The Ugly Truth About Apollo Nida’s Lenient Sentence


I’m getting a lot of questions about Apollo’s sentence today. The other post is already sort of jumbled due to the flow of updates, so I will break it down for you here. Despite the fact that many news stations report that Apollo faced “up to 30 years,” that was either media hype or a lack of understanding of the law. The maximum sentence for bank fraud is in fact 30 years, but Apollo was never facing the maximum sentence.  First of all, there are guidelines the judge follows on sentencing that I told you about here.  I told you that there were two factors that are involved on determining a sentence. First, is the Criminal History Category this is a number from one to six based on all of his past run-ins with the law. Each instance results in a certain number of points. Apollo had a total of eleven points for previous infractions. This made him a Category V. Today, the judge did not grant Apollo’s attorney’s request to lower his a Category IV based on so many of his infractions occurring in his early twenties. His ruling was based on the fact that his arrest free decade occurred when he was incarcerated for the majority of that time. So his past criminal behavior number is a five.

Now picture a piece of paper with the numbers 1-6 heading up six columns across the top of the page. Down the left side of the page, you will have lines numbered from 1- 43.  Those numbered lines represent the seriousness of the charges he is currently being sentenced for. I’ll spare you the math and tell you that he was, as best as I can determine, a level 30. So if you put your finger on line 30 and ran it over to the Category V column you would land on a  sentence of 151-188 months (approximately 13 -15.5 years).  That was the actual sentence Apollo was facing.

Phaedra Parks Accused All Sorts of Nonsense by Very Troubled Woman

However, there is a document that is sealed in the record. That document discusses the amount of snitching Apollo did and how it will benefit his sentence.  This snitching gives Apollo a “downward departure.”  This moves your finger back up the paper because the downward departure means that some number will be subtracted from his offense level. This is his snitching bonus. Apparently, he did a fine job because he was rolled back at least 6 and as many as 8 levels to receive a sentence of 96 months (96 months falls within the range of level 22, 23 and 24).  Whoever he ratted out cut out three years and three months worth of time.

Still with me? All of the above was to explain how the eight year sentence came to be. Now let’s discuss how much time he will actually serve.  Federal prisoners no longer have the opportunity for parole. They must serve 85% of their time. Assuming that Apollo gets in no trouble as a rat in prison, the earliest he can be released is after serving 6 years and 8 months.

HOWEVER,  there is one other thing federal prisoners can do to get time off of their sentence. This is where Apollo’s attorney, Tom Bever, of  Chilivis, Cochran, Larkins & Bever LLP.,  earned his salary. The federal system has a program called the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program.  If you ever find yourself heading to federal prison, first hire Tom Bever, then you need to immediately  begin doing drugs or at least tell the court you have a drug problem.  Because if you can get a coveted spot in this program (a judge has to grant your admission, which means you need to know about it before you get to jail and do what it takes to get yourself in it), you can earn up to 18 months off your sentence. PLUS! You get to do your last six months in a half-way house.  So that is two less years in the actual prison. Since Bever got Apollo in the program, he could potentially be released in FIVE YEARS and TWO MONTHS!  And six of those months would be in a halfway house.

Oh I knew I forgot something. Bever also got Apollo voluntary surrender. This means he can stay out of prison until they secure him a place in a prison near Atlanta. The prison location was also requested by Bever. Who knows how long it will take for them to find him a spot. Meanwhile, he has time to film RHOA Season 7!  Um, yay?!

I’m thinking a lot of people would be willing to do five years in prison for millions of dollars.  What a country!  What a justice system!


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  1. Witchy

    Thank You Tamara.
    Every other site is just quoting and not saying what you are saying. What an injustice to the victims.

  2. LisaLisaDiva

    I knew it was gonna be some BULL. At least his thievin boogerilla behnd is still going to prison, the way this mess was going I thought he might get 10 years probation.

  3. WhyOWhy

    My head hurts from all that math! I can’t imagine you actually doing the math. Thanks. And what a bunch of crap that his sentence is that low.

    • LOL I tried to go slow and put the important parts in bold. I like math though…​

      On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 6:09 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • tobalinac

        Nice work Tamara. Thank you.

      • aemish

        I was looking everywhere for a synopsis like this. *hi5, Tamara!

      • dorothy11

        There was no reply on your post that follows, so I am putting it here to reply:

        I think I must be the only person on the planet with no desire for fame. I just want to hang out in my filthy little ghetto shack ( I WOULD LIKE A MAID!) and do my thing online.

        I don’t want to be fucked with by a damn glam squad. and a couture tent maker. I’m hormonal and some days I want to work and others I don’t give a fuck.

        You’re going to have to get your tea online. Sorry.​

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 10:04 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:

        The thought came to mind that if you were of an older generation, your personality could have been the inspiration for the Kinsey Millhone mystery novels by Sue Grafton.

      • Tamara I would love to see that sealed record of the people he snitched on, that would be the tea to end all tea drinks.

      • oooopsi

        You sound like my kind of girl; I love math, actually I am teaching it with my foreign ass accent, and I am just hoping that my students love it.

  4. All this and he’s a repeat??? And its in a Federal Prison to boot…club med to most….Mr. A sure got it made.

  5. I’ve got to say,Tamara Tattles your indepth information is appreciated and I respect that you want your reader’s to have all the facts about any story you run..Thank you.

    Ok, so 5 years and 2 monts, geez the rights of the criminals are covered 100%,-just in case the jail cell is uncomfortable for them.

    I am sorry, Tamara I do have a question, because cheese was nibbled, does that also mean that the appeal process for the jail sentence cannot be appealed because both sides have worked out this settlement?

    • ​Yes, that is what it means. But no lawyer would ever consider an appeal on this sentence. It’s practically long vacation in a minimum security federal pen, the nicest jails there are.

