Watch What Happens Live with Heather Dubrow and Caroline Stanbury

WWHL heather and caroline

It’s interesting that Caroline gets first chair since she is a season one Bravolebrity. I did not notice Tamra’s bangs until Andy pointed them out but I like them. Caroline hates them. Heather said her daughter got bangs and she got hers cut to match and it was a sweet gestured. Caroline says, “It’s sweet if you’re 12.”  And we are off to the races already.

Andy promises that next week’s Real Housewives of Orange County episode will be epic beyond anything we have ever seen.

Caroline says she and Caprice are not really speaking.

Heather says that right after the meeting with Tamra where she was told about Shannon’s marital problems, she went to a dinner in the same restaurant with a group of women. They knew she was meeting with Tamra and they asked how it went. Someone asked if she had spoken with Shannon. She replied that she had not and that Shannon was having some issues with David and she got a mean email from him.  She said it was not meant in any sort of mean-spirited way, It was a very short mention of the situation. Heather says she thought since it was mentioned on camera that it wasn’t a secret and the fact that the Beadors were having marital problems wasn’t really a big newsflash. She says she has seen them recently and they seem to be doing fine.

Maybe it’s just me, but none of the three shows I recapped from Bravo tonight were particularly interesting.


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53 responses to “Watch What Happens Live with Heather Dubrow and Caroline Stanbury

  1. O.O

    How did heather win the poll ? It must be fixed .

    • ​Shannon won by one point. Usually, the person on the show gets more votes than they normally would have if they were not sitting right there. Perhaps because their fans tune in to watch…

      and HAY O.O. ! xoxo

      On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 12:15 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  2. delaney

    Heather’s scrambling to do damage control after backlash from her despicable behavior towards Shannon. Regardless of previous shady crap she’s pulled Heather tries to make it seem okay that she spread very personal hurtful info to a group of women. No Heather, it was vicious. You’re a nasty pretentious b*tch.

    • therealdeb

      that has been heathers version the whole time, tamras has changed a bit as has shannons recap of the scene at heathers. even tt sais ina group of women one will sometimes tell another we are being nice to so and so because. i do not see it as being nasty as she didn’t elaborate. tamra and shannon keep adding to it. that is tamra’s mo, deflect and try and hide from the blame. should heather have just kept her mouth shut, in hindsight yes she should have and so should tamra. and really, any idiot sho shares personal issues with tamra sort of deserves it.

      • brillke

        I couldn’t agree more. Heathers story has not changed and I can understand why she said what she did and as you said, in hindsight, she shouldn’t have said anything.

      • tommyt

        Very well put! I totally concur, too! Brava, therealdeb!

    • puppylove

      Any one of those women would have done the same thing. They just didn’t get the chance to get there first.

  3. That Caroline Stanbury seems like a very sweet woman.

  4. I can’t help it, I love Caroline. She’s hilarious. Heather really creeps me out when she goes on WWHL. I am not sure if it’s her super straight posture or the way she talks to the camera instead of Andy, but she is just freaky. I am, alas, doing what I swore I wouldn’t do and that’s record and watch OC next week.

  5. Momof2

    Heather said the 1st time she took her kids to McDonalds they cried and said “that’s not real chicken.” Seriously? Are there kids that hate McDonalds and the junk toys that break within a day???

    • ​Yes there are. Heather’s kids eat broccoli and healthy food because that is what she eats and that is what they were raised on. She never fed them chicken nuggets and crap so they have a healthy palate.

      On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 1:18 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  6. Angel

    Heather always has a sanctimonious answer for everything she is called on.

    I laughed at Andy trying to guess Caroline’s connection to Royals and he asked if it was the Middletons. She answered no a bit emphatically. They are not royal at all. William married a commoner. Princess Diana, his mother was barely considered suitable, only being the daughter of an Earl.

    • Justso

      Diana was NOT a commoner; she was royalty; hence, her father was an Earl-that’s royalty.

      • Angel & Justo— I beg to differ with you both :) . Lady Diana Spencer was an Aristocrat. She came from a very old & established English family. In fact, she & her family are more English than the Royal Family who happen to be more German than English.
        Her ancestoral home was Althrorp, a tremendously vast Estate. The present Royal Family have been guests of the Spencer’s as well as the Edward VIII (who later married Wallis Simpson), his father George. In addition to the Royal Family, they’ve hosted Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandella and the likes.
        She also had strong ties to the Royal family on her her mother’s side. Her maternal grandmother, the late Lady Femroy served as a Lady-In-Waiting to the also late Queen Mother.
        So, as the press delighted in proclaiming the late Princess of Wales a “commoner”, she by no means.

      • Angel

        That’s what I said! She was an aristocrat but people initially thought she was not even royal enough.

      • That’s aristocracy not royalty. However, Diana had a lineage that had royalty in it. It’s not true that her family was considered “barely suitable”

    • Diana was a descendent of Charles II through one of his numerous illegitimate children. It is true, she is more English than the present Royal. Gotta laugh at Carolyn keeping everyone guessing.

