Real Housewives of Orange County: Nobody Trusts Tamra


We begin with the Real Members of the AARP dancing on the bar in Mexico. Seriously, they are about 35 years to old for that nonsense.  The next day, Vicki takes the Beadors horse back riding. Shannon complains. She goes out of her way to make a nice romantic lunch for just the Beadors. Shannon complains. Oh Shannon! Lighten up Francis you are on vacation! At lunch, Shannon can’t be in the moment and enjoy the beautiful setting on the river. Shannon cries and unloads on David. She says they don’t do anything together. They are spending time together NOW! And they are not enjoying the moment! It’s so sad. Shannon thinks that David wants a divorce.

At Cut Fitness, Eddie spent $30,000 on the studio floor which was a disaster. Tamra and Ryan think the floors need to be redone immediately.  Eddie is being confrontational about it.

Heather and the kids got out to dinner and for once, Heather’s kids were kind of bratty. So the nanny showed up and took them out for frozen yogurt. Heather wants to get a dog so she can train it while they are living in a rental. She claims that she has to get a dog with a pedigree due to everyone’s allergies. I see a dog nanny being hired within the week. RHOOC Tamra Lizzie

Lizzie is trying to get her Sun Kitten line in retail stores. She has an appointment with a bikini store that seems to go well.

In Mexico, it’s the last supper before heading back to the OC.  The topic turns to Tamra. David is upset with Tamra for talking about their marriage. Shannon doesn’t think she will ever repair her friendship with Tamra. Vicki and Brooks relate their issues with Tamra. Brooks doesn’t like Vicki still hanging out with Tamra.  The trip has brought Vicki and Shannon much closer together.

Heather got two pedigree puppies. The are adorable. They look like labradoodles .

Vicki and Tamra talk about the situation between her and Heather and Shannon. Vicki’s skin looks horrible in this scene. Tamra seems to blame Heather for the whole situation. Vicki says she is on Shannon’s side. She says that Tamra and Heather are malicious. Vicki says that Tamra hurt Shannon. Tamra is now deflecting and talking about how Vicki interfered in her marriage with Simon.

This week was kind of slow but next week, there is a HUGE blowup between Shannon and Heather and Terry and David!














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  1. Vicky sounds bored with Tamra. I suppose Vicky feels she’s done as much as she thinks is possible to devour Tamra. Shannon is fresh meat. Vicky could star in Sharknado as the queen carnivore.

  2. therealdeb

    to use one of my dad’s favorite phrases, tamra stepped on her dick. and now she is trying to blame everyone but herself. vickie really needs to listent to what heather has to say and not attack, i think heather was a bit shitty to shannon at her house, but i think shannon creates her own issues and needs to shut up. not sure when these girls will learn tamra is a snatch and tries to ruin all friendships and relationships. it was very nice what vickie did for shannona nd david, but it was not appreciated one bit by shannon, she is a shit. poor david.

    • WHo shows up at someone’s house unnanounced and uninvited? And to confront Heather? Ridiculous. Shannon is starting to remind me of someone with borderline personality disorder or major depression. She love loves loves someone, then she devalues them. They are fabulous, then they are horrible. She will do that to Vicky too. Look, no one comes to my home uninvited to hassle me about what someone else did.

      • therealdeb

        i so agree. she is crazy

      • Din

        Who shows up at someone’s house unnanounced and uninvited?

        Someone new to reality TV who was told by producers it was a good idea, hence she arrived at both Tamra’s and Heather’s house fully mic’d with a full camera crew awaiting her arrival. I’m sure she learned her lesson.

      • ogates

        so well said!

    • peachteachr

      OMGoodness, you got that right, Tamra is and always has been a “snatch” which is another name for, well, an easy woman. I know you didn’t mean it that way but it just caught me as so funny. LOL, LOL, LOL!

  3. Cat

    Uh….pedigree dogs are non-allergenic? Really?

    Shannon, Shannon, Shannon…..My dear, you are your own worst enemy. Lighten up! Why did you have to dredge up your fight from the night before instead of letting it go and enjoying that special lunch? Why?????

    • There are dogs specifically bred to be non allergenic. Yes.

      • Cat

        Thanks. I’ve never heard of that before.

      • jelley

        I think poodles are the only hypoallergenic dogs (because they don’t shed). Terry called it like it was when he laughed at the guilt donation idea. Heather hates when people call a spade a spade unless she’s the one calling it.

      • jelley

        And nevermind, there are several hypoallergenic breeds. The more you know….

      • Pat G

        Actually, the veterinary and medical communities are still debating those claims. As for Goldendoodles, their purported hypoallergenic properties are dependent upon the type of fur they inherit, i.e. the fur should most resemble a poodle’s. Heather’s puppies look like their coat is more along the lines of a retriever’s.

        Regardless, I don’t believe for one second that allergies had anything to do with her choice of dog. Let’s be real here–Heather Dubrow is all about using ostentation to reinforce her obsession with being the “better among equals.” Her kids are growing up in an entitlement bubble of McMansions, replete with elevators—McMansions that would be oversized for a family twice the size of the Dubrows, chefs cooking the simplest of daily meals, and nannies who are called in to fetch them and give them ice cream when they misbehave and interrupt mommy and daddy’s dinner hour at the restaurant. How better to continue spreading the gospel of ridiculous display than to buy pure-breed puppies. Are there any other kind?

        Heather and Terry had the chance for a teaching moment and put their considerable resources toward giving a home to 2 of the hundreds of thousands of homeless animals across this country. They instead chose their usual route of style over substance. I’m so over them.