      On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 6:13 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Thanks Tamaratttles

        Based on the sense of entitlement and hurt feelings Apollo had with Peter having the audacity to speak about Apollo…we have seen weird stuff..yes

      • Will he likely be beaten up by the other prisoners for snitching?

  6. I’m just glad he went to prison. Excuse me will I go rob a bank for a couple million

  7. SocialDiva

    Now for the million $$$$ question: Is Fakedra going to wait for the ink to dry on the sentencing papers before she files for divorce?? This will give her one heck of a story for season 7 filming

    • Turbopixie

      On the one hand, Phaedra is very image-oriented; remember all the shenanigans about her due date, so it didn’t look she had been pregnant out of wedlock for her first pregnancy? Plus her mother is a pastor, so there could be pressure on her not to get divorced.

      However, the shame of having to stand by a two-time convict might be too much for even her to front, and she’ll quietly drop Apollo before crafting a storyline for herself about struggling as a single mother, completely forgetting all the “Where’s your man” nonsense she’s spouted at other women in the past.

      Either way, she’s going to squirm some, and it’s going to be delicious!

      • Delicious indeed. I’m waiting to see what Phaedra’s script will be. If they don’t write this into her storyline, as God as my witness, I’m gonna write a stern letter to Bravo. Maybe ring their doorbell and run. Something.

      • I know Andy’s address, but I believe he has a doorman, so ding dong ditch might not be our best method of protest. I love a stern letter though. ​

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 8:22 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • A lawyer being married to a twice convicted felon is too much for me. Maybe she will write a book on prison etiquette for Southern ladies who visit their husbands with their two children. (1) How to dress; (2) What to tell your children about why Daddy lives in that place instead of at home; (3) What to do when the boys start crying because they miss Daddy and; (4) How to put money on your husband’s book and how often. Oh yes, how to console your husband after he has been beaten and raped for being a snitch. That would make for good reading for those who have lovers and husbands behind bars. Ahem! The nerve of that woman with all of her consorting with criminals writing a book on etiquette.

  8. Banana Bug

    I found two federal prisons in Georgia. United States Penitentiary, Atlanta and Federal Correctional Institute, Jesup (near Savannah). Both are medium security with low/minimal security housing as well.

    I sure wouldn’t take my sons to visit a father (anyone) in prison. That’s no place to spend family time or to nurture childhood memories. Can’t imagine Apollo allowing his children to see him in in that kind of environment.

    • didifrombab

      Only the prison at Jesup offers the federal drug rehab program Apollo is interested in.

    • ​FPC Pensacola is the best federal pen. But it is a minimal security camp and I don’t think Apollo can go there since he is a category five. Montgomery is good too, and it might be a medium level.

      On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 6:54 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I’ve got two friends in FCP Pensacola. An ex-judge and an ex-probation officer. Best of the federal pens, for what that’s worth…

      • ​Thanks for repeating what I just said! :) At least you are agreeing with me…

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 9:32 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • ​Oh and you have friends in low places…. 😛

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 9:32 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • PLEASE don’t send him here to Montgomery! OTOH, yeah, send him here. I’ll get my ace reporter suit out & go interview him. LOL

      • Favo

        The only thing we fans can do to make him pay dearly is to boycott Housewives of Atlanta while Apollo and or Phaedra are still on the show. Money and ratings are the only things that means anything to BRAVO so we should do our part and make it known that we are disgusted by their thieving actions and we are taking a stand by boycotting this show.

      • ​I’m generally all for a good boycott; however, RHOA season 7 I am expecting Nene to have a diminished role. So if we boycott over Phaedra, Nene will claim the low ratings are because she wasn’t on as much.

        Nobody wants that. No bod y.

        On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 8:54 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • What is the judge in the pen for?

  9. didifrombab

    Thanks for this great info. I believe you can get up to a 12 month reduction in sentence for RDAP, not 18 months. Then, some prisoners qualify for 6 months of home confinement or half way house at the end of their sentence.

  10. thedisher

    I knew you would explain this properly. No one else has. Orange really is the new black. The dude that stole $22MM upon which The Wolf of Wall Street was based only did a year in the federal pen. When you commit white color crime — I guess crime really does pay. Sickening.

  11. Carolyn D. King

    Thank you for this information. But this is disappointing news. I am very disappointed!!!! A simple slap on the hand! Yes that is just what this sentence amounts to!!!! The punishment does not fit the crime!!!!!!!

    • tobalinac

      I couldn’t agree more. This just sends the crystal clear message to people that crime does indeed pay.

  12. Dana

    Samael please don’t hijack this damn blog. I like it here.

  13. Bryn

    You explained it well… Might be a stupid question, but can he also be sued civilly by the people he’s been convicted of defrauding or stealing from??

    • Sure. You can sue him civilly if you like for being annoying waste of space. The problem is, that money is long gone….somewhere. His attorney already got the prosecution to agree that he has no money to pay fines with. They will slap him with restitution, but they won’t have much luck getting anything from him.

      • Bryn

        Can they sue Phaedra? Since she’s remained married to him and I’d assume benefited in many ways with all the money he stole??

      • ​Anybody can sue anybody, but the people whose $ was stolen have no civil claim against Phaedra.

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 8:43 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  14. Kreality

    Why does bravo/NBC supprt these criminals?

    The damage is done anyway?!?! Phaedras social status is jacked!!!!

    • ​Phaedra has never had any social status. Ever.

      On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 7:19 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • jellybelly

        I can’t believe how many people comment on here with out reading the entire blog! TT you are such a saint, I hope you have alot of wine to get you through all the comments, I feel like everything about this sentence has been explained in depth, yes its stupid and unfair, but you as always have gone over and beyond to explain it! That being said I will spend the rest of my night looking forward to your response and of course teecee, I have to say I love her too!!!

