Kandi’s Wedding: Mark My Words, Todd Will Regret This

Kandi's Wedding RHOA

Okay, it’s time for two long hours of Kandi’s wedding.  The Bravo Buffoonery continues with Bravo adding two minutes to the DVR in front of the show and two minutes behind. WTF?  We begin at the rehearsal dinner and none of the grooms or groomsmen are there. Kandi calls Todd and they argue on the phone while the dinner guests gossip. Kandi looks like a major fool. I’m not sure I can do two hours of this tomfoolery. Mama Joyce and Kandi speak their family language discussing the pre-nup. We need subtitles. Apollo tells Todd this is partly his fault.  I’ve said it many times Kandi had no business marrying today. She doesn’t understand that marriage is a partnership. If she doesn’t want to go into a business arrangement with Todd, she had no business marrying him. Marriage is a business deal. Many of Todd’s groomsmen tell Todd not to sign it.

Mama Joyce goes to Kandi’s dad to get him to tell Kandi not to get married without the pre-nup. Mama Joyce is gloating in her talking heads. Todd, you need to run! RUN NOW! Save yourself, Todd!  Todd’s mom says they need to due a post-nup and get this stuff straightened out. Todd tells the boys he can’t live without Kandi.  Yes you can, Todd. Yes.You.Can.

Todd goes over to the house to fix things with Kandi. Todd says if she fixes the 30 day thing and the will issue then they can move forward. Kandi agrees. Fun fact: Stephanie Casteel was one of Sheree’s lawyers that she used to set up her shell LLC.  She had to testify in court that Sheree had some sort of ownership of the Chateau. Stephanie is super nice. I hope she eventually got paid. But I doubt it. Allegedly.

Todd has a 17-year-old daughter? Is this news? I don’t recall knowing this info. Is that his only daughter? I thought he had one closer to Riley’s age. Oh! I think we all thought one of Riley’s play dates was his daughter once. That must be the source of my confusion.

The bridesmaids are getting ready. Tasia brought a back up dress because no one has been fitted by Reco and they still don’t have dresses. Kandi had programs for her wedding. This is a new thing, I reckon. I think my nephew had one at his wedding. I seem to recall the whole foot-washing thing being on there.

Kandi is prettier without make-up in my opinion. RHOA Mama Joyce

Mama Joyce says exactly what I have been saying. She doesn’t like the Coming to America theme, especially the dance. Kandi loves it. And really, she’s the bride and if it makes her happy that is all that matters. Taste be damned. Mama Joyce says she does not like Kandi being subservient to Todd. Good lord, they have tables set up like a UGA registration day,  A-F, G-L  etc. And thugs there to take your cell phone if you brought one.

Stephanie Casteel walks in to do a video recording of the pre-nup. It has to be videoed and notarized because Todd is going against his attorney’s advice and because the pre-nup is so lopsided that it will definitely be contested when they divorce.  The first thing he has to agree to is that he had enough time to consider the agreement. Then he basically gives up every other right a pre-nup would afford him. This is a horrible idea. What a lovely thing to do on your groom on his wedding day.

Where is Phaedra? It just occurred to me that I did not see her getting her makeup done. That said, I was not really looking at the TV much.

This whole”checking in at the table” thing is bizarre. Who does that?  I guess the same person who has a lion in a cage outside the wedding venue. Sigh. Is it over yet?

Apollo orders 9 shots of Don Julio. Um, violation of bond anyone? Let’s hope there are ten of them.  Nine shots arrived but two of them had lemon garnish instead of lime. Perhaps those two are actually water. One for Apollo and one for a non drinker? Nope. Apollo had a lime.

Kandi asks Mama Joyce if she did something to upset Kayla. Mama Joyce says she could care less about Kayla. Kandi tells her not to treat a child like that. Mama Joyce says fifty times that she doesn’t have to check her.  Riley has to stop here grandmother from yelling. Riley leaves the room in a huff and Kandi cries. Riley calls here Memaw.  She goes after Riley who is crying. Mama Joyce apologizes to Riley. Riley ends up having to check Mama Joyce. One of the glam squad calls Mama Joyce to get her bracelet for the something borrowed. Mama Joyce gives it to her and she asks, “Do you want to put it on?” and Mama Joyce says no and storms off. Lovely.

I still haven’t seen Phaedra.

Kayla looks stunning in her dress. Kandi says her two girls look beautiful.

RHOAPhaedraOhLordPhinally, Phaedra. with ten pounds of braided Asian lady hair on top of her bald head.

Dear God. To complete the tacky, they are WANDING the guests for weapons. Are you kidding me? How much more ghetto can this wedding get? Will there be red solo cups as the reception? Lawd have mercy. I think I am about to find out. Kandi and her 11-year-old daughter are in short dresses and heels. I have no idea what they are about to do but I’m sure it will be ridiculous. Why is Kandi not in her dress? Sigh. Why did they put Riley in that dress? Such an awful choice. The wedding was supposed to start at 7. Kandi’s middle name is late. Riley is freaking out because it is 7:18 and they are still in the car.

The wedding is now an hour late. Guests have been waiting for an hour and the bridesmaids still don’t have dresses and Kandi is still not in hers. This show makes Kandi look like such an asshole. I have no idea why she agreed to do this show. Oh wait, money. I wonder if Todd got paid for this show?

Q Parker singing Everyone Shouldn’t Have a Say in Our Love was the best part. The man has some pipes. Todd looks super happy, bless his naïve heart. As Phaedra and Apollo walk down the aisle, Apollo says “I love you” and Phaedra says, “I love you too!” and since they are not in a church, God let’s it slide and does not send a lightning bolt.

Kandi actually walks down the aisle to the Queen to Be Song from Coming to America. I. Can’t. Wait, she actually only walked out to that.  Then the African dance thing happened. I actually like the dance. The dancers were fabulous. Phaedra liked it to especially the “jolly black giant” who apparently had quite the package.

Oh noe, Todd is crying. I feel even worse for him now. Lot’s of people are emotional. Except for Kandi. WTF? Kandi cries on every reunion. But not even misty at her own wedding? It seems to be more of an event than a wedding in her eyes. It’s not too late to run, Todd. Lawd I hope my source was right and the real wedding was in Cancun and this is all just a paycheck.

During the “I do” parts Kandi doesn’t even glance at Todd. But he keeps trying to say his vows to her. #heartbreak. He is crying and she is grinning. No product placement by Bravo on the expensive rings. I reckon Kandi paid for them and has a clause in the pre-nup that she gets his back.  Kandi gave Kayla a ring and Todd gave Riley a ring symbolizing the joining of the families. Todd’s part was way more touching. Kandi finally breaks and cries. I think maybe she was just trying to hold it together.

