna!

  6. The happiest days are the ones when babies arrive :) !
    I’m wishing Ryan, Briana, Vicki (and Donn too !) and Uncle Michael every wish of health & happiness with their new little bundle of love.
    People may think & say what they like about Vicki, but I see real growth in her since the earlier seasons of RHOOC.
    I think she’s become more introspective and kinder to others. Hearing her admit that she didn’t treat Donn or their marriage very well is refreshing.
    I might been seen as a “sucker” or just too “simple”, but I generally take people on face value. It may be thought as naïve on my part, but looking for ulterior motives complicates things for me.
    I’m not all about rainbows & unicorns, lollipops & cartwheels or satchels of gold; I do recognize the ugly in people.
    I still see Vicki “turning the corner” and I like it :) :) :)

  7. Wishing them all the love, life, happiness, health, and wealth in the world…

    Not just for them, but for all of you here at Tamara’s blog! Love all of you. And this reminds me how precious life truly is.


    (Sorry about being moderated)

  8. All she will be the best grama congrats to her family

  9. Angel

    Brianna had personal health issues as part of her story on the show. None of those would I expect a c section to become necessary. Not my business, curious why anyway. That can interfere with being able to care her first child for a while. Lots of help arrived though. Usually big girls like her do well with normal delivery.

    • Wow, I’m amazed by your ability to pack so much offensiveness into such a short comment on a happy event.

      Bravo! ​

      On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 4:24 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • love2hatebravo

      Wow, Angel, way to douche- up the joint.

      Logging in for the first time in like 6 months plus specifically to call you out for being a miserable douche.

      Bravo, indeed.

  10. Dietrich Buxtehude

    Love her or hate her, it is obvious that Vicki loves her children and has done a damn good job of child -rearing when compared to most of the other ” housewives”. So, Mazel Tov on the new arrival.

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