      • Grabs Jellybelly and hugs her tight! THANK YOU, for understanding. You should see the comments I am not putting through. /bangshead

        What I love is the people who want to argue facts with me ad nauseum. ​

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 8:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • brillke

        But if I don’t argue with you TT, how else am I going get called a cunt?

      • I need to find a better way to offend you. Cunt is good for the people who will have a fun reaction. To you, it’s better than Tamara Tattles Tokens. I’m on to you. ​

        On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 1:14 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • You are so right on that score. She is as ghetto as they come, all the while trying to pose as a society marm who wrote a book on etiquette. SMDH

    • Bryn

      I agree. Most employers you’d be fired if you commit a crime. For bravo, it seems to be encouraged. Disappointing. I think since Phaedra isn’t convicted of anything, I’m sure they use that excuse. But Teresa in Jersey is another story.

      Bravo should at least be speaking out against these crimes …

      I guess NBC / Bravo are all about the potential ratings…

  15. Katie

    Bless you, Tamara! You are an excellent teacher. I actually followed that reasoning, unjust as it is. How in the heck does anyone who doesn’t have a drug or alcohol problem get to claim that to get so much time off? The court is taking that criminal’s word for it? So outrageous. Maybe that’s why Apollo appeared stoned on the reunion show…

    • Sheree Harhay

      I doubt they take Apollo’s word as a means for him to enter a drug/alcohol program. I’m sure due diligence was done before his acceptance into that program. I am not defending Apollo, but if any of what was said on RHOA was true at Nene’s crazy party, Apollo claimed he went to the strip clubs every night and “put down 8K” for drinks and lap dances. I’m sure he’s inebriated a good deal of the time. As an aside, there never seemed to be much of a marriage between Apollo and Phaedra. I don’t understand how they met and how she came to marry him right out of prison. She was his meal ticket and her boy toy. As Tamara stated above, Phaedra never had any social status. She either wanted Apollo as a boy toy because of his looks and because obviously, noone was waiting outside her door asking for her hand in marriage. To me, it seems more likely that he was doing a lot of dirty work for her and was set to be the fall guy for her. She may never be named or charged, but that marriage was not one born out of love, just convenience to one or the other, or perhaps, both.

    • ​Supposedly, there has to be evidence of a drug problem from the last twelve months in his pre-sentencing letter. Maybe he deliberately failed a drug test or something. The rehab facilities are always very full because it is a popular program. I suspect despite the benefits of the reduced sentence, it will also give him a nice little stretch of waiting list time to get in before he surrenders.

      That said, just because a judge recommends it, the prison doesn’t have to let him in. We shall see what happens. Depending on where he goes we should be able to tell if he is entering the program.

      On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 7:38 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Sheree Harhay

        That makes a lot of sense, Tamara. I didn’t realize that there was a waiting list for the program. His lawyer covered every angle and assured Apollo time. His lawyer gave him time to surrender and that time will obviously be stretched because of the waiting list you referred to above. I was unaware of that. His lawyer gave him a chance for an abbreviated sentence and time with his kids and some extra months, perhaps, to voluntarily surrender. I wonder who paid his attorney. I’m sure he spent all the money he stole some time ago and whatever he had left, he laundered; maybe to some foreign bank where he can get his hands on it after he gets out. I feel certain that the money never came directly from Phaedra’s bank account, but I’m sure she found some means to pay these high priced attorneys.

      • tobalinac

        I don’t know….There has been more than one instance where I suspected him of being jacked up on something. Coke maybe. It fits his lifestyle.

  16. A

    And phaedra gets off?

  17. We need to see that sealed document. I don’t suppose that will ever happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if his time started clicking before he even enters the pen.

    Bever. He’s the man of the hour if you need a criminal attorney, keep him on speed dial.

  18. One

    Hello Tamara

    You are quite right when you say Phaedra never had any social status. When she called Kenya slut and whore , I recognized it.

    It’s going to be a long night, as reality truly comes knocking on the door of their lives.
    Phaedra is looking like knuckle headed Nancy for her eyes wide shut choices.
    I think Apollo and Phaedra would have been better off had they never gotten together. Uneven yoke.

  19. Thank you TT for the thorough and concise explanation of Apollo’s sentence :)
    It’s much appreciated as it cuts through all the conflicting and confusing news outlets.
    Your grasp of the info and ability to condense it without extraneous blabity-blab is quite a skill !
    Thank you again for all the hard work you put into Tamara Tattles ! You’re the best at what you do !!

  20. DJ

    Thanks for breaking it down for us simple-minded folks. I bow to your genius!

    Your comment about people being willing to do a few years in a Club Fed for millions of dollars is so on point. Think of all the poor people out there doing respectable jobs for minimum wage. If they were offered an escape of their miserable jobs for a few years, I am sure there would be takers.

    Again… excellent work. You missed your calling. You would have made a brilliant attorney.

    • ​Thanks y’all I watched a lot of Paper Chase as a little girl. :) I actually took the LSAT and scored well enough to get a few scholarship offers at places like Roger’s Roadside School of Law. My grades however reflected my desire to have as much sex and drink as much alcohol while I had the body for it. I don’t regret it. Much. :) I really just like to study law, I was never that interested in practicing. Too much dressing up involved. lol.

      On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 7:53 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Sheree Harhay

        Kudos, Tamara! That’s a fantastic accomplishment. The LSATs are one of the most difficult entry tests for post graduate work. I am very impressed. You should be very proud of yourself. No reason to regret anything. You obviously found another niche where you excelled and your blog is phenomenal. Thanks for all you do here!

      • ​Thanks Sheree!

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 9:05 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Micheal

        I find myself in the same position. Graduating with Honors in Law and just don’t want to practice. Too demoralised with the process and system in Australia at the moment. Thanks for the great post, read it during a gym session and made it so much more enjoyable.

