Apollo Nida Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison!

RHOA Apollo Phaedra Reunion

UPDATE: Phaedra did not go to the sentencing.  Apollo’s mother and brother both made a plea to the court for leniency.  Apollo was described as “calm.”

Apollo’s lawyer did a great job of trying to plea down Apollo’s time. He spoke about Apollo’s upbringing, his lack of education (duh) and quoted statistics that 60% of African-American males who drop out of high school end up in prison.

Apollo’s mother was very emotional. She gave a statement saying that she was not a good mother, she was a cocaine addict who was in and out of prison. She had no husband. Apollo had no father.  Apollo was granted a voluntary surrender so that he can be out until he is assigned a prison. He was also given a drug and alcohol program. This is one of the only ways to get your federal time reduced. Apollo doesn’t have a drug or alcohol problem and this is simply good lawyering by his attorney. He attorney also got the promise of placement in a facility as near to Atlanta as possible so that his children can visit him.

This is beyond a light sentence. He gets a reduction for being stupid and black? He gets a reduction for a drug problem he doesn’t have? He gets voluntary surrender so that he can do some season 7 filming?  What is the deal with this judge? He sentenced him as a Category 5 and he gets 8 years?

Well, HLN is taking their sweet time about covering the Apollo Nida sentencing.  No electronics were allowed in the courtroom so things are taking a little longer than I would like. There were no live feeds like we had expected. It sounds like the HLN reporter may be leaving the courtroom now. (3:11 p.m.)


Still waiting…3:30…

While we wait, I have some tragic HLN news. Vinnie Politan has left HLN. Not sure if he retired or had other options but I will really miss him!

EIGHT YEARS????? And voluntary surrender at a later date. This is unbelievable! He must have produced AT LOT with his snitching!






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202 responses to “Apollo Nida Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison!

  1. barbinga

    Been checking here figuring you were eager for it like I was. Thanks for the scoop! So will he get time shaved for good behavior and stuff?

  2. TC

    Stunned! I was thinking he’d get double digits since Gayla got 5 years.

  3. Tee

    Pheadra should get off housewives asap

    • No, no, no. I have to get my Phaedra phix (see what I did there?).

      • Selene K Shine-Serio

        Phaedra is NOT responsible for her husbands criminal activity. Ridiculous that anyone believes in that. Phaedra is a lovely gal that is so educated and smart. She just fell in love with the wrong guy. And maybe he was the right guy. Some people cannot get out of the criminal life, no matter how much better their life gets. He probably was trying to keep up with Phaedra’s salary to be respected. He just went about it in the wrong way.

      • Valerie

        Are you his mother?

  4. PlusOneForLuck

    Unreal…. everything time you think our justice system can not possibly be any more screwed up…. Does anyone ever get truly punished anymore??

  5. Joe Roe

    Hopefully, they’ll have him digging graves for elephants with a teaspoon.

  6. Ugly ain't cute

    This is really disgusting. So he got 8 years because he gave up the MASTER MIND. And who was that?

    • Justice really is blind because Helen Keller could see that Apollo deserves more time for his crimes. Who exactly is the real MASTER MIND that will finally get a fair sentence and punishment from the court?! Because at the end of the day, everybody knows Apollo is as dumb as a box of rocks. There have been no sightings of our Southern Belle, Ms. Parks, who claimed she would stand by her man like Tammy Wynette or Hilary Clinton. I feel she is lying low until this situation blows over, but I expect it to blow over like Hurricane Katrina. She may become a fugitive because her huzzzzbund rolled over and served her up like a Chinese buffet to the feds. No more RHOA for Phaedra because she should be featured in an upcoming episode of Cops, Locked Up:Raw, or the new John Walsh show that will replace America’s Most Wanted. How you doing?

    • ZenJen

      IMO he DID NOT give up the “Mastermind”, he snitched on the people who helped him. If he had snitched on the Leader he would of signed his death warrant. And its not Phaedra but she’s involved.

    • I really believe you can’t make stupid.

  7. queen

    I cannot understand the voluntary surrender basically “whenever”? 8 years, unreal. He definitely snitched big time. SMH.

    • Voluntary surrender is sometimes ordered at sentencing to give the prisoner time to “get his affairs in order”. He obviously wasn’t considered a flight risk because his bond was so low and they assume he’ll show up on date ordered. I would think he’ll be incarcerated before the end of summer. Tamara will probably hear about the surrender date when she has more detailed information.

    • The system has to place him in a prison. He may get to hang out for a bit while they wait for a opening in a prison “near Atlanta” that his atty worked out for him so he could be near his boys.