      • Rosie Banks- I agree with you :) Many people confuse Royalty with the Aristocracy. The Aristocracy are also by birth, landed and titled and posess a Coat of Arms, I think that’s where the confusion is.
        From what I’ve always understood, you aren’t considered a Royal descendent if you are from an “illegitimate” line.
        Also, as a member of a long & respected line of Aristocracy who also had historical links to the Royal Family, the then Lady Diana was actually considered one of the few ideal candidates for marriage to the Prince of Wales. Her pedigree was perfect, she was a Protestant, a virgin (not an issue today!), had no dating past (no man could make any false claims) and she was fecund (fertile) !
        Aside from whatever marriageable Europeon Princesses available, there weren’t many suitable since they were either Catholic, too old or young, divorced, had a “past” or not interested. Lady Diana was practically the only one left of those who’d be even willing to take on Prince Charles.
        She was also the perfect choice, esp for the public & the press ! Everyone tended to project their own “fairy tale” on her.
        Poor dear, a heavy order to fill :( :( !

        God Bless Her ! May she rest in peace !!!

      • I think Caroline’s connection to the Royal Family was through Prince Andrew, Fergie’s Ex. He’s been known to date everyone.
        Or, in the confusion between Royalty vs. Aristocracy, it may be the Earl Spencer (Charles), Princess Diana’s brother. He’s been know to date everyone and everything 😉 !

  7. KB

    Andy said that Heathers new show can be found on Crackel. What’s Crackel? Is it anything like Net Flix? I’ve never heard of it.

    • I don’t know what show you’re talking about, but I know there is a website that streams video, old tv shows and movies called Cracked TV

      • She’s talking about Heather’s new show, “Sequestered” Andy said it was on “Krackel, Crackle?” I have never heard of the channel but the show sounded good, it’s 12 episodes about a sequestered jury, Heather is one of the jurors. ​

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 11:27 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  8. Beth

    I thought it was hilarious that Heather was in chair 2. I think Andy was sending her a very obvious message. Caroline looked bored to be seated next to Heather, or that’s just the way i wanted to see it. As far as next week’s episode YAWN… They are desperate for ratings. Heather is a shit stirrer this season because she needs a story line to stay relevant and be employed as an “actress”.

    • puppylove

      I am just wondering if Heather might have just a bit more class than most and some of it is jealousy on the part of some. Her posture is perfect and her eating habits for she and her family a very good. ( most of the time) is it a bad thing? She wants her children to grow up with as few health problems as possible. So teach them young and just maybe they will be well as adults. A straight posture is not easy to maintain, try it for a day, but if you stand and sit straight your body doesn’t hurt In a lot of places it might with poor posture. I believe Heather is trying to be gracious and sometimes that comes off as haughty. I think there might be a little of both at times.. I like Heather she is a strong woman and some people don’t like that and can’t appreciate that.

      • Erin

        A woman with class would not gossip about someone’s marriage in a restaurant for others to hear and then go off on the woman she was gossiping about when questioned about it. Shannon was in tears/pain when she asked Heather about it and Heather went crazy as usual. Heather is the same woman who went ballistic towards Alexis friend because she broke a small piece off the cake. I can’t stand Heather or her big nose husband. I initially thought Terry was a good person but he’s as pretentious as his wife. They were made for each other.

      • Tasos826

        Your observations about Heather are spot on. It’s amusing to hear Tamra (and St. Shannon), who gets angry to a point approaching animalism, would dare to attempt to characterize Heather’s assertiveness as meanness, and I find it slightly distressing to note that others, except Liz to a degree, don’t seem to comprehend what Heather is about as you indicated and appreciate it.

        About a suitable friend for Heather; it is increasinly obvious that Liz is there to promote her business, which she built “all on my own” (with the exception of the $100K cash gift that daddy gave her). Vickie might come close, though seems more vested in trying to rid herself of guilt about what an angry, self-absorbed, (and probably unfaithful) monster she was toward Donn by attempting to create a new, ‘Real Housewife Whisperer’ persona/storyline, which also ideally may one day lend her an appearance of wisely dating Brooks, which NEVER will happen. Tamra demonstrated most recently with her reaction to Heather’s invitation to appear on “Good Day L.A.” that just does not have the stuff, and is so lacking of it that she would ultimately resist developing it. Shannon? Feh! She is Mayor, Treasurer, A Police and Fire Chief of Flip City, who, as resident basket case, will eventually become burdensome to the others and will either have to get it together, or may fall away. So, Heather, for a number of reasons, is left hanging with Housewife ‘peers’, who in the real world may not qualify to be her household help, especially not around her children.

    • Lawstangel

      That makes zero sense. Heather has been in the business long enough to know that reality television is NOT acting. It in no way boosts her acting career. Andy likes wealth, remember the way he fawned all over the Beverly Hills housewives season one, because they were “so rich?” Heather and Shannon are the only two on the show that have real $$$$. Vicki would be somewhat close..but the rest of them…NOT
      In addition to being a plastic surgeon, Terry’s family is extremely wealthy, they have oil money!