      • syd3

        I have already started bragging about you to SOs — it’s rather a cool feeling to think that this blog site will have a direct link to a lawyer … lends some lustre to the ‘business’ of Real Housewives.. I do wonder, however, how you will survive The First Year and continue to blog. Smile — you might eventually end up like one of my family members — lying about what you do in order to ward off the customary verbal ‘assaults’ for legal information by every Tom, Dick and Harry you bump up against (everybody has at least one legal question they’re just itching to get answered). CONGRATULATIONS!

  21. syd3

    I continue to wonder if BRAVO investigated what took place with respect to thievery of Kenya’s stuff from her dressing room while she was filming the reunion show. I believe that BRAVO should be summoned by the authorities to reveal what the show’s employees know. I also sincerely hope that Our Little Prince meets up with a few dirty toenails while in da clinker (sic). (OK, decided to look up the word ‘clinker’ in Urban Dictionary — the corrected word should read: ‘clink.’ Post finding out what ‘clinker’ means in today’s vernacular (whoa!) — I decided to use that word anyway, as it might prove be a more appropriate one regarding Apollo on some cold lonely night.)

    • From what I understand, Kenya was creeped out by Apollo hanging around after Phaedra went home with out him from the reunion. It sure appeared he was on something and Andy allowed him to verbally attack Kenya. ​

      As much as we would like to see the case of the missing items from Kenya’s dressing room solved, the APD has more pressing issues. I’ll be surprised if they actually prosecute Porsha.

      On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 7:57 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • tobalinac


  22. Jaylan D.

    Ok TT you my friend are one hell of a blogger! your posts are very detailed and explain everything I need to know which is rare amongst blogging sites. Well done and PLEASE keep up updated on the next phase of this tomfoolery which is Angela V. Phaedra

    • Oh I’ve got my eye on Phaedra v Angela… something odd is going on there now. We’ll have to wait and see if a settlement is reached before Phaedra has to be deposed…

      The legal blog posts are my favorite to do. ​

      On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 8:16 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Banana Bug

        One thing I’m not understanding in this lawsuit between Phaedra and Angela is . . . . why doesn’t Phaedra just DROP the suit? Has it gone too far for her to back out gracefully or . . . legally? Hmmm . . . .

      • ​Because that would bolster Angela’s every strengthening countersuit ! :) She managed to get herself into a very bad spot.

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 9:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  23. Josie

    Wow TT, if just half our reporters did their research on stories the way you report maybe Americans would know what is really going on. I feel like news outlets just pick up the first story and run with it.

    Oh well. I will just take comfort that at the end of the day apollo nida is going to jail. No freedom, no strip clubs, no “fans”…the party is over

    • Thanks Josie. It’s annoying to listen to the new and hear actual journalists reporting that he was facing 30 yrs… to that the judge didn’t follow the guidelines. And then, “Up next, continued unrest in Syria, and did Kim Kardashians butt get bigger this week? We’ll have the complete update after this break…”​

      On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 8:18 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • tobalinac

        It’s pretty incredible what they pass of as an “actual reporter” these days. What’s the term? Ah, functionally illiterate, that’s it…

  24. Mable Lean

    Excellent work – clear and concise as always.

  25. Oh,My!

    Utterly gutted reading this. What a joke.

  26. Linda

    Your knowledge and will should get you a high paying job!
    You really are the best!
    ps Can you teach me fractions???

    • ​Yes! I can! I have pretty colored circles we can use and a corresponding picture book!

      On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 8:39 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Linda

        What did you teach?

      • Who me? I’m a reading specialist by education and certification. But I’ve taught every level of public school (elementary, middle and high). And a lot of college developmental studies classes and other college classes (reading, math, English (gag), Journalism, Study Skills, Business Psychology to name a few…) And I have been in charge of tutors and tutored everything from nursing courses to Calculus. I pretty much did everything. ​

        On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 8:07 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  27. ZenJen

    So glad you’re getting the recognition and praise you deserve. Congrats on the concise and ACCURATE blog. I have nothing to add except in TN you have to either pay the restitution or set up a payment plan before your released and if you don’t pay revokes his parole. GA may be different IDK

  28. Dracla Dunning

    Not a bad income for an uneducated, drug abusing, alcholic (at least that is how he was portrayed). Divide the number of months by the amount he fleeced, which was tax free, and he is actually quite successful. The Nidas are laughing all the way to the bank.
    There are many people who do not graduate high school who are upstanding citizens and do not turn to a life of crime as a means to generate a living. Some choose to complete their education as older adults. A lack of a high school education should not be an excuse for a sentence reduction because no school system I know teaches a class on how to become a criminal. So what if his mother portrayed herself as a loser? He is grown and has lived darn near half his life. He has has plenty of time to pull his head out of his ass and put that behind him. It is called “getting over it!”.
    To add insult to injury, if we choose to do so, we will be exposed to the Nida’s on RHOA as Phaedra so smugly earns that income because Bravo thinks this drama is good TV. Between knowing she is laughing at everyone on the inside and portraying herself as a Christian southern belle, i will not watch and support that show. They are disgusting. What a cast of losers. Nene, Kandi, Porsha, Phaedra. Talk about the scum from the bottom of the barrel. Could Bravo have chosen women who represented the uglier side of Atlanta any better?
    I feel so, so sorry for all the women Phaedra and Apollo have adversely affected because of their greed and lack of contrition. I would say that the Nidas should be ashamed of themselves but there is no shame in their game.
    And to think Kandi is best buds with Phaedra. Birds of a feather…
    Two money driven hags that leave a wake of injured souls littering their path as they walk through their life.

    • Oh but you have to watch Season 7 whether you want to or not. If the ratings drop over this, then Nene will claim it was because of her reduced camera time.

      • Cat

        Just do what I do. Turn on the tv, then get on the computer. The show becomes background noise.

      • tobalinac

        You make a damn good point!

      • We can’t have that. Nene winning that is.