Oh look, it is She by Sheree. posing with Cynthia. Cynthia is about to have a nip slip in that dress. Not her best look. ( I just paused to see if there was a Fashion Queens tonight. There is not. I would have actually DVRed that. #BravoFail) I’m also disappointed Sheree did not wear a bagel on her head. #pity Chef Roble was there too. I used to like him but he is Sofa King racist. Allegedly.

Porsha asks her sister if she say the tigers at the front. Sis says,”I think they were lions.” Is this shit real? Because I’ve watched a bit of Porsha on Dish Nation and she is actually very good as a DJ on camera. Things that make you go..hmmmm.

Kandi starts domming Todd at the reception, “Don’t get drunk!” She also caved to peer pressure and bought herself a new engagement ring. She just keeps looking worse.  Big Tigger MCed the reception!  (He’s a big time radio jockey in Atlanta).  Flash to Miss Lawrence and Sheree. Sheree has some crap weave going on there, Miss Lawrence. #FixItJesus

Cynthia and Peter make out during the couples first dance. Kandi’s butt is Todd’s butt, but Kandi’s money is not Todd’s money. /eyeroll Derek J and Miss Lawrence jabber about the fashion as Sheree tries to look relevant.

Fantasia was all over the Internet for her bizarre long toast. But that was not shown. But Derek J drags Mama Joyce up to give a toast. Mama Joyce gives a sweet toast. I could swear I saw Sherri Shepherd there dancing with another man. Y’all know my facial recognition skills are off but on my DVR it is at the 1:23 mark. And that ain’t Sal she is dancing with. Maybe it’s Weenie? I am so bad with faces.

Kandi’s comments about her wedding, “This is the best party I have ever been to.” No doubt she got married in Mexico.

Bell Biv Devoe!!!!!

Porsha did not catch the bouquet. She was butt hurt. Because she’ been divorced for five minutes and it’s on to the next.

Thank God it is over.


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156 responses to “Kandi’s Wedding: Mark My Words, Todd Will Regret This

  1. Will

    TT 1st time commentator/Recent reader

    Tamar I’ve been waiting for you! What the hell was Todd talking about its not just Love (which for Kandi its is) but its a business? I have nothing against Todd and I do think Mama Joyce is crazy but when he says stuff like this without a full explanation and volunteers it (without prompting) it raises flags.

    Was Andy trying to throw shade on WWHL when he kept talking about Todd meeting Kandi at work? It was like half congratulations, half shade.

    Also I like Tam I think she’s cool, so when Kandi has friends like Tam why do she puts up with Carmen (I think we disagree TT

    • Will everyone with a brain knows marriage is a business arraignment. It doesn’t mean it is not a love thing two but marriage is a legal business relationship. Kandi knows that. That is why she stripped Todd of all his marital benefits.

      • Will

        So because of the legal arrangement and the benefits of a marriage its means that marriage can be thought of as a business….arrangement? Similar to two companies merging and their assets combining…I never thought of it like that but I do understand what he was saying better now.

  2. Jarlath

    So if Kandi and “opportunist” Todd got married in Mexico, isn’t this whole prenup storyline simply for the camera?

    • Ugly ain't cute

      That’s a great point Jarlath about the Marriage in Mexico. I’m a EXCELLENT Judge of character. And I still feel in my soul that Todd married Kandi for all the wrong reasons. The hate spewing from momma Joyce’s mouth against not only Todd but his mother and now his daughter is a clear and present danger. Love is love but to MARRY Kandi with all this negativity in this day and age when people co-habitate for less drama than this is real suspect to me.

  3. Cat

    I really liked the part where they “married” the two daughters into the family. I’ve never seen that done before, and thought it was sweet.

    I actually liked the dancers, too. I didn’t think I would.

    According to Kandi on WWHL, the guests were supposed to be there and seated at 5PM. So they waited almost 4 hours, not 2. I would have gone home.

    Porsha was just….stupid. Is she really that clueless, or is it just an act? Hmmm is right.

    I kept looking for Nene. Maybe she wasn’t there because it wasn’t about her?

    • I think Kroy Bierman gave Kim’s girls rings at their wedding.

      • Keeesh

        yes, he did.

      • Cat

        Oh, thanks. I didn’t watch that one.

      • Joan

        Worse Wedding Special, ever! You would think with all that money and access to pretty much any musician available to her, Kandi’s wedding would have been more tasteful and elegant. Boring…. Glad it’s over. I hope I’m wrong, but I give Todd a few years, then he’s gone.

      • Joan

        Yes, he did. At the reception Brielle gave a little speech/toast. He thanked him for being there for them, and for being a “Father figure” she never had. Both daughters were very teary eyed over Kroy. I believe that was real.`

    • Michelle

      Nene was doing Dancing with the Stars at the time and Kenya Celebrity Apprentice which is why of them were not there

  4. Banana Bug

    Barnum and Bailey could not have done it better!

  5. Great recap TT !! Thank you :) :) Now I don’t have to watch, but gosh— your recap is making me curious, maybe I’ll DVR and skim.
    Since I didn’t watch, does anyone know if Todd had an attorney to help him with the pre-nup ? If he didn’t, he could have a great argument to void it if the day comes. But from what I’ve gathered from all your recaps of Kandi’s wedding, it’s not if but when. So sad.

  6. Kreality

    Phaedra created a monster….another monster to be exact

    • Lillie

      Yes she did , because Todd is not Apollo. Todd had a dam good job, which Kandi asked him to give up. go back to work Todd, please go back to work. That pre-nup was bullshit. Shame on you Kandi, and Momma Joyce smiling like a chesire cat. She made herself look sooooo bad, and talking about Todd’s daughter, Kayla like that right in front of the girl. Just plain hateful. Momma Joyce want the money to gamble it up, i am glad Kandi’s father has some sense.

  7. Bran

    This wedding was GHETTO. I excepted better from Kandi.

    • CityGirl81

      You did?

    • CityGirl81

      I give this marriage two years if that. Kandi has no idea how to be a wife and it is clear by that prenup she wants in house peen not a husband.

      • Yeah, Kandi really isn’t acting like she wants a partner. Just an accessory…

      • Lillie

        Right on, you can have so much sex, no matter how many toys you have. Todd will not be happy, he is going through the motions. Go back to Work Todd. Is Kandi going to take care of his mother and daughter too, so Momma Joyce has more fuel for the fire. GO BACK TO WORK TODD !!!!

    • Tracie T

      really? I expected this tackiness tasteless production from her. it was all her vision and very little, if any, of Todd in the wedding. plus I would have left after 90 minutes … guests arrived at 5pm and she didn’t walk down the aisle until 9:30pm. that’s not just late – just down right disrespectful

  8. spk

    “Bell Biv Devoe!!!!!” … that part was too short! I loved it. I’m weird I guess.