  8. Ugly ain't cute

    You can steal millions from retirees and the govt and get 8 years. It almost makes CRIME PAY!! Eight years for a convicted felon, repeat felon at that.

  9. ChancesR

    Oh. my. gawd…guess there’s no value in the people he stole the money from as they have to put their lives back together… smh at such a light sentence.

  10. Jacque

    That’s it? I guess it goes to show, it’s not who you know, it’s who ya blow…
    I would be willing to bet he dropped about $100 worth of dimes to get that light a sentence.

  11. Anjannette

    Was Phaedra present at court?

  12. Wendy

    Well, if he serves all 8 years, that is a long time. However, he served 5 years and it didn’t stop him from getting back into the game. He is such a career criminal, that I suspect he will keep getting locked up, because identify theft and other crimes are the only things he knows how to do! By the time he gets out, I hope both he and his housewife will be TV has-beens. No matter how much she tries to clean and distance herself, Apollo’s criminality tarnishes Phaedra. However, I feel bad for their adorable children, who have such disgraceful parents.

  13. Lindy

    Didn’t he get something like 18yrs the 1st time and only had to do six? He’ll probably be out in 2 this time. It’s sickening.

  14. ZenJen

    Thanks for the tea! I will continue to munch on popcorn. I figured he wld get 8 -10. Question is will Phaedra move on or not???

  15. Keke

    No justice was served today

  16. Ugly ain't cute

    In federal do you have to serve 80-100% of your time?

  17. Tanya

    Tamaratattles…will he still have to serve atleast 85% of this 8 year sentence?

  18. Best news- he must have had some cheese, do the crime – do the time or start blabbing to the feds

  19. Sick of "reality"!

    Eight years in the slammer as an acknowledged snitch could be hard time.

    • Angel

      Our criminal justice system needs an over hall, as does most government depts. I know someone that plead guilty to embezzling 1.5 mil and served only18 months in prison. I don’t know why anyone cares if Phaedra and the canary divorce. The only thing I care about her is I wish she was doing time as well. Some how, some way, she is guilty of some bad s**t. If all people with bad parents or dropped out of school got time off, we would probably need only 3 prisons in the entire country. Phaedra sure knew who to recommend Apollo hire to represent him in court.

  20. DennyLuvsDashies

    Now thats funny…one ex-felon brother pleading for the other felon to get lieniency.
    Thought his mom had passed. Which mom is this? The aunt maybe he calls mom?

    • Jaylan D.

      Wait I didn’t know Apollo had a brother? I could have sworn he was an only child and that the one he called his “brother” was just a good friend

    • Born 2B Lucky

      Me Too! I could have sworn I read somewhere they said his mom overdose heroin and died.. I could be wrong can’t remember. TT help me out?

      • ​I heard heroin overdose, then I heard she survived the HEROIN overdose. Then I heard this is “another mother.” and Those in court today talked about “his mother” talking about her COCAINE use… it’s all a mystery to me that I don’t care enough about to solve.

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 6:02 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  21. RealChicagoHousewife

    I wonder where they will place him for his sentence. Now that he’s a known snitch they have to try to keep him safe. That can’t be an easy task for the bureau of prisons.

  22. Doesn’t the judge know he wasn’t starving in the streets when he did this? Phaedra was throwing jobs at him that he was turning his nose up at. Smh.

  23. How the hell can he use those excuses (poverty, repression) when he is on a national tv show living in luxury etc?? He made it OUT. But still chose to be shit. But it wasn’t like he didn’t have the option like the type of person they portrayed him to be.

    So what does 8 years actually mean? Six months?

    • Exactly, you’re so right. Sick of these ppl living the high life and stealing at the same time I’d love to have some of the opportunities given them.

    • Ugly ain't cute

      Agree 100 with teecee

    • HannahKingRose

      But teecee, Apollo was still in poverty. He was a husband. He didn’t get paid for being on the show so he didn’t have money of his own. He had to sign that horrible prenup Phaedra made him sign even if he did get to live in a nice house and be on a national t.v. show. The only money without stealing from others were the mere morsels Phaedra would throw his way. How else except stealing could he visit the strip clubs and blow $8,000 a night or buy a hot new ride? He had to save face with the other house husbands and not look like a kept man like the rest of them. Phaedra repressed him by not letting him “brand” himself so he couldn’t make anything of himself without turning to crime. Poor, poor Apollo the only reason Phaedra let him stay around was because she wanted pretty babies. Lmfao well that’s about all of the reasons I think he could come up with in his pea brain for what he did. That plus he is as dumb as a box of hammers and doesn’t know how to do anything else but commit crimes and run his mouth.