      • Dracla Dunning

        Oh hell no. I can’t have that either, TT…the Nene thing. Now I’m between a rock and a hard spot but there is no way I will give Nene the edge. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I will stomach that group of losers just to make a point. Good idea, Cat and I’m with you Valerie.

      • Dracla, glad you’re joining us. I know TT wants us off the Bravo teat but not quite yet.

      • Selene K Shine-Serio

        How “nene” became “famous” from RHOA is truly beyond me. It tells me the mentality of the USA. So sad. She is so nasty, manipulating, hateful, dumb as rocks (as far as scholastically), jealous; too many harsh words describe her. And being on Bravo made her famous? UGH!! I may continue to watch RHOA by your comment about the ratings may be misconstrued by this whacko. So low class. It amazes me that she has the confidence to show her true behavior on national t.v. OMG. My dislike for her multiplied with each season. So glad she’s leaving. Thanks TT for having this blog where fans can vent.

      • kKarma

        I agree she’s (NeNe) has turned in2 an A class bitch.

        I can’t believe i once like her she used to make me laugh now she thinks she’s better than anyone

  29. Cat

    Are my posts still going into the Twilight Zone?

  30. Wallace

    Ahh, I remember the days when Phaedra was so proud of her handsome hubby whose past crimes she said were merely ‘RICO’ or ‘white collar crime’. As if that made it any better. I wonder how she will categorize it this time.

  31. Banana Bug

    Amazing reporting Tamara. I hear The View is hiring!

    • ​No pictures please. I have a face and body for Internet! :)

      On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 9:31 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Banana Bug

        Hey, Whoopi is no beauty. You have a nose for news and you’re not afraid to “bring it”! Isn’t that what they (we) want? We would ALL be disappointed if you didn’t at least try.

      • I think I must be the only person on the planet with no desire for fame. I just want to hang out in my filthy little ghetto shack ( I WOULD LIKE A MAID!) and do my thing online.

        I don’t want to be fucked with by a damn glam squad. and a couture tent maker. I’m hormonal and some days I want to work and others I don’t give a fuck.

        You’re going to have to get your tea online. Sorry.​

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 10:04 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  32. NEW MINOR UPDATE: I read a few bits from the prosecutor/Secret Service and they seem to think the sentence was fair and sent a message to criminals that no one gets any special favors.

    Apollo on the other hand supposed disagreed with the “severity” of the sentence in the court room and was disgruntled when he left. Seriously?

    • frenchpoodlename

      Is there a “Law Reform Commission” in the U.S.? And if not, why not? They’re all over progressive parts of Europe.. Pulitzer reporting, Tamara!

    • Disagreed with the severity of the sentence, did he? Some people never cease to amaze me. He stole the livelihoods of thousands of people and he believes the sentence is too severe? What a pig. This takes me back to Phaedra and why she married him? I haven’t a clue but I keep wondering if it is because of his looks. Are light complexion and wavy hair enough to offset the trauma of a lifetime for her boys? For me, no, but who knows what she thinks. For all we know she might be protecting the millions he stole them until he is released. One thing for sure, he will have a lot of money on his book to buy from the commissary because she can’t risk him dragging her into this even post-sentencing. He will also learn even more sophisticated ways to defraud hard working people when he gets out.

    • Josie

      The audacity! He probably thought he would get probation. And, where did all that money go?? There is no way he spent all that on strip clubs…where is it?? It was millions.

  33. Cat

    TT, thanks for being faster and more detailed than HLN. From now on, I’ll just come here for the news. :)

  34. MayBell

    Tamara, thanks for the great and detailed article! I always come here for the extra bit of info that other sites don’t have. Just wondering– any idea WHO Apollo snitched on? Do you think more people will come down now that he has clearly spilled details to the FEDS?? It seems Phaedra must be involved somehow. What are your thoughts on this??

    • Snitching stays between the rat and the feds and is not public information. Unless um, someone we know… were to catch a case, we would never know who he sold out. It could be old Tobacco One Eye at da skrip club who runs a counterfeit ring in the back office… we will likely never know.

      • MayBell

        Oh, I see. So the snitching part does NOT have to be about this case in particular. It can be about any crime or illegal activity that he (Apollo) is aware of. Interesting… Thanks Tamara!

      • Yeah, the Feds don’t care who he rats on, as long as it is something they are interested in…​

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 10:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Banana Bug

        Just make sure you don’t get so deeply immeshed that you need a “body-guard”, an alarm system, a fire-arm and a very mean dog. Oh, wait you have that!

  35. TGC

    Thanks Tamara! This insight on the sentencing was excellent!

  36. MicroOp

    What’s the point of putting him in prison close to Atlanta? I can’t see Phaedra or her mother ever taking those boys to see him.

    • Banana Bug

      The idea is “disgusting”. Who in their right mind would take a child to prison for family bonding? And . . make this situation normal and acceptable?

      • MicroOp

        I have mixed feelings on children visiting parents in prison . Is it worse to go to prison or not see a father or mother for years? I don’t know. Regardless I can’t see Phaedra ever taking her sons to prison for visitation anyway.

      • ​I think I can see Phaedra doing it, and dressing up and doing it on camera.

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 11:28 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • If he gets his time in Atlanta, Phaedra can take a trip to the Zoo and the Federal Pen all in one trip.

      • The Atlanta prison doesn’t have the RDAP so he won’t go there. If he goes in GA it will be Jesup. Montgomery would be a nicer choice and closer.


    Thank you TT for always bringing us the truth in the legal matters of the housewives regardless of weather you like them or not. Having worked in the judicial system for many years, I can’t believe that some sort of charges are not forthcoming for Phaedra. As an officer of the court, she is to know what goes on under her own roof. Just sayin’. As for Kenya. She was a coco bird long before Phaedra called her a whore. I wonder who she hired for her boyfriend for season 7? Also, (and I know we are talking about Apollo here) any truth to the rumors of Nene not getting a raise for this season?