  9. Lmao lmao lmao @ the following:

    – braided Asian lady hair on her bald head

    -Apollo drinking the shot (I thought surely I cannot be the only one catching this…isn’t he in violation?)

    –The lightening bolt just missing Phaedra as she wryly says I love you, too, to her soon to be jailbird hubby


    1. When did Ms. Lawrence and She-By-Sheree become friends again? I thought they fell out.

    2. Wasn’t Big Tigger a VJ on BET for years before being just an Atlanta radio personality?

    3. Why no mention of Musiq Soulchild? Apparently the song he performed meant a lot to Kandi. And he sounded great…until the last few notes.

    4. When did Derrick J and Kandi become so buddy buddy? He was supposed to be doing her hair for the wedding but was that all just fot show? Didn’t the makeup lady also touch up Kandis hair or did I miss something?

    • SnookumsLynn

      i only know a little but…

      Yes, I truly thought that Ms Lawrence was done by She…but maybe Sheree found some moolah and paid her for the yaki, they’re probably cool in public, but Ms. Lawrence won’t do her wig again….

      Yes Big Tigger was a VJ on BET for a long time…he had a show ‘the basement’ or something..he’s dating Keisha Knight Pulliam

      I think Derrick J does her and Riley’s hair sometimes, I follow her on instagram and I think I’ve seen her post pics in his salon a few timess….mostly like really late night posts, so maybe he’s her pinch hitter for early calls….

  10. This was straight up a circus. I guess to each their own but I hold wedding ceremonies to be more sacred and I found nothing sacred about this circus. I wish them the best, but something tells me that longevity is not their friend in this marriage.

  11. Dracla Dunning

    Although I refused to watch the last several episode of this wedding (so turned off by Kandi and her mother), from what I did see and reading the recaps, I throughly understand why finding love for Kandi in the past was impossible. She is an asshole. Time and time again she has proven herself to be just as ugly, as repulsive as her mother. Todd needs to live the good life while he can because if this is the way she will treat him while she is desperately in love I can only image the hell he will live when she falls out of love. I wonder about the damage this marriage production did to her fan base. She lost me.

    • Ki

      I agree. I am disgusted by how Todd has been treated by Kandi in the prenup.

    • Cat

      I agree. I wonder if a few months from now, when they split up, if we will see a reflection of MJ in Kandi? I can see her saying “Mama was right, he was an opportunist.”

      • BH Wannabe

        Every time Kandi laughed I heard MJ’s cackle.
        Anyone notice how loud Kandi whooped and clapped on WWHL when Andy said, “So, Todd signed the prenuptial.” Todd gave her a look that said a LOT! Then only time I’ve seen Kandi animated and not rolling her eyes was when she is getting her way on the prenup. For real!

      • lilk

        @ bh wa nnabee and so what ? if the $ were reversed and todd was demanding of kandi what kandi demanded would you be jumping on todd ?

    • Lillie

      THANK YOU !!!

  12. Schelita

    It is very sad that Kandi’s mother is going to do everything she can to break them up.

    Kandi has to get her together or prevent her for coming to their home until she totally respects her husband and new stepdaughter.

    No matter how we feel as viewers, these two people are married and deserve a chance to be happy and have a good marriage.

    • delaney

      Kandi’s mama is allowed to treat Todd disrespectfully because Kandi does . K doesn’t deserve Todd. Only a monster would let a grown woman treat a child, Todd’s daughter, so ugly. Both Kandi and her mom should burn in hell.

  13. brillke

    That picture you used of Mama Joyce is making me want to punch her in the face so fucking bad.

  14. I don’t agree with any of you ladies (or men) who say Kandi is acting like an ass in this matter. She is being a smart business woman….as everyone insisted that she do since she has so much compared to Todd’s “wealth.” Had this been a man, I feel the same people would be calling Toddina (or whatever the female version of Todd is) a gold digger and saying that Kameron (male version of Kandi) was being a smart business man. Todd has the patience of a saint to put up with Mama Joyce’s antics…and if he or his mother are trying to con Kandi, as Mama Joyce and her diciples say, Kandi is protecting each and every asset she owns for the sake of her child and her. Can y’all please leave these two alone? Kandi was grinning with her Chiclet-
    looking teeth through her whole wedding because clearly she is HAPPY. Have folks forgotten what being deliriously happy is like? :(

    • Gingersnap

      Of course she is deliriously happy, she got everything HER way. What’s not to like?

      • Blanca

        I couldn’t bear watching that wedding last night because I am so sick of Joyce. I do agree, Kandi showed absolutely no willingness to compromise and it seems to me she is more like Joyce than Todd fully fathomed.

        I do wonder if the footage could be used if necessary, by Todd, as evidence that he was pressured into signing.

    • GirlFromKY

      I agree with you deneester. I am floored by those who are being so nasty toward Kandy about the prenup. The things Kandies attorney was talking to Todd about are usual and customary when entering into these types of agreements. And let me assure you, Phaedra and Nene’s pre nups most likely carry the exact same language too. Thing is, Todd will definitely benefit and get to share in Kandies prenuptial success during the marriage…its like this: if Kandy buys a fur-lined recliner from her proceeds for the house, Todd will be able to sit with the remote control and enjoy it just as much too. If Kandy wants to pay/go on a first class Caribbean trip, Todd will most likely be right there by her side. It’s not like Todd is going to be reduced to living in the maids quarters…he will definitely enjoy a finer life by having Kandy as his wife.

      • RahRah

        yeah but y’all make it seem like not never worked for a living.

      • Kandi act like he’s gonna have to pay half on EVERYTHING. so to me, she seems pretty nasty. I understand her not wanting to pay alimony or give up premarital assets. But equal distribution after marriage? She’s looking like an ass. I hope he lets her buy everything and he just stacks his cash. As long as he buys her stuff, she’ll probably be happy

    • RahRah

      you’re right but the mom negates everything decent..I want them to get married, Todd to walk out and I want her to pay Todd handsomely for this debacle of a marriage made stinking by her mammy

      • Dracla Dunning

        Not all of the vile behavior is attached to the pre nup. That is but a small portion of it. Watch the wedding series, read TT’s recaps!!! That aside, Kandi and her mother proved time and again they are callous, cold, calculating crones. Kandi did an excellent job of showcasing just how immature and stunted she is when it comes to affairs of the heart by producing the wedding. Her elation was because she finally trolled the waters long enough to find a nice person (sucker) who probably hopes with all his heart she will change. She won’t. The previous men Kandi was involved with ran the other direction and we saw a good dose of why. My heart breaks for both of their young daughters to be exposed to Kandi and Joyce. Both are seriously effed up assholes and even if Todd didn’t want to save himself, he should have walked to protect his daughter from all the ugliness that is the Kandi and Joyce Show.