  24. pepper

    He got out in 2008 right? It’s damn near 2014. So he gets EIGHT YEARS for SIX YEARS worth of stealing and living the high life? Jesus take the wheel. I can’t … just too damn tired.

    Silver lining: maybe his sentence was reduced because he cooperated against his trifling wife? Fingers crossed.

    Bring on season 7. I really just want every Kenya scene to be her in TH laughing her ass off. I get she will fake being sad for “the kids” and “the family” but efffff that. I would respect her so much more if she threw KARMA at that ugly heiffer’s face every chance she got.

    • Erin

      Me too but to be honest Kenya has. Phaedra is always delusional though. Lol. What will be Phaedra’s excuse for her hubby’s sentencing and her not being there? I guess he was wrongly sentenced in her mind although he should have gotten more time ; and she was probably busy with a case. Lol. I hope Apollo gets his arse kicked while in jail for ruining the lies of innocent people and Kenya (lying on her). He’s a dirty dog and will not learn. He will do it again when he gets out. Maybe he can do a pageant wave to Phaedra and his kids when he reports to jail. Kenya can show him.

    • tobalinac

      If he used his “snitching credits” to somehow take down a very smug Phaedra I will be somewhat satisfied with that.

  25. “He gets a reduction for being stupid and black?” good one What do you think of Phaedra not being there?

    • It just occurred to me that Phaedra was not there because any statements she makes in court could be used against her in her own case with Angela Stanton and her future (fingers crossed) case from the feds. As an officer of the court she is bound to be truthful with court and is held to a higher standard than the average citizen. She refuses to be deposed in her own case that she brought before the court, and the federal judge would not like kindly on her being a character witness for a twice convicted felon. Can anyone say possible gag order or trying to plead the 5th amendment to avoid self incrimination. Hmm…SMH in disgust how this good Christian woman has made a mockery of the justice system, and for the first time in history, her silence has been golden.

  26. Eight years seems pretty lenient to me too. This should give the Giudices some hope for their 9/23 sentencing.

      • tobalinac

        I THINK what she might possibly mean is that it seems blatantly clear that there is an entirely different justice system for those who have the “means” at their disposal, regardless of how those means were gained.. The flamboyant display of inequity in our “justice” system grows clearer with each and every passing day. (And it is disgusting beyond words.)

      • I have no idea why some of your comments go through and others do not. Sorry.

    • Jaylan D.

      Apollo snitched and also fully cooperated with the FEDS in order to get a reduced sentence, the Guidices will not fair better because they dragged this out for many years instead of just resolving it Joe and Teresa might have the book thrown at them and Joe could very well be deported after he serves his sentence.

  27. JT

    “He gets a reduction for being stupid and black.” Really? All of the facts in Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow shows just how much being black helps. The comment is not surprising with the constant use of “ghetto” in reference to all things RHOA.

    Apollo is a career criminal. This won’t be his last trip to the pen.

    • His lawyer successfully got a downward departure based on Apollo’s race and lack of education, in court. I find that absurd. And RHOA is ghetto.

      • tobalinac

        Let’s face it….This all boils down to money. If you have it, “justice” is going to be a hell of a lot more compassionate towards someone of means than, say, for the average nobody.

      • While I agree with what you are saying, it is that way because rich people can afford better lawyers not because the system is crooked. Free attorney’s for poor people generally are earning their stripes and learning the ropes and don’t know all the tricks of the trade.​

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 10:10 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • tobalinac

        I know it TT. Newbies don’t golf with the judges either. 😉

  28. ericzku

    Okay, so maybe 8 years wasn’t what those of us in the peanut gallery were hoping for, but damn, people here are reacting as if he got only 8 days. Sorry, but 8 years is a very long time to spend in prison. It is about 7 years, 11 months, 29 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes more than I’d be able to stand in federal lockup!

    Think about all that has happened in our lives in the past 8 years…that is one hell of a lot of life to miss out on, not to mention that he will be missing a good deal of his children’s growing-up. (Whether he cares about that I don’t know, but still…)

    And remember, he is going to federal prison; not county jail or even state prison. It is not the Sheraton. It is, by design, an extremely unpleasant place to be, and to know you are not coming out again for years and years is nothing but doom.

    While I’m sure we all would have liked to have seen him get more time than that, this is far from a slap on the wrist.