      • ZenJen

        I adopted a Snoodle for that reason. No he doesn’t shed at all. I have no problem taking him to be groomed since I don’t have to deal with doggie hair! BTW these are not pedigree dogs. They are 2 breeds mixed. They aren’t recognized by the AKC and you get no papers. Their is 5 breeds of dogs that is pedigree hypo-allergenic and the Poodle is one, that’s why the “Oodle” mix is popular.

      • And you’ve know clue what “McMansion” means obviously.

    • Jarlath

      I have two Border Terriers, which are “pedigree” dogs, and they are hypoallergenic.

      • brillke

        Oh, TeeCee, you crack me up when you try so hard to rile people up.

        Just an FYI, you can get pedigree dogs from rescues and they will have all the proper paperwork showing the world your pooch shits golden turds and picks winning lottery numbers, unlike your non-pedigree, normal shitting, no winning lottery number picking rejects at the rescue.

    • brillke

      You can get breed specific dogs from shelters too, no need to go to a breeder. Kinda bummed that Heather didn’t know this, or at least pretended to not know but it’s her money, she can do what she wants with it.

      • spk

        Too smart for her own britches, that heather. Of course she could have gotten a pedigree rescue and hypoallergenic to boot. I’ve helped people do that and the pets are gems and the owners score a grateful pet.

      • When you get a reject dog from a shelter 1) most of the time you don’t know its parentage so you are GUESSING that it’s hypoallergenic. And 2) there is usually a reason they are in a shelter or rescue and it’s not good. Some dogs just suck and there is no retraining them. Perpetuating the rescue guilt is like welfare. The more we do it, the more sad cases there will be. Why can’t people just get whatever dog they want without silly liberal guilt fucking things up.

      • I hope Banjo doesn’t read this comment. ​

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 10:14 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • No offense, but he’s had his challenges.

      • Well sure, he’s retarded, and randomly vicious, and his back legs don’t work right. But he’s MY REJECT DOG! And, he still doesn’t have as many issues as me…​

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 11:15 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I swear when I picture you walking him, it’s Weezer and her St. Bernard.

      • ​That makes me smile. If I am Weezer, that makes me very happy about being old.

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 11:44 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Pat G

        teecee66—Wow, you are SO off-base with your comment about shelter dogs. Here’s some facts:

        The bulk of the animals inhabiting our nation’s shelters are there, not because they “suck”—but because 1) careless owners who never spayed or neutered their pets, resulting in thousands more that are unwanted and left to fend for themselves in the streets; 2) careless owners who never did their homework on the amount of care and expense required in taking care of a pet—so they simply discard the animal; 3) owners who simply fell on hard times or even died, and their pets need a place to go and finally, 4) cruel owners who abuse and neglect their pets—until the animals are finally either abandoned or confiscated by authorities.

        I’ve never met a shelter dog or cat, regardless of the poor treatment received at the hands of human beings, that did not respond to a safe, warm place to sleep and eat, affection and training delivered with a firm, calm voice. Any reputable shelter has staff fully acquainted with the various personalities of the animals they care for and they will be more than happy to find the right pet match for you. And ask any veterinarian: Most mixed-breed dogs and cats–even after a life on the street—will almost always have fewer medical problems and, depending on the pure breed offered for comparison, fewer behavioral problems.

        I’ve adopted from shelters and I’ve personally rescued animals, some of whom were abused and even wild. Without exception, they all became wonderful pets. And every year, millions of animals that have the same potential are euthanized because no one gave them a home. Wanting to prevent that is hardly a liberal agenda.

      • Someone truly tell me what the difference is between paying for a specific breed at a rescue (cause they aint gonna be free) and buying a dog from a planned litter that a breeder has responsibly coordinated??? Either way you are adopting a dog. You have a much better chance of bonding with a small puppy than with a pre owned dog. And you know it doesn’t have some freakish terror that’s going to cause it to eat your throat at midnight.

        The rescue thing is NOT the answer to the problem of irresponsible pet owners. It perpetuates the problem.

      • brillke


        The difference with buying vs. adoption is not all breeders are good breeders. There are so many backyard breeders and puppy mills that if you do not do your homework you will most probably get a purebred who will be sick and end up costing you a fortune in vet bills or a little furry psychopath.

        Adoption and rescuing isn’t free, there are exceptions to that rule, but those dogs will be spayed/neutered, have all age appropriate shots and in many cases, will be behavior tested.

        It’s been my experience that shelter dogs are better temperament wise. I don’t know if they really do understand you’re saving them or not but they seem to get it.

        A purebred can have many health issues that are directly related to following breed standards. Look up German Shepard’s and the breed standard for their hind quarters and see how we’ve ruined this poor breed. Better yet, look up the BBC documentary, The Secret Lives of Dogs on YouTube. That will answer many questions you may have about pedigrees. HBO has done several documentaries about puppy mills and Animal Planet has several shows that have covered the topic as well. I recommend watching those too.

        I would love for everyone to adopt their pets but like I said about Heather, it’s their money, they can do what they want with it, I just hope they do their research first. I will say this, as someone else already pointed out, Heather bought a designer dog, a dog of mixed breeding, a mutt to us normal people, so she didn’t even get a pedigree dog.

        Oh, and let me be clear, rescue dogs can have health and behavioral issues too but getting a pedigree does not guarantee a healthier or more stable pet.

      • brillke

        Oh, and I did forget to address your comment about being able to bond better with a small puppy vs. a pre-owned dog are absolutely incorrect. You could bond just as strongly with a sr. shelter dog as you would with a puppy you’ve chosen at birth from a breeder. Dogs are companion animals, they want a companion. Some want to snuggle with you, some don’t but they want to at least know you’re there.

        As for ripping your throat out as you sleep, pedigree dogs can have behavioral issues too and can get aggressive.