    • A

      “weather” or not????? English language is not your strong point

      • ​I’m reading comments out of context, but the “weather” or not comment was probably me. I have a lot of brain cells that misfire like that. I’m officially old this year so I blame it on hormones and dementia.

        On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 4:41 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • theREALHWOFNJ

        hey we all make mistakes sometimes

    • One

      Kenya may be a coo coo bird as you call her, she may have invisible men as you say before Phaedra called her a whore.
      Yes indeed, that coo coo bird took or is close to having top billing.
      Yes indeed, we all know her invisible man does not walk nor is he sentenced to cell block “bye bye, with the long goners”.

      As for being called a whore, it always struck me as one of the ultimate “oxymorons” that a woman who supposedly can’t get a man is labeled a whore.

      Now Phaedra, whose lips drip venomous retorts for Kenya, there is one to talk. She has a huzzzzband. She is a lawyer with the eyes of a blind man, who could not keep her own house in order.

      Kenya makes me think of the Phoenix, I cannot wait to see her rise from the ashes…

  38. MicroOp

    I don’t feel like this sentence sends the message that it’s worth it to steal. People who think that way are going to engage in high risk criminal acts anyway, and have broken moral compasses. To me 5 years in prison doesn’t seem worth it even for millions. Freedom is priceless. His sentence does seem light but after TT broke it down it makes sense.

  39. “Oh I knew I forgot something. Bever also got Apollo voluntary surrender. This means he can stay out of prison until they secure him a place in a prison near Atlanta.”
    Does this mean the clock doesn’t start until he enters prison or does he have some type of monitoring system, so he’s getting credit whlle he’s filming/waiting for placement?

  40. Angel

    This block head, Apollo, is probably getting all the news sent to him by some minions and he is excited how this promotes his “brand”. I certainly hope the reality show craze is dead in 5 years or possibly one will put him back on TV again with other ATL idiots. It seems to be a favorite city to find people looking for any kind of celebrity status for any infamous reason.

    Thank you for keeping us so well informed, TT.

  41. lisalisa

    I worked with a woman who’s husband was in jail for something – I forget what lie she told us – anyhow, she got up every Saturday to drive 6 hours to stay over in a town so she would visit with him all day Sunday with her 10 year old son and their 6 month old baby. She had the baby while he was in jail. His parents would come up on Sundays to visit for a while and keep the kids while she and the husband would go off to have their conjucial visit. So the little boy, the baby and the folks would sit in the waiting room until they finished having sex!!!

    So when Miss Phadra goes to visit, will she actually take her babies and would she have sex with this man while he’s behind bars provided she doesn’t divorce him when he enters?

    I wonder why Bravo would allow him to continue to be part of the show now that he’s been convicted. He has nothing to loose and I could see him being dangerous now on the show. SECURITY!!!

    • Aw. I love your friend. I’d go have a conjugal with my man too! And you really don’t know why Bravo will film Apollo if he is allow to? His probation officer almost didn’t allow it the first season they were on, that was why he was so reserved. Apollo is in a position to deman payment from Bravo now. It will be interesting to see if he is on the show. Any income would go to restitution anyone so I forsee some sort of disclaimer in that regard should he be allowed to film. ​

      On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 11:36 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Banana Bug

        I’m losing respect for you, Tamara. What is your “fair trade” for morality and honesty?

  42. TT, do you what restrictions are placed on Apollo while he’s waiting to surrender himself ?
    Are they only the same terms he has to abide by for being out on bail or are they more restrictive ?
    Thanks Much :)

    • ​Nope, the same ones. He may have to stay within the state now, but that would likely be the only difference.

      On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 11:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  43. Banana Bug

    Reply to MicroOp about “visiting parents in prison”. Why would you have “mixed feelings”? As parents, are we supposed to allow our children to think THIS is normal or usual? Are Apollo’s children supposed to accept this as what fathers do? I hope not.

    • Angel

      I have a sense that people in prison or that have husbands or wives there may be used to associating with that element. In Apollo’s case, he has been there done that. Phaedra has unsavory friends that I’d bet have been in the clink. To them it probably becomes just another lifestyle for their family. They may be numb to what we think is horrific. Often it becomes a generational life style, like in the mob. In Phaedra’s case, I do not see her making the effort to take her boys, before or after the expected divorce. His lawyer probably used that location ploy because I suppose all Apollo’s people live in the area. His sons should just forget him for 5 years, maybe letters and phone calls, IMO.

    • MicroOp

      I don’t think children should be lead to believe visiting their parent in jail is normal, or acceptable. But for a child that loves their parent and wants to see them, I don’t know if it’s better or worse to take the child to visit or not. I think it might be a case by case thing. I do however have a close friend who is a social worker that specifically works with families with a parent on death row. He has said many times, based on his experience, he thinks most of the children benefitted emotionally from maintaining a relationship with their incarcerated parent. You can love someone (especially a family member) but still actively disapprove of their choices. Life is complicated and I think even children can grasp this especially with other strong adult figures and therapy. I think perhaps the most traumatic part of a parent going to jail is the worry that said parent forgot about you, doesn’t care and ceased loving you. For some children visiting might help with these issues. And maybe the benefits would outweigh the cost. But again, I don’t know. Each child/parent/offense is unique. I’m grateful to know I won’t ever have to make such a difficult decision myself.

  44. Remember this, if you’re gonna commit a crime make sure it’s a federal offense.

  45. Hey Tamara Tattles.. I know that this issue has been brought up many times – so I apologize in advance – the subject of who the convicted criminal ratted on is sealed.

    To me I it doesn’t make sense: if a person “rats” on another criminal, wouldn’t the rat have to testify in the other criminal’s court case? Otherwise how would the other criminal get convicted?

    ok,,I have armored up..go for it.

