Andy Cohen’s Diminished Role At Bravo Becomes More Evident


Kim Biermann Handing in Andy’s Office

There was an interesting story in the NY Daily News today about the Bravo offices at 30 Rock moving from the 46th floor to the 14th floor to merge with the Oxygen offices. Sounds like a pretty boring story, right? Well it would be if it were not for what the sources had to say when pointing out that Andy’s office was downsized since he is no longer an executive at Bravo. The article quotes two sources that sound an awful lot like more source from Bravo. If you recall, my source for the post on Nene and Porsha’s limited contracts for the upcoming season made references to Andy tending to change his mind a lot. At first, Andy has decided not to have Nene or Porsha return at all and then he decided to phase them out rather than drop them completely, perhaps because of Nene’s porn circus storyline, and Porsha’s criminal trial spurring from the reunion.  So there were a few things that stuck me about todays, fairly mundane story about some offices relocating.

Jax hanging in the old office

Jax hanging in the old office

“Andy had a huge office on the 46th floor with big windows and a great view. It was big enough for a desk, large table and sofas where he hung out with his favorite housewives and pretty boys from his shows,” a Bravo insider tells Confidenti@l. “He had enough wall space to hang literally hundreds of pictures of himself.”

“Now that he’s (no longer an) executive and reduced to just hired talent, he is lucky to have an office at all,” snipped our Bravo insider. A second source familiar with Cohen’s modest new digs calls the office a “a shoe closet” and says Cohen will have to step outside just to change his mind.

“The old office made it very clear who Mr. Bravo was,” said our second source.

Though Bravo’s move has been a few months in the making, Cohen, who’s been tweeting from Italy all week, has yet to make the new space homey. Our insider says that boxes from his old office remain piled up next to the tiny window that sits maybe a football field’s length lower than his former perch.

“He is never there anymore,” said our Bravo source. “Staffers are using his office for meetings or to have lunch or answer private phone calls,” according to our Bravo insider. “All his prized photographs, most of which are of himself, are propped up in a corner, while all the free swag that arrives everyday has been dumped just inside his door.”

Maybe it’s just me, but it was interesting to me that the sources seem to be essentially calling Andy and egomaniac who changes his mind all the time. And that the NY Daily News decided to cover a story about a commonplace office relocation at all. It’s almost as if there is more to the story…


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48 responses to “Andy Cohen’s Diminished Role At Bravo Becomes More Evident

  1. Jess

    The viewers have spoken!

  2. Jess

    By the way, I’m a long time lurker, and first time poster. Love your snarky, witty recaps Tamara! I’m an admitted reality TV junkie, especially the RH’s series. The scripting is getting a tad ridiculous though..

  3. Angel

    This could not have happened to a nicer fella. I hope next year we see the results being better programs.
    Thanks for this gem TT. I am picturing Andy showing off that new office in the closet to his parents and sitting in there hunched up behind a tiny desk, or standing on his tippie toes to look out the window.

    • KAM

      Totally agree.

    • He always show off to his mother. I think his father is dead or they are divorced. But I believe that him letting certain housewives manipulate him was part of his demise from being Top Dog (TP).

      • Karabago

        Both his father and mother are constantly on WWHL.

      • lisalisa

        I agree 100%! I don’t watch the shows but I see the news things, I read the blogs and I’ve watched him with one HW from Atlanta – Nene – and I was wondering what would be the outcome of that awful reunion show.She made him look like a fool on hat reunion show : no respect for her boss so I guess Bravo thought why should we keep you in an TP position when you’re letting certain HWs piss on you!

      • I sort of believe the official version for the most part. I don’t think Andy was demoted by Bravo. Andy, for all his faults is on the cutting edge of ​programming in many ways, particularly when it comes to social media. He was one of, if not the first to introduce pairing social media with television. It’s basically his fault there are Mary Sue’s tweets up on the screen now when The View is on. He is to blame for “new episodes” of shows on Deadliest Catch called “the social edition” which clutters our DVRs with two episodes of so many shows.. Sure, it’s a PITA for us, but it’s gold for the networks.

        On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 12:01 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • So basically, Dionte, you’ve never watched WWHL? ​

        On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 10:10 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  4. Lower floor means lower rent. Merging Oxygen and Bravo is interesting. Doesn’t sound too positive for either network.

  5. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

  6. Ugly ain't cute

    I love both networks, but the loser in this would seem to be Bravo.

    Why is Andy no Longer excutive producer, who did he forget to sleep with?

  7. Vanessa W

    thats really interesting, i do wonder why andy is no longer an executive, is it possible since this says he is never there if maybe Andy is wanting to distance himself from bravo, maybe for something more serious ?
    p.s i can definitely see andy having a bunch of pictures of himself on the wall lol

  8. Gingersnap

    “Cohen will have to step outside just to change his mind.” That sentence seems to sum it up rather nicely.

  9. It seems like everyone associated with reality tv manages to get huge ego’s. When will the entertainment industry get it….your as popular as the day the fans make you that way…without us, you’re nothing!! This thing with Leakes proves my point…..she should have been ex’d and let go along with Porsha!!

    • The official version was that Andy stepped down to pursue his own production company that he created recently and do his own projects. I pretty much believe that. I think Andy does as well as we do that the RH is on its last dying breath.

      Just like I continue to try to drag you with to toward other shows, he too is planning for the day when reality TV loses popularity.