        Rescuing dogs does not perpetuate the problem of irresponsible dog breeders. People need to be educated about what a responsible dog breeder is and to stop supporting backyard breeders and puppy mills. They need to know purebreds are literally being bred to death, in some cases. They need to know rescuing/adopting a dog does not mean you are getting some flawed reject that will rip your throat out as you sleep. That rescue dogs can be an amazing pet and a part of your family.

      • I didn’t ask on behalf of a moron. So ok. A moron who is too stupid to check out a breeder should take a rescue reject.

        And YOUR wrong about puppy bond versus pre-owned dog bond. Especially if you don’t know the history.

      • brillke


        You’d be surprised at how morons are out there but you might be more surprised at how few responsible breeders there are.

        We will have to agree to disagree about puppy vs previously owned dog bonding. I know for a fact you can bond with a dog who has had previous owners just as you would a puppy.

    • Lawstangel

      Not really disagreeing here ( I volunteer for a cocker spaniel rescue so I am hyper pro rescue) I think what she was getting at was due to allergies, if they get a hypo allergenic dog from a breeder, they know there is no, cross breeding, where as in a shelter, you don’t know the dogs bloodline/genetics.

  4. tobalinac

    Any of you H***s call me Francis? I’ll kill you! And I don’t like nobody touching my stuff! Any you guys try touching my stuff….I’ll kill you…..
    God I love this blog!

    • spk

      I know – I wondered if that was the Francis she meant. Love the reference tobalinac!

    • Patti R.

      Afraid Heather made a mistake. She knows that she can’t take care of her four children by herself. Nor can she do her own housework. And Heather says on RHOC that she knew she would end up taking care of the dogs. Then why get the dogs in the first place? Heather will end up hiring a Dog Walker; get the Nannies to walk them and take care of them ; get the professional chef to handle them OR take them back from where she got them. As far as her children goes, she and Terry needs to take lessons from the Duggars on the TLC Channel. They have 19 CHILDREN. And they ARE all about family and family sticking together and helping each other. Just saying…

      • So WHAT if she hires a dog nanny??? What the hell do you care. Also, I’ve no doubt that they CAN take care of their kids. But they CAN hire nannies. Who the fuck wouldn’t if you had the money. Are you saying nannies are evil??? Or just completely wrong?

  5. Yeah. Slow week. Tamra is a shrew. The way she poor mouths Eddie. And Heather. And anyone who is right when she’s wrong.

    Shannon is still batshit. Add alcohol and instant meltdown every time. The lunch was SO thoughtful. I was thinking, how cool would that be to have someone arrange that?? I can’t believe her attitude. She seriously hates everything.

    Brooks is still skeevy no matter how they try to humanize him.

    Heather’s children were monsters. And way to young to drink soda. That might be part of the problem. I’m just glad I was not at the next table. She said something like “coco is not ready for restaurants”. What ?? My kid went anywhere we went frim the time he started eating real food. And behaved. Or there was a consequence. I think Heather is not interested enough for consequences. Your right about the Mary Poopins for the dog. Or he poor kid nanny will get that doodie too.

    • We did the same with our daughter & she was fine every time. What parents fail to understand, children have an expiration date when it comes to adult activities. The younger they are, the shorter the time you can expect them to manage. That meant, when she was younger than one, entree and after dinner coffee. The older they get, the more add-ons they can manage. The next stage would be cocktail, entree, coffee. Then, gradually add salad, then dessert, then appetizer, and so on. Some parents are so inconsiderate of others. My gosh ! Many people make the effort to get a babysitter, they deserve a peaceful meal ! It’s just knowing your child & accommodating their abilities. There’s nothing ruder & more stressful in a nice (or any!) restaurant to have to hear the fussing, crying, child when you’re trying to enjoy a night out!
      Some people !

      • Ou there are lots of things ruder and more stressful. Trust me.

      • ogates

        My husband’s pet peeve when we eat out–hearing a screaming child or a youngster running around the tables as if they are in the park and the parents doing nothing–like removing themselves with the screaming child–he complains loudly which only makes me more uncomfortable than the loud kids! A no win situation in our case!

    • I think Eddie is on his way out the door. He sees the end of Cut Fitness and once that is gone, he is gone. That is why he does not want to repair the issues with the floor, which may be a safety hazard in a gym. And $149 per month??? Really??? Just to hang with them??? No pool, just the “privilege” of hanging with Eddie and Tamra and Ryan??? Wow. Just wow. I would go to the YMCA before I joined their sad little gym.

      • He is a personal trainer, isn’t he? Is being a gym member a condition of his training? Not sure how you’d compare this type of training to the Y.

    • ScrappieONE

      You are DEAD WRONG about shelter dogs. I am big into animal rescue and I can tell you most of the animals in shelter are due to neglect and abuse from ignore losers that I refuse to call humans. It sadden me to think people are so shallow to call them rejects when they didn’t even get a fair chance in life due to their POS owners. I am involved in rescuing puppy mill, dog fighting and several neglect and abuse cases and I can tell you most of the animals become the best friends you can ever have. SHAME ON YOU… And yes I’m ready for your retaliation, let it rip…

      If you notice my name is ScrappieONE, not because I am aggressive and want to fight but I did it after a dog named Scrappie who I rescued from a dog fighting ring in NY. He was beaten so bad for not doing what the POS owner wanted it to do so he kicked him so hard it paralyzed him. He came to me with open wounds, sick and broken. He lived with me for 3-1/2 years and I SPOILED HIM ROTTEN until he passed. It sickens me to know ignorant people call them rejects. Bring it…

      • Totally agree with you ScrappieONE. We work with a rescue group – we foster the dogs until good owners are found. The dogs are wonderful and each situation is different. The last one we had was a wonderful old girl whose owners had a nasty divorce and moved into apartments. They worked all the time and had to leave her outside, chained up – it was very sad. She went to a wonderful family with children who loved her dearly. Plus she was trained (both house trained and obedient).

