Big Brother Wednesday Night Recap: Devin’s Dictatorship

BB16 full castOops sorry I am a bit behind I had a dental appointment today was more extensive than I had hoped which set me back on dinner waiting for the shots to wear off. Anyway, I’m about half an hour late.

We begin with a delusional Devin who calls himself the puppet master in his diary room session.  Amber is worried she will go up on the block. Britanny thinks she is going home. I think all of the girls should be nervous at this point. Big Brother always starts with a three or four week vagicide.

Devin swears his undying allegiance to Hayden. Hayden mentions how utterly creepy Devin hugging him and practically licking his ear.

Half the bomb squad (Zach, Christine, Cody and Derrick) have a meeting to discuss who to send home this week. Everyone likes Brittany and Britanny wants Devin out, so the may go against Devin and vote to keep her. Britanny is Devin’s target he hates her. Zach and Cody are already plotting to backdoor Devin.

Devin hates Amber because she is distracting Caleb from his game. He says she is just teasing and manipulating him. Well, duh. She tried to politely let him down and he got angry and spiteful. So, Amber has not choice but to string him along until he can be voted out. Caleb now refers to Amber as his queen.BB16 calebNow it’s time for the infamous pool table fight between Caleb and Devin. Caleb tells Devin that the house wants Britanny to stay. Devin actually has the better point regarding who should go home. Why send home Pao? She can’t win a challenge of any sort. She’s a nonissue. Britanny is a threat, especially to Devin but also to Caleb. It’s in neither of their best interest to keep her. But this doesn’t matter because neither guy is listening to the other. Devin says that Caleb is lovestruck and blames Amber for this conversation. Caleb tells him that the girls are all afraid of him.

Devin goes to the HOH and rants alone about how Caleb doesn’t have his back and says Caleb is a lovestruck puppy. Then he goes back outside and pulls Caleb aside. Devin is going off on Caleb and starts saying there is no more alliance! It doesn’t look like too many people heard. Caleb says that’s fine, then you will be going home next week.

Donny, Frankie and Derrick are team America. For each mission they accomplish they each get 5K. At 9 pm they are supposed to meet at the weight bench and use a sentence with the word’s apple pie and bald eagle.

Derek, Amber and Zach are chosen to play veto with Devin, Pao, and Brittany.

Caleb goes to talk Devin and apologize just to smooth things over with the psycho.  Devin said what really pissed him off is when Caleb said that he was being mean to the girls. Devin is totally delusional and says that he has never said anything remotely disrespectful to anyone in the house. In fact, he’s done something to all the women with the possible exception of Jocasta. Devin says he takes that allegation very seriously because he is very respectful of women.  Caleb slips tells Devin that everyone wants to put him up. So Devin calls ANOTHER meeting. Devin gives some sort pep talk to the squad. Devin explains that it is not a dictator ship and then demands answers. Devin polls everyone the girls clam up. Zach says he wants Brittany to stay. Dictator Devin starts to lose it.  Zach goes back to Devin after the meeting and says that he has agreed with people who said they wanted Devin out of the house.  Devin is pissed, so of course he says, “I am not upset.”

The Team America missions are stupid.  One was to get to people in the house to kiss and then spread rumors they are in a relationship. Or get three other people to spread  a rumor that someone in the house is related to a past houseguest.  Both of these suck because they have to essential damage someone’s game. I hope they go for the second one. Maybe they could say that Devin is Howard’s cousin or something. That way, and fallout would be in Devin who no one likes anyway.

Right before the veto comp, Devin tells Pao if he wins he is using the veto on her. In front of everyone!  The veto comp is space themed and all the contestants are dressed in space suits and look like that little Disney character whose name I don’t know because I don’t have kids. They have ten planets that they have to hang on an oddly shaped rack so none of them touch the ground.  This should be an easy comp for Derrick. Brittany is terrible as balancing her planets. I don’t think I need to tell you how Pao is doing.  Derrick and Devin are very close. But Devin wins. Not one person congratulates him. Or if they did I missed it.

Now Devin can take Pao down as promised and Britanny will go home just like he wants.

OMG. I can’t believe they are not going to show any of the crazy that happened after the comp and before the ceremony. One thing that happened was he professed his undying love for Britanny. Did I accidently fast forward through that part? Because they are speaking like we now know that Devin is in love with Britanny. Whatever. I don’t want to go back I just want to get to this epic veto ceremony.