    • Cat

      I think Kandi’s grin is due to the high ratings, which will no doubt make her the favorite of the Bravo executives. These shows are obviously staged and scripted, at least partially. Kandi has fooled most of her viewers, and is grinning all the way to the bank.

      As for being deliriously happy, I can be deliriously happy without fucking people over. Kandi used to be my favorite of the Atlanta housewives. Not anymore. Now, in my opinion, she’s in the gutter right next to Nene.

      Don’t get me wrong. I’m not defending Todd. As far as I’m concerned, they deserve each other. They will stay “married” until it no longer pays, then they will divorce and create another spin off show. Then they will cash in on that, and probably do another spin off where they reunite, just like Nene did. It’s all about money to them. THAT is the reality of “reality tv”.

    • Lisa

      I agree that Kandi is not acting like an ass–at all. I question all of these people criticizing her for being the successful business woman she is. Todd whining about the prenup showed poorly on his character not hers. He kept saying he gave up work for her. Well, if he regrets it it does not show in the lifestyle he’s been able to lead or the money he made off of this Bravo endeavor. Only Nene and Kandi (and Kandi is ahead by millions) have any money on RHOA so it’s a joke compared to say– the Beverly Hills Lisa Vn and the crazy millions she has. To me, Kandi needs to just tell these women on the show who give her grief, and her fickle fan base, to speak to her about per ups when they are her equal in that realm otherwise keep their opinions. Um, and I liked her wedding for her. I hope she doesn’t regret marrying a different social class. He seems really nice, but that prenup whining had to be for the cameras because that was ridiculous. You don’t get part of what she accumulated before she knew you, if you break up.

      • Nene does not have any money. She doesn’t make anywhere near what you think she makes. And what she does make she spends on shoes and ridiculous shit.

      • Marrying a different social class? Have you seen her living room?

      • lilk

        @ tamara what about cynthia? she models still .
        and is her fashion school doing well ?

      • Patti R.

        Lisa, so funny when you wrote, “I hope she doesn’t regret marrying a different social class.”. Kandi has money but I don’t consider her in any “special” social class. Her daughter Riley has class and how embarrassing it is for Riley to have her mother and grandmother showing bad manners on TV using foul language .Riley has to face these kids at school every day. :(

  15. BJ

    I thought I was the only one who viewed Kandi as the selfish one. When asked about their favorite wedding gift, she referred to the gift as if it was only HERS. Todd is already bending over backward trying to please Kandi by talking courteously about that witch Mama Joyce, even kissing that awful mugshot of her. I was so mad at Kandi throughout the show until I felt like throwing something at my own tv. Any bets on how long this lopsided marriage will last, once Todd really sees the light that he should’ve seen long before now?

  16. Angel

    I do not get why they started the wedding 2 hrs late. Kandi and everyone was apparently getting ready for 4 hours. When she said the party was too short, it would have been longer if she started on time. I hope all the workers got paid extra for the time they had to wait around. It sounds like Todd will have to keep track of every cent he makes and negotiate everything he pays for in the marriage. When it ends, she will probably send him a bill from her attorney for every morsel he ever ate. She is just a younger version of her mother. I agree, I was agape at Riley’s dress. What a poor choice. Todd’s daughter is stunning. Maybe Todd is in it for the lifestyle. Kandi is not a catch in any other way. He married down, IMO.

    • Patti

      I too think that Todd’s daughter is a pretty, graceful young lady. She and Todd both deserve a family more sane than Kandi’s.

  17. Dana

    Mama Joyce is a broken woman. Who says that abt a child joining their family. Shame on her.
    I waited on Todd a few wks ago at my restaurant. He was w/ production for that new show he’s doing. The group was somewhat ghetto and Todd’s assistant or whatever he was talked for him. Todd was nice though. He was polite. I had opinions abt who he surrounded himself with but really I just get annoyed with anyone who makes my job harder than it needs to be. The group was high maintenance.

    Tamara can you expand upon chef roble? That guy ALWAYS bothered me. Never watched the show. He screams douche.

    • Patti

      I agree with you 100 percent about Joyce. I wonder if Kandi will ever figure out that every time her mother hurts Todd, she also hurts his daughter. No kid should ever have to witness their father being verbally and emotionally abused and disrespected over and over again. I know from experience that Todd’s daughter will be negatively impacted.

  18. A

    Everyone will see a totally different todd now

  19. Patti

    Marriage is not for everyone, and I think Kandi is one who marriage does not suit. Kandi is my absolute favorite RHOA, but Todd should have run for the hills a long time ago. Kandi just doesn’t get that she and Todd are now one, and his feelings and needs must come before her mother’s and sometimes her own if she wants her marriage to succeed. Kandi has shown Todd over and over again that her #1 priority is making sure that no one revokes the license Kandi has given Joyce to verbally and emotionally abuse people Kandi cares about. Todd deserves better. Run, Todd, Run!

    • Lillie

      Yes run Todd Run. Kandi buys her men, remember A.J. she brought him the strip club he got killed at. Todd was making six figures before Kandi begged him not to work anymore. She is also a sex addict, that will get old to Todd if he is not happy in other matters of the marriage. And i really think especially about his daughter, Kayla is coming to live with them to go to college, who is paying for her tuition. Todd will see the light sooner than we think.


    The way Joyce spoke in front of Todd’s daughter was beyond terrible. You would think that as a mother/grandmother, she would know better. Shame on her. If Todd or his mama went after Riley like that, Kandi and Joyce would be ready to throw them both the the lions. DOUBLE STANDARD! Kandi should have checked her mama with a freaking baseball bat. I’m disgusted after watching that.

    • RahRah

      I certainly wouldn’t want my child anywhere near crazy joyce. that itself should keep her away from her daughter. as far as I am concerned what I watched last night was the mammy go after Todd’s child.

      1. Todd’s an opportunist
      2. Todd’s Dad is a pimp,
      3 Todd’s Mom is a prostitute
      4. now shes gone for his daughter

      Mammy won’t be happy until she ends this marriage

  21. Erin

    I realized that Momma Joyce is a classless idiot a while back ago and tonight confirmed my beliefs. Why on earth would an over grown woman say that about an innocent child, and in front of her? Just a shame! I almost cried for Kaela. And poor Riley, why the dress and shoes? However, I didn’t expect much because Kandi along with her buddy Phaedra cannot dress to save their miserable lives. Neither dresses for their body types.

    I still do not get why Todd signed, awful decision because the prenup is unfair. He’s looking at living the life but if I was him I would get an annulment. It’s only going to get worse unless Kandi makes some changes by first putting her mom in her place.

    I actually liked the dancers. Hated Kandi’s dress.