        I don’t think everyone has to get a rescue dog, but people that do rescue pets are wonderful!

      • I didn’t rescue Banjo. He rescued me! :)

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 1:48 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Greyce girl

        Right on! Love my rescues! Terrible to call them rejects. I know who the reject is……..

      • spk

        Love knowing the origin of your name! It is absolutely true; the animals are so grateful and know they’ve hit the jackpot when rescued, it’s an amazing bond. I’ve watched it happen again and again w/ people I’ve worked with. And if someone has their nose up about shelters, there are many legit, purebred animal foster homes that are needing to adopt out.

        Abuse isn’t limited to one group of pets. We see this every day on Bravo.

      • I could not care less about you it scrimpy or your opinion.

        Yes. I’m sure the Orange County shelters are full of dogs trained for fighting and puppy mill puppies. I’m rolling my eyes harder than scrimpy’s dead body.

        Keep telling yourself that you’re getting into heaven for taking care of rejects. Your lot is usually so socially retarded that you can’t relate to humans so you befriend animals and pretend they are human. They are not. They are animals. Here for our pleasure. And if it pleases the woman to have a well bred dog rather than a reject that is defective, then she should do as she pleases.

      • ScrappieONE

        Funny how I can’t response to this REJECTS Teecee comment…. Once again you have proven your ignorance …. I never said anything about heaven… In fact I am far from believing in it… Your a very sad soul and have proven it with your comeback… Animals are here for our pleasure”…. Boy you reallly are a special kind of stupid. Are you lost at words, FINALLY. Is that all you got, “Scrimpy”…. No wonder you spend all dayon this blog spewing nonsense and attacking. Talk about a lost and lonely life. You should be so proud. However I will not waste another second of my life with someone who just doesn’t get it and never will.

      • brillke

        Think about it this way, thanks to TeeCees truly ignorant comments, some actual facts about the so-called “reject” animals have been shared and at least one reader has learned about hypoallergenic breeds and that you can indeed adopt them. That’s a good thing!

        These dogs are rejected for many reasons. Too large/small for breed standard, wrong fur color, slight over/underbites, tail wrong shape/length, wrong coat texture and much more that have absolutely nothing to do with temperament and can get these pedigree dogs labeled rejects and sometimes put down by breeders.

        The dog in my avatar is my rescue, Kiki. Kiki was purchased, neglected and abused by her previous owners. She’s a purebred chihuahua but she grew too big, she’s 11lbs, and is a doe head, not the desired apple head, so after a year, her owners no longer wanted her. I’ve had Kiki for 5 years now and she’s the best dog I’ve ever had.

        TT, I love what you had to say about Banjo and I truly believe an animal can rescue us. Also, I apologize if I’m a bit ranty but this is a subject I’m very passionate about.

        I’ve already stated it was Heathers money and she can buy whatever she wanted with it, I just took issue with her misrepresenting the facts about adopting/rescuing a hypoallergenic dog and if this makes me a liberal, okie-dokie!

      • Lol. Yeah. My comments temporarily cured your vast stupidity and ignorance.

      • ogates

        I agree–I have 3 rescue dogs and they are fantastic and sometime “reject dogs” are left behind because of their family’s money problems–a friend of mine had two gorgeous labs she gave-up to a shelter after divorcing and having to sell her home–it hurt when she told me and it felt so cold but I know she had to prioritize. I had two other rescues at that time that were great pets also but have since passed–I had them all their lives since finding them at the Humane Society–I had a rescue cat also–with all the need already I don’t understand people who breed more dogs who may not come out “perfect” and end up who knows where–makes no sense imo…

  6. Josie

    Tamara is a shit. According to her blog, Shannon told her the day before OFF camera about the email. The only reason it got on camera is because Tamra blabbed to Heather. After the fake lunch filming between Heather and Tamra to make up, Heather went to a real dinner off camera with friends and blabbed. When Tamra and Shannon were filming, Shannon got the text from David. At that point, it is out there. Why not bring it up? I thought she got a lot of undeserved flack for that.

    I feel bad for Shannon. Her marriage is exploding and she is losing her mind and clinging on for dear life. I know it’s not pretty to watch but I’m going to give her a break. I’ve seen friends go through breakups and I know that women aren’t the most rational in that state of mind. I’m hoping she can pull it together and save her marriage.

    • Then how is there a scene on camera with Shannon reading the email to Tamra, hitler?

      • delaney

        Hitler? Foul.

      • Angie

        Could you please refresh my memory as to when Shannon read the e-mail to Tamra?
        I thought that S told T about the e-mail during an off-camera telephone conversation. Then when David sent the txt to Shannon about Heather discussing the e-mail to a table of women, Shannon showed the txt to Tamra (still not actually talking aboyt the contents of the e-mail). When S showed up at H’s house to ask about who told H about the e-mail, S was talking in circles still trying to avoid spilling the contents of the e-mail on camera. At that point I only remember S talking about the contents of e-mail in her talking head interviews which are filmed later.
        Maybe I missed part of an episode? Because I don’t remember Shannon ever reading David’s e-mail on camera to Tamra.

      • From TT’s June 16th blog (and fuck you for making me look it up when you could have):

        Shannon goes over to see Tamra about her marriage. Shannon is truly heartbroken. Her story seems very real to me. Unfortunately, it’s a very, very sad story. Tamra said her breaking point was when the fighting starts to happen in front of the children.

