Kyle Richards And Mauricio Umansky Purchase Lavish Palm Springs Home

Kyle and Mauricio's gorgeous new Palm Springs home. Pocket doors open the home to the large patio.

Kyle and Mauricio’s gorgeous new Palm Springs home. Pocket doors open the home to the large patio.

Unlike their New Jersey counterparts, RHOBH’s couple Kyle and Mauricio seem to be doing just fine financially. The two recently purchase a stunning vacation property in Palm Springs  for $2.35 million. The couple put a cool million down and financed the remainder. As an added perk, Mauricio earned a $58,750 commission for acting as his own buying agent!

The property is adjacent to the upscale La Quinta Resort & Club backing up the fairway of the meticulously groom golf course and has wide vistas of the mountains as a back drop. The backyard features an outdoor kitchen, a small guest house, and a swimming pool with a waterfall.

The nearly 6,000 square foot interior  has six bedrooms and seven baths, and a full gym. The home often features an elaborate entertainment system throughout the house including 10 TVs with 28 speakers and six control panels.

I guess we now know where at least one of the girls’ getaways will happen this year. It sounds like a perfect backdrop for Brandi’s drunken skinny dipping.

It’s nice to know that some of the real housewives are indeed housewives, and very rich, bitch.


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66 responses to “Kyle Richards And Mauricio Umansky Purchase Lavish Palm Springs Home

  1. Vanessa W

    looks absoultely gorgeous, i agree there is no way they will not film there and i wouldnt mind seeing it. one of the reasons rhobh is actually my fav is because out of all the franchises (maybe excluding RHONY) they have REAL money and a lot of it, unlike others where their lifestyle depends on their bravo checks.

    • gerly1

      With the exception of Brandi and Kim the rest all really do seem to have a lot of money! Just like Sonja from New York. That’s why I like those casts the best, they really are well off and not just pretending.

      • Din

        Sonja..? she looks broke as hell to me, grasping onto the delusion of still having access to her ex husbands bank account.

        Didn’t her house in France get auctioned some weeks ago by the bank? not to mention she is living in a NYC house she can’t afford to maintain and looks like it smells bad. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that she is millions in debt..

      • I’m pretty sure you read it here. She lost her tall and narrow townhouse with no running water too. They are coming after all of her assets. ​

        On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 9:08 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Din

        Sorry if that came off wrong. My memory sucks I didn’t want to make things up. Your tea is the best :)

    • Deb

      Did they sell the Palm Springs house that they stole from Kim, you know the one that her childhood acting career paid for? Is that what they used to make the millon dollar down payment? Poor broken Kim at least they will let her visit.

      • I was wondering the same! Perhaps if they really are rich bitch, they could give that house to Kim who hasn’t had much good fortune in a while – or at least so it seems.

  2. puppylove

    Kyle always did want to be like Lisa. Looks like she is getting there, one pocket listing at a time. Real estate sales must be doing great in that neck of the woods. Lets hope they don’t slander and rip up Kyle and Mauricio like the did Lisa and Ken. It could be bad for business.

  3. myinfo

    Maurico I am sure got a good deal. House looks great.

  4. myinfo

    I love Kyle’s home in LA. It is large and a great home for a family. Lisa’s home is to over the top and NOT cozy.

    • Vanessa W

      i agree about kyles house i thinks its a great cozy family home, i actually love lisa’s house, everytime i see her closet i just die lol. actually yolanda’s home is beautiful as well its just in a terrible location, right in the middle of two freeways

      • Eve

        Lisa’s house looks like a nouveau riche dept. store, especially with that stupid sign on the front door.

      • Lawstangel

        Actually, it is not a freeway, it is PCH ( Pacific Coast Highway), I agree it looks like a freeway and even functions like one. The only problem is they get a ton of mudslides during rainy season ( we are currently in a 6 year drought).

      • spk

        @Eve – ditto, can’t stand the storefront facade at Lisa’s house

      • Yes, that all glass vestibule they added is ridiculous. Makes it look like a storefront, not a home. And that thing is only going to look good 5 minutes after it’s been washed – inside and out. I imagine it kills lots of birds too. Poor, privileged Rocio!

    • Kyle’s house looks so much bigger on the inside than from the out. I think the outside (front) shots we’ve seen make it look dumpy and small, imho. I hate her bathroom though.

      I love Lisa’s house, boxiness and all. Not totally a fan of the front door but it’s not my house :)

      I use to love Adrienne’s house.

      • gerly1

        I liked Adrienne’s old house too. Did that burn down or get torn down? It was one of the two as I remember after her and Paul sold it.