    I wonder how our lovely Southern belle and connoisseur of all things worldly and tasteful, Phaedra, will be spinning this next season. Were RHOA cameras there outside the courthouse? Will she pretend he never existed? Will she be honest about it? Will she acknowledge it but make it seem much less serious than it was? There are so many options for a real belle!

    • I do understand your point of view, my thoughts and concern are with the victim that Apollo stole checks from and managed to launder 2.3 million, before I swiftly turn to the wife.

      If Apollo was that contrite, he could have made statement to his victims, instead he “used” his children and that all that happened.

      How long will it take for the victims to either “work’ or “borrow” from a bank to make up for what was stolen from them?

      Eight years is 1/4 of the maximum time..and from what I have heard/watched in the news…lets not forget the “good behavior” crap..

      And what are the perks of the victims?

      I am not chastising you, I am angry that this human decided to steal instead of get a job.

      • Ugly ain't cute

        Hallelujah and thank you Hameal. Did any read where Apollo got up in court and apologized to the people who’s lives HE RUINED? Instead we have to hear another version of IM BLACK, UNEDUCATED AND NO BODY LOVED ME WHILE I WAS GROWING UP. Well welcome to the club Apollo. How many Black men can testify and bear wittiness to that?!?!. Yet every man with that history ain’t stealing from folks while living large on TV.

      • tobalinac

        “There are NO victims in this classroom!”

      • My understanding now, Samael, is that he “apologized to his victims and his family for embarrassing them.” Then he allegedly said something to the judge about his sentence being four months longer than he expected.

    • Michelle

      I always thought Federal prisons were a walk in the park compared to jail or state prisons. It is where non-violent, white collar criminals go. Much easier than county jail or state prison.

      • ericzku

        Um, no. You’re thinking of “Club Fed” – which is a misnomer – a minimum-security facility. There are five security “levels” in the federal system from minimum to super max. Think of some other famous federal inmates…Timothy McVeigh and Ted Kazcynski (sp?) (the Unibomber)…they for sure were not at any resorts! The level that Apollo will be assigned to is, I guess, to be determined, but I highly doubt it will be minimum-security. I looked up the Atlanta prison, and it’s medium-security. IDK if he’ll end up there, but I’ll take county jail over that Any. Day.

      • Then you would be an idiot. The federal prisons are MILES above state prisons at every level of security. It’s all that federal money that congress spends like crazy. ​

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 5:49 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • I agree 8 yrs is still a long time. Also, Apollo clearly has a problem with alcohol, as evident on RHOA. He may not be a stumbling drunk but he drinks enough and often where it alters his normal behavior (such as beating down Kenya’s friend, Brandon, when he really didn’t have a reason).

      • Ericzku, he won’t do the entire 8 years, but let’s say he does, 8 years and 1 day later I feel that he will be back to what he knows and does very well. Stealing from people like you and me. I know we are taught in Sunday School to forgive, but I don’t think he will ever change. 8 years is not long enough.


        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 6:21 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Ok ok, I’m coming!

      • Tasos826

        To my eye Apollo has a problem with violence, because he wasn’t taught how to cope with or resolve conflicts. We saw evidence of it when he ugly faced argued with Phaedra in Mexico and was so damned angry that he was practically up on her, and would not give her keys or come quickly to open the cabin to allow Phaedra to relieve herself. How low would he go if cameras weren’t pointed at him?

    • tobalinac

      I doubt she’ll be fabricating ballgowns out of window treatments, that’s for sure.

  29. I'm the genius here

    I remember saying some time ago that he would be sentenced to 8 and receive sentence reductions and easy time in a federal facility. TT readers jumped all in my ass… Hey y’all. Glad for his kids sake. I think Phaedra will leave him.

  30. Angel

    Our criminal justice system needs an over hall, as does most government depts. I know someone that plead guilty to embezzling 1.5 mil and served only18 months in prison. I don’t know why anyone cares if Phaedra and the canary divorce. The only thing I care about her is I wish she was doing time as well. Some how, some way, she is guilty of some bad s**t. If all people with bad parents or dropped out of school got time off, we would probably need only 3 prisons in the entire country. Phaedra sure knew who to recommend Apollo hire to represent him in court.

  31. Kreality

    Like I said before the FEDS are always lenient. You can give them a Popsicle and they’ll take 10 years off your sentence. This means that hell be out in 4 years for good behavior.

    Phaedra didn’t go to the hearing? That’s cold!!!

  32. Kreality

    Considering this don’t be surprised if teresa gets house arrest.