  46. Palid Polly

    You always serve the finest tea! And I’m a diehard coffee drinker! (;

  47. Thanks for the awesome “details”. Earlier today I was reading Reality Tea or it might have been LynnNchicago and the author of the article “Apollo Nida Sentenced Today” update referenced your work but then couldn’t believe how the sentencing guidelines added up. She made some snarky comment about always relying on your expertise on the subject matter. Like on your site I rarely comment but always read. I blasted her. I admire the integrity that is so apparent in your research. Don’t misunderstand, No foul language was used in said blast. Hopefully I made point of her jealously of the quality of your site was obvious. (Or maybe that’s she’s such a pea brain she couldn’t pick up the reference) . Good job Tamara….keep it up and I’ll continue to be a daily, faithful reader~Pinda

  48. HannahKingRose

    Tamara, as always thank you for the completely correct information on the situations that have our attention. I never understand why people question what you tell us or the blogs you post. Just because you are good enough that you are able to provide it before the rest of the other bloggers is a plus. We know you are going to do your research and not just speculate so what you give us is true not made up bullshit. This isn’t just my opinion. It’s proven fact if anyone cares to read the archives. You give us what we want to know, as soon as you know it for certain and you are funny as hell doing it. It doesn’t get any better than this.

  49. Dietrich Buxtehude

    Snitches get Stitches… Those eight years will be rough in Gen Pop! Maybe his shyster wife can pull some strings with her illustrious clientele ( drug dealers, etc), to get her boy some protection inside.

    • Valerie

      Unless of course she doesn’t care if he gets shanked. Shanked is my prison word of the day. Tomorrow’s word is Pruno. I’m sure the Pruno Apollo will be drinking will be top drawer. But again, that’s my topic for tomorrow. Recipe coming soon.

  50. denise

    Great post! Thank you for giving the best explanation of his sentence.

  51. Cleveland Cutie

    You broke it DOWN, thank you!

  52. lilk

    thank you for this great explanation.
    1) what is apollo’s addiction that he needs rehab ‘500 residential drug abuse treatment’? or is that just a ply/strategy ?
    2) how is apollo paying mr beaver ? will the $ he stole ? 1 of his houses was just auctioned ..arent his assets frozen ?
    3) your use of snitching. apollo did wrong and i’m glad he is telling on the others who are doing wrong. he and his crew victimised alot of people.
    4) why doesnt he have to go into custody IMMEDIATELY ? bc he didnt committ murder or rob a bank ?

    • 1) I’m not aware that Apollo has a drug problem, but he might. He did appear to be on something at the reunion. 2) Bever likely got a huge retainer before the forensic accounting began. The house that was auction was auctioned by the tax commission for failure to pay taxes according to what I have read. That seems like an odd explanation to me because the had no owned the house that long. 3) ok 4) Voluntary surrender is fairly common in white collar crimes as long as the court is convinced he’s not a flight risk. ​

      On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 9:32 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  53. Bama Belle

    What makes me sick is the thought of someone else sitting in said federal facility being moved to accommodate this sorry excuse so that he can be close to his family (which has the resources to travel to see him even if he were moved further). Whomever it is that gets moved might not have a family that has resources to travel to see them in say, Alabama, North Carolina or Florida (just off the top of my head). I say this based on my cousin’s experience with Federal BOP for tax evasion. His family (three children under age 5 and wife) was never considered in his placement and he was moved around to make space for others (maybe I’m a little biased). Must be nice to be a VIP.

  54. HerDaughter

    At this point, I’m pretty much over the sentencing part of this whole thing. The breakdown has been made EXTREMELY clear (thanks TT!). I enjoy the fact I actually learn shit here too ☺ The facts of how, why and if I agree/disagree don’t even matter anymore. LoL

    My Mom and I have been going back and forth on the whole Phaedra not being at court thing…is it possible because of who Phaedra is, that it was advised that she not attend? Maybe it would have made it more of a Circus? Took focus from the situation? I know we can all play the “Stand by your man” thing…was just a thought though. It didn’t hit me until until later…what do you all think?

    • HerDaughter

      I meant to include that I had seen a comment in regards to Phaedra may incriminate her self by speaking. Then another, that Phaedra wouldn’t have had to speak at all.

    • HerDaughter, I love that you and your mom are friends. Incredibly sweet, plus I’m a little jealous. Weighing in, if Phaedra truly loved and supported Apollo she would have been at court with him. Just like you and your mom are there for each other. Sorry I’m being all lovey dovey. Lost my mom a little under a year ago and I miss her everyday.

      IMO Apollo hates Phaedra so much that he doesn’t want her love or support, nor her presence in the courtroom. Also IMO, the one thing that’s most important to Phaedra is her pride. Since he makes her look foolish, she just wants him to ESAD (eat shit and die). Therefore, no way will she stand by her man, who really seems to have a hard on for Kenya, her enemy. Which really hurts her pride. This is why I am definitely watching this season. Phaedra’s head is gonna explode. Allegedly. Done weighing in.

  55. natalie

    The ugly truth is that his “fan base” will be really impressed by his light sentence. I am sure those in his social circle will be envious at his ability to work the system.

    As for Phadra she will write a book (sure it will be a best seller because duh Brandi) and make money off of this shit situation.

  56. Mallory

    Wow, Tamara, thank you for putting that all together because I have not been following this story and just found out he’s going to jail. I got bored of RHOA this year and stopped watching… will definitely watch next season! So speaking of RH husbands going to jail, any chance of Joe Giudice going too?

  57. Wampascat

    Big Fail for our justice system! Wonder if the Giudice’s will do any time at all???

  58. kb

    SoTT, will there be fines fees restitution? Is that all he received. Apollo had to roll on a lot of people. I guess his wife is no longer.