      • Foul? For real? When exactly did YOU become the line judge?? Her avatar is a swastika. She is obviously hitler. Shut tup.

      • You need new material.

      • katastrophe

        I am a bad mom because of you Teecee. I read all of your comments, and got to this Hitler one (because i too questioned the swaztika avatar) and burst out laughing in my napping toddlers face when i read this. see, I was snuggling her, and to pass time by i just browsed comments…didn’t think i’d read something funny enough to risk waking her up!! You’re my hero. Everyone here is taking this rescue dog business a little too seriously.

    • delaney

      Your comments abt women freaking out over marriages reminded me of my sister and a good friend. My god they were crazy for a while. So emotional and well, crazy. As for Lizzie, it’d be hard to take her seriously in her stupid dresses and all that makeup.

      • Lizzie isn’t doing to well, is she? I like her. I think she is pretty. I like to see a southern girl on the show. But she’s not very …interesting. ​

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 12:40 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Liz M

        Lizzie’ s only problem on the show is that she is nice. Nice is boring. Now if she had gotten snarky or spit in Vicki’ s tequila during chairgate that would be a different story. She has manners, and seems bewildered by all the rudeness.

    • brillke

      I think TeeCee is talking about your avatar. I know I did a double take when I saw it.

    • puppylove

      Shannon needs to go to therapy so someone can tell her to SHUT her mouth and stop complaining. You are with your husband in a beautiful location and all you can do is say you and your husband don’t do things together. If Shannon can’t appreciate where she is and what Vicki did for her and David I do think she is a bit wacko no I take that back she is a lot wacko. Open your eyes ms Shannon you are where you want to be in a romantic location and your husband seems in a romantic mood – that dumbbell should open her eyes and ENJOY the moment. Life has ups and downs. Everyday life is the business end of living and raising children that vacation is the fun and romantic side . Enjoy it while it lasts until next time. Shannon keeps this up and she will loose David, and it’s her that is pushing him away. I don’t even think she knows what she is doing. She wants attention 100% of the time, or the winning starts and then the bitching starts. Then David tunes out. I don’t blame him. He is good a tuning out too, just totally ignores what is being said. Do you think he might be hard of hearing? Probably not , just a thought.

      • Shannon reminds me of my mother. When I CALL my parents, my mother answers and spends the first 5 minutes talking about how “I never call” – then she hands the phone to my father who says “why don’t you call your mother”?

        Which then makes me wish I hadn’t called.


  7. Shannon needs therapy! She is a professional victim; attack, attack, cry foul! Her husband will leave her and it is her own fault. She is doing to David what she does with Heather, stays in a defensive posture misreading everything ready to attack. She is her own worst enemy who can’t tell the truth from a lie! Zzzzzzzzz

    • Liz M

      I am sure that Heather makes a list every morning of ways she can ruin Shannon Beador’ s life. I am so tired of the whine and poor pitiful me. As for Tamra, she is hateful. I still remember her “naked wasted” trick she pulled on Gretchen. While Gretchen was annoying, no person deserves that kind of treatment. I loved how she ‘fessed up to Vicki and then tried to put all the blame on Heather. All Tamra had to do was keep her big mouth shut. I wish robo-baby had short circuited and electrocuted her. Tamra should not reproduce; she needs chlorine in her gene pool.

  8. HannahKingRose

    Call me crazy if you want. I just think if Shannon constantly brings up her failing marriage to anyone with two ears including her husband on national t.v. no less, then why be surprised that people talk. She couldn’t even enjoy a romantic lunch in paradise without a meltdown. All David wanted to do at that moment was to enjoy the day. Shannon will not hear what he is saying. He doesn’t say he doesn’t love her but that they need to change their lives to make them better. He even made the statement about being sorry they lived the lifestyle they did because he had to work so hard and had to be gone to provide it for them. The man is tired of working his ass off, coming home to her complaining or nagging about something and going to bed at the same time as the kids because he has to do the same thing the next day. I’m sure he is by no means perfect. What man is lol, but they do live in a beautiful home and she is able to stay home and raise their children and buy pretty much whatever she wants. I also know she brought money into the relationship so it’s not all from him. I think if I thought my husband didn’t love me any more and all it took to make him happy was more time spent having fun with me and our children, I would try to make it so. Hope she figures it out before he packs his bags for real.

  9. I remember in the beginning of the season when I watched the way Shannon treated David I thought, man she really wants to divorce him. I thought this is going to be the next Housewives divorce. Then she seems so shocked and terrified that he could possibly divorced HER, you can see her having a nervous breakdown before our eyes–which is so hard to watch, poor thing. But someone needs to get the hook and drag her aside and tell her what’s up because she doesn’t have a clue and I’m afraid she has a very small margin of error before David will be outta there. She just doesn’t have any self reflection skills. It’s ironic though because she seeks out naturopaths and spiritual healings yet she hasn’t got a speck of spirituality in her. She’s lost. It’s like she’s trying to find and connect to something but she it might as well be vapors because she’s led a very superficial life and now she’s trapped by her very lifestyle and doesn’t know how to change. I don’t think she’ll be able to save her marriage and that is a nervous breakdown I don’t care to see. Can you imagine? They’ll have to hire a nanny to watch Shannon.