  33. LoLo

    Thanks for the IMMEDIATE tea…TT! My two cents…8 years is insulting..I’m guessing he snitched on a lot of folks who directly and indirectly helped him. the person who made the fake IDs, the bank tellers/managers who played “brand new”, the business owner that helped he get licensing that he should not have gotten, the UPS store owners who supplied these fake addresses. the list can go on…he made several deals behind the scenes and YES TT he had a good lawyer…the best some of that money he laundered could buy. He will never get a real traditional job when he gets out…who can trust him…I’m thinking after about 3-4 years Phaedra will quietly divorce him and she’ll spin it into something new…God bless his sons…

    • Your dead on, and also TT. He turned on all the people that helped to facilitate his whole scheme. But normally they want their snitches to give up people that are in charge of an operation and/or a bigger fish. They could have already went after those people by just following the evidence. He gave up business individuals probably and most likely any drug people that he may know. Also remember the Fed wanted the case private because there was an ongoing investigation and it was said that it involved other RHOA members.

      I still believe that Peter was involved in this or helped it along. Remember a player always recognized another and Apollo saw a kindred spirit in Peter and it wouldn’t suprise me that he asked for and received help for a fee from peter to move money along.

  34. Din

    Only 8 without even snitching on Phaedra? damn.

    • ……and so did I along with the my fellow victims of identity theft.

      • Golden, I’ve never been the victim of identity theft, but I know it has to be a nightmare. My heart goes out to you. Do you have any idea how your id was stolen? If you don’t want to share or you’ve already shared on another thread, forgive me. Just being nosy, plus maybe you can share a tip or two on what we can be careful of.

      • tobalinac

        And we will weep for you because NOBODY should have to experience that!

  35. Philly Finest!!

    I was expecting him to get 5 years truthfully. I surprised that he received 8 years either way he had a damn good lawyer.

  36. And what the hell with Vinnie?

  37. didifrombab

    Apollo can earn 54 days of good time credit per year IF he has good behavior. That’s 6.8 years. He can earn up to 12 months off his time for RDAP, the federal drug rehab program. I’m not 100% sure if he can earn the RDAP sentence reduction on top of he good time reduction, but I think so. Some federal prisoners qualify to do the last 6 months (I think) of their sentence in a half way house or home confinement. Not sure if Apollo would qualify. But best case scenario looks like 5.8 years.

    • charmaine howell

      Now Brendon should sue him for cracking his ribs get some off the Southern Bell Book coins from Phadra to get up

  38. Jaylan D.

    I am now worried that because Apollo snitched on all kinds of people the safety and well being of his children are in danger, I really think that once Phaedra resolves her legal issues with Angela Stanton she should bounce out of Atlanta because we all know people who operate with “criminal sense” have no problem with getting revenge on either the person who snitched or their families. What do you think about that very possibility Tamara/Other commenters?

    • ZenJen

      I think Phaedra has nothing to worry about. His snitching consisted of like another commenter stated the people who helped him not the mastermind IMO. I’m not sure the mastermind is Phaedra but that’s just speculating. Yes the system is corrupt. I’m sure their will be more to come out on this matter

    • I think the children will be fine because they already spend Sunday night/Monday morning thru Thursday night/Friday morning with Phaedra’s mother, Reverend Regina Bell. She has been there for the boys since Ayden was born, and I feel fairly sure they all will seek refuge in Athens. I don’t believe anyone will come after either of Phaedra’s parents, the boys, or Phaedra’s sister. As part of the street code, goons typically leave children, parents, and grandmothers alone because it brings too much unwanted attention and creates a lot of questions that the police/prosecutors must answer. However, I feel “folks” may eventually start looking for Phaedra’s brothers because IMO they are the silent partners behind the scene in the Athens funeral home who may have been the middle men who made it possible for the car theft ring/money laundering/identity theft scheme to go undetected for several years. When dealing with hard core criminals, Phaedra would bring attention to herself because she would stick out like a sore thumb and no one would buy her act as a criminal attorney. Her brothers could easily play it cool and no one would suspect them of anything because they could keep a low profile.I theorize that Phaedra’s brothers may be the people that Apollo snitched on along with Phaedra in order to get a reduced sentence. I can’t wait for her to sit for the deposition in her own case against Angela Stanton. Only time will tell how this cookie will crumble.

      • Oh,My!


        Wow! How are you privy, to such details?

      • Jaylan D.

        Trust me that hasn’t stopped people in the past from going after family members, like I told another commenter there was an 84 year old grandmother killed along with her daughter because the daughter was involved in some shady business, the guy tracked her down killed her and the innocent grandmother.