    • Probably court fees. Apollo’s attorney said that he had no money to pay fines and that was in his plea deal. However on the 17th he goes back to court to find out how much restitution he will be asked to pay. No one is going to hold their breath on restitution. We will see what the will seize from him then, I guess. ​

      On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 7:53 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  59. Simone

    Phaedra snitched on Apollo long time ago to save her own ass…no one is even close to the truth…It is not illegal to snitch on your spouse to save your own ass..and a lawyer knows how to give up someone to the Feds in exchange for immunity of the record of course….people do it all the time..especially an angry wife..Phaedra was angry the whole season,…umm hmm

    • MicroOp

      Interesting theory. I think she likes to save face and wouldn’t want her husband to be caught given how public it is, but if she was fearful of getting caught I think it might be a possibility. I believe they said he got caught thru the bank realizing his cronie had different bank accounts in different names, but the police and Feds lie about details like that to the public all the time.

      • Gayla St. Julien was the one who ratted out Apollo. Phaedra would not just ring of the feds and say my husband is an identity thief. His arrest has ​ended what little legal career she has.

        On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 12:50 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  60. kKarma

    Wow Tamra thanks for all your work & breaking this down for us.

    I did have a feeling if was never going to serve his 8yr sentence i assumed he’d prob only serve six yrs if he was a model innate & kept cooperating with the feds.

    My qu is will they put him in protective custody for being a rat they don’t like rats in jail they would beat him to a pulp

    This may be a stupid qu but have you heard anything about the system protecting him in jail against the other prisoners

    • ​I haven’t heard anything about protection in the prison, and I can’t see him getting any. Pretty much EVERY federal defendant takes a plea deal and does everything possible to reduce their sentence including being a snitch on whoever they can think of. They could not possible separate all the rats from each other because it is a large majority of the population. That whole “I would never be a rat” goes out the window when you are sitting there thinking that doing three extra years isn’t worth covering someone else’s ass.

      On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 12:29 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  61. tysandsnyc

    Okay. That “being filmed for the next season” bit just ruined my morning. WHY?!!! Why is he still roaming free, amongst us that are paying our taxes and working legal jobs within this country?!!!

    Since filming hasn’t started yet, I hope they lock Apollo’s ass up before the camera-man has an opportunity to hit record.

    This is so sickening. I swear, if RHOA doesn’t get it together, I’m dropping them completely for the next season.

    • Filming has begun. And if Nene is holding a peach, I am all for your boycott. However, my sources say she will not be and in that event, we don’t want her getting credit for the ratings drop.​

      On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 4:26 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • tysandsnyc

        So annoying. If the next season is gonna be another team-up-on-Kenya-to-get-a-few-laughs-in I’m out. I’ll most definitely support Kenya in The Celebrity Apprentice, but RHOA no.

  62. Kreality

    I keep reading that with fed sentences, the applicant is supposed to go at a minimum 85% of the required time however when apollo was previously in jail. He was out before even serving half if his time. Did the laws change after his last stint in prison or is it possible he will still only serve half of the 18 years?

  63. I was truly planning on not watching RHOA anymore but after reading your blog…I will turn my other 2 TV to it…I will not let Ne Ne win. I also can not believe they will still film Apollo….I guess because Phaedra feels it is a white collar crime, he is not a criminal. Also what will their storyline be this season, because the “Kenya wants my husband is getting old.”

  64. DennyLuvsDashies

    I wonder if part of the sentence reduction (from snitching) included Apollo’s educating the feds on how he did his crime in detail. Apollo had mentioned his desire to educate them on how it’s done in his radio interview. Maybe there is some worth in learning that for future protection and prevention but I would hope they already figured out the details without him.
    Question: where is his co-conspirator serving her sentence?

    • You seriously think Apollo could educate anyone about anything, let alone the feds? I was certain only Apollo thought that. When the feds bust you, they clearly know how you did what you did, they’ve been watching you do it for years. Apollo thinks his fraud scheme is brand new; however, it’s a text book fraud/identity theft racket. The fact that he thought he was so smart and good at it should have gotten a couple years added on. In actuality, it got him an extra four months. ​

      On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 1:04 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • tysandsnyc

        Yeah. I mean, we all know Apollo is the fall out guy for someone who is smart. Someone with a law degree, whose name starts with a P. Umm hmm… Lol

  65. One

    I believe season 7 is going to be the best one yet. The variables are explosive to say the least.
    1. Bazooka mouth Nene with the pride that demands a fall.
    2. Cuddling Kandi who zapped Todd with a I love you so much I will leave you nothing, even if I die and you were good to me pre-nup.
    3. Pugilistic Porsha, who curses others for crying victim, then claims she was abused through childhood and her x husband after snapping out.
    4. Cynthia the true “Ride or Die” friend who still bears the tire marks from Nene throwing her under the bus while calling her husband a Bitch.
    5. Gregg, the husband who surrendered his balls to Nene in order to prove his ” I’ve lost both my identity and manhood” love.
    6. Peter, the something I do has got to work, even if it cost you “Cynthia” all your money.
    7. Kenya, the much maligned, every dog has its day ( and this is mine).
    8. Phaedra, “Jesus fix it”, everything I’ve said is chasing and biting me in the ass mouth that roared.

    I’ve got to check and make sure all is ready…
    Television quality- Check.
    Family and friends warned not pass the do not disturb sign while watching-
    (this one has been backed up, and reinforced by various threats, freak outs, and the ever deadly evil eye, (My personal best) ). – Check

    Only accepting calls from fellow RealHousaholics ( A very exclusive club). These women know and understand to call only during commercials, with the quick hangup when show begins again – Check.

    Television will only be tuned to Barvo during viewing hours – Check.

    Plenty of tasty eats and drinks if I so desire – Check.
    And finally the most important standard of the all,
    I don’t give a damn who doesn’t like it, ( this is understood by all near and far) – Check-A-Rooney :) …..

  66. kKarma

    Do the same laws apply my NJ for Tuesday & Joe i have no idea bout the American law systeme Im in Aust

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