      • Beth

        Seriously…. you think that she is on that show for shits and grins… she is on that show to act and have her career revived. if you believe she is smart, educated, and comes from a life of privilege… then use some friggin brain cells and realize she is using this show. BTW i never said anything bad about her, except i think she has no story line and her relevance is being a shit stirrer. Or are you hoping that she will invite you to country club for tennis and tea, hahahaha

      • S

        I’d say most of the new housewives come onto this show lately for a very specific purpose. It did not seem that Heather was getting any bit parts until after her first season on RHOC. Lydia was plugging her magazine and dog jewelry ( she even admitted it). Lizzie seems to basically use her entire presence on the show and blogs as a platform to plug in her emerging swimwear line, which did seem to need some help in taking off.

    • Lawstangel

      WOW…don’t like criticism eh? Actually, it wasn’t even criticisim, I was merely differing with what you said. I NEVER said she was on the show for as you so eloquently put it “shits and grins” you can believe all you want she is there to revive her acting career, but that does not change the fact that reality stars for the most part are NOT considered to be part of the acting community and that she was smart enough to know that. I Never said she was “smart, educated…. etc. nor did I say she was NOT using the show for some other purpose. What I also said was that her appeal to Bravo and the OC franchise was her family’s wealth. I never said you said anything bad about her and as far as your stupid, bitchy, snarky comment about tea and tennis…. STFU is all I have to say. I did not say anything to personally attack you, so dial it back “sweetie.”

  9. cc101

    In Andy’s ‘Ask Andy’ segment on he was recently asked a question about which guests sits in which seat (yes I realize it is embarrassing to admit that I watched it). He said that if a guest has not been on WWHL before then they sit in the seat next to him.

  10. Amy

    I’m with Erin! Heather is a demanding snob. That was funny though when she tried to tell Terry she had to get pedigrees but she’d donate toys to shelter dogs and he seemed to think she was joking. She shut him down cold. Ice princess.

    • Tasos826

      Please consider; Heather’s point was to be more certain of the dogs’ genetic composition, so she and Terry may determine, with much greater certainty, if the dogs would be hypoallergenic.

      Adoptiing shelter dogs, which LOOK like purebreds is still a dice toss (and frankly is unresponsible), because IF the shelter dogs proved to be hypERalergenic, then Heather and Terry would have to face heartbroken kids if they returned the dogs.

      If they kept hypERalergenic dogs, it would mean coping with sickly, allergy-ridden kids, even if they went for shots with monthly hellish, soul-searing episodes of “Moooommy, Daaaaddy, PLEEEEZE, I don’t want no shots!” near hysterical pleading and crying! It. Was. Hell. and nobody really won except the allergist or ‘immunotherapist’.

      Heather wasn’t an “ice princess”. As an advocate of her children, and arguably of the shelter dogs they may have otherwise errantly adopted, Heather offered valid conerns, which, as usual, were contrary to Terry’s wisecracking ‘nudge’ of Heather (about her supposed guilt, yada), and she dealt with it all like an adult.

  11. fivecats

    I had to crack up when Carolyn wondered why people wanted big lips and Heather said how do you think we get our money.

  12. Heather is a bitch And a trouble maker

  13. Linda

    I read that Caroline’s husband is worth over 50 million $$$$$.
    Now that’s rich……..NayNay

  14. Wallace

    I loved the pairing last night mainly because Caroline could one up Heather on haughtiness. I was waiting for Heather to blabber about Champs and for Caroline to bitch slap some sense into her. Didn’t happen. Devastated. Off to snuggle with my rescued, non-pedigree dog while I swill tequila to console myself.

  15. Sylvie

    Heather (and her husband) are very smart cookies. Smart cookie and a little naughty can make for good entertainment. Granted, she shouldn’t have said anything about a friends marriage. But I think she knows that now, she just has to own it. Frankly, a couple gals are just a little tired. PersonalIy, I would not be watching without Heather on the show, otherwise it would be yawnnnnn.

  16. Cythere

    “Heather says she thought since it was mentioned on camera that it wasn’t a secret…”
    This is disgenuous of Heather since the show, and therefore the personal information she brought up, isn’t broadcast LIVE.
    What she blabbed (on camera?) wasn’t going to be aired for months, if ever, and she knows that.
    She did it for a story, likewise her whole issue with Shannon, and before her, the Bellinos.
    Heather is a very frustrated person because her acting career is almost stalled, despite her Bravo exposure.
    She seems to like having a scapegoat.

  17. Britney

    I can’t believe how cold hearted Heather is. To not support a fellow woman like Shannon during her low point was just cruel. Maybe Heather doesn’t have any problems in her perfect little life but it doesn’t give her a right to kick everyone else that’s “below” her. I’ve also noticed after this season how fake she is! We can’t get rescue dogs because the WHOLE family would be allergic to it?! If you want expensive “fancy” mass produced dogs then just say so! Don’t try to cover up your shallowness! And I wish she would stop saying Shannon always “yells” at her when she didn’t. It’s annoying

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