        Kyle’s new house looks very nice. It must be great to have that kind of money. I like Lisa’s house too, but it is very formal. It may have more relaxed areas that they just don’t show on TV. I can’t imagine sitting around on white furniture and with windows from floor to ceiling and being comfortable. Don’t these people ever just have a day were they don’t do the makeup and dressing up and just relax at home?

      • Din

        Adrienne’s house…? that thing was a beacon of money can’t buy you good taste.

      • But, she had her wedding dress in a freakin’ display case mounted on a wall. That’s f**ked up! Right?? I did like the backyard & pool though.

      • I believe it was Lisa’s house that burned, right after they sold it – Phew!

        On the reunion she said it was “red-tagged” so it must have been torn down, what a shame. I’m sure the insurance company got stuck with a huge check to write….

      • cosima

        Eh, I don’t think it was that a big deal to display the wedding dress. It was in her dressing room, the only one who would see it on any regular basis would be her or her husband unless she invited someone in to see it. If I had as much money as she did, I would be tempted to do something similar. My friend has old clothing framed like that and is hanging in her living room, but they are Chinese kimonos and she has a lot of Chinese art and bowls from the Ming dynasty and such so it all goes together. She spent years studying in China so it has deep personal meaning for her. The wedding dress just seems to fit in the dressing room. Your dressing room is a very personal place, her wedding dress (at the time) had great personal meaning to Adrienne. It’s not like she hung it in the family room where people sit and watch TV and drink beer.

    • Cythere

      I really like Kyle’s BH house, too, both inside and out. So pretty and comfortable-looking. By far the best of the bunch.
      And when she had her dinner party to show off its completed redecoration: surprise. She said the interior decorator is that (awful) Faye Resnick.

  5. Good for them. Glad to hear someone from the franchise is doing well.

    • Meant someone from the franchises.

      • I thought Adrienne’s house was dreadful. ​

        On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 7:38 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • cosima

        Tamara, I agree that Adrienne’s house was horrible. It’s like some people who are rich just buy shit because they are rich and decorate their lives as expensively as possible, without once considering that less can look nicer and more expensive. So they buy ugly purses and ugly shoes and ugly frames for mirrors and photos when more simple stuff would look better everywhere.

      • Valerie

        Call me satan, but I loved Carlton’s gothic staircase, crosses and entryway. You could put a gothic wedding dress (I’m thinking something Morticia would wear) on the wall and it would still look cool.

  6. Didn’t Kim accuse Kyle of “stealing” her home in Palm Springs S1? I always wondered what was up with that. Do you have the tea on that? One thing about the Richard girls, they marry up!

    • Angel

      I think the Palm Springs house was their mother’s and willed to them equally. Supposedly Kim borrowed 25,000 cash from Kyle then Kyle took over ownership of the house. I imagine Kim was under the influence when telling this. I suspect Umansky’s have had to pay the taxes and upkeep on it by themselves.

      • Micheal

        I also thought she may have been referring to her income as a child actress having paid for the mortgage on the family home.

    • Cecee

      Haha! When I first read the title, I thought it said “Kim Richards” and thought, “how nice – he’s making up for the house he stole.” Sorry – one too
      many, I guess. Love your work, Tamara!

  7. Katrina

    Very nice! Kyle’s home in California is nice too.

  8. Din

    I admit I am one of Kyle biggest haters, can’t stand people that instigate and enjoy being at the center of drama that doesn’t involve them and I also have a hard time tolerating double digit IQs.

    BUT Kyle is legit rich. Her husband lists houses in the tens of millions, he even listed a ~100 million home (I remember reading about it on TMZ, could have been the Spelling house or a house Ellen bought, my memory sucks).

    I was always surprised at how “humble” they lived, and how Kyle restrained herself from showing off her actual wealth while constantly using the I don’t have what you have argument with Lisa and co.

    As I said I very strongly dislike Kyle, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she is sitting on more actual money in the bank than Lisa.

    I mean, am I the only one who watched this woman expose her sister’s darkest secrets in the back of a limo to millions of people, while humiliating her with high school jabs? or ask Brandi how she really feels about Adrienne at that dinner, knowing full damn well what Brandi would then blurt out and the trouble she’d get into? Damn I hate this woman.

    • CocoTalks

      It took me a while to see what Kyle really is because she is very good at it. I think also that Mauricio’s real estate success has taken off pretty simultaneously with the housewives franchise. I think it was very good publicity for him. He only opened his own firm the last year or 2 and that has done very well. So yes while I agree Kyle and Mauricio are doing very well, it is mostly of recent years therefore they aren’t sitting on years and years of success.