      Or it could have had something to do with his GIANT EGO and Wishy Washy decisions. :)

      On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 5:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I don’t see reality tv waning, but I do see as you aluded, the RH fading and fading fast. People aren’t keen to new cast people anymore and the others are aging and costly. I wish Andy well, but he must continue the reunions, he is the best at doing this thus far.

      • lori

        I think he sucks at the reunions. He goes way too easy on most of them, except whichever one he chooses to abuse that season.

      • ChancesR

        I agree, Miss T, “he too is planning for the day when reality TV loses popularity.” Nothing lasts in TV. He found his gold mine and it may be tapped out. His step down as Bravo exec to step up to his own production company (retaining WWHL as his) and giving/getting Bravo a first-look development deal was reported widely in Nov. 2013. He doesn’t work for Bravo, so the office downgrade is no big deal when he has his own. As they were planning a move, who cares that he was using his old space? He still was the “face” of the network esp. with WWHL getting bigger “stars” to appear, not just RHs.

  10. lori

    Interesting. I wonder what will come next. I’m glad his ass got a little shoebox office. :) These two sources certainly don’t seem to be big fans.

    On another note, when I saw that pic of Jax above, at first I thought it was Jeff Schroeder. No wonder jax always looked so familiar to me. Is it just me?

  11. J.

    Sounds like a changing of the guard. It happens.

  12. Jarlath

    Oh dear, who will be there to stop Nene from getting the final chop now that Andy is no longer an executive

    • Andy still is in charge of the RH franchises and Top Chef. He’s just not the executive over the entire reality portion of the station. ​

      On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 5:59 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jarlath

        That’s just great. I’m going to have to wait longer then to see Nene get what she has coming. Maybe the show will be cancelled before Andy tires if her moose antics

    • I think the NY casting was a bad move on his part, I think not letting NeNe and Porsha go was wrong move,

  13. myinfo

    Andy has big bucks and vacations around the world. I don’t think Andy cares about his little office. Does he work from the office often or from home.
    I bet he could rent his own big office space.

    • ​Like I said, he has his own office space nearby for his production company. But he spent A LOT of time in his Bravo office.

      On Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 7:48 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  14. Lawstangel

    Andy is no dummy, those who are “circling the buzzards” would do well to not count him out. He has always been ahead of the game, prior to the housewives, he put several other hit shows on TV such a as Queer Eye, Project Runway, Top Chef and of course the Housewives franchise. If he has his own production company, he is going to own the shows that go on TV. If he still has the touch, he is going to be very, very rich.

  15. Darling TT, thanks again for condensing the story for us. There seems to be a lot of speculation which I have the time or the patience to hunt around to gather what is present known, or speculative at this point. You can always be counted on :)

    Two quick thoughts:
    (1) Too true that reality personalities (they’re not “stars” in my mind) tend to get hyper-flated egos, they’re only as popular as the fans make them. Sure, Nene is a good example, but she who shall not be named (JZ) was the first casualty & she went out with a bang.
    (2) >>LAME JOKE<< Does this mean Andy is going back "in the closet" ? Okay, that's funny to just me :)

    TT, I hope you can take some time for yourself this holiday weekend ! You surely deserve some fun and R & R !

  16. Katrina

    The Realhousewives franchise has lasted longer than anyone expected. I don’t know if it will last 10 years, but with some tweeking, it might. Either way, it was a great idea. The Chef show is good too. Most shows have shelf life of 5 years. Andy Cohen has done very well for himself. He use to sit in his office and now he is on national TV. Nothing lasts forever! Reality shows are great for networks.

  17. I agree with what Katrina says. Audiences do get bored eventually, especially if a show becomes too predictable and/or formulaic. In the case of the RH suite of shows, they are now all the same: big trips, lunches, dinner parties from hell — conversations only consisting of gossiping about one another and backstabbing. Boring!

  18. Valerie

    Something tells me that he will be just fine.

  19. SocialDiva

    I think the writing is clearly on the wall …no matter how small that wall may be his ego has gotten overblown and he took a great franchise and allowed it to be run into the ground with over scripted story lines I think the network is fed up with him and this is their way of politely showing him the door and allowing him to leave with dignity. Usually office moves are prepared months in advance so I find it interesting he chose to be in Europe while this occurred which gives him an easy out of not having to make comments to media outlets.

    • ​It’s possible I suppose. But pretty much everyone goes on Vaca around the 4th of July. And despite all of the things I pick at Andy about, none of us would be watching Bravo if he had not shown up. Before Andy the only thing I watched on Bravo was Actor’s Studio or whatever it was called, Project Runway back when it was good. I think Andy showed up right around Queer Eye time… I think Andy has made Bravo the ratings grabbing shithole it is today which is why he can afford to buy a second apartment in his fancy building and renovate.

      On Sat, Jul 5, 2014 at 4:38 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I’m with you Tamara about something more is happeing behind the scenes. I think this might be a powerplay by someone in the network pure and simple.

  20. Wallace

    I like Andy. He’s smart, driven, funny, has many long term friendships with interesting people and he’s not afraid the bring the snark. Snark is something I admire in anyone who does it well.

    • SocialDiva

      That’s why we love Tamara so much!!! She brings the snark and the real to the table as the main course then invites all of us to bring dessert to the table so she can put a dollop of whipped cream with a cherry on top with our after dinner drinks

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