      • Apollo has stated that Reverend Bell stays with him and Phaedra during several interviews (one on V103 radio with Ryan Cameron and another on RHOA Husbands Revealed). During season four of RHOA when Phaedra suddenly decided to become a mortician, she tried to convince Apollo on air that he and her brothers would be responsible for picking up the dead bodies. Apollo was not trying to hear any of this and she was insistent about getting him to agree to this. Phaedra has said that she intends to start her own funeral home in her hometown on Athens, GA, and I believe it would be a natural fit for her mother to preside over the funerals and attend to the be rived families . Phaedra first made mention of her brothers during season three of RHOA when she was adamant that NeNe Leakes knew her in Athens because NeNe went to high school with one of her older brothers. In the meantime, we have never seen her brothers IMO as an attempt to remain anonymous and less suspicious to the police. I theorize the brothers may be involved because every stone seems to have been turned regarding Apollo and his family/associates. So, when you look at Phaedra it is easy for me to believe that her brothers would have some financial incentive to work with her at the funeral home. Her mother’s hands may not be that clean either and her involvement, if any has yet to determined.I believe Phaedra’s brothers will protect her and if need be take the fall for her to make it seem as though she was not involved in any of the identity theft cases despite being an board member of several of the companies that were implicated by the feds. As I said, this is my own point of view, and I believe some of this will be revealed in court once the feds connect all the dots. We already know the mortuary business is full of individuals who have stolen the identity of deceased loved ones, and none of the deceased can make a claim against some one who has defrauded them. Furthermore, regarding the asset recovery business as a convicted felon, Apollo would not have been able to get access to the nationwide systems used to do personal identity checks, but as a practicing attorney, Phaedra could get and retain access to these databases. I may be making a dollar out of fifteen cents, but it makes sense to me, and we all know Ms. Parks feels that if don’t make dollar$, then it don’t make $ense. Fix it Jesus, cause something in this buttermilk ain’t clean.

      • “it will all be revealed in court once the feds connect the dots.”

        All the dot connecting is over, Apollo is going to jail, the fed have moved on…

      • micat72

        i was informed the reason for the marriage was so they couldn’t “snitch” on one another for previous fraud and theft crimes. in some states you don’t have to testify against your spouse, then in some states you can not testify against your spouse. i don’t think he can give her(phaedra) to the feds

    • cherry


      This is a great point….I would hope no one would harm the children…

      • Jaylan D.

        Me neither but we have to consider that to be a possibility folks no longer care about grannies and children, trust me I know I live in Indianapolis and not to long ago a woman was gunned down in her home and the killer also shot her 84 year grandmother point blank range in the head, she was innocent and yet that didn’t stop the guy from killing her.

  39. Born 2B Lucky

    This is Breaking News??? 8Years that’s it? Now that’s putting Real back into REALity…..Wonder what Phaedra will get.

    • Jaylan D.

      Um Phaedra cant get sentenced unless she is charged/tried/convicted please use common sense here, just because Apollo was sentenced doesn’t mean they can just throw her in prison too…its called DUE PROCESS for a reason

  40. Ahadi

    Clearly he got a snitchers sentence.

  41. Truthseeker

    I’m not certain that a divorce is even necessary. After all, Apollo gave her a piñata filled with condoms for her birthday and condoned her cheating when he was a free man. Unless she just wants to sever ties to save face.

    I believe he snitched on everyone but Phaedra because she has the commissary money. Honey buns anyone?

  42. Foxee

    Unless he gave up the real MASTER MIND [rumored to be his wife], what “snitching” did he really do? Phae Phae must be WELL-CONNECTED…for him to get that light # & her hands stay virtually clean…who does that Scorpion know?? How many oaths did she swear to?

    From what David Icke ‘n them talk about, the whole system is corrupt. Why is he being punished for what they ALL reportedly do is quite the curious curiosity. He must have pissed someBody off, royally…probably, unknowingly. That or it’s some sort of ritual, and Apollo is being used as the archetype…gotta look up that sun god Apollo, again, to see…#speculation.

    You know what else is scary? Phaedra will deny this [or any involvement] till the day she dies. Scorpio rules Secrets. Wonders if she ever confided to Kandi? Like the truth..the WHOLE truth?

    Stantion, write another book. The post-pub experience…how everything played out once “Lies of a Real Housewife…” dropped. Surely you must have heard some inner-goodies…why she’s allowing her hubby to take the fall alone, etc.? I know. Someone’s gotta raised the boys, but… she just seem so indifferent about his legal plight. Yes, I know, gotta save face when those cameras are on, but good gosh, he’s your husband! Show some concern…just a little.