    • GirlFromKY

      All due respect Erin, the prenup really is fair. To boil down all the legal terms which makes it sound so harsh, it is saying “you keep and manage your stuff you came into the marriage with & I will do the same. If we divorce I have no claim on your stuff and you have no claim on mine. If we divorce I don’t pay you any alimony and you don’t pay me any either. If we create businesses or assets together, we’ll do a 50 50 split or have a buyout clause” I mean, isn’t that the definition of fair? I’m sure there are also several pages in the pre-nup identifying what happens in the event children are born too.

      • That is so NOT what the pre-nup said.​

        On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 3:47 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • GirlFromKY

        We have only heard tidbits of edited versions and we’ve never been privy to the full conversations, right? So it’s true NONE of us really know for sure what the big picture really looks like within their prenup. As a certified financial planner having dealt with numerous prenups, divorces, and legal contracts, I can tell you it’s highly unlikely that its going to be much different than I described above though. Love ya TT, not hatin just explaining.

      • Except your explanation, and the attorney’s explanation were completely different. In this prenup, Todd is basically a tenant living in Kandi’s house with a clause were she can evict him with a 30 day notice.​

        On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 4:25 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • GirlFromKY

        Yeah it’s true…I was paraphrasing in non legal terms to boil down what Kandis atty was ultimately getting at. Plus, we know Kandi put up the money for the house and pays the mortgage. We also know Todd pays utilities. Todd would have to pay utilities anywhere. We also know Kandi took the 30 day move out clause from the pre-nup. It’s just that sometimes harsh legal language has to be used to get to the goal of an agreement. Kandy is saying if we divorce, I keep the house and I don’t have to sell it or pay you anything for it. Todds a big boy, he can go buy house with his money anytime he wants and have it excluded from Kandi in a prenup addendum.

      • theREALHWOFNJ

        ty TT! The pre nump basically says “Todd doesn’t get shit”

      • That is exactly what it is. It’s a landlord tenant contract with a 30 day eviction built in (yes I know she took that part out, allegedly)​. I know people hate the phrase marriage is a business deal, but it is. That doesn’t mean it is not also possibly many other things, a holy matrimony, or a coming together of souls, or a loving union. But the fact is that marriage has many financial implications. Shared income, shared debt, shared accumulation of wealth or debt. That is all part of marriage.

        Kandi’s pre-nup was in no way equitable in the sense of a normal marriage. All finances will be separate, Todd has no interest in “marital assets” it’s everyone keeps everyone completely separate and no one is in anyone’s will when they die. There is absolutely no comingling of funds… Todd would have had more rights just living with her and not had to buy a ring. Twice. (Though I suspect that Kandi bought the second one.)

        Again, Kandi has a daughter and a nice amount of money to protect. I totally support her in doing that. So be like Oprah and DON’T GET MARRIED. Let Todd be your Stedman. The last minute prenup was ghetto.

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 10:48 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Erin

        It is not fair. Kandi has way more money than Todd so if they divorce he should get alimony to accommodate him in having the life he’s had while married to Kandi. In addition to that she did not want him to travel for work which caused him to have a decrease in income/opportunities. If the tables were turned, trust and believe Kandi wouldn’t want to sign a prenup like that and it shouldn’t be any different now. However, at the end of the day, prenups can be challenged. His attorney told him that prenup was not fair and he should have waited with his big head self.

        The first part of the unfairness was the timing, days before the wedding. That’s putting the other party under stress etc., although Todd said under oath he was not under any stress or pressure or whatever term was used. Trust me if they get divorce they could battle this out in court unless the judge tells Todd he was advised not to signed and he should have listened to his attorney. Family law is the most difficult! And sad to say but in some case the parties fight it out so long that the only people who win are the attorneys.

    • Sarah

      I was 1/2 expecting no one to mention Riley’s dress (for fear of others getting outraged — picking on a defenseless child) but I’m glad you (& Tamara) did. What a horrendous choice. In a few years Riley will look at the photos & blame Kandi for making her look so bad. And did I hear right — Riley’s 11 yrs old?!!

      • vonnie

        Kandi was wrong for making her daughter wear that dress and putting her in those heels. She was so self conscious and uncomfortable looking. That was very self centered of Kandi and I hope Riley screams and reminds her of it later when she is old enough to stand up to her! Hopefully it will be something like “you chose to wear that ridiculous dress and “produce” that hideous over the top wedding. You had no right to dress me up like a…” I’ll leave that blank out of respect for a child who had no part in that decision.

  22. heather

    Kandi does not have a good marriage model. She appears to love Todd but lacks an understanding of partnership in marriage. Emotionally separating from her Mom though still loving her and cleaving to her husband is the only hope for this marriage. They should make marriage therapy a priority – maybe personal therapy would help Kandi change her emotional DNA. I’m not sure she is willing as she appears hard. Maybe I’m wrong. Let’s hope…

    I’m also not sure about Todd. What is he getting from this relationship? He’s seems a good guy but he too lacks a marriage model. He’s hoping that Kandi will make the shift emotionally but he may be delusional. If he believes that his wife will get it, he’s really delusional! Poor guy…

    • RahRah

      heather how could she, obviously the apple fell right under the tree. Sadly, I believe the mom had good men but she herself hates men and doesn’t respect men. it was very telling what her dad said about how the marriage with her mother ended. the mom has too much testosterone to be a woman let alone a wife. the mom is easily influenced by what others say whether true or not.

      they talked so much about her money it became embarrassing to hear let alone watch

  23. RahRah

    drum roll please…..and the new face of mental illness is……….Mama Joyce. Can any woman be that disgusting? The whole world is talking about Kandis momma, can you believe it?

  24. RahRah

    calling a book maker to find out if there’s are any bets being made on this marriage, the odds are against them anyway especially if she doesn;t get her mammy’d devils cast out of her, dang can’t spell exorcism.

  25. RahRah

    Ms Tattles can you add those like buttons sometimes I want to just let your world know I like a particular post, thanks, carry on!!

  26. Yana

    First time commenter, long time lurker….chick, you are flippin hilarious!!
    I cracked up at this!!!

  27. GeGe

    Unfortunately, I happen to know Todd, and the Todd I know is NOTHING like this, why is it only me, that it seems weird why put up with all of this, oh money. Todd is the most hungry money man I have ever known, and his bedroom skills will keep his bank roll, rolling……Kandi is paying for it…literally. Do you people actually think, someone could talk about your mother, and daughter that way, and you just smile…..He is smiling because he got the last laugh, all the way to the bank. He doesn’t need the prenup, he is enjoying NOW!

    • Angel

      Your inside info makes me happy. If he is a gold digger, Kandi has protected herself very well. I think the abuse he has taken publicly entitles him to benefit in some way. If I was his baby momma, I’d be cringing that my daughter was living with or around Kandi and Joyce. I think considering Kandi’s radio show, sex store, and besties with Phaedra, the rep for exotics, it’s no surprise she is primarily interested in a swordsman.