    • Sheree Harhay

      I agree with everything you said. She seems opposed to conventional help, but she clearly needs to see a psychiatrist. IMO, she is having a nervous breakdown right now and it is unfolding on each episode that is aired. Many think that a nervous breakdown is a singular event, but it is rapidly declining deterioration of a person’s mental stability that will eventually deem her incapable of dealing with day to day care of herself, her children, and her marriage. Her inability to hold back any of her feelings, knocking on heather’s door uninvited in the evening, asking Heather for info, unloading her marital problems and the contents of David’s private email to her, on Tamara, a woman she barely knows is part of her illness, her breakdown, and her unfolding in a very pathetic manner on national TV is beyond sad. She is too far gone to be able to identify her own problems. She needs professional help and hopefully someone in her family of origin, like her mother/father, siblings, will try and intervene and get her off this show so she can get some much needed help.

      • Exactly. There cannot really be a true rekindling between Shannon and David until she gets her self in focus. Hey that’s what David kept saying, focus!! I feel badly for both of them because we are seeing some real shit here. It’s easy to picture Shannon having an emergency situation develop if someone doesn’t stop and say, “look you need to get some help now.” I wonder if she takes some kind of meds already. If not, she will be.

  10. Tamra, her time seems like it’s up now. Can’t wait for the episode where she goes running away from the scene howling like a banshee.

  11. Angel

    Actually, David brought up the subject of their marriage at lunch by the stream. I am sure he just beat Shannon to it. I hope Tamra gets canned after this season. Isn’t Heather too busy to do reality now that she is getting regular scripted shows, I wish? The new women are not helping. What does Vicky have left to say? I think it should be a wrap on the old OC. Boring, boring, boring.

  12. ScrappieONE

    Shannon needs to get happy, herself. She complains and sees fault in everything around her. Constantly pointing out Happy David, David eating chips and salsa, etc… She runs everything into the ground and then some. The problem in their marriage is Shannon. I like her but her constant complaining and explanations are killing me.

  13. Maggie5

    Shannon certainly made a point to tell all of us how well-bred she is . . . all those generations of women in her family going to Cotillion to learn how to behave in public. However, I really can’t think of anything as low-class as to belittle your spouse at a dinner party. And at EVERY dinner party, now that I think about it. She seems to be the one incapable of behaving in a way that isn’t uncomfortable for both her hosts and her guests. I’ll bet there’s another woman out there who would be happy to put dinner on the table for David or make him a dang snack instead of complaining about his chips & salsa habit!

    • HannahKingRose

      Maggie5 I totally agree. You said pretty much the same thing I said in my post. She has no clue how to be happy and continually sucks the happy out of every situation for everyone else too including her hostesses. All I want to say to her is quitcha bitching already and do something fun. You might like it and so may your husband. He might even stay up past 8:30 with you if you aren’t griping about everything. Might help save the marriage you say you want to keep.

  14. JrLeaguer

    I was afraid that Vicki and Shannon were going to break a hip up on that bar.
    Tamra is not a great walking advertisement for her gym. She looks haggard (and not because of robo baby) this season and her arms are really untoned. Ryan butted heads with Simon and now Eddie….maybe Ryan is the issue.
    I wish that Vicki would deflate her Brooks blow up doll and leave him in the closet at Casa de Love Shack. The guy is just too creepy for words.

  15. JenntheAUfan

    In every episode shannon says if david and I are connected everything is great but when we arent its horrible. Im sick of hearing it. I know david is bc I can only imagine how many times she sais it off camera. Ugh

    • Its like Shannon expects complete and total connection at all times. That is just not realistic. This woman has some serious psychiatric issues, imo. Much more so that Tamra or Vicky.

  16. Sheree Harhay

    Josie, your ‘avatar’ is disgusting and to Karen who I presume is one of the commentators on this blog, while the swastika is an ‘old’ symbol with many meanings, the meaning of the swastika forever changed when the nazis took over Germany. Despite its origin, the swastika, TODAY, is associated with nazi Germany, Aryan identity, INCITES controversy, and strikes terror in Jews. I know this as I am Jewish and had relatives who were gassed to death in concentration camps. To make a comment that the swastika is an old symbol with many meanings is minimizing the only real meaning that it is associated with today as a result of the nazis killing 6 million Jews.

    • puravidacostarica2

      Oh FFS, complain to WordPress or Disqus or whatever it’s called. Josie did not “select” her avitar, it was automatically inputted when she first logged on. Now STFU and have a seat, unless you want to make another mountain out of a molehill.

    • JrLeaguer

      @Sheree Harhay~ Settle down, no one needs a history lesson. I am Jewish too, but I cannot be offended by something that someone (Josie) has no control over!!! She does NOT choose the avatar, they are randomly chosen for us. It is a symbol commonly used by Hindus and Buddhists as well as other cultures. It was used for thousands of years before it was jacked for an evil purpose.It’s continued use by those religions and cultures does not minimize the loss of Jewish life at all.

      • It’s a pink avatar you bunch of fucking nutballers! ​

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 1:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Sheree Harhay

        Sorry, I apologize to Josie. I didn’t realize that the avatars were random. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings Josie.

      • Sheree Harhay

        Puravid,….I don’t mind being corrected and/or apologizing for saying something that was incorrect. I apologized to Josie below. I don’t need you to tell me to STFU. You can communicate without sounding like a mean bulldog. You should work on that.

      • Sheree Harhay

        Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t realize it was a random avatar assigned to each commenter. I did apologize to Josie below. Yes, I know it was used as a symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism (my daughter-in-law is Hindu), but it’s not a symbol that they use anymore. It is commonly known today as a symbol that is associated with regime of Hitler and and the genocide of 6 million Jews, gypsies, gays, lesbians, and Catholic Priests. Again, I’m sorry for the confusion.

      • They do still use it at the Zen center I go to. It’s on the beads we use to practice. There really not made into a big deal but I’m just saying they are still used in Buddhism, in my experience.

        Josie, I hope you don’t feel bad. Mean people suck. Stick with us.