    • charmaine howell

      She went to Mexico and have fun that’s to show how delusional Phadra is, she is burning up inside and pretends by putting on a bold face. This bitch Phadra will have to sleep and have sex with this felon on the cott bed invested with bug’s in prison, that’s how low this lieing fake donkey will get

  43. lisalisa

    Don’t we all know that if you have enough money you don’t go to jail? Only poor people go to jail and get heavy, long term sentences. Money buys you expensive lawyers, a mouth piece who knows how to talk to a judge, get his client in classes to reduce his sentence and possibly get him in a cushy federal prison with dorms, golf courses and yoga classes. Excuse me while i go throw up.

  44. Dana

    This guy looks and acts so much like my shitbag ex it’s scary. I am sooo glad I never got impregnated by that loser.

  45. Truthseeker

    T.I. also received a light sentence so maybe GA has a “black and stupid” Federal sentencing guideline exception.

  46. MicroOp

    TT you should just go to law school and make it official!

  47. Tiffany

    No difference than the sweetheart deal the Teresa and Joe Guidice are gonna get when they get sentenced!!

  48. Jen

    Yep. Its going like I EXPECTED. Sadly, this very Nation was founded on Slavery, Native American Almost comlete genocide n stolen land. I find it entertaining when people READ other peoples behavior. Especially, snotty Uppity people. Like, their offended. Got land n fancy Properties? Thank a Native American. Stealing isn’t right. But, lets be realistic. People make excuses for their Ancestors behaviors. Its wrong…..period. Point blank and end of discussion.

    • What the mother fuck are you nattering on about?​

      On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 5:31 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:



      • ​I am reading out of context, but I assure you whoever said END OF DISCUSSION is a fucktard. It is not END OF DISCUSSION.

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 11:59 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • brillke

        TeeCee, you might be an asshole most days but you’ve made me laugh twice this morning and not in a bad way either. Your hand on chin comment then your all caps end of discussion comment are seriously perfectly timed comedy gold.

        I don’t know which personality Sybil, err, I mean TeeCee will be today but I hope it’s more of this funny bitch.

    • Jen, I’m trying to be nice but do you really think that you should be held accountable for what someone else did before your grandmother was even born? I understand that man’s inhumanity to man is just beyond heartbreaking. However, you have made a blanket statement that snotty, uppity people with land and fancy property are thieves? I agree that the plight of the Native Americans is absolutely inexcusable, as is slavery. But hating on anyone with land is only hurting yourself. That is my personal opinion of course. If I’m wrong than maybe I’m not understanding your point.

    • madeleine

      Yikes! what are you talking about?

      • Of course you are. You are ALWAYS talking about you. But I don’t think Madeliene was addressing you.

      • What Teecee, you’re not riveted by everything I say? If you keep going on this way I might start thinking you don’t care for me. But seeing that I’m extremely popular that just can’t be true. Oh yes and one more thing, my darling, thank you for answering my question. Love you!

  49. Gingersnap

    Money talks and bullshit walks.

  50. Convo_girl

    I understand the expectation that Apollo would get more time but he is not our justice system’s more serious problem.

    There are plenty of poor people being railroaded into near life sentences for random crimes ever day, like Marissa Alexander, imprisoned in FL for 20 years for issuing a warning shot when confronted by her abusive ex. She’s appealing and may ultimately face 60 years.

    Privilege results in lighter sentences. That’s the American way and it’s not going to change. If we care about the system, I encourage you to worry about those without the money, celebrity or privileges that Apollo has.

  51. beth

    will we get to hear details behind his cooperation with the feds ?

  52. vivaladiva831

    Who wants to bet Phaedra files for divorce as soon as he is back in the slammer? And who else wants to bet Kenya will be his special prison pen pal?

    • Yeah, phaedra will. I don’t think he was ever much more than a sperm donor and minion in crime to her. But you’re wrong about Kenya. She won’t go near him. But she won’t miss a chance to laugh in phaedra’s phace. And she has earned that right, I think.

  53. Witchy

    Tamara this is why I wanted to show you that paper yesterday, it was a joke for his attorney to inform against his previous crimes

  54. Ellis Scarlett

    Just curious, you can’t force a parent to take the kids to visit their father in prison, can you? Unless they’re DIVORCED, maybe.