    • Deb

      You might enjoy reading the book written about Kathy Hilton, Kyle and Kim’s mom. She was an evil, drunken, gold digging woman. Completely explains why they are like they are.

  9. Valerie

    So not a fan of Kyle either, however, if she invited me over to swim in that amazing pool and be her best friend (108 in Vegas today) I wouldn’t hesitate. Who says money can’t buy happiness?

  10. I know its off topic but I thought Kim’s Mom bought the house from Kims earnings as a child star. Anyway $25,000 is cheap for a third of any home in Palm Springs. Me thinks Kyle was a little shady on that deal. That said I hope Kyles annual White Party is held there. I do enjoy those as it is very elegant and chic. Maybe some former housewives will be invited. Adrienne has a bone to pick with Brandi over spilling secrets. Which IMO wasn’t Brandis place but did so to secure a spot.

    • The white party was just filmed. Adrienne, Camille, Taylor and Lisa Rinna were there from what I hear. ​

      On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 10:59 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Vanessa W

        Even though I feel like I’m kind of fading from rhobh, last season lost me, I actually do look forward to the white party. There has to be some good drama there if the former housewives came.

      • the rumors are the party was tame this year, Lisa and Brandi avoided each other and everyone played nice…. not my sources though so I am not sure if that is a sourced rumor or one someone made up, but the rumor says Lisa Rinna was on camera and miked so I was happy to hear that and want to believe..​

        On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 12:24 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Micheal

        Yay I hope Lisa has decent camera time. She looks like she would have a biting sense of humour. I’m concerned about Taylor coming back though. She does little for me personally but I’m sure she has a fan or two out there.

      • ​Kim has a new boyfriend she has been shooting with.

        I am not a fan of Taylor. However, I don’t have a problems with her coming back.

        On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 7:42 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Valerie

        Maybe this new boyfriend of Kim’s will bring out a nicer, happier side. She seems miserable so much of the time.

  11. spk

    Wait — someone said it in an earlier post and now TT says it — is it true, Taylor is back? I suppose I missed the clap of thunder and frozen bananas falling from the sky when this was announced. Or maybe she’s just a Friend-Of-Housewife??

    • I’m not saying she is back. I heard (Internet rumors unconfirmed) that she is moving back to BH from Colorado and she was at the white party. That doesn’t necessarily mean she is on the show at all…​

      On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 1:47 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Vanessa W

        John B, her husband, confirmed she was back in BH on his twitter. So maybe we will get a lot more taylor. By the way I’m all for lisa R joining, someone needs to make that happen !

      • ​So the husband confirmed she was back LIVING there and he was in Colorado? Or what? Is she just back there to film for the summer and still going to live in Colorado?

        On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 10:09 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • spk

        Got it, I should have said “TT mentioned Taylor…” Guess my knee jerk reaction when hearing her name is panic. Panic for Kennedy, that is.

  12. ChancesR

    That pic looks so familiar… TT, any info on the seller? Just curious.

  13. Jr.Leaguer

    It looks like a lovely home. I wonder if it is an “apology” house? Some women get jewelry and maybe Kyle gets houses.

  14. lori

    Gorgeous! Lucky them!

  15. Jarlath

    I see they are not Donald-Trump-rich. They can actually afford to buy a multi-million dollar house.

  16. Sarad

    Big Kathy taught her daughters well some would say in certain circles. Give the appearance of merit-based “middle-class values” only to teach your daughters the importance of worshiping the power of money, beauty, sex & a rich’s ego. Then send your children to college on the fruits of your sexual labors. American Made! Too bad Kim allowed her weakness for the liquor to sidetrack her dreams.

    A Boston Brahmin

  17. bet you it is hush money to keep her quiet and happy while he plays?!

  18. This house is definitely a wet dream.

  19. Wow! Just read the book – Big Kathy was a psychopath! I feel sorry for her daughters who were raised by this mad lady, how do you escape such twisted behavior? You don’t, and this helps to explain her daughters’ subsequent problems, like Kim’s drinking, etc. This made me really dislike little Kathy (Kathy Hilton), I had no idea she treated others the way that she reportedly does/has. There is no way that these girls would not be affected by their mother’s outrageous and completely sick, sick, sick behavior. It’s a sin – their mother took sweet, innocent and beautiful little girls and turned each of them into a sick puppy. You cannot escape such pathology! Kyle is not mentioned so much in the book, she seems to be the healthiest of the bunch. I would hope that the Richard girls realize they were not raised by a healthy mother, and would get the proper professional help because you cannot be unfazed by this kind of mother.

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