    • loo

      I have my doubts about Todd too and oddly I think Kandi does too that why she is adamant about the prenup. One I think she can keep him around with her $$ and 2 I she wants to be married badly. I think Kandi “pays” him not to do out of town gigs because she knows what he will do when he on the road. I think he had her over a barrel when they put on the show and he was going to take an out of town gig. She admitted that she paid him to stay and do her production. I think she resents him at times becuz she is “paying” for that affection. Something is off between these too

      • GeGe

        You pegged it right, l don’t know Kandi, just speculation with her, but I know Todd drinks heavily, and spent a good portion of my money, and I am no Kandi in the pocketbook. As far also as Kandi’s mother goes, she is telling the truth, by the time I got with him, she was a booster. So for the all the people coming down on her mother, believe me……her mother knows things about him, that made me pause on she who knows in nyc. I am no jealous ex, there were others after me, in fact the reason for our break up, but I know this! He had a girlfriend while with Kandi, and Kandi bought him things and a Leo man likes to shine! The Todd I know didn’t want to be in front of the camera cause of his dirt….period. I don’t know why women can’t see thru this, I know why I didn’t lol…..but this image of what such a nice man, to let his mother be found out, and daughter dissed and he just speaks in his special ed para soft voice ( and yes, he was an assistant teacher for the nyc doe) is crazy. But so is most of the black women on the show, taking care of their men…. You think the producers of R&B divas are glad about Todd taking their idea and putting it with Hollywood divas…..by the way, his brother wasn’t at the wedding…I wonder why? Kandi Enjoy, your price tag of having him is much higher than my was, and I feel I got off lucky. BTW Todd’s type….not Kandi either.

      • GirlFromKY

        GeGe how interesting. Thanks for posting since we get so much nonsense from the edited show. From some of Todd’s actions and things he’s said and done on camera, I always felt like there was some truth to the opportunistic accusations he is receiving. I also believe because of a sense of entitlement and antagonistic ways he may be manipulating Kandi, she senses it and in turn comes off a bit selfish when in fact she’s having to be protective of herself. Though Joyce is flat-out ghetto and is making a total jackass out of herself, I do believe she has some legitimate reasons for concern. Can you elaborate more about Todd’s mom? Do you have the impression she really did turn some tricks back in the day?

      • GeGe

        When I was dating him, in short, but not short, he lived with his mother in the Bronx, anytime I saw her she was drunk to me, and boosted designer clothes. She referred to me as the pretty yellow girl, I was older and we both worked at the same school. He told me what his mother and father were, he seemed to think it was cool, he has a half brother in Cali who is older. I gave him pity sex from an incident that happened and he wore me out, taught an old girl new tricks, but I paid for it. I was trying to have a normal life, stopped dating dealers and rappers, only to be swindled by a young buck…lol He drank, went to strip clubs and was a player in every sense of the word, after the ordeal I got married, he pulled a nasty stunt at my wedding (only wish I could have done it at his) and pursued me during my marriage. I grew up, got tired of the game, and know some of his ex”s we all look the same. It is more sordid and nasty but what can I say. I just can’t stand anymore people, especially women thinking he is such a good guy. If my husband every sees him, it won’t be pretty, so I suggest he stay in Ga. I knew about Kayla, and the story behind that, in the end…..I hate to see the world falling for a con artist, and so does women who knew him.

      • Thanks for sharing GeGe. That is disappointing to hear. ​

        On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 7:51 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • GirlFromKY

        GeGe, so glad you’re now happily married, have overcome, and able to tell your story. I’m a professional with a passion for protecting wives and women from financial destruction due to their unfairly entitled significant other or spouse, so your story is most interesting to me. Having dealt with numerous devious men on behalf of their women, one of their biggest fears is to finally become exposed. Aside from going through the court system and using the law, public exposure and embarrassment is the only other way to make them stop. I’m not trying to condone Todd’s guilt or innocence, but your detailed recounts are definitely compelling. best of luck!!

      • GeGe

        Thanks KY, it was a great lesson, for his sake I left out the sordid details, because it wasn’t about bashing him, as much as I just cant stand that the truth is being hidden in the realm of reality shows. At some point we have to see that these shows manipulate the public, and deceive young women and man, about relationships, and life. Though I make a very good living, my worth is not attached to my bank account. and young people need to know, that the “baddest bitch” isn’t based on your pocket, but your dignity and self worth, of how you are as a person, and treat others.

      • ​Oh well that explains a lot. #manhater

        On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 9:05 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • GirlFromKY

        No TT you have it wrong. I’m absolutely not a man hater, am very happily married, and oftentimes agree with men in disputes. Please don’t take my explanations personally, ok?

      • ​I’m not taking your “explanations” personally, I’m point out that there is no evidence to support them and that they are far afield from what the lawyer stated on the show.

        On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 10:45 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • GirlFromKY

        I can’t say I know much about a lot of things, but one thing I do know about is this prenup/legal stuff. It’s true we don’t have enough unedited proof to know the full picture, but that also means your claims that Todd is getting the shaft isn’t fair as well, right?

      • ​I tend to believe that Stephanie Casteel was giving a legimate reading of the prenup. I’ll take her version over a random Internet commenter with no knowledge of fact any day.

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 12:07 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • GirlFromKY

        Look, the bottom line is until an opinion is backed with documents and proven facts, it’s just that, an opinion in my case as well as yours. it’s also okay to agree to disagree. I heard what I heard and you heard what you heard. I will always be respectful of other people’s opinions with no name calling, and gosh as a legitimate blogger I hope you would extend me the same courtesy, k?

      • ​clearly you haven’t read the commenting rules.

        On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 1:09 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • GirlFromKY

        It’s true I haven’t read your commentator rules which you get to choose and pick as you please… rightly so because it’s your site. I didn’t personally attack you at all but you did personally attack me. youve created space for people to express their thoughts and opinions T. You’re really being unfair and ridiculous and I really did expect more of what I thought of as an educated, mature, and unbiased commentator void of the unacceptable behavior and low blows you have talked about yourself on Real Housewives. I’m not your enemy. Chill dude. Deuces.

      • GeGe

        No, not disappointing, a lesson. Which l learned and grew from.

    • Twilly

      Kandi’s momma talked nothing but trash about her former fiance as well, not just Todd. And Kandi didnt stop her then either. Joyce just wants to keep Kandi, and more importantly, Kandi’s money, all to herself.

      • pdt090

        AJ did have six kids with multiple women and wound up dying in a bar fight, so, I wouldn’t say she was all that wrong for being wary of him.

    • Cat

      I don’t know any of these people, but my gut tells me they all deserve each other. And not in a good way.