In the veto meeting, instead of giving a speech, Pao stands up and says, “Well, this is probably the only time I am going to shine, so…” and does a few modeling poses for the camera. Well, I’ve never seen that happen before!  Britanny stands up and says she has never done anything to backstab anyone in the house. She says she is not a threat. She says if you don’t get rid of someone else, you may wake up with a knife in your back like I have. She says since she is being honest, her target is sitting right next to her. (Pao)

Devin uses the power of veto on Britanny. He does no mention that he is now a lovestruck puppy, but it’s obvious. Big hugs when she comes off the block. Pao looks pissed. Everyone else fears what is about to happen. Devin puts Zach on the block. The meeting is adjourned. Devin begins his exit stage right. But wait! Britanny stands up and says she has something to say.

AND THEY END IT RIGHT THERE! GAH! They say that all hell breaks loose during the veto meeting. And we will see it tomorrow night.


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38 responses to “Big Brother Wednesday Night Recap: Devin’s Dictatorship

  1. Jacque

    I can’t wait for tomorrow night!
    I can’t believe they didn’t show the best parts!

  2. I do not get why no one will stand up to Devin in a planned way. Like tell everyone beforehand what you’re going to do and then just confront him and point out his crazy. Yes, he freaks out each time someone disagrees with him. He’s like Twilight Zone Billy sending all the townspeople to the cornfield.

    I don’t care for Brittany. She’s kinda a stick up the ass type. I think being a target has made her a more sympathetic person than she really is.

    What happened between Paoula and Brittenny? Anyone know. And I know I don’t know how to spell there names but I don’t care.

    • lisalisa

      teecee66. that Billy from the Twilight Zone comment was funny! “You done real good, Devin. We all like what you do, Devin. You’re a bad man Zach and I don’t like you! ” hahahaha

      These folks are tiring me out and it’s been only 3 weeks! I think. I’ve lost track of time because these people have come fast and hard so soon. Devin’s been HOH for a month now and he ‘s had more meetings than I’ve had all year at my job. I

      THINK Devin told Brit that Paoula threw the veto comp for Devin and she got mad about that putting her in jeopardy of being evicted.

      • Riley

        Why do I keep hearing that this is week three? Devin started it and now I hear it again. BB started two weeks ago on June 25 th. Joey has been the only eviction and this is week two. Hell…I had to go online and double check for I was starting to think I had missed a week….:).

      • Because the HG go in a week before the show starts… So they have been there three weeks but are supposed to pretend it’s only been two. These HGs are not very good at that.

        Also, I have never seen any group of HG more obsessed with the cameras and openly talking about getting TV time, especially Caleb who is constantly “on for the camera.”​

        On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 7:01 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • And….Brittany has said those words that I dread every season…”I deserve to be here because I am a Mom!” Ughh.

      • I kind of took that as her playing Devin. People say the MOST insane lies to him because he’s made it clear what will and will not work.

  3. Cat

    I watched this for the first time tonight, and I didn’t think I’d like it, but I do. I may not understand it all yet, but there is something about this show. Maybe because it’s more strategic than what I have been watching (housewives)? I see what you mean about Devin. He’s creepy.

  4. Gingersnap

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Zach stays. What fun to watch Devin REALLY unravel.

  5. Kreality

    Devin gave a big speech on staying honest during the game but then stabbed Pao in the back….smh

    • Gingersnap

      Devin is so wishy washy. It’s like he thinks people are just going to go along with whatever he says just because he said it. I’m glad Zach isn’t going down without a fight, and I was glad Brittany did too. The thing is, Brittany seems to have already forgotten it was Zach that basically put himself in the hot seat, for her. In her POV speech she clearly stated she wanted Pao gone, why change it just because she’s off the block? Yeah, yeah, I know she didn’t see another option at that point, but still. Keep Zach, stab Devin in the heart, and play MY game!

  6. ChancesR

    Loved that they left brittany’s “one more thing” post-speech hanging. Something to look forward to! Anyone read Devin’s HOH blog on CBS? Heard there was some more Devin creepiness with house pix…haven’t verified tho.

    • ChancesR

      hanging? don’t even know what i meant to say! lol (typing with one hand these days).

    • Urethra Franklin

      When Devin had the camera for camera day to take house & HG pics, he took pics of some the female HG while they were asleep. For sure I know Paola was one, but I’m not sure if he did it to others. Is that what you were referring to about creepy pics?

  7. Jacque

    At approximately 928p bbt Devin is on cam 3. He’s all by his lonesome eating his chicken…Took off his mic, bb said please put on your mic, he mouths off to the camera (I guess he thinks they can read lips as well) then they say his name forcefully…. He eats for another minute after attaching the mic, gets up, goes into the bathroom and hides in the shower and you can hear what sounds like sniffling. He stays there for about 5 minutes comes out and goes back to his food.

    • Urethra Franklin

      TY for giving flash back time. I will check that out.