        That makes so much sense.

      • Valerie

        Hey,Teecee, When I was at your last Nazi Tupperware party you promised me you wouldn’t out me, you big snitch.

      • puravidacostarica2

        Lions and bulldogs and nazis, oh my!

      • Indeed. Now please excuse me as I have to go invade Poland.


    Did anyone else get the sense that there may have been an infidelity in Shannon’s marriage. Something about the way David kept saying “you need to forgive”, just rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe all Shannon’s insecurity stems from her husband having had an affair? Just speculating but I’ve seen this several times. Also I’m starting to think that Ryan is a huge part of Tamra & Simon’s divorce. He is so not respectful and I can see Eddie wanting to slap him. I don’t like Ryan, he has scary psychotic eyes. LOL

    • RomaReads

      Yes LoriNYC I heard David mention forgiveness and pondered for a second what that meant exactly? It had to mean something. I mean she doesn’t have to forgive him for making a great living and coming home for dinner with her and the girls every night right?!

  18. Vivi

    Anyone sense that Vicki is missing Don this season? Maybe some buyer’s remorse.

    • Angel

      I noticed that as well about Vicky always lamenting past issues with Don.

      I have always been suspect of Ryan. He cannot or will not stand on his own feet. He always rides on the coat tails of whatever man is in his mothers life. He worked with Eddie at his parents law office prior to the gym opening, and with Simon before that. Looser. They showed Tamra bringing sacks of groceries to his apartment last season. She said something about him not being trusted to do basic chores of living. He seems to just take up space until the next person hands him a life or tells him what to do. Even if he may not of had the best examples, it is time to get a life.

      I definitely would want a different table than next to the Dubrow kids. All are old enough to behave during a meal. They need the cotillion classes.

  19. RomaReads

    Call me crazy but I thought the lunch between David and Shannon was riveting. That was as raw and real as you can get on a “reality” show. The OC money rat race can be brutal on a marriage. It sounds to me like David is killing himself trying to achieve Shannon’s lifestyle dreams. I know she comes from money. But people it takes a literal FORTUNE to keep up with the Jones not to mention the Dubrows and the like. He is resentful. She is demanding. Change the way you live if you want to save your marriage.
    Not an easy thing to do for Shannon and the girls. I hope she heard what David said at lunch. I sure did. Tamra, is so desperate and pathetic. I can’t help but remember the lust ridden bath tub scene with Eddie a season or two ago. That lust doesn’t last. Eddie would be crazy to have another child with Tamra. Tamra, board up the baby factory and put your efforts in to raising the many young children you ALREADY HAVE. The scene with Heather and the kids was typical for her I’m sure. How disturbing is it to see your mom get punched in the face, even if it is on TV? (last episode I think) How does a child under five process that? Not well I can tell you. All the money in the world can’t make you good parents. One day BRAVO may have shows based upon the children raised in the RH franchise, dark and sad shows…

  20. S

    Oyy the problems of the rich…. this makes me glad I am not rich … my husband works very long hours and when he gets home I prepare him a meal and then we watch TV or a movie on Hulu and I give him a massage … its the simple things ….

    that’s why when I watch these housewives shows I don’t feel jealous of their $13 million homes, team of staffs, shopping sprees … it obviously doesn’t make them happy (Well, maybe Heather, she REALLY enjoys all the material perks of her life). I wish someone would tell Shannon she doesn’t need expensive vacations with her husband in order to make each other happy. I also think that while communication is good, she really should stop voicing her concerns/complaints to him and use ACTIONS ….. like surprise him, be spontaneous…. make his favorite food, treat him like a king when he gets home from work … stop nagging … talk less … smile more …

  21. OMG David, Shannon’s husband is a saint. I do not know how he does it. He hit the nail on the head when he said, you have to make yourself happy, you are not happy with yourself.

    I fast forward through the Tamara/Eddie scenes. I just can’t take it.. It is time for her to go away.

  22. Melesa

    Lizzie is not that great for the show and I agree that she is just too nice. I like Vicki in a weird way. Vicki is a hard worker and yet she likes to find time to play. Heather never thinks she does anything wrong, she’s always the innocent one. Heather had that mechanical bull go faster when Tamara was on it, but acted like she was not aware what happened.I’m fully aware that happened a while ago, but that was just an example of Heather’s innocense. Shannon is a NUT case! The woman has diamonds in her teeth. She’s whacko! No telling how much money is spent in a months time on stupid crap that she does. She’s got looney tunes sprinkling fairy dust on her and sticking his thumb up Vicki’s bum…ugh! Tamara says (after she gets busted by Shannon) “I’m not going to lie, I told Heather” What do you mean, Tamara, I’m not going to lie???? huh? You already lied, girl! I don’t know how David stays with Shannon, but can you imagine how much the child support would be? I think he could get the kids though. Brooks is a slime ball…he grosses me out! I think Vicki could do much better.

  23. Amy

    Maybe this is why the Beadors are selling their home; they are down-grading their lifestyle so David doesn’t have to work as hard?

  24. Must agree with the above comments that TeeCee tries way too hard.
    She thinks her opinion is the only non-moronic one around…so stale.

  25. Lisa Yappel

    I think Shannon gets too much flack. It does appear that David has cheated on her. That would explain why she is so depressed in her marriage. I think people give David too much credit. I don’t think he’s that great. We don’t know what transpired in their marriage, so it is not good to judge Shannon so harshly.

    I know some people want Tamra to leave the show, but she’s one of the reasons I watch it. She brings so much drama to the table. If everyone got along perfectly, would anyone watch it? If so, you’re a WAY better person
    than I.

    BTW, rescue dogs are wonderful!