    • NeverStopAsking

      It’s not just you although if you were really he asked it just confirms what I already thought. Everyone her is like poor Todd and he deserves better, but WHY would you put up with all that with no solution in sight. I was already convinced that he deserves everything coming for him because he married her despite of MJ. Now that the prenup (if this is the true doc) has been signed and majority of the details revealed he know he can just live off of her while they are married. I agree with you I don’t think e is as nice as he betrays himself.

    • Angel

      Please do not hesitate to share. This is rich.

    • denise

      Interesting post GeGe. Sorry about what happened to you with Todd.

      I do agree something seems off with the way he allowed all of the comments aimed at his mom, his daughter and him. The way he answered those questions during the prenup video was just weird.

      I don’t like the way Mama Joyce behaved, but I do think she us fundamentally right. Todd is an opportunist. Agree with many of the other posters, marriage will probably not last.

    • Josie

      I’m curious..Why do you say that you “unfortunately” know Todd? What did he do to you for you to have such a low opinion of him?

    • spk

      Wow GeGe, WOW. This fills in a lot of weird moments, where things would happen but before I could decide *why* it was weird, the scene had moved on. Good on you for finding your way to a life you’re happy with.

      And I guess we all do know what his type is. He said it; Porsha.

    • Ok, you lost me at bedroom skills. Todd is a wee man. One inch shorter and he is a dwarf. Just saying….

      • puravidacostarica2

        I think men who perfect their oral skills are more likely to have their women fall for any con those men throw at them. It ain’t about peen size.

      • ​Um we need to discuss this. Privately. In detail. #sizequeen #notfondoforal

        On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 10:26 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • blooming

      Yes ma’am! I don’t even know him and I knew that! Not the
      part about money hungry, but it did seem insane that he would want to be apart of a freak show! And, Phaedra did introduce them! Birds of feather flock together!! I read this comment after I posted mine. My thoughts exactly.

  28. myinfo

    This was the worst Wedding Special EVER!!! I wanted to see more of the Wedding activities vs. stupid Mama Joyce.
    By the time they said their vows I felt exhausted and felt nothing.
    I loved Kim’s wedding and liked Nene’s wedding. This was just a BIG HOT MESS.

  29. Justso

    So glad I did not waste any tv time on this mess. I used to really love Kandi and her great smile. Kandi did look a bit desperate for a man and a wedding. Todd always appeared quiet, submissive and a people pleaser. Kandi appears ghetto from a ghetto family whereas Todd comes across as polished and well-spoken. They appear as opposites but she does have money and maybe he is bringing her some polish.

  30. Angel

    I forgot about her massive white orchid bouquet. It looked like she wanted to cover her front with it. Did not matter what the dress looked like coming down the aisle, all orchids and feather dusters. They looked faux, no artistry at all. Bigger is not always better. Yes, coming to America, and the queen has no class here.

    • People please! Let’s get smart! That wedding was classless and disgusting! BRAVO is exploiting the lowest denominator of African Americans to be on these reality shows, They have almost no talent but are lured by the dollars! Recently when the brilliant lawyer Judy Smith (Scandal) spoke at a conference of Black Lawyers, she disclosed that less than 37% of Blacks watch Scandal.They do, however, watch BRAVO and other stations that feature Black reality shows and/or Blacks acting as buffoons and low lifes! . Also, how many of us watch great shows like Joy Reid, Mellissa Harris Perry, and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC? if Black folks stop watching the ghetto type shows that emphasize the lowest form of Black life, then Bravo will have to do better. Also, let us hope that The View will replace Sherri Shepherd with a classy, intelligent, knowledgeable educated African American woman.

      • Jennifer

        Are you serious? Scandal features a woman content to being a whore to a powerful man. M. H Perry wore tampon earrings. That constitutes classy and intelligent?

    • It looked like the spray of flowers we put over my mothers casket last year. Seriously.

    • Eve

      I was coming here to post my name for Kandi’s dress and i saw your description including feather dusters. That is what i thought when i saw it too, so i named it The Swiffer Dress.

  31. A wedding is all about the bride, she plans it and most of the time she also paids for it. Kandi’ s wedding is no exception whether we like the wedding or not, it’s what the bride wanted. Mama Joyce has to remember that when you disrespect kids don’t expect kids to respect yu. Prenuptials is something I know next to nothing about, but with the golddiggers and opportunist that are looking for a come up, you have to be careful,

  32. Rose

    This was one hot ghetto circus mess and I didn’t like the dancers. Kandi lost my respect with this entire fiasco (don’t hate…I liked NeNe’s wedding special). Couldn’t believe when Riley called her and MJ out Kandi just sat there unfazed to let them finish her makeup. I do not like MJ but respected that she went to talk to Riley. Kayla is beautiful and I felt so bad for the way MJ treated her. Time will tell if this thing lasts. Seems like he wants a marriage and she wanted an event/party/production.

  33. HannahKingRose

    If Mama Joyce was green in the above picture, I would swear it was the Grinch.

  34. Angel

    I did think Todd’s groomsmen looked ghetto, not as clean cut as Todd appears. GeGe just explained a whole lot. I am so backward, I had to Google “booster”. So enlightening! I did think Todd’s mother looked a little rough and tough in the face, but I wanted to believe she was a good woman. I thought she was probably a smoker and possibly several years older than I expected, possibly some hard work took a toll. I can make up excuses to believe anything.

    it is right to have a prenep. But, if Kandi actually is suspicious, she is foolish to marry him. Desperate much!

  35. Espi

    I just wanted to remind everyone that this show is from “kandi koated productions.” The final edit is definitely exactly what Mr and Mrs Tucker wanted us to see. Reality tv is very entertaining and no one disputes it being prompted and semi scripted. Manipulators of the masses is definitely a description for our popcorn popping, stay watching, keep commenting, kind of entertainment. Take everything with a grain of salt people. Everyone’s popcorn must have been too salty eating up all their popcorn! I enjoyed the show for its final edit. I certainly don’t believe it tho. And here we go now believing a GeGe… That’s nice. Let the popcorn keep popping…

    • Cythere

      “I just wanted to remind everyone that this show is from ‘kandi koated productions.’ The final edit is definitely exactly what Mr and Mrs Tucker wanted us to see.”
      This is a very good point, but *is* kandi koated productions Todd and Kandi’s, or just Kandi’s?
      Either way, what kind of people show on tv a 17-year-old girl being emotionally abused (by that nasty Joyce); not to mention what Joyce said about Todd’s parents?
      It all speaks volumes about one or both of the Tuckers. Kandi is a proven asshole; maybe Todd is, too. I would have told my potential spouse: you put that garbage about my daughter and parents on tv, we’re Done.
      And let’s all keep in mind, Kandi and Todd are good friends with the Nidas….