  55. Sara

    Stirring the pot…admit it up front. Don’t hate the player…hate the game. Apollo committed a crime…..and then hired a DAMN good attorney. If we don’t like “the way things are” we need to get off our asses and do something about it. When it is time to vote…do it. Federal judges are appointed by the president and approved by the senate. Contact your congressman or representative and make noise…..or we can just complain about it.

  56. Renee

    WOW! It’s a shame he thought he could become a better criminal. Some of our young black men who have made stupid choices don’t get second chances; I have no pity. Had it been anyone else, they would have been cuffed leaving the court room. He is getting a privilege some wish they could have had. He needs to stop using the success of his wife as pressure for him to make a substantial income. She knew he didn’t have sh– when she married him. I like Phaedra but she deserves so much better.

  57. iv

    Phaedra not at the sentencing is very telling. I think the marriage is kaput.

  58. Katrina

    Thanks for the update. Apollo gets 8 years or less and he does not have to pay anthing back. He will still have time to be with his sons.

    • ​Oh he will have huge restitution. It will be set on July 17th. But they won’t really find much to take because everything is in Phaedra’s name except Apollo’s car. Allegedly. Probably.

      On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 10:23 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • micat72

      he has to pay restitution.

  59. lauraannb

    Oh no, not Vinnie! Hoping he ends up some place where I can still watch him, and that he’s happy about the change.

  60. Micheal

    I knew 10+ was too good to be true. I did comment though that as long as he got 8 I would not think it was a slap on the wrist. Oh well. Nice post Tamara, interesting how Theresa Guidice made Australian news but Apollo got no mention. Lol his ‘brand’ obviously is not that impressive.

  61. Linda

    All I can say is WOW ! Money talks and bullshit walks. And there’s a lot of shit going on in that camp.

  62. So Apollo got 8 years…that is a light sentence. I feel bad for the victims for it will probably take them longer than 8 years to fix their credit from the foolishness he created. Even though it seems like he got a slap on the wrist, prison won’t be easy after living the life of luxury. From what I hear, prisioners hate ‘child abusers’ and ‘snitches’.. He made have escaped for a moment, but the prisioner’s behind bars are licking their lips and waiting for him….Go ‘Apollonia’..it’s your birthday…. lol…

  63. I don’t know if you have a legal background Tamara (I do), but that was one of the best, most thorough descriptions and explanation of the sentencing guidlines and law that I’ve read. It was far better than anything that I heard on HLN or anywhere else. Also, I wonder if Phaedra will stick with him for that length of time…
    This case proves how unjust our judicial really is and how they waste taxpayers money putting people in programs that they don’t need. Apollo should be made to pay for this rehab program (that he doesn’t need).
    I too will miss Vinnie Politan and believe that he is the most legitmate and interesting host that HLN ever had regarding crimes and trials. I hope that he turns up elsewhere where his talent can be utilized.

  64. micat72

    time reduced for being black and uneducated? you can’t be serious. those are the groups that get sentenced the hardest and most unfair, black americans and poor uneducated whites.. white collar crimes as a rule of thumb carry a lot of time, however a lot of time is never served, quite the opposite of blue collars.

    • I realize that, I was reporting on what Apollo said to the judge when requesting leniency. His point was he was “predestined” to wind up in prison because 60% of black males who do not graduate from HS are in prison. Basically, his attorney tried to argue that he should get a reduced sentence due to his race and education. Which was ridiculous and the judge didn’t go for the argument.

  65. Lisa

    The mother should have admitted that she served Apollo a lot of canned goods growing up.

    Maybe that would have shaved a few months off his sentence.

    • ​Damn Lisa! I bet Bever had no idea about the canned goods. Is the white mama who raised him? His mama story is so confusing. I thought his bio mom died of a heroin overdose and then he was adopted by white people who forced him to eat canned food. But the woman in court said she had a coke problem and there was no father in the home. Maybe that was heroin mom who didn’t die but was sent to prison and then he had to live with canned food eating white people?

      So confusing.

      On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 5:34 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  66. Truthseeker

    Get ready for the dog and pony show which will be Phedra’s storyline for this upcoming season: her 2 sons. You thought Aiden was washing windows last year, there is no telling what he will be doing this upcoming season to divert attention away from his incarcerated dad and phony mom.

  67. kKarma

    I don’t know if this really makes a difference or even counts but isn’t Apollo father German.

    I realize that if was bought up by his mother gd you can call it that.

    I just don’t get it this is his 2nd offence for the same crime you would think he’d learn esp having 2 young boys if grew up without a father you would think he’d want 2 be there for his boys & set a good eg

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