  26. Patti R.

    I like Lizzie. But what’s up with her wanting another child? She’s having a hard time taking care of the two children she has!! I’ve heard her say she wants another child so much! Then turns around and talks about her swimwear business, and this, that and the other and having to take care of ALL her kids while handling just everything and that she is under so much stress!!!!! Does Lizzie think that having another child will HELP her reduce her stress?!!!!!!! I’m sure her husband is baffled. Because she hands over the kids to him when he comes home. Which is great. He needs to be with the kids. But give him a minute to change gears. And Christian put on a you-know- what because I don’t think your wife is quite ready for another child yet because she’s always talking out both sides of her mouth!! You know this to be a fact. She’s just confused right now. One good thing for Lizzie, they will be in school soon. They start children off at a very young age now. So she will be alone! hahah! Don’t think she can handle being alone either.

  27. Here’s the thing. Rescue digs are great if you want one. Purebreds are great if you want one. The point is that you people and society in general should not try to guilt/bully anyone into one or the other. I wanted all of you yap pears to see what that feels like. Just as you do not need me telling you that your rescue dogs are defective rejects, Heather and anyone else who wants a purebred do not née the world telling them that purebreds are wrong.

    Wanna eat vegan? I think it’s gross but whatever. Want to tell me I have to eat vegan? Go fuck your mother.

    • meredo

      I am fairly new here and at first I was offended by Teecee and wondered why she was allowed to verbally beat people up. But, I think I finally get her and I like it. She’s smarter than the average bear so it takes awhile to see where she’s coming from, but to me she makes sense. I guess I’m elevating myself as being smarter than the average bear but if I get Teecee and I’m right, then I guess I am! Lol.
      Oops, this is supposed to be about RHOC, sorry,my bad.

    • brillke

      I agree. If you want to rescue, rescue. If you want to buy, buy. Either way, do your homework. My only issue was Heather saying they had to buy a pedigree but you can rescue pedigrees, it happens everyday.

  28. spk

    Heather said “I know I should go with rescue-dogs but because of allergies, I have to go to a breeder”. Problem is, those two things aren’t mutually exclusive–non-allergenic exists in rescues AND puppy mills.

    And since she wags her finger in everyones face about how everything is a teachable moment (what temp should red wine be ??) but when the teachable moment is there for her, she chicken-shits out and admits this chicken-shit move by saying, “we’ll give toys to the shelter to off-set our bad choice”. Maybe she thinks this will get her into heaven.

    It was a chicken-shit choice that revealed her ignorance even, it seemed, to her husband.

    • ​See? I think you just made TeeCee’s typo-ridden point. The fact that Heather would have to “make up an excuse” at all to people like you about what kind of dog she wants is ridiculous. This entire debate is ridiculous. Heather wanted puppies. She bought two. She should be allowed to buy a dog without all to societal pressure of being expected to rescue a dog she doesn’t want without people calling her a chickenshit and ignorant. She bought a couple dogs.

      All of this drama over where people get a dog from is ridiculous. There are so many bigger issues to lose your mind over. Like why it’s 2014 and nothing has been done about the fact that a large majority of women lose there mind in their 40s and 50s .

      On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 1:44 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • spk

        Women do lose their minds at any age, don’t they?

        I was having some fun at Heathers expense bc well, she asked for it by being on a show, making it easy to wag my finger at her.

        Had no idea the line was drawn so firmly that two opposing views can’t be held at the same time and both be true. I’m looking forward to being done with the subject too–no need for people to continue blowing smoke up each others asses and trying to convince each other that it’s actually raining.

      • ​There is no smoke. There is no rain. Just some bony-assed rich bitch who bought her kids a couple of dogs.

        On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 3:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • brillke

        Heather can do what she wants, just don’t lie or spread information. If she had said I want to by a pedigree and didn’t even mention her guilt about not rescuing, I don’t think there would be as big of an issue, at least not with me.

  29. spk

    oh wait wait wait! I think you mean that because I said it was chicken shit, that I’m saying her choice was WRONG. Sorry, no, I just meant chicken shit. I’m glad everyone has a choice Damn It.

    So I think I get what you were saying TT. Took my slow brain a few minutes to get it.

    **and I haven’t read if any new comments so flame thrower at me at will**

  30. So….because she tried to appease harpies by doing something REALLY GOOD (giving money to a rescue), she is a chicken shit? It would have been better to not donate? Terry jumped her and never let her finish her prepared speech. He was being funny. Teasing her. Not accusing her the way you just did by calling her chicken shit.

    • Heather did not buy a “well bred dog” she bought a mix breed, which is of course within her right to do so. She can buy whatever she pleases with her money..
      That said she might as well have gone to the shelter and adopted a couple of dogs.
      A Goldendoodle is a mutt and will always be a mutt. If you bred a pure bred Golden Retriever to a Purebred Poodle no matter how you turn it around you get a mix breed…. a lovey animal I’m sure but it’s a mutt and will always be one. It will never have a pedigree nor would it’s puppies or it’s puppies puppies.
      Sorry Heather.

      • Damn. You are ducking dense if you didn’t figure out by now that no one thinks these mixes are purebred and that she bought them because they are supposed to be hypoallergenic.

  31. I think, the only interesting part of the dog conversation was Terri’s joke/comment to Heather at dinner. That was smart and quick. Oh, the comment Heather made about toilet training the dogs on someone else’s floor. That was honest and funny.

    TT, I’ve no clue if Teecee has a heart but she has been “gentle” with me on a few of my moronic remarks. Good enough for me.

    Someone mentioned Vicky’s skin, yes I’ve seen that and wondered WTH. Vicky has access to great doctors so what is going on with that.

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