      • Producer credits are a very weird thing. It’s all the rage to be listed as a “producer”​ most executive producer credits are simply a financial donation to get your name or company officially in the credits. Those executive producer credits are pretty meaningless and are not the same thing a the production company that acutally PRODUCES the show product. That would be True Entertainment in this case. Executive producers do not have any say in the final edits.

        On Sat, Jul 12, 2014 at 5:26 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  36. karen

    Todd has married into the wrong family. I feel sorry for him. He has a beautiful daughter. I give their marriage 2 to 3 yrs and then Todd will wake up and realize the apple does not fall far from the tree. Kandi is a lot like her mother. ALL ABOUT THE MONEY and not making a loving family with Todd

  37. ki

    The problem with the prenup is that she required him to waive his right to the equitable (fair) distribution of community property ( which is what they attain DURING the marriage). That’s the part I have a problem with and it will possibly not hold up in a court of law. I have no problem with her protecting what she had prior to the marriage and I also don’t have problem with her not wanting to pay alimony. However, with the community property clause, it seems that she believed all that her mom was saying about him and that she doesn’t trust him.

  38. One

    Todd will be just fine. I would stake he is very pragmatic. I hope he lives a Kandi, and she him; but if he uses his head, he can gain many lucrative jobs from his contacts and exposure from this union.

    He stayed around because Kandi wanted him near, his normal job takes him all over. He is filming? Producing? a show that gas been picked up, and he is in California. If Todd is shrewd, he will build his empire through, exposure, right place right time. Kandi cannot control those purse strings because Todd us filling it by using better opportunities, and he is doing the work…

    Pragmatic, yes indeed, that’s the one that can catch you with your pants down.
    Pragmatic and steady as she goes..

  39. Josie

    I’m lost. So was Todd’s mom a prostitute?? Is that what GGe was implying?

  40. Snookums Lynn

    Kandi really worked my nerve. She is crazy delusional, she acts like if she just ignores a subject, it will poof be gone from the world. U just gonna go to bed and u and your dude haven’t figured this out, the night before your wedding, you not even gonna talk to your man? That’s why she really procrastinated on this issue. She’s a nut and Tamara you are correct, Todd will certainly regret this!

  41. Urethra Franklin

    I am cracking up at all the wicked comments. I love this place. I only watched a few scenes of the wedding, and all I will say about it is– T.A.C.K.Y.

  42. Lillie

    It looks like they deserve each for the sex in them, Kandi is a sex addict, and Todd is a freak too, but a marriage can not last just on sex alone. F**k and fight, f**k and fight. That gets old. Kandi likes to buy her men, and she likes them younger, Remember A.J., I am from New York, born and raised in Harlem and the Bronx, and I believe i know Todd’s mom from the Bronx. I have children older and around Todd’s age. The pre-nup was not nice, Kandi asked that man not to work, she should have gifted him a million dollars for a wedding present since he will walk with nothing if the marriage fails. She spent enough money on that show of a wedding. I say to Todd, go back to work, so he can have a backup for himself and his Mother and daughter. Kandi is an insecure woman who wants that man around her 24/7, and that gets old too. What ever GeGe say Todd may be, i am sure Kandi knows about the sex and the drinking, and she likes it. She castrated Todd basically. GO BACK TO WORK TODD !!! And whatever happens you will have something in your kitty.

    • LaTasha

      Todd shouldn’t have signed that prenup. If no prenup, no marriage. Well then NO marriage. How are you sooooo in love with this guy, don’t think he’s an opportunist & on the comeup but you ask him to give up ALL of his rights to community property & assets? So if they buy anything together if they divorce he doesn’t get any of it. Even if they paid for it 50/50 Kandi gets to keep it all. That’s complete BS!

      ki thanks for finally posting that. I wanted to read all the comments before I did.

  43. blooming

    I think Todd is not as dumb as he seems. We all know Kandi wants a baby! Which is why I believe this shenanigan began in the first place. Phaedra introduced them and she is married to a known felon. She couldn’t introduce me to a blind man!

    That prenup was some real BS! But, he is the sperm donor now! And, he also knows that Kandi wants another child! So, I think she should have been a little more giving with that prenup!! She is going to pay BIG for that baby!!! She dug a whole that she didn’t even know she was going to have to get in!! That man ain’t having no babies with a woman who will live him by the waste side just because she didn’t like the way the wind blew! Unless, she pays for it!! Oh, the irony!!!

  44. Katrina

    The lawyer was reading the prenup so fast, it sounded like Todd waived all rights to community property. Maybe the lawyer was just highlighting the things that Todd was giving up and the distribution of assets was related to Kandi’s assets in her name before the marriage? If not, Todd won’t have anything unless he goes out and starts buying things in his name. In a prior season, Kandi made it seem as if Todd helped buy the house, now she is saying it is her house. He will definitely have to move. They never discussed children. I would assume, Kandi thinks she would have custody. What a way to start a new marriage. Most people at least get something, even if it some startup cash.

  45. ming

    I was blown away when I think the Attorney said said even if she dies he gets nothing it goes to her daughter and Mamma Joyce after they get married he will not be the beneficiary. I feel sorry for Todd but I think this won’t be his last marriage and in his next marriage I really believe he is going to get someone who not only loves him but will be happy to share whatever she has with him no matter how rich she is. Kandi in my opinion has ALWAYS been selfish and is a cold, cold fish. Remember her taking the biggest room when Nene had the outing. Remember her arriving 3 hours late and saying it shouldn’t matter because it’s her? As soon as the honeymoon is over I think Todd will see that there was a reason for all this resistance. Kandi only thinks about Kandi and always has which is another reason she does not speak with some of the members of her former group Xscape!

  46. vonnie

    Don’t know if GeGe’s story is real, just like we don’t know if anyone here has the credentials or lifestyles they claim. It’s cyberspace people. Anyone can be who they what. The only thing I’ll say about GeGe’s account of Todd is that it is believable. He takes an awful lot of abuse and never draws the line. This fits the profile of someone on the “come up”. An opportunist. Kandi better pat attention to the Sherri Shepard drama before she has that baby. Since the show is edited reality TV, which we all enjoy as a guilty pleasure no matter how high we throw our noses in the air(otherwise we wouldn’t be on this blog), we don’t know what was edited pertaining to the prenup. I hope she covered her ass about babies because I believe Todd is like Sherri’s Sal. His eyes are on the prize $$$$$. AJ was a deadbeat, Todd is slicker and blends in with the scenery for the role as beleaguered nice guy with an evil shrew of a mother-in-law and wife taking advantage. That’s why people are saying”poor Todd”. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Not willing to do personal investigation around any of it to verify. I choose to believe GeGe. Now off to make a margarita and thank goodness none of these people are in my life

  47. BettyB

    Yes, definitely the wrong dress for Riley, too old & big

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