      Please Please Please if anybody has worthy flashback times for anything interesting, juicy, or dramatic, please give the BBT (BigBrotherTime is PST) and the Cam #.

      I have been so busy that thus far I haven’t been able to watch real time feeds this season, so I have to go back and watch after the fact.

      I need ya’ll to give me/us some good reference times to check out.

      • So maybe you aren’t the one to ask what happened post-veto ceremony?!

      • The live feeds were off for most of it JD that is why we are all watching with anticipation. We believe that Brittany calls out Devin for promising both girls he would pull them off and says he can’t be trusted. And then Zach goes ape shit and blows up the bomb squad (again). ​

        On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 1:31 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jacquelynn Franklin

        I know you said you were busy, and it was a snicker worthy few minutes….in the meantime I am scouring the nighttime feeds, as when the girls got the condoms out to make water balloons, 3 condoms were missing and the girls immediately said Frankie and Zach! Jocasta piped up that one night she heard distinctive “love making noises” but assumed it was coming from the walls! Wtf! Like production has nothing better to do while the house guests are sleeping, is make love in the walls!? I would say it probably was Zach and Frankie. Anyway then the girls got all involved in making water balloons that they sorta let the subject of the three missing condoms go. I suspect that both the mental cases, Devin and took one each, just in case their lady loves (Brittney and Amber respectively) decided to acknowledge their mere existence. And the third condom…I agree with the girls, it was Zach and Frankie.

        Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________

      • That could be the America’s Team challenge, pick two houseguests and get three people to repeat a rumor that they are having a showmance. Franki is on the team though…so not sure if that would be allowed.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Hey JD,
        All I know about the veto ceremony drama that will be shown on Thurs show ( and probably heavily edited too) is that Paola went AWFFF on Devin for not following through with their arrangement to take her off the block. Also Zach called out Frankie, which hurt & surprised Frankie: also Zach ripped Devin a new asshole by calling out his ADD & Aderrall usage and he even mentioned Devin’s daughter.

        All of the above were talked about on the feeds by the HG,. I am sure CBS will edit out the Aderrall jabs. According the HG, they say they have never seen a veto ceremony like that. Apparently CBS felt the same way and teased us with a cliffhanger veto ceremony.

  8. Micheal

    I’m so jealous. The Australian version of this is very boring. They nominate in secret and are never allowed to make alliances or discuss nominations or they are removed from the house. It’s a boring glorified popularity contest as the viewer’s vote eliminates contestants and not those in the house. The American version sounds like a 24/7 broadcast of survivor.

    • Michael, I watched the Australian BB last season, the one with Ben, and I can’t remember the other names, but they were real characters. The show was very family friendly, but I did not think it was boring. I loved how they literally split the house for the have and have nots. I really like how Australia did the bedroom and the bathroom, for most of the show they had everyone in one room. I remember those annoying Sugar sisters, that crazy Tim. Mostly I remember Ben. I honestly loved BBAU, IMHO they did an excellent job of casting. When will it start up again? I hope we can watch it on You Tube like we did last year.

  9. tobalinac


  10. Thanks for the recap. Can’t wait to watch it tonight and see how everything shakes down. Frankie has lost control of his relationships. I need him to win HoH or win battle of the block this week.

    Devin to leave next week no matter what.

  11. Cat

    Sorry, I just started watching last night. What is an HG? Thanks.

    • Houseguest. And ask anything. I’ve watched all 16 episodes and fall into Big Brother jargon.​

      On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 4:43 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Cat

        Thanks. Guess I’ll take some time to google the show and get up to speed on the lingo.

      • Or you can just ask here. We call the houseguests “hamsters” too. Because basically they are in a box running on a wheel for our amusement. ​

        On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 5:12 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  12. Angel

    I do not think I will really enjoy this show until Devin gets kicked out totally, I’ll settle for have not first, and laugh at the big baby stirring the pot. I’d love to see Devin and Caleb turn on each other and they follow each other home.

    • If Devin goes on slop this week, and he will, someone is liable to get murdered. ​

      On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 5:53 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • dallasmom

        Omg! Devin on slop! That will be fun to watch! He will be crying in the bathroom everyday….in between his tantrums!

      • PugMama

        I cannot wait for Devin to go on slop also! He will lose what little sanity he has left.

      • lisalisa

        Oh, yeah, slop it will be for Devin. I just don’t know what it is about him that just creeps me out. It’s just wierd. I wonder how he will act towards the others now that he’s no longer HOH? He will totally go bonkers this week when he’s a have not, loses VETO comp AND get backdoored. They won’t put him on the block as an original. No one wants to work with him now.

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